Did Beyoncé Chop Her Hair Into a Pixie?

08/08/2013 at 08:57 AM ET

Beyonce short hairCourtesy Beyoncé

Are you sitting down? Good, because we have some paradigm-shifting news for you: It appears that Beyoncé has cut off all her hair.

We’ve seen the superstar with pretty much every hairstyle (wigs included) under the sun, from blonde to brunette and waves to braids. But with the exception of the short wig she wore to play Etta James in Cadillac Records, she’s never had hair above her chin — until now.

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And in a series of Instagram photos she posted late Wednesday night, her new look appears to be the real deal. A close-up shot shows the wispy new layers framing her face; in other pics, Beyoncé appears to still be getting used to the new do, touching the nape of her neck tenatively.

A practical mom-on-the-go do decision? A “hipster in Brooklyn” move of shear genius? The work of someone tired of wearing a full head of hair all the time — or just a trick with a really good wig? Only time will tell. But with plenty of tour dates on her Mrs. Carter Show tour left to go, we look forward to seeing what she’ll be whipping around the stage should this cut be permanent.

Tell us: Do you like Beyoncé with a pixie? And be sure to show us your fierce short haircuts here!
–Alex Apatoff

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nextarticlepls on

It’s probably her natural hair.

Ginny1955 on

I understand her reasons but I will miss her long hair.

Ali on

Not exactly news I have to sit down for! Cute look tho; she should try a wonderful shade of red!

just saying on

She can be bald and still be beautiful…….

TV on the web on

It’s a wig

monalita on

lets hope its a wig not very attractive looking

rain on

Looks like Halle Barry haircut now she always had short hair easier to manage and keep no fuss.

Sara on

I do not like it at all!!!! Why are all these beautiful women cutting this beautiful hair into these ugly lil pixie cuts?? So sad

Kim on

Cut her long hair? Oh please, anybody with half a brain knows that long hair is a wig.

Anonymous101 on

It’s probably her real hair, minus all the busted weaves she usually wears.

Tina on

Better than those stupid extensions/wigs she wears looking like a ragged old lion. Why do women of color always color their hair other than their usual black, or wear light-colored wigs? It’s not becoming.

Journey on

Not a good look on her IMO.

robin on

Even if it’s her natural hair, chances are she’ll always wear her long wigs for sex appeal while she’s performing.

Sandy Cheeks on

This new haircut actually has a name… it’s called, Took the Weave Out!!! This woman is so desperate for the entire world to worship her! Yuck! No thanks.

Sandra on

Its cute…Don’t blame her for wearing wigs because the damage that would be done to her natural hair would be irreplacable :)

Andrea on

But how is she going to whip her hair during her performances now..? Pretty sure that is her natural hair though. I think it would be cute if it didn’t have blonde in it.

Colleen on

I think it’s a great look in her!!!!! You can put a brown paper bag over head and she will look gorgeous!!!! I think it’s trendy, more mature in a GOOD way, and sexy!

Tiffany on

She took out her weave. Big whoop. Most black women do not have a lot of hair, length wise, because they process it too much and their hair is soo brittle it breaks easily. I am sure she has had this length for a long time now. She just gets tracks/braids. Not exactly exciting.

Skiwoman60 on

Beyonce looks fabulous as always.I’m sure the fan incident encouraged to cut her hair off.Very scary.As my daughter says when she cuts her hair short,it can always grow back.

Pia Razon on

Wearing you natural hair is not as dramatic as forcing yourself to wear weave for 17 years. I think it’s beautiful. It must have been extraordinarily burdensome to have to wear weave for over a decade just to maintain an image based on European standards of beauty. Rihanna liberated herself years ago and now is free to rock whatever style – short, long, blonde, grey, red . . . This will free Beyonce to just be herself and change up her image based on what she feels for the moment. Beauty comes in many lengths, shades, colors and textures. Good for you Beyonce!

Miss Maddison on

Oh Quenn, she cant do anything worng!! Hunty Child…she did that! I love it!

Barbara on

I think it’s a wig.

guest on

Looks cute but her ‘long’ hair was a weave or a wig. Lots of comments about her acting white on the comment boards with the fake blond wig etc. Sounds like she’s paying attention. She should embrace her natural hair. Pretty is on the inside remember beyonce.

