The Person Most Shocked By Beyoncé's Short Hair: Her Stylist!

08/08/2013 at 02:46 PM ET

Beyonce short hairCourtesy Beyoncé

When Beyoncé posted the cut seen ’round the world on Instagram last night, there was one person more shocked than most: Her stylist Kim Kimble.

Kimble, the star of We TV’s L.A. Hair and Beyoncé’s longtime stylist, had drawn up a whole hair concept for a video they were shooting together this weekend — and now she has to go back to the drawing board.

“I had a whole plan laid out … I wanted to do a retro ‘50s type of hair. I feel like there’s going to be a meeting soon!” she tells PEOPLE, laughing. “It won’t be the long, wavy, typical hair, but I’m really excited to do something different. No matter what, she knows I’ll give her what she wants!”

Kimble says her reaction upon seeing the new do on Instagram Wednesday night was more than surprised — it was emotional. “I got a little teary eyed!” she confesses. “I’ve been working for her so long, she has this beautiful long hair and it’s hard to grow hair out. I feel like it’s my hair, I work so much with her. I feel a little emotional but excited for her too. Maybe I’ll cut my hair off now. Short hair, don’t care!”

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And despite many commenters speculating Beyoncé just removed her weave or extensions, Kimble says, “She had great, thick long hair, which she cut off because she’s ready to make a statement. It’s a great [one] to make: I’m beautiful, sexy, bold and I can do it all. She’s the perfect model for that: A working woman, mom, superstar, businesswoman. She’s powerful in herself. ”

So what does Kimble have in mind for this particular superstar at Saturday’s video shoot? She’s still working on the concept, but she’s excited to experiment with the star’s new “easy, effortless style” — whether she plays up her natural curls or goes for something more sleek — and she plans to experiment with grooming creams, waxes and her own shine serum.

But regardless of what anyone else thinks of the style (and we’re loving it!) “It had to be her decision,” Kimble says. “This was a big step, and it’s perfect timing.” For lots more of Kimble’s high-profile hair clients, watch L.A. Hair on We TV Thursdays at 9:00 EST and check out her website, then tell us: Would you ever go super short? What statement do you think B is trying to make?

–Alex Apatoff

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alolove1000 on

Reblogged this on My Fave Celebrities! and commented:
Her stylist Kim Kimble, wow i didn’t that.

robby on

This is utterly the most shocking thing since Brooks left The Bachelorette. I have no idea how I will be able to carry on for the rest of the day.

Jay on

Why is it such a shock that she has short hair. I’m pretty sure that the long hair she had before was NOT really her hair.

Tara on

She looks great!

M on

Cut is cute…but why does she still try and be blonde?!

midwest man on

She looked so much sexier with the long hair. She looks more manish now…. bummer. I love long hair on woman.

rick on

Sloooow news day at People. This is not newsworthy. Yawn ;)

Vickie on

If that long hair was actually hers (that grew from her head), her short hair looks incredibly damaged. Beyonce is not a natural blonde so perhaps that might be a reason she cut it.

kris on

girl who are you kidding, that was a weave

Seabot on

So… she took off her wig(s) and her stylist is playing along.

AV on

No harm to anyone but one has to wonder what is real about Beyonce. The pregnancy possibly was fake and now her hair. Just be who you really are and the people will still like you.

Nancy on

I have super short hair and I love it. The only pain is maintaining the cut; every 4 weeks is a must.

Jjtb on

She looks common. Sad for her that it was the hair that set her apart.

Sosiboys on

She needs a deep conditioner preferably overnight.

Papacciola on

The fact that People magazine is being so gullible, as are other news outlets by thinking that Beyoncé rocked her own hair to begin with is very troubling.
We all know that Beyoncé wore wigs and weaves, she just took them off…. It’s not breaking news.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Shocked as this is some super short hair but Beyoncé can rock any look and be amazing! go for it Bey!

Jessica on

In this picture she looks like a man. Looks horrible.

real or fake on

on an entertainer I think the point of hair is moot, they can have such professional wigs that are long or short, extensions, different colours….whats the big deal…because its beyonce. I can’t stand the blond look on her. SHe looks better with rich browns with highlights…this is like another bad wig…

g. on

If you’ve been working with her for so long and are so close, why did you find out about the cut with the rest of us (via Instagram). Everyone is just a hanger on.

Beth on

Hilarious that they are acting like she had “real hair” to begin with!!

guest on

Pretty pathetic people mag.
She just removed her wig.
#weallknowitsaweave #sheneverhadlonghair

Macey Newhouse on

I’m honestly a little disappointed. I liked that she embodied how femininity, strength, and success can be in one person. Don’t get me wrong, I think she is still feminine. Yes, it is just hair, but it is also a symbol. I feel like she is trying to reach a stronger look by looking more masculine and if that is the case, I do not respect the concept.

Maggie on

Too rough…for my taste. Not feminine at all.

guest on

This is the woman who peddles pepsi cola to the largest demographic predisposed to getting diabetes. With her newly slimmed down nose (don’t want to look black now) and her blond fake long white girl hair. Grow that fro girl. Be black. We knew you were already.

joann stoddard on

Oh get real she did not get a hair cut that is her with no wig or no weave.Thats like the picture they had of her with no makeup supposedly and the lips were bright red. Unless you fell off the turnip truck……………………

guest on

Well at least you know she’s not really that attractive. Without her hair to hide behind. Now make her stand still and try to sing a song.


Cheryl on

I think short hair is WONDERFUL …The person who claims that short hair looks ” manish” is speaking out of pure IGNORANCE… Halle Berry and many others have rocked a short style with class …You need to come out of theSTONE AGE.. ROCK IT BEYONCE!! FORGET THE HATERS!!Beauty is only SKIN DEEP!!

Lisa on

Not her best look but maybe she should dye it brown. It’s probably better than those fake blonde wigs and extensions.

jane on

she looks goofy

Rebecca on

Can we just be honest and say what she REALLY did was take out her weave?!

Belinda on

So she took off her weave finally. That’s fine. I like her with her natural short hair anyway, I just wish she would go back to her natural hair color as well. The blonde looks so fake on her. Every woman looks better natural.

lilah on

Beyonce can rock just about anything but her jawline and neck gives her the appearance of a young boy. Not feminine at all.

Nate on

She looks like my nan

guest on

Looks better than that brokedown weave for sure. Less fake hair is better beyonce. The blond isn’t a good color though. Be natural.

Gina on

Blonde is not a good color for her..

BBB on

Eye roll, yeah, I really believe what someone on Beyonce’s payroll tells me about Beyonce.

