Beyoncé Gets an Inverted Bob: See It From All Angles

08/16/2013 at 10:48 AM ET

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According to Beyoncé, girls run the world. But lets be real: Her hair runs our world.

One week after cutting off all her long blond waves into a bleach-blonde pixie cut (and igniting #shorthairdontcare fever), the singer has switched up her look once again. And the latest is totally different than any style we’ve seen on the star: an inverted bob. (The Bey Bob? The Boboncé? We’re still working on a name. Stay tuned.)

It’s a whole lot of look for one short hairstyle, so let’s break it down: Her strands are long and blonde in the front, dramatically shorter in the back and darker underneath (as seen on the layered sections).

Queen Bey accessorized her new bob with a golden Grecian-goddess-esque headband while out in Miami with Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy.

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We wonder how her stylist Kim Kimble feels about this look. Kimble told PEOPLE she was completely blindsided when Beyoncé first chopped her locks. “I got a little teary eyed!” she confessed. “I’ve been working for her so long, she has this beautiful long hair and it’s hard to grow hair out. I feel like it’s my hair, I work so much with her. I feel a little emotional but excited for her too.”

Tell us: What do you think of Beyoncé’s latest do? Do you like it better than her pixie?

–Storm Heitman

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suzieq on

Did you really just print “Her hair runs OUR world”? For real?? I like looking at pics but that is about the dumbest line ever printed.

alex on

That is a wig or weave not even her realhair

Gina on

Not a fan of her blonde hair..

Katie on

Suzieq: Come on now. Admit it, you determine how to run your life, style yourself, etc. based on how Beyonce has her hair styled. I know I do. Ha. I agree with you about that insane comment. Did the writer actual type that with a straight face? Too funny.

zoe on

If she *really* cut her hair into a pixie (which could just be a wig), then she’s definitely wearing a wig in the above pics. If I was her – with all that $$$$ – I would probably do the same thing, so why not?

Em on

Sooo, which one is a wig, the pixie or the bob? Or does she still have her long hair hidden under there?

Barbie on

Makes her look older and masculine.

MrMonkee on

No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig……………..

Hair Expert on

She didn’t get a haircut, she just got shorter hair extensions.

Di on

This is NOT a good look on Beyonce.

Marisa on

It’s not her real hair! Weaves! She wears weaves! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha

BBB on

This style is really, really bad. If some random girl walked by with this style on the street I would think her hairstylist butchered her hair and her colorist had gone a little crazy. But because it’s Beyonce People is enamored and makes claims that her hair runs our world, totally delusional.

Mel on

Personally, I could care less how this narcissistic diva looks or what she does with her ‘hair’. What she did to get the Pixie was finally take her extensions out. That’s all. The above? Just a wig……..that’s it. I can’t believe the line ‘Her hair runs our world’ was even printed. How moronic!!!!!

Dakota on

Didn’t Kate Gosselin have this style years ago?

carol on

I think she looks horrible. It is apparent that her beauty just comes from her hair! But really…..who cares!

BrooklynBound on

Why all the fuss over hair that’s not even real. Let’s be honest here, we all know she’s sporting a weave!

layla on

“Her hair runs our world”?????? What friggin planet are you living on??????

Kathleen on

beyonce’s hair does not run MY world thanks people magazine

Krissy Roach on

Ok, so Beyonce would look cute with any hairstyle, but obviously the two shorter looks this week are wigs. You can’t go from a pixie cut to the Bey Bob (whatever it’s called) in one week!! The sides have already grown out? Really? Not!!

Lyn on

You made me laugh, as your comment was just too funny!

Terri Millward on

Actually it’s better than the pixie.i actually cut my hair as a bob and kept the front long so her haircut is awesome it’s cute

sweets66 on

Really?? Why do we pay SO much attention to Beyoncé’s hair don’t we have more important things to talk about?? If she did get a pixie cut why doesn’t she just own the cut and get on with her life???

dee0223 on

This is ridiculous, you people do know that it has NEVER been her actual hair right? She got a short weave… stop the presses. I don’t care how much money you have, the only way a head of hair could be coloured that much and not be seriously damaged is to have a weave.

phancykat on

It’s weave, and it’s cut poorly. Yuck.

saffron98 on

Beyoncé is a very pretty lady, but this style does absolutely nothing for her.

