Princess Madeleine of Sweden's Wedding Dress: All the Details!

06/08/2013 at 09:11 PM ET

Princess Madeleine Wedding DressPascal Le Segretain/Getty

Talk about a fairytale wedding dress! Princess Madeleine of Sweden walked down the aisle on Saturday in Stockholm wearing a jaw-dropping Valentino Haute Couture gown for her nuptials to New York banker Christopher O’Neill.

And (dare we say it) the ivory lace-top confection gives Duchess Catherine’s custom Alexander McQueen some royal competition.

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With small vertical pleats emphasizing the bride’s waist, the dress featured a full skirt trailed by a statement-making 4-meter long train.

Princess Madeleine Wedding Dress SketchCourtesy Valentino

Madeleine, 30, added a 6-meter long veil embroidered with Chantilly lace flowers and of course her tiara, which was adorned with fresh orange blossoms for the lavish ceremony in front of 470 European royals and top New York socialites.

“Working with Princess Madeleine has just been so easy,” designer Valentino Garavani said in a statement. “She is a very lovely girl. She is modern, fun, full of energy and enthusiasm, and she is so beautiful. It has been a pleasure and an honor.”

The couple, who announced their engagement in 2012, met through mutual friends in New York where they both live.

Tell us: Do you love Princess Madeleine’s bridal look?

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–Brittany Talarico

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tout vs bien on

What appalling conspicuous consumption. No wonder there’s riots in Sweden.

Erna Boldt on

Very beautiful Dress for a beautiful and lovely girl.

Linda R on

Her train looks like a floating bed. Ridiculous!

Dodie on

European wedding gowns are sooooo elegant. Why do USA brides insist on wearing strapless gowns that never look good on anyone like these fabulous gowns look.

kls on

stunning absolutely stunning!!

dancer92136 on

Now that is a classy dress!!!

Brenda on

They both have jobs and live in NYC. He’s not taking a royal title. No doubt his wealthy family contributed to the wedding. If the hoopla makes people happy, go for it.

Jane on

The veil is beautiful, but the bottom of the dress reminds me of the dust ruffle on a bed. If it could have just had scallops on the end, that would be great, but it looks like it was added at the last minute. I think it should have had long sleeves, it would have looked more formal. (Know this is not popular opinion, but hey, everyone is entitled to one.)

Lisa on

What a beautiful and elegant dress. True class and beauty! Gorgeous in every way!

globe12 on

talk about fairy tale weddings, this is absolutely stunning and magnificient.

Jennie on

Talk about a princess dress!!! LOVE!

Laura on

GORGEOUS dress! Classy and elegant. Wish dresses like this would come into style here in the U.S.

MomC on

I like everything except the flounce on the bottom. It is overkill and takes away from the beauty of the full lace skirt. The neckline and bodice are beautiful though.

Linda on

Very feminine and beautiful….She looks stunning!

Mrs. C. on

The bottom of the dress looks like a bedskirt!

island girl on

What a lucky bride to have a couture dress designed by one of the most talented designers ever! Beautiful, timeless dress the veil was perfect and she is so stunning. I watched the video showing highlights of their wedding on another site, and their interaction during the ceremony was touching and sweet.

Meg on

I love this dress!

kitty62862 on

Beautiful dress! They look sincerely happy!

madhusudhan on

She is simply beautiful and gorgeous with her wedding attire.

Sunny on

Nothing at all to criticize here. Absolutely stunningly beautiful.

Erin on

The bottom doesn’t look like the sketch. I prefer the sketch.

Kate on

Take note young ladies. Elegant, classy women and real princesses do NOT wear strapless dresses. It is considered too casual and inappropriate.

tshape on

yikes, Sean Parker has been outdone. I was SHOCKED and APPALLED what that POS and his bridezilla did to our state park! SOB! It’s a disgrace!

Lenore on

The dress is very beautiful and completely fitting for her body shape. As any bride should look on her special day, she was radiant. However, you cannot compare her dress to anyone else’s dress (Duchess Catherine) as it is unfair to both ladies. Your special day is all about you, your spouse and the commitment that you make for the future together.

Selenatorsunite on

So pretty <3

fanofboardwalkempire on

What a beautiful wedding gown! congratulations to the newly wed couple!

Patricia on

Absolutely beautiful. So much nicer than that completely strapless, sleeveless number that about 95% of American brides are wearing these days.