Lisa on

She could punk it up a bit by wearing it straight up and spiky in the front. Softening up those prominent brows would be good too.

wow on

always ONE in the bunch…!!

bb on

She looks ugly! Not a good look for her at all.

wow on

LOVE the look!

MrsJAZ522 on

Not crazy about it but she is still a beautiful woman.

Marsha on

She looks like a drag queen

Juliette on

I’m still trying to get used to. The bad nose job she had.

Juliette on

I’m still trying to get used to the bad nose job she had.

Kate on

It is scary how she and her husband control their image and their brand. Almost every picture of her on this website was released by HER.

thejimsnyderway on

Oh man…she can’t pull off the pixie cut.

ashley on

What in the world is she thinkin? That cut only looks good on certain people and Beyoncé isnt one of them. She’s not an anerexicly thin woman like Victoria Beckham or Miley Cyrus. This woman has curves and it makes her face look fuller than it actually is.
Beyoncé, grow it back out soon, but in the meantime, get a wig and some great extensions.

Ari on

I really don’t think this works for her. I think her lower face is too wide. She’s beautiful but this hair highlights her in all the wrong places.

Life goes on on

Hair gets brittle, from too much exposure to coloring and braiding close to the scalp. A friend of mine, had some problems with it and she is now bald, from the forehead, to about an inch, backwards. I hope that was not the reason, Beyonce cut her hair short.

Joy on

It’s called weave removal people!

abigael on

Not everybody can rock a haircut like that. As gorgeous as she is, it doesn’t look good on her. If you want another example just take a look at Miley Cirus.

jen on

Hate it.

nunya on

It doesn’t matter how peetry she is..this haircut is bad

Cindy on

Hate it.

Skye on

Sorry folks, as gorgeous as she is, I hate it. Not a fan of short hair.

angela on

nobody cares about her taking weave out or wig off!

Marisa on

It’s not a haircut! She just had her weave removed. Come on!

Hani on

Whatever its cool.

layla on

People mag…PUHLEEEZE..do you really expect anyone with the intelligence level above a gnat to believe that she actually had long hair???? Wigs, weaves, etc…..

blair on

Looks like a boy…

Jakie Lewis on

Probably her real hair…got tired of wigs and weaves….she looks great.

nunya on


Guest on

I suspect this has been her hair all along and the long stuff was wigs. Frankly, I’m thinking it’s not too flattering. But it’s her head, her hair – if she likes it, that’s all that matters.

shanna on

Now she doesn’t just have to sing..if I were a boy..cause now she looks like one..yuck

Angel on

Too boyish.

luv2funrun on

You do know this is just her REAL hair??? Guess that fan scare with the weave really shook her up. LOL…. I applaud her for coming out. Now let’s see if she’ll move on from the perm like her sister. Go B!

Jess82W on

Maybe she got fed up after the recent attacked-by-the-fan incident at her concert! ;)

Starttheriot on

White people are dumb, this is her natural hair, she took out the weave and is letting her head breathe a bit.

Also, kudos for her for not being afraid to go natural, she looks gorgeous, #embracenaturalbeauty

Nica on

I quite like this simple, earthy look. It’s a nice change from the big, bouncy locks. Sometimes you just need a no-fuss, hassle-free moment. Good for her, hope she rocks it for a bit!

lisa on

She was unattractive with fake hair,she’s equally unattractive with short hair.

Jen on

Ouch. I’m sure she just wanted something more manageable, but this cut and color makes her look like a drag queen.

Smithy on

Love it. She can wear any hair.

Tam on

Beyonce’s hair was just as long as her weaves. Many people don’t know that, they simply judge her saying she’s worn weaves for 17 years. News flash: Black girls do have long natural hair, it does not have to be short to be natural. Her hair was below her bra strap for years.

sam on

“Beyoncé appears to still be getting used to the new do, touching the nape of her neck tenatively.”

check the mirror, she appears to be posing with her hands behind her head, nothing tentative about it. also tenatively? Surely you meant tentatively.

kaya on

She is just trying to follow the trend ,but it’s not a good look for her.This cut looks good on women with petite features like Halle,.Beyonce is too I thick imo.

Jayla on

She’s used to seeing that hair between weave appointments and everytime she take those wigs off. She’s just needs attention. And it’s not a good look. Kelly has the face for short hair.

Mel on

She looks like joseline hernandez from VH1 Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

lillith on

She’s not feminine enough to pull that off. She looks like a man.

