Sheer Tights Are In This Winter. Let Kate and Kim Demonstrate Two Ways to Wear Them

11/20/2013 at 02:36 PM ET

Kim Kardashian Sheer topZuma; Splash News Online

The reign of opaque tights is over! This year, many stars are returning to that classic staple, sheer hose. But before you conjure up images of Melanie Griffith in Working Girl — sneakers, power suit, perm and all — sheer tights have gotten a very modern makeover. Two stars sported sheer stockings yesterday, so we’re using their photos to demonstrate two very different ways to wear them.

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First up is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the undisputed queen of sheer tights, whom many credit for their resurgence in popularity thanks to her ever-present Wolford pair. In cooler temperatures, she has a preferred look: Classic coat or coatdress, worn with coordinating sheer hose and matching shoes. Case in point: This all-navy ensemble, consisting of a Max Mara jacket, pleated skirt, hose and pumps. It would look as appropriate at work as it would at a holiday dinner party.

On the less conservative end of the spectrum, Kim Kardashian uses her sheer hose as just another barely-there element in her body-baring ensemble, creating a striped effect from her plunging bodice to her slice of revealed abs to her calves. In her own way, she’s doing her part to shake off the stodgy, conservative vibe sheer stockings have had for a while now — if you previously recoiled at the thought of wearing businesslike black hose to the club, this may make you rethink that.

Are you into the return of sheer hose? How do you like to wear yours?

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 108 comments

Florita on

You guys really need to stop comparing Catherine with Kim or vice Versa. Catherine is elegant and classy and there are no words for some of the outfits kim puts together. Please stop with the comparisons! I can’t imagine what the Royal Family think.

Kat on

There is no reason to ever compare these two women – ever. Really.

Lyn on

Please do not compare Duchess Catherine with Kim. The Duchess is classy and elegant and Kim is NOT.

littlebeemama on

Please stop doing articles on Kim Kardashian. I find her completely repulsive. And it makes me want to stop reading and switch to another site which doesn’t feature her as much. As a rule, I never buy any magazine which she is on the cover.

gfg on

Oh gross. Comparing these two in the same article, NO.

Harper on

Amen to that, Florita!

Tigs on

Please dont compare Kim to Kate, its an insult to Kate and it just makes me sick.

TN girl on

Comparing Kate with Kim? Total insult to Kate!!!

Suzanne on

Shame on People mag for putting these two on the same page never-the-less, comparing them!!!!! One has more class in her pinky toe than the other one will ever have in her lifetime. One’s a Duchess and the other one is sk*nk. Don’t do it again

Ab on

Simple..Kate has class and Kim is Kanye’s prostitute. He is a control freak and she is his submissive fiancé . Neither one has class and most people see an outfit like that and think.. “Loser”.

amyinoaktown on

There is no comparison to these 2 women, so stop trying to compare apples to eggplant.

lunaticlarry on

Kate’s right knee has an angry man on it!

Me on

Why the constant need to compare these two women? The have ZERO in commen…no even friends/social groups! It’s like comparing me and Jennifer Lawrence!

I do LOVE Kate…but look at her knees in the picture above. Her right knee looks like an angry face…and her left knee looks like an angry face with a big forehead! LOL! Even with faces in her knees…she’s still 100X more beautiful than Kim!

Jenn on

I didn’t realize they were ever out…

Carol on

Class and trash…? No comparison. Like others here, I refuse to spend my time or money on anything associated with the Kardashians.

Star on

Its sick to me to see ANYONE compare anything that Kim wears to what Kate wears. Now what needs to be done is maybe compare what being a good mother is like and what dressing like a good mother looks like (Kate) to what a not so good mother looks like and how a mother dresses that has no clue how to be a respectful person much less a respectful mother. I feel so so badly for the little girl they have created. She doesn’t have a fighting chance to grow up into a normal woman that actually covers her body parts.

Shar on

OMG Kim Kardashian a fashion trendsetter. No thanks, I’m not exposing my boobs. What an insult to compare Kate to Kimye. Makes me want to throw up in my mouth.

