Katy Perry: My Beauty Routine Takes An Hour and a Half!

07/12/2013 at 10:35 AM ET

Katy Perry fragrance Killer Queen Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Katy Perry is many things, according to a profile of the singer in Friday’s WWD, but “low maintenance” is not one of them.

The singer, who is launching her latest fragrance “Killer Queen” in August, confesses that her makeup routine alone takes up a good chunk of her morning.

“I’m a product whore,” she says. “I have a [beauty] regimen that spans an hour and a half, and nothing goes out of order.” (She also added that this can be challenging “if you’re sleeping over at a new boyfriend’s house!”)

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But that level of perfectionism also applies to her fragrance-making, she shares. “There isn’t any point for me to put out something that doesn’t stand out,” she says of the “powerful, edgy, sophisticated” fragrance — “because that is so not like me.”

So will we see standout fashion and beauty products from the star next? She’d like to, but “this circus act can only juggle so many balls,” she tells WWD, also noting, “I wouldn’t say never on anything, but my heart isn’t drawn to that area just yet.”

For more from the star on her upcoming launch, check out her WWD interview, then tell us: What do you think of the latest fragrance from Perry? Would you buy her fashion or beauty products if she launched them?

–Alex Apatoff

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guest on

no wonder she is so unrecognizable without makeup

kw on

Takes me 10 minutes

Summer on

That’s ridiculous. I can understand an hour and a half for special events or her concerts, but on a normal day? It takes me maybe 10 minutes on a normal morning, maybe 30 if my husband and I have a date night or I have a big meeting at work. I agree with PP – no wonder she looks like a different person without it!

heather on

well that is just kinda ridiculous..I mean, 90 minutes!? It takes me 20 minutes TOPS to do hair and make up.

toc on

the uglier you are the longer it takes

lol on

You girls who are saying you take 10 minutes to get ready must look like a bunch of dogs. The frizzy hair, ponytail and no makeup thing isn’t doing it for your man; try spending some more time on yourself and maybe you’d look half as good as Katy.

AMY on

@LOL….Really? No sweetie it’s called the ones who only take 10 minutes have natural beauty….we don’t need to cake on the mask!

Sophia on

She got even more of my respect for being honest. Definitely better than the celebrities who claim to have little make-up when in reality they have a bunch of stuff on their faces and the “little make-up” actually means “natural colors”.

Roxy on

She has very bad acne so its the civerip that takes her that long; and I guess none of u could tell so 90mins is worth it when u are self-employed lol

Roxy on

*cover-up lol

guest on

That’s just insane, and vanity!

Eliza on

I have to admit I think Katie’s gorgeous…but I suppose we all could be if we had 90 minutes a day to devote to our make up routine (and top-of-the-line make up at that). Still, you have to have the features to pull it all off and she does!

Melissabee79@hotmail.com on

I would presume, this means: Showering, shaving, creams, makeup and hair? Which would make more sense.

I’ve seen pictures of her and John Mayer, out on their own. She’s completely makeup free, on her down time!

She’s gorgeous

Journey on

I have to think that when she says it takes her 90 mins. to do her makeup, perhaps this would include prepping the canvas such as washing, exfoliating, masking, moisturizing, etc… Some of these products need to stay on the face for 15+ mins. plus so this could account for the loooong time. I had to laugh when she said it could be ‘challenging’ when spending the night at a new boyfriend’s house. I wonder what these guys think when she arrives with a rolling bag of cosmetics and then starts setting it up in their bathroom?

Kara on

She is so beautiful natural. Wish she didn’t feel like she had to do all that.

Jenna on

Well, when you look as bad as she does without makeup you make sure to pile on it to look presentable.

V on

All I can say is…wow. I don’t get it. Of course, Katy has always worn gobs of make-up. It takes me at the most 10 minutes to put on ALL my make-up on days I wear it all (I don’t put it all on every day)–powder, eye shadow, liner, mascara, darken brows, primer and lip stick. And it looks great. I also have naturally curly hair, so I only spend 2 minutes on my hair. I usually just add some serum to smooth it and then maybe a head band or pull it up. Honestly I’m too LM to spend 30-45 minutes trying to straighten my hair, so I just let it be natural, which takes 2 minutes.

WhiteLily30 on

Lol! Poor Katy! I think I’ll stick with my own routine of 5 minutes or less! What a waste of her time :p

V on

@ lol: No, it really can take 10 minutes to put on ALL of the make-up–eye liner, brow pencil, powder (some women use foundation), eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick. Some women use concealer. Still, it should only take 10 minutes. BTW, I’m married and my husband prefers for me to NOT wear make-up. He thinks my make-up makes me look older, and that I look better without it. It’s called natural beauty.

BBB on

I think we all knew it took her a while to put on makeup, she wears A LOT of make up. Not a negative statement, just an observation. I’ve never seen a picture of her without foundation, powder, fake eyelashes, mascara, eyeliner, etc. Some people just like to wear a ton of make up and it makes sense that it must take a long time to apply all of it.

tshape on

90 minutes isn’t extreme for a person getting ready for the cameras. if women are truly honest about how much time the spend primping on makeup – those who don’t wear it would be shocked. we’ve all worked with, attended school with, or have a friend or family member who wears extremely excessive makeup that looks perfectly applied, and you can bet it takes at least an hour – if not two hours – to apply. makeup is time consuming, and doing it right, is a learned skill that takes practice.

