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Jen on

I’m not trying to sound pessimistic but they’ve been dating for three months and are engaged and she was already previously engaged. I really don’t think this will last.

Gojo on

She was dating Henry Cavill in July, so she’s hardly been with Ryan for 3 months, maybe 2, tops. I hope they have a long engagement because most marriages don’t last when you get married this quickly. I wish them the best, but take time to really get to know each other.

Lindsay on

I thought she was just with Henry Cavill. That’s quick! But I wish her happiness! Love her on Big Bang!

anie on

My parents met, got engaged, and married in the span of 3 months and are still happily married 43 years later!

rene on

They haven’t even known each other that long

Mary on

I love her and I am happy for her, I got engaged 6 weeks after meeting my husband and last month we were married 33 years of marriage.

Andrea on

Agreed…she was JUST canoodling with Henry Cavill in July and is now engaged to someone new…talk about moving on to the extreme! Each to their own and I truly hope she is happy but pretty sure things should slow down!

kay on

three months??!! ha!! are they for real?? they will be split before they are even married. no one “knows” after just 3 months. its the “honeymoon” stage…everyone thinks they want to spend thier life with their partner in this stage. she needs to cool her jets and be realistic…

Teknosbeka on


Guest on

Was she NOT just dating someone else? And was she NOT engaged just last year? She seems alittle desperate to me. I think there must be something wrong with this girl. Johnny Galecki seems to be the only one that didn’t actually get engaged to her. Sounds like a smart man.

Niki on

Oh yes,this will last *roll eyes*. For those of you saying you married after 3 mos and it lasted … Please stop comparing your simple life in Ohio with Hollyweird. Comparing apples and oranges.

Happyascanbe on

Sorry to all you downers, but my husband of 16 years and I were engaged just over 3 months after we first met, married a few months later and 3 kids later are still as happy as can be.

cakegirl on

I met my husband in a Sept., got engaged in November and married in February (1988/89). We will be celebrating our 19th anniversary this coming Valentine’s Day. You just never know and far be it for me to poo poo what somebody feels. I hope she’s happy regardless.

vinn on

It won’t Jen, just like the last guy that played Superman, this engagment will never last.

Sonia on

Well I wish her well! I met my hubby and 2 wks later we were married! We just celebrated 22ys this past April! So you never know, you have to want to make it work!

Leigh on

I dated my husband for less than 2 months before we moved in together. We were married less than 6 months after that. 14 years and 2 kids later, we are still happy. Sometimes you just know.

K on

3 months? Geeeez! Wonder when the baby’s due??

lg on

Way too soon….

Angela on

Wasn’t she just dating superman this past summer?!

noname4me on

I just read her Wikipedia page that she just ended an engagement to somebody else on March 2012 boy, she doesn’t waste anytime moving on id she?

Broadwayfan on

Don’t get me wrong..I love Kaley to bits. But, isn’t this, like, her 3rd engagement in a year and a half? She just broke up with a fiance right before she got with this guy.
Looks I’m repeating what’s been said. I wish her well, and an engagement long enough to know for sure.

Pam on

3 mos? is she for real ? yah that’s gonna last. NOT!

jane on

@anie – that’s nice for your parents but in reality your parent’s successful marriage is an anomaly.

William on

I met my wife on Sept 8,1961 we were married Dec 21, 1961 this December will be 52 years. Best of luck Kelly.

Yanina on

I read on another site that she was sporting this ring on a movie set where the title included “Marriage”. Maybe this is just a prop.

abusymom on

i think she needs to be with Johnny ;)

rain on

Wow way too early

guest on

Her and Henry was a showmance. Hopefully this thing is real.

weezer on

This girl gets around and I’m sure she was just recently engaged to someone else?!

Deb Champagne on

Her gown she wore to the Emmys was absolutely gorgeous! I hate it when she was barely mentioned in all the talk about what (or who) everyone was wearing. I hop she and Ryan have a long and happy life together!

Ashley on

I would say it’s a good rule of thumb to get to truly know one another before getting married. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t know it’s the right person soon after meeting him/her. I met my husband over 10 yrs ago and I knew he was The One after 1 week. But we didn’t get married for many yrs. Granted she got engaged early but don’t all married couples say “I just knew he was the one”? So, I wish her well.

