Kim Kardashian Posts a Sexy Butt Selfie. And How Was Your Weekend?

01/06/2014 at 10:50 AM ET

Kim Kardashian butt selfieCourtesy Kim Kardashian

You were probably busy this weekend, watching football, catching up on all the movies you’ve got to see pre-Golden Globes or posting screengrabs of the weather forecast to your Facebook timeline. So you might have missed Kim Kardashian‘s latest selfie from the weekend — and even if you didn’t, it’s possible you’re still reeling. Either way, it’s time to discuss.

The reality star, who’s been very open about her post-baby weight loss routine, shared the above snap of her famous derrière clad in skin-tight yoga pants. This is the second butt selfie Kardashian’s posted since giving birth to North last summer.

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Also in the photo: The new mom’s exercise buddy and good friend Blac Chyna, whose backside is equally impressive. The caption for the photo? A “praying” emoji. And whether or not she’s praying for a behind like her pal’s or just praising the powers above for her own genetics remains unclear.

The hot-body photos didn’t stop there. Kardashian and Blac Chyna also showed off their abs on Instagram , writing, “Getting right for the new year.” And of course, Kim managed to find the most eye-popping sports bra on the market in which to pose.

Getting right for the new year

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

We have a feeling this isn’t the last fitness photo we’ll see from Kardashian, who attributes her weight loss to an Atkins-based diet plan and regular exercise including classes at Barry’s Bootcamp with Kanye. What do you think of her latest body selfie? Do you find it empowering or is she over-sharing? Share your thoughts below!

–Brittany Talarico

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Guest on

I know why (publicity and attention), but WHY does she keep doing this? Surely there is something else she could do with her time? Mothering, working at an occupation, volunteering somewhere…just a few possibilities.

Mary on

Both are gross and just plain uck.

sandy woodin on

she looks better than she did, except for her huge behind, but why would you post pics like this of yourself, embarrassing, and narcissistic

Nikki on

Not a Scott fan (although, I don’t think he’s as bad as the media makes him out to be…always thought he was just cast as the villain for their series by mama Kris), but that’s truly self centered to post a picture of herself like that when the father of her niece and nephew just lost his own father. Not that Kim knows what class is.

Tacky on


Lana on

Low class trash….

Katrina on

me me me hey guys looks at me! lol narcism at best

guest99 on

Both of those women need to go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY I think they have mumps of the a**!!!

guest on

Anyone else notice the door frame curves in both photos? That, my friend, is called photoshopped!

JP on

Kim K will never be seen as anything more than a big butt, as long as she keeps posting pics like this. Clearly her self worth is tied to her looks, and that’s sad because she could be so much more than that.

Lisa on

Stop taking pictures and go spend time with yo baby.

Stewie on

She needs to hone her photoshopping skills. You can see the squiggles on the wall behind her. What an idiot. Does she really think people are that stupid?

Carter on

Yuck! She looks deformed.

Meg on

This is attractive? Her back side is fake and way too big. And her friend looks like she is wearing diapers. Pathetic narcicist. She needs to go to a third world country for awhile and get over herself..

Amy on

OMG, gross. And even grosser that she is the mother of a young daughter. Poor North.

linda kelly on

how do these people find clother that fit? better yet how when they do lose weight do they avoid losing it in their rear?

Chihuahua Mom on

Wwwwwhhhhyyyy?!?! Why do I click on this stuff?!?! It’s like a train wreck – I don’t wanna look but I can’t HELP myself!! I’m vowing to NEVER EVER click on anything regarding KK’s butt AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

claire on

“Equally Impressive” LOL More like “Disgusting”

chenoa on

Your sister’s partner (Scott) just lost both of his parents & you are on here posting photos of your butt?! No one cares, Kim. You’re going to age and grow old, then your butt will not be your greatest asset in life, being a good mother and raising a productive member of society will.

dancer92136 on

Scott just lost his father and Kim is doing this? Not a good idea.

Raffaele Zccaro on

She belongs in a STOCK SHOW- Only fat PIGS and COWS- like her and her friend would show picures of their MONSTER TYPE ASSES everywhere?? She suffers from a sickness called “CEREBRAL RECTAL INVERSION”

Kim on

I’m sorry, but I just don’t find this type of backside at all attractive. If mine was that huge I’d be going for a reduction. YUCK!

Sarah on

If she’s so proud why has she used an ap to augment this pic before posting it? She looks as if she’s lost a good 30lbs compared to the candid, paparazzi photos that showed her vacuum sealed into black workout clothes. I DARE her to post a video if she’s so proud of her body, but she won’t do that because she is a fraud.

Dee on

does this broad EVER get tired of embarrassing herself…apparently not :-(. guess she doesn’t think about her daughter googling mom’s name one day and finding all these shameless photos. yes you have a BIG butt…and it ain’t cute; it’s just big!

mrsmass on

Kim is really testing the tensile strength of those pants.

