Kim Kardashian Can't Stop Showing Off Her Post-Baby Body

10/18/2013 at 04:41 PM ET

Kim Kardashian denim shortsMariotto/INF

First, a sexy white one-piece. Now denim cutoffs. Kim Kardashian is making the most of her hot mom status, slipping back into all her head-turning, curve-hugging gear.

Her latest look: Denim short shorts teamed with a white tee, long cream cardi and some super-luxe accessories, including Gianvito Rossi sandals and big CĂ©line shades. (Seriously, did you expect her to be walking around in sweatpants with a diaper bag slung over her shoulder? We thought not.)

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But our favorite Kardashian post-baby style observation: She seems to have more confidence than ever. (Remember when she wore this crazy, cleavage-baring Givenchy gown and totally owned it?) Maybe it’s the blonde hair or the the Barry’s Bootcamp. Maybe it’s Kanye West’s influence. Regardless, Kimmie definitely means business right now.

What do you think of Kardashian’s latest style? Do you think she has a new found confidence as a mom?

–Brittany Talarico

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It's Just Me on

Well…I will say that she looks better in this picture than in the swimsuit pic…you can definitely tell that she’s losing her baby weight :) This outfit looks weird to me and I personally would have ditched the sweater and paired those shorts with a pair of cute flat sandals or flat thong sandals. But I guess she’s maybe trying to hide her backside a little and lengthen her legs? *shrug* IDK but she is looking better :)

Lissa on

Looks like she is recovering well from the tummy tuck and lipo……

LoveSi on

Her calves look HORRIBLE! She’s a trainwreck, but at least her chest is covered for a change.


That’s it baby! Get back to your fighting weight!

Truthfinder on

Kim and Obama should get together to become the
EGOMANIACAL twins. At least SHE looks good…

Amaryllis on

Four inch heels with shorts??


we call those THUNDER thighs

Puddin' Tame on

At least this time she covered up that HUGE rear-end! That last picture of her in the white swim suit almost made my eye’s bleed!

Jane on

Kim dresses like white trash!!! What trailer park do you live in Kim?

Jennifer Mazzucca on

what type of person get lipo right after birth…oh the kind that doesn’t give a hoot about taking care of her child

KellieBelle on

I always have to shake my head at comments saying that celebrities have tummy tucks and lipo right after giving birth….utterly ridiculous. Doctors will recommend that you are close to or at your ideal weight before you have either procedure or you run the risk of ending up with loose skin. I have a feeling that Kim will be back in her bikinis in the future and she won’t have the new made belly button or the hip-to-hip scar on her lower belly that are obvious signs of a tummy tuck. She also wouldn’t be at the gym or boot camp if she had those procedures recently. I’m not a fan of hers but I just hate seeing comments like that because they make absolutely no sense.

courtney on

@Amaryllis don’t forget Kim is only 5ft 2in so she needs the height any which way she can get it and it’s not like it’s out of the ordinary to see celebs wear stiletto heels with shorts. remember the music video for Mariah Carey’s song lover boy she wore 5in stiletto boots and sandals in that video with shorts and a bandana top among other costumes. then again it’s not like Mariah needs the extra height she’s 5ft 9in in her bare feet

Janet on

Lissa, nope still needs lipo!

nicole on

she looks awesome! she is such a beautiful woman! too many haters on here if you dislike her so much why comment??

Al on

so many of you are so rude and mean! she looks great!

Jess on

This girl is so desperate for attention, sad!!!

roundtown on

Why cover up your big arse today with a long sweater when yesterday you obviously wanted everyone to see how big it really is?

guest on

when will this woman go away??

Mia on

Why are there no pictures of Kim or Kanye out-and-about WITH THEIR DAUGHTER? Poor Nori is stuck with baby-nurses and nannies all the time, when what she really needs is her mom and dad. :-(

Me on

You forgot to give credit to her plastic surgeons. She looks ridiculous. Not impressed.

