Backlash Against Abercrombie & Fitch's Anti-Plus Size Policies Reaches a Fever Pitch

05/15/2013 at 10:44 AM ET

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Back in 2011, when Abercrombie & Fitch offered to pay Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino to stop wearing their clothes so he wouldn’t tarnish the brand, it seemed like a funny, publicity-seeking joke. But as it turns out, it was actually a bigger part of the company’s retail strategy.

A recent book, The New Rules of Retail, draws attention to the company’s discriminatory clothing policies (specifically that they won’t carry sizes above a 10 or L) — which are in line with prejudiced hiring policies for which the company has come under fire before.

And in a 2006 Salon article, CEO Mike Jeffries defended the company. “In every school there are the cool and popular kids, and then there are the not-so-cool kids,” he said in the interview. “Candidly, we go after the cool kids … A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely.”

Since that interview has picked up traction, Abercrombie & Fitch has been taking a beating in the press, facing customer boycotts — even in Hollywood. Kirstie Alley took on the store, telling Entertainment Tonight, “I’ve got two kids in that [age] bracket that will never walk in those doors because of his views on people.” A popular YouTube post shows a man giving out Abercrombie’s clothes to homeless people in an effort to “rebrand” the logo.

Abercrombie & Fitch hasn’t commented on the controversy, but there’s no shortage of people willing to discuss the situation and whether it leads to bullying. Tell us: What do you think of the store’s policies? What about the boycotts?

–Alex Apatoff

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jimi on

I think this boycott is a good thing, and should serve as a wake up call to all the so called elite, and let them know that way of thinking is dated and harmfull not only to those who are excluded and ostracized, but also to those who endorse this way of thinking.

Jennifer on

In this ever increasing world of obese and fast foodies that irresponsibly gorge on McDonalds…I like the fact that Abercrombie is taking a stand to promote people with healthy lifestyles. It is what it is. I don’t go into Lane Bryant asking for a size 1…so why should an obese person go into Abercrombie asking for a size 24. There is a market and a retailer to fit everyone’s clothing needs. Be happy with who you are and the decisions you made to get there.

bg on

This comment is for Jennifer. While I agree a size 1 would not go into lane bryant I dont think its unreasonable for them to make clothes up to a size 16 or XL. There are people that wear those sizes and are not obese. They are just discriminating against what they think the size people should be. I agree with the boycotts 100%

kmagers on

This is one reason that more and more public schools have gone to a uniform policy. This just fuels bullying. Now that I have lost all the weight that I need to and am more fit, I’m already a “cool kid”. I see no need to ever darken their doors,

Liz on

I don’t wear Abercrombie and I don’t think the clothes are anything to rave about. Personally, the brand isn’t that great. It’s simple basic clothes with a big Abercrombie label on it. That’s all anyone is paying for. I’d rather spend my money on clothes without the label that’s great quality and a little extra on statment pieces. It’s up to a companies policy to decide whether or not they want to make bigger sizes. For him to voice the opinion of only “the cool people” should wear it is bad business. He should of just kept his mouth shut. For those larger people there are plenty of other labels out there that are far better than abercrombie you can wear. Hudson jeans, true religion, paige jeans, etc all of these companies cater to both smaller and larger sizes. Screw Abercrombie, and let him go under for voicing his discrimanatory opinions.

Beautiful Gypsy on

Whether A&F carries larger sizes is not the issue. Many store practice exclusionary marketing. However, when that exclusionary marketing is aimed at ONE particular group stating that they are the uncool and unpopular people with no friends is offensive and completely untrue. It is not that A&F doesn’t carry ANY clothing over a large, they certainly carry MEN’S clothing up to an XXL…therefore their aim is to solely exclude what A&F CEO deems the most unattractive and unwanted people…overweight (by his standards) women. That is blatant discrimination…NOT exclusionary marketing (otherwise men’s clothing over a size large would not exist at A&F either). I will never shop at a store owned or affiliated by A&F ever again for myself OR my beautiful, popular all-American daughter. It’s an embarrassment to be seen with their branding.

Elle on

Jennifer, I am a size 8 in any other store, but I can not fit into a size 10 at Abercrombie. I am not obese, I am an athlete and thus have leg muscle. I can not fit into their shirts because I am a 36D and the large only goes down to my belly button. I work out every day. So, your comment isn’t necessarily valid, and I know a lot of athletes who will agree with me.

mf on

If a company wants to target only certain consumers it is their decision, they are only trying to maintain their image. Its like a sports store only selling athletic wear or a dress boutique only selling dresses. Also, for any job you have to have certain skills, qualities etc if you don’t have them you don’t get the job a&f just happens to want slender good looking employees. If a&f doesn’t want to sell you clothes too bad they are the ones loosing your money. The big issue here is not a&f refusing to sell plus size clothes but instead the fact that 67% percent of shoppers are overweight. Shouldn’t we be more concerned about our well being rather wanting companies to accommodate to our weight gain? What has the world come too? The solution is not making bigger clothes but instead advocating for healthier lifestyles! I am sure a&f is not the only company who does this, they just happen to be more public about it.

Tallmiss on

I am a good size 12-14 on the bottom, and 8-10 on top. I go to Lane Bryant, and the size 14’s are huge on me. I go to Abercrombie, and things are indecently tiny. I used to love that brand, but it is ridiculous!

lyndsey on

This comment is for Jennifer: I don’t think anyone is expecting them to carry different sizes – I think it comes down to the “cool” and “not so cool” comments. There are plenty of “cool” people who are overweight, and there area plenty of “not so cool” people who are withing their sizing goals. Who are they to say who is meant to wear their clothes, if they fit in them and they want to wear them? I just hope that you don’t have a daughter later in life and, heaven forbid, she is one of the “not so cool” kids who have to deal with egotistical bastards like this.

April Briggs on

To: Jennifer
As for your comment:
I like the fact that Abercrombie is taking a stand to promote people with healthy lifestyles

Nowhere did he say anything about healthy lifestyles.
There is a difference & you my dear need to learn it

A on

Jennifer – Abercrombie is not taking a stand to promote healthy lifestyles. The First Lady is taking a stand to promote healthy lifestyles. Learn the difference.

StrawberryGirl on

What else would you expect from a company that once put naked people in its catalogues and pimped thongs to eight-year-old girls? I don’t know who wears A&F these days besides people who want to let the world know they’re d-bags.

Suzanne on

I have never shopped at this retail establishment and never will due to noticing the size issue in the past. They make clothes that I think promotes an unhealthy body image.

Julie on

Is the CEO of this company a 12 year old boy?? He sounds ridiculous. Talk about shaming people for being “bigger” than this company think they should be. How sad and pathetic

Kat on

AF is making the ASSumption that the majority of “beautiful people” are shallow. When, in fact, I know many beautiful people who also have hearts of gold and would never support a company that degrades people with disabilities.

karenlsw on

They lose… my grandaughters are 6 ft tall, perfectly proportioned, and cannot wear abercrombie. Where do girls of this size go. They are too thin for lane bryant.

Adra Maxwell-Flowers on

Not only will my money not buy ANYTHING for my (own) fat ass, but my children, who all range from 10-21, will never be bought another single item from this store!!!

Heather K. on

Personally he and his company should come under fire. Both under the laws of which companies are NOT to discriminate as well as this is borderline bullying by a GROWN MAN!! Who I am sorry has NO right to judge ANYONE on size or looks, as I am sorry but he does not look like a 10 or L to me ~ look in the mirror sir before you judge others. YES we have stores for taller, larger men and women ~ but many of those stores accommodate all sizes and DO NOT discriminate ~they accommodate ~ and to those saying “O’ but Lane Bryant I wouldn’t ask for x size” no you wouldn’t but you also wouldn’t expect to walk into an average store like Gap or Black and White and say do you carry an XL ~ there are those of us in the world that are a size 12 or 14 that are not “fat” or “obese” we are OUR NORMAL REGULAR SIZE ~ that happen to not STARVE ourselves to get into that size 1 ~ personally A & F stands for A – – – – – – and F – – – ~ never liked the store to begin with as I think they’re over priced for jeans and T-shirts

Caroline on

I think anyone who is of a certain age has realized that there is no such thing as cool. Those considered cool are only posers feigning their laissez faire attitudes.

tim on

If Chik fila can say what they want….what makes A&F any different!!

xtina on

I dont think there’s anything wrong with feeling that way about what you created…. I think its just the way he’s going about it to make sure everyone knows! And that of course is gonna get tons of backlash, we try and teach our kids everyday to be nice to each other no matter what, but when their fav brand is telling them its ok to hate the uncool or fat people there is a problem!

Faith on

My husband has 2 long sleeve shorts from there and they are XL and are still tiny and tight and when he weighs 125!

firewife2011 on

Really? How is this news? Who cares? Don’t like the way the do things don’t shop there. Problem solved.This is america, you do have to right to shop wherever you want. Get over it, there are way more important things going on in our country right now.

Arnel Evans on

I may hold a boycott this weekend. Plus size people already get discriminated against, and the last thing we need is a moron like Jeffries to add fuel to the fire. I will have my boycott this weekend at the A&F flagship store on Fifth Avenue at 12pm!!

Alleigh on

There is a monumental difference between promoting a healthy lifstyle and public humilation/bullying. The CEO was quick to put a label on people for being plus-sized by catagorizing them as “un-cool”. These kinds of comment are extremly damaging. Think of the message these comments send. What if your child, God forbid was a size 12, would you want her starving herself to fit into the “cool” kids store? Thatis the mindset of some kids, anything to be skinny.

Megan on

This comment like a lot of others is foe Jennifer. I don’t think your getting the point of the article they don’t carry sizes above a 10 to promote a healthy lifestyle. They do it like the CEO said to aim to a certain demographic the cool kids. Me and my friends always say that you have to be beautiful to work there. I personally never cared for it the clothes are overpriced, the music is always insanely loud and it way too much perfume. You can find way more affordable and cuter clothes for all sizes at Forever 21.

Jennifer Chilner on

You can also add disability discrimination to the list. A friend of mine is in a wheelchair. She was told to leave the store by an employee. Not to mention, she would have fit into their clothes. This store has an appalling policy. I really hope more people stand up and refuse to shop at a store that discriminates this badly.

Deb McGill on

Go Team Abercrombie & Fitch! The rest of youl get a life!

Alexis Daniels on

@Jennifer First off the CEO referred to “The cool-kids” in high school. So besides being size discriminatory, he’s a blatant idiot. In high school why should you be focused on what name brand clothes you wear? That’s why America is going down in education, while poor, “uncool kids” from foreign countries, who can’t afford Abercrombie are kicking butt in test scores, math and science. They’re the ones becoming Valedictorians. I’ve never met a high school Valedictorian who gave thanks to Abercrombie. He’s an idiot and anyone who agrees with this way of thinking is an idiot too. It’s not about the elite either, many wealthy people raise their children to work hard and invest. Only people with weak minds and a sense of “in-crowd” idiocy would fall for something like this.

