Michelle Obama's New, Highlighted Do: You've Gotta See It

08/28/2013 at 11:11 AM ET

Michelle Obama highlights, hairstylesOlivier Douliery/Startraks

Paging Kerry Washington! We think Michelle Obama may be a Scandal fan, because she was just spotted rocking the star’s signature sun-kissed curls at a film screening in Washington, D.C. yesterday. And as with any FLOTUS hair change, you know we’ve got to discuss.

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After ditching the bangs that she eventually called “a little irritating” and “a midlife crisis,” it appears that the First Lady was looking to keep her hairstyle spicy — but perhaps not as high-maintenance.

Which is how she ended up with this new look: A curled bob with her mid-length bangs swept to the side, highlighted with coppery-blonde and reddish tones throughout. It’s sort of sassy and serious all at the same time — yet another reason why we think she may be taking style cues from Scandal‘s Olivia Pope.

Tell us: What do you think of the First Lady’s new look?

–Alex Apatoff

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Lori on

Not a fan, looks very 70’s. Women with dark hair should not do this type of highlights gives off an orange tint. She’s an attractive lady but leave the hair natural.

Susang on

Not a good look! Kerry Washington…I think not.

Arnold on

looks like the same tranny she always looks like

fanofboardwalkempire on

I like the first lady with natural hair color and don’t like the orange streaks a la Oliva Pope all the much.

Kari on

It’s the hair…it’s the outfit…it’s all a mess.

Charli on

I love her and I usually love her hair but I don’t like it.

One Two on

Not attractive. Sorry. I love my President but the highlights are just a “no-no”.

Guestwhat on

She is not a attractive lady at all!!!

mrsmass on

all sorts of no.

D. Williams on

looks like an old wig. Not a good like for her. Her hair is usually so pretty.

Dezz on

I am embarrassed to have her as our First Lady

jackie on

Ewwwwww! Train wreck….

kay on

ew. horrible

mary on

She needs a new hairdresser

guest on

love it! looking good as always.

layla on

Mama always said..if you can’t say something nice…so I have nothing nice to say…..,

Marie on

I think her hair looks better darker and straighter, I don’t like the highlights.

kim on

im sorry, but she has GOT to be one of THE ugliest women i’ve ever seen… this is what a transvesite horse would look like if it were at all possible…

Elroy on

She is usually a very put together gal but this is a miss! It looks like a botched color at home from a box. She needs to be more polished.

lcj on

Don’t care what her hair looks like. She still attractive and intelligent.

cindy on

She looks ridiculous, as usual.

Jeannie on

There is nothing that she could do to make her look attractive, so why bother!

d k on

Makes her look cheap, and it’s poorly done. Looks like she did it herself.

guest on

Is that you, Aunt Esther?

Becky on

She does look like an older darker version of the blonde sister on That’s My 70’s show where Aston got his start. I would ask for a refund.

Jugs on

With all due respect, not so much………

A Swannz View on

Yeah, not a fan of this look. But more than the color, I think the style is just not that great. Not as soft and flowing like usual.

TaylorB on

You need to put your money towards fixing your mouth, not anywhere else…

Becky on

Looks like an older darker version of the older sister in that 70’s show that Ashton got his fame in. M. needs to ask for a refund from her hairdresser!!

mike on

She should have her jaw line fixed instead of not knowing what to do with her hair.She just doesn’t have the class or elegance to know how to act or carry out a look that is put together.Can you imagine Jackie Kennedy,or any woman of substance looking like that.She may not be attractive ,but, even Eleanor Roosevelt was a class act.Get a stylist, and the jaw set back 5 inches.her front teeth enter the room before she does.

Phil on

That looks HORRIBLE!!!!

Kristy Crowder on

She still looks like a gorilla, only now with bad hair color….!

Sophia on

I think her hair would look better without those orange highlights! I’m surprised she thinks that it looks okay..I would have told my stylist to fix it immediately!

Truthfinder on

How much did this cost the taxpayers?????
Can’t wait until the national nightmare is over!

Suzy Hall on

Agree with TaylorB:

For God’s sake, fix that mouth.

joyce on

Is that permanent? I bet that will be washed
out before you can say Clairol.

Susan on

Yuck on the hair and I hope she didn’t pay money for that horrible shirt! Dang!

Emry on

whoever did her hair, needs to be fired.

Zeze on


magsesco on


Guest on

Im not a fan of the Obamas. However, I like her hair. I think she looks hip and modern and fun for a first lady. Why be boring when you can be a cool first lady. I love it!

