Gisele Bündchen Posts the Most Impossibly Glam Breastfeeding Selfie of All Time

12/10/2013 at 04:22 PM ET

There are a few key ways we differ from Gisele Bündchen. For example: We are not married to Tom Brady. We are not international supermodels. We rarely get invited to extremely fancy black-tie balls hosted by A-list designers. And our getting-ready routine looks pretty much nothing like this.

“What would I do without this beauty squad after the 15 hours flying and only 3 hours of sleep #multitasking #gettingready,” the Brazilian bombshell wrote on the photo of herself looking ridiculously glamorous as she breastfeeds daughter Vivian, 1, while having her hair, makeup and nails attended to by a busy team of professionals.

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It’s hardly the first time Vivian has helped her mom get camera-ready. Earlier this month, she was snapped joining mom in pigeon pose in her own version of baby yoga. So in order to have our mornings more like Bündchen’s, perhaps the first thing we need is an impossibly chic baby. Then our own finishing crew. Oh yeah, and eight extra inches. On second thought, we’re just going to leave this photo here and walk away.

What do you think of this day in Bündchen’s life? Jealous, or is this basically your morning every day?

–Alex Apatoff

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Sacré on

That looks ridiculously staged.

Rachel on

Because every woman looks like this while they are breastfeeding. Nice that Gisele has a glam squad to help her get ready every day, but I don’t understand the need to flaunt it.

Anita Lay on

And in the real world: I paid my mortgage and was ticketed for double parking.

So What on

I thought the definition of a selfie was that you took the photo yourself. That didn’t happen here.

Kelly on


LL on

Why is she breast feeding at a year old!?!

Lindsey on

LL — What’s wrong with nursing at a year old??? It’s healthy for the child.

Mama scarlet on

Got news for you…..most of the world outside the us considers nursing well beyond one year to be the norm! If its not your choice why attack her?! She’s feeding her child for goodness sake!
Boy do you sound jealous…

Amy on

Experts recommend that children be breastfed exclusively breastfed for the first six months, and then breastfed until age two.

kssomom on

Sorry, Gisele still looks like a man to me!!! She is the manliest looking model I’ve ever seen, nothing beautiful about her, maybe handsome???

Nursing=healthlty on

You are completely uninformed. And to post your ignorance is just that ignorance. Try educating yourself. I’ll spare myself the trouble of doing so. If you have children they will greatly benefit from your increased education. As does her child from nursing.

5star on

OMG someone took a photo of me getting ready in the morning and posted in on!

celebsarah on

#multitasking? Gisele is doing one thing (breastfeeding) while being attended to by others. #getoveryourself #andhashtags

Katie on

I don’t consider sitting in a chair breastfeeding your child while your glam squad is doing your hair, makeup, and nails multitasking. Multitasking is doing all of that without any help and making sure your other children stay out of trouble.

Andrea on

No one wants to see your kid sucking your saggy boob or your boobs at all! Breast feeding is so nasty!

Angie on

Nursing=Healthy, while I do agree with the general point of your comment and also agree that LL’s comment was quite uneducated, I am also hoping that I am misunderstanding your tone. There seems to be an underlying implication that bottle feeding is not healthy. Please tell me that I’m wrong? :)

Galen on

Nice to see her nursing her baby.

Pam on

@LL my baby’s pediatrician recommended that I breastfeed him til he’s 2. So that’s what I’m gonna do. It’s not like her daughters 6 or something like that, she’s 1. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Lily on

Seriously everybody relax. She’s getting ready for a photoshoot & is breastfeeding her baby while it’s being done. Good for her! Better she spend time with her child, than leaving her at home with a nanny 24/7.

M on

Nice to see her still nursing! It is multi tasking if you consider that in all she does, her breasts are still producing milk. So she must be pumping at some point when away from her baby to maintain supply. Vivian is also still latching on, so I would say she is regularly breastfeeding. I don’t judge those that cannot or do not nurse that long (I didn’t last that long!), but Giselle should receive kudos for making breastfeeding a priority for HER.

jcsfny on

She is breast feeding a 12 month old? That’s a bit extreme. More importantly the photo is way too much information necessary for public consumption.

