First Look! Ashlee Simpson Models for Sister Jessica's Clothing Line; 'She's a Fun One to Work With!'

07/31/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Ashlee Simpson Jessica Simpson adsCourtesy Jessica Simpson

Ashlee Simpson‘s style has always differed from her sister Jessica‘s: Jess has always been feminine and frilly, while Ashlee’s rocked an edgier, downtown vibe. But mom Tina Simpson says there’s a simpler difference between the two.

“[Ashlee’s] boobs aren’t as big!” she tells PEOPLE at the Jessica Simpson Fall 2013 collection launch in N.Y.C..

“True that!” Ashlee says, laughing. “[Jessica’s] a bit more girly, and I kind of like to bring an edge to my looks. I do like to be in dresses, I just like to toughen it.”

The two sisters may be very different on the surface, but that didn’t stop new mom Jessica from making her little sis the face of the line for fall. Their differing styles appear to mix in these exclusive first-look photos of the campaign, with Ashlee bringing a little fierceness to the feminine clothes.

Ashlee Simpson Jessica Simpson adsCourtesy Jessica Simpson

“I have a pretty cool sister with an amazing sense of style, and I was honored to get to do the shoot,” says Ashlee, who collaborates on the brand as well, contributing to the tween line. “We keep it in the family. Jessica’s a fun one to work with.”

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Shooting the campaign with Ellen von Unwerth wasn’t just playing dress-up, though—things got a little messy on set.

“We were all having a good time, kicking dirt in pretty dresses,” Ashlee says. “They did tell us to look for ticks! And I was like, ‘Okay, I’m just going to roll in the dirt.”

Ashlee Simpson Jessica Simpson adsCourtesy Jessica Simpson

And did Ashlee invoke sisterly rights and “borrow” anything from the shoot? Yes, she confesses. “There’s a shot that I have a maroon dress on in, and it was so beautiful,” she says. “I love that dress — it was my favorite.” Have a favorite yourself? You can shop the collection in all major department stores this fall.

Tell us: What do you think of Ashlee’s modeling shots for her sister’s clothing line?

–Jeff Nelson

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Showing 82 comments

mrmonkee on

She is very good looking. Modeling might be her forte.

sally on

I have never found her to be cute. I do think it’s tacky that the only job she can get is via her sister!

LisaC on

Why do they even bother doing shoots? They photoshop these people to the point where they don’t even look like themselves, so why not just use a mannequin.

Rae on

Why are both Jessica Simpsons parents always talking about her boobs? It’s disturbing.

Lynz on

BOOOOOOOTS!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR FALL!!!! Having to dress work appropriate when its hot out is annoying. Having said that, she looks HOT!

Dianab on

She looks absolutely beautiful in these photos regardless…she is modeling..just like all the other models who are made up….to question whether this is the only gig she can get is so classless and rude….

Eme on

She’s gorgeous, love her as a model!!!

Katoolav on

Rae on July 31st, 2013
Why are both Jessica Simpsons parents always talking about her boobs? It’s disturbing.

I was thinking the exact same thing!

Just Me on

Ashlee is finally coming into her own after being in her sister’s shadow most of her life…she’s turned into a beautiful young woman. The rude comments made on here show the true lack of class on the part of the posters. I do agree about Jessica’s family always commenting on her boobs tho…talk about lack of class and making the younger child feel inferior even as an adult….

lexi on

shes very beautiful and looks great!!

dch7708 on

She looks great in these photos. And I LOVE the clothes!

Nate on

I wish Ashlee would just hurry up and release her 4th album already!!

brookeleighstraveltips on

she looks awesome! my sister and i are also super close and i would expect that we would keep our businesses in the family too. good for both of them! (at least ashley isn’t singing anymore….haha)

Heather on

I have always thought Ashlee is gorgeous! Jessica too!

Em on

I’m impressed–Ashlee is a great model! She should do campaigns for other designers; she’s extremely talented.

M on

I think she looks great. She has been looking better lately

Christine on

If that’s the maroon dress she’s referring to, she’s right. It’s gorgeous! I would’ve “borrowed” it too :)

LookingGood on

Good to see she isn’t chain smoking in any of these pictures. She looks great.

