Hollywood's Latest (and Most Questionable) Trend: Exposed Undies

08/19/2013 at 12:56 PM ET

3-D prints, peach pumps, braids X17 Online; Pacific Coast News; FameFlynet

We’ve warily gotten on the overalls bandwagon and considered casting our support to the shirt-around-waist look, but three of our favorite stars may have finally attempted a trend we just can’t get behind: Denim so low it exposes what’s underneath.

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Just when it seemed like guys were getting over the “saggy pants and boxers” look, it appears that Hollywood’s leading ladies have adapted the style for themselves. Mila Kunis picked a pair of low-riders that grazed her green undergarments; Shailene Woodley seems to have purposely paid tribute to Mark Wahlberg and Brooke Shields (clearly, nothing gets between her and her Calvins) and Kristen Stewart exposed a surprisingly girly pair of striped and flowered panties while sporting a pair of seriously baggy boyfriend jeans.

We weren’t into “whale tail” the first time around and so have a hard time finding this look particularly attractive, but maybe (like overalls, shirts-around-waists and velvet skater dresses) this will grow on us over time. Tell us: Do you find exposed undies sexy, or are you dying to pull up these stars’ pants?

–Alex Apatoff

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Edie on

Stop already!
Are we back to that mess? Grow some class!

Charli on

I think Mila looks cute.

Melissa on

Probably should check your photoshop on Kristen’s sun glasses.

Good Tx Girl on


Lynsey on

We’ll this is just riveting news.

ECLife on

is it me or is Kristen Steward looking for attention with her unclean ways of dressing for the public….she constantly appears not combing her hair and wearing boys clothes …Shaileen’s Calvin Klein jocks says it all…at least Mila has a cute tee-shirt that says “I love dog” instead of pussy-cats that can be misleading considering how low her frontal jeans are….totally

Jami on

Pathetic! Nothing is sacred anymore! What happened to rules of ettiquite?!

itsall good nroanoke on


Jenna on

Kristen wore her glasses with only one side on them. So dumb. She’s such a dirty has been.

Michael on

uhhhh… No. Not an attractive style – at all!

Lara on

Mila still looks somewhat feminine. The other two look ridiculous. Who would walk around like that in public?

Sam on

Why are celebs flashing their bra and panties lately? Really cheap looking.

Sim on

Laura, most people here are stupid, I do not have words for you, how can you criticize someone, when you do not know, people are so heartless and stupid, get help, we need it here

Sim on

Kristen Stewart is a great actress and beautiful, it suits almost all, people here are stupid and jealous. Here criticize you, but to myself not to look. So the first people look at you and then the others, you are really poorly fuuj

ManPan on

Oh please not the Ladys doing it now how dumb can they be?

JB on

Please no – sloppy looking……..

Di on


Sorry, while Mila’s looks the best, please all of you, take a good long look in the mirror and then snatch those pants back up to where they ought to be.

Sim on

For God’s sake, people, get a grip with te, They can go as they want, first you look at yourself and then criticize, have increasingly rebellious people here, nor surprised that happen so many murders and violence, you’re heartless

Zen on


Sim on

Kristen looks here best is beautiful, it suits just about everything, most people here just jealous and stupid, which is also seen here

magsesco on

Pull up your pants

stoplooking on

if this is so unappealing then why not stop looking?

Simii on

Kristen looks here best is beautiful, it suits just about everything, most people here just jealous

rlb237 on

Recycling the Mila Kunis story from a few months back (that photo is not that recent) because two other girls wore their jeans low too?

Simii on

ECLife and Jenna You’re not normal, fujjj. Kristen is beautiful, look at yourself and then criticize, you’re ugly,ECLife and Jenna aye people became more and more doubt about the health page people, you certainly are not healthy mentally, if you have problems, get help, we need it

Butt Lovin Bear 401 on

I think if Mila’s denims were any lower we would know if the “rug matches the drapes” or if she has a “rug” at all.

Fanss on

ECLife and Jenna You’re not normal, fujjj. Kristen is beautiful, look at yourself and then criticize, you’re ugly ECLife and Jenna , aye people became more and more doubt about the health page people, you certainly are not healthy mentally, if you have problems, get help, we need it

Dan on

Go commando, and this wouldn’t be a problem.

Fanss on

Jenna – the only dirty you, Kristen is gorgeous and you are hideously

Ari on

It’s like a reverse whale tail. Still not cute ladies. It’s not cute when men walk around with their underwear out it is even less cute when women do it.

prustcw on

what a silly trend…showing your undies, a sad world we live in.

guest on

It’s amazing how naturally beautiful Mila Kunis and Kristen Stewart are when dressed like normal human beings. However, this look makes them look sleazy.

