Kim Kardashian's Cutout Dress (And Cleavage!) Will Give You Whiplash

10/02/2013 at 10:10 AM ET

Kim KardashianMarc Piasecki/FilmMagic

Looks like Kim Kardashian is back to her old style ways. The new mom continued her Paris Fashion Week parade Tuesday night in a dress clearly designed to get people talking.

Handpicked for her by designer pal Riccardo Tisci, Kardashian stunned (though whether it’s in a good or bad way is up to you) in a plunging black Givenchy gown, complete with triangle cutouts at the waist. She topped the look with a long oversize coat (not something you often see on ladies with ample, bronzed cleavage), soft blowout and on-trend burgundy lips at the Mademoiselle C cocktail party.

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“Last night in Paris! This dress pulled off the runway from the Givenchy show! Styled by @riccardotisci17 & @crfashionbook for Carine’s film Mademoiselle C!” the star shared on Instagram, along with the below photo of her wearing the risqué design.

So where’s love Kanye West? We’re not sure, but it looks like Kardashian had a good time with her date (and designer) for the evening.

My date tonight @riccardotisci17

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Kimye has been taking over PFW in their usual high-fashion manner, and their daughter North West has been gifted some serious designer duds.

Since the couple started dating, West’s high-fashion pals have taken Kardashian under their wing, most recently featuring her in a provocative photoshoot for Karl Lagerfeld styled by Tisci for Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book. Under Lagerfeld, Tisci and Roitfeld’s guidance, Kardashian’s style cred has gone way up — though we’re not sure we can say her clothing choices have gotten any less eyebrow-raising.

What do you think of Kim’s look? Would you have been into this dress even before she became a mom? Sound off below!

–Brittany Talarico

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Maggie on

If I had a body like that, I’d wear something that showed it off. It’s a little different, but dayam. She looks good.

huh on

Guess who couldn’t be bothered to breast feed! She’s such a tramp, and clearly is still putting herself before the wellbeing of her daughter. Who leaves a 3 month old to go to something as unimportant as fashion week? Feeling v. v. sorry for that poor child.

Mia on

Beyonce…is that you?

Sommer on

This is too much cleavage, bordeline tacky!!!

Lyn on

What a piggish look!

Guest on

That dress looks terrible on her. Her boobs are not only HUGE they are way lopsided. I Most women’s are, but this kind of dress would look better on a medium to small chested woman. She is trying tooo hard to be back to pre pregnancy.

Paula McNabb on


Roseann on

That doesn’t even look like her.

Mary on

Really??? I’m sick of seeing her boobs out on display…

ittybittygiraffe on

I think she is beautiful. Many people leave their children alone for work, pleasure, etc. I am sure North is being well taken care of. Also, who is to say she is not nursing? She may be pumping, or has a stash built up at home already.

Dawn on


Zen on

GAK!!!!!!!!!! Just threw up in my mouth a little….

Lilyflower on

Usually I would say that if you’ve got it then flaunt it, but even I have to admit that dress is awful. The shoes and blazer make it even worse. I hope she threw that whole outfit in the trash.

Diane on

Just wait about 20 years and those things will be down to her knees.

bjsquelph on

That looks terrible…100% tacky… She’s a mom now… time to grow up and act like a parent. Would she want her kids dressing like that???

Mya on

She definitely has the body to pull it off, unlike many flat chested celebs wearing outfits with plunging necklines and have absolutely no cleavage at all. It looks good.

yahoo on

Listen the critics whine and wish they had things they don’t have. The blond locks are really nice on her. She looks so different. She is still a W>h>o>r>e, but a good looking one.
J.Lo. didn’t breast feed either, so I guess that makes her a bad mother as well?

Diane on

I think she has had recent plastic surgery on her face. This definitely does not look like her.

Anna Jones on

Horrendous! From head to toe, nothing in this outfit works.