Sandy on

If you look at childhood photos of Beyonce, you will see that she had a whole lot of hair even back then. Just because she wears weaves doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a good amount of hair of her own. There are many African-American celebrities that wear weaves everyday, but have real hair that is down their back, and have shown pictures of it on twitter and instagram. Gabrielle Union, Taraji. P. Henson, Nicki MInaj to name a few. Google it. The images are out there. These women have access to the best hairstylists in the industry and receive the best of the best care for their hair. And yes, I love the Beyonce cut. ;)

casmia on

Anything to stay in the news, huh B?

Karen on

She probably cut her extensions off to give her scalp a rest.It probably did not help when her hair got caught inside the fan while on tour this summer.It’s not a bad cut!

Karen on

Nice cut!

Kat on

Not a choice I would make personally because I’m totally in love with my naturally curly hair and not ashamed to admit it lol! However, more power to her, I think it’s great that she cut it! Women are beautiful with long hair, short hair, no hair, it’s all good.

K on

She looks like a man.

heather on

i doubt she has to go back to the drawing board. they can just put back in the weave that beyonce had removed to take this photo.

T. Smith on

Not flattering at all!! Huge mistake.

kevink on

She wore a weave. That was NOT her hair. Good grief why are they pretending?

mrsmass on

this is probably the result of her weave getting stuck in that fan. and if this chick is her stylist, wouldn’t she have cut beyonce’s hair herself?

ashlee on

For dumb ppl who has difficulty interpreting statements- kim said beyonce had long thinck hair!!! She did not say she never braided it up n sewed in weaves on her head before. Even beyonce herself said she wore weaves she even has a video of her getting her weave. N her looong hair was being braided …. y’all sone dumb morha fuhkas just gotta hate.

KathyC on

Halle Berry did it and looked absolutely gorgeous. Audrey Hepburn also had a Pixie cut and some women can pull it off. I think Beyonce is one of them.

Jess on

It seems most people commenting on whether her hair was long or not have no knowledge about black hair and how weaves if done correctly can help your hair grow. It is considered a protective style. Don’t be mad because your weave left you bald with no edges.

RyanStar on

Beyonce wore weave all the time. You never know her real actual hair length.

Tamara on

Not sure whether she cut her hair or took out her weave. But it works. I cut my hair a few months ago because of damage and LOVE my short pixie

Stephi on

…….”because she’s ready to make a statement. It’s a great [one] to make: I’m beautiful, sexy, bold and I can do it all. She’s the perfect model for that: A working woman, mom, superstar, businesswoman. She’s powerful in herself……”. My thoughts?Really? Because she isn’t the model of any woman I would want to be. But hey, that’s just me. Not hating on her and certainly NOT jealous of her…..I just don’t find her to be much of a role model…..

k on

Why should this be such a shock? She probably got fed up with wearing all that fake hair for so long. Besides, this short look is much more elegant and chic.

deana on

so her longtime stylist find out via instagram that she chopped all her hair off??! seems kind of strange. maybe she was emotional because beyonce didn’t come to her when she decided to do that major cut!

Sho Nuff on

Yes, her hair was a wig, HOWEVER, she herself did have a nice lengthy grade of hair and that is what she cut and what her stylist is speaking of. Clearly it’s not about cutting her wig (and by the way, many of these celebrities and non-celebrities wear a little extra to give them volume and length) Imagine running wild on stage, daily, traveling from country to country as she does and sweating profusely while performing. Would you not be tempted to wear a wig so that your natural hair can have a break and you don’t come out looking crazy? Wigs are like make-up and women shouldn’t be judged if they so choose to wear one. It’s simply to give your hair a break and give you a more dramatic, well-managed look. If you were a millionaire, I’m sure you’d add a little something to give you that special umph. And skip being a millionaire, this is a universal thing. We dont judge our grandma’s for wearing wigs, now do we? LOL. Plus, all the diva’s wear wigs E.g.: Cher, Diana Ross and Chaka Khan. DIVA’S (make NO apology for being a diva, ladies) In the words of Beyonce “pat your weave!” and be fabulous.

Ella on

The headline should really read, “Beyonce Photographed Sans Wig..or Maybe It’s Just Solange Wondering What It’s Like To Be Popular”.

Sydney Chandler on

I’m a Black woman and I have my naturally long hair. I’m sick to death of the misconception that Black women can’t grow their hair long, we can. And some of you flapping your pie holes about the weave and the wig thing, then you need to Google Beyonce’ when she was younger. She had a head full of long hair. This entire subject of a Black woman’s hair is insane. Every woman in my family has long hair unless they cut it and it’s not unusual it’s just people want to have something derogatory to say about any Black woman. Beyonce’ is a gorgeous woman with long hair and with it short.

Fem it Up on

She has a square face, “strongish” jaw, and the neck of someone who stretches the vocal cords and sings a lot. Just needs some statement earrings to fem it up. I’m sure if she had always had short hair, we’d all think long hair would take some getting used to.

Foxtrotter on

I cut my long red curly hair last month for the first time in 20 years. People Mag never showed up to cover the story.

kay on

ugh. like she REALLY cut her hair!! what they mean is that she had her extensions or weave removed…geesh!

Cita on

Oh please – that long hair was not really hers. Her own sister was on some talk show and said that Beyonce spends thousands of dollars on weaves. Her stylist is just trying to cover her up.

ES71 on

I just finally noticed her face without all that hair in her face. She is a very pretty girl, Look at these huge eyes. But her nose looks unnaturally small. I am guessing it is a nose job to look more white?
The blond hair looks very strange on her. She should go with dark brown, that wil make her look classy. With this blond bleached hair she looks like a wanna-be starlet, not a star.

Tracie Gibbs on

Who cares! Why is this even news?

Surf City on

Looks like a bad wig.

ckejkuna on

This is a top story? hahahaha

Guest on

Beyonce. Why do you endorse Pepsi cola?

Tracie Gibbs on

Who cares! Why is this even news?

guest on

Must be a slow news day…….

Valentina on

Eek! I prefer long hair on women. This whole “cutting hair short to make a statement” is getting old. All it is, is for attention…

Tracie Gibbs on

Who cares? Why is this even news?

kim on

so if kimble didnt cut her hair then WHO did??!! everyone knows hairstylist etiquette…you never ever ever have your hair done by someone else when youve had the same stylist for years. what a slap in the face to kimble.

Chula on

Rihanna can pull off the short hair – Beyonce not so much. B looks like a tranny.

fiona on

no big deal – if she wants long again, she gets extenstions. i also agree that the long hair she had was probably/mostly fake. no biggie – all these celebrities do things like this to keep themselves relevant. you know; “oh look at me know everyone”!

cal on

Think it is s-e-x-y!!

catherine on

It would appear that fan in Toronto during her concert did more damage to her mind that her hair. My guess is people were making negative comments about it mangling her long pretty hair; & she thought, alrighty then, how do u like this non-mangled hair. Now u can’t accuse me of having extensions or weaves & all the other ridic comments. Much the same as she wasn’t really pregnant. Why are people so full of hate & negativity, criticism, accusations about celebrities that are there to perform for us and add art, culture, music, sweetness to our worlds? I never understand this malignant behavior!

