Abercrombie & Fitch Agrees to Be More Sensitive to All Sizes

05/22/2013 at 12:57 PM ET

Abercrombie & Fitch plus sizeRamey

The backlash regarding Abercrombie & Fitch’s “exclusionary” clothing policies (they don’t carry sizes above 10), as well as CEO Mike Jeffries’s controversial statements (“a lot of people don’t belong in our clothes”) has only been getting louder. And after Jeffries issued an unapologetic statement last week, the anti-Abercrombie roar became deafening.

Ellen DeGeneres delivered some scathing quips about the mass retailer in her monologue, summing up her feelings by saying “Fitch, please!” Blogger Jes Baker went on the Today show to talk about her widely viewed “Attractive & Fat” mock ad campaign, where she skewers the brand by posing in their clothes.

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And now Benjamin O’Keefe, the 18-year-old who started the Change.org petition to get Abercrombie to expand their sizing, has met with executives in the company’s Columbus, Ohio headquarters, and come away with a corporate apology for Jeffries’s words.

O’Keefe, an eating disorder survivor, went with members of the National Eating Disorder Association to present their case against Jeffries’s comments about “cool” and “uncool” kids.

Abercrombie responded by saying in a statement, “We look forward to continuing this dialogue and taking concrete steps to demonstrate our commitment to anti-bullying in addition to our ongoing support of diversity and inclusion. We want to reiterate that we sincerely regret and apologize for any offense caused by comments we have made in the past which are contrary to these values.”

Tell us: Do you think Abercrombie & Fitch will actually act on their promises? Should they? And will you shop there?

–Alex Apatoff

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Erica on

I will never shop there again or allow my children to spend my money at this type of store. Don’t expand the sizing please Jeff!!!! Bc I hope that u go out of business with that type of attitude.

UnKnown on

they should carry sizes 10 and up ALL BRANDS should, but sadly most dont and that’s discrimination!

lucy on

I will never shop there again. Boycott them!! Over priced to begin with and arrogant

Krysten on

Although the apology is appreciated, I will never shop there. And to be honest, it would be more appreciate if Jeffries himself apologized.

Marie-Claude on

The only one who teaches kid that the brand you wear is better than your personnality are shallow people with no contenance.

sarah on

I agree that anyone who wears a size higher than 10 should go on a diet and then they can wear nice clothes. Too many overweight people in this country.

Lynne on

They don’t need to expand their sizing, but they need to stop implying that you’re not cool if you don’t fit their clothes. The CEO needs to look in the mirror and evaluate his looks before casting stones at others. Looking at him, I don’t think he was part of the “cool” either.

Misty on

I don’t shop there because a pair of shorts coast almost 100 really it’s not that great…I was also told they only hire people they find attractive not right who had the right to judge anyone other than god himself

Ivy Beitner on

Regardless of A&F’s attempts to backpedal their statements made by their CEO, I would never shop there. To be clear, I never shopped there before, simply because they would rather burn thousands of dollars in merchandise than help others by donating the clothing. Sad that “calling people uncool & Fat” is what is actually going to bring the company bad press, instead of what really should. They have done irreparable damage to their label & will probably never live this down. I’m glad the CEO said what he did, people need to know what kind of companies they are representing & Benefiting.

.... on

This is where education is key…to parents about feeding their children properly from a young age, to kids regarding healthy lifestyles, etc. To deny the fact that there is an obesity epidemic is ignorant, but with all these insane fad diets and mental and emotional pressure, people just automatically jump to the unhealthiest and most dangerous ways to handle the problem. Where is the healthy in-between??

Diane on

I think they shold fire Mike. Then, maybe, they’ll have gone far enough to appease me

menotyou on

The dude in the bubble there, is that Jeffries the CEO? Cause my god, if it is, UG-A-LEEEE. No, make that FUG-A-LEEEEE. And this is the guy who dictates who is “cool” and who isn’t? I cannot stop laughing.

Oh, and the only reason they are giving in is because they’re brand is in danger, they still couldn’t care less about anyone besides the skinny and beautiful.

Katrina on

I have never shopped at this store, but it’s not due to sizes. It’s becuase I refuse to pay $50 for a graphic t-shirt. That being said, I honestly feel they can market and sell clothes to their desired demographic. At the same time, they should be prepared to lose that demographic and MORE, as shoppers refuse to patronize the store due to having an ignorant and narrow-minded executive issuing weak and insincere apologies.

Tiffany on

I don’t care if he apologized or made the clothes bigger. He said what he said and you can’t take it back. I will never buy my kids those clothes, you can believe that!