Beth on

She’s beautiful, but ghetto trash all the way.

ally on

Not a huge Kim fan, but she looks beautiful!

tonip558 on

As much as I dislike the Kardashians and everything they stand for and do, she is attractive; but her fashion choices lately are horrendous. This dress, and all the other designer choices she has been wearing on this trip, have done nothing to accentuate her body type.
I do feel sorry for her, as these “designers”, are making her the butt end of every joke.

Guest on

She made a porn movie ….we already saw everything. Geez.

Mary on

One is hanging lower than the other. Pretty sad she has to wear cloths like that to get attention. There is only one place everyone is looking at. Not classy what so ever. She is too big to wear that dress and not look trampy.

marcy on

You go all the way to Paris for fashion week, and this is the best you can come up with?? Come on Kim, you are a beautiful girl, this dress is just ugly, not appropriate and does nothing good for you in any way. I think it is time for you to hire a new stylist.

Marie Mullin on

Think she is insecure,

Margarita on

Gross. I don’t mind cleavage. It’s just a horrible outfit. No saving this.

epmmrp on

WOW – great fake boobs – what’s up with the lips?

hrword on


Poulette on

Why is she not smiling anymore?? She looks so Posh

Skiwoman61 on

Gross and inappropriate.Its good to see that Kim still has bad taste

lilly on

uhm.. did she have more plastic surgery ater baby?? she looks gawd awful.. she actually used to be kind of pretty!!

Guest on

I agree Mia. Looks like she wants to copy Beyoncé. Yawn.

sarah on

she is such a disgusting PIG!!

Jenny on

That dress is so not my style…but she looks amazing. Love her new hair color, she looks so much softer. Her makeup artist did a great job as well

curlylox80 on

she needs to fire her stylist…but i don’t think kanye would be happy with being fired becuase that means failure and in his eyes and small little mind he is anything but a failure!

Brandee on

Mixed feelings about this one. I’m not sure if she looks incredible or trashy. Very odd dress, her hair color is awful and the shoes don’t quite look right with the outfit. Something is just off about this entire look.

ann on

What a hag.

Lilyflower on

Usually I’d say if you’ve got it then flaunt it, but even I have to admit this dress is awful. The shoes and blazer aren’t helping either. I hope she threw this whole outfit away.

kmp on

This is creepy. Is Kanye trying to turn her into a Beyonce?

Karen on

Now she looks just like a thousand other fake-boobed,fake blonde in Hollywood.

Mom of 3 on

She looks engorged!

Susan on

She doesn’t look that bad in these photos but check out page 10 of the Star tracks photos on People. She’s not wearing a jacket in the photo and boy, do her “girls” need support. She should have kept that jacket on! I don’t like the blond hair on her, either.

christine426 on

maybe she just really wanted easier access to breast feed…

Kerry on

I think the look would work much better without the breast implant scar clearly visible in the color pics.
You would think she could afford quality work.

amanda on

I don’t think it looks bad, the very top picture she looks weird but the rest of the pics are good I just don’t like the dark lipstick..

camila on

She doesn’t know whatelse to do to get attention, now that she have had the worst looking ( and feeling) pregnancy of the whole world. Let me tel ya something honey ! you’re a looser cause you’re as bad as mother can be , only looking for your wellbeing instead of your child’s.

BH on

Those are just plain ugly and fake looking.

Mary on

She looks like she starved herself. She is not as pretty as she
used to be – too stark. The dress is just to get attention…I’m not sure what kind of attention???
What does she do, anyway? I agree leaving her baby at 3 months for a fashion week is stupid. I think they have one
every year…

Dawn S on

I think she looks beautiful! Her tatas are ginormous! Looks like she IS nursing :) who says her sweet baby girl isn’t in Paris with her? They’ve been very good about keeping her out of the paparazzi lens. I’m not even a huge fan of the clan, but it looks like mommy hood has filled her soul.

alex on

We all know what a boob job looks like…need we be bothered

k on

Peculiar-looking dress, but hey, it got her a photograph and a story, and photograph and story = MONEY. Mission accomplished.