Jennifer on

This is a girl who got famous from a sex tape… Of course she is sharing too much but that’s what makes her money & keeps her relevant in the public eye.

CJ on

I feel sick!!!!

Angela on


Mary on

Both of these are SO photoshopped- look at how the door frame is bent and the floor tiles are crooked

Emily on

Please stop putting this ridiculous human being on your website and in your magazine. Enough is enough!

Timber on

How do you feel being part of perpetuating a fraud, People Mag? All one needs to do is look at the door to the left of Kim to see this photo has been modified. The door is wavy!!

Tiffany M. on

I want her abs! Thanks Kim K. for the motivation

Just Sayin on

it’s amazing what a tummy tuck will do for ya

angie on

What is wrong with their butts? They are beyond huge!!! This is not attractive but rather deformed. THIS is worth sending around the world? Go and be a mother instead of spending all your time thinking about you….you conceited freak!!

Denise on

OVERSHARING! She may find it attractive, but most of us find it digusting.

zelm on

I’d like to see the skin. She’s probably wearing spandex or some sort of support under her clothing.

Tina on

OMG! She never ceases to amaze and reveal how ignorant she is. And, that other girl’s butt is not only too big, but it’s shaped really weird.

allie on


allie on

She must have a real insecurity problem or her mother encourages her to keep their name in the news every day….

lilly on

uhm.. yuck!!! WAY TOO BIG.. her friend looks like she has a full diaper on!!

Andrea on

If it were me, I’d hardly take a selfie from that angle. Yikes!

peoplereader on

Guess her mother needs their name in the news again-
and Kim has big security issues to keep doing this!!

Nanu 08 on

Kim feels the need to post pictures of those HUGE things…….geeeezzz! she is obviously clueless!!!!!

junebug on

Doesn’t she have a child to raise.

123 on

Looks like botched bum surgery

Ella on

Now show us the one that wasn’t digitally manipulated. Fake nose, fake breasts, liposuction, Brazilian butt lift, lip injections, Botox, hair color, fake nails, fake eyelashes, ten pounds of makeup, three layers of spanx, and she needs needs to doctor up her pics before she posts them? So sad because she was a cute girl back when she was hanging out with Paris Hilton.

Nica on

This is getting to be a bit desperate…and pathetic.

kelly on

Now you all know that all that was not achieved just by working out right ?? anyone that has all the money have the best plastic surgery doctors this is not all through just working out and they also have the money to eat the best healthiest foods…So after all the hard workouts and best foods and Great Plastic surgeries i do have to say she looks great after having a baby:) hopefully just as she spends the money on herself and rich lifestyle that she has the other half she uses it to help the poor people that are starving to death

Mar on

Its funny that she’s so narcissistic that she would post pictures like this, but so insecure to photoshop herself slimmer.

Tatiana on

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Good for her.

Guest on

Her body thanks to photoshop. Look how the door in the background curves in both photos. Pathetic!

Dingosbaby on

Booty aside, I do love Kim with less makeup – she’s very pretty.

Mamagirl31 on

Vanity kills… I think selfies are one’s way of fishing for compliments. It’s a sign of insecurity. If not that then someone is vain…

Dejavu all over again on

Ok so she has lost some baby weight. That’s great for her (not sure what her bigg butt friend uses as an excuse as to why she is packing so much in the trunk but whatever). I don’t think that KK ever does ANYTHING in order to be empowering to women.

gmgmgm on

It’s “impressive” if you mean monstrously huge.

Jenna on

thre is no way she’s a size 4. Her butt, legs and thighs are HUGE

Guest22 on

You could see that from space without a telescope.

Sarah on

I hate when people always show off their bodies like this. Put some clothes on already!

cmbdz on

Please stop showing us these ridiculous, self-indulgent photos by Kim Kardashian. She may love her butt, but I’m sick of seeing it.

Tyne on

Just give North to Kourtney or Khloe already. At least she would be held by someone other than her baby nurse.

starbbycat on

are these artificial butts – they cant be real – what do y’all think?

Kat on

Two hams in a sack begging to be released

Jaylynn on

Nice thing to teach your daughter, that your attention and worth come from posting “body” photos – the second one doesn’t even have her head/face in the shot – it’s that what we chastize men for? Objectifying women?

Jjtb on

They are both so laughable. Thanks for a funny Monday people!

Tammie on

NOT attractive- please stop!

Neesie on

How in love with yourself can a person be, enough already. Go away, So you have a large caboose, big deal!!!

Still laughing on

Love the curved door frame behind them. Photoshop the assets?? So pathetic.

Dian on

Kanye and all other Af-Am’s love their women with puffy bootys. Those K-Klan gals have got serious ‘me’ problems that only an educated psychiatrist could figure out.

Really? on

Sad. She is a grown woman and mother acting like a teenager.