Me on

Oh & you need to work on your Photoshop skills. ;)

cheryl riall on

Two words – – Butt Implants
Her butt is so out of sync with the rest of her body. I guess some woman think a big booty is sexy. They say Jennifer Lopez will not allow her trainer to reduce her butt.

jsp81355 on

You call that look glamorous? Those shoes look ridiculous with that outfit. She’s as tacky as ever.

Smells Like Kardashian on

thunder thighs…oh, how I’ve missed u

Ava on

Not a fan, but neither do I hate her. I think she knows what she’s doing business wise, and looks good after baby. I don’t think she had a procedure u can see the body change gradually over the few pix we had. She is her own brand just like all the other celebrities and they get paid to look great. That’s why their diets and workout regiments are strict and they look great. If I had the money for a personal trainer you bet I would use every minute of it

Sharese on

She looks great but you know what her best asset was… her smile. Has she forgotten how? Completely stoic. Every pic I see now might as well be an oil painting for all the enthusiasm she has.

Nancy on

When my children were little I barely had time to take a shower, much less comb my hair.

Pnut on

Put that junk away.

Lenny99 on

She has very short legs so I’m not sure about this look on her.
Ho no matter what she wears unfortunately.
Good job on the lipo and fat transfers though

Diane on

Shorts and high heels look ridiculous together, and even more absurd on her body type.

Scott on

She’s looking athletic and healthy. Not thin or fat, just in between the two. What’s wrong with that?!! She could stand to lose another 15lbs but she’s headed in the right direction. She always has good style, I love a sexy look on a curvy woman. Just as long as the curves are in the right places. Not fat curves.

Nirvana on

Seriously! She doesn’t get the attention at home so she goes out to get it obviously. Wipe your azz good before u wear hoochie shorts and especially when u wear a white suit with it riding up your huge mountain. And for the sake of your baby for gods sake keep your clothes on. Your a mother now !!!

Sarah on

I’ll never understand why on earth this woman is famous…. she’s just annoying. Pretty, yea, but a complete freaking ditz.

Lala on

People are constantly asking why she’s still in the media, and being photographed – umm duh, because you all keep commenting!! Do you think the magazines care that you hate her? No, because she’s still getting attention, and selling magazines. The Kardashian articles get more comments than any other. If you want her to go away, stop commenting and clicking on the articles. Obviously people care about her, if they take the time to comment.

Chattmommy on

Wow, she looks amazing! Loving the fantastic cute heels paired with the shorts. She looks better in this outfit then she looks wearing all those tiny too tight dresses.

Kiwii on

She looks FAT. Hide yourself jungle lover!!

carolyn on

She really does Love herself doesn’t she!!

Fran on

She showed it off every other time, too. Pre baby, during baby, post baby, it is all she knows how to do.

claireaele on

kim is jeaulos cause she cant lose the weight. it wasnit all baby weight. the kid weight 4lbs. she ate junk, now is paying for it. look at all the ACTRESSES that lost weight. kimmie has lost her baby weight to stretch marks, everywhere..

Levi on

I have nothing nice to say. I dont CARE at all whether you look good or not Kim. First I’m so sick of seeing her on the news. You cant get rid of her. I have not commented on her ever until today. I am so tired of seeing her mug every time I pull up a web page. Also, your a mother. Every tweet is recorded in the library of congress, point being that all of these ugly images will never disappear so your daughter will have the luxury of always seeing these. You have the personality of a wet mop which makes you even more unattractive. OMG I wish I could say stop reporting on her but they wont so I can only hope your reading this. Your approval rating is at a 4. Go wash your bathing suit and go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole on

I highly doubt the rumors of her having lipo are true. As if Kanye West would let her do that after he lost his mother.
Good on her for just living her life knowing that she’s not at her lowest weight, she would cop a huge amount of negative reactions either way.

Lynn Sweet on

This woman does not really like her huge bum – it is not attractive. She pulls this picture that is not flattering of her and she thinks all she is a person who is up for some booty again with her baby dada, but then she thinks about it does she now? And then she covers up the thing – it cheapens every woman and is just not attractive to anybody but men who are only interested in women for sexual pleasure. Of course she doesn’t feel good about that – no woman does in the end. That is why she automatically covers up after stupidly looking at herself again on her own camera…. That is my opinion.

