Dakota Johnson's Anastasia Steele Transformation Is Almost Complete: She's a Brunette!

11/12/2013 at 06:27 PM ET

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Have you finally stopped fanning yourself after finding out who would be playing Christian Grey in the upcoming adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey? (If so, maybe don’t click this link to see a photo of Jamie Dornan in his underwear before you finish reading this article.) Well, now that they’ve found the perfect guy for Grey’s silk ties, the film can go full steam ahead — as evidenced by Dakota Johnson’s new do.

The actress, who will be playing naive college senior Anastasia Steele who falls for Grey’s, er, charms, went shopping with a pal at West Hollywood’s The Grove shopping center, debuting her brand-new, allover brunette do. She’s been darkening up from her naturally blonde locks (she is Melanie Griffith’s daughter, after all) for a few months now, but this is the first time she’s shown off much darker hair since the role was announced.

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Last we saw Johnson, at the LACMA gala in early November, she didn’t appear to have the blunt, choppy bangs she’s wearing in this photo — meaning that she may be immersing herself completely in this role, starting from the hair down. We think Christian Grey would be proud.

What do you think of the new look? Can you picture her as Ana now? And can we talk about how hot Jamie Dornan is now that you’ve made it through this post?

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 63 comments

Sherae on

She’s been brunette before. And she’s still ugly. This movie is going to stink.

Anastasia on

At least they covered her huge forehead..

Amy on

hmm she looks older than 24

Mickie on

Okay- I really like Dakota Johnson and think she’s a great actress (very sad when Ben and Kate was cancelled) but she is not the right choice for this role.

Kimbee on

She is only who she is because of her parents. She is not at all an attractive girl. And the guy they chose for the role is all wrong too. Disappointing. I’ll be waiting for the blu ray with this one.

Not Ana on

Changing her hair color color and hiding behind big glasses won’t work during filming. She has no charisma and her one puckered lip pose isn’t enough to play Ana. Please recast, she isn’t Ana and never will be. 90% of the fans can’t be all wrong. De luca is an idiot for not recasting!

Em on

Lmfao at the serious 50 Shades fans. Like how do you take yourselves seriously? Worst book ever written. Abusive relationship. Not romance.

Jill on

Those books suck huge donkey d***! The only lame a** people who read it are the ones that have NO sex life! It was a total waste of a read and now a movie is pointless they should just made it a porn and not a “Major motion picture” but of couse famouse nobody’s will become famous.

Annie on

At first i was not ok with her being anna, but now im pretty excited to watch the movie and to see how she brings her charactrer to life

KHD on

OK, so now she’s brunette. This movie is still going to suck through no fault of her own.

KHD on

PS – and I am still LOL that her mother was SO PROUD when she landed this role. Seriously??

lizza on

I was pumped up when it was Charlie Hunnam because HE could take me into a red room of pain any day of the week. Jamie? Not so much. I could have dealt with this girl with Charlie Hunnam in charge but her and Jamie both are going to make this a stinker. I’m sorry but she’s not Ana. Ana is supposed to be a beautiful YOUNG girl. This girl looks 35.

Guest on

The movie is going to tank @ the theaters! She’s looks pretty good as a brunette for the part.

Jeanne on

She is gorgeous just like her Dad!!

Susie on

I don’t see it. Maybe she feels she can play Ana’s role considering all the “Hot” sex. To me they needed a stronger actress. As for the guy. He’s not Christian. But if you think about it. Everybody see’s him differently. To me. Poor choice all the way around….

Guest on

She’s a natural blonde my big ole booty! Look at the dark roots. She’s just going back to her natural color. I agree with must folks that she looks too old to be Anastacia. Bummed :(

Not Ana on

KHD to me what was creepier was that her step dad was jus as excited as her mom that she got the part. Can you say icky….

whatever on

She really is not pretty. She looks way too old too. Blech!

Isis on

Like ANYONE in this planet is going to watch this moving because we actually expect it to be good or take the narrative seriously. We are just curious about the sex we read and how Hollywood will recreate XXX secuences to fit them into an R rating… specially if they include the toys. Never figured those out….

