Mila Kunis's Super-Low Slung Jeans: Sexy Or So 2001?

06/18/2013 at 11:26 AM ET

Mila Kunis JeansSpread/X17 Online

We can think of lots of reasons Mila Kunis might want to revisit 2001. After all, that was the heyday of That ’70s Show, where she met her current love, Ashton Kutcher.

But just because we can understand her desire to relive that year doesn’t mean we can endorse a return to the über-popular, super-low rise jeans that every girl in the U.S.A. was wearing at that time.

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Famous for popularizing the terms “whale tail” (that would be a visible thong) and “muffin top” (the bane of every non-Mila Kunis-sized girl’s existence), the jeans burned white hot, then disappeared from existence.

But Kunis apparently dug hers out of the back of her closet, and it’s giving us major flashbacks. From the clear view of her abdominals and hipbones to the preview of her teal underpants to the cropped tee, we might as well be in homeroom waiting for the bell to ring.

Tell us: What do you think of Kunis’s super-low riders? Think this style should come back?

–Alex Apatoff

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Sharlyn on

I personally think it looks bad showing your body that low. On a man or a woman. Get rid of them.

April on

SEXY!!!!! Love, Love, Love her! The woman could rock anything in my opinion. I think she’s hot and so totally on my girl crush list!

bebe on

It would be okay if she weren’t so straight up and down in the midsection, but it’s not flattering the way it is. Maybe if her t shirt were higher. I have a similarly boyish midsection, and I would pass.

by the way on

So sorry she can’t get those jeans past her hips…seriously I can’t imagine those would be remotely comfortable as they appear they will create an utter wardrobe malfunction in 3…2…1..

lourdis432 on

She would look gorgeous in potato sack! Stunning girl! Rick those jeans mila!

yvone on


dede on

No body shape at all

Jenna on

I love it. I wear mine that low and my hip bones show. Its a good look esp if you are thin

Guest with 3 Names on

Not only do I dislike the low look but I cannot stand ripped jeans. That to me is fingernails on a chalkboard. I understand the trend but go ahead and call me an old fogey.

Brutus Willay-Jenkins on

I think the style itself looks good so long as the person wearing it is not fat.

Mila is not fat but it is clear to see she should have cut some carbs or maybe had nothing to eat that day while wearing the jeans.

I normally wear a 28 waist and do a juice fast/colonic so I can wear my size 26 waist pants.

The ladies appreciate my showing the bulge in such a manner with tight, low pants and the men quite fancy it the same.

But if I plan to eating, I cannot wear them so that is the key.

Wear them on your juice fast day and enjoy!

Mel on

You should stop being so judgmental, Alex.

BBB on

Something is a little off though. I think the super low cut jeans from before were form fitted, not boyfriend jeans. It just doesn’t work as well.

Tiffany on

It looks like she could only find a little boy’s pair of pants to wear instead of ones that actually fit. She is very pretty, but this is not a good look.

Kris on

Beautiful woman but she looks ridiculous and she is trying to hard to be sexy.

stclairjill1985 on

If my tummy looked that great, I’d wear them too!

Whatabunch on

Jealous much ladies? They might not be the most fashionable jeans… but can you honestly make fun of her body? She’s got an amazing figure!

flyfire on

This look is so OVER. Looks like she retrieved them out of a Salvation Army store. Stand behind her and watch her pick something up or just sit down without a major SHOWcase. This is not what a glamgal should be putting out there for all to see.

jodie on

Wow, she’s almost showing cleavage.

Eve Spencer on

Not a great look – she can’t pull it off because she doesn’t have the right curves. She looks like a man from the chest down. Sorry, not a fan!

Maggie Klorman on

she looks cute, If you have it flaunt it

Annie on

they both look OFF….boring

Morgan on

Like a Barbie.

mamaloha on

She is adorable! Leave her alone.

mamaloha on

She is absolutely adorable! Leave her alone.

abusymom on

Looks ridiculous not matter how old you are. One is only wearing it to have people stare.. That’s NOT what we are supposed to be doing…and the girl that talked about only wearing then when she doesn’t eat? Sweetie, as a mom, you need to go get some help.

whatev on

is that a pube i see?

bill on

Ummm not to far from Mons Venus.

wattafluk on


LuvLeeRita on

With all her money you’d think she’d dress nicer. We used to give money to people holding Styrofoam cups who dressed like that.

