Kate's Next Best Tresses: London Hair Pros Weigh In

11/12/2013 at 01:17 PM ET

Kate Middleton HairLondon News Pictures/Rex USA

When Duchess Catherine changes up her hair even the slightest bit, we have to investigate. After sporting side-parted waves for years, she recently switched to a center part (left), which had folks buzzing. So we reached out to London stylists to weigh in on the latest look — and what should come next.

“It looks like her hair has become a lot more informal, more relaxed with the middle parting,” Lee Radley, creative style director at Nicky Clarke, tells PEOPLE of the long center-parted style she debuted earlier this week. “There’s almost a boho, hippie chic look going on.”

But Radley doesn’t foresee her pulling a Jennifer Lawrence and making a major chop anytime soon. “I don’t think she would ever cut her hair short. I think William likes her hair long,” he shares. “It’s her crowning glory. So many people say to me ‘Wow, she’s got great hair.’ I just think she is a long-haired kind of girl.”

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Should Radley ever get his hands on the planet’s most coveted head of hair, he already has a plan of attack: “I think she would look great with some more layers to make the most of the waves she has got in her hair, and to make it a little more sultry whilst still bring refined enough for a royal,” he says. “I would give her long sweeping bangs and some long layers, along the lines of Jennifer Lopez. I think that would work really well for her, with the layers. It’s a lot more versatile. It’s a softer look.”

On the other end of the spectrum, London hairdresser Andrew Barton thinks the royal mum (so to speak) should contemplate a cut. “Kate’s hair always looks fab, but if she were to opt for a shorter cut, a mid-length shape around shoulder length would be stylish and sassy and have more of a fashion edge,” Barton tells PEOPLE. “Her long locks, although healthy and shiny, can often look windblown for formal occasions.”

What’s your take on Kate’s hair? Should she go short? Do you like her latest look?

–Brittany Talarico, reporting by Monique Jessen

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Teknosbeka on

Keep it long! She has beautiful hair, it would be a shame to go butch.

Jane on

Keep it long…gorgeous hair!

carol on

I do not like the center part…..it is not becoming to her face.

Dawn on

I like it long and side parted.

Marcia on

I think the side part is better for her age and being the future queen! She still looks pretty but it’s a bit too unsophisticated for her.

Audrey on

I agree with the last guy they interviewed. While I’d hate for her her to cut it super short, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to cut a few inches off to freshen up the shape. I agree that it’s tough for her not to always look windblown in photos — and the side part is def more becoming than the middle part.

Of course, it’s her head of hair — and she should do whatever she likes with it!

Yvonne on

This photo makes it look like her hair is gray right in the parted area. I’m thinking her hair looks better parted at the side instead.

S on

I prefer the side part better

carol lange on

i think she looks older with the center part,i do not care for her hair choices of late girly curls?Time to make a change.

Tina on

Honestly, I hadn’t noticed where she parted her hair. But looking at this picture, I would go for the side part.

Poulette on

She looks like William.s Aunt Anne…..

theladybugadventures on

seriously, we’re discussing a part in somebody’s hair?

Lyn on

She has beautiful hair and should keep it long, but the center part is not flattering.


The center part adds at least 10 years to her face. She needs to go back to the side part. Cutting her hair would be nice too, a lot of women are doing that now.

Halley on

I dont think the center part is as flattering on her. Also, in this picture, it looks like she needs to get her roots done!

BootzieGurl on

Not liking the center part, I agree with others it makes her look old and it covers her face to much. And there’s something going on with the colour that’s not working either almost looks greenish. For Kate being a royal pretty much sucks, she’s always going to be under a microscope for what she wears to how her hair is, so for her she has to do little changes that are not as noticeable and go with the feedback she hears whispering behind her or as in their world what the media backlash is lol. Soon she will figure out not to worry what others think and just do what she feels and likes!!

Mom on

She might be experiencing hair loss at her temple from having Prince George…some of us lose quite a bit and the centre part hides the patchy parts! I think she’s beautiful!

lynette on

Maybe she changed her hair because it was falling out due to post partum pregnancy hormones. Giver her a break!

ilexilac on

As others have noted, if she’s nursing Prince George, she may be losing some hair at the temples, so a middle part would be a good way to hide that. Several new moms I know got bangs to hide the hair loss.