Charli on

I think it looks cute from the front. The back is not amazing. I would like to see er out and about town with it. I think for her show and shoots she can just add extensions and wigs when the mood strikes her. Nothing has changed. Women love to change up their hair and B is no different. I love it!

postathread on

YAWN…probably the first time we’ve seen her real hair, what with all the wigs/weaves she wears. She ain’t so pretty without all that hair, that’s for sure.

Darlaroy on

I feel that you folks that are saying that she just took off her weave are HATERS! Why she have to wear a weave…..because she’s black? I didn’t here all this when Miley Virus cut off her hair…..oh because she’s white hers must have been real right? Y’all need to be ashamed I’m black and it took forever for my hair to grow out long but it IS POSSIBLE people jeez.

Tiffany on

#HalleDidItFirst IJS!!!!! 👍👏🙌

Anni on

I have been wearing a super short pixie for years, cutting my hair was empowering. It made me feel beautiful, I had no hair to hide behind. Men tell me all the time how sexy my short hair is and how I stand out from most women.

Perry Holmes on

I am very happy for her. It’s exciting but not really that big of a deal to me since she basically had some version of this hairstyle in Cadillac Records.

Kim on

Can I please go throw up now..

Capwhan on

Even with a million years of evolution that weave type of hair will never come from her head.

Leslie on

Perhaps she will drop her hair dryer in the water and reach to get it. Zap!

Cher on

“If I were a boy…” Wish granted.

Randzo on

Beyonce is gorgeous…..she is being natural…..”bowdown” u haters….queen b ”run the world”

Delia on


Karmen on

Only the African folk like this nap of a do.

ProudAmericanWoman on

I’m so glad I’m not a black woman- there seems to be this whole hidden world of hair politics that I had no idea even existed! Apparently, you criticize each other for letting your hair look how it naturally would, so you give it all sorts of expensive & time consuming treatments. Then you criticize each other for that, too, because it’s not natural, so then if someone stops doing it, they get criticized for stopping. No one can do right it seems! How about you do what makes you feel beautiful and not worry about anyone else’s choices? No hair judgement anymore!

Tammy on

And this is news because???? I’m curious if she donated her “hair” to a charity to benefit someone who needs it. My guess is no…

WhatsImportantHere on

There’s far to much sensationalism regarding Beyonce’. It’s no secret she wore wigs, figs, leaves and weaves and that’s ok – she is an entertainer. Her hair is damaged and needs repair – go for it Bey and leave everyone else out it. Was the hair donated for a good cause (children or adults with cancer, etc). Would love to see her do more humanitarian efforts that touch the heart of her community. Well folks here’s her name in the papers again.

helene ward on

Beyonce, there’s only one you what ever you decide to do with your gift is up to you! . Flaunt it sister sister it’s all yours!

caligirl on

Maybe she cut it after it got caught in that fan.

Mel on

Her long hair was a weave it was fake .. This is prob her real hair lol

tippie on

We love you anything you do Beyonce whatever you’re the creative one!

elli on

well, doesnt she wear wigs anyway ? it’s just a shorter one ! tomorrow she’ll have long hair again

jbrown on

I think she looks good. Got rid of all that phony hair, wig, or whatever it was. Looks much better short,

Sammi on

Please….it’s a gd haircut.

Lena on

It would look better if it was a darker color…..i tried this haircut in jr high didnt look good on me either.. If she darkened it thinned the brows and styled it to look more feminine it might look ok

jenny on

Ummm, she gets her weave removed and HP writes a story about it? It was FAKE HAIR it is not a hair cut it is “weave removal”.

Leo on

Um, Beyonce is not trying to act or look white. I’m a black/brown brotha and my is lighter than Beyonce. People often look at me and my mother like we are not related. My point is there is no shame in being a light skinned black sista. I’m on Beyonce side and don’t like you people accusing her of nose jobs and skin bleaching. Be happy with what god gave you and if your not then don’t make other light skinned black people with euro facial features feel bad.

zolaft on

Looks like a wig to me.

Kelly Perez on

DO WE CARE? Isn’t there something more interesting to write about than Beyonce’s hair…..ugh…..

BBB on

@Darlaroy, Miley actually did wear a weave. She’s mentioned it and said she hates looking back at those pictures. Her natural hair wasn’t as short as it is now, she did cut it, but she definitely had a weave/extensions. All the comments aren’t because Beyonce is black, it’s because she sports all kinds of hair styles all the time so it’s pretty obvious that she was wearing wigs, weaves, and extensions. What her natural hair length really was, no one will know, but most people are of the opinion that it wasn’t long, at least no where near as long as her wigs (just like Miley, her hair was long-ish but no where near her extension length).

Lola on

I’m sorry, but she looks like a drag-queen trying to impersonate Beyonce.

Bunnie on

Looks like a wig from that back shot.

demetrius on

I think she is trying to do an Alicia Keys remember she had long beautiful hair and then cut it , and remember beyonces hair has always been long even as a little girl she had long black hair


Who gives a rat’s a$$ about her “pixie” cut?! People Magazine, you’ve sadly become a HUGE joke!!!

Melissa on

It looks like shat. Yep.

Dweeb81 on

OmG!! She took out her hair extension! Shocking!

DD on

does anyone really give a s*** about her hair? She’s had a weave on for how many years and all of a sudden her hair is short n thats BIG NEWS? people need to get a life and start worrying about real issues in the world and stop worrying about celebrities who don’t even know that you exist!

Amanda on

Her neck is too thick to pull off a short haircut like that. She looks like a man.

lara on

You mean she took off her many many extensions…

GreenGirl on

I love when people comment “Slow news day…yawn” or the like. What do you come on for? Hard hitting news? Its all celebrity sightings and gossip and the occasional celebrity drama. Haven’t figured that out yet?

jennrae on

Pixies are everywhere, this is in no way new or groundbreaking.

ProudAmericanWoman on

I’m not even a fan of Beyonce’s but I have to defend her here- black women can have all kinds of hair naturally. I’m white and a redhead & growing up, a black friend of mine was teased mercilessly by other black girls because she had red hair & freckles- like me, naturally! Genetics are funny and give us many surprises. My point is maybe Beyonce DID have long hair, something so many of you refuse to believe.

Methat'sRight! on

Sasha Farce, Satan’s mistress, gets a haircut. Wooooooooo

TT on

OMG, I am soooo Beyonced out. Who cares about that white wannabe publicity hog?