NotAna!! on

She is not even a little bit Ana!! She is a very pretty girl and I’m sure talented. Those things don’t make her Ana… Ana is a natural beauty…. emphasis on beauty, implying “beautiful” (note: Dakota pretty). Where are the full lips, thick wavy long hair, thin curvy figure, long dark lashes, and the eyes. Dakota has none of this. Dakota is not Ana. Awful choice. The make up and editing department have their work cut out for them. Blah!!!

maxxie on

This movie could have been massive hit yet it wil lbe a gigantic flop because of its cast. yuk. what were they thinking choosing these two to play Christian and Anastasia.. yuk all the way

Guest on

Nope. Not having it. They didn’t cast this role right, unfortunately.

Guest on

Nope. Not having it. They did not cast this role well, unfortunately.

Samm on

I’m truly shocked with all the petty comments on this site. I thought the human race was better than this, but instead it’s full of miserable people who can’t give over a simple casting choice. Embrace, or don’t want the movie. You don’t have to be so callous and disrespectful. She is going to be amazing.

Fiona on

Ew, I hate this choice.

Terri Fentress on

Man some of you all are cruel. She is still a human being for goodness sakes.

Rachel on

Sam and Terri… Jealous bitter women will always trash others while hiding their fat asses behind a computer screen. All of you trashing this woman post pictures of your gorgeous perfect selves … Come on let’s see perfection

acompletemystery on

I haven’t read the books. Is her character supposed to be a plain Jane?

Jennifer R on

She looks far too old to play a college senior. I predict a disastrous movie.

ana on

What are you guys saying?

akmgr on

From her roots it looks like that’s her natural hair color anyway.

Lisa on

She is too old and not pretty enough. Poor casting choice.

lovestojog on

Bad female choice for the role. Scarlett Johansson would have been perfect. Naive, yet experienced.

Staci on

I don’t understand all the ugly comments, I think she is a pretty girl. :(
Why is everyone saying that? I hope she isn’t seeing any of these posts :(

fried on

Jill…. that you took the time to respond to this message says you are one of the lame people who read these books. Get over it and move on… you read it.. you loved it…but you are ashamed…ha ha ha…shame on you…

Kieran on

I think she will do very nicely! Anyone who looks at her and finds her ugly needs to have their eyes checked, and all of the seriously, horrifically rude people responding to this young woman in such an ignorant manner simply need therapy. And they know it! She is a great young actress! I do wish Charlie would have stayed with the project! They would have made a great couple!

muffy on

neither one of them fit what Christian Grey and Anastasia look like:( so disappointed :):)

Donna on

First off how did this girl get this role? Oh yeah – I forgot her last name! Secondly, she appears to be a brunette even in the “blonde before photo.” There are precious few natural blondes over the age of 14 and she is not one of them. Look at her roots! Just sayin’…..

pau on

Books sucks, but she looks great, i will go to the cinema just for the cast and director…

Julie on

She still does NOT fit the author’s/book’s description of Ana, she’s the one they need to replace! I realize this is a bad picture of her, but she does NOT look like a 22 year old Ana. I probably won’t go see the movie, only because she’s playing Ana!

Nicole on

Nope sorry still don’t see it. Who the—is in charge of casting?! Did they even read the books? I find it hard to believe this is who they envisioned.

EV Emmons on

The hair colour doesn’t make the character. Personality and the ability to act, make the character. She has neither, and certainly wouldn’t be in anything, if not for her famous family.

Beli on

She looks to old to be Anastasia Steele and Jamie looks to young to be Christian.. I think it’s going to be a total flop! Long live the book ;)

Jill on

@ fried… yes I am a reader enjoy reading.I wanted to see what the big talk was all about. seriously like watching a car accident and not wanting to look but couldn’t turn away hoping somewhere some how these books would get better and I was wrong! like I said someone with No sex life enjoyed the company of those books I would sit back and actually laugh at it.

