Pamela Anderson Cuts Her Hair Into a Pixie

10/30/2013 at 04:27 PM ET

Pamela Anderson short hairRex USA; Splash News Online

Pamela Anderson is nearly as famous for her tumbling blonde locks as she is for, well, her other assets, but she’s taking her hair in a new direction: shorter.

The Baywatch star (and soon-to-be marathon finisher) debuted a brand-new (and very cool) pixie cut in L.A. Wednesday. She gave her shorter crop a Parisian flair with stripes, cat-eye sunglasses and light, neutral makeup.

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We’re used to seeing the star a little more on display, as she has tended to favor lower-cut tops and a flashier face in years past. But this new look is great on her — like Charlize Theron‘s chic pixie, it highlights her delicate features and seems effortlessly elegant, a phrase which we might not have ordinarily associated with the star.

And regardless of why she cut it, she’ll likely be happy to not have to mess with miles of extensions on race day this weekend. Do you like her pixie cut?

–Alex Apatoff

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Mel on

I have to say, and I never would’ve thought it, but the short cut really is lovely on her. Nice change!

Bronw on

I love it…she finally looks like a grown up and classy! But honestly, if I had her body, I just own really great shoes!

Hockeymom on

Beautiful Pammy! Classy look!

Marcia on

She looks cute!

Dee on

much classier and more appropriate for a 46-year mom!

KJM on

Very cute. When she tires of it I expect we’ll see hair extensions. Oh and Pamela, I’d suggest a heavier eyebrow, too. *S*

cristyG on

She is a beautiful woman.

Bettie on

Pam never looks bad.

Kathy on

Change is good for everyone.

Miriam on

I was positive I would hate it when I saw the headline but it is gorgeous!

krtmom on

She looks lovely! Big needed change.

Melissa on

She looks BEAUTIFUL!! Love it!

Smithy on

Love Love Love!!!!!


Real nice..she cut off them awful extensions and looks younger and fresh…long hair on women who are in their forties and beyond look haggard….

guest on

Holy cow she looks old. Not a flattering haircut. Plus she needs Botox.. And some Restylane. Everyone knows she is made of pure plastic anyways. Gross.

lisa on

Looks cute!

Halley on

she looks amazing with short hair! Who knew?

mommy2eandl on

Looks cute but never fear… she will have extentions put on next week probably.

Ellen on

Love it!

Carter on

Pam just went from Hot to Not!

Kayla on

The haircut makes her look younger..

Kay on

Reminds me of Mia Farrow……except Mia Farrow is FLAT chested and crazy

Kris on

She has a small face, very attractive woman. She can literally rock any hair cut and its nice to finally see her with a diferent style. It is very cute on her.

Debbie on

It is NOT a pixie cut. She wears hair extensions like every long haired woman in Hollywood. She just thought nobody would recognize her. Next week- magic! long hair again!

Guest on

I like her with long hair.. the cut is cute but not on her.

gen on

I like it. Makes her look more natural…

PeaJay on

Wow!! She looks gorgeous!! She has gorgeous bone structure, and it makes her look younger! I’ve never liked her over the top appearance before…I always thought she might be really pretty under all of that. She is :)

NIkki on

she looks so good with short hair….

Carolina Flor on

Wow, she looks beautiful and so much younger!! Great look for her. :)

smailepsu on

I am LOVING this look on her. Who knew!

cory on

Now she look a little bit like Michele Williams

Tee on

Love it, she should have cut it long ago. Good luck to her on her marathon run.

kim on

horrible. she looks like a boy. or mia farrow. not someone i would aspire to look like…

Dori on

Never liked the pixie dumb haircut .. hated it when Twiggy wore it .. boy looking …

ann on

wow she looks really nice! Never would have thought she would give up the old look she has kept for many years.

Allied on

She looks amazing! Love it:)

KoryJane on

I am so jealous of women who can pull off a cute pixie and she is no exception. I love love it.

Valarie on

Love it… I think she looks very elegant…

Dori on

Twiggy haircut from the sixties … hate it not feminine .. can’t have that hair with the overdone Boobs ..

Dori on

where is the moderator out to lunch …

Courtney on

Surprisingly, she looks great with that cut!

pixyprincess on

It looks great! I didn’t think I’d like it, but she’s gorgeous.

D on

Not a good decision

MKM on

LOVE! Very Mia Farrow! Pam, I beg ya: keep it classy! You’re so gorgeous. You don’t need the props & get-ups!

Jill K on

Holy cow, that’s drastic but it looks nice! She kind of resembles Charlize Theron in this picture.

Katie on

She looks fabulous! She has such a pretty face, she can wear her hair any way and still be gorgeous.

Lena on

Yeesh-I do not like. She would look good with a bob.

poo on

very pretty!