Dang on

All you people sound like really horrible crude people. I liked her white bathing suit. There is nothing wrong with her wearing it. I’ve seen many people in tiny two pieces all day long and I live near the beach. What sad people you all are. Seriously.

KellieBelle on

@ claireaile I would seriously think about taking an english class or two before trying to insult someone else. You have the grammar skills of a two-year-old. Funny how some people pointing the fingers at others seem to have the same dirt on their own hands…#sad

Duvet on

I don’t know the Kardashian’s but as a what 32 yr old mother, she acts more like a 20 yr old posting pics like this. I don’t care how much $ she has, she appears to be extremely insecure and not getting what she needs from her man if she has to show the world her ass or she hasn’t found the right man. I feel sorry for her actually. She never even smiles in any pics either, to me that shows she must be unhappy inside. She is so desperate for attention and approval whether positive or negative.


OMG….What is wrong with this attention seeking fatty…..Enough KIM…..Put on some clothes….

Wildflower on

She’s trying so hard to NOT look like a mother. Just like her mother. These women have issues about looking real. They look ridiculous. No wonder they’re lost in vanity with no concept of embracing themselves as they are. It’s a rite of passage in this family.

Elle on

Seriously. Take care of your kid and stop worrying about yourself.


She is a train-wreck. I hate her.

South East on

Please make the blonde hair go AWAY!

Katie on

Do those of you who are talking about her having lipo have any knowledge of what a person looks like after lipo? Or that they have to wear very tight elastic garments to keep the skin from not reattaching to the muscles, and they have to wear them for several months, usually. I’m no fan, but stick to the truth so you don’t sound as ridiculous as KK does in that outfit…….

Jane on

She looks amazing! You go girl. I wish everyone on here could be happy for others instead of projecting their negativity on people they don’t even know.

Anne Handojo on


Jocelyn on

It would be nice if she started dressing like a mom. Sad thing is so many girls look up to her.

EMG on

Not flattering for her proportions, sorry.

Marcia on


Kazumi on

she looks great

Seriously on

Haters gonna hate. She looks great.

Jen on

I’m no fan of hers, but I would be really surprised if she did have any procedures done this soon after giving birth. Not only because it’s so soon after the baby and her body is still adjusting and changing on its own, but she’s been traveling and working out a lot – hard to do when you’re recuperating from a tummy tuck. Also, Kanye lost his mother due to complications from risky/ill-advised cosmetic procedures. I would think he’d be extremely cautious in those matters – particularly with the mother of his infant. Not that she needs his permission, but it would seem odd.



Elle on

Take care of your baby and give your vanity a break!!!

Lori on

Okay, so I’m not a fan of the Kardashians and in many ways I think they represent the pinnacle of societal breakdown — they’re famous for NOTHING and serve no discernible purpose. However, for those folks criticizing her for “showing off” or “putting it out there” — she looks to me like she’s running an errand, not flaunting herself. She chose an unflattering outfit, but none of us has the burden of being photographed every second of our lives — the good, the bad and the ugly. Cut her some slack!

B on

Where is her child? I swear be a parent to your child. Post online pix and comments about motherhood instead of skimpy bathing suits! Grow up!!!

suzydiamond on

In a word…..FAT

Rina on

People are so judgemental. How are moms supposed to dress? Kim looks great

the pineapple tree on

I wonder where she would be without all her money…

Dawn on

Man, folks can be so mean! For all the judgmental haters who’ve made comments about her running errands without her sweet baby—-we didn’t see her out for months after her baby was born, except for a funeral and rare handful of other excursions. Yes, she’s been out a bit more, because she does have a life! What you DON’T see are flashing bulbs of 50 paps and the crazinesss following her every move. I’m glad she does her errands while leaving her baby safe at home–smart mama! If she had her baby with her, you’d be judging that! STFU, people! Go live your flawless, perfect lives……

Cheryl on

@ItsJustMe..I have been to California twice before and I have noticed that the sweater and boots seems to be the norm with shorts..She is covered up at least for a change.Am tired of seeing her half naked and big boobs hanging out of her clothes…UGH!!! Be an example to North and show her that there is more to her mother than THAT!!

