Annabel Tollman, Celebrity Stylist, Dies at 36

06/07/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Annabel Tollman Benjamin Lozovsky/BFAnyc/Sipa

The fashion world has suffered a great loss: Celebrity stylist Annabel Tollman passed away suddenly at the age of 36, the New York Daily News reports. She was found dead, apparently of natural causes, in her New York City apartment on Thursday.

Tollman’s clients included Scarlett Johansson, Shakira, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Some of her greatest styling moments were dressing Johansson in a form-fitting red Valentino gown for the 2006 Golden Globes and helping Kristen Wiig chicly navigate her Bridesmaids press tour in 2011.

Tollman, born in Brussels in 1977 and raised between the U.K. and N.Y.C, also worked as a fashion director for Interview magazine, and according to The Cut, was developing a Bravo series at the time of her death. She earned a degree in fashion journalism from Central St. Martins in London, and wrote for myriad publications. In 2010, she also became a spokeswoman for eBay Fashion, and was profiled in the New York Times, where she shared her fashion motto: “Make a fairy tale and go and live in it.”

While no signs of suspicious behavior surrounding her death were reported, an autopsy is planned, a NYPD spokesman said via WWD.

–Brittany Talarico

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bt on

Who dies of “natural causes” at age 36? I hate that – why not say that the cause of death is being kept private or is unknown at this time? Saying “natural causes” just sounds dumb.

Marcia on

It’s not natural to die at 36.

Erin on

You can absolutely die from natural causes at any age. She may have had a disease or heart problem.

Dawn S on

Because people actually deserve privacy, especially the family and friends who will have suffered a great loss. We don’t always deserve the whole truth :( she was a beautiful woman. I hope her soul rests in peace

sv on

Died suddenly of “natural causes” at 36? That sounds odd especially if she was planning to have her own Bravo show.
I did not know of her and it doesn’t affect me, but it is an odd report.

Jenny on

@bt People die of natural cause at all ages…aneurysm, stroke, heart attack are all natural causes. If foul play isn’t suspected and it wasn’t a suicide or due to an accident of some sort, it’s “natural causes”.

Miriam on

Natural causes include strokes and heart attacks which is perfectly normal to suffer from even at an early age. When they write “apparently from natural causes” it just means that there are no signs of foul play. Use your common sense, folks.

A. on

Natural causes means she wasn’t murdered, didn’t committ suicide and didn’t overdose. Many people die from undetected conditions at very young ages.

sv on

It says on a different site that she died of a blood clot. She was so young :(

Lullleepop on

Reading the comments just prove to me that there are LOT of ignorant people out there. Natural causes includes a myriad of things and can affect anyone from 1 to 99!

mommy on

I didn’t think anybody styled the Olsen twins…

Amy on

Very sad to pass that young. You can absolutely die of natural causes at any age. It’s silly (and frivolous) to think otherwise. RIP.

Caroline on

She died of a blood clot, NOT natural causes. Dying at age 36 or 39 (supposedly her real age), is NOT natural.

deed on

I hear what you are saying about “natural causes” happening at any age, but that’s just a technical term. There’s always a cause. And to just drop dead at 36 is not all that common. Perhaps we’ll hear more about what really happened. What a shame.

M on

If she did indeed die of a blood clot that would be considered natural causes. You can die of natural causes at any age.

Divine on

Who knows, Since everyone is so health obsessed across the U.S-Ragging on about it all the time-Since Hollywood likes to think of themselves as trendsetters-Maybe she was “healthy” by celebrity standards? Bet she was a vegetarian! I know one thing- She wasnt “obese” Hmmm. Its still sad!

susan on

Nope, natural causes does not include an overdose. It just means it wasn’t foul play or suicide, but she easily could have OD’ed. She does hang with celebrities, so it wouldn’t be a stretch. Condolences to the family whatever the cause of her young death.

mike on

looks like drugs…..

DontTouchtheWatch on

Wow, some of you guys commenting are…not bright. thankfully some people have pointed out that it IS possible to die at 36 and it be natural and not foul play or drug/alcohol related. Duh.

Peter on

I have friends that died of cardiac conditions in their 30’s….those are “natural causes”.


what’s natural for some, may not be natural for others. use your heads people.

DontJudge on

I’m going to slaughter the spelling here, but anneurysm?? That can take someone of any age IMMEDIATELY.