Niki on

she looks horrible. She’s trying to hard since being with Kanye to be edgy and different. the lighter hair looks horrible. The super dark lips look horrible. The dress is ill fitting and was made for Giselle, not a short super curvy girl. When she and Kanye break up she will go back to normal. He seems super controlling and I bet he has input in everything she does and wears.

paula on

if you got a boob job too you may show them off like her..i did not even know that was her?? she was much prettier with black hair..NATURAL ..her face does not look good..and i am sure dress is for shock value to show how great she looks after having a baby..probably wearing 2 pairs or 3of spanx lol

sillybeans on

Tacky. This is Paris Fashion Week….not the opening of Dash Miami or some other low rent Kardashian store.

Nancy on

Her spray tan on her chest looks funny

derft on

OMG – she looks awful!!! who wants to see someones milk engorged boobies???

LookingGood2 on

Good Lord I didn’t see it in other photos when people made the comment but he really is trying to morph her into Beyonce! Still can’t believe People gives her so much coverage, especially after she abandoned her infant but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. People give give the child abusing Kate Gosselin the cover a few weeks ago.

derft on

you know what they say – once you go black you never go back…

Di on

There’s no denying, she is a very attractive woman, but the verdict is still out on the dress.

rudy2138 on

How do you go through life thinking you are the end all/be all? There are WAY more important things than how you look, and people looking AT you.

Molly25 on

I doubt she’s still nursing. She has a huge chest to begin with, but I highly doubt she would be able to go out bra-less if she was still nursing. I almost never went without a bra (even around the house) for the two years (total) I nursed my daughters, either because of leaking, or needing the support.

heather on

is she posting pictures of herself that papparazzi took?

Connie` on

I actually like the dress but the boobs just ruin the look. I think it would have looked amazing on someone with a smaller chest. I don’t like this overt, show-the-boobs style she has chosen while in Paris. Didn’t People post a photo of her in jean outfit this morning with her boobs looking just like this? Whatever, it got her the press and us talking so she accomplished what she set out to do. Now when she and her baby daddy get back to L.A. they shouldn’t complain about all the paps stalking them.

MzM on

If I were Kim, I’d be a little concerned that Kanye wanted me to look like Beyonce. On second thought, maybe that’s a question for Jay-Z to ask.

Heather on

she looks orange..what’s with that…

J on

You call this lady a mom, moms’ don’t put their boobs out like that.

Tracy on

Why is this woman so desperate to be like Pamela Anderson, who is also so desperate to show as much boob as possible? Nobody cares that they have no confidence.

Sadie on

She looks like a pirate. Arrrrrr.

Blair on

She looks the worst than ever. The blond hair with her olive complexion looks ridiculous, and her choice of dresses is simply vulgar. No big surprise there.

Tiff on

No one want to see your big mom boobs. She craves so much attention it’s sickening. Pure trash. You can be sexy without having everything hanging out. The hair is terrible too.

Truthfinder on

I agree with another commentor…Can you say, Beyonce look-a-like? Not sure what she is trying to do here?

Charliegirl on

Who say’s she didn’t bring North with her. Don’t make assumptions by looking at a picture. Plus why call her a tramp or her look is piggish. When you think of writing a negative comment, just stuff another bonbon into your pie hole and concentrate on being nice.

Guest on


Dina on

Is it Halloween yet? All she needs is a pointed hat..

WhiteLily30 on

She’s as beautiful as ever, but I really hope this “on trend” makeup will soon change – it’s horrible 90’s style come back again :P She also looks tired and much more evolved since she’s had her baby. It’s nice to see real life in her face, instead of her previous vacant vanity. Oh, and I for one love her blonde hair. Doesn’t looks as good as her dark hair, of course, but it still looks great on her.

Valarie on

This outfit really disappoints me… She is a beautiful woman and doesnt need to expose herself like that…

Nanu 08 on

Does she really think those saggy boobs are sexy? Not a very flattering look for someone who is a new mom who wants her world to be private…….anything to be in the spotlight!!!!!!

