Victoria Beckham Donates a Truly Unbelievable Amount Of Shoes For Typhoon Haiyan Aid

11/21/2013 at 02:35 PM ET

Victoria Beckham shoes donationCourtesy Victoria Beckham. Inset: Mike Marsland/WireImage

For most people, this pile of shoes is something they see only in their wildest dreams. For Victoria Beckham, it’s what she casually digs out on a Thursday to donate to the British Red Cross, in order to raise funds to aid victims of the Phillipines’ devastating Typhoon Haiyan.

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“Big clear out of my shoes, on sale tomorrow in aid of @BritishRedCross #ShopDrop,” the star Tweeted along with the photo of dozens of pairs of pumps, sandals, stilettos and boots. She included a link to find info about the sale in case you’re looking to pick up a pair or two yourself. You’ll want to be close to London’s Kensington & Chelsea Red Cross shop tomorrow — but if you’re Posh-sized and looking for labels like Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo or Roberto Cavalli, perhaps it would be worth the plane ticket.

And if you needed further proof of just how major this donation is, check out the other photo Beckham tweeted, below, of herself atop the mountain of boxes on its way to the Red Cross. All the money raised from the Beckhams’ clothing will send hygiene parcels and more to victims of the typhoon, proving that their hearts are as big as their shoe collections.

Can you believe these photos? How have you been supporting victims of Haiyan?

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 77 comments

Ivixen on

Holy cow, that’s a lot of shoes!

Beth on

What a sweetheart!

LIP on

High heels? that’s exactly what they need.

Ari on

@LIP, did you read the article? The Red Cross will be selling the shoes and using the profits to buy items that are needed.

Teknosbeka on

Great job on the reading comprehension LIP.
I think its a lovely gesture, thanks Posh and family!

peaches on

I don’t think high heels is what they need. What a joke Victoria. Donate moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Anom on

LIP- are you not capable of reading? They are selling the shoes to raise money.


yes, because that is what they truly need!! Designer high heel shoes!! LOL!

Julia on

Really, are all of you can’t read or you just jump right into conclusions? She’s donating the shoes to the British Red Cross so they can sell it and use the money to buy necessary hygiene products that the typhoon victims needed. On another note, that is very sweet of her to donate that many shoes, and I hope the profit will help the victims!

yaknow on

I am not criticizing any one person in particular. I just see such excess and it is puzzling. How can one person own thousands of shoes when so many in the world have none? Why are so many people morbidly obese while others are starving? Why do people have 7 fireplaces, 12 washrooms and 10 bedrooms in their house, while others are homeless? If only there was a way to equal out everything so we all had the same. No one should be starving while others waste enough food to feed an army. It is so hard to see homeless families, starving kids and people dying without simple medicine. It has become such a massive problem that it seems impossible to reverse or fix.

Lyla on

@LIP @SBLG @peaches clearly if you read the article, you would notice that the shoes were being donated to be sold and that the profits were going to be used to help the victims of the typhoon. she’s doing a good deed in giving away those shoes!

Kat on

I had several questions going through my head b4 I read they’re planning to sell the shoes to raise money to help the victims. Then it made sense. God bless the Beckhams.

Anonymous on

Okay, idiots, one more time. “All the money raised from the Beckhams’ clothing will send hygiene parcels and more to victims of the typhoon”

Rose on

It is funny to read comments of people who did not read the story. They sound so foolish. I am sure the sale of the shoes will result in a great donation to the British Red Cross.

Cheryl on

How about you donating shoes that REAL PEOPLE wear??!! Donating high end high heel shoes does not make any sense whatsoever!! I understand its the thought that counts but did you really think in terms of practicality!! I mean really?? I don’t what world you live in but come back down to earth and join the restof us please!

Cheri on

Amazing that three people cant read the article, they must have grown up with picture books. It said she is donating them to the Redcross for them to sell to raise money to buy the items needed. She is doing more than just sending a check, this will probably raise more money since people like to pay more for things that are from famous people.

Cheryl on

Well donate money instead!!

Elise on

Good for her, that’s really awesome. I’ve always enjoyed her and now have even more reason to!

Cheryl on

Don’t want to read the article

Aeol on

Wow yaknow I’d love to hear more about how you live in a cardboard box and don’t spend money on anything you don’t need to survive. Unless you’re Mother Theresa, that’s some real unnecessary judgement.

Seabot on

Cheryl, twice you failed to read the article. She IS donating money. She’s donating the shoes to be sold and giving that money. Good Lord, it’s amazing how ignorant people can be.