Paige Nuaghton on

This is so KIM KARDASHIAN….always wants to be in the MEDIA and ATTENTION GETTER…how old is she??…WHO acts and does stuff like that?? I dont know her personally and I wouldnt want to I think she is /has a mental disorde actually that entire family does

Dian on

K-KLAN: Go away (please!) in 2014…..

Somerita on

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a selfie a photo taken of oneself with a mobile device (be it a phone, tablet, etc)? This isn’t a selfie by my definition. The phone wouldn’t be in the picture because that’s what you’re taking the photo with! Someone else must have taken the pic and then it wouldn’t be a selfie. I’ve seen this numerous times and it just bugs me when they call them “selfies” and the phone is in the pic! Now that I have that off my chest ……..

JustSayin on

1. Get over yourself
2. Remember you are a mom
3. Respect yourself

Trish on

LoL!….One butt looks bought the other looks stuffed. She probably enjoys the negative comments as a result of posting such a picture.

Trish on

One butt looks bought and the other looks stuffed.

sweets66 on

Ewwww Really?? Doesn’t she have something to do like take care of her daughter instead of taking this selfies?? She needs to grow up

um... on

And how old are we?

mrsmass on

Somerita, they’re standing in front of a mirror. a million low-self esteem women do this everyday.

Raffaele Zccaro on

Does Kanye own a SEMI to haul her around?

jen on

Who wants to look at a fat butt… is not attractive.

Hillary on

Guess Kimmie didn’t get any self respect in her Christmas stocking.

Raffaele Zccaro on


Robin on

Who cares about her big ass?? She’s so obsessed with herself, it’s sickening.

Raffaele Zccaro on

I think showing the public her SEX tapes would be more appropriate than these photos

Pooch is on

That just looks like it smells!!! Lol
Go spend time with your baby and stop focussing on the way you look girl.

Tiffany on

this is a photoshop fail … you can tell by looking at the door and floor and other background items on the left sides of the pictures by Kim that they are warped, where her body has been pulled in to appear smaller … come on Kim. if you are going to ride the ‘you have the best body train’ the least you can you do post real body shots

Pooch is on

Looks like it smells really bad!!!

JM on

Who cares! Why does this stuff make news. Really Kim stop.

Jennifer on

I think it’s safe to say that it’s quite annoying now! We get it, you have your post baby body back, but why do you have to show your ass every week! You complain about how the paparazzi follows you around everywhere and how you don’t have privacy, but yet you’re the one posting pictures of your butt online for everyone to see. You’re a mother now and you should act like one! She will see these pictures one day!

trailrunner56 on

A lot of us hate ourselves for clicking on the article, but it’s an impulse we can’t help, curiosity to see if this pitiful, narcissistic child/woman — whose self-worth is found in her breasts and her massive rear end — has outdone her last outrageous act. And of course, she always does. It’s hard to understand why a young woman as naturally lovely as Kim USED to be would choose to demean herself with surgery & dressing in ways which accentuate her worst features. Yet Kim undoubtedly sees her image in the mirror and actually thinks she looks good. The best news — if we can ever reach this point — is that when articles like this start consistently only drawing half a dozen comments instead of 50 or 100 or 200, and when Nielsen ratings on the TV shows start dropping because we’ve all learned how NOT to tune in, the K’s really will go away.

Deana B` on

I don’t know why, but considering the girls face is more plastic than real, I don’t believe she hasn’t had a little Nip and Tuck to get those abs back. I’m sorry, everything about her is fake. Who looks that good while they are “working out” or after they just finished.

Debbie on

Is her ass real or fake?

Rachel on

Does anyone else notice how the doorframe and told swerve inward in this picture? Clear proof she used a photoshop app to make her waist smaller.

Ivixen on

She seems very insecure. People are secure with themselves don’t have to constantly post photos like this.

Nora on

Photoshop much, Kim? LOL

Ivixen on

That’s hilarious. The poster who commented on the doorframe is spot on. These pictures are photoshopped. In the top photo, the door frame bends to the left because her breasts were made bigger. In the bottom photo, it bends the opposite direction because she made her waist smaller. Last time I checked, door frames don’t bend.

MarylandGirl66 on

It’s photoshopped. Door frame & tiles on the floor curve right along with the booty…

Erin on

This is yet another selfie of a part of her body – it’s clearly an overshare. It’s sad how she needs constant validation from the public to make herself feel good. Surely she can find something else to do.

By the way People, you contribute by sharing it and giving her the attention with a multiple paragraph article devoted to her butt. Please tell me SOMEONE on your staff realizes how absurd this is. Isn’t there anything else to report on? Surely it’s not such a slow news day that you’re reduced to reporting about another selfie of a self-absorbed “star”. And of her butt nonetheless. Raise the bar a bit.