Jen on

Trying to look more like Kanye

Lor on

Please stop covering people like the Kardashians, Lindsay Lohan, and Miley Cyrus. We don’t care. Understand? We do not care. Kim K is trash. A piece of trash. Her boyfriend Kayne…is an angry, self absorbed, narcissist . I let my People subscription go because you keep filling your magazine with trash.

kat on

She used to be beautiful, now she looks like every other plastic Barbie doll with blown up lips in Hollywood! Enough already!

Jim on

oink oink

Mary on

Looks like Kanye wants her too look just like Beyonce, she looks miserable.

frances on

what a tramp!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nic on

A lot of you keep saying she left her baby at home. Have any of you thought the baby is probably at her hotel in Paris with a nanny. I am not a fan of Kim kardashian but give the woman a break. Just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you have to give up your passions and what you love to do. IT means you adapt and find a balance between being a parent and keeping your own identity for your sanity

sam on


vkb418 on

talk about a photoshop and chop. fake boobs and all

ally on

Not only is the dress hideous, but the first thing I see is that her boobs are crooked. If you’re going to wear something like that, glue those girls in place or something.

Gkm on

Total Trash!

Elise on

why are y’all such haters? everything she does, people have something negative to say..she left her baby at home with her family? and? so what..she has been home with her baby for 3 months, barely going anywhere..why can’t she have a week with her boyfriend..get over it and stop hating so much

Guest on

What’s wrong with her face?! What’s she doing!! This weird makeup and hair..I miss the old Kim really, she used to dress very nice and colorful …

Mel on

Oh come on! I breastfed all 4 of my kids but I would never put down another woman for choosing not to.

fedupinsfl on

Let’s be real for a minute here. She looks like the TRAMP that she has always been. I think that she should be ashamed of wearing a dress like that. She’s going to be a single Mother because I don’t think Kanye will ever marry her. So maybe she is just advertising what she’s got. She should dye her hair back to her natural color, she doesn’t look good as a blonde. This is just my opinion.

Nica on

She doesn’t necessarily look bad (she’s looked worse!) but kinda pathetic that she needs to constantly name-drop and wear these silly outfits just to stay relevant. Yes, Kim, you got great cans, we know…now go get some self-worth.

A on

TRASH!! And is it just me or is she turning…I guess the PC way of saying it is African American? She wasn’t that dark before…she was always trash, though.

linda becker on

I Love Kim,but I Haate her dress and her hair….She is classic with her dark hair,now she looks like everyone else.

Alan on

Seriously, she looks like what she is. Remember the tape that launched her into fame (or infamy). The world has already seen more than this– although it’s clear she has had tons of plastic surgery since her Ray J Days.

robynmaher on

Here’s an idea. Be a mom to your new baby and don’t go waltzing off to Paris and leave her with a nanny. If you wonder why your child grows up and needs a shrink, look back at these times. You only get one chance when they are little. Don’t wreck it.

Guest on

First thought was….the headline is wrong, it’s Beyoncé!

Marie on

I don’t think it looks good at all, what’s up with all the cleavage out all of a sudden? Even before she had more class with it than this! Over the top isn’t necessary, she is not a bad looking woman!

sfwondergirl on

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have the ability of sight!!!!! What IS that????

Confused? on

Is it just me or does anyone else think her nose looks completely different? It looks like she had a nose job, but took it too far.

whatever on


Jazzicat on

Wow, Kimee is back! Lookin good girl!

Mel on

She looks like a robot! Sad……..she has allowed Kanye West to take over her life. She’ll be left with nothing when it’s over……..including her daughter.

dancer92136 on

She looks good, but too much makeup and spray tan.

shannon on

OMG this doesn’t even look like KIM. Beyonce maybe?? Wow a stricking resemblence. Love the Dress Kim!!!!!

Paula on

omg! she looks horrendous. Kanye can’t really be serious with dressing her. He has zero taste. If this is what high fashion is/costs, I’ll pass, the designs are always tacky, just the like slore wearing it there. Yuck!

lesabre94 on

Whatever has happened to her nose? Looks like she had work done, especially on the nostrils. Now I know why she’s been hiding away. Can only guesss what other work she might have had done.

