Tamar Braxton's 'Push Present' Diamond Ring May Cause a Lunar Eclipse

01/08/2014 at 02:31 PM ET

Tamar Braxton RingMichael Rozman/Warner Bros.; Inset: Getty

If you notice Tamar Braxton is leaning slightly to one side, don’t be concerned. It’s just the result of the massive new diamond ring on her left hand, a Christmas-slash-“push” present from husband Vince Herbert.

The new mom — who welcomed son Logan Vincent Herbert last year — has been wearing the truly enormous rock in place of her original engagement ring and opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about the romantic gift.

“You know, I don’t know if it’s a Christmas present because my husband owed me a push gift and I didn’t get it,” she told the talk show host Wednesday, referring to the gift she was expecting after giving birth. “So I think this is like a combination.”

And she was definitely surprised (and confused) when her husband gave it to her. “He was like, ‘I have to show you something on this hill,’ and it was dark outside. I was like ‘Dude, I’m not going outside.’ I’m afraid of lions and tigers and bears. All of them.”

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But it was well worth the trip up the hill when she opened the box featuring a cushion-cut stone surrounded by a halo of mini diamonds on a micropavé band, which Ellen estimates to be “40 or something” carats.

See Braxton reenact her “surprise face” below, and tell us: What do you think of her new bling?

–Brittany Talarico

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Showing 41 comments

Bebe on

Why is Ellen’s fingernail photo shopped in the pic!?? LOL! In the video they show her holding Tamar’s hand to look at the ring and you can clearly see there is a bruise on Ellen’s finger nail but on the pic it isn’t there. Funny I thought they only photo shopped bodies and faces.

luca on

no thanks on that ring

Mimi on

Can I just go on the record and say that the term “push present” is one of the ugliest phrases to find it’s way into the modern vernacular? And, isn’t getting a beautiful baby at the end of it all “present” enough?

Rhonda on

Bebe I thought the same thing! I saw the original show and noticed Ellen’s thumbnail being black. When I saw the picture I said to myself “this picture has been photoshopped.”

Erin on

This idea of being “owed” a push gift is so unbelievably greedy. Who started this absurd trend? Your “push gift” is your BABY.

sahali on

Mimi…..May I just go on record to say I agree with you 110%?
And thank you for stating it so succinctly.

Judi on

I was always led to believe the baby was the push gift! Seems diamonds mean more than the gift of a child.

TT on

I really don’t like the term “push present” but regardless, I wouldn’t want one. I would much rather have the father promise me he’s going to be an equal partner when parenting our child.

janie on

Stunning ring!! Just beautiful like that precious baby!! Congrats on Logan’s birth!

Mb on

The push present I got was my beautiful daughter!!!

jemlm on

What happened to flowers? Press relations must have made the phrase “push present”….anything to take up editorial space and sell papers….Journalism has lost integrity. Next, we’ll hear celebrity women getting “end of phase” presents for menopause……

Shiela Kerr on

This Braxton woman is pathetic! She could not handle seeing other women showing off rings so she had to get involved for the attention. The ring looks like her, awful!

Greedy on

She’s “owed” a push present?? OWED? What a greedy, grasping, pathetic piece of humanity.

Rogthu on

Wouldn’t that scratch your baby? It’s so big & rough edged – it will scratch that child, a lot.

Kell on

First there was ‘baby bump’, now ‘push present’? Sounds like you’re talking TO babies, not about babies.

Jocelyn on

She expected a push present? The only thing I expected or wanted after birthing a child was a baby, to snuggles and cuddle them, count their fingers and toes. Sad

mrsmass on

He owed her a push present? That alone is disgusting. Did he cheat or have a baby with someone else? Why the need for such a huge ring?

Claire on

Why is she owed a push present?? When all is said and done, SHE’S the one who ultimately made the decision to have the baby! Buy your own damn push present!

Cathy on

Why should you be rewarded for doing something women have been doing for thousands of years? Having a child isn’t “special or unique”. The CHILD is special and unique, you’re just the vessel that carried the baby. Personally, I always felt giving birth to my children was an honor and privilege.

Gigi on

This muppet should be happy about having a beautiful healthy baby, and being grateful she can be a mom.

Meowwww on

A push present? Get real. Your child is your present. And if they’re healthy all the more reason to be grateful. Materialistic loser.

