Miley Cyrus Starts the VMAs Fully Clothed, Ends Up Significantly Less So

08/25/2013 at 10:40 PM ET

Miley Cyrus nakedJamie McCarthy/Getty; Kevin Mazur/WireImagel(2)

Miley Cyrus may want more hair, but when it comes to clothes, she appears to want the exact opposite.

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The perpetually pantsless singer started out the night at Sunday’s VMAs wearing an uncharacteristically covered-up look: a vintage Dolce & Gabbana look consisting of a crop-top and high-waisted pair of spandex pants ringed in rows of jewels. Pigtails, red lips and chunky black shoes rounded out the ensemble.

Just when we were recovering from the shock of seeing her so clothed, the pants were off for her performance with Robin Thicke. She opened in a strapless onesie featuring a bear with bloodshot eyes and platform sneakers, then shed that style to reveal a peach vinyl bikini and some very raunchy dance moves.

Tell us: At what phase of nearly-nude do you most prefer Miley? Do you wish she’d cover up, or do you think, “If you got it, flaunt it?”

–Alex Apatoff

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Cori on

Cover. It. Up!!!

Kathy on

When you don’t have talent you have to do something to get and keep the audience’s attention. Not impressed.

cee on

gross ass girl. she needs to step back

amanda on

she does whatever she wants. She has an awesome voice so she wouldn’t need doing what she does BUT…. She knows what will sell so she does this kind of stuff.

LG on

Her parents must be proud :(

Yasmin on

That was the worst performance ever!! Not to mention the outfits! Was someone tripping!?! Well she does like to mention Molly and coke in her song. No talent = Miley Cyrus. I see in her near future something along the lines of Amanda Byn……:O

Lucy on

My goodness, her parents must be proud. Even Will Smith’s family was in disbelief. Haven’t seen that much croch grabbin time since Michael. Hope she doesn’t expect to make it too much longer as a musician, more like porn star.

lisa on

She looks ridiculous. 10 years from now she’s gonna be mortified by this look. Young and foolish and trying so hard to be sexy

Myra on

Being a native of Nashville as was my momma. I will quote her “If you’ve got it flaunt it!” Twerk it girl!

Aries Babe on

A thousand unlikes for me,that’s wat too creepy.

Aries Babe on

A thousand unlikes for me,that’s way too creepy.

pamela061 on

I guess she feels she needs a shock factor of some sort for attention but in the process is really making herself look bad

Barbie on

I think she looked disgusting. She has no talent if that was what she had to do to get attention.

catherine e barnes on

miley c/ was just a nightmare on mtv last nite , jesus she is desperate for attn> taylor swift just awesome looking @ so manners @ humble !



Brooklyn78 on

There’s flaunting it, then there’s trashy! She’s disgusting… go smoke another one Miley! SMDH

Cherry on

Dont we all have some moments of our youth that we cover our eyes in embarrassment over?? Miley will be fine:)

moka1234 on

What’s with the tongue? She is cheap it’s sickening.

RU Kidding on

PLEASE. Keep.Your.Clothes.On. Nobody needs to see that, and someday, this child is going to look back and be absolutely mortified. It was like a car wreck. I couldn’t watch.

mike on

Miley Cyrus seeks the front page, by going almost naked, for the publicity she can get from it and you all oblige her by watching…She is an ordinary woman who is mildly talented, made wealthy by Disney…trying to extend her career by imitating Lady Gaga and Madonna…the world is bored with her, so it won’t work… but she will try as long as you look…

Scott on

Miley who?

Vida on

She’s a joke… a poor one.
Liam, run as fast as you can!

Vida on

She’s a joke…apoor one.
Liam, run as fast as you can!

Skiwoman60 on

I was disgusted by Miley last night.No wonder her engagement is off

JJ on

What’s up with her constantly sticking out her tongue?

Mitchi on

I think Miley Cyrus’ debacle just went on to show what a class act Justin Timberlake is. He’s talented and sexy and doesn’t need to try hard. Miley knows her career is in the toilet so she had to do something vulgar to try and stay “relevant” in an industry that doesn’t need her. Apparently, film and TV don’t need her either.

Violet on


nettrice on


Di on

If it is shock advertising that she was after, it worked. This girl is too you to appear so “desperate.” Stop the excessive media coverage now. Maybe if we ignore her, she’ll get the message.

Really06 on

She has a beautiful voice, my daughter has her older CD’s. It is a shame that she thinks she has to shock people and de-grate herself for us to consider she is an adult. I don’t know what is going on with her, but I hope she steps back and slows down…..

Jenny! on

Really sad to think she’s walkin around feeling like that was her sexiest performance ever, trying WAY too hard on that one. Wouldn’t hurt keeping her tongue in the mouth, only gene simmons can really pull it off. She’s going down. Personally my fav part of all that was looking at face reactions in the audience. LOL.

MB on

She’ll be the next one on a psych hold and under conservatorship….I give it a year….

helen on

Don’t always have to show everything you got. Letting people use their imagination gets you much more.

Michele on

She’s a pig! If she was my daughter I would have jumped up on that stag and dragged her off. I’m embarrassed for her.

Beth on


jenae brooks on

Miley…you have no looks and not much of a singing voice. Maybe you just need the attention … however you are no class act…. just stating the facts!

free on

LOl – what is all the fuss about, she doesn’t even have a single curve like a real Lady – all these fake rich overpaid fools because of bored Americans

Kelli on

She has absolutely NO class. You can be yourself and express yourself in other ways than practically having sex with a foam finger on stage in front of the whole world.