Yaa Owusuaa Ampofo on

Will you all ever leave kim alone jeez.Let her be

jane on

Kim looks like trash in this dress but unfortunately for her she has to do and wear what Baby Daddy and Prison Guard Mother tell her to do. She truly only cares about fame and fortune and being in the spotlight. Poor baby North!

Roo on

I wonder if she will look back at this pic and be embarrassed that she went to a party half naked?

calienteuno on

Good Grief! Didn’t take long. Self absorption is a nasty evil. The dress is great – – – on a hooker maybe. Who is the real person behind the hair, bronzing, and make-up? She doesn’t even know!

cherie on

No no, the black one she wore the other day showed her nipples through the sheer fabric. This one covers her nipples so its not very revealing at all.

Barb on

Don’t like the look, she looks trampy..

Linda on

She looks like a zombie–not even conscious.

sara on

Supertacky dress! We all know those are implants Kim – not impressed! And you should have never went to Paris and left your baby behind to begin with – be a mother to the child you decided to have!

Khater on

Kim hasn’t smiled for paps since she’s been with Kanye or had that baby. She looks MISERABLE. And, the collagen, blonde, and burgundy are making her look haggard and old.

MR on


MR on

GROSS. GROSS. GROSS. You are NOT blonde. STOP IT!!

MR.W on

GROSS. GROSS. GROSS. There are so many things wrong with this look, her hair being one of the most offensive parts. You are NOT blonde, STOP IT. Those boobies should be at home in her babies mouth.

nico on

Maybe it’s me but it seems that one of the “girls” is larger then the other, and the dark complexion with the dark dress and darker lipstick make a very dark combination. Thanks to the camera lights you can see something. Bad taste, that’s the word for the kardashians!

Khater on

I agree. WAY too big for that dress. And I also agree that she is looking like Beyonce, but a fake, plastic version. While I don’t like Beyonce’s lightened locks, at least she has a pretty, REAL face.

amber on

Why is she orange?

ann kramer on

she needs a better stylist. She always looks so cheap no matter how much the clothes cost. The blond look is horrible, she is all washed out. She is so much more attractive with dark hair. I think she looks gross

kim on


Pat on

Sometimes less is better. It’s obvious she has had basketball implants. She is a beautiful woman on the outside, but lacks self-esteem and can’t satisfy her need for attention. I actually feel a little sad for her. She should set a better example for Northwest.

Too much on

If only she removed
Those v

Crazy on

Wow, this amazes me, I can’t believe she is in Paris away from her daughter. To all of you who say people leave their infants for work all the time. Yes, maybe for one or two or even maybe a whole week but that is typically when the other parent is at home with the child they don’t both leave! Not to mention they usually don’t go to a different continent. My son is 10 and I have still to this day not left him for an entire week. I can’t stand to be away from my kids for more than a week. This would worry any parent!

Too much on

If only she removed that coat and changed the shoe, this will be okay

Jessica on

The only reason she would wear a dress like that is so people start talking about her again! She’s been out of the spotlight for months—so what better way to get your name out there again then by putting your boobs out there for ALL to see?!?! What a tra$hy wh0RE!!!! So gross. Cover up–you look like a h00ker!! And what’s going on with her face?!? She looks SO plastic!!!!!

WTF on



BobaFett on

High fashion doesn’t equal to high class as Kimmy here so perfectly demonstrates. I would rather see a small chested woman wearing this dress than see Kim’s hanging-up-to-her-navel tits squeezing out of it.

/S on

Is it me or does this all seem very similar to TomKat?

Kim is no Katie Holmes, but she seems to have lost her spark, her hair and he clothes are drastically different, baby after not being together too long…just a thought I’ve had the past few months.

