Kim and Kanye Do New Parents' Night Out a Little Differently Than the Rest Of Us

09/30/2013 at 12:40 PM ET

Kim Kardashian Kanye West ParisGetty; Fame; Pacific Coast News

For some new parents, the first date night out after baby might consist of dinner and a movie while constantly checking their cell phones for any word from the babysitter. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (surprise!) are not your average new parents.

The couple arrived at Paris Fashion Week in typically glamorous style — and with the seeming intent to prove that Kardashian has wasted no time in working on her fitness. The mogul appeared by her man’s side in coordinating casual outfits; she in a Max Mara coat draped over her skintight leggings and comfortable tee, he in jeans, a chain and Chukka-style shoes.

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Then while she slipped into a second-skin, high slit camel dress and strappy sandals (not pictured), clearly designed to show off that postbaby bod, West tried a very different look in a tie-dye shirt, long raincoat and fringed moccasins. But the couple was back in step for the Givenchy show that night, both showing off some cleavage in all-black outfits. Hers was sheer, leg-baring and ruffly, while his was sleek and serious. And judging from the amount of front-row nuzzling that was going on, he’s really into her new blonde hair.

Are you into the couple’s synchronized Parisian style?

–Alex Apatoff

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kourt on

You look nice Kim, …but, listen, stop dressing like you are skinny!!! just embrace your fuller bod. ok. jeez

ShoeDiva on

She looks great and HAPPY. Go K&K!!! Eff the haters!

Missy on

These two always look like cr*p!!!

Me on

She is trying to look like Beyoncé with her new hair color!!!!!!!!!!!

Lesli on

Looks like Kanye is trying to make her into a wannabe Beeyawnsay….uhmmmm..could he have a “thang” for Jay Z’s wife?????

sara on

I am so disgusted that these two prioritize fashion shows in foreign countries over the psychological wellbeing of their 3 month old daughter! They are bad parents for leaving such a young baby behind!

Mia on

Dislike the blonde

KellyGreen on

kourt – couldn’t agree with you more!

kinny on


LisaT on

Looks like an overstuffed chiffon sausage

Surf City on

Yikes they both dress badly…tie dyed, ripped jeans and tight clothes. Money really can’t buy taste.

Mariah on

So sad that bonding with their baby is not a priority.

courtney on

leaving a 3.5 month old that was born prematurely to trot off to Paris nearly 6,000 miles away for fashion week is irresponsible. I’m reminded of when the producers of the 74th Oscars called Faith Hill and asked her to fill in for Whitney Houston singing somewhere over the rainbow she was reluctant at first to leave her three young daughters the youngest of whom was the same age as North is who was born Severely premature due to life threatening issues weighing less than 4lbs at birth granted the girls were left in the loving care of their father Tim McGraw and their grandparents Ted & Edna Perry and Faith left Los Angeles after the ceremony was over because she couldn’t stand being away from her children

Christine on

The skirts really bad fit!! Especially around her hips…just dont know what to make of the constant matching…if he didnt want attention&constant cameras n his face whyd he go w a reality star, shes got a reality show!! Its lik complaining over chocolate cake you just ate!!

noelle on

Kanye is dressing her like Beyoncé His one truelove!!!

Tn on


Tina on

All these pictures prove that clearly all the $$ in the world can note buy class or style!

Elijah Rodriguez on

They havent been out since the birth (kim anyways) so lay off.

jenelle on

Big girls should dress like big girls. Why does Kanye always look so dirty?

MrMonkee on

What is really sad is that the holey jeans he likes to wear probably cost more for one pair than my entire wardrobe costs and I go out of my way to NOT wear clothes with holes and he seems to seek them out. Go figure. I guess he is in style and I’m not!

guest on

sara and Lisa T. took the words right out of my mouth!

GGA on

A mother who leaves her 3 month old baby to party in Paris is despicable. Shame on her for not Breastfeeding – which we know is best – and bonding with her baby. She will never get back this time with North. What kind of person does that? Xo a real mom

Wowzers on

I can’t get over HER KNEEEEEEES! Lol

Gina on

They both look ridiculous. I hope they stay in Paris and never come back to LA.

query on

Why would a guy hookup with a woman who looked one way and the reinvent her?
why would a woman permit it? why would you leave a baby so soon?

joanne1965 on

they both look horrible. period.

amy on

Whats going on with her lips? Woah – the hair, clothes, lips… she looks like a cartoon character now :/

cami on

Sara, where does it say they left the baby at home? How do you know they didn’t travel with the baby. I am not a KK fan at ALL, but I don’t understand how you can make judge them on something you know nothing about.
On another note, that is not a flattering dress for her. She may be a beautiful woman, but she does tend to dress inappropriately for her body type.

