Kate Hudson: 'I Can't Afford to Buy' the Dresses I Wear on Red Carpets!

11/12/2013 at 12:19 PM ET

Kate Hudson Harper's BazaarCourtesy Harper’s Bazaar

Kate Hudson may be known for her red carpet glamour (some major moments can be seen here, here and here — and they also happen to be her favorites from the last year) but she wants to set the record straight on one thing: Those gowns go back the minute she takes them off.

“People think we own all these dresses,” she says in the December/January issue of Harper’s Bazaar, “but we borrow them! I can’t afford to buy that stuff. There are certain things I splurge on, but it’s very rare, especially when you have two kids and school tuition. I’m not a big high-end fashion shopper. I wish I could, but the truth is things are just so expensive.”

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She credits some of that frugal attitude to being raised right by Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, and she always keeps it in mind when she’s thinking about her own fashion partnerships, with Ann Taylor and Fabletics (so far). “I really think that if I’m going to put my effort into something, I want to reach a larger amount of women, where they can afford the things I’m selling,” she says. “Especially with the economy. It doesn’t make sense to me anymore.”

To learn about her red carpet style crushes (they’re pretty similar to ours), her take on increasingly naked pop stars and the way she stays in shape even she’s not in the mood, check out the story on HarpersBazaar.com or in the new issue, on stands Nov. 26.

Are you surprised that she saves on clothes? Have you checked out her collections?

–Alex Apatoff

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Malique on

Wow, she’ so FOS. Her net worth is $38 million. She wants to sound “relatable” to us peasants. She could afford the dresses, but doesn’t have to buy them – there’s a major difference. Once you’ve worn a dress who wants to wear it again? Famous or not.

Karolina on

I don’t believe her comment for a second. She definitely can afford to buy any of those dresses, but chooses not too because she has the ability to borrow them. Any designer will likely let her borrow anything at any time because they get free publicity if she wears it. Her comment kind of annoyed me to be honest.

lilly on

oh BULL!!!!!

Kiki on

I think i was supposed to admire her after reading that article but I’m pretty turned off. Don’t sit there and say for one minute that you cant afford those clothes. While she’s trying to sound like she’s just another average woman, she’s not like us and her sturggle is no where near to that of a parent trying to raise their kid.

bkable on

I may have believed this out of a lower-end celebrity but definitely NOT Kate Hudson… not only is she loaded but so is her husband and her entire extended family.

Apples The Mule on

Aaaaaaand remove foot from mouth NOW!

angie on

I can’t afford the clothes she throws away!

smailepsu on

Just because her net worth is $38 million doesn’t mean she has that laying around at her disposal, she’s not Oprah. Those dresses are ridiculously expensive and honestly why would you buy a dress you are going to wear once. Its not like she will wear it to the Oscars then to the Golden Globes again the next year. I will buy a nice dress and wear it to multiple Christmas parties/formal events over the course of several years. She can’t really do the same thing since her red carpet photos are splashed out for the world to see. Celebrities can’t win. If they endorse a line that is affordable to regular women they want to look relatable to us peasants. If they endorse a high end line they are pretentious and unrelatable.

Amaryllis on

Of course she can afford to buy those dresses. The fact is that designers lend gowns to all actresses for awards shows regardless of their net worth. It’s not worth owning those dresses, especially since you can only be seen in them once. I can appreciate that she doesn’t want to waste her money on clothes and spend it on her children and probably investments, but if she did spend $100K on gowns per year it would be a drop in the bucket and a tax deduction!

S on

Oops. I think she was trying to be relatable, but lost the mark. The very fact that she thinks its a step down to borrow those dresses shows the discrepancy in her life style compared to most, what I wouldn’t give to have just one of those dresses for twenty four hours!

whatabigbaby on

oh boo hoo hoo.

Lix on

How much do you think she pays her stylist, Rachel Zoe? I’m sure she’s not cheap!

Maggie on

Cash flow problems of the 1%. Le sigh.

mrsmass on

aren’t most of those gowns worn on the red carpet borrowed? i thought that was common knowledge.

Ridiculous on

This comment doesn’t make you more likable, Kate…it merely makes you a liar.

Librababe on

Lol, ok, glad to know I’m not the only person not buying this. We know how PR works and, these days, it’s getting harder and harder to believe what any person in the public eye says.

Jillie on

Wow you people sure do know alot about someone you have never met!

carol lange on

Kate yes you are relatable to the regular women…..NOT .Go marry your babys’ daddy and be the real you.

Apples The Mule on

Poor Kate, she can’t afford to buy every $10,000 dress she wears to a premiere. #richpeopleproblems

emma on

Oh, cry me a river. You and every other celebrity out there can definitely afford all those designer gowns etc.

