Jennifer Lopez's Birthday Gifts From Casper Smart: The Exclusive Details!

07/29/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

metallic heels, leather shortsDenise Truscello/Wireimage; Courtesy Platt Boutique

What does a guy get the girl who has everything for her 44th birthday? If that girl is Jennifer Lopez (who celebrated July 24) the answer is: Jewelry, of course!

But not just any jewelry; Casper Smart knows better than that. Instead, he sought out one-of-a-kind vintage pieces from the Platt Boutique in L.A., selecting a ’70s yellow gold and diamond chain link bracelet and a ’40s gold and diamond ring, both with a coordinating buckle motif.

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After being pointed to Platt Boutique by Lopez’s longtime stylists, Mariel and Rob, Smart was on a mission. “He told me he had bought her jewelry before, but never vintage,” owner Larry Platt tells PEOPLE, “so he wanted to go in a different direction, something one-of-a-kind.”

Smart clearly knew his love’s taste in baubles right off the bat. “He has a very good eye and knew what he wanted,” Platt says. “He was looking for vintage pieces that had a chic, modern feel to them. He told me that there are only two pieces of jewelry that Jennifer wears on a daily basis, so he wanted to pick pieces that he felt she would wear all the time and could go with everything.”

And he apparently nailed it: Lopez appeared to be wearing the bracelet out on a walk with Smart a few days ago. And Smart’s good taste is to credit, Platt says: “He appreciated the fact that pieces were beautifully made, from a different era and were completely unique.”

Tell us: What do you think of Smart’s picks for Lopez? Has your significant other ever surprised you with jewelry?

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 106 comments

MrMonkee on

What the headlines should say “See the ring Jennifer Lopez bought for herself and had Casper Smart give her for a publicity stunt”.

Shopgirl on

She should love it. She chose it and paid for it!

Sunny on

How did he pay? With her credit card, right? LoL

Alicat on

Aw that is so cute…Casper bought her a gift with his allowance!

Marie on

You guys are nailing it today, I so agree!!! Awe look at the gift he bought with her money! I wonder how much allowance does he get? I think boy toy pays more than a dancer.

Noneya on

These two are ridiculous! How can he call himself a “man” when Sugarmama has to pay for her own birthday present?!?

Cheap on

Its not very pretty, its looks old and cheap.

Denise on

You mean the ring she bought herself….right?

Sam on

This makes news because? Who cares if she likes it so be it?

RB on

i would like to spend her money too!

LOL on

Many of you beat me to it, I was going to say the same thing, SHE PAID FOR IT!

Caspar the Gigolo on

So lovely that JLO gave Caspar money – and he didn’t come back with a bubblegum ring.

It’s good to be Caspar. JLO gives him money just for sleeping with her. Good gig if you can get it.

kosirgra on

Casper is such a good SON.

Lisa on

not my taste and wonder where he got the money to pay for it

Primera on

Looks cheap, probably all he could afford

shala on

He does have a job and has for years. He is a dancer. People shouldnt make it sound like he just mooches. Its not like he is a begger. The guy does work, regardless of who he works for. He can actually choose to buy things with his own money. Sometimes how much something costs doesnt matter as much as how unique the gift is.

josefina soontit on

It is like Jennifer Lopez buying herself the ring . How tacky!!!!!!11

Millynova on

C’mon!!…get a real Man will you’Jlo..who actually can PAY..not with his allowance..gezzzzz

Chela on

It’s nice he got a gift…. Why always think the worst? The man works and he is obviously not a millionare but at least he did something for his girl. Obviously a publicity stunt gone bad cause nobody cares…… And just helped humiliate the man some more.

*FactsOfLife* on

I heard he gets 10 Grand a month allowance. So I am sure he could afford it. Boy Toy.

karmababy on

She’s still with him?? Must be a new record.

FactsOfLife on

I heard that he has a Ten Grand a month allowance. So I am sure that he could afford them.

jessesgirl72 on

Oh she probably didn’t exactly have to buy it for herself. Since her stylists sent him there, they likely arranged for him to get it for free, for the publicity, like always happens for the big stars. They probably showed him a selection of things they were willing to donate for their own publicity- hence making sure this article got written.