Sarah on

I admit I have Abercrombie clothes in my closet. But NEVER will I wear them AGAIN. Noone should support the owner of a company who is as biased as Jeffries is. He probably hates blacks, poor people, people with curly hair, one-armed people, fair-skinned people… I could go on and on. Who would support such crazy behavior? The only way to punish this guy for his arrogant attitude is STRAIGHT in the pocketbook. And ps- obviously he does not own a mirror, or he would have never opened his Gary-Busey mouth.

Alayna on

What shocks me most about what he said- was not that he thought it b/c people have some pretty insensitive and mean thoughts but that he was crazy enough to say it out loud. He had to have known people would not like it. And while I am sure it gave his store a lot of publicity and press it wasn’t good publicity. I know if I had a daughter I wouldn’t let her buy clothing there after he said those comments and I feel bad saying that I have clothing from that store….I barely wear it anymore not b/c of what he said but b/c the store is targeted to younger people and I’m in my 20’s and I suffer from anorexia and bulimia for the last 10 years.

lorelie on

too little too late, suck it A and F will never give you another dime of my money and I hope no one else does either.

Ali on

Sarah – 2 things… I hope you never teach your children that crud and just shut up!

angelina on

I have very little hope they will do what they say what the prove again is the owner is a jerk and come on the only reason he is saying sorry is because his bored members are making him

Tiffany on

All people do not fit in a cook-cutter size, there is no such thing. While I agree that people should be healthy that’s not the same as skinny.

Steph on

forget him! its a little to late for me. I am a plus size girl and if they make their clothes to fit me, tough noogies cause I aint buyin! I will never support them and I dang sure will not buy their clothes for my kids! they are whats wrong with the world today.

Cait on

I don’t shop there. Never have, never will. But then shouldn’t Lane Bryant start carrying smaller sizes?

Unknown on

I love this store. For those of you who are saying you hope they go out of business, there are people who have a hard time finding clothes because they’re skinny! I love Abercrombie because my arms are like sticks and in Hollister the clothing’s huge! It’s one place that I can fit into.

Kayla on

I really don’t think they need to expand their sizes. They are not the only store who doesn’t go above a size 10. That’s just like saying being obese is okay and it isn’t. The CEO does need to give a sincere apology though!

Miranda on

I don’t understand how expanding the sizes at Abercrombie is going to benefit the overweight population. It’s just going to put the overweight concept into a positive light, when really, the incidence of heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes is increasing due to higher obesity rates in the U.S.

sarah on

I haven’t shopped there ever since they fired the girl with a prosthetic arm! Who is this guy to talk about “cool kids” anyway? I’m just saying you’d think he’s be more sensitive about outward appearance as he’s no supermodel himself!

Carm on

I don’t think he’s had a good look in the mirror! After all that plastic surgery he has had done, he defines scary. he clearly has zero idea as to what beauty means! he’s just a self-entitled a-hole! can’t wait until his so called empire breaks down!

jld on

Mike Jeffries may just want to look in a mirror before he goes calling people uncool or fat or whatever. Just sayin’.

gigi on

If people would stop buying there clothes You could actually put them out of Business, Which would be amazing for all the size 10 and over and for all the normal looking people are not considered the pretty people ( which is just ridiculous) put them out of Business

Cheryl Martin on

Absolutely NEVER EVER again!!!

Kim on

Too little too late. Oh and Jeffries, no amount of apologizing can make up for the fact that you’re a total d-bag.

kim on

you know i was a sizee 00 all thru school and after my kids & after fighting middle age ect … i know how it feel to be berated for being a plus size … this man with his big ass lips wants to deal with only cool kids what did your mother pay kids to play with you???? just because your skinny doesn’t make you cool!!! you sir should be ashamed of your self!!!!

Lala on

I don’t see what the big deal is, about them not carrying larger sizes. Nobody has any problem with Torrid, or Lane Bryant, only catering to plus sizes. The part I have a problem with, is when he stated that the “cool kids” were his demographic. He seems like someone who was bullied himself, so he decided to make his own ‘exclusive’ club. Lame guy.

Lynn on

This is the man that only wants stick thin perfect models in his clothes? He needs to look in the mirror and see how monsterous he looks.

Kelly on

The girl Sarah who commented I’d like to say not everyone over a size 10 (i’m a size 12) is overweight. I am a female over 6’2″ feet tall weighing just over 165 and I am not fat at all so why should you look down on me because my size is bigger than normal. People are shaped differently and have different reasons for being in bigger sizes. Height, genetics, illnesses and disease can cause people to be a little bigger. Frankly, some people would rather have shapely figure than be a tiny, malnourished person. You might as well take a job for these elitist bullies because your attitude fits right in. I won’t ever understand how anyone can make another persons size their business, not a huge corporation, not Sarah, not anyone. They all should get a life.