Looloobell on

Having shorts up your crotch is not attractive, no matter what ur age or mommy status is…. Most people, including myself, had our bodies bounce back after 3 mos post delivery at age 31… It’s the 2nd one that’ll mess it up!! She still has a huge butt which will never go away… Still looking for approval from society instead of just being happy with herself and not caring what anyone se thinks…. Pathetic!!

jackie2830 on

I totally agree with “It’s Just Me……….much better in cut offs. I do feel so sorry for her though. She WAS a beautiful girl, until she had the lips and nose done, and highlights to hair, I believe to resemble Beyonce.

dp on

her hair color is horrible…she’s trying too hard to be who she was b4 childbirth….it’s a whole new, different life now…when u r a mother. Her world has changed, not sure she realizes it.

lyn on

PLEASE stop making these people news. They are about the most worthless, over-rated, self-serving group of people & their popularity is more confusing than Obamacare. And if you say “don’t read it”, I say “don’t print it”.

Cest La Vie on

Is it just me, or does she look utterly unhappy?

klee on

Personally I think she looks great..however I prefer her hair darker..but I am LOVING her shoes!!! Woman are so critical of each other..we need to be uplifting one another ladies..not tearing each other down

Paula on

You people are nothing but a bunch of old hags! Wearing shorts and stilletos is an awesome look! She looks great! And I guarantee the folks making these comments are white folks too!

jess on

I think she is beautiful…before and after baby….some of her style is questionable at times but she rocks every look!

kim d on

the shorts are way too tight,her thighs are to big.i wonder if now that she’s a mommy,she’ll stop dressing trashy.

Matty d on

clearly people mag are very big supporters of the kardashian family,write sonething negative about the kardashian fam and they screen any negative comments.why cause they in cahoots with them.they want the story first.oh except kim getting pregnant and baby norths first photo,not.

whatsweb on

Reblogged this on WhatsWeb.

Guest on

Seriously, this fat, saggy boobed media who’re just needs to die already!

Carmen on

She looks fantastic! I am loving her style since she became a mom.

Lala on

what is she…….about 4 feet tall?

enough already! on

Why don’t we all declare a moratorium on the Kardashians and maybe they will go away? Fat chance!

Ms Muse on

She never seems to be with her baby.

Jenna on

damn she has HUGE legs

cruella on

She has a nice face and gorgeous hair. But her body is horrible. She is stocky and plumpish. Her style is awful and considering that she is over 30 and a mother, she shouldn’t try to dress like a 15 year old. Ridiculous. How come she is never photographed with her baby ?

calienteuno on

This woman needs a reality check! Her choice of clothing is trashy. If a person does not have an attractive body then that person would know better than to wear unbecoming SHORT shorts. Wonder if she will save these self-absorbing photos and show them to her daughter in a few years.

Leah on

AND…where is North West this time? Perhaps she has to pay to see her mom, and as a newborn, she doesn’t have the money yet.

nabilgags on

war the whats up cutie what’s going on hey I was looking for,you on at all you’re really pretty and I want to be your number is that too much to us for but go out to,

Liz on

LOL!!! at all these comments, picking her apart bit by bit, but lets see one of your pics? so easy for women to hide behind a screen and tear another woman down, another thing for them to face themselves in a mirror. Kim looks great, and I’m happy that she is not allowing people to fat shame her, and happy that she is taking her time losing the weight. Haters will hate, but she has to continue to live and do what makes her happy and that swimsuit pic was awesome, I hope she continues to document the weight loss.

Pixie Dust on

Well I’m so surprised nobody has mentioned the obvious! Yes; she looks great, but who does she remind you of?? Looks like Kanye is set on havimg his OWN Beyonce. From the blonde hair to jean shorts similar to the ones B wore in a pic last week. Kinda Sad.

Pixie Dust on

Looks like Kanye is set on having his own Beyonce!! The hair… the look. What next?

Tajma on

She looks very nice.

Missy on

I think she looks pretty

whatever on

Enough already!. Kim GO AWAY.

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