Lily Collins's Two Weeks Of Crop Tops

08/21/2013 at 10:30 AM ET

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Lily Collins may be a relative newcomer to the style scene, but we sure know a lot about her upper ab region already.

That’s because the fashionista (and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones star) has been putting it on display every chance she gets, wearing an assortment of fabulous ab-displaying ensembles out and about to promote the film over the last few weeks. ‘

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She’s taken belly baring formal in a glamorous two-piece gown (including a Halston Heritage skirt) for the film’s Berlin premiere; chosen a “just hangin’ out” crop top to wear to dinner with leather harem pants (we’ll assume she didn’t order a giant burrito that night); opted for a funky low-rider ab display in a shrunken tank and leather midi to toast her Seventeen cover in N.Y.C.; and wore a classy skin-showing tummy triangle at a bash in Beverly Hills. And that’s just the tip of the ab-baring iceberg.

She’s shown her stomach off in a slashed white dress and exposed that same strip of skin in a hot pink shorts set, and of course, this all kicked off at ComicCon in late July, where she tested the waters with a girlie two-piece.

If we had abs as fierce as Collins, we’d want the world to know about it too. And we definitely have a style and beauty crush on the star, who’s been killing it on every tour stop for this film. But does “too much of a good thing” apply in this case? Tell us in the comments.

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 60 comments

Lara on

Definitely too much! She needs to switch it up!

amy on

You’re joking, right? She’s lost way too much weight recently. She looks like she’s sick.

Amy on

It might be the lighting, but I don’t see much in the way of abs. There is a big difference between having great abs and simply being thin.

Abbie on

very pretty girl, but honestly she doesn’t look like she has abs. She just looks incredibly skinny.

lisa on

no abs, no boobs, no behind but plenty of eyebrows for everyone!!!

fanofboardwalkempire on

Okay we see the perfect abs- or rather super thin body.
time to switch it up!

melisa on

It looks like she has two black hamsters where her eyebrows should be.

LL on

What abs? That’s called malnourished midriff.

Andrea on

Where are the curves?? Looks like anyone else’s belly who hasn’t had kids yet.

Marsha on

Lara… this is switching it up… out of 20 outfits in two weeks, she wore 7 that showed her “abs”. About a 1/3rd… and I say if you have it… show it… at least she is classy about.

honeybear on

The snarky comments..and from women too. It’s that highschool mentality and some just never outgrow it. I love a full eyebrow by the way.

Ashley on

Nothing wrong with her eyebrows. But those are not abs. That’s just a flat stomach due to diet. She’s thin but not athletic. She looks fine.

truth on

She’s just thin twenty-something. Wait til she becomes middle-aged. Also, those eyebrows. eek.

Kim on

I’m sorry but i still don’t quite get this girl’s appeal. She’s been in a few movies lately and she definitely has a pretty face but i don’t think she has the appeal that a movie star should have.

Guest1709 on

Mmmmmmmmm NO

Dave Herrington on

I prefer my women with curves, not looking like a 12 year old boy and those eyebrows would make Borat jealous, other than that, she’s cute.

Nicole Mahlandt on

Come on! There are no abs whatsoever, its a skinny 24 year old torso. You are giving the wrong impression.

lianna on

do i sense jealousy here? hmmm… obviously you fatties need to hit the gym and stop hating on this beautiful girl, who looks better than you ever will in your wildest dreams

lianna on

do i sense jealousy here? hmmm… obviously you girls need to hit the gym and stop hating on this beautiful girl, who looks better than you ever will in your wildest dreams

me on

those arent abs. thats just a thin girl. janet jackson back in the day had the abs of steel!

lisa on

Oh and her dad is Phil Collins, thus her connections, I mean talent…It’s not mean honeybear – it’s called reality –

Patimelt on

Best abs in the business? Did she write that phrase herself? I cant look at anything but those eyebrows no matter how hard i try!

Susan on

Does she like her eyebrows to be the signature part of her look? If so, they definitely call for attention. She’s a pretty girl but I would shape those eyebrows a bit. I like what Ali Larter recently said about being impressed with other women’s bodies-“It’s hard to impress me with a body that hasn’t had a baby. Have a baby and then let’s talk,” she jokes. So true!

Amy on

No @lianna, no jealousy. Just realistic observation about the appearance (or non-appearance, in this case) of what People implies are spectacular abs.

Dona on

She looks like an 11 year old and her eyebrows are the most noticeable part of her, not her abs. Pleeze… I’ve seen prettier girls at Walmart.

