Prince Harry's Love Cressida Bonas Was Bringing Back the '90s Before You Knew It Was Cool

10/10/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Cressida BonasSplash News Online;Getty;Rex USA(2)

First things first: We’re basically devastated that Prince Harry is off the market. So we did what any normal girl would do and ordered up a little style recon on his possible princess-to-be, Cressida Bonas, to compare ourselves to her. Our findings: She’s super pretty and seems nice and she’s totally the anti-Duchess Catherine (at least in the wardrobe department).

We’re not passing judgment. Catherine’s style is completely classic, while Bonas is on the trendy, throwback end of the style spectrum. As seen in the photos above, the 24-year-old dancer looks like a walking Topshop ad, or maybe Alicia Silverstone circa 1995. And we sorta love it.

Let’s start with the scrunchie. Earlier this month, Bonas was out and about with her royal beau in London wearing the black velvet hair accessory with a pair of gray skinnies, plaid topper and cross necklace (paging early ’90s Madonna!). And lest you think that was a one-off, she displayed another gem from her scrunchie collection, teamed with a pair of overalls, at the Glastonbury Festival earlier this year. (Judging by the outfit, we’re guessing that’s the British version of Coachella.)

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Even her royal wedding outfits have a retro feel. She topped a floral maxi dress with a green blazer (which reminds one editor of her favorite Gap fern-green blazer from 1996) at the nuptials of Rupert Finch and Lady Natasha Rufus. And her red carpet style is funkier still: At a pre-Wimbledon party, she hit the carpet in a pastel print palazzo pant jumpsuit with a navy sequin topper, and yes, what we believe to be crimped hair.

Should Harry pop the question, Cressida may be the first royal to wear scrunchies and overalls ironically. But there’s no doubt that hair will look great in a tiara. What do you think of Bonas’s anti-princess style? Are you a fan of her wardrobe?

For much more on the couple, including a look at how Cressy compares to Kate, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

–Brittany Talarico

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Showing 66 comments

Brandee on

She is so wrong for Prince Harry!!!! She looks like a disaster.

Amy on

If she wasn’t one of the British “elite” you would not comment that her style was so great. If she was an “ordinary girl on the street”, she would be blasted for her lack of style and dated clothes.

Tara on

time for the b*tchy comments from all the women.

Brooklyn on

I think she looks pretty in all but the second one!

chandadewine on

To each their own… If they are happy who cares what she dresses like. She is an unpolished diamond that will get the whole princess treatment and wardrobe makeover before she marries into the Royal family anyway!

Connie` on

Don’t like her fashion sense at all. I also doubt she will be Harry’s Duchess (she won’t be a princess either way). I don’t know if she’s nice or not but she doesn’t seem to like the attention of the press (and who would) but if she wants a life with Harry then she better take some lessons from Kate and put a smile on her face.

Ari on

Her style will refine as she gets older. She’s young and wearing trends instead of things that actually look good. I’m sure as she approaches her late 20’s she’ll start to dress a bit more put together and a little less obsessively trendy.

aeromel78 on

I was a teenager in the 90s and I STILL rock scrunchies and floral prints, just tailored for my age. I gave up on the overalls because they don’t flatter me at 35, but I would wear the other 3 items mentioned without a second thought. It’s funny because I’ve always considered myself the most UN-stylish person I know, but apparently I was wrong!

scrunchiefan on

I wish scrunchies were still in style! They didn’t break the hair.

Anonymouse on

Lol! I love the zoom in on that horrendous scrunchie…haha!

Cindy on

So? Who cares what she likes to wear? The press is making sure to criticize her early so she can know just how awful it will be when they wed I guess. Jeez. I say, just leave her alone for her clothes. At least she does not buy expensive clothes to only wear once. I think that is worse.

kay on

she’s not a fashionista by any means, and i’m not a fan of her style of dress BUT..i DO have to say, at least she is not trying too hard, or is fake, or dressing like an uptight wannabe royal. she comes across as carefree and easy going. nothing wrong with that at all.

self-employed on

I’ve been wearing bib overalls for years. Not for fashion, for working in the barn.