Sammi on

Jennifer, you are an ignorant clown. Get bent.

Christine on

They are not promoting healthy lifestyles – they’re promoting hate and discrimination. Promoting healthy lifestyles is donating time/money to teach people HOW to be healthier – not by telling them they’re too fat to be good-looking, cool people. Get your heads out of your asses people – nothing about this company’s culture and thought-process is healthy or okay.

raulina on

I agree completely! why promote asymmetry in our nation?

at on

I’ve been against A&F since they came out with the catologue with only nude teenage models a few years back (no clothes on any of the models). My 11 daughter’s friends have asked her why she is not allowed to wear that brand, and I have told her to tell her friends it’s because that catalogue showed what the brand is selling. If a preteen is old enough to wear the brand, then she is old enough to know the message the brand wants to convey. But, I agree that it is a consumer’s choice; so I make this post so that more consumers can be aware and make and educated choice.

jeff on

A&F has every right to make the clothes they want to sell. I am 6’3″ and cannot wear their pants as they don’t come long enough, it just means I buy my pants at Express instead. You don’t see me whining about them discriminating against tall people.

If you have an issue with their business model, by all means shop somewhere else!

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

LOLLL Yes, Jennifer, they’re taking a stand, “to promote healthy lifestyles.” That’s their goal…

sweetkatilyn21 on

Jennifer, I doubt anyone would walk in asking for a size 24. Just to let you know, some people wear L and XL shirts and they’re not fat. Some men and women are muscular and need bigger sizes. Also, many women have big chests and don’t want to be busting out of their shirts. So before you start passing judgment, get off your high horse. If you’re a size one, that’s lovely for you. Just like it’s lovely for someone who is a size 16. You need to learn the different between obese, overweight, and normal. Just so you know, a size 12/14 is the average woman’s size in America. So you’re basically saying that anyone above a large is obese. You need to learn your facts before you start spouting off about obesity and the right sizes for people.

cindimom on

Abercrombie and Fitch represents everything that is bad about culture in the US. We wonder why we have such high rates of eating disorders, teen suicide, school drop-out rates, use of anti-depressants among teens etc. to say nothing of the school shootings!! Because of idiots like the CEO of Abercrombie!! Yeah lets make a big point about there being” cool kids” and they only come in a small size.. Is he for real? Maybe if we worked on building on inclusion for everyone, and building self-confidence in our young people and acceptance for individuals no matter their shape, size, nationality, color or what have you, everyone would be a lot happier! Evidently he didn’t get THAT MEMO!!!

Stacy on

A&F have been horrible for years. This just confirms the experiences that I, as well as many people I know, have had with them. I’m Black and live in Connecticut. I like preppy clothes and tend to dress classically, as do my brothers and other friends. We’re law abiding professionals, people who would upbuild a brand. Yet, we all have stories of going into A&F, being looked up and down, completely stereotyped, and then being completely and blatantly ignored by A&F staff. That is why we don’t shop there, and encourage anyone who will listen not to shop there either.
If A&F wants to be exclusionary, then fine. I won’t shop there. But to state that the people who they market to are “cool and popular.” That’s taking it too far. It’s a completely juvenile, yet eerily “Nazi-like” stance…
In response to Jennifer who ignorantly believes that A&F is “promoting people with healthy lifestyles.” I laugh at your naiveté. Just because one is less than size 10/L doesn’t mean that they are healthy. And conversely, just because someone is over a size 10/L doesn’t mean that they live an unhealthy lifestyle, nor does that constitute a person to be classified as obese.

Theodora on

A DESPERATE attempt to built a cool profile. Indeed, similar to the attempt to bullies to built a name as cool kids.
I would be happy to boycott the brand but I had never heard of it before anyway.

Mary on

Abercrombie can choose to be descriminatory. I can choose whether or not to support such companies. Everyone chooses where they spend their dollars, and everyone should be more choosy about who gets them.

Stacy on

A&F have been horrible for years. This just confirms the experiences that I, as well as many people I know, have had with them. I’m Black and live in Connecticut. I like preppy clothes and tend to dress classically, as do my brothers and other friends. We’re law abiding professionals, people who would upbuild a brand. Yet, we all have stories of going into A&F, being looked up and down, completely stereotyped, and then being completely and blatantly ignored by A&F staff. That is why we don’t shop there, and encourage anyone who will listen not to shop there either.
If A&F wants to be exclusionary, then fine. I won’t shop there. But to state that the people who they market to are “cool and popular.” That’s taking it too far. It’s a completely juvenile, yet eerily “Nazi-like” stance…

In response to Jennifer who ignorantly believes that A&F is “promoting people with healthy lifestyles.” I laugh at your naiveté. Just because one is less than size 10/L doesn’t mean that they are healthy. And conversely, just because someone is over a size 10/L doesn’t mean that they live an unhealthy lifestyle, nor does that constitute a person to be classified as obese.

Pegster on

I grew up in an era that had stores like 5, 7 and 9 shop that only carried up to a size 9. I think if this is America, we have the freedom to choose which stores to shop at or not. As far as me, I choose not to shop at this store. But do I think they are wrong for choosing a demographic that they want to make clothes for? If we don’t like it, then shop somewhere else. Pretty soon we will be boycotting a popsicle company who only makes red and blue popsicles and not all the colors. This is just so ridiculous and I am a plus sized woman. I could care less.

christy morris on

yes I still wear them I’m glad that a company is keeping sizes what they are and not enlarging them just to fit the unhealthy tide of obesity in this country. I’m thin yes I said it I’m thin and sick of gong into stores grabbing a size zero and its really a size seven n way to huge for me.Since the larger get pissed off saying its discrimination and cruel making them wear the size they really are. I don’t shop at plus size stores why shouldn’t there be a store that sells the sizes true to the measurements for us thin and not obese.

AngieinOhio on

A&F isn’t supporting a healthier lifestyle. The “cool kids” and “not so cool kids” come on now. We have spent a good deal on A&F clothes over the years and you can bet that this family of cool kids will never ever buy one more overpriced piece ever again. Shame on you A&F for biting the hand that feeds you! Say No To Bullying!

Becky on

Everyone matters. This cool/uncool ideology is crazy! He sounds like he’s 12

grama on

everyone should just stop buying from them, whatever the reason

Rebecca on

I remember back in high school I wanted nothing more but to wear A&F clothing, but I had no job and my mom wouldn’t spend money on the clothing from there. I’ve owned a few things from there that had mostly been gifts, but now I plan on digging that stuff out and donating it. There is no way I am going to support a brand that thinks people a little bit larger than me are too fat for their clothing. I wear a large there and even then it sometimes doesn’t fit me properly. Looks like I’ll be paying a trip to the local homeless shelter soon.

maggie on

I hope it hits them right in the pocketbook ! IDIOTS !

Morgan on

COOL people dont wear Abercrombie. There is nothing cool about being a walking ad.

Kat on

Just to clarify my comment, AF has a long history of discrimination… Race, Age and Disability. Just add body-type to the list. I love the freedoms we have in this country. AF is free to market this way and we are free to boycott. However, this marketing is not very smart and will only appeal to the young, immature and those with very little life experience.

andy on

While not my favorite place to shop it is one of few places that my skinny, long legged teen can have a pair of jeans that fit. My other teen daughter can not fit into their clothes because she is muscular in the legs and they wont fit over her thighs. If you dont care for their policies then simply take your business elsewhere

Stefanie on

I think that a size or number does not define who you are at all! No company has business telling anyone that!!

emelinesmom on

Do they discriminate against obese “uncool” sweat shop workers as well?

AmyinOaktown on

There is such a thing as BAD PR…sorry, but A&F practices are ridiculous. His comments are totally outrageous- …hoping there is a HUGE backlash against him personally – “A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely.”

Dana on

There are lots of brands that do not carry anything over an Large or sz 10. Hollister is one also. There is a whole woman’s store called 5-7-9 that carries nothing over a sz 9. But the problem here is his mouth and arrogance and his insinuation that only people of a certain size are popular or cool. Especially considering he looks like NY’s Cat Woman’s twin brother. Just say no to the plastic surgery Jeffries! Its not helping.

Kim on

Jennifer…I think you’re missing the point, and even worse you are giving A&K and its d-bag CEO credit where no credit is due. They are not “promoting a healthy lifestyle” they are saying that they’re the “cool kids” and anyone who doesn’t fit into a size 10 or under is not worthy of wearing their tacky clothing. Mike Jeffries is one of example of everything that is wrong in this world where there is an epidemic of teenagers who take their own lives because they feel they are not good enough or because they don’t “fit in.” To say that it’s okay to descriminate against someone who is not a size 10 only perpetuates the negativity these kids already experience on a daily basis.

cloudninegirl on

I think this is a brand of hatred. People that wear Abercrombie & Fitch clothes are helping these hate-mongers stay in business. If someone is wearing this brand, to me they must think it’s “cool” to hate other people and pass judgement on them. I would not spend a penny at a thrift store for a piece of Abercrombie & Fitch garbage.

Bonnie on

Jennifer – Just because someone is thin, it doesn’t mean they are healthy. Most anorexics are thin, many crack addicts are thin, smokers can be thin, etc. A&F isn’t promoting people with healthy lifestyles….this is a promotion of excluding those who don’t fit into their idea of being cool. I have no problem with the company not carrying sizes larger than 10, I do, however, have a problem with the message they’re sending to the people, the children and teenagers in particular, who they see as “uncool.”

charmd1 on

Regardless of what size you are we should be way past this in this day and age. Marketing ploys only last so long and when revenue starts to tank of course they will come up with another marketing scheme. It is always a cycle that is never ending however a negative image will eventually cost them $$$ – The sad part is A & F Cares is on their own website and they don’t see the impact of just because you do good in one area you fall short of your own overall goal!

LizB on

This is for Jennifer. Healthy lifestyles? I’m a vegetarian, I eat pretty well, have an active job and usually walk an hour to two hours a day. The only time I was under a size 10 was when I was starving myself and making myself throw up. Is that healthier than what I am doing now? Being over a size 10 does not equal unhealthy, especially if you are tall, muscular, or have large breasts. Maybe before you condemn people for being unhealthy at sizes over 10, research generics, body types, and how the media has blown the “obesity epidemic” way out of proportion.

Wicked14817 on

Well, if there were a store that catered to only the” beautiful people”, he would be kicked out on his a*s before he even got within 500 feet of the entrance! OMG!!! The cool kids thing is what really got to me more so than the actual size thing! Because there are a lot of specialty stores and that’s ok; isn’t there are 5/7/9 shop? I mean I’m 53, am I not allowed to shop in FOREVER 21? BUT, who determines what is cool? Does he? Is thin automatically cool? The whole thing is really disturbing and in this day and age when parents, teachers, etc. are so desperately trying to rid the world of bullying, we don’t need this type of message ““In every school there are the cool and popular kids, and then there are the not-so-cool kids,” adding fuel to the fire!