Pat on

Sometimes, less is more. I’m not fond of the phony basketball implants. If Kim is truly happy with Kanye, why would she need to show her breasts to the world. She’s beautiful but ugly at the same time. She has self-esteem issues and is a poor role model for her daughter and everyone’s daughters.

patricia on

She is not breastfeeding her baby rather yake off to stupid paris. And it s not her she wishes she looks like that just saw her with her friends in a green jumpsuit not goof

Viv on

I think Kim Kardashian is a pretty girl, I really do (yes, she has curves and yes that tan of hers looks horrendous, but still…she is pretty)…but what’s astonishing to me, is how can someone that has money like her, was once a stylist to artists, and now has the assistance of other stylists dress so poorly?!?!? I CANNOT WRAP MY MIND AROUND THAT…doesn’t she look at herself in the mirror and say “ok, maybe this is too much…” Is it only us??? She gets all winy saying that we judge her for her clothing choices, and that we criticize her weight and blablabla…but when you constantly dress like that(especially in the past 20 months since starting dating Kanye – I’m the Yezus – West her fashion choices have been ridiculous)!! I can’t help it…I wish she was confident with the weight she has, I wish she dropped all the I wanna look “bold and fancy” act and just went with basics for a while…Stop covering your body with huge long jackets (you had a baby 3 months ago…who cares if you are not stick skinny…own it, be proud of it)…and get some support for those boobs…I’m sure your daughter is being well taken care of, but show some respect to her (you have a sex tape, posed for playboy, I mean…we do not need to see your body any further, but your daughter we hear so much about it – when you were 3 months old, I left you in LA with grandma and was going out dressing like this in Paris)…while I’m all for sexy mammas…you are on the verge of being a whorish/trashy mamma with this outfit…get it together woman, get it together and the best of luck…being with Kanye is probably not that easiest thing in the world either!!

wowsers on

I think she looks amazing! Who are others to judge her for her parenting skills – who wouldn’t jet off to France for fashion week IF you could for a few days or a week — as long as the baby is taken care of and in good hands – who cares?!! Amazing how people hate.


TOO MUCH BOOBAGE!!!!!! We know you’re breastfeeding but that’s a little much there!
Come now…she really needs help. Kanye isn’t helping her with that fashion.

Surf City on

Yikes…she’s a spray tanned Halloween harem mess. Do we really need to see her breast feeding boobies hanging all over the place. Even the makeup looks halloweenish. Go home to your baby already.

melissam on

She’s just too…. orange!

JD on

She looks like she’s trying to be Beyonce.

JJ on


JuaniB on

EEK!! Kimmy, if you are reading this – PLEASE STOP WITH THE PLASTIC SURGERY!!

whateveryousay on

if you’re going to buy t!ts, make sure they’re symmetrical…and Beyonce wants her face back

joann on

Does anyone out there think that she is trying to copy the Great and Multi Talented Beyonce with her hair color?

Not that she stands a chance because Beyonce has much more dignity and class than Kim…………….

tiredofthisthing on

She looks HIDEOUS w blonde hair! YUK! And for the love of God, you’re a MOTHER would your STOP dressing like a 3 dollar hooker

Kerricatt on

I think she looks great with the lighter hair. It makes her look lik nicer, like she could be a sweet person.

Reading Between the Lines on

I think she looks unappy.

Leila` on

Sometimes less is sexier than more.

Lolo on

I think Kimmie has lost control of her life. Everything she does revolves around her boyfriend’s dictates.

Halley on

Riccardo Tisci did that horrible floral thing she wore to the Met Ball. I dont think he is talented at all. I dont think she feels comfortable in this. She hasnt lost all her baby weight (which is 100% fine and to be expected) so she’s wearing lots of big coats to cover it up, which completely clashes with the style of dress. The shoes are also really clunky and BAD. I have no idea why she lets Riccardo Tisci style her, because he seems to fail every time. She’s much too pretty for that. She’s also much too pretty for that fried hair color, and the dark lips. She’s just better than this whole look.

tanya on

Why did she let Kanye turn her into beyonce. She looks ridiculous. She looks way better as herself. Also I agree, her boobs don’t look right, unless she had them done. I was always under the impression she had natural ones.