It's possible on

My best friend died when she was 12 from a brain aneurysm. It’s possible

jurby on

i guess the Olson twins are going to have to find someone else to dress them like slobs…

kelli on

While not “natural” to die at 36, it just means that it was not caused by drugs, alcohol, she wasn’t murdered, and she didn’t kill herself. People have heart attacks, strokes, cancer, etc at any age, not just when they are older. Sudden? Yes. But unfortunately, people of every age die every day.

susan on

It can happen. Maybe she had a bad heart that was not known about or maybe it was an aneurysm. Won’t know until an autopsy.

Anonymous on

I think we should all keep our comments to my condolences. Death comes to all when it’s time. R. I. P Annabell may God welcome you in peace!

MD on

“Natural causes ” is a medical term which simply means that no one else was involved in her death and that it was caused by internal illness. For example dehydration or heart problems.

Pacificgirl on

She had a blood clot.

T.S.T.T.C on

Natural causes means a disease process. It could have been sudden, like a heart attack or maybe something undiagnosed.

Angela on

I read somewhere else she went in for minor surgery, got a blood clot when she got home and died.

Sam on

E! Online reported that she passed away from a blood clot.

kim on

dead by natural causes at 36 for a seemingly healthy-looking woman?? im not buying it

Janey on

She’s so young, that’s incredibly sad…I have to say though I never realized Mary Kate and Ashley ever worked with a stylist….

Amy on

It’s lovely and hopeful that so many people think you cannot die unexpectedly at 36, but it happens every day. You’re lucky if you’ve never lost someone so young. And YES a blood clot is a “natural cause” of death. Wow.

Milena on

Im shocked by how many people are knocking that she died of natural causes. Theres a ton of things that wouldve likely had no outward symptoms that kill natually at any age. Stroke, blot clots, anuerysms, electrolyte imbalances, etc. I was misdiagnosed for over a decade as epileptic when in reality my seizures were caused by low potassium from a genetic kidney disease that only affects about 25 in a million. They rule out the obvious first and work to uncommon or unlikely last so people very well can go years without a diagnosis or treatment. Its sad that she passed so young. I send my condolences to her family and friends

Kale on

I believe she had heart complications. Poor girl to young to go… my condolences to her family and friends. RIP

Mandy on

Amy… Sounds like maybe you are silly and frivolous. Do you really think the word frivolous applies within your comment or do you just use that word in your daily life in a sad attempt to sound intelligent?

lisaisalefty on

I wonder if she had an aneurysm. Sad. She is my age. I feel for her family.

Wicked14817 on

OMG! How sad…I saw her recently on some tv show speaking about her dream life and dream job :-( and she seemed so nice, not stuck up or plastic! how horrific is this? too young, too soon! R.I.P

Tracie on

The Daily Mail reports it was due to a blood clot after she had routine surgery. Regardless, it is still sad. Prayers for all those that loved her.

me on

I actually nearly died a few months ago, and I am 36 years old. I am a runner, worked out every day, went to spin class 3 times a week. It turns out I have a pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis for reasons we are not yet sure why. so your assertion that it isn’t natural to die at 36 is ignorant at best.

Renee on

While I don’t know her I find this terribly sad. For those commenting you certainly can die of natural causes at a young age. Sometimes thing go wrong with the human body :( my husband and I have lost 2 friends in the past few years (mid 20’s) from heart attack and aneurism.

Tangerineextreme on

Yes she very well could have died from ‘natural causes’. I had a friend that almost died at age 23 because of a blood clot and had she not been at her parents house at the time should would have passed out in the floor and died from pulmonary embolism because the blood clot went to her lungs. She passed out twice and her parents called 911 and they barely got her to the ER. She was on Yaz birth control and was otherwise healthy so yes, you can definitely have health issues you are unaware of. Very sad she passed away.

Chive On on

It was probably either a seizure or an unknown heart condition… thats usually what they consider “natural” causes in young people.

Sandy on

People die of “natural causes” at younger ages than 36 — undetected heart conditions, stroke, aneurysm and a whole host of other things. It’s not that unusual or suspicious — just sad and rather shocking because of their ages.

Melisa on

Hold the phone…..Mary Kate and Ashley Olson actually had a stylist?? Did they PAY her???

Joe on

Sad, of course, that she died so young. But if she was styling the Olsen twins, she wasn’t very good at her job. They always look like bag ladies with a mascara fetish.


Natural causes doesn’t mean “peacefully in her sleep at old age” … it just means not murder or suicide or accidental overdose etc.

huh on

What is WRONG with most of you people!?! Old people die of natural causes, babies die of natural causes, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, grandparents, grandchildren, friends, lovers and enemies ALL die of natural causes. Just because someone dies at 36 with a lot to live for and a lot of plans in the works doesn’t mean it was anything OTHER than natural causes.Stop trying to make it a huge conspiracy and just hope that she went peacefully and her family has some comfort in knowing that it wasn’t violent. SHEESH!