CrisDenn on

Kim needs to put it away.

grama on

Please stop any and every thing K. Enough already

Sarah on

The difference between Catherine & Kim is that Catherine is CLASS & Kim is CRASS!!!!

CrazyCC on

Sheer stockings look old and outdated to me. Black (or colored) tights or nothing.

CAK on

There is class and then there is class. Kim ain’t got it.

rthgrl on

You might as well be comparing the mayor of Toronto to the Pope.

Mamagirl31 on

What’s up with Kim always making some crazy zoolander face!? It’s abnormal..

Just Sayin on

How can you even compare these two…one is Royalty and one is trash!

Dennise on

I agree with Florita and Bee. I find Kim K. absolutely repulsive. She’s a porno star that came to fame based on her sexual and provocative self. There isn’t anything classy about that woman, so please, please stop featuring her and especially comparing her to a woman such as the Duchess of Cambridge. It’s time for all people to wake up from the Ambien sleep America is in for obsessing over such a piece of trash, and teach our daughters to follow women of class that do something positive to try and change the world. I refuse to buy ANY magazine, or buy a product endorsed by the Kardashian clan.

Tracy on

There is no comparing the Duchess of Cambridge’s style to Kim K’s style. They have two unique styles.

Yvonne on

That’s like comparing a pig’s ear to a silk purse! What in the heck is Kim wearing??? Does she always have to have her chest exposed in order to feel good about herself?

Jay on

The picture of the two above should be entitled “The Lady and The Tramp.”

Lullleepop on

I”m insulted for Kate to be lumped in the same sentence as Kim!

Lisa on

Please stop comparing these two. It’s seriously like comparing the Four Seasons to a truck stop.

NEL on

Please stop putting Duchess Cate anywhere near Kim K. ever again, not even close!

sam on

very nice a lady with class and a PIG

Misty McGregor on

Did anyone notice the man’s face on Kate’s knee? That is so weird!! OH…and pls stop comparing Kate and Kim…….total opposites in looks..from class to crass.

jBl on

PEOPLE – get over your obsession with comparing Kate and Kim. There is no comparison!!! Kate is beautiful and classy while Kim is just a train wreck who looks like she belongs on
Sunset Boulevard trying to entice Johns! STOP!!

jBl on

PEOPLE – get over your obsession with comparing Kate and Kim. There is NO comparison. Kate is beautiful and classy while Kim is a train wreck who looks like she belongs on Sunset Boulevard hooking for a living. STOP!!

Dee on

I agree with everyone else here. DO NOT COMPARE KATE WITH KIM! There is no comparison. Kim needs to rethink her wardrobe and cover up a little more. Her booty is tooooo big!

dthieman on

I am so sick and tired of the constant comparison, even down to the babies now. This is oranges vs apples and The K’s aren’t even close to being in the same league. There are so many newsworthy people to write about, yet all we see are The K’s. This is an insult to the monarchy who takes pride in maintaining values.

nic on

Don’t anybody dare to compare duchess Kate with…fat butt nobody.There are no terms

Debra on

Comparing these two is like comparing Vogue with Rollingstone magazines. Two totally different class of people. Enough all ready!!

Sandy on

Sleazy Kim, when will she fade away, along with her low life mother. Kate is classy, the skirt is a tad too short tho, would look better just a wee bit longer.

Christine on

We realize you have breast skin. You are a Mom now maybe time to tone down the tramp look a bit for your daughter’s sake. I dont think she realizes that she can be sexy and classy at the same time.. Dont have to dress like a hooker to get attention…

MLR on

PLEASE …. This is like comparing a beautiful, graceful doe to a raggedy skunk!!! In other words, there’s NO comparison. Besides, Duchess Catherine should not be compared with anyone because she is in a class by herself.

Priscilla on

I’m just commenting on the hose. I have always liked colored sheer hosiery to pull outfits together. I’m 68 years old and had a career that spanned 40+ years. It is so classy, and for Gosh Sake’s please tell some of those women do not wear black hose, tights, or anything with a white ensembhle-ugh!

