Is Kelly Clarkson Giving Us a Peek at Her Wedding Dress?

07/26/2013 at 10:43 AM ET

Kelly Clarkson Wedding Dress Courtesy Kelly Clarkson

We know that Kelly Clarkson has a gorgeous wedding gown all ready to go. And we heard about her Jane Austen-themed dress for a family portrait. But is it possible the “opposite of a bridezilla” singer has a third frothy white dress on hand for her engagement shoot?

Sure looks like it! The bride-to-be posted a peek at her engagement photos on her Twitter with the caption, “Ok, just saw my engagement shoot pics & I have to share one!!! :) Thanks @kobyb & @TerilynBrown! Ready to #TieItUp!”

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In the photo, the singer sits angelically in the window seat of a huge library filled floor-to-ceiling with books. She wears a massive tulle confection with a diamond neckline and a sparkling tiara tucked into her lighter-than-ever blonde strands. And of course (true to her country roots) she’s barefoot.

So do you think the star is actually previewing her dress for the big day, or that she’s just having so much fun being a bride that she wore a new dress for her engagement shoot? We can only wait for her wedding day to find out!

–Alex Apatoff

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Nancy on

I don’t think this is her real wedding dress. I doubt she’ll show it off before her big day. But whatever her real dress is, it better top this one. This dress is gorgeous!

CrisDen on

Aren’t there supposed to be two people in engagement pictures?

live the moment on

Love, love, LOVE her! The photo is delightful. Hope she enjoys every second leading up to the wedding;-)

Jennifer on

I think she’s desperate. I think that she’s thinks that she’s feels that she’s reaching a certain age, and she feels if she doesn’t get married now…she may never get married.

Her fiancee cheated on his first wife, and the mother of his kids, and that’s why they got a divorce. What makes Kelley think that he’s not going to do the same thing to her after they get hitched.

Denise on

Just love her…love the picture!

Sarah on

I like Kelly, but she’s getting desperate about the entire thing. All she ever talked about it is getting married, putting alot of pressure on her fiancé to pull the trigger, and now she has a song about getting married. Yikes! And ditto about having the groom-to-be in the engagement pictures…it’s as if this whole engagement/wedding/marriage will be all about HER. Read a survey about how uber-eager brides end up being the most disappointed wives; good luck with that!

guest on

Good lord, it looks like someone threw up feathers all over her!

Christine on

I think she looks beautiful and this photo is very elegant and tasteful.

Stephanie on

I love that she is surrounded with books! This is a great picture, very fun!

Amy on

Hmmm…. desperate and Kelly Clarkson. Two things I thought I’d never hear in the same sentence, yet there are two posters saying the same thing (or on poster with two screen names? Which, ironcally, would come off as a little desperate).

I really like this woman and wish her every happiness. She looks lovely!

melissa on

this is a dumb engagement photo. it doesn’t even make sense. she’s kindaaaa annoying.

Sarafina on

Exactly what CrisDen said…

Kelly on

She looks like an albino Big Bird. Ridiculous.

Patti on

That is a beautiful dress…and a great picture

Personally on

As the engagement appears all about her, I can safely assume so will her marriage. The photo. alone, is surreal.

rachel on

LOL @ sarah.. HI JENNIFER… and you call someone you do not even know desperate?

rachel on

To all the people insulting her your jealousy is OOZING from you. Its very sad. And to the people saying this is all about her ARE YOU SERIOUS? This is ONE PICTURE. ONE. again.. ONE. Even WEDDING PICTURES have pictures with ONE person sometimes. Calm down idiots. Stop looking to nit pick everything about celebs you are so jealous of. TRY and find happiness in your lives.. Its really very sad. Very very sad.

dancer92136 on

She is the cutest…I just love her.

jules on

Not a clarkson fan but gorgeous photo…

rugby circus on

If it’s an engagement photo, where is her fiance?