Seabot on

Oh pardon me, you don’t want to read the article. Okay, if deliberately looking at a complete @ss is your goal, you succeeded perfectly. If you flat out don’t want to educate yourself, so be it.

BW on

What a great idea, I am sure that money will be very appreciated

Marilyn on

I am a Victoria Beckham fan. That said, I’m afraid on this one she is out in left field. Donate money Victoria. With all you & David have, trust me, you won’t miss it.

barbara finazzo on

It truly amazes me that people who are so quick to offer their two cents worth of opinion, aren’t smart enough to read.

Julie on

You go, girl!!! Raise lots of money!

katie on

Super cool of them and I hope lots of money is raised- however, how on earth do people live with so much? Insanity!

Tess on

Nice idea, but who’s going to be walking around in the ripped to shreds Phillipines in stilettos?

anne on

On the surface, it’s a nice gesture – you sell personal items for a good cause. It would have been ok if they were common people with an average income. But when you have millions and you sell a pile of shoes you no longer need…it doesn’t look so good. It would have been more elegant to write a check or redirect a percentage of the VB brand’s sales to the Red Cross. Right, it is money, after all, and it’s more than welcome. But the gift says a lot about the giver.

Kim on

Before you make a dumb comment like “the typhoon victims don’t need shoes”, try reading the article…slowly…

lylah on

Wow. Apparently about half of the commenters are idiots! If you don’t want to read the article, don’t comment!

Dawn on

LIP and peaches, please read the article again. They are being donated to the British Red Cross to sell and money from the sales will go to aid the typhoon victims

Samm on

I read how cruel and criticizing people are on this website. Then I read comments like these and see how many people don’t fully read the whole thing. She is selling the shoes for proceeds! Jeeze, now I get all the comments on other articles…. People like to throw in their two cents before getting all the facts! It’s exhausting! Go Victoria!!!!’

Jessica on

Why comment if you’re not going to read the article?? It very clearly states that they aren’t giving the shoes to the typhoon victims. They are selling the shoes and the money will go to help the victims. It really isn’t that hard to comprehend. I don’t know why so many people don’t get it!

Brooke on

While I love Victoria Beckham, I am LMAO at this.

“I have no home, ceiling, food, electricity….but I Have these FABULOUS 5″ CHRISTIAN LOUBOTINS!!”

Janelle on

I love how people are attacking her for not giving money when we cannot see into their bank account. It’s none of our business how much monetarily she gave, the while point of the article is that she is donating shoes to auction so that the proceeds can go towards relief. That’s it. The sad part is that people across the board would rather pay for a nice pair of shoes than help those in need. So Victoria Beckham is allowing for both to happen. Good for her!

Dina on

I didnt know cleaning up the closet was charity.
Write a check people !! you both worth billions !!!!

Wallace on

Maybe Imelda Marcos will buy them! :-)

Karen on

I would donate the shoes to programs that help less fortunate girls go to their highschool prom and reach into my very deep pockets and donate $1M CASH, but that’s just me. The hours in manpower to inventory and photograph those shoes and have the sale… they’ll spend more in manpower than what the shoes will raise.

akmgr on

I’m not sure what they will do with all those heels, but it’s a nice gesture. Maybe it would be better if she sold them and gave the proceeds to them.

Mtn on

90% of the commenters need to go back to elementary and retake reading comprehension. SHE IS DONATING THE SHOES TO BE SOLD!! THE FUNDS FROM THE AUCTION/SALE WILL THEN GO TO THE TYPHOON VICTIMS!!!

lisa on

Seems a few people on here skipped reading and comprehension class a few times.
The SHOES are not being sent, the PROCEEDS from the sale of the shoes will be used to aid the victims. Clear enough yet??

akmgr on

Thanks Lisa, I should have read the article all the way thru. Yes, it is a nice gesture.

kathy from fla on

Although this is a nice gesture, they need more…Send money now Victoria. Put your money towards construction, water, medical supplies, etc.

Bebe on

That is awesome! And yes I did donate kids clothing and shoes also some women clothing. But none with the name brands that Victoria has I’m sure lol! None the less it’s all from the heart and anything helps so let’s all pitch in :)

Rebecca on

it should be number of shoes…not amount…

NW Mamma on

I’ll bet the clothes and shoes will bring in alot of money, wish I could go to the sale, I know they are used, but she only has really nice things and buying them at a discount to help people would be so much fun. What size are her shoes?

Sarah on

Remember when one could donate to charity without publicizing it?

HAL on

I love how many state instead of donating she should give money. How do you know she isn’t doing that as well? It doesn’t state either way. More than likely they are doing that as well and it was just not reported.

