See Miley Cyrus's Latest Tattoo

09/25/2013 at 10:13 AM ET

2013 Emmy Awards After Party Fashion Courtesy Miley Cyrus

After her VMA performance, numerous twerk moments and outfits like this, we’re not really surprised by anything Miley Cyrus does anymore. But she managed to get our attention with her latest tattoo (and the location of said tattoo), because it’s actually pretty tame. Correction: It’s pretty tame … for her!

Cyrus celebrated her first Rolling Stone cover — on which she poses completely topless of course — by inking the magazine’s name on the balls of her feet.

“#rattatattat @RollingStone,” the 20-year-old singer shared on Instagram, along with a snap of her tat that reads “ROLLING $TONE.”

“People get tattoos of the most f—-d up s—t,” she tells the magazine in the new interview. “Did you know Alec Baldwin has Hannah Montana’s initials tattooed on him? No, wait—Stephen Baldwin. He said he was my biggest fan, and I told him my biggest fans have tattoos. So he got ‘hm’ tattooed on his shoulder.”

Cyrus’s tribute to the mag marks the first tattoos on her feet, but the pop star has close to 20 more. Last year, she got a quote on her forearm from Teddy Roosevelt’s 1910 speech, “Citizenship in a Republic.”

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“It’s about how people judge who wins and who loses, but they’re not the ones in there fighting,” she says. “It’s about critics.”

Interesting fact: Her ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth also got a passage from the same speech on his forearm.

What do you think of Cyrus’s latest ink?

–Brittany Talarico

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Showing 144 comments

Carson on


Di on

Please, stop with the Miley posts at this point. The more you post about her shocking behavior, seems the more she is willing to do to “get in your face.”

I personally feel she needs a bit of time away from the spotlight to regroup and really find self.

heather on

sweet prison tat. what’s next, a tear drop tattoo on the corner of her eye?

ted on

she’s great for the sale of CONDOMS!!!!!!!

Elise on

Is Amanda Bynes orchestrating this from her mental suite?

Tara on

At this point I don’t come here to read about her life….I could give a rip. I come here to read the comments. Please stop the madness People Magazine. Even TMZ has dumped her as hot topic news.

Rolyat on

Hopefully she has invested $125M fortune wisely. Because at the rate she is going her career will be destroyed.

Jjtb on

Lol I’m so old (40s) I read it as Rolling $ Tone and thought what’s that mean.
I hope Rolling Stone is paying her for the free advertising and I’m looking forward to her AARP tattoo later in life.
She has turned herself into an eye roll.

whateveryousay on

she’s repulsive

WTF on

This girl disgusts me BADLY.

Chrissy on

Lol @ heather. Too funny.

Lisa on

When the headline on the main page said Miley got a new tattoo and you’ll never guess where, I thought it was going to be on her tongue. ;-P

Sacmar on

Um, okay. I don’t get it.

Mom of 5 on

Looks like Sharpie to me

Carmen on

I thought it would be on her tongue lol!!!

Heather on

Just when I think she can’t possibly be more idiotic, she goes and proves me wrong. What a wreck. I hope she gets the psychological l help she so desperately needs.

db on

What a joke! Do something useful girl, LIKE GROW UP!

Kayla on

I was hoping it was on her face

Leigh on

I’d love to comment, but I’m too busy smacking my own head with the keyboard for even clicking on another Meltdown-Miley story

Glenn on

What next? Setting herself on fire? Oh wait, MJ already did that. @Miley: Getting a frontal lobotomy would be a real shocker!

It's Just Me on

@ Leigh lmao!!!!

Jodie on

I think Miley needs help – NOW!

Wendy on

She is not as bad as her older brother Trace in terms of ink~

stormy on

I will be off in no time… your feet are constantly exfoliating so really it is not like its permanent .. that is the only reason they told her to put it there. lol… does it really matter though.

michael on

i cant tell you how sick to death i am of hearing about miley cyrus. she’s really not even talented. if you have to invent something even more shocking to do every time to appear, then its not your talent keeping you afloat, its just simple shock value.

stormy on


bibledoctor on

miley is evil she is possessed she needs a pastor or a witch doctor. selah

Zen on

Strange place for a tat. She’s going to be off her feet for a week or two until they heal…I’m sure that won’t be too much of a problem for her. Just sayin.

mrt on

the forehead would have been a better place…..grow up girl!!!!!

Lil Luv on

She’s a train wreck!!

Royalredusa on

I think there’s a typo. Didn’t you mean that the tattoo was “lame” instead of “tame”.