Ava Hill on

I have never been there and never will. Too expensive to pay for too little clothes. From what I have seen only well to do white girls are wearing it anyway.

Sharese on

There’s a difference between advocating a healthier lifestyle and discrimination. This is bullying on a corporate scale. They also refuse to donate clothing irregular or not to the homeless for image sake. #FitchtheHomeless This comment is for Jennifer The Situation is a fit person, obviously. What’s your excuse for them discriminating against him?

kim on

Jennifer I am size 9 waist BUT a Kim K booty that puts me in a 12 I require a XL or larger to bc I have a size F bust because of this ppl like me can’t shop there dose that make me NOT COOL if so then you ma’am are a very bad person

Nicole on

So what?….and no big secret. Point aside, they are over priced ….

Kent on

I am completely in disagreement with the CEO’s statement. And the fact is, even IF A&F goes up to a size 10 (which I am a true size 10) I cannot wear their clothes! Therefore, I will not be giving the business any of my money!

Really? on

Really? AF is target marketing just like other manufacturers do. Everything in todays world is discriminatory and there is always someone offended blah! blah! blah! If you disagree don’t go there and make purchases. This type of “Cause” is really getting old. If you are too fat to wear their clothes go somehwere else!

Marlene Heyning on

Personally, I think the boycott is a good thing. And what’s so wrong about making clothes sizes up to an XL? The brand isn’t that great, the clothes are actually really badly made (they get holes in them after about a day), and they just aren’t all they are hyped up to be.

reese on

I don’t necessarily agree with A&F in their practices but people, chill out. They have every right to make the clothes they want to make. Not everyone is meant to shop at every store. While their comments regarding “cool” kids and “not-so-cool” kids do not promote anything healthy and it may actually promote anorexia, I frankly think there the number of obese people in America is getting out of control. I doubt anyone who is obese or overweight will try to lose weight because they can’t fit into A&F clothing but even if ONE does try, they’ve done a service to America.

susan on

They have the ugliest, cheap, wrinkled looking clothes. Why would you want to wear them?!

LuluAZ on

Thanks for the info….my daughter is right at the age where she would want to shop there ….it’s not happening now! I have to say that several of the t-shirts I’ve seen other kids wear appear as if they just got iron-on letters and made them at home (at least the ones without the moose!)

Rebecca on

Abercrombie is out of date anyways so who cares who they want to target. This is 2013, Abercrombie was popular like 10 YEARS ago.

heather on

I am all for companies doing what they want and marketing anyway they want, that’s the right of every business owner but the reality is the CEO has offended people, not just fat/obese people. THEY ARE NOT PROMOTING A “HEALTHY LIFESTYLE” as stated by Jennifer below, they are promoting hate for people who don’t have washboard abs or who don’t fit in with their belief of the perfect person.

john on

I’m a double XL and proud of it and love Old Navy and WalMart. I ain’t got time for labels!

nan cook on

Daughter of a xx large momma! I love and know the challenge of finding that size, i alo know from my daughter the heck of finding a 00, so ifeel for both sides of this issue

Joyce on

Rich people and high end stores won’t admit the majority of the people are a size 10 or larger. Guess A/F only want trophey wives and skinny b**ch mistresses in their stores !!!

kksox on

Jennifer, A&F is not promoting healthy lifestyle, I mean look at the pic with this story. Though I am not a fan of “The Situation”, his body is rock hard. They are promoting beautiful people. I am a size 14, I work out, I am very athletic. I have never purchased A&F clothes because they run extremely small and are outrageously expensive. Lane Bryant caters to larger sized women that cannot walk into A&F or other big name stores and find their size! There is a difference in promoting health and promoting ridiculousness. Beauty comes from within, who makes A&F think they can define what beauty is???????????

Ashley on

I won’t shop there. Not just because of their ridiculous, exclusionary views, but also because the clothes are over-priced & are of poor quality. I don’t mind paying a premium if I feel I’m getting my money’s worth. I won’t, however pay big bucks for a name slapped on a mediocre product.

Rae on

My daughter is a size 0 at any other store yet at AF and Hollister she has to buy a size 5. So is there size 10 really a true ten? According to their website the waist size for a size 0 is 24-25 inch waist. While other stores a size 0 is 27-28 inch waist. The difference is uncalled for and just feeds into teenage insecurities. I am proud that my daughter has made the decision to no longer shop there even though she fits the so called “profile” of who the CEO wants shopping there. Well you just lost one and if she has her way you will lose all her friends too!! I love the differences in all kids and it does not make you less “cool” if you can’t wear clothes from a company run by jackasses!

kathy harshman on

This guy should be fired. With all the bullying in schools, this is exactly what causes it. Who says “cool kids” are only thin? Great way to lower self esteem in kids. Parents should not allow their children to wear these clothes.

Rebecca on

This article hits home, extremely close in fact. I was never “pretty” in school, I never “fitted” in, and from this, Now I feel unworthy and unwanted. Who gave the right to a man to tell us THE WOMEN, what we should look like? Not only do I feel like an item out of place when I walk into the store on rare occasions, I get looks from the employees like the ground I walk on is dirt and they float god-like in the air. I am 5 ft 6, I weigh 148 lbs, I play tennis, I am active.. but you know what, I have been dieting my whole life. I even contracted a mild eating disorder. I just want to say this to the CEO, “Because of you, I feel like a social outcast. Sure my body is round, but I have curves and muscle. I can’t see my ribs, and you know what? You shouldn’t. So please let me edify you; morally speaking. Hasn’t your mother taught you the first rule to anything? Is RESPECT not something you practice. How dare you tell me what I should like, and how I should dress. Sorry I am not a skeleton and eat once a week. You’re not promoting anything but to whither away my body at your expense. Sir, you are the optima of the man who is self-centered, and extremely prejudice.”

Katie (kat) on

There are plenty of unhealthy thin people and perfectly healthy overweight people. Stop judging others based on what they look like and being ignorant. Weight is something everyone can see but what about all those character flaws that are invisible to the naked eye like being shallow and unkind? I wish we could have a store where things aren’t sold to jerks!

Lauren on

Abercrombie & Fitch is cool? Since when?

When I was in high school, their clothes were for all the kids who has sticks up their @ s s e s.

Bella on

Jennifer do you think that everyone that is obese irrsponsibly gorges on fast food?! I would be considered as obese and I do not even eat fast food. I would bet money that even with being size 24 my diet and my exercise level is probably alot better and more heathey then your size 1. I have a brain tumor that makes me every sick and that causes me to gain weight and not be able to lose it. My point is do not judge people when you know nothing about them

Anna on

I thought this was America where everything is supposed to be equal. It is people like this who cause our young people to have low or no self esteem. I honestly think that they should be charged a fine or be closed down anyone who agrees with the CEO is a damn fool and should have their ass kicked. I am so tired of people thinking they are better than everyone else. I have never in my life seen such a foolish group of people may God have mercy on their souls and I will be praying for them.

Chive On on

Considering he said this back in 2006, I think we are all a little late to the complaining game. We allow stores and companies like Hooters and Big&Tall to exist and don’t jump on them for being exclusionary, how is this any different?

Elizabeth on

People come in all different shapes and sizes. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. Get over yourself you dumb CEO. Go spray some perfume on clothes and be quiet. Everyone has their Target market. But you don’t need to say that you don’t like fat people wearing your clothes. Lane Bryant caters to plus sizes and they don’t do interviews saying that they don’t want skinny people walking into their stores.

Zeze on

Have you seen the way this creep looks? It makes his interest in “cool high school kids” all the more disturbing.

Willie on

Why boycott? If they do not want to make any size, the company has the right to do that and should not bow to people telling them how to run their company. By the way, I am clinically obese.

guest on

I read another article where it stated the men’s sizes are larger to accommodate an athletic build in MEN. Apparently woman can’t be athletes.
Also, has anyone seen a picture of the CEO… it’s ironic that he says only cool people can wear A&F. It’s also weird that men’s sizes are larger and he is also, larger – probably to accommodate himself.
Say what you want about having smaller sizes to promote fitness but to have a size 00 and not a 12 or XL is not exactly promoting fitness…

wjhonson on

I would never wear A&F clothing. Everyone I’ve ever met in their clothes is egotistical, snobbish, empty-headed, self-centered. Let’s start with the CEO.

Smells Like Kardashian on

I have no thyroid so my size is more or less indicative of that. I need plus size. I don’t want to force any store to take my money but they just need to realize that I won’t support them neither…if my size should change, or if they change their mind about what they carry or if I am shopping for gifts. It’s okay.

Amy on

I don’t get why anyone bothers to give this man so much credit. People will shop there if they like the clothes obviously. You don’t like it, don’t shop there. Pretty simple really. Why allow him to make you feel bad about yourself. All retail stores cater to a specific market. What I find more troubling is how hypocritical this whole movement is. Giving these shirts to the homeless because they are uncool, essentially exploiting their situation.

C. Good on

Another for Jennifer…. I am a 5’11’ woman who is 160 lbs. I have a medium frame, so by your standards, I’m obese, even though I have a 28 inch waist. This isn’t even vaguely about a “healthy lifestyle”, this is about innate snobbery. So, a woman has to be petite and small boned (or the size of a child) to “qualify” to wear the brand? And you LIKE the fact that a company excludes people, just because they don’t fit the national average of size. I think Abercrombie deserves a very large boycott, they will change their tune when the profits start hitting the basement.

Amber on

And limiting their market segment in the process! As if they could possibly determine who will wear their clothes!

Sharese on

One person commented (Jennifer) that they are promoting people with healthy lifestyles. “The Situation” looks pretty fit and healthy to me. What’s the excuse now? Wanting everyone to fit an image or not accepting those who don’t is a mistake that has been made repeatedly throughout human history. Isn’t it time to change that?

Jasmine on

This is for people like Jennifer. You realize that there are those of us who are no where near obese but will never be a size 5. I’m healthily, active, and work out 5 days and do not have the ability to be a small size because of my body structure. So what am I suppose to be punished for what I can’t control? I can’t shrink my bones. I think your comment and the interview is ridiculous. Your views are a part of the bullying problem. I hate people like you. So full of judgment and evil. F you.

Elizabeth on

Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 and she was stunningly gorgeous!! and very Cool!! I think the idea that should be going out is find your beauty in any size and if a company does not want to carry it, guess what they loose not only my money, but I will not buy my kids clothes there either, and they are the cool kids, my kids have better taste and would never go with a company that would hurt an others feelings because of there size! and I am only a size 8-10 and I would never go there. Even one discrimination allowed will make it ok for all the rest.. and it is NEVER ok!!!