Ashley on

For crying out loud people, it’s a lace front, you can tell by the hair line.

stacy on

If its a wig, she must have shaved her head because I know she did not get all that hair under a wig.

myladyeve on

Cute look! I love it!

moi on

So she took her weave out. . .this is news, because . . .
She looks pretty, but I think the hair colour is not good on her that short.

julie on

Lets get real! That long hair has always been extentions. Got a good hair stylist but then she can afford it.

Princess07 on

It’s cute but I prefer the big hair because she has a head and face that can pull it off.

dede on

That looks like rihannas hairdo…this chick has a bad habit of the copy cats!

kyliekoo on

My hair has been that short since I was 24, back in 1984. Was sporting the do wayyy before Halle, Miley, Beyonce. Why are hair styles just a big deal in the news? Write a story about me.

Dawnn on

She looks good. To me it looks like she just removed her weave.

Pacificgirl on

She took the weave out…No big deal.

Yvonne on

The new cut looks great on Beyonce. Nice choice!

Hate It on

Why do so many women make this blunder.

My opinion: Short hair NEVER looks better on a woman than long hair.

Tina on

It looks nice. She probably had to cut it off after all these years of weaves, relaxers, blowing and curling.

dlp23602 on

She didn’t cut it short, she just took the 2 ft long horse hair out…

Sharon Little on

I’m sure its her real hair,the rest are all wigs.Actually,I’m over Beyoncé,has become too full of herself.I use to love her,but, just over her.

anonymous on

That looks like a $17 grandma haircut from one of those budget hairstyling salons at the mall.

Pink on

I’m so proud of her and can’t understand th hate this woman gets…Just because she wears weaves,wigs doesn’t mean she doesn’t have hair…we all know that when she was a child and when she first started on DC she had long relaxed hair. Maybe she felt she had enough and did a BC and now feels free. I’m transitioning, I’m 7 months post and some days I just want to cut my relaxed ends, and they aren’t that short, cuz I’m fed up with dealing with 2 textures. And a lot of women who return to natural, says that it very liberating the BC.

Chrystal on

Your roots are showing.

Tina on

I have to say, though, even though I like the cut, she looks a little less feminine. Kinda like Peter Pan.

Jenny! on

Short hair is a no go in my eyes for her. She can pull off many hair styles but this one…..

Tasha on

I would be siprised if that is Beyonce just got a trim. She has been wearing weave for a decade. I think her natural hair looks a whole lot cuter though.

Lisa on

She looks beautiful.

Jean on

I hope it’s a wig. I can’t imagine cutting off that much hair.

nancy granitto on

She is Beautiful no matter what,,but the long hair is more sexy

Guest on

Looks like Nene Leakes LOLOLOL

KC on

Now she is just as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside.

nancy granitto on

way to Mature looking for her age,,she needs to get her Groove Back

ginger smith on

few can pull that off , but she would look good bald.

natasha on

Years of hair extensions damaged her own hair.

angie on

cut her hair? puh-lease!!! it’s definitely not her hair colour but it’s likely her real hair…all that long hair is just wigs….

guest on

That’s the hair she’s always had minus the bleaching. Black girls don’t have ‘long’ hair. If they do its a weave or wig. Period. Her natural hair would be a short afro. Go for it bey. Be yourself. I think beauty comes from within. Remember beyonces 33 most firecest moments from the superbowl. She wasn’t sexy once that evening with her looks or performance. Maybe less fakeness will work out better for her. Maybe feeding less self taken photos to tabloids will help too. #getalife. #bereal

Mandi7882 on

Still counting down and it looks like 1 minute left in the 15 minutes of fame game.

Gina on

It would be flattering if the hair color was reddish brown..

Sharon on

Personally I like the short hair on Beyonce. I keep my hair short because it is so much easier to take care of!!

Savvy on

I love it! She has a gorgeous face & can pull it off.
Also, I’m so sick of weaves & extensions on women. They look obvious & so 1997.

Jeanette on

Uh…NO! She’s beautiful, but this does not flatter her at all, and I’m a short-haired girl and love short hair!

non singing irritating voice on

She never had long hair! All that overprocessed color and all that weave…it was bound to happen! Looks bad like all the other styles she try to wear! She need to focus on trying to learn how to sing!!!!!

Amp on

I like her with short hair. It really brings out her gorgeous cheekbones. :)

itsall good nroanoke on

Her cut was because SHE CONT. to wear all that weave/ wigs cause damage! Janet Jackson same thing. Hair needed A break.