Dee forever on

C’est du blabla…. fed up of this one!!! What a joke… with a nanny… cook chief…driver… hairdresser…manucure… who can be stupid enough to admire her, breastfeeding?!?!?!
I admire lonely mums with kids… in Africa… Syria… alone. Without money during a war country or in USA suffering from the crisis.
But this multimillionaire Bubchen?!?!?!. NEVER EVER!!!!

Angie on

jcsfny, a 5yr old may be a little extreme, but not a 1yr old. A 1yr old is just getting off of formula if that’s what they why is it extreme to still be breastfeeding? I’m not understanding this logic at all. It is incredibly good for the baby to still be breastfeeding. Either you and LL are totally misinformed, or you don’t have children, but a one year old breastfeeding is not anything abnormal or uncommon at all.

Suzanne on

Seriously? Is nothing sacred anymore??

Hey Anita Lay – great name and even better comment

gbc on

Here we go with the breastfeeding debate…if she were giving the baby a bottle, there would be a debate too. We are all doing our best. There is no need to pass judgement. It is no one’s business how long she chooses to breastfeed, although personally I don’t know why she feels the need to post it to the world (not the photo, but just generally, as I have no problem with seeing a baby breastfeeding). I have more of an issue with her posting her lifestyle, building her extravagant mansion, etc, when there are so many people who have nothing. But that is none of my business either. Maybe they give generously to charity as well, we don’t know.

*** on

@LL : The World Health Organization strongly recommends breastfeeding until 2 years of age. That said, whether a mother is breastfeeding or giving her child a bottle should make no difference to anyone.

Giselle1Haters0 on

She looks beautiful and this is what a working mom does. It just so happens that looking beautiful is part of her job. Why hate?? Embrace! Way to Giselle and good for you for BFing your daughter passed the age of 1! Most haters on here could learn a thing or two from you!

Great on

Such a great picture. It’s great to see her encouraging breastfeeding.

Ping on

“Selfie” fail.

Anonymous on

LOLOLOL The comments on here have me crying laughing. Kudos to ALL the moms out there who get the job done. You guys rock.

Kim Vancouver Island on

OMGosh, I LOVE this photo! Smart lady showing us in North America that you can be sexy , working and still nurse your child ( recommended age to nurse to is 2yrs now). Way to go, I now love this lady even more.

samh on

Umm…it’s great that she is still breastfeeding and fine that getting all dolled up is part of her job but this is in no way a selfie.
The whole point of the selfie is that you have taken it yourself. Otherwise it’s just an average, everyday pic…

Sammi on


amy on

nothing makes me dislike this woman more than this picture. ARRRRRRRR it’s a toss up b/w gwynetth p and this chick. JUST GO AWAY!

guest on

Actually Lindsay who posted below, there is NO immune system defense or nutritional value in breast milk past the age of 1…. So LL was correct…. After 1 its more just pleasure for the mother : /

Rlg on

Breast feeding is a beautiful thing. It is not a task. It is a time to bond with your child. Bonding happens, first and foremost, when a mother’s eyes are OPEN, and she is able to be emotionally attuned to her infant. This is a very selfish picture and shows how ignorant G is. This is a developing child, not just feeding time.

Niki on

Oh barf. The only solace I have is by the time she’s done she will have gross floppy pancake boobs

*** on

@guest : Can you tell us your source for that information, please?

Kim on

The guy doing her make-up is getting an eye full. LOL! Seriously, could this photo be any more staged? Ridiculous.

novanessa on

Breastfeeding is pretty much the only likable thing about this attention starved slore.

sister3 on

She probably has her eyes closed because she’s HAVING MAKEUP APPLIED to them! I have to say, this is the best photo I’ve ever seen of here – she actually looks beautiful. And, on a side note…ya, wouldn’t we all like an extra 8″

Sonia on

No wonder she looks so thin. She feeds past 1 year!