MrMonkee on

I click on stories like this solely for the purpose of seeing how many people post comments about how they hate someone and wish they would go away and wonder why People continues to write stories about these people (Miley,Kim,Kanye etc) but STILL haven’t figured out that these people they say they hate and can’t stand stay relevant because the so-called haters keep them relevant by continually posting comments telling us how much they hate someone and wish they would go away.
You are all your own worst enemy,understand?

Amber on

I’m stunned she doesn’t have one on her *bleep*, can we get over her now? She’s getting mighty boring and predictable… she needs to get private lessons from Madonna.

Nanu 08 on


Nola on

A good father would not support this behavior, but BRC has been quoted on tv saying, “that’s my Miley”. Now wonder she is such a rotten trainwreck!

Amber on

geeez, I thought she got one on her *bleeep* – can you quit wasting time on her, now? She’s gotten boring and predictable. Worse than Modonna

Amber on

will yall quit wasting time on her? she’s gotten boring and predictable, worse than Madonna.

Sally on

Miley has begun her meltdown. Shaved head – tattooing feet – and the tongue bit. She is closely following Lohan, Spears, Bynes – what a shame.

tabitha on

They are not real geez tattoos don’t smudge! Leave the kid alone already

Stephanie on

She’s an imbecile, that tattoo is going to rub off. You shed the skin on your feet and hands a lot faster than anywhere else. Tattoo artists usually won’t even bother doing them. In a few years it won’t even been there anymore. Hopefully the same will go for her music and face.

Carrie M on

How utterly….stoopid!!

geri on

get a grip and hang on tight….don’t you get it people are starting to dislike you more and more…..stay in Europe like david hasselhoff the other has been…..the more you try to win people over the worse it is….I haven’t heard one decent comment about you other than your father

N on

When I read the title of the article I thought, oh no! she got a tattoo on her tongue.. she’s got some serious problems…

msliftbig on

She’s in dire need of help. How desperate is she for attention? You already lost your fiancee, why not hold on to your dignity?!

Lindsay on

The Rolling Stone article clearly states that when she arrived for the interview, she had Rolling Stone written on the bottom of her feet…in BALLPOINT PEN

dimples on

In a few years from now this girl will be a guest on Dr. Phil or Jerry Springer show.

dimples on

Ms. Miley & family will turn out to be a guest on Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil

Footie Fetish on


Kerricatt on

Really dumb. Not to mention, OW!!!

Neal on

Man, pretty dirty feet…I wonder what the reat of her personal hygiene habits are- ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

whocares on

who cares

dimples on

Ms. Miley, in a few years from with family, will be on Dr. Phil or Jerry Springer Show

dennis blood on

You know, it nice to part of Miley’s body that I think her Dad would
be ok with.
It is better then a toe tag like on”CSI”


Polly on

Fortunately, I didn’t grow up when the Internet was easily accessible and tattoos weren’t that big of a deal. I’d be completely regretting it now. Miley might feel the same way someday, but right now she’s just a dumb kid having fun.

ace ventura on

When it comes to Miley Cyrus, nothing strikes us as unusual. As a matter-of-fact, we expect this.

gianna on

There should be one written across her forehead – NARCISSIST

jeffrey wilson on

she looks like a pig. she should be taken off of the cover and out of the mag. rolling stone what has happened to you? please rethink your bs.

me on


csunbean on

LONG LIVE MILEY.. She is real and doesn’t care what we think.. and she shouldn’t.. Stars that are PR packages are a dime a dozen. Keep being Miley

Noneya on

OMG! What will she think of next!?! Poor little rich girl – nobody loves her/nobody wants her – guess she’ll just keep on being wacked out until she either dies or gets the attention she is so obviously craving!

Chris on

Next she will be shaving her head. There is nothing original about her at all.

Emry on

huge waste of money, i guess when you have tons of it, it doesnt matter how you throw it away.

GeezLouise on

Man, she is going to be one haggard tatted up looking lady when she gets older, and lady is putting it nicely!

OhMy! on

What a POS she is.

Nannyto1 on

If it’s a tattoo, it’s not new. A new tattoo would have some redness around it, especially on the bottoms of the feet. However, who cares… her feet and her life. The hatred towards this girl needs to STOP. If you really don’t like her, then stop reading articles about her and making silly comments. And she’s laughing all the way to the bank and I’m guessing that most of you, are not!

Janet on

The least she could have done was to wash her feet. She is an idiot.

Flowerpowered on

This is not a big deal everyone. Just another headline grabber. Bottom of feet tattoos don’t last long with the combination of skin callouses and sloughing. I bet in a year you won’t even be able to read it.