Barbara on

I know exactly what is going on with Miley. She is at the age where she wants to feel attractive, sexy and wants attention. Miley is always saying how she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her or thinks of what she wears but she truly does. She is begging for attention. So she is going to the extreme to get all the “Attention” she desires. She will outgrow this stage and in the meantime we should really be patient with her and try to understand she has issues just like we all do. I am Sending her Love & Prayers.

susan on


OhMy! on

It’s a real shame that Miley doesn’t have the sexy body that she thinks she has. If she did, she might be more appealing. As it is, she’s just a no talent, here today gone tomorrow act with a stick like body.

Makimega on

Where are her parents? She needs some guidance, for goodness sake!

Idaho on

Sick, just sick.

Donna on

Seeing her dancing up against Robin Thicke was really uncomfortable. She was dressed like a teenager and he looks sooo old. Creepy.

Sophia on

I really don’t know what is going on with this child. I honestly believe drugs are getting to her brain. It’s amazing she can even dance straight. But this porn image is bad, bad, bad to our society and especially to our young children who are subjected to it.

Her father must be just sickened by this. The mother is probably no better than her, by cheering her on at the sidelines last night. What a dang pity.

Four words to Miley: GROW THE HECK UP.

Angie on

Put your tongue back in your mouth for Christ sakes! And yes, we get it, you’re a “big girl” now and no longer a Disney (Nickelodeon, whatever) queen. It wouldn’t be so boring if Britney Spears hadn’t beat you to this drastic change in image 10 years ago.

Nunya Business on

Her performance was no worse than any other female performer that shakes their assets. Her body is fit and in top shop. Why doesn’t anyone cry about BeyoncĂ© when she gets on stage and jiggles herself all over in front of an audience? Same thing people.

eyedeal on

poor thing, she can’t carry a tune in a bucket but her antics of late are deplorable….

Valentina on

Blame her father for not disclipling her and not creating boundaries while raising her. Now it’s too late, and she’s become a product of her environment. If her “fiancee” had any sense, he’d man up and dump her. If he hasn’t already…

sandra on


sandra on


mrs j on

He fiance deserves a better more mature woman

mommy2eandl on

Did you people REALLY expect more from a classless spoiled brat?? I am so glad my now teen-age daughter NEVER liked this musical(less) artist!!!!

MKM on

How degrading. What a step backward for women everywhere.
No taste.
No intelligence.
No talent.
No class.
No clue.

Erin on

So much wrong, I don’t know where to begin.

Pah Lease on

She’s an entertainer–it was just a coreographed show–calm down and separate performance from reality.

alice on

Very unflattering, she could be so much better. Family must be so proud.

Pulele on

Sad, very sad!! My kids no longer look up to her!

Rachel on

What she’s doing is no different that what Madonna did back in the 80s at the height of her career. Push the boundaries and get people talking whether it’s positive or negative and it’s working.

canne on

Billy Ray’s heart must be “achy breakin” right now….


She needs to quit trying so hard, she used to be cute and now it’s just kind of sad. Poor Liam, run….preferably to me! :)

Tab on

I couldn’t believe her mom gave her a standing ovation after that disastrous performance…WTH!!

Havesomeselfrespect on

Ugh, I hate her. I hated her even when she was in the Hanna Montana phase. That was the most attention seeking performance I’ve seen in a while. And I haven’t forgotten Gaga’s meat dress or born in the egg thing. I don’t know what in the world she was going for but if sex appeal was it, it didn’t work. Neither did the bad dancing. Insulting.

Bree on

Her parents must be so proud!!
Seriously put some clothes on!! What kind of example is she teaching her young fans. Like it or not she is a role model for young girls and needs to start acting like it or choose a career not in the spotlight.

GSL on

She has succeeded. Her goal was to keep everyone talking and look at us all!

LC on

Well I wouldn’t say the first outfit was fully clothed to start with….

Dee on

That Liam Hemsworth was attracted to this mess speaks volumes about him

matt on

Girl, If you have to work that hard to be noticed find another way to support your self. Sad so sad!!

Just Me on

Move over Lindsey and Amanda, there’s a new kid on the block…

Mellie on

Im fine with her acting crazy, grinding and all cause its not new, look at Madonna, Britney, Xtina…. It got her attention cause she has a new album coming out soon… JUST PLEASE DEAR GOD KEEP YOUR TONGUE IN YOUR MOUTH!!!

fay on

I sorry i thought it was shocking seeing her on stage like that plse tell her to close her mouth.

G.Bainbridge on


Surf City on

She looks like a really cheap hooker. Amazing how so much money can buy NO taste or sense. I’m all for being different, but she makes my skin crawl.

Elana on

Oh.My.Gosh. I don’t know what to think about Miley. What ever happened to that sweet Hannah Montana? She is on a downward spiral, and I was cringing inside watching her “perform.” She must have been high or something.

Lee on

Cover up and stop trying to dance like that, you aren’t coordinated enough and you are a white girl from Nashville ….so embarrassing…

Diana Fetterman on

I didn’t see her last night but everyone is talking about how bad she was. How she went too far for a program that young people watch. I don’t know what is going on with her but she is going through something, reminds me of Amanda Byrnes.