Sara on

Does she really think her humungous bottom looks good! Ick Ick Ick!!!

bofan on


Tina on

Blac Chyna? Oh, brother! lol Good stripper’s name. Anyway, Blac Chyna’s butt looks like a horse’s ars. No lie.

lovely123 on

She can boast all she wants. Half of what she has is plastic.

Andrea on

I am beginning to think Kim is as mentally ill as we know her fiance is – how many 33 year old MOTHERS feel the need to be taking selfies of their butt and plastering the pics all over.
Grow up already Kim!

Courtney on

I’ve honestly begun to wonder if Kim was a victim of molestation as a child. For her to become sexually active so young (she’s admitted to 14, though an ex-boyfriend reported it was 12) seemingly have no boundaries, and value herself only as an oversexualized caricature.

MJ on

as if she was the only girl with a nice ass…..i don’t think she can go on through the day without some sort of attention seeking approval……

Dee on

hahaha, look at the doorway, it’s totally photoshopped!!! loser!

blahblahblah on

OMG! My Eyes My Eyes…why the heck did I click on this!!!!! Now I need to go to church. horrible!

heather on

That other girl’s butt cannot be real. Looks like she has a pillow stuffed in her pants…

Sandy on

I wonder how many toilet seats they break a week with their HUGE behinds??

Sick of them on

And who is she? Oh a joke lol

adoebeeepro on

Thanks for using Photoshop! We love the liquify tool and by the look of this picture, you do too!

jm on

If she needs to post these photos why not stop photoshopping them so we see the “real” post-body figure. A picture surfaced of her and DopeYe today and she looks 20lbs heavier in that photo…..just sayin…

annie on

I’ll take my flatt butt anyday over that junk in the trunk. LOL Narcissist!!!

Robb7 on

Dumb, useless pigs with absolutely nothing to do!

Cat on

Its okay, any kind of serious cardio workout in THAT bra is going to force her into a boob lift in the near future. Just a thought, if you are going to go to the gym or workout, how bout you dress like you want to use the gym or workout for what its for…. -_-

Melissa on

I really, REALLY don’t like Kim K. and would not mind at all if I never heard about her again. However, you can’t fault her for taking pictures of herself and posting to her own social media accounts. We all need to really blame PEOPLE for thinking it is newsworthy.

blair on

I am praising the powers above that I DON’T have a massive butt like that!

tuhawt on

She lost weight that quickly but mostly her hips and waist? Can you say liposuction

Barb on

The one in the gray sweats looks like her butt is fake. If that is real I feel sorry for her. Yuck!!! That chick with the black pants butt looks funny too.

Oceania on

The nanny is probably watching the baby as KK & her big butted GF take selfies. I agree, KK became famous b/c of that sex tape. Not only she’s uploading these photos, KK also enjoys the hate comments she gets from her HATERS. She has NO CLASS Btw Why is she always leading the way, I thought guys leads the way & their women behind them :/

Pink on

I didn’t know doors and floors have curves.Photoshopped for sure.Only immature chicks do this.You have to really have some self esteem issues to alter your Instagram pictures. It’s to the point that I really think Kim needs therapy. It’s not even funny anymore.

Penny on

One word = repulsive

Fallgirl on

Wow, you’d think she’d b taking pictures of her adorable daughter instead of her butt…

Jill Swing on

Kim… No more pics… It’s not classy at all. The nice (not) BOYFRIEND of yours… It’s your downfall, alls alot of people see, is control, control,control. Where is your dark hair?? Blonde isn’t becoming at all.Mr.boyfriend, is plain rude, to the fans. Be careful Mr.Conye, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Respect the people who buy those CDs of yours!!Alot of people are not going to watch KUWTK. BABY DADDY OR NOT, HE CHANGED YOU FOR THE WORSE… SO GLAD BRUCE MOVED, AWAY FROM MUMMY DEAREST!! GOOD LUCK….

DaisyDuke67 on

S K A N K. Fat a$$,

SMC on

Why is this news???? I used to enjoy this magazine, but in recent years there is very little that I would consider news-worthy.

Rene on

LOOSE WOMEN WITH NO MASTRA PLAN AT ALL. Why post pictures of your fat injected store brought @$$3$ on a intsragram, twitter or facebook account. You are already famous for begin a low morale woman while your mom pimps you for her better benefit. You are a mother know act like one. Kanye, I know your mom is rolling in her grave…..”YOU CANNOT TURN A HOE INTO A HOUSE WIFE DAWG!!!!” A real woman and mother wouldn’t be posting pictures like this with another trying to get her 15 mintues of fame whorish friend. when you lay down with DOGS you get Fleas. I guess no SHAMPOO will ever remove these type of fleas.

Sil on

They could both rent space for advertz. At the very least they should each be required to wear a “WIDE LOAD” sign to prevent accidents.