Me B on

Best wishes to Kelly and her man!! she’s adorable and seems so down to earth..Love the dress!

Cmon on

A few of those posts below are definitely from the same person posting with different names. Get over yourself. Brandon didn’t cheat on his ex and they had an amicable divorce. Kelly looks gorgeous. I wish her and Brandon the best!

Princess07 on

I love her and she looks beautiful.

Casey on

Shouldn’t her fiance be in the picture too?? Or would that take too much attention away from Her Majesty? Hate this chick.

Sandy on

Engagements involve two people. As lovely as she looks, this seems more like a me-me-me shoot. Self-indulgent, empty and kind of silly/pointless, in my opinion.

Katie on

I absolutely adore Kelly…but this is a weird engagement picture! It should have both of them, and not a wedding dress!

sam on

photoshop 40 pounds off. nice

Nic on

It’s a lovely picture of Kelly … but the strangest engagement photo I’ve ever seen.

Tiffany on

Beautiful dress, beautiful photograph- but engagement? As others have asked… where is her fiance?

brandy on

i did not know that being barefoot made you country!?

shannons365days on

Very nice pic, and I LOOOOOOOVE that dress!! If anyone knows where I can find it, I would love to know!

Jen on

What’s the point of this? Engagement picture? Who cares?!?

Mihaela on

At first glance, the picture is beautiful. Kelly looks great, the dress is beautiful but, then it hit me, who reads in a wedding dress in a window? Overall, great pictures – it just doesn’t make sense.

yearonear on

It’s a really cute photo, but there seems to be someone missing… it’s more like a bridal portrait than an engagement photo.

jen on

Geez, y’all…calm down. She said this is ONE of her engagement photos. My best friend is a photographer, and a lot of my friends are getting engaged, and all of them have pictures of just the girl.

mh on

That dress is waaaaay too big for her tiny body.

Sun on

Beauitful dress! You were great on tv show last Tuesday and your family history was intresting!

RJR on

She looks more like a nerdy ballerina than a bride. This is just odd to me.

Kat on

Oh I LOVE this picture! So beautiful

MrsJAZ522 on

She’s adorable and so is the picture.

mommy2eandl on

It’s called being thrown so many gowns because you are rich and famous that you don’t know what to do with them all!

Nina on

CrisDen… that’s what I was wondering. I’m sure he’s somewhere under that dress.

Photobug on

Coolest…picture…ever!! (And I shoot engagement/weddings)

Ree on

So pretty, and an amazing photograph. I’m sure it’s not her actual dress, but so what, if she’s not being a crazy person about it she can wear as many as she wants. She seems really down to earth, and really happy. Congrats to her and hope she has a long happy marriage.

Fefe on

How unique and elegant! Love the picture!!!

Libby on

I think she looks lovely but it seems like an odd picture for an engagement shoot. When I had mine, my future husband was in every picture with me. This seems more like a bridal portrait.

Me on

Love Kelly Clarkson!! What a beautiful photo. That dress is such a full skirted dress, but it looks lovely in this photo and just goes with her being barefoot. : )

Julesy on

Love it! As a lover of books, bookshelves and Kellie Clarkson, I think this is an awesome photo.

fuggetaboutit on

Great theme for a wedding and she looks just beautiful in this pic!!!

jsp81355 on

She looks beautiful. She is such a nice, down to earth girl and I wish her every happiness in her upcoming marriage.

tomfoolkitten on

Oh my goodness it’s so beautiful! As an avid reader/writer, I’m gonna have to keep this engagement photo idea in mind!

Kat on

It is a beautiful picture of a beautiful young woman, but it looks nothing like her. I can’t see her face – looks more like Anna Paquin to me?


PICTURE PERFECT! Love the dress, but he simplicity of the books and window, just make this a gorgeous photo! WOW!

CanadaGurl on

Now that’s a stupid picture. As if someone would sit in a gown like that to read a book.