Bill Ray on

So hot!!!

Bill Ray on

Now that is a woman! Mmm…yummy.

Callie on

Why? The mini-cinnamon bun hair? The outfit, the tongue, whhhyyyyyyy?????!!!!! I’ve always liked her. Is she on heavy drugs or something? She looks like a drunk college chick after too many shots…

justamom on

what a total waste of talent….Liam Hemsworth run away as fast as you can….

OhMy! on

It’s truly unfortunate that this girl never learned the difference between sexy and tasteless.

Ali on

Who remembers when the MTV VMA’s actually used to be somewhat respectable?
Bummer MTV. :-(
Thank goodness Justin T. Saved the night! :-)

Missy on

All is see is Amanda Bynes new roommate. This girl actually does have some talent but no one can tell because she has become such a pig. I get wanting to rebrand yourself and break away from the “good girl” mode but this isn’t the way.

Rachel on

Horrified. Disgusted. So sad. Close your mouth you look like a weirdo with your tongue hanging to the side. NO TALENT. TRAIN WRECK

Mary on

She is hasty and has no real talent or respect for anyone. She is out of control!

kathy on

I think she embarrassed herself, Robin Thicke, the audience, and undoubtedly her family. Shame on you Miley! You shoild have just relied on your talent. The little you have anyway. NOT A FAN!

ashley on

she not only embarrassed herself but her fiance, her family, robin thicke, robin thicke’s wife, and their child.

Carol on

She has the body of a ten year old. Not feminine nor sexy at all.

Sarah on

Ew. That’s all. Ew.

mrsmass on

But she doesn’t “got it.”.

Jennifer on

Go hide in the closet for 10 years until you can grow up

Just Sayin' on

I don’t care what type of artist you profess to be, there is no self respect if you feel the need to parade yourself all over an awards show naked! I also feel so badly for Liem as his fiancĂ© has no respect for him or herself if she has to rub herself all over another performer in order to get attention. That short of entertainment is called porn.

Sarah on

Ew. That’s all. Just Ew.

Jennifer on

go hide in the closet or somewhere for 10 years, until you grow up

Karen on

VMA, does it stop when your performers are having actual sex on stage?

Sun on

Hope that he finally come to his sense and move on to a nice young lady who are way mature than Miley!

Cover it up young lady and what’s deal with that tongue hanging out like a Lab?

Linda on

WTF with the tongue thing. She has been doing this a lot lately.

kathy on

Liam, wise up! Dump Miley and find a talented, respectable woman!

Jc on

obnoxious little brat

fanofboardwalkempire on

very disappointing performance and wish she would put some clothes on. Sell the music- not the nudity!

WhyNot on

I did not find it entertaining or talented. It was crass, insolent and had nothing at all to do with singing. However… Robin Thicke is a new dad. What the heck was he thinking letting that happen? There cannot be a double standard when Miley is eviscerated for her actions, but nothing is said about the other half of that act. They should both be hauled up short and banned from television shows until they clean up BOTH their acts. He was not better. He encouraged her. What mus his wife and the mother of his newborn child be thinking and feeling. Shame on both of them!

kayla on

she obviously thinks she’s the next Madonna … take a step back girl – Madonna has more talent in her little finger than you seem to think you have.

val on

pathetic. absolutely pathetic. what’s the status on her and Liam’s relationship, anyway? hopefully he won’t be marrying her! if he does, my respect for him will be gone.

Karen on

Neither Gaga (she isn’t like any lady I know) and Miley have any true talent but shock value. Gaga has no respect for herself or her boyfriend by walking around an awards show naked. Miley feels the need to barely stop short of having sex on a stage for attention and her mother gives a standing ovation for that. Poor Liem, listen to your brothers and run

Lala on

Justin’s performance, was amazing. I thought Katy Perry did a good job too, and even thought most of (I didn’t see the whole performance) Gaga’s performance was tame for her. That said, Justin and Katy were able to pull off great, entertaining performances, without resulting in tasteless outfits (which is saying a lot for Katy), and sex thrown in your face. Miley had nothing else going for her. Her lastest songs are not that great, and her voice is good – but not great. All she has is shock value. But it totally backfired last night, and turned into an uncomfortable performance. Seriously, I had to change the channel, because I was embarrassed for her!

noddafan on

I didn’t watch the VMAs I just saw a snippet on the News … i’m wondering why that girl Miley would stick her very long, very unattractive tongue out the side of her mouth and move around mimicking an animal? that girl just made me want to vomit!

megan on

She really is such a pretty girl. I understand that she wants to be “Madonna esque” by shedding her good girl Disney image. What she doesn’t realize is that she has become a parody and these things she’s doing now are going to be almost impossible to ever live down. Everything else she does will always be tainted by the fact that she behaved the way she did last night. Too bad. She could’ve been a beautiful, great role model for young girls. But I guess that’s why we have Taylor Swift.

Joanne on

My daughter grew up with Hannah Montana, now I wish she never knew who she was!!! I have to get rid of the tshirts, thermos and anything that was Hannah, she wants nothing to do with her now!!!

Tornado on

Keep your toung in your mouth. (You might bite it off, dancing around.) The whole look is more creepy than sexy.

Jan on

Okay your back in the spotlight Miley now calm yo a** down girl!