Ashley on

If she is attempting to repulse every last person in the world, congrats. This desperate girl’s fame will crash and burn quite soon, just not soon enough.

robby on

I wish that she would tattoo a huge brown spot over her entire face so that she could be blotted out of existence.

Connie Andrews on

Why are ANY of her attention-seeking antics newsworthy?It’s no secret that she loves to be in the limelight but as a good singer, she certainly gets enough attention without acting so ridiculous. She acted more sensibly when she was “Hannah Montana”! If she wants to be noticed and remembered for something, set up some type of Foundation to help sick or abused teen girls, THAT would be far more interesting,memorable and newsworthy.

Jeanette on

Miley Cyrus is one hot mess! Please stop giving her all this publicity – you are feeding the fire and it needs to burn out!

Brod on

I don’t know who her hair dresser is, but he or she has a breast feeding issue. Those two thingees on top of her head look like nipples. Hopefully her tattooist has better taste.

Mary Arellano on

That hadda hurt!

KBRIT89352 on

At least her tongue isn’t sticking out!

Jshikany on

There are two kinds of fools in this world. The first, is Miley Cyrus. The worst are her fans.

dnsh on

Stop giving this pig coverage. You are only contributing to her obituary.

Helen kindred on

This girl need help I, think she’s is bio polar or some other brain problem. Her father is so weak, at lest Michael lohan tried to help his daughter, al through he like to get on camer, but , billy Ray is such a money hungry daddy.

kaye on

Dang, that would have to hurt!

Lex on

Maybe her next tattoo will be the word ‘MORON’ on her forehead.

emh on

like a car crash…had to look.
This makes as much sense of most everything else she does.

sandy on

this is a classic case of a girl- who feels so bad about herself- that she is doing everything she can to her body- abusing, exposing, inking, black makeup, chopping her hair, etc……
she is a hot mess and needs therapy- ASAP!

Alexis on

This girl is just begging for attention, enough already; I think we all know that she is grown out of her Disney days..

rock star on

grow up! father knows best

Rueben Cogburn on

For GOD’S sake, don’t let this hair brained Miley Cyrus get her hands on a gun. She has an IQ of about half her shoe size. She really needs to be institutionalized, and NOW!!!

calmdowneveryone on

it looks like sharpie. there is smudges around it

Don on

Pleasde H/P, not this publicity starving idiot again!! Please,
just give it a rest.

Lisa on

Looks like she wrote it with a Sharpie. Just b/c she tagged #ratatatat…means nothing. Shocker!! She is LOVING this attention.

kim on

what a loser

Wanda on

All of this publicity is just feeding the flames. Her fire will go out soon enough once the public ignores her antics. If she’s trying to out gaga Gaga or out madonna Madonna, it ain’t working.

Melissa on


deborah on

Honestly….at this point who cares what she does to herself now? It’s all about shock value and attention.

leslie on

is that what’s required when you go on the cover of rolling stone? to tattoo it on your feet? really?

butterfly23 on

I hope she didn’t pay anyone for such a dreadful’s so amateur looking..oh well, at least the spelling is correct!

Larry on

She is well on her way to self-destruct.

tom holleman on


Sunburn12 on

Her feet are filthy, just like the rest of her!!!!! Would someone please get this girl her padded room now, PLEASE?????????

Jack on

It just looks like smeared pen ink.

Pia Razon on

I would have been more impressed with these tats if they had been on her lips (the ones under her nose that is).

BoomingOnion on

“Dumbness.” “Dumbness” heaped on “dumbness”, sprinkled with more, yep you guessed it, “dumbness!”

m on

Looks like pen to me

Lisa on

Looks written on with a fine point sharpie to me.

guest on

As a 41 yr old mom, Miley is just so sad to me.

gina on

did she do it herself?

Halley on

the ink will rub out very quickly on the bottom of her feet. Not a great choice of location.

Polly on

In the article for Rolling Stone, there is mention of the words being written in ink on her feet. Also, looking at the pic above, it appears as though the ink is smeared. I don’t think this is a tattoo — or if she really did get one, the picture we see isn’t it.

Alex on

Pretty tame? More like pretty lame.

Jenny! on

OMG! I got the same thing!! pens work great ;) haha kidding but honestly it looks like she drew that on with a pen. If u want a tattoo, make sure it’s something that looks like it wasn’t drawn on.