Suzanne on

It’s just a movie, not even one of those great movies that will stand for generations. She may not fit people’s idea of the character, but she is still a pretty girl and does not deserve the scorn that is heaped on her by petty people.

Blame the people who chose her if she does not meet your requirements, boycott the movie, but why throw shade on an actress whose only ‘crime’ is she did not meet the requirements of your fantasy.

Yvonne on

I never read these books but I’ve read all the comments about them. I think the whole point of casting a movie based on a book is to make the characters believable for the fans and to get them as close to the book characters as possible. From what I’ve read these two are a huge fail as ringers for the characters in the book. Don’t know what the director was thinking. That young man might be attractive but he doesn’t fit the character as people have said. This girl doesn’t either. Apparently all they want to do is cause this movie to fail from the word go. That’s about all that needs to be said, calling them ugly is a bit harsh when all you need to say is “They aren’t right for the parts.” Would you like it if someone came up and told you “You’re ugly.”? From the time we’re children we’re taught better manners than that. Apparently a few people have unlearnt that lesson.

iluvmychis on

Wow. When are people going to stop being so hateful and critical? “She’s still ugly.” Well I’m sure you’re no beauty queen yourself. If you all are so unhappy about this, why are you wasting your time reading articles about it? Move on.

k on

Ok, so she dyed her hair, but can she act?

(Btw, she’s a deadringer for her dad.)

bkable on

She looks like Lady Gaga…

stephanie on

Ick… Her, and that underwear model dude for Christian… ughhh why does Hollywood cast these ugly ass people for HUGE rolls when they are doing a movie version of a book?! I hate reading something, and then when the movie comes out and you have faces to forever put with these book characters, it’s like wtf yuck!

Debs626 on

She is a very pretty young woman.

sambec on

The reason the movie will suck isn’t because of the actress. No real actress with any clout would go near this role. The movie settled for who they could get.

Melissa on

Such ugly and negative comments about a pretty lady. Let’s see how you look Sherae-naaaa and decide who’s prettier.

thenitenurse on

So Dakota basically went back to her original hair color right? I mean really when she was a blonde she had brown roots.

Lauren on

She’s pretty but I just don’t think she’s right for this role. She doesn’t have a young innocent look about her.

samyie on

Im sorry, but I thought Ana was a redhead. I will see the movie when it comes out on basic cable :)

Dina on

Ana is BRUNETTE, this is dirty blonde… >(

danielle C on

This movie is going to fall flat. You cannot possibly translate this poorly written attempt at erotica onto the big screen. The multitude of repetitive and unimaginative sex scenes would have to be watered down so far to make ratings, that it would have to rely on its other plot points. Since it has none to speak of, well….BOOM! CRASH! #EpicFail….People, please endeavor to be better readers, there is much much much better smut out there, if that’s your thing….

Brenda on

“darkening up from her naturally blonde locks”??? That is laughable. Anyone with a decent sense of vision can tell that her AND her mother are dyed blondes, not natural blondes. She just grew up thinking that dying her hair blonde was what she needed to do to be beautiful . . a faulty idea held by many misled girls/women. So just because you haven’t seen her as a brunette doesn’t mean that she is not one . . naturally.

jesse on

I saw this guy in that movie with Gillian Anderson and thought he was hot then, even though he was playing a psycho. I think he’s perfect for Christian… if they’re actually going to go for the tortured-soul thing. Her? Not so much.

Courtney on

Not excited about either choice for the lead roles… hoping it doesn’t make the movie too bad…

the movie fifty shades on

Under the watchful eyes of the director, Sam Taylor-Johnson, the actors were able to bring out the confusion and the dilemma that crossed both their minds about embarking on a purely sado-masochistic relationship. While Christian Grey is no stranger to pain and S & M, the freshly graduated college student Anastasia is a virginal beauty who was about to delve into an territory.

smile on

I think she is beautiful in a very innocent way and Most people dont get why she got the part but it is because she looks innocent! And nothing is Hotter than a good girl gone bad!😉 Women just love to hate! And love to pick at other women and rate them! But women are just beautiful all shapes and sizes…..

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