Siobhan on

I want to make my own shirt called Abercrombie is Sh*t

Barb on

I am an older and larger woman. I wouldn’t go in that store if even I were size 2 and 17 years old. There are enough shallow, unkind people in the world. I urge everyone to boycott this store. This is how bullying starts.

lois on

What makes their clothes so cool? They’re made in the same slave labor shops as other brands, just a different lable.

Ella on

I’m surprised they think their clothes are cool. They’re not. They were popular like 15 years ago. Besides that it is the most heinous store in the mall. They alert you to their presence with overwhelming amounts of cheap smelling perfume, which is good because you know exactly where the store is so you can avoid it. I think it’s great the CEO mentioned the cool kids in high school because it just underlines how doomed Abercrombie is. Have you noticed that most of the popular kids in high school didn’t do that well in real life? While the rest of us moved on and kept maturing, they sort of peaked too soon and then became stuck. There are exceptions but for the most part that was their heyday. 1) The ‘cool’ famous teenagers don’t wear their clothes anyway 2) Their clothes smell really bad and so does their store. Literally.

Karen on

This is no different than if they would say they don’t want certain races to wear their product. While political correctness runs amok, certain groups are still being attacked and bullied. If you’re overweight or conservative, they can say whatever they want to belittle you.

Bonnie on

I’ve NEVER been trendy, but I most certainly am COOL. I don’t need a brand to tell me that what acceptable and whats not. Life is not about a number on a label…or even the label.

Katie on

I’ve experienced first hand Abercrombie’s joke of supposed “customer service”. Now that I have children of my own we will absolutely NEVER be shopping at this store no matter how “cool” we are.

LM on

My college roomie worked at Abercrombie and she said when they hired her, her main job was to be a model for the clothes. Customer service was not their first priority. After that, I never went in the store again. Your customers are who keep you in business. What an elitist snob. Plus, their clothes kinda suck anyway so I didn’t have a problem shopping elsewhere.

Tami on

I don’t get what the big fuss is about. It’s a free country the CEO can feel how he wants and say whatever he wants. The clothing is only for people of a certain body type. So what? He has no responsibility to other people’s children or people who are not thin enough to fit in A&F clothes. I didn’t say the comments were nice, because they’re not. If he wants to sound like a pompous jerk then more power to him. Don’t like it? Too big to fit the clothes? Then don’t shop there. Spend your money elsewhere. But don’t try to force the company and the CEO to make clothing for larger people because you don’t like what he said and how he feels. The man sounds like a jerk but he’s a genius because all this does is promote the brand to those who can afford to shop there and can fit the clothing.

Tim C on

He sounds like a pretentious, pompous size queen and not in the good way.

mair on

This is for Jennifer after loosing 150+ lbs. i am sick, Of still being called fat. i should be able to shop in any store, I wount, not all of us ate our way there.Some times its in your genes

Cynthia on

Cindy Crawford was considered a plus size model, I bet
A & F wouldn’t turn her away.

Donna on

I think this “boycott” is kinda silly. Every brand whether it be Abercrombie, Express, Lane Bryant etc. has a particular demographic that they cater to. Yes, Mike Jeffries comments were uncalled for but I wouldn’t expect anything less from a company that sells the same fratboy products again and again each season since 1998.

jami on

I am one of the coolest fat girls ever. He does not even know what he is missing out on over here! I think all that plastic surgery has also messed with his brain. Oh well his loss. I am not what I wear I am all personality Mr. JEFFRIES so take that to your plastic surgeon and cash it in!

E on

Abercrombie and Fitch is not taking a stand against obesity as a health measure, but as a measure of what is chic and cool. That distinction needs to be made here. They are discriminating against people who were a size 12 and above, and that is simply not okay. I will not step foot into this store until they amend their policy. It is sickening to me that we still allow people to discriminate on the basis of weight. How dare they!

Tessa on

It’s the same with bras…and Victoria’s Secret….who doesn’t make anything above a 38….

sher on

Other stores do it. There’s this store called 5-7-9. I went in one time to see what type of clothing they sold and since I’m 5′ 11′ tall, I fit a 12 slim so I couldn’t buy from that store. This man talks about only wanting to appeal to the ‘cool kids.’ That’s what really bothers me. If you don’t fit a size 10, you’re not considered cool? Whatever happened to trying to appeal to a broader market? This guy is so ignorant and inhumane that he’d rather insult a very large group of potential customers (no pun intended) than go up a few sizes. He didn’t have to make that comment. His store practices says it all so why not just shut up?

Josie on

I think handing out that over priced stuff to homeless people is a great idea!
It’s not the fact that they don’t have clothes for overweight people that is offensive. (Any business in the US can sell to whomever they like.)
The offensive thing is the attitude, the blatantly exclusionary philosophy and the creating of a ‘cool kid’ class all it’s own. There is enough of that going on in society without adding to it.
Personally, I have begun to look at people wearing that brand as stuck up snobs who don’t deserve the notice of REAL people.
This is exactly the kind of thing I encourage my kids to avoid. There is no need to be friends with those kind of people. It’s much more fun with the geeks and nerds – you know… the people who ACTUALLY run things. Anyone heard of Bill Gates? I’ve never seen him wearing that brand. LOL

nicole on

they can take their clothes and shove them

sookie on


Marcy on

Didn’t he say this 7 years ago? Why is this just coming out now? They are in the market to sell to this type of clientele. The people that shop at Abercrombie are going to continue to shop there and those that never have, never will! Should skinny people be offended when they go into Lane Bryant and can’t find their size? How about the short, average sized man that goes into Big & Tall? Really people, STOP WHINING!

Carolyn Sullivan on

So is the CEO stating that being larger than a size 10 or Large means that you can’t be cool? I didn’t realize that size was related to coolness. Also Jennifer, if you want to discuss responsibility, I don’t think that you should refer to a size 1. Is that a size 1 healthy for the age group that they are targeting…. Probably not.

reason on

Why is it ridiculous that a company wants to target an audience/customers?

Darlene on

Designers have been doing this for years and this CEO opened his mouth and everyone is taking offence? Every designer has a target consumer that they’re aiming at.
Is he an a**hole for opening his mouth about it? Absolutely. But, come ON, people. We’ve all been in A&F stores. This didn’t come as a shock, did it?

Ashley on

Wow, that’s a lot of hate on one person, Jennifer. She may not have put it well but her statement that there’s a retailer for every size is a fact. A&F can market to whoever and however they want, it’s capitalism. The land of the free. So the CEO labeled it “cool”. So what? You teach your children what is truly cool and uncool. You don’t have to use his standards.

I don’t have any issues w/ what he’s doing b/c most all famous retailers target a certain population. Last I checked, I don’t think Victoria Secret’s sell bras and panties for XL or size 16 or above. And like another commentor said, Nike doesn’t sell athletic wear to above L or size 24.

So why get mad at AF when tons of retailers discriminate too?

ke on

I think it’s hilarious that Abercrombie thinks of itself as cool or elite. It seems to me that The Situation is exactly its demographic.

KH on

They have the right to make whatever sizes they want, most brands do. However, it is VERY bad public relations to tell people what their policy is. From a public relations policy, it is better to say that they are “inclusive” while behaving in an exclusionary manner. Why on earth would they draw attention to their policy? He deserves to be fired, what an idiot!

Amanda on

A&F has their label on the front of almost everything they make. I’m sorry but I’m not going to pay thirty dollars for a cheaply made t-shirt just so I can give them free advertising….it’s a huge pet peeve!

tee on

over priced baby clothes

Cate on

Don’t hate the player, hate the Game

I agree with Jennifer 100%. If you’re boycotting, chances are it’s because you don’t belong in these clothes anyway.

Lisa D. on

The CEO is nothing more than an adult bully! I think that anyone over a size 10, should squeeze into the smallest possible A&F outfit they can get into, take photos and splash them all over social media. He only wants the “cool” kids in his brand? Get over yourself, Mr. CEO!

Phil McCracken on

@deb McGill

Did u seriously just post go team Abercrombie after a posting stating they kicked a wheelchair bound teen out of their store????? Yikes! What a knuclehead!!!! U rbpart of what’s wrong with America my dear!

QT on

Jennifer, being thin doesn’t necessarily mean being healthy.
The point of this whole issue is because the CEO said the wrong thing. It’s normal for stores to target specific groups of people, but him coming out and actually saying those things weren’t right.

AnnMarie on

Lol! Ya’ll crack me up! Who gives a rat’s bottom what a bunch of skinny b*****s think? I think people should be happy, simple as that. Happiness is more important than being skinny (and there are a lot of miserable skinny b*****s who I want to tell to eat a damn cupcake and loosen up) and life is too short to not be happy. Besides, my money is too hard earned to buy the garbage that comes out of A&F. They have the worst quality merchandise I have ever came across. I have American Eagles I’ve been wearing for years, bought a pair of A&F and they lasted 3 months. What a joke!

amaryllis on

I don’t really care. I believe in a free market and if A&F can make money catering to their market, then so be it. I’m a size 2 – 4 in the US. When I go to Hawaii, in some stores I’m all the sudden wearing a large. Even if I went to Hawaii and there were no clothes to fit me I wouldn’t get upset. There will always be places that cater to my size, and there will always be places that cater to plus sizes. And unlike the olden days, there are even cute plus size clothes now!

diane on

people go to church with jeans, flannel, t-shirt, sandals, shorts and God never reject them. people go to church even they’re thin, heavy, average, God never judge them n we don’t judge them. in the Bible, we can’t judge the others n God judge everyone till our Judgement Day. i can see Abercrombie, very misjudged abt large sizes n rude.. im glad that i have never shop at Abercrombie..

Trish on

Jennifer….people that wear a size 1 are not necessarily healthy. People who wear a size 12 are not necessarily unhealthy. Size does not always equal health.

annie100 on

In 2004, there was a lawsuit against them because they discriminated against minority workers. They were very blatant and didn’t even disguise their discrimination against non-white workers. They lost this lawsuit. Their “Hitleresque” ways have continued. They actually do carry some plus sizes for men, but they refuse to carry any plus sizes for women. Therefore, we can add a sexism assessment to their corporate culture. Since, deep down, they only view thin, white individuals as acceptable, I hope this brand goes out of business. I applaud everyone who engages in this boycott.

Skinnny girl on

Excuse me, but if the man is being discriminatory by not making clothes larger than a size 10/L then it’s also discriminatory for you to say that being a size 1 is unhealthy. I am a size 1 and I am not unhealthy, it’s just the way my body is. And I go into stores that make a size 1 a lot bigger than it should be and I don’t necessarily boycott those stores- I just don’t buy from there because their clothes don’t fit me properly. We all can’t fit into clothes from EVERY retailer so get over it! This is America, there are more than enough clothing options for everyone to find what suits them best.

Now as for his clothes being for only the “cool” kids…I am a cool kid and I think his clothes are uncool.