Crystle on

Seems to me that Morality is not the latest trend anymore so sad

Beba on

They’re called underwear for a reason, as my mother always said.

KP on

The only one even remotely attractive in these photos is Mila…at least she’s wearing LADIES UNDERWEAR!

wow on

the only one here who is even a little bit remotely attractive showing their undies is Mila….at least she is wearing LADIES undies. The other two look like dudes.

Joke on

So we are going to make fun of Kristen’s underwear but completely ignore Rob assaulting a guy he thought was a Pap this weekend. People is such a joke now…journalists? Not hardly. Canceling subscription. Everything on here now is about B, C and D-listers.

Joke on

You people are ridiculously hateful.

LuluAZ on

It was bad enough when the guys were doing it. So not an attractive look.

Emily on

It looks trashy. Honestly it’s no better than the guys who do it and actually think they look good.

bellaboo on

Mila looks cute- mostly. I don’t really enjoy knowing that someone’s pubic region is hairless just based on what I can see by how low their pants hang.

Modesty on

Trousers are the fashion. If you must show your “drawers”, you’re in the wrong profession.

Brycey Eleanor Mann on

I believe anyone can make a fashion statement. These young adults are doing just that so please leave them to it. I am old enough to remember when hot pants, bell bottoms, tank tops, Beatle haircuts etc. came out and they were definitely not accepted. They were a fad. But, they came back. So, they must have had an impact on designers. These may come back too, and you may just swallow all the insults. More on what these young adults are doing and not what they are wearing would be nice. Thank you.

Sunny on

Am I dying to pull up these stars’ pants? Um … no. I might be considered guilty by association.

Brycey Eleanor Mann on

I enlarged the picture if kristen, and there is a micro bit of striped underwater. BIG DEAL! Just lay off if them. I go out a little sloppy sometimes and without my hair combed, but mostly I am neat and clean. So are these young people. Thank you for letting me comment again. Um Kristen I would love to play words with friends with you. Brycedall is my handle. Live your movies! I support you!

Mel on

Ladies, it’s ugly enough when guys do it. We do not need to see your underwear. PULL ‘EM UP!

jessica foley on

as long as they got, FLAUNT IT!!! All you fat chicks…go lse some weight! then we’ll see who’s talking…lol

natalie on

And LOL at Kristen Stewart’s sunglasses…

Amy on

So ugly!!!

WiddoMouse on

I don’t like it on the boys and I don’t like it on the girls. If I wanted to see your underwear I would just ask you to drop your drawers.

tweety.j on

Eww! WHY WHY WHY?!?!? V-cuts are really gross on a woman, and it’s bad enough that guys wear there pants like this, never mind women.

D on

1st we have to see girls showing off the thong straps over the jeans now we have to see girls trying to dress like guys… UGHH NO THANK U PLEASE WEAR CLOTHES THATS GONNA COVER UP EVERYTHING AND REMEMER UR GIRLS!!!!

Guest on

Not this again…

Michele on

Not cute. Looks sloppy. Need to pull your pants up you girls.

Michele on

Kristen’s sun glasses are a hoot. Is she so poor she can’t buy a complete pair of glasses ?

LEA on

Only one person out of the 3 saying “look at me.”. Mila. Her look is very contrived. The other two look like they are running errands on a day off. The one showing the least is KS. She’s actually quite covered up. Boyfriend jeans are naturally baggy… Big deal.

tanya on

Nobody looks good like that. Pull your pants up!!!!!!

kay on

i think mila is the only one who can pull this off and look sexy

fan of boardwalk empire on

Sorry but I don’t want to see anyone’s undies at all.

Cherokee on

They all look a hot mess!

crisk on

kristen always so beautiful !!!!

crisk on

Kristen always so beautiful!!! Great girl!!!!

Guest on

I start to think the fabric is becoming expensive with all the sheer covering clothes and see-through dresses? Weird, In the stores I visit there are still ‘normal’ clothes. Hmm and then they wonder why they are objectified…

Danielle on

OK, No one in there right mind would wear this tread if they actually took the time to understand what it TRULY means. This ” Pants so low your underwear show” was started in PRISON, so that a man could show other inmates that he was “DOWN”, as in open for a sexual encounter. So to all the teenage boys, girls, grown men, grown women. IT”S CALLED “UNDERWEAR” for a reason.

Gina on

I think that’s only some can pull it off like Mila. Ultimately though, the look is very sloppy.

george spelvin on

I like it a lot better than the completely exposed boxers on all the blacks.

Mighty Max on

Well… now the whole world knows that Shailene wears Calvin Klein panties.

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