Marcia on

I am a huge fan of Mrs. Obama but I’m not crazy about this look.

Tropical123 on

Sorry, Mrs. Obama. It does not suit you.

Julie on

How many more days is her husband in office? Way too many for me.

Brooklyn on

Not a fan. She’s beautiful, but I think this makes her look a bit older.

Jayden on

Wow, there are so many hateful comments on here. Granted, the picture angle does not do her justice but she is a BEAUTIFUL woman.

gerry on

No…don’t like it…miss bangs …the newdo makes her look old ..not attractve

Debbie on


Sarah on

There must be some georgous folks on this website, darn ya’ll are mean as heck!

maggie on

Why would anyone want “ORANGE” streaks in their hair ?

Nanu 08 on

This look does absolutely NOTHING for her but make her look old…….

Marcia on

ha! Way to copy me, Mrs. Obama, I’ve been doing red and blonde highlights for the last 3 years. welcome to the club. ;)

Kitty on

I would like to see pictures of all the people of who posted such obnoxious comments, so they can be similarly insulted and mistreated. I am so sorry that a woman who has sacrificed her privacy and personal ambitions for the sake of her children and our country is treated this way by idle imbeciles and bigots.

lillith on

Nope. Not a good look on her.

dee on

Prefer her hair dark……this does not work for her, but I guess she wouldn’t know that until she tried it out.

Deb E. on

The highlights make her look older than her years. Go back to your natural color, Mrs. Obama.

ImALadyToo on

You’re born with what you’re born with, but she is a rather unfortunate looking woman.

Noni on

She looks like Mary Tyler Moore here! Very 70s.

Mary on

I respect the office of FLOTUS; however her advisers aren’t advising her in her best interest. I think she should embrace her heritage and keep her hair natural and not color it as that is not in keeping with her heritage. Black women with orange hair aren’t professional looking at all.

lorelei51h on

Very unflattering look. She should leave well enough alone when it comes to her hair. The bangs were bad enough, but this is just plain tacky and unbecoming.



Linda on

Stop trying to be somebody that you are NOT..First Lady shiould just be that a Lady of Natural.

tmac on


Ruth Stoll on

I don’t think that that particular highlight tone looks good with either her complexion or the color of the rest of her hair. And, too bad she couldn’t handle the bangs — I loved them on her.

Kiara on

I wasn’t sure she could be any uglier but I was wrong. Bad, bad look.

Jen on

People are so mean. It may not be the greatest choice of hair color/style, but have some respect. She’s our First Lady of our country. She’s just changing it up a bit for goodness sake. Why be so mean?

Leslie on

Yuck! Don’t like her no matter what she does to herself!!!! Who really cares anyway????

Nana on

Makes her look older- do not like it at all!!!

lola on

She looks like a gorilla in a wig!

Ashley on

Ew! Not a cute look. She really has no sense of taste – or just has a really bad style team who hates her and gives her the worst advice on purpose. Either way, such a shame a FLOTUS looks like this. SHAMEFUL.

Beryl on


Tiffany Moore on

The hatred on these blogs makes it embarrassing to be an american…………horrible.

Nancy on

Oh yeah, THAT looks natural! NOT!!! Getting back to her “roots”?

lisa on

it ages her big time she needs more flattering softer colors as her features are so strong.

Beth on

This ages her. She looked much better with natural coloring and bangs.

karen on

No one is going for that look tomorrow, looks like a surprised raccoon

BBB on

Her hairstylist team really hasn’t been giving her good advice lately :( First the bangs, now this. She looked great in her first (2008) official portrait, that was a great style for her. It can be fun to experiment but at some point in your life you know what works and you should still play with your hair but within certain parameters. I’m in my mid 20s and I already know that no matter how cute bangs, layers, pixie cuts, etc. work on XYZ celebrity it doesn’t work on me and my hair and face shape. I need to have some variation of long hair–so I vary my cuts and styling but never go anywhere near or above shoulder length. Not because I’m unadventurous but because I don’t want to look bad.

Lenabenas21 on

Wow people are mean. I am a fan of ombre hair and she’s rocking it. It’s nice to not see some fake, phony stuffy first lady for a change. She’s modern and contemporary. But that shirt is not cute, not even little.

MrsJAZ on

Look too fake…..don’t like.

kelli on

Makes her look old.

Proud Mama on

Not a fan. Sorry, Mrs. Obama.

Myrna on

I think she is a classy lady, I love the Obama’s, however this look is not for her it does make her look a little old.

doodlebug on


frances on

I am sorry but this color is not becomming of our first lady. Go back dear,go back!