Stephanie on

I hope we can put this guy out of business. Seriously, someone commented that A & F are promoting a healthy lifestyle? Really?!? How so? By encouraging our kids to binge and purge so they can fit into the clothes. My pre-teen will never fit into those clothes. She’s not obese…she’s athletic and doesn’t have the “anorexic” body that is required to wear those clothes. He doesn’t have to worry about me ever coming into his store. It won’t happen.

Barbara Wittwer on

I have news for them, A&F’s “shizzz” does stink. Would love to see it tank. The CEO better watch out as he may be responsible for poor profits and end up fired and homeless on the street wearing hand-me-outs A&F. Jennifer below, you should come out from under your rock. This has nothing to do with their support of a healthier lifestyle.

Rita on

I think the boycott is OK. To be honest, I am 5″5 and it’s not hard fitting into a size 6 or junior’s 7, and I am in my 40’s. It would take a ton of overeating for me to have to wear a 12. I think a healthy average is in the 4-10 range, you bet I do. Not a 0, maybe a 2 for small boned people, and 8 and 10 for tall people, at nice weights in the 115-140 range. Why can’t we just say what is too fat or too skinny? What is wrong with a good average.

Jane on

Its pretty horrible that my 12 year old and some pf her friends ran across this article online and now after speaking to my daughters and several parents of these young girls are now all worried they are to fat to be cool. At an age when young girls bodies are changing thats great. However for someone who looks like sloth from the Goonies to insinuate my child is may not be cool or good looking by his standards is ignorant and repulsive. We won’t be shopping there again nor will the parents of the other girls.

guest on

Jennifer – are you sniffing fu**ing glue? Do you have children? Obviously not – but if you do – what if your daughter asked you about this – you dumb Fu*k.

John M on

I am not fit for Aberzombie clothes by virtue of age OR size – and that’s fine. The frequently mentioned Lane Bryant needn’t market to the sharp-boned starved model, nor Brooks Brothers market skate-wear, nor Men’s Wearhouse to women, children and enfants. However vapid their youthful male-beauty obsessed marketing is, it’s their chosen market segment and their business. Not all things, including clothing, is designed or appropriate for all people. Witness ye any given day in many a Walmart.

Ambo on

I remember A&F being ‘cool’ when I was in high school 12 years ago… Are they really still relevant? Stop buying their clothes and lets move on. . .

Rach on

I am so shocked to see so many people saying that people who fit into sizes 0-10 are healthy and that is the lifestyle AF is trying to promote.Just because you are in that size range does not make you healthy. Skinny does not mean healthy, people! i am in better shape now as a size 12 than I was when I was a size 8 because back then I just dieted but did not exercise. I couldn’t run a mile to save my life then but I can now that I work out 6 days a week.

anniegrey on

There plenty of attractive people who can’t afford A&F. Just like there are well off people that are unattractive. He’s not going to weed out the uggo’s doing this.

There plenty tall hot women and the hot plus size women that he’s never going to get business from, either.

jessie on

I didn’t like their clothes before, but I certainly think they’ve hurt their brand now. Even the “cool kids” in the American public have a conscience. It isn’t the fat/skinny argument that is harmful. People come in different sizes, they made their beds, yada-yada…agreed. But the elitist, exclusionary, snotty attitude is so off-putting. People need to treat each other with more kindness and this type of attitude is a perfect example.

Jamie on

This comment is for Jennifer. You obviously are in need of character-building tact. Clearly, you should spend needed time in projects donating your spare mani-pedi time at the genesis house for the home of the abuse or cooking bare minimum for the hungry- shameful statement for one who doesn’t get the principle. I also agree with the boycotts 100%

jones72 on

My friend is a size 4/6 and wears a Large there. Same thing at Hollister. I’m a size 8/10 and don’t bother going into either store. Their large is NOT size 10… Who are they trying to kid??

Wow shallow much? on

Cool and uncool, what does that mean. Is that code for we only cater to a certain segment of the population? That’s fine, but I bet the population that they want to shop at their stores, does’nt think they’re cool either.

Susan on

Saying that Abercrombie is taking a stand to promote healthy lifestyles is totally untrue – they could care less about a person’s lifestyle. All they care about is their bottom line and hope to inflate that bottom line by being a brand that is exclusive to “cool” people – I guess only thin people are cool in their book. Not all thin people lead healthy lifestyles nor do all overweight people not lead healthy lifestyles. Abercrombie is not exclusive but rather exclusionary and I will never shop there.

Molly on

We’re in a free market, so they can be offensive and inappropriate, and we can shop elsewhere, and we can wave to Jeffries as he stands in an unemployment line.

bridget on

Now, I’m not going to shop there because I don’t like the CEO’s jagged teeth…very unpopular. I’m 100% sure the CEO (who is old but trying to dress young) got jumped in school because of his reckless mouth. PLUS, he wasn’t popular anyway because he has shark teeth. See a dentist dude. Call 1800-DENTIST

jojo on

Victoria Secret doesn’t have large size, nor does the Loft, Nordstrom, Neiman and most stores. What’s the noise all about?

Lynn on

Ok. I’ll say it… Who really wears Abercrombie anymore anyways… This is clearly a dying brand looking to get attention. Mission accomplished Abercrombie and Fitch. What a joke. Healthy is fabulous whether that be a 4 or a 14! Preach.

annette on

I don’t wear clothes with logos. I will not give them free advertising space on my body.

darcy on

OH Jennifer, you are sooo missing the big picture here. As a plus size person I am fine that all stores don’t carry my size. It is the failure of the company to recognize how their statements can attribute to bullying, low self esteem, hence our society has more then doubled our teen suicide rate that is the problem. No one has to be a size 12, but saying you are only cool if you are under a 10 and we only want “cool” kids to wear our clothes offends every person who is not in some John Hughes film. This isn’t the 80’s and no one is Molly Ringwold. Since their demographics are teenagers they should use that platform to encourage teens to be at a healthy weight to wear their clothes.

PJ on

I am neither obese or skinny, I fall in between. I would never buy A&F clothing, I do not buy anything that has bold advertising for the company. Reason being you pay a pretty penny for the goods and they get FREE advertising when you wear it.

Liz on

I think it is good that Abercrombie and Fitch is not promoting “Plus Sizes” however I do agree that their sizes should be a little more the size it says.

Joe Turner on

Its about time that some influential retailer takes a stance against obesity. Really tired of seeing 275-300l bs+ walking around in designer clothes that were never intended for them.

Obesity has to have more of a down side to disencourage glutony .

Tracy Kerkow on

@ MF… Abercrombie isn’t worried about the health of the people they are discriminating against… just their outward appearance!!! Obviously the CEO needs to go back to college and take classes in business and marketing, because A&F’s reputation was ruined by such ridiculous, judgmental comments. I am by no means fat… I am 65”, 112 lbs, and fit. I am in the Army and workout regularly, and I still wouldn’t buy my clothes from A&F!! I don’t agree with anything they stand for and their clothes are poorly made!! Hopefully, none of these women let such ignorance influence the way they feel about themselves!!! A&F clothing doesn’t make a person “cool”… you are who you are and clothing can’t change that!! Embrace the person you are and ignore those who are too ignorant to see beyond a poorly made Abercrombie t-shirt!! Buckle, Express, and VS have much better clothing:)

Samantha on

I think it is an arrogant mistake by A&F.

peggy on

i see nothing wrong with what they are doing. i am sick of looking at fat people

Milena on

I think its horrible to say that the “cool kids” are supposed to be a certain size (especially females, we get enough of that everywhere else). I was ALWAYS extremely underweight growing up (going to high school I was only about 85 lb) but I still never would wear their clothes because the people I saw wearing them were so full of themselves. And now that we are older, many of them have done little to nothing with their lives. Being the “cool kid” isnt always best.

Popularity shouldnt be based around a specific brand of clothing, it should be based on likability and personality. Maybe wit and intellegence. Parents that dont reinforce that are contributing as much as AF with their insane branding. Start teaching them HOW to think, not WHAT to think! And businesses like AF can go @$*! themselves. All those heavier kids….they seem to turn out just fine without AF clothes making them “cool”.

J on

Size shouldn’t be a label on what makes someone cool or uncool. Truly our personalities should be seen and not a clothing style. The CEO has it completely wrong in his thinking. Someone can be a size 12 or larger and be healthy…and smart…and cool…all this company is promoting is ‘pretty’, which goes against everything that we as human beings should be teaching our future…

Curlylox on

Does Mike Jeffries own a mirror???

Anna on

I think Mike Jeffries is advertising himself, his employees and his brand as advocates for bullying. High school is the most ridiculous and ridiculing time of a person’s life and he is only giving those kids who think they’re better than everyone else because of the clothes they wear an excuse for treating other kids who either can’t afford or can’t fit into Abercrombie’s clothing. I sincerely hope this whole company goes under. America has never been an admirable country and Jeffries isn’t helping.

Tracy Kerkow on

I am sick of ignorant people… which you appear to be!! Have you ever taken into consideration why someone may be overweight or do you just judge people based on their appearance? Some people have medical conditions that cause weight gain… I have a friend who lost both legs on deployment and gained weight due to her lack of ability to workout like she used to… she lost her legs fighting for your freedom!!! How can you possibly judge without knowing the reasons behind why someone is the way they are?! It’s called ignorance!!

graceandpeas on

First of all, has Mike Jeffries looked in a mirror lately? If we’re gonna approach life from such a shallow perspective, then lets not discriminate: The man is pretty damn unattractive. And the botox and veneers aren’t doing him any favors.

His approach to life is really harmful to his fellow human beings. Stores like his have the power to influence culture for good, or bad, and we all know which side of the aisle he’s chosen. Very sad.

NB on

I agree with this boycott !! More power to the people who decide to not shop at this horrifying and RIDICULOUS store.

ana on

Offensive or not no one can make them sell plus sizes if they don’t want to. Period! They were not very nice making those comments, but they have the right to sell what they want. It’s up to us, customers to decide if we like their clothes enough to go to Abercrombie & Fitch and buy.

Awwwshucks on

Applecrumbly & Fizzzzzzz………

fangirlrants on

The folks who think this is okay and that he’s ‘promoting a healthy lifestyle’ need to get a reality check. I agree that we shouldn’t be encouraging obesity, but to so blatantly call out and put down overweight people is only fueling the fire. I can speak from experience that quite a few overweight people got that way by stress eating/eating more when they’re depressed and already have a low-self esteem. You’d be surprised how many of them would lose more weight by being encouraged. Once I started to feel good about myself and got out of the already judgmental teenage years, that’s when I lost 75 lbs and got to a healthy weight.