Oh poor Harry….RUN HARRY RUN…..She strikes me as a SARA Ferguson….A DISASTER……

BoFan on

Ditto Tara :-)

Justine on

I think she’s staying true to what she likes and that is the best sense of style in my opinion. Would I use a scrunchie? Of course not! I also wouldn’t choose overall’s but like I said she’s true to what she likes and I’m sure she is well aware dating a prince will attract a lot of attention but she continues to be herself.

katie on

She is a beautiful girl, and i love the coveralls. I ued to wear them to in the 70s LOL i hope she brings back comfortable clothing. Leave her a alone critics she has great brlood lines and she isnt so stuffy looking. Yay for a free spirit in the house of windsor. She isnt even a member of but they should get so lucky.

Smells Like Kardashian on

she’s fine, get over it

Miranda on

This is a complete hoot! I say she has the right to be whomever she is. As long as she doesn’t marry royalty, that is.
Expectations change at that point and the world deserves someone with some degree of panache and style, but throwback style would no longer do. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Threads alone can and do change quickly, when needed.
More important, I think, is: What other character traits and talent does she have going for her?

Heidi on

It does not matter what people think of her fashion sense. If they do get engaged, the Royal PR machine will groom her to be aligned with their culture. I imagine she is going to have little choice in the matter, if she chooses to be part of the royal family.

lisa on

I hold no judgement on this girl. Only my opinion, this girl portrays the style of a girl (not woman) who has not yet turned into an adult. I don’t think any 24 year old girl, no matter if she is somewhat royalty, is mature enough to be in this situation. Prince Harry has found himself. Time will give her the maturity to know herself better. Why the rush on this? Wasn’t Princesses Diana also said to have been too young and that created issues for her?

Teknosbeka on

No I am not a fan of her style and she looks like she is trying way too hard to be quirky.

lilkunta on

people magPLEASE STOP this unnecc pressure on haary and cressida.

hi on

She’s beautiful but her style is ghastly.

cypresstex on

ok – from the title i can tell that wasn’t a compliments

GiGi on

she looks hideous. enough said

Denebula on

Lovely girl – she’ll be OK as his starter wife.

Laura on

If she was rocking a kind of hippy, bohemia vibe I would get it. If she was a hipster, I would get it. This…I don’t get it. It seems like she doesn’t know what to wear. She does have gorgeous hair so she should release it from scrunchie prison.

Snow on

She’s her own person and that’s always a good thing. I loved the clothing of the 90s. Loved the floral prints in dresses, but floral print pants were never in then. Skinny jeans are actually a throwback from the 90s and have already been trendy on and off over the past 2 decades (i hate that trend). Overalls- bring them on! I always loved them and still have a few pair for when they came back.

Gina on

I like her laid back style.

Tracy on

She isn’t a princess so she CAN dress however she wants without a team of people telling her what she can and cannot do. She’s young and styles tend to evolve with age… In fact, looking at the picture you included, the only one I cringe over is the overall outfit. Everything else she looks cute!

A on

She looks cheap.

neonsnow on

There’s something really charming and free-spirited about Cressida and it’s reflected in her clothing choices just like Kate’s more classic style is reflected in hers.

neonsnow on

There’s something really charming and free-spirited about Cressida that’s reflected in her clothing choices just like Kate’s more classic style is reflected in hers.

Jenn on

I thought I was looking at a still from the movie Clueless, lol. I love her style…

Kristi on

I can’t say I’m a fan of Cressida for Harry. I didn’t like the other girl either. He seems to like blondes who are just shy of pretty. This one seems to need to mature about 10 years before she’d be ready for the royal life. Sorry–I hope he keeps looking.

Kat on

Well, well, well seems like the press has decided to marry these two. They’re trying too hard to convince the public she’s THE ONE!
Speaking of fashion, they once described Harry’s former gf as an unmade bed. They elevate who they want to, and shut down who they don’t like. Too bad cuz I feel Chelsea was the right one but she got tired of being dogged by the papparazzi.

Tracey on

Wow! She looks like Alicia Silverstone from when she was in Clueless!