Bettie on

Too late, I will never purchase a thing from there. BTW the CEO, does he have a mirror? Lordy he is far from beautiful, inside or out!

Dana on

I’m sorry but I totally disagree! That is like saying it is unfair to have a Lane Bryant or a Big & Tall store carry sizes that will not fit someone smaller. Abercrombie clothes are geared towards people who are not overweight. What is next? Banning bikinis because not everyone can wear one? His attitude does suck, but it is not bullying and people need to lay off the ‘bully” label because it is losing its meaning by using it for everything that isn’t PC.


Sorry – too little too late!

Kelly on

I don’t have a problem with what size they carry; that is their right. Like others have said Lane Bryant and other stores cater to larger sizes. What does bother me and probably most people is that he says he only want the cool kids to shop in his store. Exactly this kind of thought process that creates bullying and kids with body image and emotional issues. Not a healthy view point at all. And beyond that; he’s just a jerk so I wish a large corporation wouldn’t pay him an obscene amount of money to publicly be a jerk.

Jody on

Jeffries is NOT a good looking man , inside or outside !

Jane on

Who still shops at this place???

Lori on

I will never shop there! He was speaking his mind in the first place. He’s not going to change it. This is pr repair that is worthless.Shop elsewhere. Especially in stores that embrace all types of bodies!

Carol d on

As an eating disorder survivor, I boycott this company. Inexcusable. Really, just take a look at the man saying it (the pic).

Kristen on

The discussion about expanding the clothing size isn’t the issue. The issue is this is a mean-spirited company who sells sex to tweens and has offensive attitudes. Besides, they stopped being cool about 10 years ago, right? There are so many other choices!

Talie on

Amazing how A&F are in damage control now that they’ve figured out that the majority of people aren’t a size 0 and they have friends who support them against bullies like them.

I am a small size and I’ll never buy there again as I don’t want to be seen supporting such ignorant views.

Cici on

I am never going to shop there again and it’s not because I can’t fit it’s the price how are you people supposed to afford those prices and quoting ” a lot people don’t belong in our clothes” what? It doesn’t matter that he apologized that just a dumb thing to say

Kelly P. on

This just makes me want to wear their clothes even more. Seriously, I can’t believe all of the wasted energy so everyone can feel “normal”. If people weren’t so judgemental in the first place it would never have been an issue to begin with.

prustcw on

The size remarks coming from someone that unattractive. Who

nadia on

Not carrying bigger sizes is not discrimination. Under that ideology, isn’t Lane Bryant doing the same thing, just against smaller people?
I don’t have a problem with A&F not carrying bigger sizes. Try shopping in Europe or Asia for ‘bigger’ sizes. My issue is with his comments on being cool, popular, and good looking. First of all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but most people can agree that the A&F CEO is not good looking at all. Two, being popular has nothing to do with the clothes you wear and how good looking you are. And three, what defines being cool or popular? How many friends you have? You can have a lot of friends and a lot more enemies at the same time.

Kris on

I’m just under a size 10 but I won’t buy their over-priced Bangladesh-made clothes. I stepped into one of their stores a couple yrs ago to get a cool reception from the sales associate on the floor, almost like I didn’t belong in there, and walked out. And Jeffries himself needs to apologize instead of this ‘faux-pology’. A & F will surely go bust eventually, especically when there are other nice, more affortable retailers to shop at.

Ketrinna on

Ok so people keep making the torrid connection with only selling plus sized clothes….you do know they are owned by hot topic? Hot topic started the store because they didn’t carry the larger sizes themselves. And anyway yes it is America so you can sell what you want… But do you see torrid and layne Bryant bashing people who are not plus sized? That was his problem not what he sells, it was his attitude.

Jamie on

Just because they carry certain sizes doesn’t make them discriminatory. Do you expect Gymboree to carry an adult size? No, because it’s a baby store. A&f is a teen/young adult directed store. So don’t expect them to have size 2x when most teens are not that size. Might as well boycott AE, Forever 21, and Aeropostale as well.

Unknown on

This comment is directed at Sarah…I feel sad for you!! Sad that you have no compassion for people that would maybe love to be a smaller size but can’t because of their gentic make up. How sad that you can’t see past the end of your up turned nose that those people that may just be over a size 10 is a nurse who is going to end up saving your life, or a person who will serve you your next meal at a restaurant or whatever it may be…know that they have feelings and just because they are not a perfect size 4, does not make them any less of human being.