So while I can now fit into Abercrombie clothing, there’s no way I’m going to wear them. I prefer companies like American Eagle, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Susan de Pazos on

So sad that A&F has to resort to negative attention getting tactics in order to try and market to folks. Sounds to me like they are trying to bring attention to their dying brand in any way they can. Why else would they post a quote from their obviously insecure CEO 7 years after he said it? Personally, I don’t really care what types of clothing sizes they carry as I no longer shop there. However, 1 thing matters above all else to a retail CEO and that’s profit. Profit trumps all. Is this really a smart business move to state “candidly” how prejudice you are against people that may purchase this clothing for their children? Losing out on dollars there. Never something your stockholders are going to look forward to.

Kat on

A&F has the right to sell whatever they want, and people have the right to shop or not shop wherever they want. That’s they beauty of the US. You don’t like it? Don’t go there! Done.

Katie on

Abercrombie is discriminating against HEALTHY people! The only people that fit in those clothes don’t eat and what not. They aren’t the type of people that go to the gym and have any muscle tone whatsoever. They’re the pre-puberty girls and the ones that never developed any kind of healthy body image. Seriously, they’re large shirt fits a healthy size 4…

telly on

@mf please do not try and make a point,as you really suck at it. Having a skill for a job and being chosen for a job based on your looks is not quite the same thing. You must be a fan of the Kardashians and think Kim is amazing since she has the skill of a pretty face. Also, your point regarding athletic stores and dress designers was off as well. Best of luck to you . . .

Jennifer on

I think Lane Bryant should kick A&F’s skinny ass!

MyOpinion on

Go after Hollister too. They do the same thing.

Teresa on

It is up to A&F to sell to whatever demographic they please. However , if I can’t work there because by their company standards I am deemed overweight (size 12, 5’8 and I work out 5-6 days a week), that is discrimination. If you treat me differently when I walk in the store, because I don’t fit the ideal image, that is discrimination. I don’t shop there because I chose not to even for gifts for others. My daughter loves the store but I refuse to buy her clothes from there and that is my choice. It doesn’t bother me that others do shop there. The image that this company promotes only helps to perpetuate stereotyping, which leads to bullying and there is already too much of this going on in our schools.


Hey people, not ALL American’s are fat. Why does EVERYTHING have to be so p.c.?

LOL! on

Who they choose to market their clothing to is entirely up to them. And where I choose to spend my dollars is up to me and my family won’t be caught dead in their “cool” brand.

Gabi on

People shouldn’t let a brand define who they are. Is like when you paint a house on the outside when you have termites inside. Change comes from within and unfortunatly i’ve decided that i don’t want to promote a brand that cause people to discriminate others for any reason. I stand for respect and equality

Victoria on

@Jennifer – I am plus size and I could care less whether A&F carry plus size clothing. You only want to carry up to size 10? No problem, I’ll shop elsewhere. But you tell me that’s it because I’m not cool enough to wear your brand and that I can’t belong because I have a higher body fat percentage than other people, that’s a different story. You know who wears A&F clothes? Teenagers. Young women who will now believe that somehow they aren’t good enough because they aren’t a size 10. That is why A&F should be ashamed of themselves.

guest girl on

I’ve always hated their clothes and their brand. People should NOT be valued based on the clothes they wear. It is sickening and I will never support anyone who is spreading that message.

Jill on

Do some research. I will never allow my 2 children to wear their brand! Not because of their sizing issues but because they sexualize extremely young girls! Please explain to me why anyone would put a 6 year old girl in a padded bikini top! Corporate responsibility doesn’t exist at A&F…ask yourself why they want all women to look like pre-pubescent little girls…creepy!

Mel on

Is Abercrombie even popular anymore? It seems so 1998.

Kate on

That store is so dark and the music is so loud….I can’t even focus on the clothes. Even my skinny teenager (target shopper?) complains. I started boycotting years ago!

Jan on

There are stores that are for tall people, plus size people. Why can’t a store cater to only people who wear small sizes? Being overweight should not be encouraged. It is unhealthy and shortens life expectancy. If people boycotted Modern Woman or Lane Bryant or Big and Tall, it would be discrimination. So is boycotting Abercrombie and Fitch for catering to people who reflect the image of the brand.

Anton on

If the CEO said that, shame on his arrogance as well as lack of compassion. What a shallow person, who must not have kids. Would never purchase any of their clothes again,plus their stores smell of cheap cologne, combined with it being so dark in some areas you can’t see the clothes, and have a headache with the loud club music. Hope they go out of business.

Monica Marocco on

I think this whole situation adds to the bullying in schools…To exclude kids based upon size and declare them ” not cool ” is how bullying starts…Seems to me the CEO of this company is just a geek himself trying to buy his friends….

wendy on

Do we REALLY need a store that doesn’t promote UNITY ???
Teens already have ENOUGH peer pressure to deal with without having to worry about how they dress. Kids now a days have to worry about how to avoid getting SHOT!!!!!!

amber on

Im sorry but there is nothing right about what A&F is doing. Its bad enough that they size down, but then they limit you to a size 10. Which we all really know is like a size 6 to begin with. I wear an 11 jean in most store, (wide hips/butt and small waist) but there are a handful of stores in the mall that im lucky if I can button up a size 18. Do they know what that does to a girls self esteem? Gaining 6 pant sizes as you walk 15 feet to another store is not worth fitting into anyones idea of whats “cool” and “not cool”.

Anna on

They should be glad they are still in business. Their clothes are so outdated and 90’s. I didn’t even realize people still shopped there. Not sure this whole ordeal will help an already sinking brand.

Donna on

Jennifer, it isn’t the fact that they don’t care plus size clothes, they can sell what they want! It is the fact that the ignorant idiot thinks one can’t be pretty or cool if you are a size 12! That is WRONG. A horrible message to send to children. The world is screwed up enough w/out children thinking they are nothing if they are not a size 10 or under! I hope you are not that shallow as Mr. Jeffries, my God he has no room to talk!

Jenny on

Wow- so apparently if you are a size 10 or below you are a “cool kid” to Mr. Mike Jeffries and the kids who don’t fit his idea of “cool” shouldn’t shop in his stores? I hate that I have purchased from here in the past, but I will make sure to NEVER purchase anything from this company ever again. How sick.

tara on

i don’t know why anyone is surprised by this. a&f has, and always will be, a company serving the people that have the money to pay for their clothes and that look like models. i can wear their clothes but personally i just don’t think they are worth the money they charge for them. do i think it’s unfair to punish someone for their size of course, however, jennifer makes a great point, you wouldn’t go to a plus size store to ask for a size 1 or 3 or even a 10 but i do think they can be extremely insensitive . they are pandering to the “beautiful people” and it’s not going to change, boycott or not

Cait on

In a society where image is everything its only appropriate that a popular brand would openly admit what everyone else secretly thinks– does that make it right or wrong? Obviously it’s wrong and it’s clear to see that A & F is just the school bully that needs to be punished. Sadly, this will probably do nothing to the company and people will continue to buy the clothing at the over perfumed establishment. Shame Shame!

k.c on

as a 31 yr old woman from new zealand I just don’t understand this. If you’re a fashion designer/clothing retailer why would you cut out 67% of your market out. Bodies will always come in different sizes, so really you should address this.

robby on

I can’t stand A&F, but now I will consider purchasing from them.

Kassie on

Having never categorically been a “cool kid,” as this conceited CEO puts it, this makes me very angry. It’s companies like A&F that makes the so-called “cool kids” think it’s okay to belittle and bully the “not-so-cool kids.” What a jerk.

Me on

I was never the “cool” kid in high school. I was gawky, had braces, my hair was frizzy, and I was super shy. I constantly got overlooked by the “cool” crowd who wore this brand of clothing. I’m a size 5 now, and my clothing size was even smaller in high school. I graduated in 2005, and I have since then started my own life, I have surrounded myself with amazing people, and they don’t want to be around me for the brand of clothing I wear. Being “cool” isn’t defined on how much money you bring, what clothes you wear, or what kind of car you drive. I know it’s hard for high school students to grasp that concept, but one day it just won’t matter, and those people who are considered cool are going to party like crazy, and then they become burnouts. So, yes I could shop at A&F because I fit the “skinny” factor, but I won’t, because this CEO is sickening and needs to re-evaluate what actually makes a person “cool”, and quit discriminating against somebody’s build..I can’t help my size, and I completely support the boycott. It’s only making bullying that much more acceptable.

Isabella on

Personally, I think the problem here is the idea that the brand is settling. The problem is: Why cool kids associated with skinny kids? Abercrombie has the right of doing clothes for peple with great body only, but do they have the right to associate “cool” or “popular” with being skinny? Isn’t that what society is trying NOT to do? I think that, as part of social responsability, they should just do clothes and stop making satatements that will only bring bad things to a society that has enough problems on its on.

Natasha on

Abercromie and Fitch has ALWAYS been shallow and that’s why people shop there less because they stay shallow. Who cares about them, they haven’t been relevant since the early 2000s. There are better retailers that sells plus-sized clothes and at a better price like Old Navy, Torrid, Lane Bryant, and Forever 21.

lillyb on

They are not the only company that does this. Has anyone ever tried to order from lovers and friends? A large is an 8 with their company, I don’t care what their chart says.

rogue on

Jennifer, you’re delusional. A&F is not “taking a stand to promote people with a healthy lifestyle.” Their clothes are NOT cut for athletes. Elle, I’m with you! I’m 5’10” and a runner, so I have big thighs. Not fat, just big. I’m very proud of my big ole’ muscular legs. And I’ve never been impressed with A&F for a variety of reasons and will certainly never purchase anything from their stores. However, what nobody has commented on is the fact that the interview with the CEO was done in 2006. Why is it JUST NOW generating buzz?

sara on

abercrombie is a bad company.all of their clothes run too small for size,and it is cut to fit too tight and short. their extra small and small size fit children 10-12 yr olds. the medium and large fit lanky teenagers who dont have hips yet. they need to change the name of their store to limited too becaise they are selling childrens size clothes and not grown women clothing. they need to stop using pornography to advertise their clothes, all of their ads are shirtless men or women in bikinis.their products are over priced. there are tall or larger boned women who are still slim who might need an extra large size, or someone who has curves. most grown women in the us are larger than size 12. who are they marketing their clothes to?middle school girls

Emily on

I’m 5’8″, 120 lbs, and a size 2. My rear-end doesn’t fit into Abercrombie’s pants, and I’m not interested in dressing in skin-tight, sexually suggestive clothing. Even I can’t wear their clothes, and I’m not exactly “fat”. If A&F wants to target middle schoolers with prepubescent bodies, let them. It’s capitalism. The consumer decides who wins and loses and if as many people aren’t buying their clothes as they say they are, A&F will suffer. With that being said, I know many girls and women who are a size 12 and NOT unhealthy. Athletes and girls with womanly figures are just better off wearing better clothes. Take it as a blessing. This is just God’s way of saying, “It’s OK, you don’t want to appeal to pedophiles anyway.”