MensaOne on

I hate to tell y’all this, but that’s another wig Beyoncé has on. It’s her real hair in the front combed over a short blonde wig.

sandy on

looks cute, but this is hardly news, well, were all talking about it so, I guess maybe it is…lol

WL on

First Metallica.
Then Felicity.
Now Beyonce.

How will I ever go on with life?

Dylan on

BAD (not good) cut. Layers don’t blend. The “news” is heavy–at least it’s not Jennifer. But, don’t care for it. Had it in the 80’s as did Cher. Now she can hang with Miley :) Where’s the real women from yrs gone by? I know, not alive, or old–just sayin.

Marie on

She can wear her hair however she likes. It’s her hair. I know after having a baby, sometimes it is easier to have shorter hair. And again, whatever she wants. It’s her hair.

Lee on

I am tired, tired of the paid news about Mrs. Carter and Ms. Kardashian, I decided to stop subscribing to People’s magazine after one year. To the editors: you work for us, the readers, not for the celebrities and I, for one, don’t like to be lied to. People’s magazine was never a representative of the highest lever of journalism but this is ridiculous.

mary on

I wonder if this has anything to do with her getting her hair extensions caught in that fan onstage while she was performing? That could have been a very dangerous situation!

Renee on

I think the statement she is making is she is tire of wearing extensions and wants something quick and easy!

Nnamdi on

Here hair looks scanty with the new hair cut and I hope it grows back ASAP cos I miss that sexy look the hair gives her….

Wicked14817 on

Although it sounds utterly vain and shallow in the grand scheme of things, hair matters to most women! That took guts! I have often wanted to make that move, but I chicken out the moment I sit in front of my beautician! The good news is that she is still young and it will grow back if she wants to go long again, the other good news is that she’s rich enough to afford a stylist and really good extensions!

B james on

Apparently a Miley Cyrus wanna be.

Mel on

Yawn…… she took off the weave. big deal.

grandhuff on

Why didn’t she have her stylist cut it? I bet she did, and this BS is to make the story bigger.

Myra on

Good for her! Long hair is SO over-rated!

kim on

Her hair was so over-processed, she probably had to cut it

Andrea on

So many women hide behind their ‘long’ hair; it seems to define them. Anyone can grow their hair long. Many girls look good with long hair, but short hair girls are usually stylish, bold, and almost always pretty. And they definitely look younger without all that long hair dragging them down. Short hair is hot.

LongHairNaturally on

Everyone is saying that she just took out her weave. Is it actually so hard to believe that an african american woman can grow hair past her ears or the nape of her neck?? If you look at pictures of her as a child and adolescent, she had long hair. So a weave is not a black woman’s only option. It’s a means to rest her hair from heat and processing and for convenience. These assumptions are insulting.

lisamunlimited on

If anyone Googles, you will find a few pics of her natural, no weave, shoulder length hair before this cut. Pics of her as a pre-teen and teen show her with a head full of just past the shoulder length hair, before the braids she was rocking when she came on the scene.
If she hates it, she can just re-weave. Same as Rihanna.

Dariana on

Sooo because she’s black it just couldnt possibly be her hair??!!?? She had very long thick hair, so did her sister, her hair was real, and she ADDED extensions for length, these comments about her long hair was a wig or weave are so ignorant and annoying and yet I dont even like beyonce!

mybooboostinks on

i aint buyin anymore of your records

Marcy on

I don’t understand why people don’t get that Beyonce wore weaves and wigs but had her own hair underneath. Those shots of her and JayZ on vacation showed her own hair. I am no big Beyonce fan at all but she did have long hair. Now can we move on?

Sylvia Tarvers Weston on

Really? Who cares?

this_is_my_username on

I doubt that’s even her real hair! Looks fake to me. She wears nothing but weaves and does L’Oreal hair color commercials. She’s so phony! Her real hair is probably so damaged and short.

shanna on

No cheryl..its manish get over it

japonica on

So? they cut out the extensions.

Eddie on

Change her hair all she wants, it still won’t change the fact that her music sucks all ass.

Queen C on

Well, now that the tour of old songs are almost over and there is no new song racing up the charts, she has to pull something else out of her bag of tricks to stay relevant and in the conversation. It would kill her not to be the center of the universe and sit quietly at home raising her daughter. Oh Bey, you are so transparent and quickly becoming irrelevant.

sue on

we all know that wasnt her real hair but she looked way better with it

Tina on

She cut her hair?

You mean they removed her wig.

Sonya on

Hair or extensions? OMG, looks horrible,

grumble on

To all the people STILL saying that she simply took off her weave, just because she had extensions, wore wigs and weaves, etc. does not mean that she did not have medium/long natural hair. I am a black woman with chemically relaxed hair that is several inches longer than my shoulders. When I want my hair to be longer or more voluminous, I add clip-ins, or a weave that is blended with my real hair. If any of you have ever seen Beyonce without her weave, she had medium length and relaxed hair. Everyone needs to stop assuming that just because a black woman has long hair she is wearing a wig or a weave!!



Lyn on

I did not know she had her “own” hair to cut to begin with!

gabrielle on

question is, does she now look more like JZ or Kris Jenner?

gabrielle on

yes, it’s the black Kris Jenner

Natalie on

I love Beyonce as much as the next fan but really B? Being african american myself, I know that she had to be wearing really good extensions. As much as she colors, styles, heats, and travels, thereis NO way all that hair is her. Anyone else who colored their hair that much should have fried hair.

Sentoria on

I was told that when you have a big behind you sould never cut your hairs short. Makes you disproportionate. Small head, big butt. Just sayin……

Kirsten on

As a black woman, it is extremely annoying that everyone assumes that Beyonce ‘just took out her weave.’ Like most white celebrities nowadays, Beyonce wore extensions. However, wearing extensions doesn’t necessarily mean you have really short hair underneath. I wore extensions for a year and I had shoulder length hair. Why? Because I wanted even longer hair and was too impatient to wait another year or two for it to get there. I also wanted thicker hair (look at most celebrities, and their hair is thicker than what usually occurs in nature–that is because most wear extensions). There are pictures out there with Beyonce without her extensions and it’s clear her real hair was at least shoulder length. So cutting it all off is a drastic change.

Susan on

I think that B’s neck is too thick to have a short hair cut.

ali on

So, this is news ???
Did anyone ACTUALLY think that Beyonce had long straight blond hair, let’s get real here !!
She and her stylist had excellent wigs and extensions.
So now it’s her hair, I think, Hope she is happy , she still looks wonderful.

cheri on

Summer, kids, weaves damaging hair……it just makes sense for her right now and looks real cute.
I’m a long hair gal and usually do not like super short cuts, but on her I’m all for it.

kelvin goodson on

I like Ms. B’s new do. It show that she has what it take to make any change she want regardless of what the public may say or think. Long as Mr. Carter is okay with it, it’s all good…u go gurl!!!