Priscilla on

p.s. Kim should wear those hose over her face–so tired of that pout

lulu on

I am not a fan of Kim’s and I am a fan of Catherine HOWEVER, I am so tired of all of these articles & polls & who wore it better articles, pitting women against each other. It’s so silly & sexist. They never do it to men. Regardless of WHO the women are that they do this to, it is in poor taste & reduces women to superficial competition. One doesn’t have to be a fan of Kim’s to feel that this is in poor taste. There is no need to constantly do this to women.

Samantha on

I was going to say the same thing that most of the people said in the comments. Catherine is very classy in every thing she does and wears. Kim? Total opposite. Please STOP comparing them. Its like comparing ice cream and broccoli.


Lady (Kate) and The Tramp (Kim).

Cathy A on

I agree with the others, it is totally appalling to compare these two women. Catherine is the epitome of a lady while Kim is offensive in every sense of the word.

Stacy on

Back to the original question. I have never stopped wearing hose and neither should have a lot of celebrities. Some of them have the ugliest legs and the bright lights from photogs just eluminate every bruise, vein and saggy knee skin.

Kim on

Kate = Class and Kim=Classless

ann on

No way. I cannot stand those things. Would rather wear pants.

Cat on

Please stop comparing these to together Catherine is an amazing role model on both beauty ,style and grace while Kim is really not. It is like comparing a Queen to a Stripper…

ash on

Kate’s right knee is not too impressed with being compared to Kim. I have to agree…these two have nothing in common other than they are both mothers and have dark hair. And, constantly comparing their styles is, quite frankly, laughable.

CatW on

PLEASE STOP ! There are better beautiful talented classy Americans that we could use to compare against Catherine .It makes us look like hillbilly cousin at a county club reunion.

Julie on

“OMG, I love Kim’s outfit! I am going to buy something just like it right now!”


liz on

do NOT compare class with trash.

tcvajv on

Please People, stop comparing Kate and that trash Kim. There is no comparison and it’s an insult to the lovely Kate.

DJ on

That woman (KK) is repulsive. Can she please put her body away – YOU ARE A MOTHER NOW!!!

doreen on

how can you even mention a princess and a ho in he same sentence?

mrthrower on

I haven’t read all of the posts but I have to agree with what I have read. How can you even compare Catherine, Dutchess of Cambridge to kim kardashian? Seriously?

Icon on

Why do trashy publications like People magazine insist on dragging Kim out of the sewage filled gutter that is her existence to the white glowing pedestal where Kate stands?

Sherron on

This is like comparing Filet Mignon to hamburger!

Cynthia on

Kate and Kim equals Time Magazine and People.

Sammi on

You just HAVE to mention Kim somehow, don’t you? Why don’t you understand that no one likes her…trashy.

emsestuary on

Class vs. NOT!
The end!

Irena on

This is sooo outrageous. Pls stop comparing the 2. They are like water and oil: will never mix. Unless of course you do it on purpose to shame kim. She’s def at no advantage.

cy on

Comparing apples and oranges, really. A regal woman with a trashy girl.

Jane on

Don’t compare Duchess Catherine with Kim. Catherine is a lady , in every way. Kim is sleasy and dresses like a ho.

Andrea on

Kim is not happy unless she is showing her breasts – and if it’s not her breasts, then it’s her ass. She is a tramp and Kate is a Dućhess, please don’t compare them.

bettyann on

how could compare TREASURE with TRASH in the same sentence.k.k. IS A TOTAL TRAMP..

Katie on

I love how much Kanye talks about the love and respect he had for his beloved mom. It is very sweet. That being said, would she approve of his almighty attitude or how revealing his girlfriend and mother of her grandchild is? Who knows.

Lil on

I don’t know why people are complaining about comparing these two, Kim makes Catherine look even more fantastic!!!

squirrell34 on

Wow. They are both women. They both have 1 child. They both wear pantyhose. One will most likely eventually be queen. The other is the world’s biggest drama queen. After that, the similarities stop — and the world can now move on.