PShopped on


PShopped on


Giuliana on

Kim, Stop it already! Women should be proud of their bodies, but enough is enough! You lost the baby weight, GREAT. I gained 25 pounds and it all came off the day after I had my baby. I did not post pictures, because people notice regardless. Your little girl will one day see these pictures, so make her proud and be classy instead. Oh, and lose the fake ass beside you, it makes your asses look FAT not pretty ~

Giuliana on

P.S. I think Jessica Simpson is the most beautiful women when it comes to body image. She is naturally pretty. Love her ~

Elisha on

ok whoever that is with Kim looks like she has padding on her butt if that is real OMG!!! looks terrible

jcsfny on

Look at those BIG BAD UGLY BALLOONS!!!!


me on

I surprised her butt can fit in the picture

snatty on

Is that allshe got. .And u people call her a celebrity

Laura on

I’m not really into us ladies body-shaming each other. She looks good, and a lot of men like a butt like that! Constantly photographing yourself, that I do have a problem with. Vanity and ego are bad qualities.

Idalis on

At her age, butt selfies – how pathetic when she’s one of the most photographed women in the world!

Kathy on

It looks like they stuffed rolls of TP in their backsides like back in the ’70s when guys used to use rolled up sox to make their member look bigger. Both are idiotic.

Sara on

Holy-moly, I’ve never see such huge rear ends! How do you keep from falling backwards?

Jakie on

Impressive. One really has to work on being such a big “ass”.

Tee on

I know some guys like big butts, but both these ginormous butts pretty much shows they’re asses in the negative way! They in no way look natural or sexy. The only hope is for Kanye to put his head in there and both of em blow up like smashing pumpkins.

Carly on

Could this be any more photoshopped? She is twice that size in the boobs, waist and butt.

*** on

One selfie, all right, cool…two, getting a little annoying, but ok…three plus, now you’re just a narcissistic a-hole.

Carly on

Could this be any more photo-shopped? Her boobs, waist and butt are twice this size. Who does she think she is fooling?

L on

She should really have someone do the photoshopping for her. This isnt the first time it’s been a fail…..I seriously wish she would go to a remote island and never return. *sigh*

SharmagneW on

Several other outlets have declared these photos fake. Most of us figured out Kim photoshopped herself yesterday when these photos were first posted.

Lisa on

It’s a little funny… I mean, they’re taking pictures of their @sses. It’s pathetic, shallow, sad and a little bit funny. There are people who seriously walk around thinking about what the world thinks of their @ss all day, every day. It’s crazy!

EG on

Yes Kim, we know your butt is big and you’re giving us the finger. We’re laughing at you, not with you.

Rita Brock on

Would like to know who Mark Harmon is married to and does he have children.

sally on

sexy is not what this photo is..especially since Kartrachy had a FAKE rear

Karen on

Can anyone tell me what is sexy about a FAT a..?

edT on

Sexy Butt?????? There is enough @$$ there for four women!! Her butt is NOT sexy!

edT on

Sexy Butt?????? Really? For a polar bear … maybe?


Why is she showing that off. Her butt is sooo huge. I would die if my butt was that big… her hips are sooo wide. I really think she has a different mirror than the rest of us… because she looks fat!!


She is still fat!! She really thinks that she looks good. I would die if my hips were that wide!! I really think she has a different mirror than the rest of us. Her but is not sexy… HUGE!!

Katie Greene on

Um, why is the closet door so warped? Unskilled Photoshop user perhaps?

gloria on

Just plain trash…..both of them! Kim Kardashian needs to go away! She is just awful and it appears the Mom is letting her two youngest daughters follow in Kim’s footsteps. They are teens already posting not so nice pictures of themselves. So sad!

ES71 on

There is no way her friend’s backside is natural. It looks injected. Why anyone would do that is beyond me.

caree on

I’m sooooo sick of this woman, her enormous ass, boobs hanging out and that psycho the is engaged to. Get a real life!! Get a job and be parent like the rest of us!!!

dee on

@People Magazine, Why are you showing all these pictures of E!’s cash cow? Don’t you know there are people like me who refuse to go to E!’s website anymore because of these people and the horrid pictures they take of themselves. Guess People Magazine is going to get crossed off the list too.

just my opinion... O_o on

She had surgery to make her rear look like that. And by THAT I cannot help but recall circus clowns who wear the body suits that exaggerrate the front and the back. Regardless of ones opinion of her… why have surgery to have butt implants added. It looks very unnatural. There is nothing wrong with having curves. A curvaceous body is beautiful. But to cosmetically alter yourself so your rear is so awkwardly expanded? … It looks like she Iis wearing a clown body suit and pranking us. I’m waiting for the punchline and for the joke to be over. Her before and after shots online prove she altered her body. I’m a mom to a teen. Desperately trying to convince my daughter to love herself as she is. Kim is teaching girls to be a ho and you MIGHT become well known and become rich. Id you sleep with the right guy. A scandal to ensue means $$$. At a price. Reputation shot but hey… you have $$$. Such a disgrace.