Jenna on

Love the dress! It is very elegant and timeless. This dress tops Duchess Catherine’s by far. I’m so tired of seeing the same strapless wedding dresses on brides. They all look like the same cookie cutter dresses.

jjones on

The dress is not perfect but it looks absolutely beautiful on her and the look is ultimately feminine and romantic – even though it is a bit old-fashioned. I think Valentino got it just right for both the occasion and the bride.

MaMama on

What’s with all the strapless dress haters?!?! I had a beautiful silk Amsale dress with a ball gown skirt that was gorgeous and perfect for the sumner evening reception. That said, this is a lovely dress (minus the flounce) and appropriate for the day reception.

james on

She makes Kate Middleton look like spam. Beautiful beautiful bride.

MaMama on


Nona on

GORGEOUS! The entire thing. Her, him, the dress.

CCC on

This is what true class and royalty are about. The princess and dress look stunningly beautiful. Makes Kate Middleton look shoddy. Can’t understand all the fuss about Duchess Catherine.

CarolC on

Ever notice that royals never wear strapless dresses? It it because they are classy! Love this dress, but might have liked the bottom ruffle to have been longer or simply scalloped lace on a straight skirt. I think it took away from the sophistication. That said, it was drop dead gorgeous and the bride was beautiful.

guest on

It’s pretty, but not jaw dropping in my opinion.

M on

PEOPLE can report on someone other than The Duchess of Cambridge? Is that…LEGAL?!

Who is Duchess Catherine??! Hate to tell you but her proper tile Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge. Calling her Duchess Catherine means the title is hers in her own right, when it is not.
Edit that, proto-it’s rude, disrespectful and incorrect.

Joelle on

She’s hardly a girl. She’s 30.

RR on

I love royal stuff. I will not debate the excess, it is over the top wealth. And she is a lovely princess. I was taken back by the ruffle on the bottom, I would not have expected it from Valentino.

chidemss on

Dis dress is awesome d long is outstandin

guest on

yuck! looks old fashioned; looks like wedding dresses lookded 20-30 years ago! No imagination! None of the trendy mermaid body with all the layers at the bottom of the dress with a train being the same. Much more flattering! AND SHE SURE (&THE DRESS DARN SURE) ISN’T ANY COMPETITION TO KATE!!!!

bebe on

That dress puts me to sleep. Any designer other than Valentino could have designed that dress. The other princesses in attendance had much nicer dresses.

melc on

Stunning! So beautiful! Lovely bride, truly romantic dress. I didn’t get all the hoopla about Kate Middleton’s dress. It was nice but not spectacular. Princess Madeleine looked like a true princess – the dress, the hair…everything was perfect.


Everyone has different styles and tastes when it comes to fashion. While some may not like the style of gown or pieces of it that she chose, remember it’s HER dress and HER style and HER day….. I’m sure she would nitpick about your gown too.

jennrae on

I like the sketch better than the dress…and I don’t like short sleeves on formalwear.

Suval on

Absolutely beautiful gown on a beautiful bride. I have always been in the minority because I never cared for strapless wedding gowns. I think a bride walking down the aisle of a church/synagogue or any place of worship with her breasts hanging out all over the place is extremely disrespectful. This off the shoulder gown is very elegant and classy. I love a long train and a long veil. Lovely girl and lovely gown. So sick of brides looking like strippers and showgirls on their wedding days.

Jane on

Must agree with those that say it is not fashion forward, but very old fashioned–use of “grandma’s lace” makes it look like something out of the 50s, not the 21st century. Of course, that is what she wanted and if she was happy, then that is what counts.

Janna on

The ruffle wrecks it for me.

Ally on

It’s very pretty and elegant, but in a way it also looks like my grandmother’s bedding.

Summer on

Gorgeous and timeless. I love it! I wore a strapless gown (though my boobs weren’t hanging out and I didn’t look like a stripper as a poster said…it is possible!), but I now wish I would’ve been more original and wore something with a bit of a sleeve. Everyone is doing strapless these days. I know we’ll look back the same way people see the poofy sleeves of the 80s. I like this dress a bit more than Kate’s, but both were gorgeous!

Deni Smith on

Very elegant. I’m hoping the strapless bridal gown trend will just fade away…….