Chweener on

Dang! All you pro breastfeeding mothers need to take a chill pill. You talk about certain posters needing to be educated, yet you have the platform to do that here, but instead you have shown by your behavior that it makes you biotchy. Whatever you do, don’t get a job with the La Leche league, geez.

beckilu on

While breastfeeding can be a wonderful thing between mother and child, this picture doesn’t depict what the real women of the world do while breastfeeding. ha!

truthteller on

Giselle: “Look at me I’m multi-tasking. Aren’t I special?”
The world: “No you’re not! You’re an idiot! You are sitting in a chair being attended to. Get over yourself, you useless cow! How is it possible that she and her husband who have useless jobs are paid so much? And worse, her ego feels the need to tell others what to do. She’s the most unlikeable person in the world next to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Ayla on

I think this photo is beautiful! Regardless of how you choose to feed your baby, Giselle is choosing to do it herself, when she could easily afford a nanny. She makes nursing look glamorous! Shame on all of you, who think you have a right to tell her how, when and where her breasts can be used. Those are hers! And BFing is not a thing of shame!

Guest on

All that help and she still looks like a man.

Sniggum on

So what if it’s staged! Seems like the haters are trolling again lol!

Kica on

1) This technically isn’t a selfie, since someone else took it and 2) My only other issue is why not throw a light blanket over her daughter and the boob for privacy sake. But hey…that’s just me.

Viv on

I get that this is a public forum and celebrities will always be subject to scrutiny and criticism living in the public eye…but it just baffles me the OVERWHELMING amount of negative comments towards Gisele, mostly here at, every time that there is a post about her, no matter what she does…and yes, You may not find her pretty (or get what others see in her – you are entitled – not only to your opinion, but to a different physical taste), You may think she is TOO much on people’s face with some of her previous statements, or that she even “FAKES”/stages taking some of these pictures…but if there is ONE thing to be said about this woman – She has PROFESSIONALISM, has WORKED her butt off to get where she is and DESERVES every penny that she has ever made! People don’t realize how hard it is for someone, especially from a developing country like Brazil (or Shakira from Colombia) or other South Americans, to MAKE IT in the entertainment industry here in the US. She is even more successful than her husband (income wise) and one a of a few supermodels to ever achieve a truly Businesswoman status and BRAND out of her modeling career. No one here commended her that she flew in with a 1yr old, no nanny (just her mom – like most people from her culture would do), on a 15hour flight, barely slept and was looking fabulous, friendly, professional and super upbeat at the work event she had that same day. And yes, this picture does not reflect what most mom’s go through…DUH, she is a supermodel/that’s part of her work…and I’m sure not every morning is like that for her either…and I don’t find this to be the very least offensive…beauty treatments in Brazil are far less expensive than here in the US…any mid or upper class living in Brazil can afford to have a hairstylist, or a manicure, or a make-up artist come to their house to get dolled up once in a while, without breaking the bank! And yes – Breastfeeding your child on one side, while someone is doing your nails on the opposite hand, and you have to close your eyes to get make up on your lids, while having your hair pulled…IS multitasking in my books!! #nohatecomments – I respect your opinion, so please respect mine. Gisele is so admired and loved in Brazil, because she never forgot her roots – where she came from, she never developed a DIVA demeanor coming into her home country, and because she shares her life’s success with her fans in a humble and appreciative way for all that she ever conquered and has in life! (just check her Instagram pics/feed, without reading of blogs, and then take your own conclusions).

Anne on

So much jealous and hate from a lot of the commenters. I guarantee if the picture was of an obese, 5 foot, unattractive woman doing the same thing most of you would be applauding her and saying what great and caring mother. Why do people have to be so critical and envious of wealthy and attractive people?

victoria on

This woman has got to be the official poster girl
for screw you all, I’m rich. I can do anything I want. What an
assinine! Go back to Brazil!!!