Kristin Thompson on

She looks amazing! I don’t love the shoes with it, but I really like the dress!


Gemni on

It’s all about Kim! Geez woman, put your clothes on and do something in this world besides showing off. You might be pretty, have lots of money but you have no class what so ever.

rjh on

She looks like she’s had some major work done on her face. Probably on the rest of her as well. Isn’t their 15 minutes over yet?

Bob on

BARF! Those boobs are hideous, would be a good dress on someone not disgusting.

Bob on

She also needs to stop the plastic surgery on her face, she has never looked worse.

lc on

is that a halloween costume? sure looks like it.

Jessica on

She is nursing, that’s been said several times. Funny that that’s your assumption though, because you know so much about her life and her personal decisions, right?

Melissa on

She looks great! Not many can pull something like this off! And for those of you who are bashing her for things being speculated upon, shut it! She probably stocked up breast milk and froze it. You’re all just so high and mighty and better than everyone else. Please!

Elise on

So I take it she’s not breast feeding… my boobs sure didn’t look like that after my baby.

Lauren on

I guess when you don’t have anything interesting to say this is what you present to the world. Congrats?

dee on

I think kim is beautiful but I like her with dark hair please put it back and you daughter is beautiful just like mom and for get the haters there just jealous

susanne on

I see the twins are not identical

Jacque on

Looks like Kanye just pimped his ride!

katie on

Kim, we get it already, you have huge cans.

Kica on

Ok K….stop letting K and friends style you and get a REAL stylist. Girl, you can do better than this!

BostonMax on

I think she looks gorgeous. All moms need a break. Stop judging. The baby is ok with grandma .

lesabre94 on

Face looks mask-like now, frozen in place and what is with the oompa loompa color? Is this high fashion now?

Juanita on

What law says she has to breast feed? I think she looks beautiful and healthy. Everyone is fast to trash her. I am not a huge fan of hers but still every slammed Snooki and look at her. She is an amazing mother. No one says that Kim has to stay with her baby 24-7 either. She is allowed to do things without her child. WOW everyone bashing her relax and if you have children then don’t leave them home either.

Deb on

I can’t get past the huge lips.

jocko on

the whiplash comes from throwing up due to an overload of FAT AND UGLY!

Guest on

She is such a PIG. She looks disgusting.

Carrow on

I liked her old style better. Now she’s just trying too hard.

Rosemary on

She sure is beautiful!

Marie on

She looks awful! She looks soooo much better with dark hair and a more neutral lip…the dress is not that bad! Her figure is great post baby!

Kris on

She is a beautiful woman, I don’t understand why she is trying so hard to be noticed in a bad way.

Susie on

So, Kanye really has a fascination with Bey, huh? Turning Kim-ho into his true love?

bkable on

Ummm maybe prior to boob sag… but now? Not so much. Your boobs are too big to be wearing this dress Kimmy!

Joyce on

Sorry but she looks like somethng you take your dog for a walk to do.

Allison on

Am I the only one who thinks that she resembles Beyonce a bit with that hair color? She could easily be mistaken for Beyonce if you briefly glance at the pictures.

summer on

Haters will always hate but Kim looks beautiful. The dress fits her perfect. If some of you had read an earlier article she pumped plenty of milk for their 3 or 4 day trip. Geez, what it must be like to be so negative all the time.

lc on

Kanye should be happy. Slowly but surely, he is turning Kim into his ideal woman who happens to be Beyonce. (not her)

Jjtb on

Being Kanye’s Beard must be a thankless job. She has never look more miserable in recent months.
She has not shown her arms since her 1st trimester, or her famous butt for that matter. I doubt her dress was shown on the runway this covered up.
She used to be pretty and exotic looking. It’s true what they say when you have a daughter. They take away all the mom’s pretty.