Nannyto1 on

I doubt it’s much of a haircut as it’s unlikely that the hair she whips around on stage is her own. Nothing against Beyonce… But most of the long locks we see on celebs and non-celebs for that matter (including my daughter lol) are not their own.

mytwocents on

I’m on mom on the go & I’d NEVER do that! Wig,weave removal, whatever, put it back!!

Joann on

That’s just her regular hair. C’mon how stupid do you think people are

No cut- weave removal on

Cut? You mean cut the string of her weave! She’s always been bald headed… You can’t call it a “hair cut”, if its not your to begin with. She’s overrated!

JemmaJ on

Yuck! Beyonce can’t pull this off! She’s got a great voice, great body, and great moves but she does not have the face to pull off a short cut like this.

TerriMac on

Look good, she can rock any do…Cutting hair is sooo liberating. One should do this at least once in their life.

Yourkiddingright? on

Extensions out and then a shape up maybe, not an actual dramatic long to short cut.

BoFAn on


scorpio on

I’m so over weaves, extensions and wigs!! Be proud of your natural hair. Hopefully she will keep it awhile but I highly doubt it.

nexttime on

I think this style is real nice. I hope she keeps it like this.

Simplyjack on

her previous hair was likely “unnatural”, wigs, extensions and such.Now she’s letting her real hair breathe and that’s great! love pixie cuts

scorpio on

“guest on August 8th, 2013” – you are so wrong about black women not being able to grow their hair. My hair is real and it’s past my bra strap. Most of my friends who also are black have “real, natural” long hair without weaves. So your assessment is completely wrong.

Marie on

She is probably tired of the weave and this is her natural hair. I know you all di dnot think her hair was naturally that long..lol…In any event as long as she keeps dancing and singing for those paid for tickets. Who cares about her hair..lol. I think she would look better with softer and thinner eyebrows.

Ashlee on

It’s annoying to see people post comments and be so critical on this lady. I hope you’re as nitpicky on yourselves as you are on her. Ok big deal she took the weave out. As long as she likes it, that’s all that matters. None of you paid for it so you’re opinion does not matter at all. Get over it please. On to more important matters!

Tiffany on

Oh good, she looks more like a witch than ever.

Enough on

Just tired of the hair, I get it. She looks good!

Kathie on

no it doesn’t suit her like it does some other people

Cece on

Hair doesnt define you and who you are. Whether its long, short, wig or weave. Just pop some makeup on and she’ll be back to work. Im glad she tried something new though. Shes been doing that long blond for a minute now. She looks good to me.

Whatever on

As you can tell this is her NATURAL hair… Her “long hair” is her because she purchased it…. she is biting off of Rihana who recently showed off a short hair do as well… No originality…..

Christal on

Not a good look at all! The hair that was cut was NOT her hair. It was a weave!

Bo on

Oh whatever she had extenstions and just took them out, they have said time and time again she is practically bald!

jeanne on

i think it’s a wig because her own hair is very kinky. i think short hairlooks good on her…she has a great shaped face for it

guest on

She would be a better role model for african american women and girls if she would quit whittling on her nose to look whiter, and stop trying to have white girl hair. Black women look silly with blond hair. Esp long hair. Bey needs to let the fro grow and eat a piece of humble pie. Her husb needs to stop calling people racist names. Not cool for a wealthy blk guy to call those beneath him n!gs, and his wife to act totally white. All the while trying to stir the race pot. #getalong

didi on

Why is this news? Beyonce always rocks wigs, weaves or extension/braids. For all we know, her hair may have been this short for years. I went to her show and hair choreography is a big part of her routines. My guess is she’ll have long hair again for her next performance. And I agree, everything looks good on B.

J. Earl on

SO ?????????
She is very beautiful, no doubt. But she is becoming like the ” K ” , people. I am sure there are many stars who get their hair cut, BUT , is this really newsworthy ? Please,
‘Back away from the camera(s)’

Brenda on

It looks alright, Its the mature Beyounce look, different for her and those of us used to seeing her with hair. Since she is a role model this helps women to deal with their own hair prospective

bibledoctor on

these evil chicks still need to repent.

guest on

“Hair choreography”?!?!!! Hahahahahaha. That sums up the problem. When you have to have “hair choreography” you are distracting from you’re serious lack of talent. Grab a mic and a stool. Sing a song. Give your neck a rest. You’re not a singer if you have hair choreography. Not for a second. #giveitup

Laguna Beach Lady on

Everyone is entitled to a change. Not that this should be front page news though. It’s just a hair cut!