@truthteller on

Not hater, everyone is admiring this beautiful image, she is receiving praise for encouraging breastfeeding. And she’s thanking the glam squad that helps her, and she clearly knows that this not make her special.

mrsmass on

Does she have a professional photographer on call 24/7 to take all these staged, I mean candid photos?

Truthfinder on

Hubris anyone???

Dee on

She’s actually just sitting there. She isn’t doing a thing. Are we supposed to be jealous? She’s so full of herself!

Who like her on

Ignore the haters, how much more successful you are, more haters you have. Look at her instagram and facebook and other websites, she is receiving lots of praise, this photo is really beautiful. Gisele rocks, haters s*cks. lol

Aspen on

Hurray for breast feeding!

amber on

You know, im not hating, and its great that shes breastfeeding, but i hope by posting it for all to see, she only assumes to be talking to people of her “class” The rest of us do not get the luxury of being pampered pretty, nor barely get the chance to fit in a workout. Im sure she has a nanny/sitter to help her somewhere. More power to the moms who honestly do everything on their own!

Gg on

I don’t think there is anything wrong with breast feeding however this picture is ridiculous. There is nothing normal,natural or down to earth about this woman. She doesn’t come across as being friendly at all. Her husband is a cry baby football player . I’m pretty sure that he no longer has a man card .

Pam on

@jcsfny you’re an idiot! There’s nothing extreme about breastfeeding a 1 year old. Pediatricians recommend that you breastfeed your baby for 2 years!

Jennifer A. on

That’s called delegating, not multitasking.

Nat on

Kiddos to her for nursing regardless of what I think of the picture! Breast is best!

ale ol on


Ainsley Morin on

This is a beautiful photo! I’m a little jealous of all the help she’s getting, I would love someone to do my hair and make-up everyday! But other than that, she’s a gorgeous woman doing a beautiful and healthy thing by nursing her baby! Good for her.

Anna on

I generally don’t have an opinion about Gisele, I can take her or leave her… However, I don’t see anything wrong with this picture, she’s a model doing her job, and tending to her baby. I’m just happy to see a celebrity nurturing her child, instead of dumping her off on a nanny.

maggie on

That does NOT look like a candid photo!

Chazoo on

Love it. I am so envious!

paige on

hooray for the breastfeeding. Could she look any more like a stereotype of privledge. The photo is ridiculous not glamorous.

Sherron on

Good lord we would all look gorgeous, if we had all this attention aimed at us.

peoplereader on

Definitely not a selfie…and to breastfeed a 1 yr old is perfectly fine LL.

Ris on

I’m disgusted since she repeating talked about Moynihan’s son after she asked her not to (leann rimes). Then she said giving birth was no big deal. She did it at home and was up making pancakes the next day. Then she said that it should be mandatory for law for mothers to breastfeed for 6 months. She’s disgusting! She’s such an airhead she can’t understand that not everyone has HER life and HER resources. That’s what good for HER doesn’t mean it’s good for every other mother in the world. Narcisstic POS

Pat on

kssomom, Gisele looks like a man???? Well give me some of that guy

luiza on

World Health Organization recommends that babies are breastfed until 2 years old. I am happy Gisele is sending this message to people who might not have heard about it.

cal on

There are some things that should
be done in PRIVATE, and this is one
of them. Seems to be desperate on
her part for some needed publicity.

Brenda on

I’m not sure which experts recommend breastfeeding for six months and for up to two years. Three months is considered sufficient for antibodies. After that, it’s the choice of the mother whether to continue, but doctors recommend that mothers incorporate solid food by four-five months, otherwise their children will not get enough nutrients. Actually, I knew the wife of a pediatrician who breastfed for a month. That’s all she wanted to do, and her husband said it was fine.

Jesa323 on

I think this is awesome!! She is showing that despite her unusual life she is still a mom. A mom who still breastfeeds. I applaud this. :)

Lizzie on

Obviously she isnt getting ready for just another day, she must have an event. And why is she nursing a one year old? Because the WHO recommends breast feeding until age 2. Lets face it, her job is to be gorgeous and glamorous, its how she makes her living, why hate on her for it? The rest of us moms arent going to look like that, ever, and I am perfectly ok with that.