Shannon Abarca on

I think she has some serious need for attention issues Maybe she didn’t get enough time with Daddy?? I think she is trying too hard period. Her fiance must be either ignoring her and she is needing something. I don’t see her getting married anytime soon because she is just not ready. I think if I were her parent I’d be ashamed

Lori on

This child is like a dog in heat, humping anything that moves. If I were Robin Thicke’s wife, I would be piiiiiiiiiiiissed.

anonymous on

absolute disgrace!

Guest with 3 Names on

She’s really getting to be obnoxious. There is no reason for this. I know she is after the shock value, but it doesn’t appeal to me one iota. It doesn’t even look like she was fully clothed to start.

yikes on

I’m 62 and an old woman and I say if you got it – flaunt it! She looks like a cute little mouse and then wow.

Khopev on

How does she think she looks attractive at all? Sticking her tongue way out for every picture and humping everything.

yikes on

After reading many of the comments I believe most of you must not have it so that’s why you are upset that flaunts it! Give the girl a break – she has not gone down the path of Britney or Amanda or Lindsay – so far so good. And as far as comments about how your child won’t be allowed to watch her anymore – I think that’s the point she wants to make.

Kristen on

Nothing like an over sexualized tweak to detract from a LCK of talent. She tries way too hard…what a joke she is.

Kristen on

Nothing like an over sexualized twerk to detract from a LCK of talent. She tries way too hard…what a joke she is.

G girl on

She is souldn’t be performing . She is very up setting to watch.

Kristen on

Nothing like an over sexualized twerk to detract from a utter lack of talent. She tries way too hard…what a joke she is.

florida on

Liam please take your ring back and end this thing already!!!

Steffi on

It’s so sad. She was a beautiful young woman.

Beth on

She achieved what she wanted. Now, it’s the beginning of the end for her. So sad….

joco on

i’m sorry – but this is not a woman I see – this is Hannah Montana gone wild. She’s a prettier and more talented girl than she let’s on to being. I sort of thought she looked like an idiot out there. I have a feeling Robin Thicke wished he had chosen someone other than her. Yuck.

costateofmind on

‘We can’t stop’ talking about Miley. Twitterverse and the like exploded with Miley last night and today. She is everywhere. I had to admit I was curious but after watching that performance I was disgusted. I don’t see any of the crotch grabbing and fanny rubbing to be entertainment. She leaves nothing to the imagination which equals NOT SEXY! Seriously though, the question I had after her performance was What Is Up With The Tongue?! Some new trademark? She looks ridiculous. Its time to tune her out so I don’t contribute to her popularity.

Giant Mega Horn on

Awwww, Lighten up… Madonna has done worse

ohyeah on

I see a lot of jealous peeps here

kcnrse on

look out Lindsay Lohan here comes Miley !!

Kay on

It’s not the clothes I have a problem with…. To be honest, I’m so sick of people sticking up for her. “She’s embracing her sexuality, she’s showing the world that she is an adult, she’s having fun, etc etc etc.” If any girl in your hometown was known for doing what she does, you would drag your family as far away from it as possible, instead of “embracing her sexuality.” On top of that, her performance was super racist!

bupee on

Okay now I’m see she DOES control her weight with cocaine and smokes marijuana to help her get loose. Hmmm I wonder how her VH1 Behind The Music update will end?

Kelly on

Put your tongue back in your mouth.

Shannon on


isa on

So embarrassed for her and everyone who think this is ok. She looks desperare and cheap. She look like a cheap stripper instead of an artist. She doesn’t have the voice, talent or hit song to pull this look like aguilera had in her stripped face. She looks like a poser. Everyone knows her background and her age is not an excuse for this act. Even the audience was embarrassed for her….get a new stilist and manager because after this hot mess I think she actually lost not only credibility but fans as well.

Guest on

Has her tongue become detached? She seems to have a real problem keeping it in her mouth.

jelly roll on

I think she’s making a statement that even mentally ill people should be allowed to “dance” and “sing” and like Macklemore says (not sings) we must love and tolerate everyone.

Anthony J. Lawrence on

Go Miley, keep rockin girl, u rule.

jelly roll on

the fingernail on that foam hand is on the wrong side

yikes on

I guess I have to ask – how old are you people – have you heard of Madonna? Brotney Spears, Eminem, and all the other performers who add raunchiness to their acts – especially at the MVA’s?

TT on

What is with the tongue? Is that suppose to be sexy?

mfh on

Why is it ok for Lady GaGa and Madonna to prance around in their underwear but not Miley Cyrus? This woman is just trying to find out what will work for her and right now this seems to be it. Who really cares?

L B on

Why is this kid, not adult, acting like acting like a total FOOL in public for all to see? Her singing Sucks and everything else she does also..

mandy on

A sexier WOMAN might have pulled off that icky performance. Miley looks like a child and is not sexy at all.

kw on

OMG, how low can someone stoop for attention. Miley, along with Lady Gaga are a disgrace.

ZLC on

I find it hilarious that everyone is bashing Miley but no one is bashing robin thicke, he’s the older one who should know better than to grind on a young woman, his video for blurred lines is misogyny at its best

Nicole on

Please, please make her go away!!

Laurel on

I can’t stand her anymore. And she looks very….odd.

Tammy on


Deb on

What a role model you are Hannah Montana!

Theresa on

I’ve really had enough of this classless young lady. It is time for her to grow up and realize that becoming an adult doesn’t mean dancing like a w h o r e. Put your tongue back in your mouth and cover up!