Jeeny on

So she did this to fix her first mistake of taking her extensions out and showing the world? Now she has this? She didn’t invent the short haircut and she didn’t invent this haircut either, as I have had it myself while growing my own hair out. Stop making this chick to be a “style icon” when she isn’t. Just goes to show you how much a haircut can make a woman look not attractive at all.

blahing on

The whole exposed bra trend/look needs to go away, NOW! And as for the hair? Yeesh…

Gem98 on

That has got to one of the most unattractive “wig?” I have ever seen. If I had a billion dollars, I would have left that one out of my collection.

Kim on

Yuck. That’s horrible! And PUH-LEASE….her hair does not “run my world”.

Lisa on


TaliaJ1986 on

I think Blue Ivy must have cut this wig for Beyoncé :-( Not a good look.

Janey J on

She is so ghetto hood looking and always has been. She isn’t anything but a lip syncing, white girl wanna be.

dan on

somebody gonna get fired…we need psychologist and new hairdresser here!!!

menotyou on

Everyone knows this woman barely has any hair of her own. That “beautiful long hair”? All wigs and weaves.

Jenny on

The color is too light and you can see the end of the wig cap.

J on

What was the point of cutting it then?

Mia on

PSA: They are all wigs! The pixie, the bob, the concert long hair, they are all wigs! I can’t believe people (no pun intended) can’t tell they are all wigs. It’s rare when you see her real hair, usually when its pulled into a ponytail.

Anna on

Not a fan of this look at all. She looks like a dirty hippie when she’s usually always so fabulous.

SoNotHollywood on

She is not cute and was a disgrace with that so-called half time show. Put some rock on next year. Sick of the overtly sexualized pop tarts. Bring on some Shinedown or any rock group for that matter!

Jesty on

Storm Heitman: HER hair run YOUR world, not mine!!

star on

I thought the pixie cut was fierce. Think she might be reading to much into what people are saying about her now.

Marc on

If running my world you mean that using that disaster resting atop Beyonce’s head as a cautionary tale of what NOT to do, then sure, I guess that her HBO (Hair Bought (from) Others) does run my world (eyeroll).

fa on

sorry Bey thats not for you the pixie cut was much better and fresh

Ali on

Please People magazine… DO NOT NAME HER HAIR!! I’m absolutely sure that wigs come with their own names when you buy them!! Her hair is not a story!

I got a haircut yesterday… And it’s my REAL hair! You should call me for a statement!

ok on

I can cut my own hair like that too, i don’t even have to have the light in the room. But i bet she spent a few hundred dollars for the cut.

She's Brantastic on

I love the way the cut looks in the back but the long pieces in the front look a bit messy and need the touch of a flat iron. I think it’s funny that People magazine is so interested in Beyonce’s hairstyles but they pretty much will run stories like this anytime a celebrity changes hair color, length or style. And I could care less if it’s her hair or a weave/wig/extensions…LOTS of celebrities of all races get hair added on (many get extensions for length or extra fullness) so personally I think it’s a waste of time when people obsess over the fact that it isn’t “her” hair.

mommy2eandl on

Great… here come ANOTHER 10 minute local news story on her hair. Thank goodness my TV has an off button!!!

Elbe on

Love it…..I bet all of her adoring fans who just got pixie cuts are in tears…..because unlike a celebrity we regular folk can’t afford to go get extension a week after we realize what a mistake it was to cut our hair and inch from our heads……lol

guest on

So what!?

Sue on

Im sure she spent a fortune on that haircut …a 2 yr. old could have done better!

Darcy on

I was kind of annoyed by how much buzz her pixie cut created last week. People were acting as if she didn’t have the resources (time, money, a stylist) to quickly change her hair if she didn’t like it. This new bob proves that last week’s ‘big change’ wasn’t really that big of a deal.

funtimes on


Duh! on

To everybody posting “it’s a weave, it’s a weave!”…..well aren’t you captain obvious! Nobody is trying to make you believe this is her real hair (especially after seeing her with the pixie cut last week).

Maria on

Is the author drinking? People USE to be something I look forward to reading now it’s become the Enquirer!

None on

She needs to stop bleaching her skin. Ms Dragon Breath is an idiot…fat, horrendous legs and body…and she shrieks when she “sings”. Who the heck cares about her fake-as* hair???

overbaughs on

I bet it’s a wig. I actually liked the pixie on her. Really brought out her cheekbones.

overbaughs on

I liked the pixie on her as it brought out her cheekbones. I bet the new ‘do is a wig.