Girlcantdance on

Her face looks like a parrot. I don’t get her supermodel qualities at all! Ugly woman……nothing attractive about her

stacey on

Disgusting. Surely her husband doesn’t appreciate her boob hanging out for two other men to look at!!!

Jennifer on

LL & Angie –
It’s absolutely normal to be breastfeeding a 1 year old , pediatricians recommend you nurse till they’re 2 if possible. What’s shocking is your reaction (or ignorance)to this. Either you don’t have kids or your hating on someone without knowing what you’re talking about which is embarrassing.
Gisele is doing great for her baby !

Jennifer on

Which experts? Pediatricians .
Yes , 3 months is good enough to get antibodies , they even say that one month is good if you can’t go longer BUT six months – 2 years is better . And of course it’s “the choice of the mother” – who else?

Cynsational on

I asked my doctor about nursing after 1 year and he’s an old doctor and he said that breast milk really has no nutritional value after 1 year that the nutrition should come from food. Breast milk is most important for newborns and infant babies. It’s ultimately up to the mother but if a child has a mouth full of teeth, what is breast milk really doing for your child?

Amy on

What’s in milk? I don’t know… check out the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition!

Kat on

Awesome! :)

Maria on

Good for her for making mothering as much a priority as her job.

Amy on

joshd on

She’s suck a freak. Who breastfeeds a one year old.

joshd on

Go away all of you breast feeding nazis.

Kym on

LOVE that she’s still nursing!!!

Phoebe on

She’s an ASS!

Jenna on

wow, she’s pretty full of herself. Not everyone looks like that breastfeeding

Mama scarlet on

After centuries of pregnancy and breast feeding being hidden away as secret, even shunned in some societies, i love that we have finally come to a time where it can be put in the forefront, praised and even viewed as sexy! Especially because we moms so often don’t feel that way!

hdk on

Kssomom, I completely agree!

Luke on

For some reason I really like this picture. It’s kind of sweet. And are people seriously wondering why she’s breastfeeding her one year old? Why wouldn’t she be??

organicturkeythigh on

Yes, let’s all breast feed our children with a nice set of toxic implants.

Stephanie on

Yeah she’s all about herself.

Mandy on

Not necessarily a fan of Gisele, but this photo is awesome! I breastfed my daughter until she weaned herself right after her first birthday. While this is not the average morning shot of moms everywhere, when you have the life she has, then who is surprised. It makes me happy to see that she has her baby with her, and that she is doing something so amazing and wonderful for her. Good job!

TT on

I seriously can’t stand that sheman.

Charlotte Miller on

I think it’s priceless and beautiful. And I’m 71year old grandmother.

neashley on

Staged or not I love that she is still breastfeeding her one year old, and is not afraid to flaunt it.

cali on

Breastfed both my children until they were at least 24 months old. Relaxing and good for the babies and for the mom!

ohpokey on

I seriously doubt she walks around the house thinking about how beautiful she is, and how rich she is and how handsome her husband is. She is a mother of two and has her own business. She WORKS, like most of the rest of us. You haters are jealous. And I guess a “real” picture would have everyone staring at the camera with a cheesy smile????

tonig on

I think its great that she is still breastfeeding her daughter, it’s healthy for the baby and her. BUT, that’s not multitasking, she’s doing one thing and that’s feeding her daughter. Everyone else is doing all the work. The definition of multitasking is doing more than one thing at the same time, maybe if she was vacuuming or unloading the dishwasher while nursing I would be more impressed. She’s just sitting there. #soNOTmultitasking

Mary Ann on

I have never understood why this person is considered beautiful. She has such a harsh hatchet face! Her body is so attenuated, it’s really unnatural. I’m glad she’s nursing her child, but this photo is really stupid.

suzy diamond on

Cute photo….now THAT’S what I call multitasking!