Meowwww on


Gretchen on

Claire, if you knew anything about this couple, you would know they had been told they wouldn’t be able to have child without IVF and (possibly) a surrogate. They’ve been together more than 10 years, and the one thing Tamar felt was important was for Vince to have a bio child because he has no parents or siblings. A child was very important to him, as well, and this baby was a complete surprise. She didn’t invent the idea of a push present; several years ago, celebs and others began the custom. Not everyone does it, and I didn’t even care if I got flowers, but it is very common now, and whether you got one, want one, or hate the fact you didn’t get one, plenty of women do, sooo….

Might not be what ring I would’ve picked (I have small hands), but saying “no thanks to the ring” just sounds kinda cheesy. Looks great on her, and it’s HER ring, after all. This couple seems to love each other very much, and they have a baby they never expected to be able to have. Congratulations, and enjoy your ring, Tamar!!

Erin on

I totally agree with the other comments regarding the ridiculousness of being owed a “push present”. The term itself is laughable enough but the idea that a man must give his partner a gift for bringing a baby into the world is absurd. The baby is the gift!

pathetic on

So if the baby is enough why have mother and father’s day with cards and gifts. You should just be grateful you had a kid and leave it at that. Why be awarded with gifts and cards and a holiday for being something that according to y’all isn’t that special.

A push present is nothing more than an extra mother’s day gift from your husband thanking you for giving birth and being the mother to his child. I honestly didn’t think that was that hard to understand. So i hope y’all acting all high and mighty return your mother’s day gifts and treat that day like any other day. Don’t appreciate and respect and show love to the woman in your life who bore you, it wasn’t that special and she’ll be grateful for your forgetting.

Cate on

“Push present”? What a dumb phrase. I like the idea, though, of a husband showing his wife appreciation for going through labor or, if necessary, a c-section; it’s thoughtful, because both of those experiences are HARD.

jen on

There is no reason for a push present. The baby is your push present.

gold digging bimbo on

he “owed” her ring for Christmas and/or pushing? gag.
plenty of mothers give birth and go to work and act so much more grateful than this idiot.

Miss A on

@pathetic, I LOVE your reponse! All these haters bickering about her getting a push gift, saying “oh my precious baby that I labored hours for is gift enough”…WHATEVER!! I would take it, too. And to those so grateful with just having their precious bundles, then quit accepting gifts on Mother’s Day since your beloved child is gift enough….HILARIOUS!!!

Smithy on

I got something similar after a particularly bad bout of constipation.

Tiff on

What a bunch of jealous haters- the only one with any sense on here is Gretchen- you guys sound as envious as her sisters.

Lisa on

She’s so materialistic! Really don’t care for her fake a** at all. That ring is over the top and she’ll probably end up knocking the top off or something. It’s really gawdy!!! Greed at it’s finest.

Just My Opinion on

I personall think the whole “push present” is stupid. Most made the choice to become a parent, some unplanned. Signed, Mother Of Twins (my children are more than any material gift possible)

Samantha on

I absolutely despise the idea of a “push present”. The baby is the gift.

Sure on

Please. My daughter is my daughter. A gift is a gift. Get it right people. Let’s see you turn that ring down if it would ever be offered to you. Get real!

Sandra on

Oh what ever…I don’t like this, I don’t like that, I thought this, I thought that…Well here’s my two cents on the matter…1 & 2.

fedupinsfl on

Okay I don’t understand what the purpose of a push present is? I always thought the baby was the gift you delivered. It seems like the young women today are always looking for something more. I don’t like the term push present either, couldn’t it be called a gift for giving birth? Although I don’t think that there should be a gift (other than the baby) for giving birth. But that’s just my opinion.

Dannie on

Well here’s my history, both my husband and I were over 35, started trying on our own for 4 months, nothing happened, went to a RE doctor and did 2 months of clomid, and 3 iuis with injections. Got pregnant the 3rd iui with twins, had to endure over 6 months straight of medication, needles, and daily and weekly doctor’s appointment. Doctor told me I would have to have a c-section. Over the period of a year, I went through a lot, both physically and mentally. When I finally had out babies, I was spent.

My husband gave me a nice gift as a way to thank me for enduring all that I had for him and our babies and I really appreciated it. I see nothing wrong with a push present.

Jenn on

I just looked at both of their net worth- not very impressive by celebrity standards.

Jenn on

I just looked at Tamar’s net worth- not very impressive by celebrity standards. She’d likely go bankrupt quickly if they ever split!

didi on

You people obviously don’t know Tamar. She originally didn’t want to get pregnant and mess up her figure, so they started looking at surrogates, but the candidates seemed to have their eye on her husband’s money, so she thought it best to carry her own baby. Tamar is very very self absorbed and materialistic. Wish her 15 min were up already.

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