Lisa on

The picture is the words written in ballpoint pen BEFORE she got the actual tattoo. I hate to admit this, but I went to the Rolling Stone website and read the first page of the article to glean this information. :-(

Joe Knows on

Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMA’s was pure genius. Although everyone got their panties in a twist all everyone could and can talk about is Miley Cyrus. How’s the saying go, “Bad pubilicity is still publicity”

Spider Monkey on

I have a tattoo. It says: I cant stomach miley cyrus

Spider Monkey on

Someone needs a pedicure

Thom on

Get off my lawn KL0wn!!!

Thom on

Get off my lawn, KL0wn!!!

Thom on

Get off my lawn, KL0wn!

ouiser on

Don’t feel sorry for her or question her sanity…Miley is smart, and she knows exactly what she’s doing…publicity (good, bad or otherwise) = album sales…so, keep her in the spotlight – she’s laughing all the way to the bank (the tat proves it)!

J.E.B. on

The media should STOP feeding this attention-starved young lady the publicity that she so desperately craves. “Look at me, look at me”!

Tee on

Never been a fan of hers. I thought it was very funny and quite telling this week, on some show I was watching, it was asked outloud if she could even sing! Personally, her voice sounds mannish to me, turn off. I knew her and Liam would NEVER make it down the aisle (thankfully), she’s far too young. As for her latest antics, she needs attention, creating attention, succeeding in having people talk, complain, etc about her.

Tresha Edwards on

When I first the title of the story I tjought that it was her tongue then I saw the picture. She should have washed her dirty feet before she took that picture.

lisa on

@ heather lol love your comment!!!!

Tresha Edwards on

When I first read the title of the article I thought it was her tongue. She should have washed her dirty feet before she sent that picture.

lisa on

@ heather great comment, lol

Jamie B on

Is this the next Amanda Bynes?

noname4me on

Miley got a new tattoo wow really? maybe next she’ll sew her mouth shut so, we don’t have to see the herpies on her tongue anymore

MrCantBelieveIt on

She is very calculatingly boosting her career – with hours of the MTV performance sales of her new single skyrocketed. “Adults” are appalled … her demographic is eating it up … Have you ever seen this dance before? Elvis, Beatles, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Madonna (see her first appearance on MTV Video Awards “Like A Virgin”, Marilyn Manson, … Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, but you will get fooled again … we always do …

Lynne on

Dear God. Instead of paying for the tattoo she should have used the money for a pedicure.

DD on

Who cares about this chick?? She can’t sing, she definitely can’t dance, but now all of a sudden she is everywhere because of her moronic performance ( Tongue sticking out wasn’t sexy, she looked as though she was mentally challenged) with Robin Thicke. Enough of her. Can we just make her go away?

Sara on

She is a TRAIN WRECK that you can’t take your eyes off of.
Sad to think how much money she makes being an idiot.

Fred Chapper on

Marty! We have to go back! We have to make Billy Ray wear a condom!!!!

Fred Chapper on

Marty! We have to go back! We have to make Billy Ray wear a condom!!

Richard on

Another future Dr. Tattoff client.

Lady Elaine on

Hot. Mess.

Sloane on

The only reason she likes Rolling Stone so much is because they are literally the only magazine, besides Cosmo, that will put this girl on their cover anymore. She needs a long break from the spotlight to regroup and get her head on straight….maybe come down off the drugs for a little bit and salvage what little dignity and humility she has left, and go back to the original Miley that actually was quite beautiful and talented.

Gina on


linda on

she will leave a bad rep. just like justen beiber no one talks to much about him anymore these two are born to be wild money and fame ruin them both not to many more spotlights for them they are yesterdays news bye,bye

Pat on

How is that any different than the f__d up s__t Stephen Baldwin did with the HM?? And have your read the Rolling Stone interview? Ridiculous. Every other word was a profanity. She sounds like a completely uneducated weirdo.

janie on

i think she’s great. don’t like her, don’t look. she;s fun, outgoing, working her butt off and living her life. don’t understand why anyone would say that she has no talent, didn’t know that disney gave shows away to talent-less people. movies. albums.
tours. i mean, i’m not making it up. so what, she’s shaking her butt. everyone on youtube has already done it! tongue tuesday on facebook anyone? no, she may not be the first to prance around on a stage wearing strange get ups and being naughty, but so what. none of these comments about her are original either. she’s not doing anything that i don’t see in real life… except she gets paid for it! jelly…..

luca on

Pretty sure this isn’t a areal tattoo. Sharpie yes.

Shel on

She could at least wash her feet. Ugh.

Jojo on

This looks fake. The ink is smudged.

woop on

your’e sooo cooool miley

Rick on


itsall good nroanoke on


Bettie on

She has lost it.

Mary on

I didn’t even read the story. Only opened this up to say Who Gives a S#@%!!!!!

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