Janice on


jack bones on

who ready cares

Lawuan Goldsborough on

Really some of these haters are just plain ridiculous. If Nicki Minaj and Gabreille Union can have natural hair down to their tail bone how come its so hard to believe a woman worth $430 million dollars had hair just past Bras Strap Length under her wigs! Her Childhood pictures show her with long curly hair that looks like a combo of 3A and 4A. Tina Knowles is also a hair stylist. If you want to see Beyoncé’s real hair just looked at the behind the scenes of her Video phone video where her natural hair is being braided.

Carly on

Who cares? No one has ever seen Beyoncé’s real hair. No one. Ever.

Denise on

~She looks too masculine now, and her hair is horribly damaged, she’ll be wearing extensions soon …

Sara on

Epic failure. She should wear her hair natural like her sister.

Dale on

To the commenter who said he/she loved her long hair, that wasn’t her hair. That was part weave and part extensions, so why don’t you ask her to mail you those extensions?

Marcia on

I like it.

mommymoon on

Oh please.
One wig for another.

blair on

Short hair on women, NOT pretty!

SEM on

She’s way too big for a pixie cut. The big hair (weaves/wigs) she normally ways makes her body look smaller. i predict the big hair will be back in 48 hours or less…

katy on

well with out makeup and lots of it she is a dog so the short hair makes things worse

Me on

She looks like a MAN!!!

shiela on

Miss B is a very pretty girl but all she did was remove her wig.

Tina H on

Pretty sure all she did was take off her wig or take out her weave.

Michael on

If these black entertainers are SO proud of the “African” heritage, LOL, then why are they so hard trying to be and look white, with the straight, blonde hair, the blue or green contact lenses, and the pasty nude-color skin tone treatments. Are they so ashamed to be black that they just HAVE to look and feel liek they are white?

frank beans on

Women..stop trying to look like men…it’s NOT sexy

tom on

Hair fit for a drag queen.

Tezi on

Short hair is sexy! Love it.

Deborah on

It is different.; long as she’s happy. But why not another color, as well?

islandtreasures on

In the photos we’ve seen, she has her hands covering it. Looks like she hates it and if so why did she have picks taken? She looks like a man now.

Diana on

Hate it. There are very, very few people who can pull off something like this and have it look best.

b-man on

put a wig on a pig, still have a pig,,,,take wig off pig and still have same thing…who cares if she cut her hair…..real news would be that she cut her throat, but NOOOOO!

Nina on


Sherri G on

I Looooooooooooove IT!! Even though the pixie cut isn’t “new”, it’s a new and refreshing look for her (from a fan point of view). She’s been on the scene for YEARS and I never thought I would see the day that she ventured out into short hair terittory. She looks GREAT!! I hope she keeps the look and has fun with it….Short hair ROCKS and so does Mrs. Carter!

Nina on

who really gives a rats ass if her hair is long or short

Mike on

Really a selfless move..I hear that she donated all of her beautiful blond locks to salon that makes wigs for homeless bald women

Carmenl on

Safety and security first! With that short style her hair will not get caught into blowing electric fans! I believe her hair extensions prevented her from feeling her hair was in danger, reason for her not stopping her performance at that time. Her new hairstyle will keep her safer, and cooler too.

mike on

It was a weave folks. Ever sit behind her at a ball game?? Nice of the hair stylist to play along. Now she doesn’t have to pat it and scratch her head. Everyone’s scalp needs a break from it.

Angela on

Cut her hair??? please…Beyonce has always had shoulder length or shorter hair and has used weaves and extensions. She probably cut her hair because after years of extensions, weaves and bleaching, the hair breaks off and /or falls out. The only way to regrow it and make sure its strong and healthy is to cut it which is what her hairdresser (probably her mom since Tina Knowles used to run a beauty salon) advised her to do.

diane on

Rihanna already did it first

Maria on


Ms D on

Why wasn’t it Kim Kimble who cut it? That’s what I find more surprising.

shawn on

I hate the color more than the cut.

Wendy on

Eww, she looks 20 yrs older this way…

john on

I believe she removed the weave as the natural tactic to let the natural hair breathe + finally grow on its own..

Appears most sisters lack patience to perform this tedious & lengthy yet effective method..

alex on

She really should stop with the blonde hair. It just doesn’t look good on her or Kelly Clarkson.

Me2011 on

She looks like a boy

japonica on

Cutting’ the weave out

Cosia on

Hey, all you people starving to death or living in the midst of civil wars & genocide — OMG did you see that Beyonce had her hair did!!!

mitchg on

What about under her arms?

KayKay on

Hmm, Funny stylist is playing along “long thick hair” really..Long Thick weave that’s what that was and after awhile your real hair needs to breathe and it was not getting that in many, many years so dry and damaged it was. It is nice that the stylist is playing along with the real hair theme though. That’s loyalty for ya….

Carolyn on

So – her real hair was always this short. YAWN……

KayKay on

Even more funny that the stylist isn’t the one who actually cut her hair.

Vera Pianto on

Why is this news? We women are always changing our haircolor and style.

dottie on

OMG, our lives will never be the same!!!

jborowifeandmom on

Frankly, this looks like a short wig. Beyonce is beautiful either way.

Ruby on

I personally love pixie cuts. I cut mine off about a month ago and donated it. If she would stop with the bleaching, it would look a ton better. Her hair looks so damaged.

Question, and please don’t take offense to this, in genuinely curious: If she’s so proud of her ethnicity, why is she taking away all of the “defining” looks? Her skin tone appears to be much lighter than it was, cosmetic alterations, and the blonde hair that has been relaxed to the point of destroying its natural texture. Why?

Jack on



It was a weave you dumbasses………………………………our hair doesn’t grow that fast or long! Unless you are a mix race.

cc on

Don’t like it on her at all.

twila nomoney on

for a pixie cut u havta have a pixie face…just sayin..

stacey jacobs on

There are more important things in this world to care about besides Beyonce’s haircut! I gave a minute of my life to comment about it….so shame on me.

twila nomoney on

to have a pixie cut you should have a pixie face..

stacey jacobs on

Way more important things to stress about beyond a Beyonce haircut! Let’s keep it real people! Can’t believe I took a minute of my time to comment on a celebs hair but want to remind all of us as to what matters.

lisa on

not really loving it but its not me wearing it so if she likes it that’s all that counts

truth on

Nice Cut! I’m sure it’s more than just taking a wig off or weave out…. No one’s hair is naturally that darn short. Good for Bey making such a great statement!!! Short hair, don’t care!!