Rebecca on

Get some self respect. So glad my kids think she is an idiot. Clearly they are right.

labiz12 on

I just feel bad for this kid..she thinks she is so’re only 20, my gosh!

labiz12 on

miley needs a stylist!

veggie mama on

She’s going downhill fast. Those who love her should try and get her some help. Probably into drugs too. A certain amount of rebellion is pretty much the norm for young adolescents and it’s healthy, but she’s becoming a low life fast. Sad to see it, cuz she has talent. Such is Hollywood.

Joshua on

Her performance was the worst i have seen on TV or in person in a long time. She use to be a great performer and a great role model for kids but she has went down hill fast & she just need to leave the spotlight and get herself together.

M on

From Disney Girl to Porno Queen. Great role model for this generation. What next?

Stel on

Disney Girl to Porno Queen. Great role model for this generation. What next?

Cressy on

She is willing to do anything for a dollar! Only an uneducated and easily manipulated girl like Miley Cyrus would opt to lower herself to do this and consider it “fame”. Face of a child moving like a stripper. Akin to child abuse. Extremely sad.

Tina on

MOLLY- MILEY, Who knows who this person is anymore? For the life of me I will never understand what else could drive anyone to think this type of exhibitionism is somehow attractive (Besides the never-ending spiraling downward affects of drug abuse) It definitely does draw plenty of attention but not at all the right type. I feel so sad to see that once innocent pretty little girl in this condition. The only thing that has been consistent about Miley for quite sometime now is self-destructive behavior. She is a disgrace to herself as well as her family. I am truly saddened by the choices she I making. Will be praying for her.

Claudia on

Who told her that sticking your tongue out is sexy or looks pretty? She can’t stop doing it!! Totally confused…….
Liam’s parents must be so happy this is their future daughter in law, mother of their grandchildren hahahaha

sillygoose17 on

Put your friggen tongue away!

brenda on

Her tongue seems stuck that way all the time.

NSBooklady on

Pathetic attempt to stay popular. Some day her kids will see this and they will NOT be proud of what their mama did in public.

Angel on

This is in the Stylewatch column?? I see absolutely no style here! She creeps me out!

brenda on

Her tongue seems stuck that way all the time.
And she has no morals anymore.

Emmy on

Her performance last night was downright vulgar and I am no prude.

Concerned citizen on

Her performance was just….embarrassing. She’s got a great body, but no vocal or dancing talent to speak of.

Concerned citizen on

Oh, and put.the.tongue.AWAY.

Crabby on

The creepy creepy part of things was that obviously it all started with her jumping out of a huge Teddy Bear…with her hair up in knot/pig tails dressed in a little Teddy Bear *onesie* like a little girl…a young girl…then ended up with her in a flesh colored two piece that made her appear naked and gyrating her ass up against the man-gear of a guy who looks 20 years older than her. WTF?

beeswax on

That performance was so inappropriate. I just hope there were no young children watching. By the way, where was Liam? Miley is SO unattractive!!!! Wonder if Billy Ray and Trish are proud? What a disaster!!!

jen on

SO glad I grew up with the Stones…

lor on

Very sad! Looked like she was on drugs or alcohol. Can’t believe if she is even still engaged. Someone said she should change her name to “Smiley Virus”! NOW, NSYNC was a classy performance!

Spider on

New porno queen

Pam on

Way too over the top trying to prove a point. Cutting edge us interesting thus is quite boring snd annoying. Seriously what is with the tongue?

Miley Virus on

Good to know she will always have a career as a porn star when her singing days are over…

Geesh on

Oh.Good.God………therapy is definitely in her future…….Where is this girls parents? They must be with Lindsay Lohan’s parents! Lord!

Christina on

OMG!!! She looked and acted ridiculous!!! Put your tongue away!! We get it, your not Hannah Montana anymore.

Anna on


Karen on

Go away! She has no talent, besides not having clothes on..she cant sing or carry a tune, she is a waste of talent..Again, go away, your appearance and attempt of singing is an embarrassment to the entertainment world. And oh yeah, do we have a tongue problem? Keep it inside…Worthless

Liz on

As someone on another message board pointed out, Kanye West owes Miley a huge thank you. What he did to Taylor Swift a few years has finally been dethroned as the worst thing anyone has ever done at VMA’s.

Guest on

Billy Ray, Please come get your girl!

Befuddled on

My grown daughter summed it up perfectly in a text msg to me last night. She said “I’d suffer through Miley again to see JT and Nsync one more time.”

Rina on

She has mediocre talent, average looks and little self respect so naturally, she is going to do whatever is necessary to be noticed. Otherwise, she is just another face in the crowd.

Rina on

She has mediocre talent, average looks and little self respect so naturally, she is going to do whatever is necessary to be noticed. Otherwise, she is just another face in the crowd. Gene Simmons called and wants his “lizard” tongue back.

TheD on

Lady Gaga wore a thong the entire show in front of underage children and all the talk surrounds Miley’s performance. She’s a young lady having fun. Lady Gaga is the fame *hore here. Let’s be real.

TheD on

The fact that people rip Miley and not the old lady gaga disturbs me.