Sammi on

This will make her look younger, I like it

Kay on

I totally love it!

leonora on

No no no no no NO!!!!! I’m older than she is and my hair is longer, and I won’t cut it short! Just a few days ago someone yelled “I love your hair” from the passenger seat of a car. Long hair rocks.

Sarah on

Very classy, Pammie — me likey! <3

jenniffer on

Keep your hair long, Pammy, but STOP BLEACHING IT!

Danelle Martin on

Wow! That’s really cute!

Di on

She actually looks nicer with the short cut, added a little sophistication.

cocoayo on

I like it. The long hair makes her look old.

cocoayo on

It makes her look younger. Good move Pamela!

artichokeheart13 on

I think the cut looks great on her. Also like the understated makeup on her. Very elegant, very Mia Farrow (back before she apparently went…).

Jay on

Good for her! She looks beautiful. She needed a new look and it seems like maybe she is starting a new chapter in her life. I have always liked her. Best of luck to her in the marathon!!

Andrea on

She knocked years off. She looks younger, fresher and stylish. Her long hair was way over processed and probably need a good short cut like this for a long time. I agree, she needs heavier eyebrows hers are far too thin. If she can get them a bit thicker it will all work very well.

Milky on

I always love pixie cuts but am surprised how great this looks on Pam! What an improvement

Karen on

Wow! I think she looks great! Sophisticated and stylish.

Gail on

I think she looks great.

blair on

Just because you are a mom, doesn’t mean you need to look like and old lady or a boy!

shanna on

this cut is not good on anyone

Fake Jonas Baby on

I LOVE it…nice that she took out those out-dated extensions

tarasmom on

What a great look. Very classy.

Cosia on

hey whodathunk it would look so cute on her! she looks years younger, fresh & modern

macy on

Really cute! It’s nice to see her with an updated look – the long locks were starting to age her. She has such a pretty face, good to show it off!

KellieBelle on

I love this cut on her ;) Her hair always looked fried and messy, never shiny and healthy like other celebrities I’ve seen so I think it’s a great change that works for her. And to the person that said that Pamela didn’t get pixie cut and instead just removed her extensions – you are a moron. You’re implying that she already had super short hair to start with and even if she did wear extensions, you can clearly see that her own hair is longer than the pixie cut style she now has. People should really know what they are talking about before they open their mouths and look like idiots…smh.

boesluv on

Love it. Grown & sexy.

Erin on

Much better!!

kat on

This is such a lovely look for Pamela. She looks so much more authentic.

Barbara on

She looks 100% better

BootzieGurl on

Pam looks great!!
But OMG please it’s just another famous person without their extensions and this is what is under all that fake hair, give her a while and it will all be back. People seem to forget that hollywood actresses/singers hair just aren’t all fabulous, full and long from God, if that were true we would all know their secrets to amazing hair. It’s called money and good hair dressers/makeup artist. And BTW there’s nothing wrong with that, heck if I could afford it I would do the same thing. But we need to remember that hollywood is not always what it seems to be, more times then not it’s air brushing, fake hair etc etc and I’m not blaming these women, this is what hollywood is about that everyone looks pretty and have a perfect body and that’s NOT the real world!! And that’s just my personal opinio,n so let’s not get all our shorts in a knot for my comment

Passera on

Looks great! She should have cut it a long time ago…very classy.

Ayana on

She’s back to her natural locks. She just cut off all of the weave. Looks great!

TJ on

Love it!! It actually makes her look younger. Wish she had did this a long time ago.

Tia on

Wow! I love it. She looks fantastic!

Amaryllis on

Yuk. There are better hair cuts.

Sarah S. on

Oh I love it!! What a great change for her because she’s had long hair FOREVER! This pixie makes her look very chic.

kendra on

She looks amazing. 20 years younger

Kandy on

It makes her look years younger.

Juli on

Oh my…..classy, chic, lovely and adorable!!! Who would’ve thought?! :)

EMG on

She looks younger!

Juli on

Oh my……classy, chic and adorable. So very pretty!!!!

Bravo! on

Bravo! The “*lut” look is gone and she looks SO much prettier. The “*lut” look only looks worse the older a woman gets and makes her appear even older than her years. Bravo Pam, Bravo!!

TT on

When I read the headline, I thought “yikes!” But it looks real nice. I imagine wearing extensions all the time is inconvenient and painful. I bet her head feels great!

Melissa on

Wow! I love it! It seems like some, not all, but some women hide behind their hair. It was a bold move that paid off!

justlise on

Awww..Pam is growing up.

gmarie on

Wow, she looks 15 yrs younger and “effortllessly elegant”…. she could have a whole new career with this this classy, demure, ‘less is more’ look…good on ya Pam,

Kim on

Love it!