Lena on

Is that like the ring she bought for herself and gave to him to give to her? I thought so!

RC on

The rumor a while ago was that she was
giving him a 10,000.00 a week allowance…..😂😂😂😂😂

Anna on

Most important thing is that she is happy. The rest is none of our business. I do not see the appeal and I think she is selling herself short, but that is my opinion…

Faye on

He ain’t got no money!

ella on

How much you want to bet it was her money that bought that ring

maxine on

The ring isn’t anything special. Why is she still with this guy! I liked JLO when she was with Mark and seemed to settle into the family life, but still perform and show she still is sexy. This guy is a kid, she is having her fun, but loosing respect from many of her loyal fans.

Life goes on on

Casper paid, LOL, she paid with the money he makes with taking her to bed.

sunnyd on

Wow, claws are out today. Yikes!
Deal with the age issue, people, and then maybe assume he bought it from his own funds. Nothing like looking for the worst in a sweet situation.. Horrible way to go through life IMO. This is why I hate working with mostly women in my profession.

Ivixen on

Alicat beat me to it!

veggie mama on

Can’t buy me love….

Mary on

Love them together, good for her for being in her 40’s and scoring a 20 something year old, everyone is jealous bc she looks better at 44 than you do at 20 ha ha ha, and Casper is her backup dancer so he does have a job and i’m sure gets paid quite well

HB Jen on

This one seems to be a good fit for her. I like them together as a couple. They seem comfortable with each other.

anonymous on

He choreographs her shows for which he is paid. He’s earning his keep. He obviously put a lot of thought into these gifts. Cut the guy some slack instead of making snide, rude comments about something you know nothing about.

Tina on

Don’t like it.

Marcia on

With Mommy’s credit card. And he’s creepy looking–at least get a boy toy who is cute.

Sheboughtherselfapresent on

Hey – look she bought herself a birthday present…..

double standard? on

While I don’t disagree that he likely bought it with her money I wonder if anyone would care if it were reversed? How many celebrity men have women in their lives who are half their age and don’t make nearly as much money as they do? I’m sure those women buy gifts for their men all the time. But we probably don’t make a stink about that…interesting, huh?!

terri clark on

people should stop before they post something. who is to say he did not spend his own money! were you there in his bank account! just be glad an happy for both that’s all that counts. happy for both of you

magsesco on

very unique, I like it for her, too big for my taste but pretty otherwise

v.averill on

Wow, easy to buy a nice gift when someone else is footing the bill. Am I the only one who thinks Casper looks like Jon Cryer on steroids??

larson810 on

You mean “See the ring Jennifer gave money to Casper to buy her for her birthday”.

larson810 on

You mean “See the ring that Jennifer gave Casper money to buy her for her birthday”.

Tess on

You mean the ring she bought for herself w/her money?

lotus on

I wonder how much SHE paid for it?

stefanie on

He looks like Jon Cryer.

whatever on

“the girl who has everything” except a real relationship or the career she sold her soul for…I have more and I make a measly $125k/yr with my husband coming in a little over LOL

FJ on

Who are we kidding here? And where does he find that kind of money to spend for his girlfriend by just keeping her company? I don’t think money just fall from the sky? What a joke!!

olumide-harris asaju on

Quite frankly it’s inconsequential what anyone thinks or says about this couple. Jlo is 44 for christsakes! She sure knows what’s good and fun for her. Besides it’s her life, live yours!

Marie P Levesque on

Whose money did he use to pay for them?

tcvajv on

Agree with the many comments that say look at the ring that JL had CS buy for her. Nice to have a sugarmama. She’s a big enough name, why does she need to plant these stories. Couldn’t be to promote the boytoy, could it? I’m not thrilled by the ring but each to his own.

Terri on

Yuck, not my style! And I’m sure everyone is right in saying SHE paid for it.

Gina on

Caspar is a kept man. There is no way he can afford a ring like this.