Sarah on

I stopped shopping there when I was in high school. I definitely could have fit into their clothes (then anyway), but no one asked if they could help me find something, no one acknowledged that I was in the store, but 30 seconds later a couple of super skinny girls walked in and they were all over them offering help. I don’t care what A&F says anymore, It is sad that they put this type of image into children’s minds, but honestly what can we do about it? There is no law that says it’s discriminatory not to carry clothes above a size 10. Really the store is hurting itself financially because they are missing out on all the sales that plus size people might give them. So if you don’t like it, don’t shop there.

jackie on

He still hasn’t apologized …the company claims to support diversity and inclusion however these values are not shared by their CEO…so I call BS!! BTW people are always saying that overweight people have a greater chance of getting cancer and dying…guess what? skinny people die of cancer and other things tooo…we all die eventually

amber on

as a plus size woman who is losing the weight to get into modeling … i’m sadden by this. even if he did ( company ) make new changes to fit the everyday woman … why ? you just made a lot of plus sized woman and other people mad … no name calling here… just a lot of tears for a man who has no respect for anyone…

Jane on

First of all, I am obese at 5’2″, weighing 185 lbs. However, that said, while the CEO used a very poor choice of words, his company is entitled to make clothes for up to size 10. I shop at plus stores where sizes START at 14 and go up but I don’t see anyone saying they should be manufacturing/selling clothes for smaller people. I buy lingerie at a women’s lingerie shop but not a single person has been saying they should also sell mens’s undies. So, other than his rude and insensitive choice of words, I don’t have a problem with the company’s stance on sizes they sell. because I don’t expect every single manufacturer and store out there to cater to every single last group of people. I mean, really?

running mom on

This is crazy!!!! I’m a size 8 & probably would wear a size 10 at A&F. I understand not carrying a size 26 but carrying up to a size 16 or 18 is acceptable and not promoting obesity!! on the other hand I do agree with the fact that the company should have the right to dictate what sizes they carry, no matter how socially wrong it may be. Still, shame on A&F!!!!

Lisa on

His attitude sucks horribly, whomever he thinks are the “cool kids”, well then he can go hang out with them. And for anyone that thinks size 10 or 12 is plus sized is absolutely wrong…today’s society is so warped, it’s ridiculous to think a stick figure is attractive. I would rather have some meat on my bones and have confidence.

Mommy Tyler Moore on

I actually didn’t care if they chose not to carry the XL sizes. What I cared about was the comments he made and until he apologizes for those statements or is replaced by the company, we will no longer shop there, whether they carry XXXL or not.

Brandy on

As a company, A&F has the right to market to whomever they choose. That’s just business. I do however, have issue with a few things here.

First, the statement issues by the CEO was inappropriate on many levels. We already have a stigma with today’s youth that requires us to have “perfect” bodies. Reality is we are not all “perfect”. That doesn’t make us less attractive or uncool. I frankly, would rather see a girl with curves and confidence tha. A twig just trying to fit in with the “cool” crowd.

As a mom if kids who try to keep up with the trends, your stores are ridiculous! Your clothes are no better than what I could get at H&M, Forever XXI or even Target. They shrink, rip, stain, get lost just like anything else.

To Sarah, get over yourself. You too will exceed a size 10 someday and realize that’s not big at all and most definitely not obeise. Enjoy your selfcentered attitude because no one likes a snotty stuck up… I’m too nice to finish that thought.

James on

I’m ashamed to say now that I used to shop there when I was a young adult. Now I’m not really their target market anymore, but it’s hard to imagine myself continuing to wear the several items I still own: cap, shirts, board shorts, t-shirts.

Sarah on

Lol. The picture of Mike Jeffries is bizarre and slightly terrifying. Is he insinuating he was/is one of the cool kids? Because I’m pretty sure the cool kids don’t refer to themselves as “cool kids” anymore. Or look like a restalin filled Gary Busey.

by the way on

Sarah, get a grip.

amber on

let me add one more thing i see this as a marketing stratagy to bring in more people to wear this type of clothing to bring up sales…. well played MR. CEO well played… get a bunch of plus sized woman to your stores just to spite you… AGAIN well played.

jessica on

Regardless of whether what he said was right or wrong, I’m surprised that everyone else didn’t already know this? I thought it was always a given that that is/was A&F’s unspoken angle. They cater to the insecure kids and young adults with superiority complexes.

miranda on

My goodness people get over yourselves. These days everyone is looking to be offended. Yes, the guy seems like a jerk. They have every right to sell whatever they want. Find real things to complain about. If you don’t like it…don’t buy it and call it a day. Enough whining!