Jennifer Grimm on

I love her dress! I think it is much better than Duchess Catherine! She seems happier and more jovial than Duchess Catherine as well.

suzydiamond on

Spectacular dress! Love it!

Nicole on

The drawing looks more modern than the actual execution of the dress. It’s lovely with the exception of the bottom – which looks like a dust ruffle from the 80’s. But she looks very happy and her opinion is the only one that truly matters here. Congrats to them!

Chicagogirl on

Her dress is beautiful and very elegant. That is how a bride should look. Someone heavy wearing a strapless gown looks horrible I don’t care how pretty the woman looks. Cover up the arms. NO one wants to see fat arms in pictures.. Bring back short/long sleeves… Leave the strapless to the women who can wear them…

Guest on

Wow, this dress is so gorgeous, classy, and elegant. It suits the princess magnicently. There is no comparison between Waity’s nouveau get-up and this classic royal bridal gown. Madeleine is a true princess and it shows versus Waity’s wanna-be antics.

Just saying.... on

This picture makes me laugh in so many ways. I do not think this dress is elegant at all. It looks like they added that top piece after she didn’t like the way her arms looked in a strapless. The bed ruffle on the bottom…sigh…. What’s with the two guys carrying her train? No cute little flower girls or someone else? The three stooges in the back….well, the one on the right has his hat on just right. The one in the middle has a hat that is too big and pushed forward. The one on the left is “cool” or so he thinks. He has his pushed back and looks to be asleep! LOL LOL

sv on

They mention her age (of course haha) but not his. And I’m guessing the crowd from NYC wasn’t merely “socialites”. That seems like a term for people who do nothing legitimate and just frequent social events. She is absolutely gorgeous and I love that he teared up at the altar.

Diana on

It might just be the way they are holding it but the bottom looks like lacy curtains (not in a good way). But still…gorgeous!

me on

It looks like the dust ruffle from my grandma’s bedding set. Not pretty or elegant at all! Looks like something you can get at an antique second hand shop

linda r. snyder on


BH on

Did she buy that at David’s Bridal?

Heleln on

I think the gown was beautiful, and she looked lovely it really suited her.

layla on

Absolutely beautiful !!!!!!

Joyce on

I absolutely love this dress, it was perfect for her ! To compare it to Catherine’s however was wrong. She would not have looked good in this style. She was perfect for the more traditional dress that she wore, much like Grace Kelly was in her time. Best wishes to the happy couple !

R. Paige on

Dress is breathe taking. Loved everything about this wedding gown. A true bride in every way.

Rainfall81 on

Nice gown- however, I like Duchess Catherine’s better. I like how both actually are modest and cover up somewhat- I’m tired of seeing nothing but skin.

Jess on

The dress is beautiful and timeless. It’s elegant and appropriate for a church wedding. Someone below commented about it looking old fashioned and not trendy ( no mermaid body). IMHO, a wedding dress should not look trendy because in a couple of years it will look dated. It should have a classic look to it. In this particular case even more as she is a princess and her dress and photographs of her wedding will be on display to future generations. If she wore a trendy shape from 2013, it may look silly in 15 years. This dress will still look gorgeous in 50 years. My advice to brides is if you are bigger than size 8, don’t wear a strapless, I don’t care if your bridesmaid tells you you look amazing. Look at your arms, look where your underarm meets the dress, if flesh is popping up, don’t. I’m doing you a favor. Same goes for the bias cut, sexy nightgown dress style that Carolyn Bessette wore, if you are not tall and thin as she was, it’s not for you.

ggggg on

I wish everyone would stop with the all the strapless dress hate. It’s a trend like one reader has pointed out, like mutton sleeves in the 80s. While I do agree with that not everyone can pull off a strapless dress,I have yet to see a strapless dress where I saw cleavage. You just can’t in strapless dress! All they show are shoulder and arms, what’s so scandalous about that??? Royal brides mostly wear sleeves because they are married in really strict religious ceremonies where you have to cover up! If given an option I wonder how many royal brides would go the sleeves route or even pick the dresses they wore on their special day. Because the dresses they wear are more of an representation of their royal position and image they want to give out and not the bride’s personal style. For example, do you really think that was Kate’s dream dress. She lives in sleek column dress at royal events, yet picks a puffy ball gown on her wedding day. She wore that because the royal family know that’s what the public wanted to see. The fairytale royal bride.