NSBooklady on

New cut or just the first time we’ve EVER sen her natural hair ?? I think it looks lovely. She should wear it like that more often.

Denise on

WOW, really, that is not a hair cut that was and is a weave removal. Like I said “really” ?

b4real on

It looks like some of Miss Tina’s cutting! Somebody should have told her she needs a re-touch. those edges are looking rough. This is her real hair without those silly weaves

ReeAnn on

I love it! It shows even more of her beautiful eyes and face…you rock it Beyonce!

Bettie on

I think this is her real hair, the extensions or weave got caught in the fan! Remember?

b4real on

Miley Cyrus can rock the short look. Maybe she needs to give Queen B one of her stylists cards!!!!

Sophia on

She looks like the man she is. She’s not very pretty and i have no idea why people think so.

Bijou on

It’s super cute! While she does wear a lot of wigs/weaves, her natural hair is (was) actually down to her shoulders, so this is likely a real cut or wig. Hope it’s the real deal because so many little girls of color look up to her and that long blond hair subscribes to a standard of beauty they will never have (without wigs or weaves…). Outside of the hair color, this sends the message that you can be beautiful regardless of hair length!

Teknosbeka on

Not very attractive, but maybe she wants to go incognito as a soccer mom while she’s taking a break from her tour .

Karen on

I think it’s beautiful. It’s hair, not who she is.

rayk on

It’ll only make her butt and thighs look that much more out of proportion.

melissam on

don’t like her too much but she’s beautiful. the cut really shows her pretty face off! I like it!

TW on

Hair can I either make you or break you, and this was definately a bad mistake, some people can rock the short cut (Haley Berry, Alicia Keys) but Beyonce, I don’t think so…

Russian on

She looks like a Chinese Trany

sandy on

hope she keeps this, cause all that hair she had, along with her dancing style, to me, is so, over the top. I like this better for sure.

Mark on

Now we see what a fat slob she truly is with that fat face.

StLuc on

Yea, so if you look close enough, it looks like a really good lace front. I highly doubt she would cut her hair off. She’ beyonce and lives for her hair. She looks like a bad version of Joseline from LHHA. YEs, a man…her neck is too long in that pose.

Lily on

Who cares?

rick on

she looks very manly, like a tranny, She was beautiful and sexy with long hair

Raffaele Zuccaro on

Evidently your moderator is extremly BIASED !!! Right?? Dont be offensive to Decadent Celebs?

Kerri on

Heads up folks. She wears lace front wigs anyway! So, if she cuts her real hair, she can still wear her lace front wigs over her natural short hair y’all. Come on now. Let’s now have a meltdown. Lol.

ClassicLady on

Some of your comments on here are just ignorant. First of all there are plenty of black women who have long hair and if they wear weaves, it’s for protective purposes. Second, Beyonce is all about the shock value in order to up her brand, so everything she does is for a reason. And third, she’s a grown A** woman…remember that! Luv it…go baddiebey :)

Aubrie on

It does NOT look good. She can hang out with Mylie now though.

M on

She is always wearing wigs anyway,

pugz on

She should have gone with the full Q-ball look like Britanny

jenmiami on

Spazzy, posed out faces have to go!

Jean on

She got rid of her fake hair and some inches of real hair. LOL.

TEXAS13 on

Not a fan of her so I really don’t care

Penny on

Liked it better long but she should dye it black
Or dark brown, just stop with the yellowy blond.

Dee Chevalier on

It’s about time she showed the world her real hair – for many years – it was nothing but a weave! Maybe her real hair was breaking off and the stylist told her to take a break from hair weaves.

texaschickeee on

what it is – she took all that weave and cr ap out of her hair and this is her real deal.
plus she is trying not to get a fan incident again.

looloobell on

You can tell it’s her hair,wigs don’t usually have “roots” growing out of them…. think it’s not very feminine for her face…..

Paul on

The sexy nappy headed song bird took off her wig that’s all. No biggy. CHER and talk show drag queen Wendy Williams always wear wigs to.

pfft on

she looks like an idiot in the picture on the left.

Nina on

She cut off all her hair??
Or do you mean she finally took out all her weave??
I mean…really!!