Mr. Mastersir on

That reminds me…I need to take a dump.

Adriann on

First of all when is it apropiate to show a woman with a big behind in public is it to pick up men who are into anal sex is this what the world has considered acceptabe when there are so many child molester and she has a daughter coming up in a cruel world I think she should stop doing these things I mean really what does she think she would look like when she sixties would kanye still want to hit that when it start to fall down it’s only so much plastic surgery can do it just looks nasty!!!!

Chrissie on

ok I don’t know who Black Chyna is but her butt does not look good. it is obviously implants, or she is wearing a diaper.

Erica on

The door isnt straight…

Michele on

Sorry, first thing that came to my mind is “Turkey butt” :(

Pam on

Its not as big as the stripper besides her but who cares! Why is People Mag writing an article about such nonsense!? How is this important!?

Stacey hiatt on

She looks fab ! The media picked on her the entire time she was pregnant . She deserves this credit . Obvious she worked out hard . It does not just disappear after you give birth it’s lots of self discipline and hard work . Good for you KK :))

Sue on


Karl Schmitt on

Because of her extreme lack of talent or any socially redeeming qualities, she will go away. True, not soon enough, but she will go away. Remember Pet Rocks and Beanie Babies? Yup, she is far less talented than both of those…

isa on

Dang, both have disgusting diaper booties. I would be embarrassed to haul around something that atrocious. JLo needs to show them how it’s done.

boakyewaaglover on

I’ve seen earlier photos of Kim and her body/butt didn’t look anything like this. Yet she continues to deny butt enhancements. It’s terrible. Apparently her entire self esteem is tied to her body/butt. That’s a darn shame. This is probably one of the most narcissistic pics I’ve seen in a while. Such a darn shame. Really.

lyn on

They need to join Tori Spelling on a deserted island…

Evelyn Smith on

Seriously????? How self absorbed is this woman that she keeps taking these photos. Who is she trying to get acceptance from? And for the record…it is very unattractive.

Karen Russell on

When will it all STOP? I’d ask, “Does she not have ANY shame?” but we already know the answer to that!
It’s just gotten laughable how into herself KK is. I’m only surprised by those who still find her interesting – she adds absolutely NOTHING positive to our world? In her head, if it’s not ALL about her and centered around her, then BLAH!
P.S: For her few remaining “followers” I avoid her and anything about her (or her family) like a plague. This popped up, rather intruded upon a completely different article way more relevant than the most recent size of any part of her XXX-rated antics!

debb on

They look like a couple of worn out pornstars.

Tara on

“whose backside is equally impressive” give me a break they are both nasty. Their ass could be a size 0 & they’d still be nasty

janet on


Guest on

She is one of the reasons why I stopped subscribing to your magazine. She should be with her daughter, like she so claims all the time and not having a nanny take care of her. Kim K is a tasteless woman who only cares about herself and has to make sure the attention is always on her. Kanye is not any better.

dieoskd on

Sexy? LOL

HUH? on

People Magazine- over 1100 people gave the angry face for this picture yet you have it under “wow” which only has 43 votes? HUH!?!?!??!

David Kimbrough on

Why is this thing so important to even give her an ounce of publicity? In my opinion she is nasty!!! NASTY!!!

Guest on

Grow up and act like a Mother. This is disgusting. Set an example of the young girl and woman you would want your daughter to be.

juju on

How about bond with and take care of your kid instead of worrying about yourself 24/7

stef on

Forgive me for saying this and i’m not one to judge!
Every SINGLE picture we see is all about her BODY and HER!
Where is her DAUGHTER!!!!
Great Kim, You look GREAT after a baby. BRAVO for you!
Where as most of us mom’s still have 20 pounds on us after 4 years because I don’t know we spend time with your kids? And being only about ourselves is not a priority anymore. I have to give it to her sister Kourtney who is ALWAYS with her kids! Oouuufff she’s missing so many moments with her daughter while she posts pics of herself! Sad part is she’s not 20 here. She should know a bit better at her age!!! Sorry Kim, but hey you look good!

Staci on

Talk about photoshop! The door frame is crooked.
For someone who says she wants privacy and blah blah blah, she sure puts herself out there..

Amy on

Kim Kardashian Posts a Trashy Butt Selfie. *there I fixed it for you*

bill on

Photoshopped. Disgusting human beings.

Katie on

She still has a huge butt; I’m a size zero and I look a whole lot better than her and I haven’t even had to have my nose narrowed with plastic surgery like Kim did. Notice she posted the pic next to one of the only women she knows who has a bigger butt than she has? The only thing she focuses on are her looks with all the selfless, and it’s her mom, Kris who’s ruining the next 2 Jenners.

joe on

Is this the before picture?