Don’t make me laugh, honestly.

Sherae on

WOW you guys are really angry and hostile today. So, a celeb who spends ridiculous money on clothes is a jerk to you but one who says that stuff is too expensive for me to want to buy is a jerk TOO? There’s no pleasing some people, I guess. At least the not chronically bitter ones. Leave Kate alone.

Nannyto1 on

Maybe she can afford them and maybe she just chooses not to buy them. Does it really matter? Bottom line – she says that she has other places to spend her money and her kids are on the top of the list. Good for her :-)

Nannyto1 on

And in answer to mrsmass… yes most, if not all, of the gowns on the Red Carpet are borrowed. It’s a big competition for the designers to have the stars wear their gowns. Just like all of the bling they wear is borrowed too.

Sandsman101 on

Having money, and spending money are not synonymous for everyone, hence the distinction between old money and nouveau riche. Her sensibility may be telling her they are too expensive, not her bank account…

Angie on

I think many of you fail to realize that their net worth includes their assets, not just what is in their bank. While she may be worth 38 million, a LOT of that is tied up in investments, like her homes, vehicles, boats, etc..and I completely agree with what some of you have said about celebrities never being able to win. No matter what they do they’re criticized and much of that criticism comes from the same people that would criticize even if they did or said the exact thing that you’re telling them to. Also, as “Sandsman” said, “her sensibility may be telling her it’s too expensive, not her bank account.”.

Annie on

BOO HOO. She can afford a nose and boob job. What a spoiled brat.

Annie on

what a phony full-of-herself brat. go get some more plastic surgery and stop talking.

me on

Why do any of you think you know the state of her financials? You make up what you think you know about her based on tabloids, etc. You don’t know what her bills are (mortgages, children’s schooling, agent fees, etc).

d on

I think she more meant she didn’t want to put that amount of money into a dress. Even if wealthy it wouldn’t be wise to buy those types of dresses at a whim but maybe more a one off.

brandy on

there is a difference between affording them and having common sense about buying them… stop giving her a hard time because she is saying that she does NOT want to afford these items. If she had said that she has entire closet with dresses that cost thousands of dollars you all would be bashing her because of it.. she is saying that she does not WANT to but a $10,000 dress that she wears 1 time.. lets be nicer…

Annie on

Comments on here are saying we are peasants and pions, if that is how you see yourself, then you have a problem. We are normal, these people are only rich because WE go to see their movies. If we did not, they would be NO ONES.

Mommie Dearest on

Some people can’t afford to buy clothes. Period.

Debbie Vavrek on

Gee, what happened to showing commonsense in buying clothing even tho’ you might be able to pay more? She seems to be showing some ethics in not spending excessive amounts of money for things that will sit in her closet more than be worn. To be so critical of someone’s desire to be practical rather than go “Kardasian” in this “over the top” industry to me, should be supported. Remind me of why the Kardasians are famous? They made their money how? Acting, singing, oh yeah spending too much money on themselves!!!! Kudos to Kate for being a better example to young people! Just because you have “earned lots of money”, doesn’t mean you have to spend it foolishly!

bfd on

Why would you buy when you can borrow? While I doubt Kate is shopping Target and Old Navy I’m sure her closet is full of things most women would consider an extravagance.

Pamela on

Oh poor baby! Her comment are NOT credible….

Lyn on

It is sad that she made herself look “terrible” by saying that she cannot afford to buy the dresses she wears on the red carpet, when we ALL know that she can afford them.

Tina on

Really? Can’t afford them? Now that’s just insulting our intelligence.

jaime on

Just b/c a celeb is “worth” so much, doesn’t mean they have that much money in the bank. She prob. can “afford” the dresses she wears, but chooses not to buy them b/c what’s the point in buying something you’ll only wear once. Spending that much money on unnecessary frivolous things will eventually lead to bankruptcy. She’s seems down to earth and very smart.

Latinagirl@yahoo.com on

Agree with smailepsu! I have always liked Kate. She seems so down to earth and funny!

JB on

Wow…the comments here are rough. I think it’s commendable Kate chooses to spend her money elsewhere. She may have a high net worth, but it’s not “cash” to spend. Good for her for being down to earth and spending her money elsewhere besides on fancy clothes she will only wear once. Plus I’m sure she’s looking out for her family and kids for the future. Count me as one who likes her.