TG on

I think A&F only made that statement because of the back lash. I would bet they still feel the same way. We can simply not shop there. Their point of view is not very shocking; it’s kind of obvious.

I remember back in high school ( 1998 ) A&F was the cool place to shop, like lots of other stores. I honestly didn’t think people still shopped there. LOL!

Jenn on

We will never shop there again and haven’t in some time. Not only are the CEO’s in poor taste but the actual brand itself is a source of bullying. Children and teens are placed into categories based on clothing, shoes, wealth and this brand is an actual power play over the “haves” and “have nots. It’s about time they are pressured to be more conscience.

Sarah on

I can’t believe Mr. Jeffries had the nerve to say anything derogatory about anyone with a face like that!!!

Chelsey on

Sarah, you are an idiot…you do realize that not all people can be a size 10 or under…some people are built differently…how about we stop throwing stones about how we look and focus more on how we feel??? A&F will never have my business again. Not bc they don’t carry all sizes but because Mike Jeffries is an a$$hat who enables bullying.

Chrissy on

Will NEVER shop there EVER!!!!!

Lexi on

Please. They don’t care. It’s lip service to avoid more bad PR in the hopes that the story will go away.

Lisa on

Face it, free speech is dead, and everyone who is overweight has an “eating disorder.”

patti on

I really don’t care what sizes they carry. That is their right. He said that cool kids wear their stuff. To me that is being a bully. Plus, what if a person that is an XL comes to apply for a job? Would they hire them if they couldn’t wear one of their shirts? This guy says he does not believe in bullling but I don’t believe him. He said those things and didn’t even apologize. Now all of sudden A&F is sorry. Just a little too late.

Wazza on

I am a size 2.. I have a closet full of A&F… But after reading the CEO comments of who is “cool” enough to wear their brand I have decided to get rid of every single piece… I will not support a company that tells people their value is dependent on their waist size… I have seen Mike Jeffries and would recommend to him to take a really long look in the mirror before he judges others…. If A&F want to recover from the well deserved back lash I suggest getting rid of the CEO…..

TeresaD on

@Sarah you are part of the problem with body image. I am 5’10 and weigh in at a health 165 lbs. I still wear a size 12 due to height and build. Stop spreading the hate and discontent that contributes to our children having eating disorders and learn what a healthy weight is

Tiffany on

Too little too late. Their words lack any sincerity. The CEO was pretty clear with his original statements, and then his follow up last week.

I don’t shop there, anyway, but if I did, I wouldn’t in spite of their “apology.” Im a size 4 who is completely offended by their remarks and unapologetic discrimination. Bullying isn’t cool, and when grown men do it, it’s just pathetic.

lisa on

thanks to Jeffries, he made A&F totally uncool to wear – I’d be embarrassed to wear it now…

Shay on

I actually won’t wear Hollister (I refuse to go into that store without a gas mask and a flashlight), AE, or A&F. I refuse to pay 20.00 for a shirt that has the company logo on it. Honestly I’d feel like a billboard for their clothing. Now for the sizes, not everyone can be skinny. Some people have half problems that keep them from being skinny. Having kids can also change your body. The ones who say people over size 10 need a diet, look in the mirror and realize what you said. Size 10 is nothing. Being too skinny or too fat could make you sick. Either way, no one will ever be happy with the BMI scale. Just realize what you say about weight, it doesn’t matter what size someone could be, words do hurt, and sometimes those words could make a person relapse or a family lose their loved one.

Shay on

Sick* not half.

val on

they’re just apologizing because they want money and their income’s probably been decreasing over all of this… i hope so, anyway!

kellann on

This bully should look in the mirror before judging others. I would like to give all humans the benefit of a doubt that the are inherently a good person… but the combination of the discriminatory words coming out of this BULLDOG WITH BOTOX FACE is the epitome of disgrace that befalls our society every day. The fact that people choose greed & money over acceptance and love for each other will be the decline of our society and ultimately this country. Way to go… we’re so proud of you for speaking your mind. I hope you find yourself homeless in a gutter with one of your $100 shirts on & nobody to put a penny in your cup.

Susan on

Notice they said they are sorry if anyone took offense, they did not apologize for saying it. This puts the onus of “wrong doing” on the consumer, on us – not on them. Fake and useless apology. Keep selling your size fours to the cool kids and let the rest of us live good lives in size 10s and 12s!

Tee on

Whether or not this store goes out of business will be a direct reflection of society today. Everyone should band together to make sure this store goes out of business and Jeffries along with it.