Befuddled on

I know some are saying that because we’re all talking about Miley, she accomplished her goal, i.e., attention, but I disagree. Even back in the Madonna, Britney, etc., shocker days there was a huge difference: They were entertaining, they were talented, we gasped but we loved it. Miley was literally just an embarrassment that was painful to watch. Very painful. This will not sell her music, it will not generate sponsors or interviews or any kind of career movement in a positive direction. I’m sorry but in all my years of watching these types of shows, Miley, HANDS DOWN, was the worst I’ve ever seen. Zero talent, zero entertainment, zero everything. Just the worst of the worst…

Diana on

I’m no prude but last nights performance by Miley was horrendous….so so sick of the tongue sticking out and the prancing around in her underwear all the time…As for R. Thicke what was he thinking???!!!! just brought him down to her level and that is pretty low…

Disappointed mom on

This is so sad, it’s too bad that so many of these Disney kids think so little of themselves. She looks like a blowup doll.

joanna on

You know its bad enough that she doesn’t have the talent that she use to so she is now stripping, but what is with the tongue, I mean come one Miley you are doing yourself NO FAVORS! Miley you can do better than this, don’t be a sell out, its not worth it.

Journey on

I consider myself open minded and yet found this vulgar!

Angie on

This makes me sad. She had so much potential and was a stunning lady..But now, she’s a mess. I understand wanting to step out of your Disney role…but do it with class. I hope she can pull it together before it’s too late.

lydiaferguson on

so is this what happens when you come out the close. So Sad And Desperate to get attention…

jenny on

if she doesn’t like wearing clothes maybe she should think of getting into the porn industry. that tongue will be handy for there…

cynthia on

this little Madonna wannabe is headed for big trouble. just a matter of time before she loses it. parents need to forget being friends with there kids and try to stop their kids infatuation with this sad, immature train wreck waiting to happen. not someone to emulate and admire. hard to start being an aware parent, trying to back up after you’ve ignored the warnings, however.

allyoop on

Why is she doing that w/her tongue in most of her VMA pictures? She looks ridiculous enough already.

Another artist on

The ‘shock’ of what Ms Cirus did is NOT an issue:shock to some, expected by others. The real issue and problem is the lack of talent, choreography, and enormous hubris that she is exhibiting at an increasingly irritating rate. Ms. Cirus should look AGAIN at real shock provoking art, music and performance, behind which there is great artistry.

Karen on

I have not watched the video, don’t care to. How attractive is sticking out your tongue, wearing your way short hair in tiny ponytails, grabbin’ your crotch and wearing that get up in public? Some will say she is “expressing herself” and her art. Bull, she is a no talent hillbilly who needs to head on back to the hills.

Sunny on

Not only cover it up, but take it away. The expression “leave something to the imagination” exists for a reason.

J on

Ummm…her first outfit is not what should be considered “fully clothed”?

Andrea on

She’s doing some serious overcompensating.

Janice on

Something tells me that Robin Thicke had a “come to Jesus” talk with his manager. Something like….”YOU’RE FIRED”!

Not a fan...anymore on

I liked her..until last night. It appears she is trying too hard to leave the Hannah Montana behind her and becoming sleezy. Her performance last night was not appreciated by me, the mother of a 10 year old girl who adores Miley. And what is what her tongue!?!?! She seems to be unable to keep it in her mouth.

Jomama413 on

This makes me sad…If Liam’s smart he’ll get out now!…(not sure of their current status, too many ups and downs)….she had so much potential. Disney (and her parents) must be so proud….I am sad that several of the stars that my girls used to like have chosen such horrible career choices… Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez in the worst movie ever made (Spring Breakers) and Miley…. :(

Michaele on

This country wants a Godless society of moral relativism! You got it!
So quit your damn complaining!

Not a fan...anymore on

AND…she sounded horrible!

Michaele on

this country wants a Godless society of moral relativism!
You got what you wanted!
Now quit your damn complaining about MC!!

mae21 on

Unimpressed by Miley trying to be shocking — it was just weird. Disgusted with Robin Thicke — he looks like a creepy pervert for participating in the act and people should be equally (or more) disgusted with him.

Me on

Anyone who has an opinion on this really should get a life.

Me on

Anyone who has an opinion on this, seriously, get a life.

EnUff on

Desperate these days Miley? Oh, I know. You want to be taken SERIOUSLY as a grown up artist. Well, then put your clothes on little girl and grow up.

gq on

So did Lady Gaga. So did LADY GAGA. SO DID LADY GAGA!!!! Did anybody see Gaga’s ass hanging from behind that string? Or was everybody too busy considering that art?!

Rose on

her onesie reminds me of the new chuck e cheese mouse, very creepy.

Guest080513 on

What in the world happened last night? MTV does not shock me but Miley’s performance sure did! I really don’t understand what she was thinking! It seems like she is trying to push the envelope to prove she is not a Disney star any longer. Tone it down and stop sticking your tongue out, not attractive at all!

Kisa on

she is just trying to make ev1 realize he is not HANNAH MONTANA anymore good grief leave her alone and let her be the adult she is now!!!!

Gcl79 on

The tounge out all the time is just silly does she think she is gene Simmons ? The whole thing was just really cheap looking to me.

Candy on

Wake up Miley. You have talent, You have ( or maybe at this point HAD) a great guy. You are beautiful ( but ludicrous with all this NEW MILEY look.) You have great fans who are becoming weary of all of the above. I was looking at some pictures of Miley & Liam recently. Her elegant gowns, gorgeous hair, standing beside an obviously adorning Hemsley make my heart break. You are soooo much better than this Miley. Put some clothes BACK ON and do what you do best SING again with out your tongue , boobs, and crotch hanging out.