LuvLeeRita on

I can’t afford the magazine’s she graces. She’s so full of herself and BS. More reasons not to like this hag. Let’s talk about what the average person can’t afford anymore like basic necessities, food, clothes, shelter, medical insurance…

junebug on

Just because she is worth millions doesn’t mean she spends thousands on a dress that she will wear once. Most the designers dress these women for the red carpets so that the dress is seen and bought by others. I love how you all say you don’t believe her…..how do you know if she is lying…and I am sure if she was to say yes I have millions and have millions of dollars worth of clothes I wear once you would all still have negative things to say….! She has kids and I am sure private school isn’t cheap !

LuvLeeRita on

Junebug, give us a freakin’ break, REALLY? Reality check please!!!

junebug on

Also to everyone whinning that they can’t even afford the magazines she is on….her is a suggestion…stop with the pity party go back to school and get a better job and stop blaming others for your problems!

Fashion Lady on

But she’s spotted all the time in Jimmy Choo. . .

theyknow on

We really cant sit here and say that she can afford something just b/c she makes millions. We dont know what her money is tied up in or what expenses she has. Alot of people who are rich act like they are not and that is how they stay rich. If she says she cant afford them, then she cant afford them!!

Tracy on

She picked the wrong words. She can afford to buy them (obviously) but she chooses not to. We have all said the wrong words before. Don’t give her a hard time because she is smart with her money.

LierLier on

If she can afford to buy a $5 mill home, she can afford a red carpet dress

MKM on

She wasn’t raised with a silver spoon. Did you ever see her or Oliver in the spotlight before they were adults? Did you know their names before they worked to earn the name for themselves? Sure their family name opened the doors, but they’re hard working actors– and funny! She’s trying to keep her life grounded. The Lindsay Lohans, Miley Cyruses and Amanda Byneses of the industry could take notes from her attitude.

Kudos to her and Matt and Chris for spending money on TUITION for a quality EDUCATION for her boys.

Kristen on

‘I prefer not to Buy’ the Dresses I Wear on Red Carpets!
That’s what she should have said & perhaps she would have avoided all of this negative backlash.

postathread on

ugh, these celebrities that say the “PC” thing, because they want to sound like they can “relate” to the average American…please don’t insult the average American with your patronizing. raised in a celebrity household with all the perks that go along with it, hardly believe this nonsense.

Tee on

Tisk tisk Kate, trying to come off as though you’re in the same category as everyday women. Everyday women firstly, don’t attend red carpet, media stacked events. Everyday women come no where near the salary you make for a movie, a percentage of ticket sales (or anything else tied in to making additional money from a movie). I’m pretty certain whether your movie(s) are box office hits, or not, you get your multi-millon dollar salary! Everyday women don’t own numerous homes (in more than one state, and country), nor do we fly first class or as you do, by private plane, many times a year. We don’t do magazine shoots for covers. We don’t vacation in exotic, with skyrocket costs causing no worries. We don’t get handed all kinds of free products just because we’re who we are. I could go on but I think I’ve made my point.

Stephanie on

1) We know they don’t own those dresses. They get everything free at awards shows.
2) We also know that she can buy whatever she wants.
3) She had plenty to spend on her boobs and belly. (We’ve seen the before and after pics.)
4) We aren’t stupid.
5) She’s not in touch with reality. Obviously.

Zarah on

Oh, what a load of BS. If she chooses not to buy the dresses, it does not mean she can’t afford them. She is a wealthy, very wealthy person by any means, and there are a lot of commoners who make a fraction of her money and still pay private school tuition for their children. Those definitely can’t afford all this glitter.

Vivienne on

Gosh that pisses me off!!! Can’t afford these dresses? I’m not rich by any means, and yet i could still afford one of these dresses, and i’m only on a pension, pay rent, bills, have a child, and i’m a single parent! As long as i’d put a little bit of money away each fortnight, i could buy one. I wouldn’t though as i’d much prefer my money going on my daughters education. And here Kate hudson, whose got all these movies under her belt, and her husband has money from his music, can’t afford a dress? Urghh… It should be like, ‘i could afford this dress if i wanted too, but i choose not too due to my thrifty lifestyle.’ And FYI, what fashion designer doesn’t allow their celeb to keep the outfit after they’ve modelled it for the red carpet, premieres and such, when they’re the ones who are selling the outfit. Look at Paris Hilton, she gets to keep EVERYTHING she wears. I would think it was the same for Kate Hudson too, as well as all those other celebrities who have millions sitting within their bank.

Kay on

PPAALLEEEESSSEE!!!!! I get if she doens’t WANT to buy the dresses…. but to say she can’t afford them! What a pathetic thing to say! Just shut up and enjoy your money!

Ross on

She’s lying. Her career is non-existent because she’s in fact void of any talent. As Malique says Hudson is FOS.

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