Deesker on

I don’t care if you’re a man dating a younger woman or vice versa. There is something wrong with both people in that they think they have something in common. It’s completely dysfunctional and she, of all people, needs professional help when it comes to picking men. Look at her track record.

Stephanie on

Vintage can be pretty– this is not. the ring can not be comfortable to wear ..

K t utopia on

He is allowed to use his allowance any way he wants. He is a big boy now. Lol

Dave Herrngton on

@Cheap, that’s not nice to talk about J-Lo like that.

Sydney Chandler on

Really people, who doesn’t know that the ring was bought with her own money. That’s just sad. Equally as sad as when a young kept woman buys her sugar daddy a Ferrari with HIS own money. I actually worked with a rich guy that this happened to. People can do whatever they want, however, no one is fooled about the arrangement. I don’t care if it’s a rich man with a younger woman or a younger guy with a rich woman. These older men are women are buying the “relationship” and that’s fine as long as everyone involved knows the rules of the game.

emmysmom on

This is hilarious! Is it supposed to be special or something?? He obviously paid for it with her money!

Andrea on


Gina on

Awww isn’t that sweet…he bought her a ring with her money…LOL

katie on

Cool – now she can get another divorce. Maybe a world record!

Nanu 08 on

Did Boytoy save his allowance to get his Sugamama a gift? His taste must be in his mouth as both are tacky and cheap looking.

DaraRae on

Vintage= BEFORE he was born!!!
This “man” is ridiculous and only famous for being her boy toy. She made him her head choreographer and he SUCKS to say the least. But whatever floats her boat, she’ll have a new one in less than a year!!! Just don’t be mad when he tries to sue/blackmail you later, like all the others (using her money for a lawyer, only to sue her for her money)!!

Jeeny on

When he is getting a monthly “salary” from her, she is basically just buying this ugly ring herself. When will she wake up and realize she is being used by him and get someone on her own level, instead of this fanboy who is NOT good looking at all.

TEXAS13 on

I totally agree…look what she bought herself…I don’t like it at all…looks gaudy to me

mandy on

now he dances u guys be nice,really hard for her money

mandy on

that was supposed to say: u guys be nice, he dances really hard for her money.

Toni on

gosh his head is huge.

smithy on

Awww… many weeks of his allowance did he have to save?

none on

Y is everyone up on his business so Jennifer makes more than him thats becuase she does EVERYTHING but to say that she buys everything for him is an ASSUMPTION he does have a career also and dancers make A LOT of money also he could have easily bought that ring for her u all just need to get a life he has money also and it isnt just HERS

debbie on

#1 I bet she paid for it like she did her star on the Hollywood walk of fame, & #2 I think Casper is Johnny Knox’s lost twin brother. OMG that’s one ugly guy

jsd85 on

Ha ha, I love the comment about him buying it with the allowance money he earns from JLo. For real, what is his job?

Monica on

FIRST of all – no one on here KNOWS FOR A FACT that she paid for it so stop with the childish ranting about that. Secondly, I must say that although the bracelet is cute, that ring is not very attractive. I’m just sayin’. Other than that, it’s SO RUDE and BELITTLING TO ASSUME HE HAS NO MONEY. If you truly believe that – then you are all victims and gullible. Victims of the media and gullible for believing everything you read and hear. GROW UP KIDS!!

Sophia on

Not my taste but I have a feeling she tells him what to do, when to do it and how to do it and she more than likely already picked this set out and told him to pick it up. She seems difficult

Terry on

Isn’t the present really from Jennifer since she is paying Casper’s way?

junebug on

She looks horrible in this picture! To bad it is her money he bought it with!

kara on

He will eventually end up ponding it to buy his boyfriends ass plugs!

NEL on

“See the ring Casper Smart bought for Jennifer Lopez with Jennifer Lopez’s money for her birthday!”

purarivera on

Typical mother & son. Son gives mom a present but she pays for it.