Merm on

Suzieq: I thought the same thing. Could People Magazine kiss her butt anymore?

gw on

I think she forgets she is not a natural blond and that she wont ever be what she wish s he could white. Lesrn to love and accept what your parents gave you and stop being ashamed. Same thing with the other fake blond n blue people.

TEXAS13 on

Never believed she cut her hair into a pixie & who really cares. NOT ME…not a fan of her. What makes her think we want to see her bra under that t-shirt…shows no respect for herself or her daughter

Just Sayin' on

Why is a hairstyle such news? She is a singer…she does not run the world. This is beyond ridiculous!

Susparkles on

Really come up with a name for a haircut! Give me a small break!!!! There is more to life then trying to come up with a name for a haircut, your staffers at People must be really really bored!

readresp on

Oh come on! You can see it’s a wig by the part, not to mention that she’s using a headband to cover up the hairline. And People itself says that her hairdresser was upset because a pixie takes so long to grow out. More than your reported “one week.” !!! So Miracle Grow is better than just for the house plants?

Beee on

That hairstyle is the Victoria Beckham, on whom it looked much better. I wonder if Beyonce got “the rachel” if they’d rename that, too.

readresp on

Oh come on! The article itself says she got a pixie cut a week ago! And her hairdresser was upset because it takes so long to grow out. You can see this is a wig by the part, not to mention that she’s using a headband to cover up the hairline. I’m expecting to see ads that Miracle Grow can be used on more than just the house plants.

sjgalex on

Love the headband. Where can I get one of those??

Simplyjack on

go back to pixie. this looks ridiculous. too fake for words

Sharon on

How come her neck looks like a giraffe?

Mrstc on

Not a fan of hers and in noooo way does any celebrity run my world.

Mrstc on

Not a fan of hers. Her hair is the
Least of the worlds problems. Btw it’s really frizzy

MVP on

It’s a wig.

Jan M on

Looks like Blue Ivy got a hold of the scissors…

ME on

Seriously when she came out with short hair…it was so called late breaking news…I can’t believe people are surprised…it’s hair which is a luxury not a necessity. People change their hair every day.

Wen on

Since the whole weave removal…I mean “pixie haircut” trick didn’t garner enough attention, this is just the “in the meantime” wig until her spin-doctors think of another desperate attention getting scheme.

jw wood on

The pixie cut is a great look for her – she has great bone structure and a very pretty face. too bad she doesn’t have the strength of her convictions to keep the short look. long hair does not a woman make – Halle Berry has looked ultra feminine for years with her short do.

janet on

Duh…….its a wig,,,,,,,,

sam i sam on

Dah! She purchased the long hair, so why not buy a bad wig with short hair. She will have long hair again, with in 6 months. Dah!

whocares on

ummm. this is the worst ‘cut’ on anyone!! no matter the ethinic background. looks like someone put your hair in a ponytail and then cut the ponytail off without doing anyihing else! like a cruel joke someone played on you while you were asleep! hahahahaha

lorelei51h on

That is one of the ugliest styles I have seen in a long time. Looks like someone put a bowl over her head and missed a spots.

whocares on

these stlyes looks like someone played a cruel joke on you while you were asleep – cut your ponytail off. hahahaha

rlb237 on

Do not like!

Jujubes on

It amazes how such an ordinary looking woman with little talent gets this much attention. And neither this nor the ‘pixie’ looks good on her.

itsall good nroanoke on

Cut! Oh its a reason! Breakage, lice, when you have that much hair YOU will have some breakage or a HOME for lice!. Now this is a CHEAP WIG! She is having REMORSE CAUSE it had to go or problems! Maybe both!

sb2 on


James on

The pixie cut was shorter that what she has now. How come it’s longer now> Wig or Weave?

Guest on

bleh to both

Jenny! on

Wow, someone chopped that wig bad!! Not a good look….

Ashley on

That haircut is called an A-line bob. T-boz from TLC rocked it in the 90’s and it looks much better if you have body with it. To tell you the truth, my 6 year-old has it as her haircut and it looks great but on Bey it is disqusting!!!!

guest on

She should ditch fake hair altogether. Just have short real hair or a fro like solange. She is NOT an attractive woman. Its all smoke and mirrors. She should try to be herself. Her kid will have black people hair, so should she. Why do black women think they look good blonde? Hahahah its so awkward for them. #nofakehair #beblackifyouareblack

guest on

Tired of articles about beyonces fake hairdos. She has no real hair. Its wigs and extensions. Quit reporting on it, and quit calling her queen. She will never be royalty. More like dragqueen with the prosthetics and pounds of makeup. #fakeisout #overit

Steve Johnson on

I love how the stylist is trying to pretend her long hair was real. Ha

XBrooklyngirl on

Bleached skin…bleached hair. What’s next Beyawnce?

guest on

She needs to quit calling attention to herself and go raise her baby someone else had for her. She is extremely unattractive. She looks like a man. Pic number two shows how she really looks. She seems like a very shallow self centered person who is a total fake. Gotta love black people with money. #selfish

give it up on

Noones buying it people mag. Quit trying to sell it.