V on

The first time I saw Katy Perry on TV my first thought was “Wow her blue eyes really pop” and my second thought was “I’ve never seen so much eye liner” which led to my third thought, “She wears way too much make-up.” Honest.

V on

@ tshape: I agree, if you’re putting on STAGE make-up, it should and does take at least an hour. I used to be in theatre, and I’ve seen the processes for hair and make-up before photo shoots and film, so I realize that takes a lot of time. But this article seems to imply this is how long it takes Katy on regular, ordinary days (like when she’s at a new boyfriend’s house) to fix her hair and make-up. In my opinion, an hour and a half on regular, no-show days is too much. Why does she feel she has too look like a cover model on normal days?

Brooke on

That is so sad. Hopefully she will find deeper meaning for her life someday, Instead of spending a portion of each day trying to look as far from real as possible.

Sunny on

This is encouraging girls because EVERYONE can look good by an hour and a half make up session…even a dude.

Lisa M. on

I’m not surprised it takes her 90 minutes. Since she’s a celebrity, even if she’s going out in “regular life,” she probably feels like she has to be “made-up” in case she gets photographed somewhere and winds up in a magazine. I used to model part-time, and eyes alone would take the makeup artist about 45 minutes.

DollFace on

90 minutes? What is she doing? Going through metamorphosis?I take 5 minutes…eyeliner and lipgloss.

RG on

A very large part of her job is her image, so it doesn’t surprise me that she has to take painstaking steps to look picture perfect. The paparazzi and our expectations of what a celebrity should look like is ridiculous! And, let’s face it… celebrities don’t make it big on talent alone, though they should. If you don’t look like a supermodel, the message seems to be “pack up your act, and go home”.

arijana on

haha what is she trying to hide? i do my makeup professionally and for weddings and etc within 10-15 maybe 20 mins tops

bummed1 on

Just as long as Tammy Faye Bakker? Hmmmmmm
Wondering what she’s trying to cover up…

vva on

Definitely not a natural beauty.

Kris on

Does she do this everyday??? How ridiculous. I love make up and can spend my entire paycheck in Sephora but even when I’m getting ready to go out, it will take me 60 mins to do both my hair and make up. When I go to work in the morning, it’s eye cream, moisturizer, under eye concealer, eyebrows, maybe a little foundation, lipstick, some bronzer….10 mins. If she is using 10 different eye shadows and liners to do the smoky eye, then that can take a while. But wait until she has kids…, you won’t be able to spend 90 mins a day making yourself up unless you have nannies doing everything. Really silly that her time isn’t that valuable.

rebel on

900 minutes to cake on makeup? Geesh!

Sophia on

90 minutes? So ridiculous and I seriously doubt she does her own make-up

HK on

I was about to say how ridiculous it is that it takes her that long. Then I thought about my own routine. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, sometimes none at all, but I am acne prone which means I have a whole cleansing, treating and moisturizing song and dance I have to go through in the morning before I put on makeup (and evening before bed), and I consider that part of my makeup routine, as makeup application usually follows it). My routine certainly doesn’t take 90 minutes, but it’s non-negotiable (or I will breakout) and takes longer than I would like. Having seen Katy Perry without makeup (personally I think she looks almost the same), I’m assuming that a chunk of the that time is spent washing her face, applying lotion, and other non-makeup items.

Jeeny on

…..and yet they call her a “natural beauty”!

Brandi on

I am a girlie girl and I love beauty products and makeup. Doing my makeup is relaxing to me. I enjoy taking my time and not rushing. On most mornings, it takes me 45 min but uf I rushed, I can do it in 10. She may just enjoy taking her time.

Brandi on

*it I’m rushed

Diva on

To each their own, it takes me two hours to get dress, doesn’t matter if it’s an important event, pleasure or work. I just like to take my time, this includes everything, bath, hair, make-up etc.

Charli on

I could see an hour and a half for a photoshoot but I can’t see spending an hour and a half on makeup just to leave the house. I would end up being a shut in. lol

Kash on

It says “beauty regimen”. That probably encompasses everything from prep to hair and make-up. It’s not like she’s just putting on make-up for an hour and a half. If I was trying to do something akin to what she has going on in this photo, I can see that taking at least an hour. Just consider how long it takes to curl your hair with an iron or hot rollers coupled with the cooling and subsequent styling time. She doesn’t have to work a 9-5 job so if she wants to be that made-up every day, why shouldn’t she?

And WHO doesn’t look different without make-up? I don’t know any women who don’t look tired if they forget to put on mascara.

AA on

Love Katy and her bold honesty… I’ve seen her in pics and person without makeup- she does look different (like a much younger girl)… But still beautiful with piercing eyes. 90 min- her prerogative, not sure what all she has to do to prep, but who cares (it’s her 90 min)!

Blah on

I Love Katy, but who has 90 minutes in the morning to do makeup? It takes me 10 minutes usually maybe 5 if I’m really in a hurry. But whatever floats her boat

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