Sofia Vergara: 'I Don't Believe In a Natural Look!'

07/10/2013 at 03:01 PM ET

Sofia Vergara Harper's BazaarCourtesy Harper’s Bazaar

Sofia Vergara turns 41 today, and to celebrate, she got a pretty great gift: a sexy, sassy cover story in Harper’s Bazaar — plus the season three kickoff episode of the mag’s web series, The Look (below).

The brunette bombshell is her candid, funny self in the issue, which hits stands August 16. She also poses for drop-dead gorgeous photos in Dolce & Gabbana (on the cover) and Ralph Lauren Collection (the dramatic photo at left).

But Vergara confesses that no matter how high-fashion she gets, she’s got it all in perspective. About her Hermès Birkin bag collection, she says “I tell [my son] Manolo, ‘If I don’t have enough money for your college this month, you have to sell the Birkins,'” and adds that she tells her business manager, “What would you prefer? Me popping champagne bottles and doing drugs and wasting money or buying bags? These are valuable. These, Manolo can sell!'”

Sofia Vergara Harper's BazaarCourtesy Harper’s Bazaar

She also admits that she never tires of playing up her sex-bomb image. “I’m Latin; I do it no matter what. It’s automatic,” she says. “I shower, do hair and makeup. For me, it’s like shaving. I don’t believe in a natural look. Lipstick brightens your face! Unless you’re Gisele Bündchen or 19, you need something.”

From the photos, it’s hard to believe Vergara needs any extra help, but that’s why she’s so lovable. For lots more photos and intimate details on the birthday girl, check out and pick up the August issue on stands July 16.

And don’t forget to watch her hilarious video (yes, she eats and still maintains that figure!) with editor Laura Brown, below. It’s worth it just for a glimpse of that massive rock on her ring finger — trust us.

What do you think of Vergara’s beauty mantra?

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 48 comments

Kelly on

She is mentally sick!

mary on

And you seem like the picture of mental health, throwing out rude and insulting comments like that.

Tony on

No Kelly, you are sick mentally!

whatever I say is gold on

Mentally sick because she is willing to sacrifice material possessions for the good of her child? Wow…. Things don’t go with us when we die, but learning does. She has her priorities straight there.

Karen on

@Kelly – How is she mentally sick?

Sandy on

Hey Kelly,
It takes one to know one.

thekylaolsen on

She’s got such a great sense of humor

Cyndi on

I think she’s delightfully refreshing in her honesty! She is so funny and jokes alot but is very down to earth. She never tries to hide her age. What a beautiful, lovely woman.

Gg on

She is very boring and self absorbed . She is also very average looking without all of the make up.

Nix on

She’s far more attractive than Gisele Bündchen.

rothiam on

Sonya on

Kelly, She’s just being a true Latin woman, having a completely relaxed view about themselves and the world. Comfortable with their bodies and not concerned with petty things or what others think, humorous about themselves and others. Where’s the party? And would you please massage my shoulders and my feet type of attitude. Very different from how white women are. She’s a completely different race and she’s not mentally ill. Kelly you need to relax and get your head check and get a massage. You’re the one that sounds mentally unstable.

Andrea on

@Sonya, out of all the comments I’ve read on here yours happens to be far more offensive than someone saying she’s “mentally ill”. How sad that it takes one person (you in this case) to turn something into Latin vs white issue. Also sad that you view white women that way bc let me tell ya, you couldn’t be more off base. In my opinion it’s the women that opt for a more natural look that are far more comfortable in their own skin anyway bc they don’t feel the need to slap layers of makeup on. Regardless, it has nothing to do with race. There are plenty of women of all races comfortable in their own skin and who are not materialistic…

kim on

sorry, but as a straight woman i have to say that she is one fiiiiiiine looking woman. wow

guest on

There is nothing wrong with doing make up. I agree with Sofia, it makes most women look better. Not everyone can pull off a natural look. Well whatever Sofia is doing, it’s working for her!

Ava on

She supports her entire family even when she wasn’t making a lot a money. In an interview back then she said she’d rather support her family than buying stuff.

Cyndi on

@ Nix – I agree.
@ Kim – LOL!

MJ on

She is very down to earth! She loves what a lot women love – fashion, bags and keeping her appearance up. Only she has more money to invest in her bags on a larger scale. She said she’d be willing to sale her bags for her son’s education! What more can she say? She’s not spending her money on drugs or drinking!

Sydney Chandler on

Sofia Vergara doesn’t support her whole family as someone said. She supports her son. She comes from a very affluent Colombian family. I just don’t get this woman. I have no idea how she’s the highest paid woman on TV particularly when she’s not the star of Modern Family. It was the same with Eva Longoria, on DH. She didn’t carry that show it was an ensemble as with Modern Family. And it’s been proven with both ladies that they definitely can’t carry a film. ABC loves Latinos and no matter what, they promote the heck out of them. If Modern Family had Sofia Vergara as the sole star, without other central characters, how long do you think Modern Family would have been on the air? Not long.

Talullah Thomason on

She’s not mental just not the sharpest tool in the shed. If you know that you have a kid (son) who’s ready to go to college, Sofia you would have put aside money for his college tuition. Right! Instead you go out and buy a collection of Birkin (Hermes) bags (countless) until you blow your checking account. And now you’re thinking you may have to sell some so you can give your son money for his college. Duh, Sofia.

Emily on

Oh, hon, if that was offensive to you, then you are far too easily offended. Different cultures have different views on things, and in my experience, what Sonya wrote is spot on. Pointing out those differences is only offensive to those who are too sensitive about everything–which is to say, white people.