Marilyn on

1) Give it a rest people magazine..she didnt even exist to you guys a week ago.

2) Dont like her makes her look like a little school girl..but to each his own..
Love Kate’s style though! So lovely & polished

housecatwife on

She seems to favor comfort and to do her own thing. Good for her.

Karen on

America will NEVER let people live as they wish. Americans will ALWAYS have some negative comment based on looks alone.

AllyB on

SHE looks adorable and THEY should do whatever makes them happy.

Guest on


Katmandu on

William’s wife Kate is so self absorbed that Cressida is truly a refreshing change. As well, Kate’s face is often so heavy with makeup that Cressida will undoubtedly be more natural looking.

Bunnie on

Oh dear, it’s the Duchess of York, Part II

PJS on

I will always be routing for Chelsea. She and Harry are soul mates.

moi on

Poor girl cannot dress to save herself.

Violet on

She looks like a total mess all of the time.

Surf City on

These outfits are hideous, mismatched, ill fitting messes. To suggest otherwise is an insult to anyone with taste. I agree with Amy completely….if she was not some Brit highbrow she would not be featured in any gallery except for the worst dressed. It’s 2013 people.

kristenkokura on

Clearly her hair is either triple barreled or the results of a French braid. Crimping involves a much smaller wave.

Monika on

Why is everyone being so judgmental? 90’s is the current trend. Dungarees were this season’s music festival fashion…Walk around london and this is what everyone wears!

Rachel on

LOL the zoom-in on the scrunchie is hilarious.

daisy on

Can we not do this? There are only rumors that Harry might propose to this girl so until something that constitutes real news happens, can we not start calling her a princess and commenting on everything from her clothes to her hair? Stop making up non-stories just to fill space. Please, please, please give us a break (give HER a break!) and don’t turn into Cressida stalkers before there’s something to say.

Katie on

I am reminded of a young Sarah Ferguson, and I wonder if she would get “chewed up and spit out” by the press before the ink was dry on the wedding certificate…..

Guest on

I think the green blazer could be a little more tailored to fit her frame, but I think she totally pulls these looks off! And believe me, I wouldn’t be caught dead in any of these outfits. If my style were similar to anyone’s, it would be Catherine’s. Wishing them happiness and peace.

Spider Monkey on

Fergie redeaux

Kat on

Didn’t we learn from Sex and the City that scrunchies were out? Post-it note, please!

chalni on

Cressy ‘s style very pretty causally,cool mix and match as her privacy dated with prince.,on black tie boxing ball she was very eleglance by Roberto cavalri Italian designer look like Hollywood star.. Cate was very much fix herself too controlled style not natural.I didn’t like her styles.

Sarah on

Love it, love her, love the throwback style because she’s just being herself. Catherine will always be #1, but she seems like someone the public will fall in love with!!!!!!!

tomfoolkiten on

well… she’s no Kate… I reserve judgement though because I’m sure Harry really likes her and that’s all that matters.

numberoneguest on

This girl is boring looking. Who could date a Cressida?

Harry is so spankable! Please find someone more exciting.

liz ashleigh on

That’s definitely not my style but it’s cool she has the confidence to wear what she wants. Besides, she’s 24 and I’m glad no one was critiquing me at that age!!

Jay on

I would hate to see her lose her personal style if she marries Harry but these clothes are definitely not going to fly for a royal. Good Luck Cressida!!

mbec1969 on

I dressed like this when I was 24. But that was 1994! Seriously, this girl is pretty and wants to be retro, so why not? People who are criticizing her (and I mean this in a nice way) must not be old enough to remember what Diana dressed like when she and Charles were dating. She had NO style, even after they were engaged. Only time will tell if Harry will propose, and if they will marry. Friends of hers running to magazines with their insights on the relationship mean nothing.

lisa on

She’s beautiful, rich, young, and she’s gonna be a princess! Just face it we’re all just jealous! Leave her alone and let her be who she is or we’re no better than BULLIES

Smithy on

She’s very pretty and a nice departure from classic Kate. She seems fitting for Harry. I think Kate is attractive in a very plain way. This gal is model pretty.

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