Dawn on

I wish People would have shown the full picture. They cut it down and didn’t show the amazing window and shelves of books! It was gorgeous till they cropped!

Tanya on

Desperate? I think not. Love it, beautiful and tasteful. Congrats and good luck.

Jaylynn on

How is this an engagement photo? It doesn’t really show her ring or her fiance?!?!?

forskolanpianot on


Agnes De Leon on

Wow let tie up
Can’t to see my Ido get married.
Yay . Her mother in law is reba yes!!!

Elle on

This is a beautiful dress, but if this is one of her engagements, where is her man?! Engagements are supposed to be celebrating your relationship and your future together, not just the bride! This is weird.

Donna on

First off,this was one of the many pictures taken. Second, Brandon just might be like Narval. You don’t see him in a whole lot of pictures with Reba. So, Brandon may not like all the attention.

bkable on

Great picture but definitely not an engagement picture! I recommend it for her next album cover though!

Jenn on


Blondie on

I don’t think Kelly is desperate. She is just HAPPY. Let’s let her be happy and pray we all can all be happy for her happiness.

Zara on

Simply stellar :)

KathyC on

Such haters. You just can’t stand to see her happy.

Lanet Woods on

this pic is a clear indication the marriage will NOT work—who takes engagement photos without the future husband?!?!? Its ALL ABOUT HER…Ugggh. Look everyone Kelly Clarkson is getting married and his name his “Old Encyclopedia”. Smh.

beautyunseen84 on

Looks more like a bridal shoot but she looks amazing none the less.

Robert on

I think Kelly looks absolutely amazing I believe she is a lucky woman to get the wedding of her dreams! You go Kelly!

Ali on

I think this photo looks very ethereal. I’ve loved Kelly Clarkson since the moment she came into the public attention. And I’m so glad that she found her Prince Charming and she’s happy! Hopefully she’s happy as I am in my marriage; if so it will last forever! <3

Daisy on

Come on people….this is just one picture. Have you ever heard of just one pic being taken?? Of course not. This is the one that was chosen to post. We don’t even know who picked it.

ally on

Obviously people don’t even read before commenting, that is annoying to begin with ! she had a photo session for her engagement,They probably are still deciding which pictures they like and she liked this one a lot, for those of you who has never ” seen” a bride magazine, please get over your jealousy !!!!!!!! this is just 1 picture, which she graciously is showing off because she loves it. for the rest of the ignorant people commenting, her wedding theme is Jane Austen, a famous writer, google it, You will learn something. she looks beautiful and to all that has gotten married and had engagement pictures don’t flat out lie saying the fiancé and groom is in every single picture !

witness on

who has an “engagement shoot”? What the? Why so much fuss? Ridiculous. People have to show everything now. Let’s have a first kiss shoot, a first intercourse event shoot, first argument shoot, first apathy shoot.

And blonde hair? No, Kelly. No.

witness on

She is so talented. I have “Catch my breath” in my head right now.

I wonder if those are real books. I know some people have “facade” books to look impressive.

Nancy on

And if she is, who cares?????

Nancy on

And even if she is, who cares???

DCR1 on

Dress- gorgeous, scene – awesome, Best wishes Kelly, you’ve been down a long hard road in life and worked for all you’ve achieved and its now time to take a rest, enjoy it and be happy., congrats on finding someone to enjoy it with because one is a lonely number no matter how much you have, some will speak ill of you when you’re doing good or bad, draw a red line through them and keep it moving this is your shining hour!

DCR1 on

Oh, I almost forgot the question she looked so awesome and the scene so beautiful and artistic to me, no I do not believe this is her wedding dress choice, two things women do not show to everyone before the wedding day, one is the wedding dress!

jennrae on

It’s called WHIMSY. The photo is WHIMSICAL. Not everyone goes the traditional, royal family engagement photo route with the couple and the ring. When you are loaded and a celebrity more is expected of you than what you see in, you know, the local paper. It’s called thinking outside the box and being a little cheeky.