Stephen on

And this is news??? Does anyone really care ?????

Tini on

Who CARES?! And yes, I clicked on it just to say this lol…

ann on

WHy does she always have that spacey, self captivated look on her face as if she is mesmerized by herself. Pathetic!

Lorna Johnson on

I think Beyonce’s need a change! that is why she cut her hair
we women do that from time to time, nothing wrong . love her new look….Lorna

vicky on

she took off her wig not cut her hair big deal.

vicky on

big deal she took off that wig, really cut her hair lol to funny get real

Jeannie on

Why is she blonde with straight hair? I thought she was for women being strong and proud of who they are. Right now she looks like another (blonde?!) J Lo or processed Chelsea Clinton.

Jeannie on

Why is she blonde with straight hair? Is she also selling out to the male drones who want blonde straight haired babes? Isn’t it enough that JLo and Chelsea and Hilary Clinton also processed themselves to look more like Barbie dolls?

annie on

this islike Rihanna having a bob one day and then long hair with bangs the next. Beyonce can sport the same do for as long as she wants but we know its still weave. so stop telling us how hard it is to grow out. its WEAVE.

2hazelgreen on

This is a total “MISS”……..Beyonce’s features are pretty large and therefor appear stronger and masculine-ish! The “softening” of
having hair around her face always made her face appear much “Prettier” and “Sexy”——this just make her look androgenous–She is NO Halle Berry, baby—and I don’t feel this was a good choice……just sayin…..

Kenneth crawford on

She removed her wig and hair extensions.

DHendricks on

Didn’t anyone read the whole article? Kim Kimble, the stylist, expressed shock over Beyonce’s decision to have it all chopped off, saying that B. had “beautiful…great, thick long hair.” Why would she allow her name to be used for a lie? She’s not saying Beyonce never added hair extensions, but she did in fact have long hair. I don’t see why it matters. Beyonce is a beautiful woman IMO, and it’s just hair, it will grow back. And for those of you who continue to make false-pregnancy accusations, did none of you see the much criticized papparazzi photos of Beyonce on the secluded beach (on what was supposed to be a private vacation) around Sept. 2011? she was in a bikini, caught off guard by a camera that she wasn’t looking at, and her 5-1/2 month belly couldn’t have been faked. I don’t understand you people. I’m a senior lady and while I respect everyone’s right to have their own opinion, I don’t get why so many seem happy to tear Beyonce down. Whatever your reasons for being so angry and petty doesn’t say much at all about Beyonce, but it sure tells us a lot about you.

John on

No one cares. Why does she keep trying to be a blonde.

RB on

Beyonce’s short style will probably appeal better once she accessorize and put on the good makeup. Her new look will catch on and she will know how to rock it. I must admit that I am puzzled by the stylist reaction to all this. You have to be living on mars to believe that was Beyonce’s hair. Nevertheless, it is only hair and she will revert back to her long look. I have to agree that in her past pictures, her nose was thicker. It has trimlined over the years. I guess if I was in her shoes, I would do all that she has done to keep herself gorgeous, but I would not need to lie about it.

franke on

she took off her wig to put on a shorter wig BIG WHOPEE!

CS on

OMG!! SHE LOOKS LIKE A MAN!!! Hope she kept her wigs ’cause she’ll need all of them!!

Dwight Haynes on

I love this hair cut, it reminds me of my favorite movie Cadillac Records where she played Etta James.

chuck on

Her extensions were taken out people. get a grip, this is her real hair.

Chris on

She looks cute with the cut-it’s about time she took the weaves out!! I wonder why she and her team are insistent that the long hair was her own-it was SO obvious it wasn’t!!

tayloe on

She took out her weave that’s it. Always wonder how she was able to do shampoo commercial with fake ass hair. Tired of hearing about Jay Z and Beyoncé.

trinnme on

She wants to make a statement that there is exactly what I cant stand with some celebrities too full of themselves make a statement in ur own personal life….if u want to make one publicly do it for a cause a charity REALLY ur HAIR …

shannonminn on

chick looks tough. I love it! Its edgy.



Sunny on

Wish she would get rid of the blonde hair and just go with her natural color. Blonde hair does not go with her coloring. At all.

Caitlin Davis on

If you got your long hair caught in a giant fan while performing onstage you might do the same thing she did. Beyonce is beautiful enough to rock any hairstyle she chooses and still be considered one of the world’s most gorgeous people. As someone who had long hair my entire life and recently got tired of the hassle and cut it all off I can’t tell you how comfortable and freeing it is. I love it and probably will never grow it out real long again.

Sunny on

I wish she go natural and skip the blonde hair. Not the least bit natural looking.

koko on

When she performs she wears wigs, because African american hair is a lot more fragile than other races. That being said, the fact that she wears a wig does not mean she doesn’t have any hair. She actually has fairly long hair, I’ve seen pictures of her as a child and as a woman where she was not wearing her wigs. So this is her cutting a significant amount of her hair to achieve this look. And once again, I do not understand why she has to get bashed for wearing extensions, when most of Hollywood does the same thing.

Jennifer on

But Kimberly Kimble did not do this cut. Neal Farinah did, so not sure why KK is taking credit!

Katherine on

Well, don’t you just know, all black women want to be natural, straight hair, blonde hair. Yeah, right.

Holli Holister on

I believe the short cut is a fake…looks like it to me anyway.

karen on

What haircut? She just had all those extensions removed. It would be nice to watch Beyonce be honest and stop coloring her hair and allow it to be natural on it’s own. Now THAT would be
interesting news.

Bobb on

Sasha Fierce must have made the decision.

MiMi on

but why did she cut it off?!!? i definitely like her with long curly hair more. but she said ones that people have to concentrade to singers voice not outsidelook. and it’s true i will always love her cause she has so wonderful voice and she’s very inspirative woman! :)

jimborally on

i now have an even uglier imprint on my brain than the superbowl pics.

Caro on

She looks very mannish and unfeminine- what hair she has remaining looks very coarse and damaged from all of the stuff she has done to it. Shame because she can look quite nice at times- oh well, it is he hair and certainly her choice as to how she wants to wear it.

DEB on

If you don’t know anything about a black woman’s hair, you should just be quiet….Usually, when black women wear weaves or wigs, it helps with our hair growth. Since Beyonce is known to wear weaves (big hair she usually wears) her OWN hair underneath all that weave was more than likely growing. So, it is very possible she DID indeed have long hair like the stylist suggested (maybe not as long as her weave nonetheless probably still long)….That’s all!

allan zumsteg on

Miley Cyrus wannabe !!!!!

terry on

How or why does this pig keep getting any press???

Chloe on

I think she looks lovely although her new crop needs conditioning and what better time to do that than now!