Andrea on

“Which is to say : white people” WOW lol. Congrats on not only being an idiot, but also a racist. Damn right I find that offensive and if you want to say that’s because I’m white then go right ahead. You’re the one who comes out looking racist, not me, and I’d rather be labeled overly sensitive than a racist soooooo jokes on you “hon”.

dariah on

I doubt they play up the latinos. But if that were it would be good business to bring in latino viewers, c
Combined with latino spending power is an advertisers dream.

Cat on

Her accent is way over done and her voice is annoying, can’t stand this girl

runrommer on

I am sure she has money to pay her son’s tuition and buy the Hermes bags. People need to stop taking everything they read too seriously. And, yes, she is the quintessential Latin woman, confident of her curvy body, proud of the way she looks with nice clothes and make-up (if you can improve your look with some make up, why not?), and easy going enough to make fun of herself. I am sure she also says hi to people she knows with a kiss and a hug, even men friends, the Latin way. Nothing racist or wrong about that.

plookie72 on

LOVE her she’s hysterical!! And I think she was TRYING to make a point. I believe she has the money for his schooling. She loves her son. I think she’s trying to say instead of wasting her money like alot of Hollywood stars on drugs she buys things that has value in case one day they need it they have it. And she’s worth millions I wouldn’t doubt she has plenty put away.

Skanders on

@Chandler. When they say Sofia is the highest paid woman on TV, it also takes into consideration endorsement deals (Cover Girl, Pepsi) and other projects, not just her role in Modern Family. With that being said, Sofia does a lot more things than being a part of an ensemble cast and that’s how she became the highest paid actress. I’d assume the same was the case for Eva.

BBB on

It is definitely part of the Latin culture to always be put together, the whole “yoga/sweat pants to the grocery store” is not a thing. It’s not better, it’s not worse, it just is. It’s also not the law, you’ll obviously find exceptions but overall there’s an emphasis on looking well appointed. My grandmother is 80 and she will always reapply her lipstick before going out and wears it even if she’s only going to be home all day. Likewise, my grandfather always carries a handkerchief. Parents are the same way. I grew up in the U.S. so I’m not all about the lipstick the moment I wake up (I don’t wear any, actually), and that’s fine too. Just realize it’s not pure vanity, it’s partly cultural.

Andrea on

I think it’s been established that putting makeup in and looking nice is cultural. The part I have a problem with are two comments on here saying not only are white people overly sensitive, but also materialistic. That is off base and out of line. I respect other cultures. I do not respect generalization and/or racism.

JJ on

I met her in person and she is VERY stuck-up and conceited. And she is so shallow, all she talks about are about her looks in interviews and lies about her boob size and natural hair color. I don’t believe she is mentally sick, but she does seem afraid of aging, and preoccupied with her looks.

Jana on

Her voice grates on me but, she’s gorgeous.

rothiam on

If I looked like that, I’d also be preoccupied with my looks!!! Give her a break, people…not everyone who’s pretty has to also be Mother Theresa!

Sofia Vergara on

Everything about me is phony. I am not a natural blonde, I have had boob implants and Colombia is dirty and violent…. ay, ay, ay!!

The voiceofReason on

Ladies and Gents –

Get real!!! She IS an actress and is not your friend….let your feet touch the ground and get back to reality!

S on

All actresses hide their true age, including Sofia V. She is not really 41… closer to 45 or 46. And she appears quite conceited.

Becky on

I think she’s a hoot..I read this as being a funny article. Talullah, no where in the article did it say that she could not afford to send her son to college..Really think being able to read and then understand what you read is a great thing..

m on

this segment is hilarious.

Mary on

Wow, that black dress looks amazing on her. Really beautiful. Love her attitude about getting glammed up daily-the natural look is great up until about age 18, after that, hair and makeup enhance a woman’s beauty.

plookie72 on

Actors are human some are nice and others not. Stop judging. You don’t know her personally. And all actors and actresses are fake meaning fake hair Botox skin treatments etc…. And why BECAUSE they are in the spot light they have a certain look to upkeep. You don’t have to be a genius to see that. Show me one celebrity who’s totally real … you can’t

plookie72 on

She’s beautiful she’s smart and she loves and will anything for her son. And how do I know this because I am Latina my whole world is my son. I would do anything for him. If you are not Latin you won’t understand the culture. Latinos love hard and fight hard. It’s in our blood. Family is everything to us therefore she did everything she had too for her son. You could see how close they are in pictures. Google it and see how she talks about how Manolo is her world. I get her and understand her perfectly

Kelly on

She is mentally sick not believing in natural look!

Manolo on

My mom Sofia is a liar. Her natural hair color is brown, not blonde and I remember when she had her boobs done.

plookie72 on

Manolo you and your mom don’t have to justify anything to anyone. We all know everyone in Hollywood changes their appearances. Your mom is beautiful period. What’s so different about a regular woman that colors her hair to hide grey hair. Or they change the color completely. That’s what woman do some like to enhance their beauty while others like to be plain. It’s a matter of preference and plenty of woman who are not actresses get boob jobs. Big deal. No one should judge her at all

Mika on

teriible cover-she’s beuatifoul, but they photoshopped her to Victoria Beckham.

layla on

Kelly…you are a moron !!!!!!

Mitzy on

Perfect example of a BIMBO An attractive but empty-headed young woman, esp. one perceived as a willing sex object.

RachelD86 on

Who cares if she gets plastic surgery or dyes her hair??? She’s not spending your money! I think more women could take a lesson from her. Aside from the gym, I’d never go out in public without makeup (I’m white btw). I see so many women who schlep around in sweats who just look like they rolled out of bed. Have some self-respect!

Also, apparently you nitwits don’t get sarcasm- I’m 99% sure the statement about selling the birkins was a joke.

fgredf on

Why don’t these female celebs over 40 care for their necks and upper hand veins as much as about other parts of their bodies? They reveal their age just as much, if not more.

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