Canada on

I dated my husband for about 1 month before he asked me to marry him. Now I am 44 years old and we have been married for 24 years. It can work, would I want my kids to do it? Umm, HE ( double hockey sticks LL ) NO!

Truthfinder on

Three months is typically NOT long enough to know someone to get engaged. Maybe this is a typical “Hollywood” engagement where they almost never marry anyway.

Karen on

Sometimes you DO just know, I was engaged 2 months after we met (about 2 months after a long relationship break up too) and we married 8 months after that. We are at 6 years so far! It CAN work, I wish her the best.

Suzie on

Is she pregnant, or on the rebound? I give this 2-3 months max.

Diana on

It’s true that yes, you can meet someone and in a short time no that this is the one, marry and have a long loving relationship…but in the world of celebrities this is not a fact. She just came out of one relationship where she was engaged and now just after 2 months, not 3, she is madly in love again and engaged…where is the inbetween time? The one and only long lasting relationship by two actors was Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman, now that was a love story and a lasting one.

JD on

I knew within the first month after meeting my husband. We moved in together after 3 months and got engaged 6 months after meeting. We’re celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary next month. Sometimes, when you know, you know.

Beekaki on

Live and let live. Who knows! Maybe he is the right one :)

Carol on

Well, my parents were dating for 5 weeks when they got engaged, and it worked for them, so who knows!!

emma on

Wow, they eeally do move fast in Hollywood. No wonder their relationships/marriages don’t last. At least George Clooney did the smart thing – he got married ONCE and decided it was best thst he doesn’t do it again.

Maybe these celebrities should take a BREATHER in between relationships and discover who they are etc and then commit to someone long term – even if they just live together but never marry.

Anon. on

For those who said that “my parents got married within 3 months and have been happily married for 40+ years” or “I met and married my husband and we’ve been together for 30+ years”, please remember that divorce rates today are MUCH different than now. So are our views on divorce. Was it taboo back then? Maybe. But today, esp. in Hollywood, it’s so common to see divorces happen, so don’t compare these celebs to your love life or your parents love life. The past is so different from now, that our ways of living, our society, our culture, etc. is not as ‘intimate’ as in the past. Back then, there was MORE communication, and by communication, I mean verbal and also, handwritten letters. Nowadays, it’s all texts and social media. Everyone is so invested in technology that people are not spending as much time outdoors as they used to… I hope you guys get my drift.

labiz12 on

wow…that was quick..i didnt even know she was in a relationship!

Deb on

Knowing someone for a longer length of time doesn’t mean anything. My parents knew each other for 3 days and got married on the 4th. They have been married for 51 years. My husband and I had our 1st date in March and were married in October and we have been married 26 years. I think it has more to do with values and being willing to work through the difficult times.

Allison on

For all the negativity here, I have to counter that with some positivity. I dated my husband for 2 months before we got engaged and we’ll be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary next week. And, I was under 20 when we got married – no I wasn’t pregnant! So stop with the ‘this won’t last’ and ‘they don’t know each other’. She doesn’t walk into your house and tell you how to live your life.

Allison on

So much hate here for her! I dated my husband for 2 months before we got engaged and we’ll be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary next week. And, I was under 20 when we got married – No I wasn’t pregnant. So what’s with all the ‘I don’t think this will last’ and ‘they don’t know each other’? She doesn’t walk into your house and tell you she doesn’t think you should be married – but with so much hate in your heart, I’m sure it’s a happy one, isn’t it?

Charliebro on

I think that she just keep getting blessed by the day I love her and the others on the show in front of the camera and all behind the cameras. To the gang of co- workers and personal life looks like growing happiness I have nothing but praise for her and hope and pray that she keep the happiness growing in every way Congratulations you please a lot of co- work s good friends and most of all family and people that get to watch you do what ever comes next for you work.

lisa on

I am happy for those who found long lasting love after that short of a time, my grandparents did it as well after three dates and over 50 years together. But reality is, that is not normal, especially for those of younger generations. I for one was not that lucky, I ended up becoming a widow of an alcoholic that hid it well, but I still would never had a clue after that short of time. Very long engagement is needed for her to actually get to know this guy.