Nic on

Not crazy about the flounce on the bottom, but on the same note it could also be the way it’s being carried. I’m sure it looks totally different once it’s allowed to float naturally. That said, love this dress much more than Kate Middleton’s. This dress is absolutely classic and elegant, but at the same time still feels modern and in this century.

Chloe on

Not sure about the bottom of the dress, but when it comes to veils I love this one so much more than Kate Middleton’s.

Linn on

Prinsessan Madeleine är så otroligt vacker som hon är och klänningen hennes var fin men inte lika vacker som hennes storasysters, Kronprinsessan Victorias, klänning, som för övrigt var svenskdesignad! Men Madeleine är världens vackrare prinsessa! :)

Ding on

For all the people claiming this is old fashioned, it will probably be the latest fashion next season. You think it is out of fashion because you’re not used to it. Beds are not the only thing that is allowed to wear a ruffle. She collaborated with the designer telling him what she loves. She wanted a ruffle, so he put on a ruffle. Get over it, it’s lovely on her, and it doesn’t have to match your style… it’s hers.
For the person who’s so hung up on proper titles the official title is (if you want to scold someone for getting it wrong, maybe you should get it right first):
Her Royal Highness Princess William, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus.

Turqsea on

A beautiful dress,finally one with sleeves instead of those dreadful strapless ones!

Regal on

I like the drawing better than the actual dress. The artist rendering has a scalloped bottom not a dust ruffle.

Kim on

Wow! That dress is beautiful!

Chicagogirl on

She is just beautiful and that gown is outstanding. Now that is what a bride should look like.. I would love to see that gown in long sleeves.

Carrie M on

Pretty girl =pretty bride!
Best wishes Madeleine!

Fleur on

Even though I’m not a fan of the dress, she was so radiant that she could have worn a sack, and it wouldn’t have mattered. She made such a beautiful bride :) Also, what’s with all the Kate Middleton bashing? The comments on here seem to be more about taking snarky shots at her, and any bride who happens to wear a strapless gown, than discussing this lovely bride and her wedding. Sad *SMH*…

Annie on

Gorgeous! Prettiest Valentino I’ve ever seen. And Madeline looks so radiant, it’s clear they’re both very happy together.

Sue on

Wow! I think the dress and bride look amazing.

Sue on

Wow! So Beautiful.

Peachy on

Pretty dress but not suited for a 30-something mature bride. The bottom ruffle does look like a bed skirt.

Eva on

Madeleine looked radiant and wish her the best. She and her sister the crown princess Victoria are lovely ladies.

ProudAmericanWoman on

Her dress was beautiful and so is she. I was surprised, pleasantly I confess, that she did not wear the cameo tiara her sister and mother both wore on their wedding days. I love her choice, and also liked very much how her tiara rested on small sprays of floral blossoms, which were so beautiful.

Otis on

Good wedding dress! just little too long :(

Ali on

I adore the sleeves, but I am biased as I had short sleeves! The rest looks like others have already said, a queen size dust ruffle!

linda on

beautifull train, kate sould have had that length too. agree about the “dust ruffle” however very nice over all. valentino also designed anne hathaway’s wedding dress- absolutely jaw-dropping, gorgeous- check it out!

Just Me on

She’s a stunning bride and the dress is beautiful, but I feel it’s a bit overdone. I hate to admit it but I agree with the dust ruffle statement.

MM on

Looks like a very traditional wedding, where it’s officiated?

Elle on

Love it. Absolutely beautiful. Good for the both of them!

Deborah on

The sketch doesn’t look like the actual dress…but glad she went with more traditional (even though a little matronly)..she looks classic.

cynthia on

No competition for Katherine. This is a very common (as in popular) style and shape…nothing really new. I, personally, am not real crazy about the ruffle. We’ve all seen this style in some way or another on brides in Oshkosh, WI, it’s not couture.

sam on

to over the top and does not fit in with what is in style today!
very un-necessary!!

alexandra p on

i agree about European weddings/ I’ve attended in southern europe and also one in central europe. It’s generally frowned-upon to be strapless or even with straps. All these weddings were either full length sleeves or short sleeved. Pure elegance. Not something Americans are known for, sad to say.