NickyAngel on

Ashlee looks fab :-)

Skiiy on

I love that burgundy/purple dress she has on!! Stunning.

Andrea on


Kalla on

They are STILL talking about Jessica’s boobs? What is up with this family? smh.

Jenny! on

I LOVE her clothing line, shoes.. BOOTS! OMG i’m going to have a melt down :D Ash is really rockin out the looks too, makes me want to buy some nice shoes! I love this article.

rachel on

Seriously.. its just so weird. It was gross when her dad said she had DD’s that couldnt be contained or something, and now her mom making comments.. very odd. but the simpson sisters are both beautiful women. i prefer jessica just because i think she is hilarious, i dont know much about ashley.

thirdfloor22 on

Yet another “celebrity” clothing line that doesn’t cater to plus sizes, just stick figures. Is this really necessary? Not everyone’s a size 6.

RJR on

@Just Me on July 31st, 2013 – “Ashlee is finally coming into her own” …. HA HA HA. Who are you? Paula Abdul? That is one of the most overused and ridiculous comments made by people who try to make themselves sound intellectual.

Side Show Willie on

Ash, it is really good to see you & Jess doing so well. Here’s to more success! God bless you & your family. SSW

Missdebbe on

Why do people get so persnickety? About the clothes: I actually like the look of them and LOVE the boots. I will definitely look for them in stores:)

Gg on

Someone said earlier that she is finally coming into her own. What would she be doing if she weren’t modeling her sisters clothing line? I don’t know that either one of these girls are all that talented but Jessica has surrounded herself with good business people bc she has her name on every thing. Ashley is still riding on her sisters success. What does she really do for a living? The whole family is weird and kinda of ignorant with things they say . However, Jessica is laughing all the way to the bank !

Royalredusa on

I don’t know how you guys feel, but I’m not a fan of those “shoe boots”. They look like hooves and make the leg look chunky. Anyone with me on this?

Angi on

I agree- the maroon/plum dress is STUNNING!!!!!

kim on

she looks so pretty. so much better blonde vs black hair.

Danielle on

Ashley is perfect for that job, and she has the body and grace of a model…..Very good idea Jessica.

fanofboardwalkempire on

the clothes are really pretty and Ashlee is a great model for the brand! good for her.

kay on

she is stunning in these pics. love the clothes too. i wouldve never guessed in a million years tho that that was her in most of these pics.

MM on

she’s so beautiful. always has been. the clothes are horrid. i hate them.

Honey on

I love the burgundy shoes in the first photo.

Jay on

The clothes are common and been done before. Nothing interesting about the outfits, can find the same thing at any discount store in any town USA.

Linda Ayvaz on

She looks great in these shots. Also, Jessica has bigger boops because she weights more than Ashlee. Ashlee is tiny in comparison. But Jessica is also beautiful – they both are.

JW on

She can’t get work anywhere else so she can thank her sister.

Lizzy M on

Ashlee looks gorgeous in these pics. Good for her.

Kica on

Good for them for keeping it in the family!

jenna on

say what you want about jessica, but the girl can design clothes!

manomer on

I think she is a gorgeous girl….and photo shop can only do so much and I doubt she needed much. I was never a big fan of her music but she is beautiful in these photos and like Jessica or not she knows how to make money. Nothing wrong with that at all. The whole boob thing..yea that is weird.

jenmiami on

All this family can talk about is Jessica’s breasts…as if it is appropriate and if she is the only woman in the world with large breasts. Tacky.

BBB on

Jessica hasn’t exactly been in modeling shape for at least 2 years so I guess having her sister do the shoot is the closest thing to getting a Simpson associated with the brand pictures.

maggie pie on


Just Me on

RJR on July 31st, 2013
Another nasty comment by a low class imbecile who has nothing better to do than bash someone they don’t even know. In terms you might understand….ESAD loser.