Pam on

She’s always posting really staged photos and be like “Look at me and my wonderful life, you suckers!”..Where’s her humility? Her ego is very big, she’s not genuine she’s a show off. She doesnt have any real talent, she’s only looks that will fade in time. Get over yourself!

sarahGrier on

Giselle and Beyonce aree the luckiest women in the world….. Why are we not born equal??

veronica cervantes on


Maja Antolić on

I find this offensive and tasteless

Melanie M on

Arrogant and full of herself while she loves putting down women who have csections or choose not to breastfeed or can’t do so. One of these days she will get her comeuppance.

Lu on

That isn’t a “selfie”, just FYI. She clearly has one hand on the baby, and the other the manicurist is holding.

**** on

My problem with this picture is simply this , she’s getting her hair done so hair spray is Probably being used and can get on the child’s face as could loose makeup . So poor baby is eating and possibly getting stuff all over her because momma couldn’t just.focus.on her for a few moments.

Joan on

You people need to lighten up. These people are not her “staff.” She was working and they were getting her ready for a photo shoot. Gisele normally doesn’t wear makeup and very often her hair is tucked up under a baseball cap or pulled back in a ponytail. And, as for the breastfeeding, she is from Brazil where it’s common to nurse a child until they’re toddlers.

Nanu 08 on

EEEEKS! another YAWN story……..

Nicole on

I would really like to see her spend a day, just one day, in homeless shelter. Let’s see a picture of her without her team that makes her beautiful. If she didn’t have them, she would look just like the rest of us. This photo is absolutely ridiculous.

rocknmovie on

It’s totally photostaged.

Elizabeth on

I breastfeed my 1yo while helping with homework and even while doing house work. That’s my job. Being glam is her job. I think the whole thingwas staged while she was getting ready so they got the perfect picture. Other than that, I don’t see an issue. And she’s just not one to cover up so everyone needs to get a grip.

nikki on

She looks alot older…dont get me wrong, she’s gorgeous! But…doesnt she look like shes around 45..?..

Joan on

Nicole – Gisele does a lot of charity work. You rarely hear of it because she’s discreet about it so as to not turn it into a media frenzy. For many years she helped serve Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless at a Boston shelter but when someone figured out who she was the place was besieged by photographers so she stopped going there. She regularly works with at-risk and learning disabled girls. She teaches them how to apply makeup, do their hair and for fun shows them how to strut like a runway model. The girls love it. And, Gisele & Tom give millions of dollars to their favorite causes, usually environmental ones. Before casting aspersions about Mrs. Brady, try learning a little about her.

Jennifer F. on

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with breast feeding a child at age 1…they bite!! Nice life Gisele, too bad we all can’t have it. Can’t stand her, but her children are cute.

Linda on

She’s just as annoying as her husband is.

Elizabeth on

I would have rather seen the “selfie” while she was looking drab. It would have been more realistic in that state. Good for her for feeding but the picture is stupid.

Katie on

We need more photos like these in the effort to normalize breastfeeding! Thank you Gisele and any other women out there courageous enough to put yourselves out there (to be attacked endlessly for doing something natural and beautiful) like this.

And yes, the World Health Organization states that babies should be breastfed until at least age 2.

UGH on

Here we go again. Another image to make everyday, ‘commoner’ moms feel like they are failing. I’m sure Gisele’s intentions were not to make us all feel like slobs, breastfeeding (or not!!) in sweats and dirty t-shirts, but this is a total brag fest. “Look at me – gorgeous, wealthy, pampered – AND I have ample, flowing breastmilk”. UGH!

guest on

love it! Good for her. Now let’s stop banning breastfeeding pictures on FB.

Elizabeth on

I love this! I love how Gisele can be supermodel and supermommy at the same time! Good job!