AmyRene on

Beautiful bride,beautiful dress. Very sweet and feminine.

katelynn on

tout vs bien…. Are you thinking of Turkey? Because Sweden (along w/ the rest of Scandinavia) is one of the happiest, healthiest, peaceful countries in the world.

Julie on

she looks beautiful, so radiant! I have to say I prefer this dress to Kate’s

Lyrak on

What a beautiful bride. Classy and elegant.

oli on

Katelynn– methinks she must be referring to the ethnic troubles?? Sweden isn’t #1 like Finland but I’d raise my children in Scandinavia any day (Finland is not really Scandinavia)

@M—- your comment is HYSTERICAL

Suzanne on

Spectacular! Just stunning. Good for her. Many happy years :)

texgal on

The top is beautiful, as is she, but I’m sorry, any 21st-century bridal gown with a ruffle at the bottom is bad news. What was Valentino thinking? The sketch, with an ungathered scalloped lace at the bottom, is more elegant .

Guest on

Beautiful gown and thank goodness not strapless

Ann on

Princess Madeleine looked beautiful, and it looks like she had a wonderful wedding, and her dress is gorgeous. But it definitely does not rival the dress the Duchess of Cambridge wore.

DontTouchtheWatch on

It’s alright, but the hemline looks like a dust ruffle on a bedroom in a Victorian-themed bed and breakfast. Kate’s dress is still the winner for me.

gar on

She looks beautiful!

Heather Kutlik on

no where near as beautiful as Kates

lgk on

So beautiful!!! Nice to see some variety when there are so many beautiful dresses out theer.She loooked great.

CaS on

The top of the dress is gorgeous, but the bottom looks like a bedskirt/dustruffle. It’s a shame, because it’s not that way in the sketch. She’s a pretty girl, but she’s no Kate, and Kate’s dress was overall much more stunning.

pinkdaisy344 on

While she is a stunning bride, her dress really pales in comparison to Kate’s. Just not a fan of the ruffle at the bottom, looks like it belongs on a bedspread.

Hillery on

That dress looks just like a bedspread

mihunny on

Personally I think it look like an old ladies bedskirt. AND it makes her boobs look weird.

Mary Jane on

Love the lace and that it is not strapless! Elegant!

Julesy on

Not sure of why all the negativity here. I think she looks absolutely stunning and the gown is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I agree with Dodie that it is elegant as opposed to some sleezy, strapless gown that shows way too much skin.

JC on

Beautiful dress! Definately fit for a princess.

Stephanie on

I’m sorry but Dutchess Catherine’s dress was far more beautiful. It was fit for a princess but not over the top like look at me my dress cost more than most people make in ten years. I don’t think that people should be disrespectful of what brides wear here in the United States we all have our own taste. Not only that not all of us have millions of dollars to blow on a dress.

Tara on

Nice dress, but still not as stunning as Kate’s. Too much lace for my taste and I agree with the dust ruffle comment about the bottom of the dress, LOL! Kate’s wins hands down for sure!

Me on

The ruffly part at the bottom kind of ruins the look for me — calls to mind a fussy bedspread.

Wishing the newlyweds all the best though.

Meesh on

Looks like my grandmother’s window curtains

Sverra on

Madeleine’s wedding, Madeleine’s Beauty, Madeleine’s dress and wedding service, puts William and Kate’s boring stiff wedding to the back of the room. Madeleine is Most Beautiful Princess all around, She’s on the level of Princess Grace beauty, not the over-hyped like some.

Katie on

It’s wonderful to see European brides wearing beautiful gowns that show respect for the Chapels, Cathedrals and Churches they are married in. American women could learn a thing or two from these women who choose gowns that are appropriately modest and still stunningly gorgeous.

Madeline on

Beautiful and Romantic.

Tiki on

The laces are beautiful, the veil too.
But I dislike the curvy line beneath the bust and how the bust is shaped. It’s like the dress is made for a skinny A-cup-model. Like the Valentino-drawing implies.
Madeleine is slim and beautiful – but to be honest – the dress does practically nothing for her figure.
She had deserved a wedding dress with a better fitting.

DoggieRehab on

The original design is fabulous, but it’s not the gown she ended up wearing. There were some modifications to the final product and they took away from the original gown’s fabulousness. Instead of a scalloped hem she opted for a deep ruffle… bleh. But overall, it fit her well. Just not fabulous, like Ivanka Trump’s gown several years ago.

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