Stevia on

Holy Judgy Judies….her baby is almost 4 months old, not a brand new just home from the hospital newborn. Lots of moms have to go back to work when their babies are just 6 weeks out of necessity, and travel for business. Do you judge them as well? Parents taking a trip without their kids is actually not a horrible thing. Kim was out of the public eye for quite some time after her baby was born. You people are tough! I’m not a Kardashian fan by any means, but some of these comments are over the top. All that aside, where does it say the baby is not in Paris with them?

GJ on

Kanye looks like a hobo in middle picture!

Julia on

Glamorous my arse! LOL

nikol on

wow, she look bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hide the boobies please, they are not pretty to look at.

Evelyn Smith on

She looks big as a house. And she is trying to cover herself with that HUGE beige jacket. Can’t even comment on the hair and how silly that looks.

Tinika on

She is wayyyyy to overweight to be wearing tight clothing. Why, her knee alone is the size of a football player’s upper leg.

Debbie on

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture where Kanye was smiling.

Debbie on

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture where Kanye was smiling. I wonder what it’s like living with him.

Tinika on

The size of her booty and the size of her knee alone are absolutely humongus. Girlfriend needs to ditch the tight clothes ….she’s way too overweight. As for her boyfriend, well, he always looks like a first-class dufus….

Betty on

All I can say if 15 pounds of baloney stuffed in a 5 pound sack.

Anna on

She’s fat! People you need to see eye doctor, when you writing she’s skinny

Surf City on

Her baby is not with her…other news clearly state she left baby at home with grandma kris who is at a day trip boozing it up herself! Her sisters are also caring for her newborn while she jets herself to paris. Still think she’s a great mom?

Rose on

Puke and Puke

Marg on

leggings? why do people who are not by any means thin feel the need to wear them and usually w/o a shirt to cover their big behind? for a person with all her money seems sloppy and tacky. and as for the dress, looks a size too small. she needs to realize she isnt a size 2 and dress for her body type.

BiteMe on

She still look like a fat cow.

pam m. on

Is it just me or does she look like she had a little face work dine?

pam m. on

oops… I meant face work done! lol

maggie on

They both look ridiculous ! He looks like a slob and she really should start wearing clothes that FIT her !

David on

Wow momma! She’s huge and dressing like a skinny girl. Bratwurst!

Sara on

That dress looks bad, yep she dresses like if she were skinny. She is still fat, but she’ll get in shape soon. Don’t embrace the big bod Kim, you know it’s not right for you. Overweight people don’t care about themselves, they are lazy and are not willing to do the work and eat right and we all know it.

flyawayKs on

Gag. Dumb and Dumber just got real.

adeline on

she looks fat and sloppy

liz on

how many layers of Spanx?

diana on

She looks like a cow!!

Kat on

Is she trying to emulate Beyonce with her hair?

duvet on

WOW..all that $ & both look bad. To me they never look “Happy”. The pic in the dress. they both look angry and are not even touching each other. The choice of a black tight dress is not helping her at all. The hair, well, she is def not Beyoncé and he is no JayZ. What are they doing to each other? They look miserable.

duvet on

Wow…all that $ and they look bad. They do not look Happy to me. The pic in the black clothing, they both look angry and are not even touching each other. The dress, well that isn’t helping at all! What are they doing to each other? The hair..well she’s no Beyoncé and he’s def no JayZ. Gosh, they look miserable together.

tom holleman on

Look How Wide Her Back side is… WOW!!!!!!!!!

tom holleman on

Kim’s butt is so big that when she takes a bath, she leaves a RING AROUND THE LAKE…

Samela on

I have nothing nice to say about either one of these ——– so
I’ll just keep my mouth shut and watch everyone else post what I want to say hahahahaha

stephanie on

I have no problem with Kim at all. But why does she always wear clothes that are two sizes too small for her? She would look so much better in clothes that fit.

mrsmass on

How did People come to the conclusion that Kim is working on her fitness?

Sebastian on

Ugh will these two please just go away. Stop taking pictures and talking about them and they they will go away!