Sunny H on

I really love this photo!
I see no reason to rag on this woman because she’s famous and a successful celebrity. Sometimes her “getting ready” routine is glamorous…it’s her career. Good for her! I am delighted to see a celebrity mom including her child in her day. Kudos to Gisele for breastfeeding at a year and spending close time with her daughter!

manicmom on

Breastfeeding is great but most moms do it while they aren’t being primped for a photo shoot. Oh the lifestyles of the rich and famous

blair on

A baby can drink formula. It won’t kill them! My children drank formula. But stopped at a year and they are fine! Breastfeeding a one year old is sick! They have teeth!

Jessica on

I know everyone is attacking the Glam Squad, but when I saw this I was glad she is bringing breastfeeding public. Its absolutely normal and healthy to breastfeed at one year’s old. Totally up to the Mom, when – if – how long you nurse. But don’t ever question a Mom nursing a one year old. Support it. Thanks Gisele!

guest on

I don’t understand all the hate in the comments. Every mother-child dyad is different. Everyone’s lives are different. I’m a pediatrician, and while I would love to be able to bring my baby to work and breastfeed her throughout the day, it is simply not an option. What I see in this photo is a woman who is taking advantage of the circumstances of her employment to do the kind of mothering that she thinks is best for her and her child. Good for her! Sure, I’m a bit jealous looking at this–wish I could be so glamorous and have the help, but it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the moment.

Brittney on

I LOVE this photo! The fact that she is nurturing her child in the most natural way possible makes Gisele look even more beautiful. I nursed my first daughter until she was 26 months and I’m still going strong with my second (now 11 months). I applaud Gisele for this photo!

Danie on

What exactly do you you people think happens to the milk after 3 or 6 months to make it not be good for a baby? I don’t understand. Why all this hate? She breastfeeds. That is awesome. And because you chose not to or didn’t make it breastfeeding doesn’t make you a bad mother and that is not what she is saying in this picture. You should not knock her down for breastfeeding. She made it. You should give her praise. I am so sick of woman knocking each other down day after day. We should be proud of each other and stop judging!!!!

Innocent justice on

Now, now….. It its a beautiful photo. NO, she doesn’t live in OUR world (the real world), but she is a breast feeding Mom and that’s the just of it……… Good for Her.

Colette on

Multitasking? She is just sitting there while others take care of her.

Imaboomer on

I think she seems to be a very loving attentive Mom. But although it’s the natural thing to do, I’d prefer a little more privacy & hoped she’d feel the same.

Innocent justice on


Nancy on

Hmmm – multi-tasking in English means doing a zillion things YOURSELF concurrently; something any real Mom understands and does constantly, and without a photographer to “accidentally” snap the results. I guess in Brazil, multi-tasking means doing one thing (ie, holding your baby) while a team of other people do everything else for you, including watching your other kid. While I applaud her devotion to breastfeeding, she needs to just keep her ignorant mouth shut and go away. Twit.

ella on

I am so sick of this mewling quim i wish she would shut up already

Denise on

Seriously what type of message is this sending to our younger generation. She is a small percentage in this world that is able to have all of these people doting on her. Breastfeeding in my opinion should be done in a quiet calming environment and not in that atmosphere and it should be subtle. She’s sending the wrong message that young women can look like her and it’s wrong.

cynlee on

Give me a break all you Nursing advocates. If anyone wants to Nurse, that’s great, more power to them. Just don’t knock the Moms who choose to bottle feed. All three of mine were, and they have been extremely healthy. In fact, a lot healthier than some of my friend’s kids who were breast fed. It’s a personal choice, plain and simple.

jabba on

Guess she like to have an audience watching while her kid sucks her tit. Exhibitionist. That’s disgusting. I breastfed, but it’s supposed to be PRIVATE, NOT for the world to see a baby sucking away at the tit. Hate women that expect others to deal with this esp. while out in public. Put the tit away, no one wants to see this. I pumped and used a bottle while out in public, no problem. Woman that do it in public do want an audience, they’re disgusting.

jayne on

#multitasking????? what a schmuck

Nekhbet on

So much envy ! This is her world , and she worked very hard to make it so . And bringing her child as opposed to having a nanny feed her is super commendable ! Wonderful picture .

xoxo on

I’m not a fan of seeing older babies breastfeed. If they can hold a bottle – they’re too old to breastfeed in my opinion. It looks inappropriate.

nadia-Nyc on

I find this photo to be a little tacky.
This should be done in private.
I love her Her husband–But she’s kind of getting on my nerves lately………….