Amy on

Wow, so not loving this.

Dawn on

The color is fine, the style is not.

Dee Dee on

I’ve always envied other women who have jet black hair, so I prefer her natural color. The highlights and style makes her look older than what she is. I know many didn’t like her bangs, but I liked them. At the end of the day, it’s her hair and if she likes it, then that’s her prerogative.

Flower on

So comforting to know that the “most read story” in a time of political scandal and being on the cusp of conflict with Syria is the first lady’s new highlights. Yeah America!

cakegirl on

I don’t like it at all. It looks brassy and damaged not classy at all. Not quite gasoline red but close.

Michaele on

NO! Does not look natural :(
I am a fan of highlighting the natural colors that make up your hair color

Colette on

Kind of 70’s looking.

Daily Omunz on

Noooo! Go back to the bangs.

sucuri on

With all my respect, Mrs. Obama is not a class lady! She might be smart but nothing look good on her.

Amaryllis on

That is atrocious.

Abominable on

Makes her look 15 yrs older than she actually is

Abominable on

Makes her look 15 yrs older

lilahk on

Mrs. Obama is fabulous but I don’t care for this look on her.

frank on

HORRIBLE………and her mouth looks like a she has a bag of marbles in it. Not a flattering picture at all.

sarah on


A. Moore on

The First Lady looks good to me.

Megan on

Not great.

A. Moore on

Bangs, curls, or whatever, I’m proud to call her First Lady. And I love the new hair.

katherine on

a lot to expect and maybe she’d balk at the idea, but I wonder if she’s thought of a retainer to pull her teeth in. her teeth are beautiful.

A. Moore on

Love her. !!!!!

Sabri on

Who cares?

annie on

that is so incredibly bad. whos her stylist? she can hire me for a fraction.

moxy on

Love her. Hated the bangs. Not at all crazy about this. Better than the bangs tho. I think she is beautiful -all you haters!

Anne on

Who cares because there is nothing she can do to improve her looks.

Guest87 on

Phony just like her husband and the entire administration

cammy on

She is such a vibrant woman and this color and style makes her look matronly.

Carrow on

I’m a bleeding heart liberal and love the Obamas but from this particular photo I’m not liking it yet.

vallatt on

Bring back the bangs and ditch the color. Not feeling it at all!

susan on

Don’t like it

Soph on

Hahaha bangs were her “midlife crisis”.

Lexi on

Ghetto glam. Suits her well. She looks as ridiculous as she is.

Eydeal55 on

Boy this woman sure lends credence to evolution!

Eydeal55 on

This woman sure lends credence to the theoretical perspective of evolution!

sj on

I’m sure most of you have some type of flaw and it doesn’t amaze me at all at some of your comments. I’m positive most of you look like something similar to some form of animal. Look in the mirror before judging idiots.

Teresa L Bolding on

not liking the look at all. The hair style needs updated and her outfit is old looking. Hightlights not a good look either. She looks old.

Mae on

Her hair is not the problem..and what ever she does to it doesn’t improve her looks..

JackieS on

I cannot believe how mean people can be. This is our First Lady and she should be respected. Mrs. Obama is an attractive woman with great taste.

bercca on

Oh please! Is she the 1st lady polce chief of fashion? Thank God past first ladies acted like ladies, and did not try and become a celebri Her husband is a joke also.

Dee on

I think People should close the response boxes on the first family. Some of the comments are so rude and pathetic. Honestly people…..all our mothers taught us that the golden rule….If you have nothing good to say, shut up!!!

celebknowitall on

Another sad attempt to be a classy first lady. Is this term over yet??!!

celebknowitall on

Another sad attempt at being a classy first lady! AS ALWAYS, she has missed the mark. Is this term over yet?!

busy bee on

wish I could meet her — or my son and have our son an orthordondist (sp) match her face to what he thinks her teeth may help her nice facial expression. He has helped so many — Oprah would be jealous or maybe a tv program to show facials before and after.

Barbara on

I wonder how much that cost taxpayers???

Kelly R. on

I love her dearly, but this is not a good look for her. It’s kind of tacky-looking, unfortunately. She is way too pretty for this!!!

celebknowitall on

Way too pretty!, sorry kelly you must be blind!

Ruby on

Sorry, not a great look on a lady I’m not a fan of. That’s a very old look.

zan on

Me NO LIKE! Please go back to the black! It was soooo beautiful.

brenda on

Really ages her.

lmh on

Not flattering at all. Somebody get this woman to a REAL Stylist. Patchwork shirt…..has to go!