MilaFan on

The rest of her outfit is cute, but the jeans make her legs look stumpy. Lowrise jeans make everyone’s legs look stumpy, which is why I despise them.

Pnut on

Her shirt is too short. And that is all. Goodnight.

ambeck22 on

“Its a good look esp if you are thin.”

No. It isn’t.

June Keistler on

I want her tshirt. Anybody know where I can find one?

lbc on

No don’t like. She has let them slide down her hips and they make her legs look too short. She is beautiful just not in these.

Pnut on

Brutus Willay-Jenkins: if you’re being truthful in your post, you must seek help. Having colonics to lose weight is a huge sign of a body issue/eating disorder. Don’t allow your body fat to get too low, especially for a pair of *^%#ig jeans. Don’t be a bobblehead–it ain’t cute.

bb on

she’s obviously just going for comfortable/casual clothes and not trying to set a trend. She has the body to wear low-rise and would look gorgeous in anything.

Stacey on

The jeans AND the boyfriend are tacky. She is pretty and funny and should be with someone a little classier.

deanna on

When even Mila cannot pull off this look, then I think it is time to give it up. No one wants the super high waist “mom” jeans, but this is just too low.

Guest on

Even if she is that skinny, those articles of clothing are way too small. The shirt looks like she grew out of it a long time ago, along with the jeans. No one should wear this. Gosh, do I remember how popular those jeans were in 2001, where does the time go?

MJ on

Personally, I think it looks fine. My goodness, how she dresses is her business!

MJ on

Personally I think she looks fine! My goodness, how she dresses is her business.

RachelD86 on

I love this look! I think skinny jeans look ridiculous on short people. I hope it comes back.

PS. If you don’t like it, don’t wear it.

tshape on

yikes! horrible.

garry on

good god, shes young and has a hot body. if she wants to show it good for her. at least its not a pic of some real whale in spandex.

pacificgrl on

She has the body of a 12 year old. Ashton is one sicko!

BeMee on

Kunis is showing her Cunnis – noice.

Marie Mullin on

Not even in style, and the ripped jeans says you are trying to hard!!!

Kim on

I don’t care about the story, I want to know where I can find that shirt!

Molly on

Whoa, that’s too low. It’s like looking at Barbie’s pelvis, where the legs meet the torso.

Holly on

I think she looks good in the low jeans and I don’t think its a.big deal. She is looking sexy for Ashton …..maybe she is telling him hey honey look at me.

Emily on

A hairnet should be sold with those jeans. Wayyyy too low.

Kim on

Do I think the style should come back? Only if everyone who wears them looks like her………..and 99.9% wouldn’t.

teddy on

This is an easy vote, SEXY!! Of course it helps when you look as beautiful as Mila.

Sarah on

While I’m not a fan of this look, she does look good/comfy. Good for her! Now myself with a 36 hip wouldn’t be able to fit half my bum in those! Haha

MBR on

If you need to shave to wear your jeans…they **may** be too low. I remember girls in college wearing these and you could see stubble. Not sexy.

Agnes Birchard on

I’m 31 yrs old
I still wear. Size 6
And half shirt and short short
.I’m 5’4 and I weight 125
Still get away with jr clothes
I have like bootie like jlo and Kim k.
I will never skip meal or snack.
My mom is 50 yrs old and look like 25 and wear size 7 still
She will never wear mom pants yuck . It don’t matter what you wear as long your not hurtin any one

Gerty on

She looks like a child from a third world country.

islandtreasures on

LOL ewww! Makes her look like a stick boy! OMG, thats as bad as having your pants up around your boobs. WRONG. No matter what body shape you have, im sorry but it’s not flattering. LMAO!

dudley doright on


Diana on

Mila has a pretty face but she is just too thin. She has no booty no hips, no curves…

Kym on

She’s pretty and all, but…I’m wondering how many razors or waxes she has to do to keep THAT look??

Anais on

she has a body and the youth to rock those jeans obviously the people who are negative about it don’t.

suzydiamond on

2001? How about homeless!

Blech on

Calling Tara Reid….calling Tara Reid….

JW on

She is a gorgeous girl. But even a gorgeous girl doesn’t look sexy with the abdominal “V”. Leave that to the fellas ladies.