Nadalie on

I’m sorry but since when did being pencil thin, become the equivalent of abs?? They’re definitely not “the best” in the business. Maybe if she added 20 pounds, and maintained the tight tummy, she would qualify as a contender for “the best” abs but for now, she’s just skinny. Sorry hon, you look unhealthy

Nannyto1 on

I do not like the ab baring look… on anyone. And I agree with others, I don’t see any abs there. She’s just super slim.

Guest on

I’m over abs. I prefer when people leave a little mystery behind everything. Tragically I think this is most young girls mistake.

KiKi on

Ummm…….not seeing the “Great Abs” – she’s a stick figure.

Cheri on

Great Abs…Worst eyebrows. Does she live with a guy named Ernie?

catherine on

She’s young, gorgeous, muscular abs-don’t ripple-but she has defined abs! If one is that young, beautiful, and famous, why not show off a little? I think she looks spectacular! But she is younger than my kids, so I don’t have any jealous hating feelings going on. Her beautiful eyebrows frame her face so beautifully.

Ihas on

Susan, that Ali Larter comment is ridiculous. I can’t stand insecure women who can’t compliment another woman without being defensive about their own body, for whatever reason. Most of the women who use the “having a baby ruined my body excuse” never had a good body to begin with, they now just have something to blame it on.

Chris on

She is beautiful, don’t get me wrong… but best abs? She’s just tiny and lovely. Not much muscle definition anywhere. I’m thinking Jillian Michaels would be a better candidate for that title.

Zen on

She is young….show it while you can sweetie! She is gorgeous!

kelsey on

She looks hungry!

Jacks on

There is very little muscle definition, this is just a waif of a girl that is not toned or healthy looking.

ES71 on

Oh, gee. It is not about the abs, she is covering up her legs which are not up to the Hollywood standards. Because of that she has to show something else.
She has a very pretty face, she is a very pretty girl.

shocked1 on

she doesn’t have “fierce” abs….she just has a flat stomach from being skinny. having abs requires definition in the muscle, which she has none.

Mia on

Looks like just another malnourished young actress to me. Except for her eyebrows, of course. I’m all for appreciating your uniqueness, but in this case, Lilly’s eyebrows just don’t fit her face. They’re too bushy and unkempt for her fine-boned features, and they totally overpower the rest of her face. She’s a very pretty girl, but you completely miss it because you’re too distracted her eyebrows! She needs to thin-out those brows and fatten-up the rest of her body, LOL!

Theresa on

She’s too skinny. Her looks are almost the same which equals BORING!

smithy on

Are those good abs or is that the stomach of a clueless teenager with a pre-pubescent body?

Sarah on

Lily Collins is beautiful. Love her eyebrows- jealous of her figure! I’d flaunt it too!

Scarlett on

Naya Rivera has by far the best abs in the business right now. Now that girl is hot and talented! I have no idea who this girl really is. Guess I need glasses cause I don’t see any abs.

Anna on

Abs, what abs? I couldn’t get past her eyebrows.

casmia on

Abs? Not so much. Waif? Absolutely. Get this girl on a feeding schedule.

jsd079 on

I remember when my abs looked like that. Then I had 4 kids. Totally worth it, but I wish I had know what I had when I had it! :)

MommytoanE on

Of corse she has nice abs. She’s like what 12? She’s just a dang baby. Wait till she’s got kids of her own, and we’ll see how many stomach reveling outfits she wears then.

carol lange on

would be preety girl if she got her eye brows waxed

Nanu 08 on

has the body of a skinny boy……..

molly on

abs?? I dont see any abs at all!

Rachel on

I love her eyebrows! Women that over pluck or pencil in tiny lines….frightening.

Charli on

Not really abs. She’s just flat. Not hatin, just saying.

coco on

The judgmental eyebrow comment is so lame. Her eyebrow’s are one of her strongest features. Women are not born with pencil-thin, plucked brows, and it is utterly pathetic that there’s so much social pressure regarding naturally occurring hair anywhere besides on your head. Get over this uptight, conformist fixation!!

susan on

I see a flat, muscle-less tummy, not abs.

Summer on

I agree with others. I see a skinny young woman, not toned abs. Also, I and many of my peers had better abs in college, minus the famous, rich parents. It kind of goes with the territory at that age. Not impressed.

Carrow on

Lily where are your beautiful curves?

Molly on

Um, are there abs in these photos? Abs are muscles and I certainly don’t see any. In fact I see another undernourished female in Hollywood. No abs here People.

Guest on

Hey, if I were that tiny, I’d show off my midriff every second of every day. I’d much rather look at her stomach (that girl does NOT have a belly) than her boobs!

Oli on

She’s super thin, those aren’t abs

Liz on

I stopped reading at “leather harem pants”.

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