Ridic on

Liam!!! Why??!!!

shevdiam on

I couldn’t believe her performance her tongue and the butt grinding on Robin Thicke.

lillith on

I think she has been advised by Larry Flynt. Maybe that’s where she will be employed next.

Patti on

It’s not her outfit, it’s her immature actions.

Nunyaz on

UGH! What is with the TONGUE?!? Miley honey, you’re not hot. Not even close. Sorry I’m not sorry.

ina on

so sad

Wow on

Is she on drugs? I had to look up the video to see all the hype and she definitely looks high on something.

Lynnemezzo on


Ana on

Talent does not need to strip onstage, grind a married man, and make sexual innuendos with a foam finger. Miley is trying too hard to distance herself from her former Hannah Montana image. Same can be said for Gaga flashing her butt cheeks. True talent performs without these antics, e.g., Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry and others at the VMAs.

ohmygoodness on

“Run Liam Run”!

ohmygoodness on

Run Liam Run!

Carrow on

I’ve realized something about her. She’s just like any other young person trying to “find” themselves. She’s trying to find her own style and identity as anything but a Disney star and trying a bit too hard.

Only difference is she has a bigger grander stage than most kids her age.

Anna on

I hope Robin Thickes Wife disinfected him….WTH is up with this girl!! Her parents must be so proud of her. She was not sexy at all, all I could think about is wow crack out ex stripper when I saw her on stage. What happen to the pretty girl that once was? If Leim and her are still together he needs to run and run fast…her actions do have a adverse effect on him too!

lola on

I’m just kind of tired of seeing her tongue hanging out of her mouth. Ick…

karen knapp on

And we wonder why we have teenagers having babies….how sad!

Tisha on

Miley is in desperate need for Mental healthcare…if her parents think what she did was alright…then they are worst than her!

susana on

First of al, she needs to put her tongue back in her mouth..too much. I would be so embarassed if that was my daughter…what was she doing and trying to prove? It made her look like she had no class…what a shame.

susana on

First of all, she needs to put her tongue back in her mouth..what is with that? She made herself look like she has no class. I would be so embarrased if that was my daughter..what a shame.

LML on

Robin will survive this embarrassing performance because he didn’t make a complete ‘a**’ (pun intended) of himself like the way Miley did. She may be 20 y.o. and responsible for her own actions, but somehow I still kind of blame Billie Ray and Tish for not catching what were maybe early signs of showiness, overrambunctiousness, whatever you want to call it, when she was an impressionable preteen. No blurred lines about that performance last night.

Lindy on

She was not alone on that stage, an older and more experienced Robin Thicke should be held just as accountable as Mylie was. Both were way out of line, do you want your children seeing this?

KT on

Strippers belong in bars, not the VMAs. Way out of line.

tb on

almost nobody knows any of her songs….she feels like she gotta make a name for herself…so…..
Perhaps she should hook up with Justin Bieber seems like they are kind of in the same phase….
in the meantime Miley dear….do cover up….please

Dianne on

Oh My! This just makes me sad, she could have gone on to do really cool things, if she were my daughter I would be heartsick, why on earth would she behave in such a vulgar manor? Poor girl, another Brittney, Lindsey, Amanda… now she’s just a cartoon a joke.

KT on

strippers belong in bars, not the VMAs

nina on


Tracie on

What is wrong with this girl? She had so much going for her, it seems the last few months she’s trying to discover herself, poorly I might add. Her performance was embarassing to those watching and I can only imagine what her parents thought? And what’s with her tongue always hanging out? Is Miley another teen star gone wrong?

Nancy on

She was no-talent as “Hannah Montana”, and she’s even less than that now. What a L O S E R!!!

B on

So sad. She knows that her talent is so limited that she needs to do whatever she can to keep herself in the spotlight. When and if she ever grows up she will be mortified. We all have had our young, dumb moments. Unfortunately for This girl, hers are playing out in front of the world.

LNW on

Crazy hair, huge red lips, ridiculous outfits, weird facial expressions…she literally looks like some psycho clown who just escaped from the circus. If that’s the look she’s going for, she hit the nail on the head.

Janice on

Miley, you are a beautiful young woman. Never be ashamed of your body and figure. Be yourself, but be careful letting these people say things about you behind your back, like this, ever again.

Janice on

Miley, you are a beautiful young woman, and never be ashamed of what you’re doing. Be yourself.

Janice M. Davis on

Miley, you go girl!!!!!

gino on

Don’t you need to have a butt to twerk?

Bette on

I know she growing up and wants to change her Disney Image, but everything about late night was a EMBARRASSMENT….. She need some serious help….

ann on

does she think raunchy is the same as sexy?

debbie on

She needs to go away! Forever!!!!!

Brenda Moore on

She ain’t got it so no please don’t flaunt it…u need an actual ass to twerk girlfriend!

Brian on

Miley was awesome food for thought has Miley ever been pregnant, or has she done heavy drugs or an alcoholic answer to all these are no!! but their teenagers that are get my point!!! here is another point did a breast pop out no!! Miley is no longer Hannah Montana she is 20 years old, she as matured so has her music and entertaining everybody just back off!! Miley is awesome!!