Me on

Not a fan of Beyoncé, but her hair normally looks nice, but this does nothing for her.

Molly on

that’s a wig

ella on

If she did so what it will grow back

susan on

A lot of women cut their hair, after having a baby. It’s just easier to manage. If she misses it, she can always wear a wig or extensions. If anything I bet this is her natural hair and she took this pose for the world to see..

Paula on

She probably just took her wig off. Nothing shocking here. Next!!!

SD on

show u ass gurl

Mr G. on

That’s what happens with women after they have been married a few years. They chop off their hair and put on 40 pounds. Had the husband known this was coming he’d still be single dating hot women who care about how they look. There are always exceptions to every rule. However, the majority of decent men prefer a decent looking woman with long hair and a slender figure. Follow a frumpy, overweight, unattractive woman home and you will find one unhappy husband. Then they divorce and suddenly you see the woman down at the gym working out in order to get in shape to take the next sucker down. Why couldn’t she do this while she was still married? Once women get their man they think they can let themselves go and the man will still be attracted to them and stick around. It doesn’t work that way ladies. WAKE UP before it’s too late unless you don’t mind watching your husband run off into the sunset with a hot, slender woman half your age!

LuLu on

Who cares?

Danielle on

Once again she is trying to make us believe that she has hair……who is going to believe that, just look at the pictures of her when she was a little girl…….thanks to the hot iron.

Kunt N Bytch on

Did she cut hair or just take out her weave ?

sheppi sherrod on

find a happy medium, girl. this look is just not that attractive and the long hair with the extensions was a hot mess.

iluvbutton on

love it!

bria on

Ppl stfu its a great look fo her and i do believe the hair she cut off was hers not weave everybody needs change in there life and she happens to want to change her hair so

luv2bblk on

Not a huge Beyoncé fan, but the hair is really cute on her. It beats that long ass weave she usually wears. Her neck must be relieved.

jBl on

She looks like a drag queen! Not very attractive hairstyle at all!!!!

cwaltz on

She’s a pretty woman but that haircut is not attractive at all.

brandy on

I do not think she cut her hair she just took off her wig.

CBeckyBlog on

This is her natural hair. She has never had long hair, just long weaves. It’s not that extreme.

Tee on

I like it, but I’m sure she’ll continue to use wigs, weaves for long hair. When someone has long hair for such a long time then goes drastically short, it’s always scary for them, but can end up very freeing also.

Hey on

She is always beautiful, but hate to say now she kind of looks like a tranny

Sharon on

Her neck is too damn big for that hairstyle. That is why the lacefronts and the weaves hide it. Now if she just color it black or red maybe it will show some growth in her looks!

weezie on

It really doesnt matter what she does to herself, she’s just beautiful !!!

jordan7 on

She always has the oddest, vacant look in photos. What’s that about?

luis cabrera on

She Can’t Performed ,so she want people at least talking about her ,no more lip singing !

Kelly Robinson on

hey people lets remember that she has lots of wigs weaves, her long hair was a weave. her actual hair be for she got it cut was probably mid length.

Miss Anne on

She wears weave. We really don’t know how long or shot her hair has been. We would never know. I do wonder what this haircut would look like on her as a red head.

SnowWhiteQueen on

She still looks beautiful!!! She is perfect <3

biggirl on

I think the new look is nice for her she a mom now and her change with the hair and clothes is a part of the biggest role in her life motherhood. It’s looks good on here…
U go be…….

kiki on

Im happy she finally got her REAL hair straightened, long enough to make a style of it… and is doing away with all those silly wigs. Im reminded of Jody Wately “Im looking for a real love baby” in the early 90’s when she took off her wig publically on some TV show……ended her career

Anthony on

I fI were to tell you, it isn’t racial, WHY I get UPSET about your “flauting”, as it may be, I WOULD BE A LIAR. However, I think you are very talented, perhaps, just simply, underestimated.

AprilFool79 on

@Sara: “Beautiful” women cut their long hair into pixie cuts because they:

A) Are tired of dealing with long hair
B) Want a change
C) Know that there are other things in life more important than some random person on the internet thinking they’re beautiful

Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

sue on

In a concert recently, her long hair got caught in a huge fan. Luckily, her assistant backstage ran with sissors and released her hair from it all.

holly on

I think her hair cut is cute way to go!!

holly on

she looks great short hair is SASSY!