Yuck! on

Folks, this is her “claim to fame”. She has nothing else … nothing else but tens of millions of dollars! She is truly disgusting…her poor baby…

Cy on

Her friend’s butt is disgusting – very distorted and out of proportion to her otherwise slim body. Kim’s is a tad too big but her friend has her beat in that department. I know some men find large butt sexy and my husband is one of those – he likes Kim’s butt. Go figure. But he barfed at her friend’s butt – looked so implanted – a gross surgical misshapen. Or botox gone crazy.

TR on


TR on

Doesn’t Kim have anything more meaningful (and mature) to do at this stage of her life?

Molly on

It appears to be photoshopped. Look at the doorframe in the background in both pictures.

Apples The Mule on

“Yay another picture of Kim’s ass!” said no one.

Fake on

Can anyone else spot the photoshop? Look at the curved lower door jam in the background…..and the tile looks a bit of as well. For someone who so badly wanted her privacy, she sure makes a point to bring attention to herself at every opportunity. Shallow and classless are two words that describe her.

Christine on

This pic has been altered. There is technology to enhance pics and that’s what she did. This truly symbolizes her talents though. Tick tock Kim good luck explaining your focus on money, narcissism, and inappropriate behavior to the big guy. Hope this family wakes up and changes. They have pimped out their family their privacy and all regard for morality for a paycheck. Sad

Fake on

Photoshop…look at the curved door jam!!

Meia on

She is disgusting. There is nothing else to say about her but disgusting.

Seriously? on

Photoshop FAIL! Look at the doorway all warped, she altered this pic. Kim, you’re only lying to yourself, you ain’t fooling anyone. Be yourself and show your true larger size, you’d be a better influence on young ladies if you were honest.

joan on

I find it hilarious that she is posing with a female who has a very LARGE rear, in order to make her already large rear look smaller…she is very unattractive either way you look at it!

Guest too on

Is it me or what has she become more disgusting since she’s had her baby and hooked up with Kanye? She makes me sick does she really think everyone wants to look at her big A**! Please start acting like a mother and please not like your mother and pay more of this attention to your daughter and less on your A** and Boobs!! Time to grow up and act like an mother and less of a Slu*!

Guest 2 on

SAD! SAD! SAD! Is this really the kind of pics for her daughter to see when she is older?? She needs to get over herself and be a better mother to her child!!

Cindy MacDonald on

The butt of KK looks like curdled cheese, that’s what happens when you get implants, fake, phoney everywhere on that scum

Guest1 on

It would be interesting to sit down and have a deep conversation with this woman about life, religion, politics, literature, etc….

Linnea on

Do these yoga pants make my butt look big???

Aspen on

Somebody needs to tell this self-absorbed bimbo that she’s no where near as ‘hot’ as she THINKS she is! So sick of this family.

L on

Listen carefully ladies: your self worth is directly tied to how toned and big your butt is. Come on guys this is nuts. What are we teaching women? This is no diff. than saying “look at how straight mu nose is or how great my boobs are”!!! This is just perpetuating body hatred amongst women. We’re all diff. and it’s all good.

Diane Burt on

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! Is that butt on the right for real?

KellyGreen on

PLEASE GO AWAY, KARDASHIANS! Starting to smell like desperation around here…

Mindy Stapleton on

They say what you love you photograph….

c on

top photo is photo shopped, the tile on the floor curves lol but seriously, she looks damned good

Me284 on

Yep. guest99 called it. EPIC photoshop on them both.

Tsk tsk at People for posting this.

StefanieZee on

Do the Kradashians have People mag in their pockets or what? Seriously everytime I pull up your site there are at least 3 stories on the first page…we get it, she has a big ass that’s “not fake”.. stop enabling, People!

Karen on

You know… the media is always saying, “Oh, Kim and her sexy booty,” but I think her ass looks deformed.

Blackwhitepurple on

Does she ever think about how her daughter will feel seeing these pictures someday? I realize that she’s a celebrity, but if I knew half naked pictures of my mother were all over the internet, that there was a video of my parents practically creating a sibling on a motorcycle, that my dad was a racists a******… yeah.. she’s pretty much screwed.

acompletemystery on

They are modeling Kim’s adult diaper line, Kardashian Kuddles. “You can take a few dumps while showing off your bumps.”

guest on

Self absorbed and insensitive……

lee on

They look like 2 hookers in a sweatshop advertising for customers! Whers child welfare now?

Mo-jo on

Can you say “TRAMP” ?!?!?!

Pearljampookie on

These bitc*es live in a wholeeee other world than we do. Narcissistic, selfish losers. I mean, Kim chose to be with someone like Kanye?? Yep, that says a lot about her right there.

rhaevn67 on

#AssesRock, butt 2? my bad. she is beautiful!

rhaevn67 on

hey wtf? i complimented the lady. you don’t post it bcoz i have “strong language”? i hope not.