Lindsey on

I don’t quite understand the outrage about their store policy, if you don’t like it don’t shop there. They have never hidden the fact that they aren’t willing to accommodate to the obese. IF anything they are the ones limiting their market of shoppers and hurting themselves by not selling larger clothes. If they choose to do that then so be it. They are a failing company and will continue to be as long as they target such a small market.

hugh janus on

fat people suck

Sarahjane on

I have A&F jeans from 2001 (every girl has “that” pair) and they are a size 8. I can currently wear them comfortably. If I were to go into an A&F tomorrow and put on 10’s they wouldn’t come past my thighs. I know this bc I’ve tried them in in recent years. I’m so glad that I recently came across a TON of my old A&F stuff from HS and college and donated it all. Some kid who might not be so cool has an entire wardrobe of A&F clothes…and they’re the “old” sizes! So they need not be anorexic to wear them :)

Austin Gal on

I think it’s great that he was so honest. Let Abercrombie be judged for who they really are. Perhaps it will encourage parents to have productive dialogues with their teens (Abercrombie’s biggest market), encouraging them to examine the brand’s ethics. Hopefully many of them will find it unsettling and stop shopping there, proving that teens can be a force for good as much as any age group.

Ashley on

They should the sizes are TINY!!

Lindsay on

When, back in the late 90’s, they had to mail their catalogue in black plastic because of the naked girl riding on the elephant, I stopped darkening the doors of their stores. It was the objectification of women then, just like this is a form of objectification. The mighty dollar speaks. Stop shopping at Hollister too and they will get the picture.

Ryan on

The CEO is a PIG!

Ruins Barry on

I use to be manager for them. That man is a real piece of work and I’m all for any kind of action that makes them understand that they can’t pick and choose who their customer should be.

Jessica on

Except cool kids don’t wear abercrombie anymore. At all. In fact the opposite, since like 2004.

lauren on

Congratulations A-hole…..on solidifying the demise of your company……..

Gabi on

I’m skinny and i still wont allow anyone to tell me how “cool” i am. I was disgusted by that bra for kids too. Anorexia and Bulimia are serious issues. Size less than 0 isn’t healthy. I don’t care if they start a plus size line i’ll never buy A&F and i’ll never promote irresponsable body image for children. That’s how cool i am!

Rasheeda on

definately boycotting the brand. I find not only are they discriminatory to curvier women, but those who are smaller with asses don’t get such luck either. I think only mannequins can wear their clothes…

Heather on

I am a size 0 and due to this ignoramisus statement will no longer be a consumer to Abercrombie and Fitch along with many other prior consumers. ‘Cool kids’?? what message is that giving to our kids today? This store might as well put up a ‘beautiful or ‘cool’ meter at their stores and turn away anyone they don’t deem worthy. I say ‘we the people’ deem this company not worthy and boycott them into bankruptcy.

christina on

this is also directed at Jennifer:
not everyone who is obese is a lazy person or a fast food junkie…some people are on medications for health reasons and the side effects can include weight gain….my mother is on steroids for health reasons and has gained weight….don’t stereotype people…

all I can say about A&F is they would earn more money if their clothing line included all sizes…”exclusion ” isn’t taking a is bad marketing because obese people also want nice clothing….they need to get over themselves because their clothes are that great!

Patty on

Hooray, Jimi!! Retailers & designers should be ashamed of how they treat normal-sized women. We wear clothes, and we have money, so why not tap into a HUGE customer base (oops! bad pun) and make everyone happier? And Jennier, you are an idiot. I’m not a size 2 anymore, and McD had nothing to do with that–age, children, and life did. But I still need clothes!

Irish on

I think that if they’re going to exclude people, they’re going to exclude their money. They’ll get none of mine.

Kim on

Oh ok, so the ‘cool’ kids are wearing Abercrombie?! That’s just bizarre! When I think of fashion and what’s cool, Abercrombie doesn’t come to mind. Just saying….

They suck on

Abercrombie is a joke. I would never shop there and I am a size 2. They have a long history of intolerance and discrimination. There pathetic marketing reads no non-whites, unpopular kids, or kids deemed not be like us allowed. Please they just make jeans and t-shirts that you can buy elsewhere from retailers who understand that fashion is for everyone and not a small shallow demographic. Clothes are supposed to be fun and a form of self expression. They will doom themselves eventually when they wake up and realize that those so called other people are they majority and not the minority.

anonymous 808 on

I think abercrombie is ridiculous. I really do. this whole situation disgusts me. I will never shop there again, or at any of their “sister” stores like hollister.

however, I do think that we do need to worry about what is considered a “normal” size… being overweight is not healthy. overweight is not a size; some people are overweight if they are size 4, some are overweight at size 10… but 2/3 of the united states population is considered overweight and there are many health consequences for that. I wish that were being addressed more. it’s not about looking cool or fitting into a size, it’s about health and the future.

Kay on

Jennifer your part of the problem. The top size they carry is a 10 and who cares if someone is size 24. Why can’t they wear designer fashions? I could fit their clothes if I wanted to, but I will make sure NEVER EVER to set foot in their store.

Brigid on

Mostly what they are getting is a lot of FREE publicity. Kids will continue to shop there so they can feel like the cool kids. If you want an effective boycott you have to reach the kids, not their parents and a lot of angry single people.

Van on

This is yet another reason that bullying is rampant. Who the heck are we to hurt someone’s feelings and discriminate against them. Jennifer, what is I discriminated against you by saying that you couldn’t purchase my goods because you are rude and misguided. You can’t help what you are, but you certainly can help how ignorant we are.

Kelly on

Why don’t they go after neiman Marcus or saks 5th ave. for only catering to rich people?? Why can’t middle class buy their clothes?? I’m more concerned about that then a&f. Can’t fit into a&f, lose weight.

outragedmama on

when my 17 year old daughter was practicing unhealthy eating habits to fit into A&F clothes I was disturbed, but sadly, this plus size mama paid the exorbitant prices to make her “feel good about herself” . So sorry now. I hope his company suffers bigtime.

Cheryl on

AF embodies hatred and bullying. They sell soft porn with their photographic images and requiring their associated to wear their label clothing two sizes too small. When uptight, living vicariously thru their children parents STOP this insanity, this type of retailer will go by the wayside in to time at all. And good riddance; we don’t need any more ignorance out there. They (AF) perpetuate bullying. See beauty for what it actually is; not their screwed up ideal.

ckm on

The “so called elite” are the ones trying to tell a company what the should or should not be selling. A company can make what it wants, how it wants. I shop at stores that have my size. I don’t buy my clothes at Layne Bryant or Baby Gap! Although now that I think about it Baby Gap did have a really cuts tshirt. Can I demand they make it in a ladies medium????

justme on

Life is to short and to precious to worry about what other people think. If someone doesn’t like me the way I look it’s mind over matter. I don’t mind and you don’t matter!

Stacy on

I will never again go into an Abercrombie store, nor will I ever allow my children to wear their clothes. Their comments several years ago were insulting, and I assumed were possibly taken out of context or made by a person who I believed they would fire. Their recent comments confirm that Abercrombie is run by a group of insensitive narcissists. It is totally true that they can say whatever they want to say, and think whatever they want to think. But, I am entitled to, and in fact will be, boycotting them until they fire their CEO and issue an apology.

Crystal on

I think that he was a complete idiot in the way he handled this. I can understand taking a stand on HEALTH issues. If he would have said that A&F would not be carrying larger sizes because they do not want to promote an unhealthy lifestyle, I think he would have fared better. Yes, he would have still caught fire for this since it is such a sensitive issue for overweight people (I am overweight myself), but at least there would have been a caring tone and not one of hate and disdain. I think that there is most definitely an obesity epidemic in our country, but approaching this a bullying was just moronic and wrong. Your size doesn’t define you. I think A&F should have reached out by donating money to programs aimed at helping our youth get healthy instead of tearing them down with this “cool kid” nonsense. $80 for jeans is silly anyway. I’d rather take my $80 and get 2 pairs of jeans with some money left over someplace else. Their stuff isn’t that awesome. Sheesh, man. He’s not bullet-proof and A&F is either going to have to apologize or deal with the consequences. Your tiny teens get their money from some place and chances are it’s from their “imperfect” and “uncool” parents. This should be veeeery interesting.

Julie on

I’m not at all surprised by this news. My daughter works for A&F. Their hiring policies are ridiculous and ageist (my daughter claims they will not hire anyone over the age of 30)…but their work policies are even stranger. They TELL employees what to wear, and what NOT to wear. My daughter cannot wear earrings, heels, tennis shoes, eyeliner, lipstick, or hair spray, They frown on hiring anyone who dyes their hair, and if you have a piercing of any kind, you can look elsewhere for employment. Employees must wear A&F clothes from head to toe while at work. My daughter’s manager makes everyone gargle with Listerine before htting the floor. Managers-in-training spend most of their work hours “recruiting” at local high school events, so they must be available days, nights, and weekends, sometimes without much notice.

Alesia Jacobs on

I never go there on principal.

Stephanie Richman on

I agree with this boycott 100%. Abercrombie & Fitch originally sold camping equipment, not far off from Eddie Bauer. How dare they discriminate in the name of “fashion”, especially when their customer base is mainly pre-teens and teens. I remember a few years ago when they made “sexy” bikinis for 8 year olds… this CEO needs a realty check. I am going to collect all my OLD abercrombie clothes from my attic and give them to goodwill. Maybe if enough of use give abercrombie to goodwill, we can “re-brand” them ourselves.

jenna on

mike jefferies was probably bullied in highschool, and now he has this pathetic vendetta, and is trying desperately to prove how cool he is now, which is just really sad. oh, and guess what, mikey? no one, besides the situation, of course, has cared about abercrombie since like 2000. so you still lose.

Laura on

Just went through daughters closet last weekend. I live in a community where homeless are everywhere (due to the weather and tourist). I will be giving all of her A&F clothes to the homeless and I think everyone should do the same. It accomplishes two great things….clothing the homeless and showing Mr. Jeffries that Freedom of Speech only goes so far.

Carlee on

They really need to consider how they make their sizes beofre saying like this. My super-skinny friend who can barely fit into size 0 at other stores wears an Abecrombie 2. Also, I workout 12 hours a week, so I have a muscley build and “swimmer shoulders”. Plus, I am tall, so even if I wear a 2 or 4 at other stores, I can be counted on to be at least a 6 or 8 at Abecrombie. I am by no means “unhealthy” or “obese”. Their clothes are WAY undersized and overpriced. Too many girls are ready to starve themselves already, but now their favorite store even encourages it. This is sick.

Anita on

They won’t get my money lol

Al on

BOYCOTT!!!! Period!!!

Maykat18 on

I once went into an Abercrombie to buy my boyfriend Cologne for Christmas and the first words out of the sales associates mouth were, ” Just so you know we don’t have a plus size section.” I was shocked that a sales associate would say something like that. The only reason I bought the Cologne was was because my boyfriend asked for it. I have yet to set foot into another Abercrombie since then.