Do on

High Heels? really? Donate some money thats what they need.. Food, water, not freaking high heels in that rubble!

Jenny! on

She’s amazing, it doesn’t seem like it but… she’s probably a blast to have as a friend. Love her :D

Teknosbeka on

Sarah, it’s called raising awareness and it’s a good thing.

Kelly on

Shoes???. Umm they need far more practical items. Like food, water, medicines. Shoes they do not need. Especially her shoes. Her heart may be in the right place. But that donation is ridiculous.

Andrea on

Please read the article properly before you posted comments! She’s donating the shoes to be sold to raise money for the Red Cross! Good for her! I love the Beckhams! And how do you not know that she hasn’t donated money already? Please keep your uneducated opinions to yourself!

elena on

I would never buy and wear sandals after someone else sweat their feet in them. It is not hygienic and btw, orthopedists do not recommend wearing shoes after someone else, not healthy for your feet. Victoria is just getting rid of the stuff she doesn´t like and want anymore and she is making room in her closet for hundreds more new shoes… Nothing humanitarian in that, I would be embarrassed to brag about it…donate money from your big bank account or your time and energy to work for people in need like Angelina Jolie, not something you just need to get rid of…

Jamie B on


jBl on

Sure hope they aren’t her shoes. Those would be about as useful as slippers in snow.

Wen on

Grant it, it’s a nice gesture but I would have had an auction and then donated all the money, which would have been big amount and would go towards things they REALLY need. JMO

Earl on

Thanks a lot Victoria

Strawberry Girl on

Wow, what a bunch of Judgy McJudgersons.

SYH on

Talk about a reverse Imelda Marc

SYH on

Talk about a reverse Imelda Marcos!

mb on

I am sure she also donated money for the survivors… which I think is NOT necessary to post online. And she wanted to do more than that, thus, donating her clothes and shoes… And tweeting about this fundraising, is for the people to know that there are good items for sale which will not only benefit the buyer but the Haiyan surviors as well.

illy2007 on

I may be wrong, but I guess the article headline is written like that on purpose…so all the haters can have a go without even bothering with reading the article.
I love Victoria and David,and it certainly is a nice gesture. Hope it raises a lot of money ;)

emma on

What a sweet gesture!

Hollywoodista on

It’s amazing how so many of you think you have the right to say how people should spend THEIR hard earned money. Victoria doesn’t have to donate a dime. I’m willing to bet most celebs aren’t donating anything toward this disaster. But here she is, donating tons of designer shoes which will raise a LOT of money, and that’s not good enough. And she very well could’ve written a check that we don’t know about.

Instead of criticizing another person’s donation, you should worry about what YOU can do to make a difference.

John on

Thank you for your support Beckhams

@Yaknow didn’t they try that with communism? don’t fault people for having too much. some of them worked hard for it and deserved it.

Jason Lemington on

Please make sure it doesn’t go to the wrong hands. (Social Climbers, Gold Diggers, Wannabes, etc….)

Lynn Sweet on

Seriously. She donates five – eight inch heels to an area torn to shreds where people are moving around on their bare feet looking for photographs of their children among the rubble of what once was their home? Seriously? This woman has no brains whatsoever. How do expect these poor people to walk around in your junk. Sell your junk next time and send the money needed for water and food supplies. Just annoying. She wanted to get rid of her junk and look good at the same time.

lou on

I think it is a darn shame that someone feels the need to have this many shoes. I get it, women love shoes, but this is over the top. Can’t help but think of all the struggling families out there. There is no shame is making money and being proud of your accomplishments, but this screams excessive. What should have been a great donation looks too much like greed.

anon on

well many pple cant read but judge so quickly and say foolish things but cheryl is the dumpest of them all, i doubt she has donated a penny.

Paolina Teneva on

It is nice that she is trying to help, cause a lot of people who can help don’t do it, but just getting rid of a pile of shoes doesn’t sound like she is trying very hard. She can always donate real money, if she really cares.

lines on

Thank you!

illy2007 on

For a millionth time: She is NOT donating the shoes people! She is giving them away for sale, and the money from the sale are used for water, clothes or whatever people will need!
Also she is fashion designer, so I dont think that pile is all HER shoes only. Its probably from her collection as well.
Seriously people, think and read before you judge… Also changing the headline would help a LOT!!!

maybellineny queen on

Reblogged this on Maybelline Queen.

cvf on

its cracks how this article has now become about the idiots thats comments about the situation without reading the article, this is as simple as ABC, good Lord! Victoria is not dumb you guys

k on

Or you could just give them a check. Dumbass.

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