B- on

Why does she insist on the blond color? She should always sport her “Irreplaceable” video hair. That’s when it looks the best.

jenn on

She did not create this hair cut, so why name it after her???

Anna on

So true suzieq!

Peachy on

They are all wigs…….she has probably shaved her head in real life……..

kat on

her natural hair was long enough so she actually used extensions like many other Hollywood (white) actresses . Now she cant use extensions so she has to use wigs.

Krista on

She just cannot pull the blond off – doesn’t go with her face at all.

She's Brantastic on

@ Guest – you have the grammar and punctuation usage of a ten-year-old. You are also too ignorant for words – “Her kid will have black people hair, so should she.” So all black women with children should stop wearing weaves, wigs and extensions because their children have “black hair”? You are absolutely ridiculous. That’s like saying all white women should stop dying their hair blonde because their children wear their hair with the natural color they were born with. It’s a personal preference…as long as your hair style makes you feel good, that’s YOUR choice. Whether one’s hair is black or green in color, long or short, natural or enhanced…it is still hair and JUST hair. I’m not a huge Beyonce fan, but I just think a lot of the comments here are incredibly sad and senseless. I hope People magazine will find other subjects and celebrities to feature and take a long break from doing stories on Beyonce’s hairstyle changes. As they do with a lot of their articles, People is going overboard with these stories about her and she’s already not a fan favorite right now so they are only adding fuel to that fire.

guest on

I always say hair does not define a woman but in this case……and we don’t need to see the training bra.

Charli on

Its a cute wig/weave

theyknow on

I never say anything bad about my Bey but this look is a hot mess………..

Kat on

I’m not all about this cut… the headband makes it worse… but it isn’t my head so none of my business!

Andrea on

WHO CARES!!! Over rated, over produced and over paid!!

Queen C on

Beyoncé doesn’t have an original nor confident bone in her body. Don’t believe the hype. She is moved by public opinion and must always have people cheering her on to feel she is the queen her publicity states that she is. Rhianna and a slew of other celebs just do what feels good to them (hair and fashion wise) and let the public love it or leave it. But, Bey has to have the love and approval of the public like she has to have air.

mrsmass on

i wonder if she knows that looks HORRENDOUS!

Amanda on

The illuminate made her do it..doesn’t everyone know these celebs you are jealous of are slaves? feel sorry for them.

sheppi sherrod on

Yuck! Girl needs to find another hair burner!!

Just Me on

This style is nothing new. It’s been around for years and is old and tired. Beyoncé could do better if she wanted her hair to “run the world”.

Natasha on

She totally wigs me out… Haha get it?? But seriously…

Brooke on

The “inverted bob” is nothing new – why are you trying to name it after her?

Rona on

Good thing she ditched that pixie cut, she looked like a man. Not so beautiful with short hair B.

TT on

What a joke story!!!!

Lilac B. on

We know the hair is fake. What’s with the bra hangin’ out. Not very becoming for a DIVA.

ACM on

Her hair looks all jacked up. If I was her I would have put a baseball cap on and get it fixed.

Guestq on

I liked the pixie; it was classy. This style looks better on Nichole Richie

chuck on

another wig, she has curly short hair like any other 40 yr old black woman. people r dumb.

Nancy6 on

Okay, somewhere in here there is a wig or two and, maybe, a weave removal involved in these hair changes. No one can grow that much hair in a month or less, to turn a pixie cut into this hair style. And the weave? What she had before all of these changes. Plus, no one I know bases their look or hairstyle on anything Beyonce does.

carol nelson on

ah, B your real short hairstyle was cute, what are u doing please get rid of that hair(boob) I wear wigs so thats not the issue. this looks not so cute!

JeanE on

It’s all fake hair, I knew she just took her weave out. I respect it when people grow out their real hair, not some exentions or weaves.

Shorthairqueen on

hair doesn’t grow that fast. its fake. or she didn’t cut it short in the first place.