Tanya on

Oh barefoot picture. The dress looks nice, only the bottom part is kind big. Nice overall.

Jessica on

This doesn’t even look like her, to me.

T on

“Her engagement”? Isn’t it supposed to be THEIR engagement? Where is the groom in the picture? Hmmm…could be very telling. Maybe he really isn’t in the “picture” to begin with?

guest on

Nice photo, but it doesn’t look like her. Wouldn’t you want a photo as important as this to have some resemblance to how you really look? She is no natural blonde. Why change something so drastically for a photo that should last a lifetime?

Kelly on

I love her, and this picture is great!!! So happy for her…. This pic really gave me a smile. <3 yay

Teena on

WOW, the people and your NEGATIVE COMMENTS. Give her a break so what if all she ever wanted is to be married, so what if he cheated and thats why he is divorced. people we are ALL human, and some people do learn from their mistakes. We dont know what happened during his first marriage to why he cheated, truthfully its nobodys business. This is Kellys day, so what if she is making it all about HER. Its every girls dream to become married (well almost!) Just cant we wish them luck. She knows what she is getting into, she is a big girl. If he cheats he cheats, Im sure Kelly can handle her own. Anyways Kelly, congrats to u both and if this is your dress, its beautiful! If not, you better hope it is over the top because this dress is gorgeous!!!

Louise on

@CrisDen & Sarafina:
No, no, no. A traditional engagement photo only has the bride-to-be. You can go back to 1920s newspaper clippings to find evidence of this. The two-person engagement photo is only a recent phenomenon, and certainly flies in the face of conventional etiquette. Where I come from, you are sure to be exposed as déclassé new money if you dare publish a picture of yourself and your fiancé.

Louise on

Holy cow. Now that I looked at the rest of the comments, I cannot believe (well, who am I kidding, yes I can) how many imbeciles believe that a traditional American engagement photo has the future bride with her groom. Never. Ever. But then again, new money has never been about the rules.

Lawrence on

Hey idiots asking why she’s the only one in the picture instead of her and her fiance. She tweeted that this was ONE of her engagement pictures. She obviously took more with the two of them together.

fuggetaboutit on

Love the wedding theme. And she looks beautiful in this pic.

colon cleanse on

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Guest on

This really should be called her bridal portraits not engagement pictures since that involves both her and her fiancé that being said beautiful bridal picture

BoringJen on

I’m so confused. A- where is her fiancé? B- why are you in a wedding dress for an engagement pic?

Mary Magdalene on

Please give this girl a break. She has improved her looks by 1000% and we should applaud her for caring enough to get in shape and look her best instead of her worst! This is a real success story in my book. Can’t believe all the negative comments.

Katie Kalczewski on

I hope everyone who is saying there should be two people in engagement photos read her tweet that said “just saw my engagement photos and had to share one.” ONE. So she’s not showing us all, just one. We don’t know if her fiance is in the other ones cause she didn’t post them.

Crickit on

Aren’t engagement pics supposed to be of the couple????

Becky Romano on

This dress is gorgeous!

Vickie on

Its “prissy” georgous! Best wishes.

Patty on

I thought engagement pictures included the fiance’.

Tommy Worrell on

Photography is as beautiful as she is.

Just My Opinion on

Some thinks this is Kelly in the picture. Really now? Lol

susan turner on

@Jennifer, please learn proper grammar, spelling,ect.

angie on

Are people really that dense??? She had a photo shoot, not just one picture done….She is saving the pic of both of them for the official engagement announcement. I’m glad she showed something personal, before a magazine, to her fans..I guess jealousy is alive and doing quite well!!!

Laura on

You people are unbelievable! This is clearly not an engagement photo of the type you would see in the newspaper. It’s a lovely shot of a bride-to-be. What is the matter with you? Such haters.

Sharon on

Love her – love the dress – love the setting – love the picture!

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