KRN on

IT’s so refreshing every time I read about Kate, even if it’s something so simple as her changing hair styles. She’s so classy!

Sarah_TO on

I don’t like the middle part in general.
I agree with cutting it, some. Not super short.
It’s boring. She has it styled pretty much the same way all the time.

JM on

I like her hair longer – but I agree with the stylist in this column. She should add some long layers – it would make it more current. I don’t care for the ringlets she has at times. I think she is in a bit of a style rut. I really like it when she pulls it into a ponytail – but she rarely does that.

Amanda on

I think she is a new mom that is extremely busy and, like a lot of us other moms, considers it an accomplishment if we can get out of the house with our hair brushed or combed. Hardly news worthy. She is stunning either way.

Guest on

She is beautiful, but looks so old for her age.

Jennifer A. on

How someone parts their hair makes news??? I just clicked on the article to say that. Seriously this is silly even for a style section.

ann kramer on

she needs to go back to long layers , soft around her face. Darker in color, don’t like the highlights. She can do lots of different low lights for depth. Her engagement pictures in the blue dress, her hair looks wonderful then. It has gotten a little too long for her age. Side part for sure. Corkscrew curls horrible not for her or her position. Whoever is guiding her in that direction is so wrong. If she is getting a lot of grey she will just have to touch up more often. Her look had been way off lately. She is so gorgeous, hope we don’t see anymore of a “new look”


Oooookay….Time to clip the mop..everyone is going short…She would look amazing in a pixie….

Connie` on

I would love to see her with a few inches cut off and a fresh new look. But that’s just me and she will do what she likes and she will look beautiful no matter what.

Guest on

When you have a baby, at about 3-4 months post partum your hair beings to fall out. For some women, this can cause bald spots. For me personally, I had to change from a right sided part to a left because I had a lot of hair fall out on the right side and needed to cover it up.
My guess would be she switched her part to cover up some hair loss. The hair does slowly grow back though so I’m sure her old hair style will come back in a few months.

SoNotHollywood on

IMO another British Kate, Kate Beckinsale, has the best head of hair. Just my personal preference.

GL on

I prefer a side part on her.

Angie on

I think the middle part makes her look really old. She’s thirty, but she looks like she’s in her early to mid 40s. And she usually looks a couple years younger. The side part is everyone’s friend.

Angie on

I think the middle part ages her. She’s in her early 30s, but in the picture, she looks like she’s in her mid 40s. And usually, she looks a couple years younger than her actual age. The side part is every girl’s best friend. Also, she shouldn’t cut her hair short. She doesn’t have the face for it.

Emmy on


Unknown on


Who cares is Kate wear her hair parted in the middle and who cares if she’s got some gray hairs MOST PEOPLE DO!


Amie on

It is her hair, leave her be!

Ruby on

Nauseating to say the least. Its the least attractive hairstyle I’ve seen her in so far. Her hair is way too long and it looks heavy. A side part or bangs would do so much more for her face.

Debbie on

Love her hair. It’s her eye makeup that needs some work.

ELC on

Oh my goodness what did she do to herself. I definitely do not like this new look. I agree with Radley that either she has a side part or bangs. The middle part thingy doesn’t make her look anything too attractive. This is he worse look yet.

Stephanie on

The side part suits her much better. I suspect that as she ages, it will be further and further to the side as the greys sneak in. A middle part is so harsh and the greys will only increase. This little experiment with the middle will probably end soon. :)

Kay Yarnell on

I like it parted on the side. It’s more flattering to her.

Tess on

Love her but not the middle part…side part much more flattering on her.

Erin on

Tired, but still beautiful, new mom.

JML on

It looks like she needs to see her colorist first, she is beginning to grey. As she gets older it should get shorter, however it is fine for now, The center part is RARELY a good idea

ImALadyToo on

As lovely as she is, center parts look good on very, very few people. She has beautiful hair – she should keep it on the long side.

junebug on

The center part is not good on her….stay with what works.

tangerineextreme on

I would love to see a fun, sophisticated ponytail or some braids – something other than just DOWN all the time.

and the middle part is horrid –

IMO on

@Yvonne .. her hair is grey. She’s been sporting some grey hair for awhile, since before she was pregnant. But she was coloring it. I think she went light for her pregnancy so the grey wouldn’t stand out much. She’s always looked good with a dark chocolate hair color. Maybe now that it is heading into fall, she’ll go darker.