Nico on

A lot of stores carry certain sizes and I don’t think that is the issue.. The issue is Mike Jeffries telling people they are unworthy of the clothes.. Being a size zero I do not fit into Lane Bryant clothing and that is ok a lot of stores cater to different demographics.. But I take serious issue with a jerk who tell people that they are not good enough because of the size they wear… My sister is a size 16… She is a full time mother to three adopted little girls with cerebral palsey, she also a foster mother to two boys who were removed from their home for abuse… To me she is someone I aspire to be like, she is the definition of cool…

rachel on

they should be able to carry whatever sizes they want. i dont care if they only carry size 0-4. who cares, they are the ones losing business if they do that. the problem i have is the comments that moron made. not just about weight, but cool vs uncool kids…. i would not go there ever, he is such a jerk

rachel on

why is it discrimination is they dont carry above a size 10? plus size stores dont carry below certain sizes so by that logic aren’t they discriminating against smaller people? this CEO is a jerk and i would never shop at his store, but people are getting out of control. they have every right to sell whatever sizes they want, its THEIR LOSS if they dont carry higher sizes, they just lose customers.

julia on

I’m a size 13 and FAR from obese or even overweight. It’s just how my body is supposed to be. I will not shop there. This man does not deserve the success he has attained.

Beth Campbell on

Not enough. Jefferies head should roll to begin with. I don’t do business with companies who will employ such idiots at the top of the corporation. His attitude infects the entire brand.

kittah on

ugh. if you dont like what they’re about then dont shop there. people are so offended about everything. sad state of affairs our society is leading to. le sigh.

Kate on

Someone please hand this man a mirror.

Emily on

They are just saying this because they know their sales will fall & the will go out of business so it’s a last ditch effort to save face & save their sales.

john on

Boycott. Hit him where it hurts.

Haylee on

sarah says:
May 22, 2013 at 5:23 pm
I agree that anyone who wears a size higher than 10 should go on a diet and then they can wear nice clothes. Too many overweight people in this country.

You are really displaying your ignorance. There are some seriously healthy and fit people who are above a size 10. Have you considered the sizes that tall people wear? Their bodies have larger structures to support height and many wear 12 and up and are in quite a healthy physical state. Skinny does not mean you are healthy by any means.

lianna on

I actually don’t see anything wrong with having sizes only up to 10… it helps discourage obesity! Seriously, if you’re over 10 there’s a problem.

Bella on

Too little, too late A&F…

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

I don’t actually care what sizes they want to carry. They’re a private company and can cater to all petites or all size 10-and-unders or all plus sizes, whatever. I don’t care. What I care about is what the CEO said, and because I feel like that’s what his heart really feels, I wouldn’t ever shop there regardless (and I’m a size 4.)

lauren on

Fyi size 10 in pants isnt big…im a size 11 and im no where near being overweight. So all those comments about size 10 being “obese” is pure bs

Noelle on

I’m 6 feet tall and a size 12. I exercise regularly and just ran a half marathon. How am I fat/promoting obesity?

Amy on

A clothing designer who caters to skinny, gorgeous people?? Now there’s a shocker. (yawn) To all the people out there who are bothered by this: life must be hard for you.

guest on

Who cares, A&F is lame and always has been. There are plenty of higher end and classier places to shop. I don’t know why people get upset over companies that don’t want their business; it’s their loss, shop somewhere better!

Alexandra on

Never again will I set foot in this store or will my kids. Jeffries is nothing but an arrogant ass who needs to to shut his mouth and look in the mirror. What a pig! How rude and childish of him to criticize people. He certainly is not one to talk!

maya on

They have the right to carry the sizes they want – there are plenty of stores that sell to plus sizes, petites, talls… exclusively. That doesn’t turn me off of them, but that guy’s attitude sure did.

Ricki T on

No, I think they cater to the young , thin crowd with that attitude labels mean acceptance. As a plus sized woman in Canada, it is very hard to find clothing. The select of stores is small and the selection is smaller. Apparently being overweight means you can’t look cute and on trend and in an area with now few stores with plus size selection we are all wearing the same things. Oh by the way went looking for a dress today and found out that Winners in my area dropped there sizes over 16 so now there is one less store yet again.

Lisa on

honestly, so much to do over nothing. Is Lane Bryant going to be sued because it doesn’t carry sizes under 14? The CEO’s comments may have been insensitive but it’s a fact that branded are directed at certain demographics. Can I fit into A&F? No. I’m a size 14-16. But you know what? Even back in the days when I was a size 2-4 (oh, I miss those days) I couldn’t wear their stuff because I still had hips and boobs and their line just isn’t designed for that. Big deal. I do wish there were more flattering clothes for me at my current size but that doesn’t mean that A&F is evil for having a certain customer in mind.