TJ on

She was at a film screening in DC?? Wow, the Obama’s really think they are Hollywood celebs, don’t they? How inappropriate. And the hair? In a word….yuck.

denise on

I laughed so hard at all the comments I nearly wet my pants! I’m sure the world’s top hair experts should comment since they are professionals and we are not experts. Sorry, I am 51 and I know when a cut or color is bad because I have 30 years of experience at numerous salons with different stylists. Also, a woman knows when her hair is a disaster because a good husband or partner says,”Your hair looks fabulous or what did you do to your hair?” Every woman has a bad hair day including rich celebrities or political spouses. Actually, she looks better than the president who has aged terribly due to the stress of his job. Thankfully, when they both leave the White House, they will have more time to spend on their grooming! We really need someone like The Duchess of Cambridge as the First Lady, young . slender and with perfectly coiffed hair always appropriately colored. If you read this post, this post is meant to be totally sarcastic! Who cares ABOUT HER HAIR, TEETH, FACE OR HER CLOTHES! She is just the wife of the President and has no ability to make any laws. She doesn’t need to impress us. with her new hair color. She only needs to impress her husband!

Linda on

This is one woman that is not aging very well. She looks ridiculous with those highlights. They are not flattering to her at all! As usual the media falls all over themselves trying to convince us that she is beautiful. She is not and that is ok, not everyone is. Barbara Bush was not beautiful with the gray hair either.

Kim J on

Oh that dress. Looks like Ma Clampett’s house dress.

Linda on

What’s with the auburn eyebrows? Who dressed her for this photo? I would bet she did this herself. She looks as ghetto fabulous as she did marching down the street in that gold, mother of the bride suit and her green leather shoes on Inauguration Day.

dmgc on

If she is so proud to be a Black/African American..then show your true pride and wear your hair as your ancestors did. I would respect her more for being true to her ancestral hair roots!

dmgc on

Also, stop straightening your daughter’s hair as well. Show them by example to embrace their ancestral hair styles. Whether it’s an afro or braids.

Vicki on

I’m just not loving the hair color or the new style.

Carrie on

Not a good look!

Michele on

I don’t really like the two tone streaks in her hair. I think she is much more attractive with the one color as she previously had. The bangs also looked good on her.

Lisa S. on

Her taste gets worse and worse after deciding to get a fringe. She used to look so nice before!

NB on

LMAO … what a dog!!!
No, actually most dogs look way better than her on any given day!! CAN YOU SAY UGGGGGGGLY.

Cindy on

Who REALLY gives a S***?

Sylvia Tarvers Weston on

Black people should NOT do anything with their hair but leave it black.

Rachel on

And this is news because?

arthurbaby on

She looks ridiculous….as always!

victoria on

This is our American tax dollars hard at work.

Missy on

ewww no no…brings to much attention to that face

Joan on

she still looks like a horse, no amount of hair do-do,change will modify her long face.

Jean on

She looks very old. A no no for me.

Dina on

The ugliest black woman ever.

M Santiago on

Makes her look older… Try again…

Merin on

Oh dear. No.

ella on

Whoever did that did a lousy job

Rockinred on

OMG… She looks OLD… #epicfail

Ms M on

Very nice look, what a change OMG

Sunny on

She looks like a calico cat now.

rose on

Wow, such hateful comments! I am npt a fan of the look either, but some of these comments…..
She’s still more beautiful (insidw and out) , more intelligent, and way more polished than you people that are on here calling her names.
Get a life, cause she has a pretty fabulous one.

Lauren on

She is a very beautiful woman. Whoever styled her hair this way and especially whoever dyed her hair this way – really did her a disservice. It is just not complimentary. Almost looks like a hair color catastrophe. In my opinion.

Tee on

Are you color blind? No way does that look like BLONDE highlights, it looks like sienna color, no where near blonde. A hairstyle risk taker of late, I liked her bangs, not a fan of this look on her.

Allie on

Hhhmmmm……Planet of the Apes comes to mind here…

Allie on

eeewwwww….she is sooo unattractive!

Ang on

I usually love her fresh look. She dresses very nicely and has an attractive body for a woman her age. I personally liked the dark hair. This does not help her look. She looks so much older with this hair. Hopefully it will go away soon!

jo ann on


LI on




claireadele@comcast.net on



This look ages her 20 years-not loving it!!

carine on

she colored her hair, so what?
all the names that you gave her, so what?
she’s a lawyer, WOW!
what about YOU…?

jen on



mc on

I liked her hair better with bangs.she’s a classes lady.

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