Gina-Nicole on

I actually like it on her! :)

Francine on

Looks a little disheveled, but I am sure that the paparazzi caught her on a bad day. I would like to see it without the sunglasses to get the full impact. Farrah Fawcett cut is soooooooo passé and, had to go. I think this was a very wise decision on your part. I agree with someone who said to let her eyebrows grow. The penciled-in eyebrows are awful!!!! They remind me of Tammy Fay Baker’s. I hope you are reading this Pamela. :-) Love You!! XOX

pamsux on

Pam is nothing but a dirty fake FLAKE.

Mri on

I absolutely love it! Change is always a good thing… even if its a great hair cut :)

DeMaris on

I absolutely love it its delicious she looks cool and fresh!

Dee on

She looks absolutely gorgeous…really thought we would see something shorter but this was definately a surprise….she looks much younger without the heavy makeup.

mfh on

I think Pam looks beautiful with the shorter hair. Sometimes change is good.

9002Irene on

wow! that pixie cut suits her!! Love her new look! :)

julzjulz on

This Is the best I have ever seen Pam look-like a Robin Wright-really lovely! good choice, Pamela.

huh on


Mel J on

Maybe she didn’t cut it….she just took her extensions out.

Chanelle on

@ BootzieGurl lol I don’t know where you live but extensions and weaves aren’t just for the rich and famous. I know lots of women of all races that have well-done extensions and weaves…but I live in CA and that’s just not a big deal here. But regardless of whether it was extensions or her hair, it’s a pretty drastic change for how she wears her hair publicly and it shouldn’t matter if she took her extensions out or really chopped her hair off. You’re probably right that she’ll have extensions again in the future, but that’s the fun part about having access to the top stylists and the best kinds of hair out there…you can change hairstyles as often as you like ♡ Your comment didn’t offend me, but I just don’t understand the focus on whether or not her hair was hers before she cut it. A new hairstyle is still a new hairstyle regardless :)

julie on

She looks very frumpy, YUCK!

me on

When I seen the headline I thought she was going to look terrible. She actually looks cute. It is a nice change for her.

Jo on

I think she looks very pretty, much younger!

jvk on

Love it! The long, big hair is way outdated. She loos great!

tina chrobocinski on

Lovvvvve it!!!!!

Carrie M on

I think it might just work!

mommymoon on

Too cute and SO easy to take care of.
You can be sexy with short hair.

Karen on

She reminds me of Mia Farrow in this pic! Love the hair!!

Ginger on

Love the entire look; haircut, less makeup and cute top that she is not spilling out of.

Kat on

She comes across as a ‘choir girl’ in that hair cut! Really classy and cute.

Keenzi on

Bravo! This was probably a scary change for her after all of these years, and it looks great.

ChitChat on

She looks terrific!

jojo on

Don’t like it, way too short, should of cut it in layers with taper neck

Bunnie on

I’m diametrically opposed to the idea a woman over 40 has to cut her hair off and start wearing “sensible” clothes. Otherwise it looks okay, not great.

Carol on

I love it ! She looks very cute and much younger.

mrthrower on

I love it! It looks great on her.

Kate on

When I read the headline, I thought “oh no!” But she rocks it!

allyb on

VERY cute!!

Jen on

“More appropriate for a 46 year old mom.” That’s an antiquated way of thinking.

Jen on

More appropriate for her age? That’s an antiquated way of thinking?

Lissy on

She should keep this look, she looks a lot better , she looks like a 26 yars old!!

Rachelp on

Once a sl*t always a sl*t!

NAP on

Beautiful !!!

Diane on

She looks better with short hair!

Liz on

She just took out her weave.

Luvkale on

She looks a lot younger and cuter!

The Stupification of America on

While I definitely like the more natural make up better than the tranny face she normally sports, and I appreciate not having an eye full of her cleavage and hair extensions for once, the super short pixie isn’t cutting it for me. It makes her look older in a way and also accentuates her manly neck.

Jessica McFarlane on

Love it!! Makes me want to cut my hair short with all these stars looking so amazing with these pixie cuts.

Lunabell on

Love it! Much nicer. She looks like an older version of Michele Williams. I hope she does well in the race!

karen on

dont touch the rack

m on

wow, she looks GREAT! never thought i’d say she looks elegant, good for her.

jenni on

What you meant to write was “she cut out her fake hair extensions…”

Looks nothing like her, but it is a better look for whoever that blonde in Hollywood is…

White Rabbit on

You mean she removed all her extensions?

Regardless I think she looks great!

debbie on

Very nice look for her! Love It!

Teknosbeka on

Too butch for my taste.

LuvLeeRita on

It’s different, I like it.

Cal Gal 3 on

Pam looks YEARS younger. And very classy. Understated is a good look for her.