Ivixen on

I won’t shop there. And no, I don’t believe they are sincere.

Gail Carpenter on

Get real people. I agree that all people are beautiful, but I also believe in freedom of speech and in the right of private industry to sell to a specific demographic. I also agree that they should be able to hire who they want. These aren’t government jobs and they aren’t government uniforms. I won’t shop there, never did, I also don’t watch movies I think are offensive or listen to music I find grating. That doesn’t mean I think the makers of the movies or the music should be shut down. I believe as a parent that it is my responsibility to raise children with values consistent with my own and not expect others to carry that responsibility.

C Scott on

Little too late.

jen on

You can’t unring a bell

marghel on

“we sincerely regret and apologize for any offense caused by comments we have made in the past which are contrary to these values”

No, they should’ve phrased the apology as “we sincerely regret and apologize for all the offensive comments we made which are contrary to these values.”

Shhh on

First off, I don’t shop at A&F…i refuse to pay $60 for a pair of shorts…but I can’t believe how many people are getting worked up about a CEO’s opinion. There are tons of stores (ie: Lane Bryant and Torrid) that only cater to “plus sized” people and you don’t see us thin people screaming discrimination…or demanding that they carry smaller sizes. Maybe people should start to open their eyes and see that the real problem is the obesity epidemic in this country! We are the first generation that won’t outlive our parents. Pathetic. That’s the real problem!

Janie on

Who cares? I make it a point to be for things, not against things. I’m not going to get worked up over this 7 year old nontroversy. I’ll be supporting retailers I like instead.

Carm on

I don’t think ppl understand the controversy surrounding this matter. The issue at hand has nothing to do with whether they sell sizes over 10. That’s their own prerogative. What IS the issue is how derogatory Jeffries is. This isn’t the first time he has faced backlash. This is just the latest thing he’s said or done. He has had issues with being a racist and classist. He IS a big bully. Even people who have worked under him have stated how impossible he is and how much of a bully he his.

Emma on

It doesn’t help the obesity problem and they aren’t te only ones who do it! They just got called out for it! What about the stores that are only for plus sizes? Shouldn’t those carry sizes under 10? The guys an ass but let’s see how this affects the world I mean really we just had a disaster in OK and this is what we are worried about?

wil on

Silly store… I have two teenage sons who wouldn’t be caught dead in the Abercrombie logo. They consider it very “uncool” to overpay to have a logo plastered on your shirt. Jeffries was really silly to make such comments, although maybe he was looking for the free publicity. That photo on the article is ridiculous too…. looks like an advertisement for steroid gym rats

Lori on

As a mother of two teens and one preteen, i will never shop or allow my children to shop at this store again. The comments made by obviously uneducated, unworldly, insensitive man in charge are inexcusable. (Hint hint, smart man: Moms with money are buying most of your clothes and you have offended every one of us I know- I would be embarrassed for my kids to WEAR these clothes now and I’d like a refund for all i have purchased over the years! My preteen will not even be wearing the hand me downs.

A. Goodwin on

After all of this flap, A&F might as well go out of business because wearing their clothing is anything BUT cool. My pre-teen daughter cleared her closet last week of her A&F clothing and we’ll be donating them to the Salvation Army.

Its not about the fact that their clothing sizes only go up to a size 10….its about their attitude that clothing somehow makes a person cool or not cool. That judging people by what they look like is somehow better than what they are like in the inside. Their “brand” image is what makes them not desirable anymore.

And frankly, I’m so glad I do not have to go into that heavily purfumed store again with their blaring music. Half the time I would walk out with a headache!

Good riddance A&F!!

Rich on

No fat chicks.

Lisa on

A & F should not promote bullying by not making statements, but they don’t owe anyone any explanation in the first place as to why they don’t want to sell to obese people. That is like telling Victoria’s Secret to say they market to promiscuous people. What do we do? Just sell tents at the mall and close down the other stores? I am not for bullying, but A & F should have stuck with “we prefer to market our clothes to people in this size range” and if people don’t like it they can shove off. The obese people are driving up health care costs. I am sick of people’s whining.

AET on

This is, frankly, ridiculous. The only reason someone in the teen to college demographic is larger than a size 10 is just sheer bad habits and health. And as a result they are overweight and don’t fit in many types of clothes. Why are we punishing this guy for just stating the obvious?