MM on

She tries too hard to look white

jaci on


kankey on

you. Go bey you look good hate mongers like to hate on you no matters what you do you are loved by god and we your fans for life

Tash on

Not a good look in any way, shape or form.

Sonya on

She does not run MY world, far from.. and I am VERY VERY happy with my skin color and my hair….

delicious on


Jessie on

I think she did cut her hair in the pixie, not that ALL of the hair she had before was hers. She obviously wore wigs and weaves. There is even a picture of her online with the glue streak down the side of her head. I think she got so much flack over the pixie that she went back to wigs until she can let her hair grow out a bit for weaves. So much for that big announcement that she was empowering herself.

japonica on

No, no, no, this is just wrong.

senika on

Gawd….will it never end??? She didn’t cut her hair-she has like 1000 lace front wigs. They look very natural most of the time-(not this one though, it’s obviously a wig). None of these writers seem to grasp the fact that someone can’t go from a pixie to chin level in one week. And in another week you’ll see her with long hair again. Case in point-Superbowl. Her interview with the panel a few hours before the performance had her with a black roots/ blond do with a severe side part. It was slightly below shoulder length and you could see her natural hair on the side. Superbowl performance-she had shiny, wavy blonde hair almost to her waist. Now come on you Style Watch writers, you surely can tell most likely these are ALL wigs. If not you better go back to writing obits for the local paper. Duh.



pam on

Pretending (wishing) she’s Gwen Stefani



japonica on

No, no, no, this is just wrong!

ProudAmericanWoman on

I don’t know where the People Magazine writers get this stuff! “Run” my world? What a joke! That is the most shallow thing I’ve ever read in my life! Could your Beyonce butt kissing condition get any more terminal? Have we now established that just a little too much attention is being paid to this woman?

Crossfitgrl on

There is no way she cut off her real hair! She rocked it without a weave and now the weave is back.

sandy on

I wonder (even with all their money and success) could she be going through a rough time, PPD maybe…cutting a LOT hair is usually a sign of a woman wanting to rid of stress or move on from bad things, you know what I mean, maybe not, just throwing that out there, especially since she didnt rock the pixi cut and now shes out with shades on and a wig and the bra, not looking so great…I dont know, could be some kind of depression…

sarah on

Big deal about chopping ‘her’ locks and a week later she miraculously has a bob.
What the heck was the point of any of the coverage when she can just attach a new weave or wear a wig?

It's Just Me on

Lmao!! I seriously cannot believe that some of you really think that Beyonce was trying to pass her hair off as REAL!! A good weave or extensions is going to look good in the sense that it blends in smoothly with a person’s real hair and can pass for their real hair. But as much as Beyonce’s hair has changed styles, textures, length and colors in the last 16 years and with how quickly it would change…anyone with half a brain would know that her hair wasn’t real. Lol it’s just hysterical to me that so many people are bashing her for her hair not being natural, NOW, when it’s been like that for almost 20 years. And I woulx like to also say that not ALL black women that wear weaves and extensions have an inch of hair. I had hair halfway down my back as a child and make the hasty mistake of cutting it really short when I turned 18. My hair grew back and now because of all the many things that can be done with weaves now, if I want to give a new look or style a try, I will get a weave and have that hair cut or dyed into the style that I want rather than cutting my own hair. My own natural hair is past my shoulders and doing this allows me to protect my hair and keep my length while still being able to change my hairstyle from time to time. You do NOT get lice from wearing weaves and if your own natural hair ends up damaged or broken off from weaves, your hair was either weak or damaged to start with, your hair is being pulled or braided too tightly, you are not taking care of your weave properly, or your hairstylist is not doing something right. It’s sad that so many people are misinformed about weaves and extensions and the different people that wear them as well as the benefits of wearing them. I think people need to give Bey a break…while she did post pictures of her pixie cut on instagram, she was photographed while out and about in these pictures so I don’t think she was seeking attention from the press this time around. People change hairstyles…like everyone else, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. But everyone else IS making a big deal about it by bashing her for changing her hair and bringing other issues into it that are totally irrelevant, and that’s the part that I don’t understand. Give your two cents about her latest style, but this should not become a platform to bash all black women and women in general for not wearing natural hairstyles or throw in stereotypical comments about how all black women have short, nappy hair or how black people with money still have no class. Don’t lump all black women in the same category with Beyonce. Believe it or not, we all are NOT one in the same person.