PeaJay on

I’m thinking she is heading down a bad path we just saw with Lohan. Partying and just not thinking about what she is doing for the long term.

Suzel on

Shes a young girl still finding herself , before her we had the Madonnas and Brittneys frenching on stage and Beyonce gyrating her crotch at the super bowl why is this a HUGE surprise to everyone?Because she was sweet little Hannah Montana? She’s growing up and hopefully will look back and chuckle at her twerking madness LOL she will be fine

Tamara on

what was that? Think about everything you can do wrong in a performance and this is the results. She can’t dance, she can’t move, outfit is horrible, no face control. And what’s with those bears?

button on

Gain 10 pounds quick!

Tori on

Doubt there will ever be a marriage to her fiance.
Yikes, she’s a mess.

dee on

She has talent and looks and already fame…….she doesn’t need to lower herself to this. Hopefully she will realize she is taking steps backyards…….Hannah Montana wasn’t a bad thing, and people get very sick of the weird or shocking in a very short time.

shg on

Why did MTV allow it!! Now I know why I stopped watching that channel. The girl made a complete fool out of herself. Anybody know if she’s on drugs??

mizzp on

You Americans are sooooo prudish
She is 20 young and talentented and one heck of a gorgeous body… stop whining about everything and let the girl do what she is good at…entertaining you boring people that cant handle a cladly dressed girl…sad

florida on

Liam please take your ring back asap!!!!

Carol on

Sad how she’s trying so hard. So little talent, hidden by outrageous antics. Her bathing suit covered more than Lady Gaga’s, but her actions were low class. Put your tongue away, and please, undo your ponytails. Gwen Stefani did that fifteen years ago.

Rolyat on

First class Pig! Always with the tongue out. Obviously she has issues and does what she does for attention.

roger on

people said the same about madonna early on, even now and she is worth billions now, face it raunch and edge pays, some one needs to carry on for madonna, shes too old to do it anymore. Although that doesnt mean i agree with her style here.

ene on

Its just a performance,this is some thing they(Robin,Miley)have been rehearsing!they plan for it so back offfff!!! no body should crucified her by her stage act.

Sofia on

Terrific !! What was thinking? She’s not ok, It seem she has problems … What about her family? Boyfriend, Elsa ??

Annie on

Why does she keep sticking her tongue out?

Monica on

WoW! Her parents raised a good one! It’s a fine line between sexy and deranged, Miley, and you’re not on the sexy side. TRUST ME!

guest on

for all of the complaining, we are still talking about her! This is exactly what she wanted….and we’re giving it to her.

itsall good nroanoke on


lynn on

The outfits were fine. She’s young and in great shape. If Rhianna or J Lo come out in them, no one would bat an eye… The lewd behavior however, not very attractive.

Sarah on

What happened to her, she was so cute. Super sad!

Busines is business on

Miley, I was not impressed but I understand that this is business. Why are you all bashing Miley, heck GAGA was not much better. You people need to understand that this is acting. I’ve seen worse in movies and regular tv shows. What’s the big deal already.

Lynette on

I cannot decide who is trying to impress us the most. Justin Beiber or Miley Cyrus. I suppose its harder for Miley without the Disney audience. Twerking/dancing is considered common West Indian behaviour at carnival time. check Rianna’s dancing in Barbados.Every body wanting to be photographed can be found dancing like that. This is OK with us at carnival time. Even the tourists try to imitate. Turning it into porn is a totally different matter. But as the old folks say ‘You are only young once.’

Famke on

I dnt understand whats going on with that thong. Keep yr tong in your mouth, it is so low. BAH.

Jules on

If sexy was her goal, she totally blew it with her hairstyle.

Marianne on

How come someone like Taylor Swift can get by on talent alone? Her talent is all she needs. Always classy & always a lady. Too bad Miley Cyrus can’t say the same.

tanya on

The next Amanda Bynes.

Janette on

No matter if you like it or not she got what she was after we are talking about it.. I just find it really sad that the only way she felt she could stay relavent was to put on a performance like that.

EStfar on

What does anyone expect, when bad behavior is condoned at all levels of our society today and decency is seen as less than model behavior. You have Beyonce and JLo out there practically showing their privates, and people like Miley know exactly what will keep her in the public eye — Americans thrive on bad taste, no class and raunchy behavior. It is the dawn of reality television the evolution of those past talk shows where people would do and say the most outrageous things for their 10secs of fame. This is the sad reality – there is no culture just this.

erin on

ok…i’m totally over seeing Miley Cyrus with her tongue sticking out….get some class girl!!

stac on

This girl is headed on a downward spiral!!!

Rae on

She really thinks she’s something. She is – a disgrace! Her poor parents and boyfriend! She is a loser and needs to go away. Oh, and keep your vulgar tongue in your mouth.

julie on

ummmm Lady Gaga was in a g-string… why are we all hung up on miley?? She isnt the only one to perform like this, and she wont be the last…

bjsquelph on

Grow up. no one needs to see that

Sara on

I hope that one day when she is older and has her own children, she looks back on this as a “what was i thinking!” moment. I kinda doubt it though. :(

Rae on

She seriously needs and exorcism

Terri on

I think she’s setting a horrible example for young people.

ohyeah on

Wow. How many jealous haters are they? You all know you can turn the channel instead of complaining that you Dont like a particular display of art! If you all was better then MTV would have you all on instead!

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