Lisa on

She goes through men like she goes through flip flops! It will never last!

lisa on

Ps. I forgot to add that I agree with Niki, Hollywood/sports marriages are not like regular relationships, they have a lot more going against them unfortunately. She has always seemed like a really nice gal, I wish her the best!

lisa on

Another ps. That was not me Lisa who said the flip flopping, mine were the other Lisa’s around that. Talk about bad timing for two Lisas answering, lol!

ouiser on


Kim on

If this marriage actually takes place I predict it will last about 3 months

nick on

Oh God no… I LOVE her…she is so funny..but 3 months?! What’s the rush? Live a little and get to know him first!… I hope im wrong, but i dont see this ending well…

Jay on

Her decisions in real life are as bad as Penny.

Jay Jay on

Here decisions in real life are as bad Penny.

eho on

Where can I find her pants? I’m always on the look out for comfy outfits for weekend errands. Love her style!

missym on

They said on E! that this may not be her ring since this is from the set of her movie.

Jody on

Poor me… I’ve never met a guy who wanted to marry me in a hurry, let alone at all.

D on

I thought that was a pic of Nichole Ritchie!

Mel on

Sometimes it happens that fast, folks. I met my husband in October and by January we were engaged. We’ve been married 7 years.

NickyAngel on

Wasn’t she dating Henry Cavill the other day…shoo, that was fast.

Being realistic on

The common thing w people that post that they dated for a short time before marriage is and marriage values r not what they used to b so to compare is hardly worth mentioning..its too soon and her history of bouncing from one guy to another proves it. No offense meant to ones whose marriages have lasted b/c that’s what taking those vows is about and Hollywood many times doesnt value it!

Melissa on

While I wish them both years of happiness if this is what they truly want, I find it a little suspicious that the news drops and is confirmed by her publicist the day of the Big Bang’s season premiere/

Hildie on

Her new fiancé of the month. Who will be giving her a ring next month?

gerry on

Sometimes you get lucky & just know they’re The One♥♡♥Good Luck & Much Happiness♥♡♥

rlb237 on

Wow this girl moves FAST!

gerry on

Sometimes you just get lucky & meet The One♥♡♥Good Luck & Much Happiness♥♡♥

Dess on

Ummm…. Engagement? Wasn’t she just in love with Henry Cavill and that ended like the next day… she JUST started dating this dude right? Ugh… I so wish celebrities would slow down. She seems like such a sweet girl. Best of luck!!

Jen on

It seems like she meets random guys and gets engaged literally after 3 months of knowing them then they break up and she meets someone else to get engaged to. The thing is that it doesn’t matter how long you know the person bc if you want you can make it work with anyone, if two people are willing to make it work it will work. It’s not the person you married it’s how much effort you are wiling to put in it. That’s why so many arranged marriages work.

Amy on

Got engaged after 2 months, and have been happily married for over 15 years now. And yes, I had just broken up with a guy when I met him. I don’t live in Hollywood’s world, but a marriage after that quick of a courtship CAN last!

kl on

cakegirl, if yu got married in 1989, and you will be celebrating your 19th anniversary in February 2014, you cannot count very well. That would be 25 years.

Cheri on

I met and married my husband all in about a month. We have now been married for 8 1/2 years. You don’t always need to date someone for years to know if its right. Sometimes you just know.

BensMom on

Ring’s nice, but tell me more about that bag!

jaci on

this kind of thing can work in the real world, but hollywood isnt the real world…. i love her to death on bing bang theory and hope she knows what she’s doing!!

Dee on

I believe it can happen and last. I met my husband and married him within 3 months we have been married a year and a half and are still in love like the first day. People have been skeptics when they find out how quick we met and committed ourselves to each other, but when you know , you know. I love reading the two comments of ladies that met their prince and married and are still married. If they truly love each other and are willing to weather out the rough parts and ignore the negative it can totally last! Good luck Kaley and Ryan!!

Kristen on

Henry Cavill and Her were just to get some extra press for his movie. That lasted all of 4 seconds. They were photographed, what, once together? Who knows how long she’s actually been dating Ryan out of the public eye. They could have just gone public 3 months ago because she had to put on a “show” with Superman. Just saying.

Jane on

We were engaged 3 months after we met, and married 53 weeks after we met. We’ve been married now for 18 years, and while it hasn’t been perfect, we are committed to working things out. I can’t imagine myself with anyone else, he’s my best friend, and neither of us are willing to walk away. If Kaley Cuoco has found a great man, I hope things work out for her and they stay committed to each other, till death do they part. Too many couples these days just don’t want to put in the work needed to sustain a marriage.

Dani on

Poor girl – she seems a litle boy-crazy …

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