Beth Campbell on

Beyond tacky!

Patty on

Ew, my gosh, are you kidding me!?!? That is absolutely U-G-L-Y!!! Of course, I don’t have much respect for any woman who steals a married man anyway.

Kim on

Too low and tacky. She has no hips and no shape even though she is skinny. Epic fail.

sandy on

she looks hot, and looks like they were being casual, and thats what was comfortable and ready to wear, so wear it, she looks good in them

gurrrl on

Gurrrrlll.. don’t think i know one that fit.. looks like she slipped into pants from the beach.. hopefully not caring what we think ;)

Psmith on

Not a good look – kind of sleazy, if you ask me.

MxPimp617 on

Mila Kunis is absolutely Gorgeous and has an Amazingly beautiful body. Everyone that is talking smack is simply doing so because they are jealous and unhappy with themselves. So stop judging other people and let them do their own thing just as though I’m sure you have your own style. And in the meantime, Mila Kunis you are drop dead Beautiful , keep up the great the greatness and forget what all the haters out there!

Sammy on

Show us the view from the other side please, we need to see that in order to form a complete opinion.

Mel on

Thin, overweight, whatever I don’t care. If you’re nearly flashing your vag at me, I have an issue with it. Sorry Mila, pretty or not, you’re about a sneeze away from showing everyone your cooter.

guest on

Too low. There are so many more flattering options.

sam on



She looks adorable!

Jessica on



I think on her, they are ok, but you really have to be thin to wear them that low. ANYTHING is better than the high-waisted look that designers are trying to bring back. I lived through that fashion debacle in the 80s and I don’t want to see it again. Ever.

Heather on

She looks like a Ken doll in that region. Horrible look for a gorgeous woman.

Andy on

eew …

KAR on

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

tanya on

I wonder if she looked in the mirror before heading out?

Jen on

Who cares? she can wear whatever she wants. At least she is in shape and has a great body.

DontTouchtheWatch on

Seriously People? They’re on a beach. She’s clearly wearing a swimsuit under her clothes.

Stac on

Not sexy, just the opposite. If you’re trying that hard then there’s a problem.

Sash on

Put those jeans back in the vault!!!!

tori on

Sorry,I don’t think this girl is attractive at all. When she’s without any makeup she looks about 60 years old. She won’t age well!

Kevin O'Connor on

Yes..she definitely needs to lose those pants.

Bebelu on

If People cannot endorse it, then why post a picture of her wearing the low riders and revealing her underwear???? Huh???
she should start acting her age…really….

mommaof4 on

only at the beach with a bikini swimsuit top

rubblebubblecake on

Freddy Flintstone feet!!

Yes on

Man I use to, and still do, love super low rise jeans. Its getting harder and harder to find them though. :(

amanda on

it looks good on her but not every women could pull that look of big or small

Allison on

I say if you got it flaunt it… and she certainly has it… I think she looks great!!

whatever on

She has a boy’s body and a huge moon-faced head. So sad that Ashton has a small male member…confirmed now by two of his exes, the latest being Demi Moore. Ugh

HK on

Yeah not a fan. And on a side note, why does everyone refer to pelvic bones as hip bones? They’re not. Hips are lower. Although seeing either peek out of the tops of jeans is less than ideal.

Blah on

Its fine if you are standing up, but try bending over. At all.

Gen on

We can almost see her cooter. Nobody wants to see that Mila, honestly. LOL

mj on

all i can say is ‘butt crack’

Kelly on

@ Sharlyn what do you mean it looks bad showing your body that low? Her stomach and mid drift are showing she has a incrediable body and obviously works hard to maintain it. R u ok w/ the sheer black leggings every girl in america is wearing right now because i would think those would cause more alarm then these pants. Simply put most that hate can’t or won’t wear them you have your opinion as do we all.

Rebecca on

Lol not a good look. She looks fit, but even if I was an Olympic athlete I don’t think I’d want everyone practically seeing my pubic area.
Plus on a man or a woman for some reason the V shape on the lower abs always makes me think of a uterus o_O

Colleen on

If you look like that in them.. WEAR THEM!!!! She looks amazing..

starmist77 on

She can do better than that (I think)

Cyndy on

eww.. boy body

Ava on

She’s gorgeous, she can pull it off. I just want to see her get rid of Kutcher. Can’t stand that guy.

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