Mac on

Now she looks like Jayz

noneofyobizness on

Wow… people who are talking negative about beyonce, must find her important,because you all posting these comments….leave her alone…if u dont like her hairstyles,her singing,or whatever she is doing career wise,dont even care to comment….she making her money and building a brand for herself,and im sure she could care less what any of u haters have to say about her,period!!! Smfh!!!!

underseendoca on

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Ken on

I LOVE her natural blond hair and skin tones. She is surely proud of who she is.

Tya Walker on

Did Kim Kimble just try to hint that all that hair was really Beyonce’s??? Stop it Kim -we are not dumb. She wears lace front wigs and weaves, B might have a good length of hair but all that WAS NOT HER’S….STOP IT!

PT on

Her hair will look better if the hair has the same length, too unshaped.

Virginia on

I liked her hair long but she’s a beautiful girl no matter what length her hair is.

dede on

Hmmm….drastic change in haircut means something internally is going on with her. Hope it has nothing to do with Sasha Fierce.

casey on

The Pixie was her real hair. She finally took out the weave, probably because of the damage and also being a Rihanna Stalker She thought the public would embrace the new look but they didn’t… So she added some hair with a slightly longer wig.. She couldn’t put the full weave in because she couldn’t lie and say it’s her real hair..She so cares and knows what the public is saying about her.. I noticed how she changed Blue’s look because their were comments online that she dressed her like a boy. Now Blue is rocking frilly dresses/flowered bows. But she’s so confident and independent.. This is one insecure B.. I think she’s headed to a nervous breakdown.

I gave the short pixie look a month but she couldn’t last a week. By September, the hair will be back down her back.. I mean weave/wig.

Sunny on

I wish Bey would ditch the blonde hair. She just doesn’t have the skin coloring for a blonde. She would look so much better in her natural hair color.

Fin on

Of COURSE that’s her hair. Just ask her if that’s her hair and she’ll tell you it’s HIB – hair I bought! HIB is a phrase my nana used back in the 1930’s! Weaves and wigs ain’t NEW! Cleopatra even wore one so get over it!

dancechick on

Wig or weave dead give away is tacky headband probably worn to keep it from blowing up in breeze, Actually looks like she took scissors to it herself.

Arlene on

She is such a pretty woman, but that hair do isn’t doing her a favor.

Tom on

she really does look like torri spelling

Tom on

a torry spelling want to be

Gia on

Her hair does not rule my world what a dumb thing to say! And I think it’s not flattering and she’s no blonde.

Kesh on

People are entitled to their opinions. Yes, I adore B, did I like the pixie…no. I don’t even think it was her real hair. But if she did oh freaking well. Weaves were made to be versatile and to achieve different styles that some wouldn’t typically do with their real hair. It doesn’t mean she’s trying to be “white” Heck white women wear extensions too and doesn’t mean they’re trying to be black! They get tans, lip injections, etc which are a black woman’s natural features but nobody seems to talk about that. It’s not about race people…no she’s not God but she has a fan base of all races and she is no doubt an icon. Now the fact that the buzz about her bob being a big deal is crazy bc it has been around for years. But bc it’s B and something out of her norm, ppl bring attention to it. That comes with the territory of being a mega super star. I lost all of my hair from chemotherapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32. I always had long hair that was all mine but I still wore weaves for the versatility. So when my hair came out, it didnt bother me bc I wore weaves anyway and confident and beautiful either way! So hair does not define a person! Beyonce is human too! Let her live! And Bey who cares what anyone thinks…be you!!!! And by the way…she doesn’t have to always be made up! Can’t she chill sometimes geesh!

Kesh on

I don’t normally comment on these type of things but I had to. Celebrities are human too. If all of her hair had fallen out because if an illness that was beyond her control, I guess it would be ok. This is coming from a young cancer patient that had no choice! People should think before they speak! If she wants to change her hair every week why is it such a big deal?? Not only that, why does that make her want to be anything but the race she was born?? It’s 2013 and our society is still basing everything on race and stereotypes which is sad and pathetic!! People magazine is only doing their job whether we agree or not. If you don’t like it…just don’t read it. Simple as that :)

KMAlabama on

Now she looks more like a white girl! I like it but would Sasha approve……….I loved Beyoncé until this Sasha PR junk came about.

cba on

love her new look go bey

M. Ciampa on

this is a much improvement over the teen age one she has been doing, hate shoulder hair

jmk on

They must pay you a fortune to keep her relevant.

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