Cindy Ware on

Yikes! Put your nursing bra back on!!

suzydiamond on

She looks like a cow.

becca on

@Sara – lighten the freak up! The “psychological well-being” of the 3 month old? Do you really think a few days away is ruining this baby? Then I feel HORRIBLE for all of the people in the military (myself included) who had to return to work and TDYs and deployments. And don’t argue that it’s different. That 3 month old baby doesn’t know whether Kim and Kanye are deployed, at fashion week, or in the shower.

Agc0819 on

Omg. You guys are all incredible! First off as a few mentioned where does it mention they left their child in LA. Many stars travel with their kids and bring babysitters or nanny’s. Secondly one person mentioned breast feeding? Really. I’m a mom to a 4 year old that I changed my life for. I couldn’t breast feed ,am I bad mother? Lastly she has changed her hair blonde in the past before beyond. Do your research! Also yes she doesn’t always chose the best outfits for her body. We all know that! She’s got a gorgeous curvy body but sadly she tends to wear things that don’t flatter. To call her fat? Etc, oouf now I see what wrongs with the world. If we attack people for stupidities ,no wonder theres bullying in schools. Kids learns from these types of adults! Positive words people. You can give an opinion while sounding educated and smart and not ignorant and hateful.

Agc0819 on

Wow, some of your comments are so disgusting.
First off nowhere does it say they left the baby in LA. Many stars travel with their kids but of course have nanny’s and babysitters while they go to events.
Secondly Kim has been blonde before. Do your research! Has nothing to do with Beyonce.
Thirdly someone mentioned breastfeeding. I’m a woman who has a 4 year old son that I ADORE. Changed my whole world for and I couldn’t breast feed? I guess i’m a bad mother. If that’s what makes you a good mother.
Lastly i’m not a big Kim fan or kanye, however i’ve been reading so many posts from people and finally I have to write.
Now I see why there are so much bullying in schools etc. Kids learn from these types adults. The ones who judge and comment without looking at themselves. Use hateful words! My son doesn’t even use the word FAT or SKINNY cause I tell him they can hurt someone’s feelings.
You can give comments without being so ignorant and hateful. How about you guys sound more educated with your comments and smart.
Words are hurtful even if you are a celebrity! Chose your words wisely around your kids. You so called mothers that are ‘real’ mothers.
My mother always say think before you speak and if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it at all!
Now that was a good mother!

Gina on


gerry on

She doesn’t look happy…n with all their money ..they .dress slobby…dont get it .. plus ill fitting..know takes time to lose the baby weight..but I’m sure can get more appropriate fitting cute clothes…why is she listening to him…hair etc…more attractive with dark hair too…don’t get it…

Beets on

That dress looks painfully tight!! How embarrassing for her… and he’s no better… looks like he crawled out of a dumpster.

Beets on

I’m embarrassed for her wearing something that tight and unflattering. And him? Looks like he crawled out of a dumpster!!

dp on

Lisa T…that is so so funny.
KK is way too arrogant and self centered, you can see it on her show. Now she’s kind of porked up.

Lola on

Oh my!!! They both look horrible, especially Kim! What was she thinking wearing the black outfit?! Who is the stylist of this woman?! Anyways, I wonder if she is breastfeeding her baby, ’cause if she is, she shouldn’t be out there. Poor North, aside from her name, her parents don’t know which one to prioritize..

Nanu 08 on

Another boring article…..Kim&Kanye =YAWN!!!!ZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!

sara on

Cami and Stevia, you guys are so behind and wrong on all levels. Kim and Kanye did NOT take Nori with them. There is a video on TMZ proving they travelled WITHOUT her. Check your facts before you make comments. The fact that Kim and Kanye are bad parents remains! You don’t leave a 3 month old behind to attend fashion shows for several days in a distant country! That’s disgusting and immoral! They obviously want attention!

sam on

Kim looks awful two pounds of bologna in a one pound bag still stuffing herself into clothers even she cant possible say she looks good in that photo but then again she is blind to most everything in life nice that she leaves a 3 month old

Star on

Has she stopped looking in the mirror after she gets dressed? Shes not a skinny girl yet she continues to dress like one. Give it up girlfriend you look like your about to POP out of your clothing.

kim on

she has ruined her hair.

anna pepe on

Some one is trying to look like Byonce. Which one has the crush on her??

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