Tara on

Did anyone ever stop to think that places such as lane Bryant came about because there were no options for plus sized people? In no way am I defending being heavier at all. I have been overweight my entire life and have done many things to lose weight with little to no luck. I really think that judging people should be a thing of the past. I know that I will teach my children how to be respectful of others regardless of how they look or what they wear. This should be common courtesy!

Beth on

Too little, too late for this mom. I control the money, and I will no longer buy anything from this company.

Meghan on

I think the main point here is not so much the issue on the sizes in the store because honestly, I lost interest a long time ago in paying $80 for a pair of shorts that covered half an a** cheek. The point here is that a man who eerily resembles the Cowardly Lion is dictating what type of “crowd” he wants to be associated with in a world where so many adolescents are just trying to figure out who they are without all of the commercial noise out there. Just because the clothes fit doesnt make them great. I can rip denim and sew on patchy, frayed letters. The point is, we are all trying to get back to living in harmony with each other and not being so quick to pass judgement. We need to spend more time focusing on how we can contribute to the greater good instead of joining the masses to take part in whatever social riot is the current hot topic. Be proud of who you are and what you have to offer. Instead of conforming to the new ideals, influence others on what the new ideals should be.

Karen on

A&F totally ridiculous. Not everyone is over a size 10 because they want to be or because they just don’t want to diet or exercise. There can be medical reasons. People can be so shallow. I wouldn’t spend a dime in that store. Absolutely ridiculous and no I’m not over a size 10.

KIM on

I will never shop there again. It’s sad that he has that mentality, and I won’t support it. And for the record, I find it odd that an unattractive man would boast that their clothing is only for the cool/good looking kids.

Katie on

No, I don’t forgive A&F. They have shown their true colors and it’s companies like that which we don’t need to have in World industries falsely influencing our youth and our future. I don’t care that I can fit into their clothes I know tons of people that workout, are healthy have a larger chest, hips, or even just bone structure in general. They are fantastic attractive and size 14. THAT IS NOT FAT!!!! Genetics and how people are born is how they are born. If our world just celebrated diversity more than it would be a much better place.

Juju on

Never shopping there again. A corporate apology means nothing to me.. We shoppers are not beggars. We have many different choices in where to shop. So even if Jeffrey himself apologizes, I’m still never shopping there again.

mobdotmarketing on

People are too sensitive and we really need to look at what was said by the Ceo. He has a obligation as a company that services the public to be considerate of the image he portrays he wouldn’t stand for one of his employee’s saying something like that publicly why should he be allowed. As a Ceo I have to represent my brand 24/7 365 and there are too many Ceo’s that get to do whatever they want nowadays. The fact that his company doesn’t make sizes past 10 is a smaller issue than the views and attitude of the company.

Sharon on

All he did was lip service, if anyone belives it, they’re a fool. He just wants his “good” name back. But people, being who they are, will continue to shop there, whether they expand their sizes or not.

Jake Vink on

This article is laughable given that you are quoting Ellen DeGeneres! Abercrombie $ Fitch should not cave to anyone. I really appreciate a clothing store I can shop at that has quality clothing that fits me and looks good on me. I am happy to pay more for that If people don’t like their marketing approach they can shop elsewhere but they are losers if they tear down A & F on sites such as this.

jared ruddell on

This isn’t even a picture of A&F models…. Way to go People….

Brooke on

I’m not a size 8 anymore, but even when i was, I couldn’t get their tops over my ample chest. The store is overpriced caca anyway.

Steve on

True, there are to many obese people in the world. Get off your ass and stop riding electric carts at Walmart! As for A&F, who cares?

ernie on

too late mike, you pretty much ruined the brand. i wonder what you will be wearing in the unemployment line? If you wanna save the company you should resign!

Ashley on

I went in to one of their stores once and left after to.d the did not care things big enough for me. I ain’t a heavy set girl I am just big chested. I felt so embarrassed that someone would point out my not being able to fit in their shirts and having someone remind me because of it

Shelby on

Um. I wear a size 12. And my stomach is completely flat. I workout three times a week. I can’t make my bone structure smaller. I have hardly any fat. My bmi is AVERAGE. so why is everyone saying anything over a ten is obese? Not every woman has a tiny frame. Every womam is shaped different. I think being fit and healthy and wearing a bigger size is better than skinny and unhealty.

Joyce Johnson on

I shop there and im average size. I don’t have a small waist chest or hips. However I fit into a medium. I think it’s good that they aren’t encouraging people to be fat. Maybe if people realize that they just have too much fat to fit in the clothes, they will work harder so they can. Also the clothes are great quality!

Sally on

Ok so it’s alright for lane Bryant to have clothes for ONLY plus size people but a&f can’t cAter to people who are average?

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