Robin on

Really Kim??? You know that was weave now her hair was long but thin as paper. She needs to dye it back and get a deep conditioner or a relaxer.

alan on

And this is news?

Susie O on

You have to realize the hours she spent putting on and wearing those wigs. I have seen a picture of her with her normal hair. It is NOTHING like the wigs she wears every day. They are called full lace wigs that have a realistic look and are taped /glued to her head so that she can twirl her hair around and probably even get it wet. That has had to be very taxing on her. From what I have seen of her hair she probably still has to go through relaxing procedures to have it look the way it does now as a short cut. Maybe she can get a little more of her life back by getting rid of the wigs. She still looks just as pretty. I hope she donates her wigs to women with medical related baldness. Or she can wear some of them for variety.

brigittte on

I do think it was a weave, too. Despite being able to take styling well, it did seem like unhealthy hair when seen in just day to day pix, so I think it was a weave myself. I’ve had super short hair myself and now have long hair. Super short hair is great on someone who naturally looks a bit willowy, but it doesn’t necessarily fly on a person who is busting out.

brigittte on

All this stuff about making statements? Making a statement would be if she got a degree. We have too many things to worry about in our lives to worry if Beyonce can prance around with short hair. Of course she can. And if someone doesn’t like it, she can pop back into the limo. All a bit self serving.

delicious on

She will have long hair again next week. All of that hair she had were extensions anyway. LOL!

Parker on

Who cares! Still won’t improve her singing!!!

Jay on

I must participate for I remember when Beyonce was a little girl and her mom did my hair in Houston, TX. Give credit where credit is due. Beyonce has length. Her weaves, like many, were by choice, but she “inherited a full head of hair.”
I am happy for the pixie for so many of our women need to know that it’s okay to still be pretty with shorter lengths of hair. In this way, money can be better spent in our community. God bless Beyonce, Tina and family and God bless America. J from Boston via Houston

Laura on

Yeah, she was wearing lace front wigs and extensions for about 20 years. Her natural hair from the DC days was at her shoulder or neck. The headlines should’ve read Beyoncé Tosses Wigs, Extensions

Nana Amoakoah on

Ok,so i also cut off my perm yesterday and as i was doing i thought of the day Bey will also do that and lo and behold i go online today and there she was.its great……….enough of the wigs

Patty on

WHAT A MESS!! Most entertainers flaunt their hair and it
lends to their performances. Beyonce, I believe that you had hair. Maybe you are having postpartum depression or something. A woman has no glory w/o her natural hair, especially when it was as beautiful as yours was. I hope you grow it back really soon. Poor JayZ.

buzzyseed on

Did she donate her locks for kids with cancer for whigs.

Mike Gordon on

Not at ALL flattering. What was she thinking?

Keddy K on

I love the new look hey …its about time though she changed her hair.

Joe on

He is garbage no matter what the length of her hair. She worships Satan.

Jason on

Overated singer! Just a popularity case like rhianna. WHO CARES!

Princess07 on

Everytime I look at this picture I can hear Bey singing “If I were a Boy”. Sorry Bey but I’m not feeling this short hair. Maybe it’s the style.

lara on

you actually mean she took off all those many extensions????

lara on

remember she got her fake hair caught recently on stage in a huge FAN…maybe thats why the weaves had to come off…

Sharon on

It’s funny how L’oreal uses her in products about hair and she is wearing blond dry horse hair all day, everyday. By the way the short hair is a lace front wig too. This liar is bald. She has no hair because of years of damage, weaves, coloring etc.

mitzithedog on

I had seen styles in the past that talked about her extensions and wigs. All the stylist has to do is use wigs for his styles

Jesty on

Boring news. Pathetic! The long hair was not real and was NEVER her own to start with. Next!!

Sandsman101 on

Unfortunately, I think it makes her look hard and a bit masculine.

itsall good nroanoke on

Who cares! Weave Weave Weave! Ok show us her BEFORE AFTER! GIVE ME a close up.

Bren Knowles-Blake on

I absolutely love Beyonce’ new hair style. Its so becoming. She rocks her cut!! I too had the long thick locks cut off a couple years ago and I would never go back. Short hair is harder to do than long if you ask me personaly.

Anita on

so she took off her weave and went el natural. Good for her. Im sure its quite liberating.

Bo on

does this haircut make my butt look big(er) ( ! ), well if you are asking then it must….

Nanu 08 on

Slow day for news again!!!!!

angello on

Is that news..??

drjohn on

She looks like Justin Bieber

TheMaven on

WHY IS THIS NEWS????????????????
I got a “Breaking News” headline to my email about this…
REALLY PEOPLE?? Breaking News???

David G on

honestly she looks like a man now.and just wait,there will be millions of man women after this just because she did this.the sheep are coming!

Wendy on

re: Vickie below….

WHAT???? beyonce is NOT a natural blonde????

Lilia on

It had to have been a weave; didn’t her hair get caught in a fan during her concert? They probably had to come off.

diane on

beautiful.. look so much better.. enjoy!


Why is this even news? Next thing you know, they’ll be reporting when she is on her period….f’ing ridiculous!

Pamela on

I think her sister Solange has convinced her to go natural and this is her BC (Big Chop). It would certainly buy back alot of time in the salon for this still fairly new Mom. i would bet that anywhere she can ‘shave’ some time to be with her daughter is the motivation.

itsall good nroanoke on

When you writing MORE than 3 sentences. What is your problem. Too much info. My Word! Some of You Fools writing like she did a crime. Shut up! 6 7 8 lines one wrote 12 lines. Fools

Ann on

Hair cut looks great, Although I hope she donated her hair to locs-of-love!

Klut on

Hmmmm…..I never thought her hair was real. I wish Beyonce would try her natural color. Blond on her looks brassy and washes her out.

Pam on

She looks like a man now! There is so much more you can do with long hair style wise.

JM on

The woman is beautiful! She can wear just about ANY hair,she has the right face for any do. I think its great on her.

Karategirl123 on

OH MY someone got a hair cut! Stop the presses!!!!! WTFC- people remove their weaves and wigs daily.

jim allen on

I personally find her in the news way too much, and her husband,…………….. he should just go way and hide and close his mouth.

Karategirl123 on

On her trip to cuba you could see the hair extension beads. This was NOT her real hair come on!!!

cheese on

In who’s mind is this news of any kind. People all over the world are dying and live in poverty, wars raging and this woman who has done nothing for her own people except sing(badly I must add) is news. Oh and by the way does anybody with a brain cell really believe that that was her own hair in the first place?
Can any of you say “WIGS AND HAIR PIECES”

Leona on

Hard to believe that any woman would get a haircut from anyone other than her longtime stylist. I know I wouldn’t.

nycdoowopgal130 on

Is this really important news? Who, in their right mind, with problems of importance going on in their lives, gives a hoot about Beyonce’s hair cut? Puleeze.