Barbara on

Oh My goodness is what I have to say. I can hardly believe my eyes. Both booties look completely abnormal/unreal. I’m not saying anything bad about either person for having what God game them but why put it in photos ALL the time?? Especially Kim K. She is always posting pictures of herself. MANY very (lets say) Racy kind of vulgar even. Kim is very pretty and should be proud of that but I really don’t understand being so self absorbed. I really don’t think it’s a good message to teach your daughter. Anyway, that’s how I look at it. :)

Stewie on

Why????? Please make it go away!

Diana on

I want to know what happens to the butt implants if she backs up against a hot stove? Both of these idiots need to realize by the time they are 70, the big butt thing is going to look really weird. Oh s–t! They already look weird!

JenC on

Seriously, does this idiot EVER spend time with her daughter?

Pam on

Where is her baby? There is something seriously wrong with this behavior. she spends more time taking pictures to prove she has a beautiful body than she does taking care of her beautiful baby…not good. Next, since she posted her pics for comments, here is mine…she had lipo/nip tuck to her tummy you can tell because her upper body isn’t ripped but her tummy is…not a sign of hard work out…result of plastic surgery. As for her butt…augmented….fat taken from her belly, hips and thighs and injected into her butt via her butt crease. It is really sad how women with low self-esteem have resorted to plastic surgery to compete with other women who have good self esteem and don’t see the need to be surgically enhanced or the need to post pics, repetitively, of their “natural” boobs and butts. A 33 year old new mother and wife-to-be who has so much to be thankful for, in my opinion, needs to be focused on being a loving mother to her beautiful baby and stop worrying about her having the “best” body. To People I challenge you to publish an article on all the women who have died because, like Kim, they desperately wanted to have the “best” body and elected to have butt injections. (Non-medical grade silicone and illegal ) and died. You are perpetuating a surgical enhancement frenzy and women are losing their lives.

Lola on


Lola on


DM on

I’ve never seen such a self absorbed, camera licking, obnoxious, over bearing, hollywood socialite wanna be, “woman” & that word I use loosely, who gave birth to a baby last year & now at every turn is taking pictures of HERSELF!!! I don’t think in the last few months have seen her act like a…MOTHER…ya know holding her a motherly way..every pic is..HER…

Jen on

I’m sorry…I love Kim and I have never said anything bad about her BUT that ass is sickening! Truly..those have to be butt implants (maybe she had them and I never heard?), they look horrible!!

Frances Barnes on

Please act like a mother. When your child go to school they going pick on her because of you.

Jessica on

It’s photoshopped ppl, look at the door/wall next to her its curved and bowed… Doors r straight. I feel like it’s very sad for her that she continually feels the overwhelming need to prove her self to complete strangers. We don’t care.

sassesgirl on

White trash alert

cathleen martinez on

she had some junk put into her trunk! straight up she probably had some fat injectected in her ass.

linda on

ok she has a nice body , but honestly that just says “i want attention” , i feel bad for her

whateva on

2 classless asses

Lisa on

So whorish and so sad. You’re entire self worth is defined by how big your fake butt is. What is happening to these young women?!

Lisa on

Who is the girl with her? She looks like a prostitute

Anthony on

People have to consider the type of household Kim grew up in. Her Mom Kris is STILL obsessed with her own looks and I’m certain Kim, Khloe, and eventually Kendall and Kylie will obsessed with their bodies when they get older. Their Mother set them up to feel this way. This I need to look good in order to feel important type mentality. It’s one thing to be proud of your body and taking care of yourself, but flaunting it for allbto see is pure narcasism at it’s best. Kim is obviously a very shallow and damaged emotionally. Kourtney is the only one that doesn’t seem to worry so much about her weight or looks because she eats organic and lives a low carb lifestyle. Kim loves attention and always will. It’s just who she is.

skmcoke on

This woman is pathetic!

Joyce on

They both look deformed.

Kristina on

Look at the door frame in each picture. The giveaway that she Photoshopped both of these pictures. How lame can one person be?

Abdullah on

My friend to see u on my current mental looting Ghazal neighborhood. And walked to him and high heels. Pretty hip grumbling from Hui. But shoulder and buttock and walked Khvafa. And hair that came down to the extent of any large rear Shetty snatched mind without feeling Swear that he was Anala visit me. Do not let him land and turn the eggs has not stopped the Top of love and sit alone. I am with him in the land of our own jealousy and what replaced it if it is in millions and the moral spirit asks if a gift

gracie on

just gross. nothing else to say. ruined my lunch.

kellyrama on

If I had an a** like either of them, I’d walk around with a bag over my head so no one would know who I am. How pathetic.

bk on

LMAO!!!!! Why does Kim think a big fat ass is all that?!? Her workout instructor looks like she needs an ass reduction or her own workout guru……Lord help us!

really?! on

They stank!!!

Kristy on

Kim’s child North is really Reggie Bush’s…SSSSHHHHH! The secret is finally out!!

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