Just Me on

RJR on July 31st, 2013
Apparently People didn’t like my first response, so we’ll try again. Just another nasty comment from a low class imbecile who has nothing better to do than bash someone else in a pitiful attempt at making himself/herself/itself feel better about the sorry state of their life. In terms you may possibly understand….ESAD loser.

junebug on

She looks great! I have always liked the Jessica Simpson line….very nice and cute clothes.

Lena M. on

Her nose job was the best thing she ever did “career” wise. She looks good, but it’s waaaaaay photo shopped.

Eglantine on

Love the style and Ashley looks gorgeous, it is great to have sis helping each other like that…really nice! Congrats!

fiona on

she looks great, the extensions work well for her.

GSL on

The sunglasses picture looks nothing like her! All of other pics are nice ,though.


She looks beautiful.

Patti on

I can’t see how to do a reply to a comment on here but….Rae, this is in reply to your comment on how disturbing it is that Jessica’s parents are frequently commenting on her breasts or her breast size: AMEN – I find that very disturbing too. I am much, much older than Jessica Simpson and can’t remember either of my parents or either of my siblings ever commenting on my breast size. (I too am large breasted). I believe I would be mortified if they ever did comment on my size.

Porter on

Yay, to supporting and appreciating family. Also, they are both good looking and successful.

Mary on

I actually really love this clothing line.

Match on

Skinny hotter sister models f@t older sister’s clothing line. Makes sense to me.

krissy on

I love those boots!! And Ashley looks very fab as well.

theda on

I think she has turned into a great looking young woman. Love the shots of her in Jess’ clothes.

Deanna on

Jessica is still the pretty one with talent. Not trying to be mean, but Ashely has been riding her sister’s name and coattails for years.

Gianna on

Ashley looks so much better since she had her nose job. Congrats to her.

Veronica on

Lovely photos. I can’t really get a good idea of the clothing, but very pretty. It is not “tacky”, think about it this way – it is really nice that they like to work together, my brother hates my guts. Well, he hates everyone, so I’m in good company

R. McGowan on

She looks amazing! Beautiful line, I’d love to have some pieces to mix & match!

Me on

WOW!! Really nice pictures. She could totally model. I doubt this is the only gig she can get. She looks beautiful.

Kenzie on

You guys are taking the boob thign way too seriously. They’re boobs. Boobs. We joke around about boobs in our family too, because we have a sense a humor, and just like the Simpson’s there were only daughters. We joke we “don’t need a bra – two bandaids shoudl do it!” That’s the sense of humor of the guys in our family. It’s funny. They’re boobs. Relax. Everybody has a pair.

Ella on

I SOOOO agree! Why is her whole family obsessed with Jessica’s boobs? I find it amazing that JS has managed to have a real career…good on her. She’s not as dumb as she acts I think. Her clothes are pretty decent.

ohmyme on

Ashley looks FABULOUS! I just LOVE Jessica Simpson’s line of shoes, but now I can indulge in buying some of her clothes now! Very exciting!

Chandra on

I love Ashley Simpson she is pretty and fashionable.She sings good.I like her more than Jessica.

Elle on

An ad for the local plastic surgeon would be more true to life

Stacey on

Are all these clothes and shoes made in China?

semcrae on

Is her line made in China?

Julesy on

Looks like Ashley got more plastic surgery? Doesn’t look like her at all in those photos.

kcshop on

I wouldn’t consider size 6 a stick figure

Commentor on

Imagine if you will…Jessica Simpson reached puberty WITHOUT the giganto knockers. What would this entire family have done for a living???? There’s no real talent anywhere in the group. Not a lot of class, either.

Rebecca on

Nice pictures, the clothes they used suit her frame very well. But why so much photoshop? We know hat she really looks like so it’s a bit pointless.
I like Jessica, but I have never liked her sister. She comes off as a mean girl.

Lisa on

she is absolutely stunning and in a very nonconventional way.

Go Ashley on

It’s not like Jessica could ever get her huge ass body in any of those clothes

Karen on

She looks great and the clothes are nice. I think it’s sweet to keep it in the family.

Sacmar on

I want that burgundy dress! Oh and Ashlee looks great!

Tanya on

The sunglasses and the bag she had in her car look great too. Are these part of Jessica’s clothing line too?

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