K on

Is it just me or does her hair almost always looked a bit damaged, or dry?

Dale on

No, she didn’t get a haircut. She took her weave/extensions off.

Blue on

Ummm I love the “most black women” comments … about hair .. smh .. gotta love it !

Annia on

Well, after her hair got suck into that giant fan, lucky she didn’t lose her scalp as well. It’s practical reason, rather than a fashion statement. She looks nice, regardless.

theyknow on

It does not look like a wig, btu she is beautiful regardless. I think it looks good on her. She wore a short wig when she played Etta James in Cadillac Records and it looked good on her.

Felice on

LOVE IT!!!!!! Finally your scalp cab breathe!!!!

jenmiami on

If a fan tried to eat my weave I’d hack it off too! Lol…

soannoyedwithcelebs on

You go Beyonce’! Way to set them straight…be an orginal-oh wait that’s right…Rhianna and Miley both have the short dos too…so hmm..nope no longer orginal..Now I guess its the thing to do…

lorelei51h on

Not too bad, but she probably took the weaves out so her hair can recuperate a bit.

Mary on

It looks good. The fan probably ripped out some of her hair when it got caught,

AKP on

She took our her extensions and everyone believes she cut all of her hair off? Wow! When she grows tired of the short look, she’ll get extensions again. Kelly Rowland does it all of the time.

jodi on

Who really cares?

nmoses on

I never knew what her real hair looked like anyway, with all the dyes and wigs and weaves!

Erica on

Why do people say cruel things about Beyonce as if she did something personal to you.I like her hair but for the ignorant people she had long hair anyways,sometime she wore a wig or extensions but that’s part of the entertainment business.

Dawn on

Beyoncé looks beautiful! It really does not matter what anyone thinks it is whether or not she likes it. Sometimes a dramatic change in hairstyle or personal style gives you a sense of freedom. Good for her! So with that said, I bless her and her family with the loving kindness of Jesus!

Mike on

Not the best look for her. Sorry.


She has shown how shallow and self-righteous she can be on the inside so who cares what she looks like on the outside? She’s a snobby diva. I can’t stand her or her husband after I heard all the reports of how horribly they treated others at the hospital when their daughter was born. What losers!

SLB on

You mean see beyonce without a wig or weave???

oscar on

Nappy hair should keep it black like an Afro .

Cutterboi on

She probably just took out her weave… LOL!!!!

bey bey on

shhhhhhh…….it’s a wig!

kankey on

you go bey I love it a lot bey dont need long hair to look beautiful she is beautiful in and out long live queen bey

Lvt57 on

She finally took out all that weave, but I think she should have kept it in, she does not look good with short hair. Plus she need to try another color tired of that dried out brittle look.

The Mama on

Get real…anyone with half a brain knows she either took off her wig or took her extensions out!!!

Smells Like Kardashian on

not attractive, sorry.

Robyn on

Wig or no wig, she’ll be back in the long wig/weave in no time. As usual. Rarely does Beyonce wear her ‘real’ hair.

Ann on

Janet’s was prettier and less contrived.

Anirba on

It’s about time she let go of that red horse mane!

Angie on

uh! No! She reminds me of Jocelyn from Love and Hip Hop!

Tamisha on

I don’t like it don’t like her but ain’t y’all tired of talkin about black people y’all always talkin shi* damn why y’all worried about her hair get a life damn

Pat on

She just took her wig off.

She better shut her mouth before a bug flies in.

ohwoman on

Who cares? I mean really? I am tired of this poser…

Mike on

I bet Jay Z will like it. It wont get in the way anymore. With those lips and short hair, she will finish him off a lot sooner.

fluffybarbz1 on

Don’t want to be mean but she looks like a dude! Hopefully it grows out sooner rather than later!

Wendy on

Are you kidding me? This is news! Who cares how she wears her hair!

Jackie DooU on

Probably never had long hair because of all that glue they had to use for that fake hair for those shows to perform.

Rj on

Now it wont get tangled in the fan;)

Bindy on

Now it wont get tangled in the fan

shanna on

Tamisha..why are you so worried about us…go on about yur business

jackie on


jackie on


Sheila on

She is just beautiful, long or short hair. I best her hair will be real cute in a curly do.

concerned citizen on

Hey Tiffany person. I know alot of african american women with long hair that use relaxers. not all of us carry brittle hair .

Jennie on

makes her look older and very masculine

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