Jana on

Kate is classy, Kim is trashy. No comparison.

beeswax on

I just may have to stop buying People magazine. PLEASE do not compare royalty to trash!!! Kim K is so trashy. She is absolutely disgusting. Do I really have to bring this up. Kim K has an illegitimate child. While she is married to someone else, she gets pregnant. Kate, is Royal, dates Prince William, gets engaged, marries Prince William and then gets pregnant and gives birth to her baby. PLEASE!!! Read what your readers are saying. There is NO comparison. Kim K is trash!!!! Kate is Royal!!!!

anon24 on

now this would be glamour do and don’t

eliz on

I do think Kim Kardashian needs to tone her life down and hibernate for a cool decade…. but Kate is not the fracking pope. They both bore me, just on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Tania on

The Princess and the Ho…

Sam on

Kate’s knee looks like a monster face !

oldfan on

The Duchess is not a celebrity. PLEASE stop comparing her with Kim Kardashian. It is an insult to the Royal Family!

Emily on

I have not read the comments section, so forgive me if someone has already pointed this out. But, does anyone else see the face of a man in Kate’s right knee? fahreaky. LOL

Reader on

Is this a joke? Kate personifies natural grace and elegance and Kim appears to be a desperate, chunky fashion victim.

ohmy on

No reason to ever compare these women…..give me a break.They are both vacuous airhead celebrities, famous for nothing other than being famous. We have seen both of them naked and they are both attached to a celebrity family run by a ruthless momager. At least Kim K has good boobs and does not act dumb as a post at important,sombre events by twirling her curls and smiling like an imbecile!

Elena on

KM is wearing skirts and dresses that are too short. Above the knee would be the right lenght

Benita on

Wow – both of these outfits are awful. And check out Kate’s knees – they look like faces! Scary!!

pingpong on

never liked black sheer tights/hose. Reminds me of the 80s and not in a good way!

Elisabetta on

The title of the article should be “Sheer Tights Are In This Winter. Let Kate Demonstrate How To Wear Them!”

Seriously People. There in no comparison.

It looks like Kim is wearing the sheer tights on her chest :(

guest on

Left=class, right =no class.

mara on

clearly Kate is pure class……and Kim pure trash!!!!!! and i agree stop the comparisons Kate is in a class by herself!!! perfection.

OMG! on

HUGE insult to Kate!

Jenna on

Kate is every bit as trashy as Kim. Sorry, People. The truth hurts.

Guest on

How can you compare class with trash?

Sarah on

Nothing classy about Kate. Absolutely nothing.

Guest on

Classy vs trashy. No comparison.

Qdpie109 on

Shame on you people for even putting them in the same article. One is a class and one is trash

Shawnalee on

They arent being “compared” per se… People was just showing the tights trend from both ends of the spectrum. Kate and how to wear them… Kim and how to tramp them up!

Wendy on

Please stop having Kate share any article with Kim. It’s an insult and embarrassing that People Mag would do so.

Deborah on

Please stop propogating the Kardashian delusion that Kim is on par with Catherine. Does anyone other than that trashy family believe they are anything like one another? It’s insulting and absurd.

Princess07 on

I definately think more women should go back to wearing them. Some women just does not look good with bear legs (wrinkles, bumpy, veiney, etc.). I love Kate’s look and did Kim’s right boob pop out of her bra?

Kim 0323 on

Demonstrate two ways to wear them??
Hears what we have learned ladies……
1. As a classy lady
2. As a overexposed, porn star

lucy on

There is NO comparison – why do you even put the two in the same category. You have the Princess and then the commoner whose 15 minutes of fame should have expired a year ago!!

b on

Class VS Klass.

Kim can't compete on

This is like comparing filet mignon & chopped liver.

jessesgirl on

Eh maybe they have more in common than you think. Two people from wealthy families who are famous without any particular talent. Love Kate, but just sayin…

Betty on

Lady and the Tramp?

msliftbig on

Please stop trying to make Kim K into a fashion do. Her whole life including her wardrobe is NOTHING to admire. Let it go People.

msliftbig on

Please stop trying to make Kim K into a fashion do. Nothing in her life or wardrobe is admirable. Stop it People!

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