Elena on

I also have to comment that the haters have been around bashing this guys for a couple of years now, yet he respectfully holds his tongue. He isn’t out acting like he has anything to prove. I just cannot believe how hateful you all are though. For your interest in this article, one would think you would also know that he works in the industry…and not just for JLO. These gold items proabbly didn’t put him out much, but the best gifts are thoughtful ones, not something for the sake of monetary value.

patsfan16 on

Before Matt Damon and his wife were married (they were together quite some time before marrying), when she bought him a present, did you guys all say snarky things about how he really bought it?

Damon’s wife was a bartender when they met. So once they were dating and she wasn’t working but instead traveling with him, obviously, any money she had came from Damon. It’s the exact same thing, so if you wouldn’t be snarky about a woman in the “toy” category, then you shouldn’t be snarky about a guy in doing the same thing.

Amy on

I use to think like everyone else on here regarding his status on the relationship but maybe she finally realized that she has enough money and does not need a bad relationship just to get more. If she is happy and I am not paying her bills then I will keep my mouth shut.

Renee on

GHETTO!!! She should have stuck it out with Marc

Beach on

It’s nice to see he bought his guardian a gift.

diane on

sorry i didn’t like the ring/bracelet..poor taste.. wonder how he afford them?

noelle on

How sweet JHO son Casper bought his mommy a ring with his allowance!!!!!

William on

I love JLO but her boytoy has a tacky taste. Dump him!

guest of People on

That’s cute…how he spends her money on her.

Jason on

How much STUFF does a wealthy person need? I’m sure her OWN money paid for these, this guy would not be able to afford pieces like this on a backup dancer’s salary! What, she gives him an allowance? He’s almost young enough to be her son, haha.

Lilyflower on

Correction: see the ring that JLo bought with her own money (I know it’s mean, but I just can’t help it).

jjones on

The bracelet isn’t bad but that ring is butt ugly!!

grace on

Can you really call it a gift if she bought it?

Shannon on

It’s not something I’d wear or even buy (if I had the $$ to) but hey whatever floats her boat.

Julesy on

I think the ring is ridiculously ugly and tacky, just like him.

Any on

I was about to say the same thing!!! It’s a ridiculous headline anyway!!!!

Laughable on

It amazes me how some people are so full of assumptions. No one knows whats in that mans wallet. Sure, she is probably worth more but he has been in several movies and televisions shows that he could purchase her exclusive gifts. He damn sure isn’t broke.

Sage on

TO Cheap commenting on your comment, “It’s not very pretty, it looks old and cheap”. My response, She does, doesn’t she!!!!!

lala on

Jennifer Lopez has the WORST taste in men. It’s sad to see her with a loser after loser.

Chaz on

How “Smart” of you Jennifer. Gushing over a present you bought yourself!!!


. “He has a very good eye and knew what he wanted,” Platt says. “He was looking for vintage pieces that had a chic, modern feel to them.

Was that referring to Smart looking for a vintage, chic with modern feel ring or
Was that referring to Smart looking for a vintage, chic with modern feel woman (JLO)

Leslie on

This is really sad. He does WORK for her ya know. He is still a dancer. He earns his own money. And what do you care? Just mad cuz your other half can’t buy you something with that price tag? The man has his own money, and Jennifer Lopez is not a stupid woman by any means.
I think that despite the age difference, they make a cute couple. They look comfortable together. He looks comfortable with her kids and them with him. Leave the man alone….he has his own money. Regardless that he worksfor her, he does have a job and makes his own money to buy what he wants….including the birthday gifts. Get over it.

Peter on

I don’t care how “vintage” and expensive that ring is. It looks distastefully cheap, juvenile, and thug.

Baby girl on

U all have no respect I had seen Smart in a few shows and movies and tv before JLO and I had looked him up and stuff. Without being her choreographer he was making tons. U can’t just think it’s her money. When u were a kid for people u loved u saved money or found a way to pay for gifts he did the same for the women he loves so she makes more whatever my aunt is 46 and she married a 25 year old and she makes more then him yet he still has his own money that he earned so stop dishing out u aren’t only hurting them but people who’s situation is the same

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