BK on

I read elsewhere it was a blood clot stemming from “minor” surgery. I have no idea if that has been verified. Regardless, 36 is so terribly young to die. :(

CS on

Nobody dies of natural causes at age 36. Just tell it like it is.

SuzieQ on

Dying of natural causes only means it was not a homicide or suicide. You can die from kidney failure, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack- all of those are considered natural causes.

Sherry on


Nicole on

Birth Control pills can cause blood clots in someone her age.

guest V on

Just recently in the news a young girl died from natural causes, she was 18 yrs old, and just fell down and died. Anyone can just suddenly die, age doesn’t matter!

Melissa on

She died in her sleep from a blood clot!

Alison on

It is perfectly “natural” to die at 36 if your body says so. Like a brain aneurysm, which has been reported elsewhere. It is sad, but certainly not unnatural. Weird comments.

Surfs up on

Wow people really look for drama at every turn! People die all the time at all ages. I saw a baby in the stroke ward! It just makes it even more tragic.

Becky on

Incredibly sad. So young, beautiful and apparently had everything going for her. My condolences to her friends and family.

alesha on

RIP sweet soul….

Luz on

folks, as Michael Jackson said in his song, if you want to better our world, go to a mirror look at yourself and start to make a change for the better. A lot of us do not even know who our neighbors are. How many people in your block went to bed hungry and cannot pay the bills??? We need to change one person at a time. So let’s go!!!!!!

bobbie on

my son died at 17 of an aneurysm. You can go at any age of causes that are natural to your body and not intentional…So sad to see a promising life end so soon…may her family and friends find comfort in each other at this time..

Ultimate Skincare & Beaute Report on

Reblogged this on Ultimate Skincare & Beaute Report, LLC and commented:
Rest in peace Annabel Tollman. :(

Boo on

My sister died at 39 of a heart defect she’d been born with.

You wouldn’t have known to look at her that she was “sick.”

It was listed as “natural causes.”

So, YES, you CAN indeed die of “natural causes” young.

suzydiamond on

Just reading these comments leads me to believe there’s a lot of kids commenting on these articles or people that are not knowledgeable about such things.

Trisha on

RIP young lady. You lived a life worth living.

Lily-Rose on

Just want to let people know that people DO die of natural causes every day. My best friend was one of them. One Sunday we were having a girls day out, shopping, laughing, having fun. We devised a plan to let her crush know she liked him without being desperate the next day at school, over the phone that night. We talked for 2 hours which was the longest convo we had at night on the phone. At the end, she said, love ya, and hung up. That morning, i got a call from her mom saying she had died in her sleep. People thought it was a suicide. But reports came back saying she had died of natural causes. She was 12, two weeks away from reaching her 13th birthday. She obviously had no alcohol, no drugs, nothing in her system. She was also in great shape, and had no sickness, infections, diseases, etc, found in her body. Just a normal healthy almost 13 year old teen, and she died. Not fair. At all.

Trish on

What is the the 18th century!?! It’s NOT natural to die at that age in the 21th century and the autopsy will prove that. May heart goes out to the family.

tillie on

36 wow way way to young

Wow on

How so very sad :(


Why are people surprised that her death was from natural causes? It just means that there was no artificial means that led to her death such as drugs, alcohol, murder, etc.

suzydiamond on

She OBVIOUSLY had some kind of health issue but due to the HIPAA privacy act we may never know!

Hollywoodista on

Obviously some people misinterpret “natural causes” to mean old age, which is NOT the same thing. Natural causes simply means that no human played a role in her death. She didn’t commit suicide, didn’t overdose, and wasn’t murdered. People of all ages die of aneurysms and undetected heart problems. Yes, it IS possible to die of natural causes at 36.

Monica C. on

If she had an aneurysm it is possible. Aneurysms don’t discriminate with age.

kitty62862 on

Natural causes can include an anyuerism which is very sudden and can strike at any age. Laura Brannigan was 47 when it happened to her.


Marrie on

@Trish, just because it is the 21st century and not the 18th century does not mean someone can not die from natural causes. I’ll ak you this, if medicine is unable to cure all types of cancer in the 21st century why should one believe that someone is unable to pass from a natural cause in this day and age? Sounds to me as if you’re hoping for a juicy back story with your sad comment of- the autopsy will prove that. Why not everyone with negative comments just keep to themselves, at least until the autopsy comes back! Poor young women and her family, my deepest sympathy for her and her family.

Joe on

It’s bad enough to be known for styling the Olsen twins, now this. So sad.

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