Melanie on

Beyonce looks very pretty either way. Tia Mowry chopped off her locks too. She is even more beautiful with short hair than long hair. She’s beautiful both ways as well. I personally think women should keep their hair long and healthy. The word of God teaches that a woman’s hair is her glory.

melinda on

Wow, she got tired of wearing somebody elses’ hair in extensions? She looks BAD with short hair. I have short hair and it looks good on me. I am not a fan of it on her……I bet she goes long again real soon.

mimi on

That was weave all along, check out the video Me, Myself and I. that was her natural short hair. Jennifer Lopez has short hair also.

Carla Peele on

Well, she should donate all that luscious hair to Locks of Love, then, since she cut it off anyway, rather than letting whoever cut it take it and sell it on e-bay to siccos.

Arls on

Wow she cut her hair off – who cares

eileen on

Really? who cares? I got mine cut last week..

kim on

She “cut” her hair for the same reason as Britney, her extensions were pulling her hair out – traction alopecia we will be seeing lots of movie stars and black chicks going bald because of extensions and weaves

Maxi on

Get out the extentions quick before people see this picture! And I do mean quick! In B’s case….hair was everything.

max on

Who gives a rats ass. Maybe another rat.

aniya on

I cant belive you .you had cute hair but it does look a little cute on you

Blue on

New haircut, but she’s STILL chunky!

Trinity on

She looks like a drag queen in the photo above.

Donna on

This is just a bad look! She looked like a man before, but now…WOW! Not flattering at all; I bet she wishes she could put her hair back on. Could she try to copy Miley Cyrus anymore? Geeeeezzzz! At least Miley looks good though!

Keisha on

How is this a big deal? She didn’t cut her hair off, all she did was take out all of that ratty weave.

Donna on

This is just BAD hair! She looked like a man before, but now…. WOW! I bet she wishes she kept her hair on… Could she try to be any more like Miley Cyrus? At least Miley looks good!

clodini on

Who cares?????????????????

Helen on

With everything going on in the world, her haircut is supposed to be newsworthy. Shame on you. Next
it will be about her broken fingernail. Shame, Shame.

Ivana on

I mean seriously ? She didn’t have REAL long hair anywayyyy…whats the big deal ?

Robni on

I agree. She finally took her extensions out and evened up her hair. Janet Jackson did the same thing a few years ago…

Jam on

Mistake. Turned her into a tomboy and sh lost alot of her femininity.

kimberly on

Wow her neck is huge! I never seen that before cuz her hair was always covering it

Will on

Some overrated pop star gets a haircut… STOP THE PRESSES

Gorgeous Seexxee Mee on

Huh? Why all the fuss? It’s a damn haircut! But, I don’ t believe for a minute she cut her hair. I think she just took her wig off! The short hair is cute. Am thinking of going that short- however, my hubby wouldnt be too happy. As of now, it’s as long-maybe longer than Beyonces’…..(was)

TEXAS13 on

Whor cares? NO ONE…she is soooo full of herself & does everything expecting people to look & talk about her…GET OVER YOURSELF & YOUR HUSBAND…ya’ll are NO ONE special

Caramel QT on

Riddle me this: If K Kimble has been her stylist for so long
A) Why was she out of the loop on this? (Apparently she found out via Instagram just like the rest of us no bodies, JS)
B) Who “cut” Beyonce’s hair? (My stylist cuts, colours mine and is THE ONLY ONE I let near my tresses, JS)

Tanya on

She looks old on this hair style, go back to the old hair style!!!

Connie Lewis on

Who cares?

Rob on

Cut what hair? All she ever wore were weaves!

Mr G. on

She screwed up! Does she not know her long hair was the best thing about her look? Definitely a MISTAKE!

Johnny g on

Beautiful in any look. Love the new hair do.

julie on

Let’s get real! She had a weave before>

kitty on

I really hope this is a hoax and a wig, not her real hair!

BeyHive on

It looks amazing,it is her real hair she didnt have a weave or a wig,shes Creole so she has natural long thick hair,ever since she was little.

BeyHive on

I wish all those morons saying its not her real hair would SHUT UP.She’s Creole so she has natural long and thick hair.She looks amazing.

buttplug on

How can I go on? I think I’ll have to take a med and go back to bed…it’s just too much to handle.

What will we tell the kids? How can I tell the kids?

BeyHive on

I wish they would stop with the stereotypes,black women can have long thick hair.

daivd on

she makes a pretty good looking guy lol

Marisol on

Oh pluuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeezzzz. She got tired of the weave, so she cut it out. What’s the big deal? It’s done everyday.

fletch75 on

Thats never a good look for women and she must be going through a very early mid life crisis as thats when women do this type of thing or when they get divorced or just need to get new attention. Looks realllyyy bad.

rosemary hirsch on

Stop the presses! Call the United Nations’ headquarters. Beyoncé had her hair cut! Surely, there must be something more newsworthy than this bit of trivia. Let me know when the scientists find a cure for cancer, or there is world peace; otherwise, don’t bother me with the nonsense that a celebrity had a hair cut!

Jmac on

Weaves eventually have to be taken out, and the damaged hair cut off.

Frieda on

After the story yesterday about her not paying for her grannies funeral, one that she contracated for, I assume that the trip for the hair cut took the money still owed for granny.

carol lange on

Sorry Beyonce, it is not becoming on you …

Lynn on

do we really have to care about this woman and what she does with her hair, or any other part of her life? she’s really not exceptional-in her life, looks, etc. Just another over-paid celebrity making HUGE money off the rest of society. Why is her talent more important than someone who ISN’T making millions a year?

sheebadd on

She had short hair in the sweet dreams video…this
is not new but…rolling the dice on image change could make or break you. Thank for hair weaves ….one fits all. GO BEY GO!!

Babs on

About two weeks ago, didn’t we see somwthing about her wig getting caught in a fan while she was performing?

Ruthann on

Now she looks like drag queen! Blah

Sidra on

Really? A whole article about a haircut and how it is shocking to the world? We have become a sad nation if this is what is shocking to us. Yes, I read the article, but it was mostly to laugh about the absurdity that was reported on and to read the other comments.

DMO on

Not her most attractive look, but if she’s happy with it, more power to her. Sometimes it’s fun to just do something different.

me on

It looks like her song ‘If I was a Boy’ is coming true…. lol

L on

Not sure what to think bout the comments because she does have long hair and it’s not impossible for that. We all know there were some extensions, but he hair was not short.

ceecee on

Please, Ms.Carter looks good anyway. She would look good bald headed. B. , feel the freedom. I luv it

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