Cheryl on

Damn! She’s 46??

Ally on

She looks effortlessly beautiful, and stylish with the new cut.

Jen on

Never have been a fan, but she looks great! She’s finally acting her age

Tyne on

Not sexy any more.

veronica on

From what I can see very nice change :)

jabba on

I don’t understand why women get hair extensions in the first place? Why not just grow your own hair out long instead of damaging it with extensions? Mine’s been past my shoulders for years and I’m in my late 40’s, grow it yourself, why fake extensions? And this pixie cut on her has aged her 20+ years. Maybe her hair is very damaged and she’s starting it over to grow it out?

mskimberley on

I love it !

Logan on

Beautiful! I think all woman should try this, if you are brave enough. I had a bob for twenty years, and then cut my hair off. I love it.

Mary Ann on

Love It!!!!


I LOVE it!! I think she looks younger, much cuter, and a ton classier. This cut really compliments her face well. I hope she keeps it!

chloe on

I love it! She does have a beautiful face and the features to carry this off (with natural make up, not the heavy make up she sometimes wears). She looks like Charlize in this pic! Nice change!

diamondgirl on

She looks better than ever. Age appropriate and not as harsh.

Nanu 08 on

She looks fabulous……like a real woman now!!!!!

Susan on

Looks great and is very fashionable. I’d love to see it at other angles.

Gee on

Wow, I love it. It fits her perfectly!!! I’m biased though, I love short haircuts.

Guest on

Lovely! She looks twenty years younger and just like a young Jean Seberg!

Angel on


lisa on

VERY NICE, classy….such a great cut on her!

Danielle on

A woman is beautiful in the true sense of the word if she can pull of any haircut and still look great. Pam can & does. Wow!

Terri on

Never would have recognized her!

Bill on

It Makes her look really old

Dina on

If she would dye her hair in a different color, not that Barbie blonde, would do the job of looking better. I dont give her a year to put on extensions.
Classy ladies and women over 40, dont need to cut the hair like that. This is a haircut for young and beautiful girls.

Ed on

No Dina you are wrong great haircut

Gloria on

Actress always do something drastic to their hair when they don’t want attention going to their facelifts. Example Candice Bergen from long to short then long again. That’s why Kardashian lightened her hair so that was what people would look at not her after baby body

sh on

Elegant. It highlights how naturally beautiful she really is. Without all the heavy makeup and hair, she is truly stunning!

Style and Design Junkie on

I love it! She looks amazing.


Gorgeous! And brave!


Reminds me of Jean Seberg

Teknosbeka on

Butch barbie.

leslie on

I think it makes her look 15 years younger!!!! just darling!!!!!

leslie on

I think it makes her look 15 years younger! just darling!

Marlene on

The haircut is cute and she doesn’t look trashy, she actually looks like an everyday mom,BUT, I do think she looks rather old. Sorry

OMG on


great on

I love it. I never thought her face was pretty before, but here you can see that it is really nice!



guest on

She looks adorable. Much better than the long hair. Hope she keeps it.

Ann on

she looks adorable. Much better then the long hair.

Jeremy hasse on

Very nice hair cut Pam u look great with short hair .i hardly recognized It was you .u must have been wanted to chop your hair short for long time .your fan jeremy

beachbaby on

Nothing ages a woman quicker than a granny hair cut. Hot To Not. She hates it by now. I am sure..

sister3 on

Love it!

Brandy4-2 on

I’ve always love Pam’s looks. She put the hot in fire!

Well if she no longer wants to look like a Sex Goddess, She achieved it!

Not on my hot list anymore.

deliah on

Do I see some eyebrows growing under those shades? HOPE SO!

Pam on

Wow, it looks fantastic on her. I love it. It’s adorable and makes her look so chic and younger. Good for her. It’s hard for some people to make such a daring change, even if hair does grow back. I would imagine being in the public eye makes it tougher…but she made a great choice with this new do! Beautiful Pammy.

Mark on

Love the hair Pam !!! And love the Can Do Attitude running the marathon.

JoAnna on

This I like, a whole lot. Makes her look younger and fresher. Good call, Pamela.

Jenn on

I like it, it’s a little conservative, but not stuffy, and I actually think shorter hair looks better on some women as they age. Longer hair seems to draw attention to wrinkles.

Darin W. on

I would have started with a breast reduction. And, to the woman who said (earlier in the comment list) that women who reach 40 should cut their hair off butch style…You are living in the dark ages. Nothing is sexier than a woman with WELL KEPT long hair!!

buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on

Did a old man at a barber shop cut it?

Johnno on

She looks one million times better. No comparison

Suz on

Wow! She looks great! It also makes her look so much younger!

Rosalind on

i think Pammy looks positively chic with this haircut! I love it x

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