Mamasita1 on

The comment about 3 months of breastfeeding being enough for antibodies is incorrect. Children do not produce all immunological factors until around the age of 7. It is a fact that longer breast feeding is associated with decreased asthma, and allergy incidences. Furthermore, AAP (Am Acad Ped strongly encourages 1 year or longer of breast feeding while WHO (World Health Organization recommends 2 years). From a health care professional

Mama on

There is a comment here regarding 3 months being sufficient for antibodies and that is incorrect. There is a strong correlation in the medical literature of longer breastfeeding being associated with decreased asthma and allergies, to name a few. Furthermore, most children do not develop mature antibodies until the age of 7. Not everyone can breastfeed, but it is strongly encouraged when possible. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends 1 year or longer, while WHO (World Health Organization recommends 2 years as the minimum. From a health professional and mother who was fortunate to breastfeed . I think if anything, Giselle should be commended for advocating for breastfeeding. Interestingly, income level and education have been associated in recent times with higher levels of breastfeeding.

Jen on

This is possibly the only good thing I have ever seen/read about her. I give her props for this.

lily on

Have you people had children in the last decade? Breast feeding until a year old is totally normal and accepted. Not every one can do it, but more power to those who can – celebrity or civilian!

Sarah on

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with breastfeeding or multi-tasking . This is just another in the line of many photos from her displayed for her own self promotion. Don’t, for a second , think this has anything to do with the beauty of mother and child.

patrice on

Good for the child,bad for ur breast

Me on

This isn’t multi-tasking … it would be multi-tasking if YOU were feeding the baby AND doing yourOWN hair and nails. Gisele is just striking a stupid pose.

Anna on

That is not multitasking…she is only doing one thing, breastfeeding. Unless closing her eyes is considered a task. Lol!

Gigi on

Didn’t Miranda Kerr take an almost identical picture like two years ago?

Beth on


Jenny on

Breastfeeding is normal. Nothing more beautiful than a mother feeding her child!

Summer on

I’m still nursing my son, as well, who will be one this Saturday. I nurse mornings, evenings, and weekends and pump at work. I have a normal desk-job as a CPA with an hour commute each way. THAT is deserving of praise. This pic, like everything else about Gisele, is just obnoxious. Why should she be praised for doing something millions of REAL working women do every single day? It’s easy to nurse when you can take your baby to work and have nannies, housekeepers, assistants, chefs, etc. The real kudos goes to women like myself, who do it all WITHOUT help and with normal, long working days. Hats off to we REAL mamas who know what it real jobs and hard work are! Gisele? She can shut it. I’m so sick of her supercilious, condescending judgement of moms who are trying to do their best. I dislike her.

JenC on

Glad to see she is helping the cause in regards to helping young women be realistic in what beauty is. I have no problem with people having money and help. They earned it and good for them. But this is why our little girls are the way they are. If you had been doing your own hair and makeup in the mirror while breastfeeding your child, I would have been the first to applaud you.

Jennifer F. on

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with breast feeding a one year old baby…THEY BITE!!!!

Jennifer F. on

I’ll tell you what’s Wrong with breast feeding a one year old…THEY BITE!!!! She is so darn full of herself, I think she married the right person cause he is too. I likes the mother of his first child, Bridget Moynihan, boy did Tom Brady make a big mistake.

Ally on

How exactly is she multi-tasking? The professionals are doing all the work.

Dave Pierce on

She started with nothing and built a fashion empire, Tom Brady started with nothing and is a football superstar, there a great couple and made their money the old fashioned way and know how to enjoy it. That’s the American way.

Ryan on

What would you do without this beauty squad? Probably still be living in your stall in barn.

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