There was a picture a year or so ago of her out and about with Lupo. Her long hair was either in the back or tucked into her coat and her shorter hair was towards the front, making it look like she had gotten a cut (http://kalindacripwell.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/kate-and-lupo.jpg) I thought that hair would look great on her. She has naturally curly hair, as evident by her before pics plus the pics when she went on the South East tour and the humidity just warped her hair. She could go shorter and still maintain the curls that would give her hair some body and volume, especially when she would get it back combed, blown out and curled.

But I doubt she’ll ever cut her hair. Like many have said, they believe she keeps it long because William likes it long.

I’d be more inclined to want to see her put her hair up more, she has enough hair and volume to pull off some really beautiful updos. While she looks good with the long hair, there are times it drags her face down, especially now that she’s lost too much weight again and her face is looking older/longer.

IMO on

@SoNotHollywood .. I’ll never understand people’s love with Kate Beckinsale’s hair. Yes, she has fun with it when she puts it into a bun or in an updo and she looks good after a cut, but then her ends start looking fried and straw-like. I don’t know if she starts putting in extensions or if her ends just look bad for constantly putting it up and pinning it. But they stay bad and everyone starts fawning over it. Not my cup of tea.

BBB on

Stylists always want to cut it short. They have an inherent bias and it’s understandable because it keeps them in business. Still, if you are unsure what to do with your hair ask friends, look at websites, just don’t ask a stylist otherwise you’re guaranteed advice to cut it.

tink on

No ‘London based’ hairdresser says such stupid words as ‘bangs.’

Suz on

I think she should do what she is comfortable with, not what everyone else thinks she should do.

Annie Mouse on

She would look awful sporting a pixie! How can anyone think this would be a flattering look for her?! Only women with the most delicate of features can pull off that look. At the most, Kate ought to cut off several inches, bringing the length up to her shoulders, and ditch the dated-looking ringlets.

great on

I think that the side part helps hide the grey better… you can tell by the texture sometimes that she is going grey fast, and you can see a few in this picture. She is beautiful, and the side part definitely works better

sdw818 on

I think I’m the only one who hates her long hair. That style – long, with curls at the ends, is too juvenile. I just want to mess it up and make it look natural.

Juju on

I think she is covering up hair loss from having her baby. Hormonal changes after birth cause hair loss, I had to part my hair in the center a few months after having my son because of it.

Olive on

I don’t like her hair in the middle, it makes her look old and more harsh. Also I can see her grayish looking roots coming through more noticeably with her new hairstyle. But if she likes it than good for her, she has great style!

Ally on

Some people get some greys younger than others and it appears she has a few. Maybe the new part is an attempt to hide it until she has time for a stylist. Either way, she’s beautiful, and I really hope she doesn’t go for a major chop.

Carrie on

She looks like Nikki Reed in this photo. I’m not a fan of the center part!

tessa on

The side part is way more attractive on her. She does have beautiful hair & a really pretty face, but I think the middle part ages her.

ES on

More trendy in the middle. Easy way to switch things up! I doubt she has much say over her hair over all.

Be happy on

I like her hair parted to the side but who am I to judge. She’s pretty no matter what. I also admire her grey roots. We are all human at the end of the day. :)

Ivixen on

Love her, but this makes her look old. This picture even makes her look like she’s going gray. Not a good look for a usually drop-dead gorgeous woman.

Lola on

I don’t like her hair parted in the middle. She does have beautiful hair and I like the other stylist suggestion of layering it. She can wear it just about any way and still look beautiful.

Moi on

I dont like that style. It makes her look tire and older.

Leanne on

Personally, as a mother myself (and many others who comment) it is obvious she actually takes care of her son (at least part of the time). She looks tired and yeah, ok her roots needed touching up. But, it’s her hair, she should do what she wants with it and if it was me, I’d be wearing a ponytail and have baby sit up all over me, so Duchess or not, help or not…it’s still her hair and her choice!

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