Jjtb on

Who cares if someone breast feeds? Is this the Middle Ages? Plus who’s to say they don’t fly private and take the kid to Paris? She IS old enough to fly.

jen on

Looks like a boon job is why we did not see her for a couple months

Dylan on

No need to show that much, period. I do think she looks pretty. Never would have thought she could have pulled off blonde hair, it looks good. Still can’t see her with Kanye, but that’s another story. Kim is really a rich nobody and our society just accepts it all.

Guest on

She looks awful! And that dress is very unflattering.

Melissa on

Still trash

Christain on

Does it matter whether she is breast feeding or not
Your not obliged too so why even bring that up
E whole point of writing a comment is based on her dress and showing cleavage which I think is disgusting to go out in public like that. Like have some class and the blond hair does not suit her

koddie on

Can you say plastic surgery. . .yuk

Theresa on

OMG, she is too much soometimes. Who wears stuff like that? So trashy. Can’t stand her, especially her zoomtan commercials.

Guest on

She looks miserable.

sahali on

Why does she have two big melons strapped to her chest?….

lala989 on

@huh you should rein in that hate before you hurt yourself. Did you know breasts can be pumped and milk saved? No? Kim looks great. I’d support those knockers a bit more but she looks good.

gerry on

She don’t smile anymore….don’t look happy in any photos lately…miss dark hair …was attractive too…why all the changes….since becoming mom? Not flattering…at all.. on

it took kimmie to lose some weight since june, after the kid was born. she is a disgrace to motherhood, showing her sagging and I mean sagging footballs, too, everyone. gross, kanye must hang alike a baby monkey, ha, ha, ha. kris humpfries , can consider you lucky, away from big, and I mean BIG butt kimmie. ha, ha.

Guest! on

I feel sorry for Kim. Whoever helped her dress did not put the double sided tape on evenly, that is why her breasts look uneven. She does not look happy at all as she probably realized this too late. Also I don’t understand why people are criticizing her for leaving Nori at home while she is away. Many parents travel without their children, including babies, It does not make them bad parents. A three month old is better left at home with responsible a nanny than to travel overseas to Europe especially when her parents are going to be extremely busy and out all hours of the days and nights.

becca on

She so doesn’t look good. She looked a lot prettier with dark hair. She looks so fake with blond hair- trying to looking like something shes not. Very tacky. Sorry

jenni on

Bay-On-Say. Exactly.

& her boobs are lopsided.

Rachael Ross on

She is a beautiful woman that needs to go back to her dark hair, smile(if you want) and not wear something that looks like a Halloween costume and that dark lipstick a definite no. When you get your tan make sure your cleavage crease is also involved otherwise it is very obvious. She has a nice figure but this look does nothing for her.

guest on

well, she can pull it off. But congrats people for writing an article with a bad title (implying things that aren’t there) about a freaking dress.

@huh on

yeah, and then people like “huh” come along, attracted by the title and spout their uninformed “opinion” off. internet phorums are so patient with stupid people.

Judy on

I used to like her…but ever since she’s been with KW, she dresses so trashy!!!

Lynn on

Unfortunately, this insecure self made celebrity must keep herself “out there” to remain in the spot light. Kim reminds me of a high school girl who will do anything to be popular, including dating bad boys and having a baby. Poor baby, will go through life with self absorbed parents and shallow thoughts of what happiness really is…oh but she will grow up with over priced everything and will have a Range Rover or a Bentley at sixteen!

Terri on

She looks like the tramp she is.

Margo on

She is Kim Kardashian.. paid out thousands on boob jobs and body tucks etc.. she wants to show it off let her go right ahead,, nothingshe can do will make her a “proper” mother..she is prob glad to get clothes on to show her figure is good.. people like this do this kind of thing.. its Hollywood expect nothing less..and she will prob have a nanny like all the other Hollywood mothers do.. she is a very beautiful woman though have to give her that.. nothing wrong with going out even if its a fashion show.. its the way of women these days,. especially in Hollywood

Guest on

She looks much better when her hair is the natural color

Kim on

Is it just me or is Kanye trying to turn her into Beyonce?

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