Mya on

@Liz hi never met u probably never will but ur comment was the most realistic comment I’ve heard more people should advocate the way u wrote on this blog, ur viewpoint is spot on pointing out other brands for ppl was great thank u in many words u rock

ashley on

This man did not say these things because he cares about healthy lifestyles. He said this because he is a narcissist. Its not on the outside that counts its on the inside. I am sad that he and his brand appeal to young people. I felt A&F has always represented these views – why I never have chosen to shop there, for myself or others. The goal should be teaching love and inclusivity to oue youth.. So we stop seeing hate and disregard for people that results in teen suicides, eating disorders, relationship abuse, teen pregancy, bullying, exclusion and the other real challenges our young people are dealing with. I would say to A&F – history will remember what impact they made and represented in our society along with their profits.

Regina on

The world has become a meaner place. I’ve read the remarks on here about eating healthier but if you look at the picture again, “The Situation’s” clothes are not too tight on him so this is not about being “healthy.” They said what it was: They wanted to attract the cool kids. I think Abercrombie is getting ready to learn what is not cool, namely, ABERCROMBIE.

Jessie on

I am overweight, and I don’t expect every store to cater to my size 22. It’s not the store’s responsibility to cater to absolutely everyone. However, publicly accusing plus-sized kids of “not belonging” and being “uncool” is horrific. (And I say kids, because let’s be honest, very few grown, responsible adults do not shop there.) A teenager sees those comments and their self worth plummets…because of one man’s opinion. Also, I don’t understand how their employment policies are legal. He has readily admitted he refuses to hire people who are overweight or “uncool.” How is that okay? I understand he thinks he’s creating a ‘members only’ vibe, but he’s not…because in 2013, every single person in this country has someone in their life that they love, rather it be a friend, spouse, child, or relative, who just so happens to be overweight.

Odette A on

I can’t say Abercrombie is my favorite store, but I do sometimes shop there. They mostly are pretty plain basic styles with a popular label.
Now, the fact that they don’t make a size bigger than a 10…I couldn’t care less. I’m a size 2, always have been, and most likely always will be. I’m in my 40’s and I have plenty of experiences shopping. They make their clothes on the small size, like Hollister.
I feel that some places are trying to attract a certain client profile and that is fine by me. Is it fair to women who wear a size 12? Maybe a little bit. But if that person really, really wants to wear their clothes, then they need to drop a few pounds. A size 10 can cover a 5 feet tall chubby woman, up to a 6 feet tall thin woman. If they don’t make anything past a size 6, then I can see a problem with that because a 6 feet tall woman wouldn’t be able to fit into anything at all unless she was model thin.
A size 10 really isn’t THAT restricting. It really does give wiggle room to be somewhat heavy set.
My mom worked for a boutique in Beverly Hills where clothes were custom made and the Japanese lady who owned the shop wouldn’t make anything over a size 6.
My mother was the seamstress and she would measure ladies and this Japanese lady would flat out refuse to make something if a ladies measurements were too large. She’d tell her to lose weight and come back to see her. That, is rude, but if you want to shop there, you know what you have to do. Nothing illegal about that.
Why I don’t care…..if you don’t like company policy, don’t shop there. Plain and simple.

Patricia Redmon on

Style is not a matter of size. You have it or you don’t. During my professional career I have always shopped in stores that carry stylish and sophisticated clothes, and not had to spend an entire paycheck to do so because I choose carefully where to do business. I will spend my hard earned $$$ in stores that respect me as a customer and meet my size needs. Yes, I am a large women. And I am not impressed with A & F clothes or their deluded CEO. It has been interesting to read about the individuals that are garnering media attention to this bigoted business owner. More power to the fellow bringing recycled A & F clothes to the homeless. “Clothes don’t make the man”, and we are now aware of the undesirable personality of the owner of A & F. Perhaps his arrogance and shallowness will lose him business in the long run. I know that my gift dollars for friends and relatives who fit the “size” criteria won’t be spent there. There are plenty of fashionable stores out there.

Tiffany on

I went into an Abercombie several years ago as a size 8. I have very large breasts (a DD at the time) and I asked the sales agent if he had anything in the store that fit me. He looked at me up and down and said “oh honey, no…” a size 8…. that is HORRENDOUS. I will NEVER forget the emotional toll that took on me. SHAME ON YOU Abercombie.

Cody on

I feel that while it is the companies right to make whatever sizes it wants to, it shouldn’t be so smug about the reasons behind it. To make themselves sound so elite and perfect is just rude and assanine. If they don’t want people over a certain size to wear their clothing, so be it, but couldn’t they come up with another way to go about explaining their reasoning? This is bullying on an adult level and isn’t teaching our young people a thing. Shame on A&F for their comments and behavior. I, for one, won’t buy anything with their label on it. Ridiculous.

Jackie on

This exclusionary marketing isn’t anything new but I don’t understand why he would let that come out his mouth

Adria on

@ BG, I agreed with you. I could fix in a L but because I have big boobs I sometimes am a XL. I`m not worry about girls like JENNIFER.. See girls like Jennifer are those type of girls that are flat in the from and have to wear 3 push up bras to make up the fact they are flat as a board.

Anyways I do a greed with the boycott. Plus, I really hate those little brats that work in those stores. They have the worse customer services ever!!

Me on

Screw A&F.. who wants to look like an idiot from Jersey Shore anyway?

Guest from Canada on

Are we really that concerned about what one retailer does? Do we not ahve bigger issues in America? Don’t shop there if you don’t like it or their policies and certainly don’t give them free publicity by arguing about it.. Remember what your Mom told you – ignore them bullies and they will go away..

nika on

Obesity is The Issue and we should definitely be more pro-active in that aspect. But I hardly think that A&F cares about the health of the people, they care about the cool people wearing their clothes. Nobody should make obesity politically incorrect word but attitudes like these tend to bring about discrimination and bullying or maltreatement.
Bottom line, they have the right to target any kind of customer they want, but it could be a more human, less elitist and arogant. Why not campain against fast food etc. or support pro-active lifestyle?

Andy on

I COMPLETELY AGREE with Jennifer. There is a market and place for all body types. A&F tailors to a certain body type, and for a company to be honest about their brand is really refreshing. It is HIS company and if he wants sizes XS-L, and you can’t fit into it? Then go to one of the 10000 stores that offer clothes you CAN fit into. Boycotting the store won’t hurt it if you don’t shop there anyway.

Guest from Canada on

Odette – sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you being in your 40’s – A&F doesn’t want you wearing their stuff either! ‘Cuz you are too old and it isn’t appropriate stuff for you to wear.. They want you to go to your own store. And as for you being a 2 and always have been, sizes change.. A shirt sized a Large now is what used to be a 3XL ten years ago…

Lenore on

The power of commerce. Boycott the business. If no one is willing to purchase from this business then finally they will see that the attitudes will not be tolerated. However, if people continue to purchase their brand it only reinforces their stance.

guest on

I don’t care about A&F, I never liked the their image of beautiful shallow frat boys/girls. Why the big deal? Do people feel entitled to buy A&F? I don’t buy Ulla Popkin either.
The video with the “homeless” clothing force (I can’T call it drive) is very offensive and speaks to the author being just a big of a jerk as the CEO.(are those people homeless? why is he abusing them for a publicity stunt?)

Christin on

While I don’t approve of the cool/not so cool comment I don’t find it insulting if they don’t have any clothes larger than a size L for women. That’s totally up to them and not discriminating at all. There’s plenty of stores catering to people needing bigger sizes so to me that’s just fair. I don’t see why they would promote an unhealthy body image. You don’t have to be anorexic to fit their clothes, neither are their employees and there’s nothing rude about hiring good-looking people either. They pay their wages so they get to say who they want to sell their stuff. While I agree that there’s people whose obesity is due to medication etc. this is most likely a tiny minority. It’s a fact that it’s most often due to unhealthy eating habits and no exercise. I personally love their summer dresses or hoodies and will continue to shop there.

emme88 on

Just stop buying it plain and simple. I’d much rather put my hard earned dollars towards a reputable brand than to spend it at this place after this company “readjusts” it’s image and projected market. Although I’m 25 and don’t care for the style, I will never purchase any gift items there after learning about all this. Sure people will continue to shop there, but they surely have lost a number of customers.

Meg on

Great response, including boycott. Thin isn’t necessarily healthy as not everyone’s bodies are the same in terms of shape not just weight. Abercrombie is not in any way promoting a healthy lifestyle, instead, their CEO is saying only the “cool kids” can wear their clothes. “Cool” kids come in every size, not just the smaller sizes they seem to only want in their stores.

In Canada on

I really don’t think anything is wrong with it, and I don’t even buy their clothes. There are many companies out there that don’t cater to specific people. I don’t see over weight angels on the runway for Victoria Secret ( lets be truthful people when you hit an size 14 and up…your over weight). How about the other side, fit people. I am offended with vanity sizing, I have always been a size 4. Now a size 4 fits like an 8 or 10. I don’t want to be shopping in the kids section. Wake up America, you have a weight problem fix it instead of complaining.

CJ on

This coming from the looks of a man that has had fat from his booty injected into his face. If he sets the bar, then anyone is beautiful enough to wear his boring clothing line. Him and his clothes belong in the Goodwill!

kara on

Um, having a corporate brand define who you are and your worth as a human being is not cool. That is nonsense for low-self esteem people who are obsessed with worrying about what others think of them. Bullies like Mike Jeffries have the lowest self esteem because they think looking down on and being cruel to others makes them somehow a better person, when in actually, he is a lower life form than the bacteria that live in rat poop. And, sorry, a big brand name on your clothing is just tacky. I thought kids these days don’t care about brands anymore, that is so 1980s.

Pam on

BS! Jerks!

Pam on

In Canada go screw yourself! Size 14 is not overweight, it’s healthy! You’re a size 4 probably because you starve yourself and don’t enjoy food or life. No thanks. I’d rather be happy not counting calories and passing out. I eat healthily and am a size 14, well I’m pregnant now, so I’m a little bigger, but I am happy being my size.

Janna on

Hope they go out of business soon. This is exactly what is wrong with our country today. Everyone must have a tag or a put down or some abusive hurtful thing to continue hate and bigotry. Grow the F***up and if you can’t do business with everyone, just go out of business. Not needed anyway. It makes you wonder whose raising these kids to start with?

Mgo on

Is Abercrombie and Fitch even relevant anymore? To be honest, I don’t know anyone who has even worn their clothing since 1997. The brand has gone the way of the dodo…along with their cargo khaki flares.

Renata on

I wear size M-L, i workout everyday, i´m 5.10 tall and wear a Dcup bra and there is no way i can fit even in L size in this store and i´m not obese. I completely agree with Elle

Gail Carpenter on

I think this is America and they entitled to sell what they want to whomever they want. If there is a backlash, it is free publicity for them. If you don’t like their policy don’t shop there. Simple as that. I personally am sick of politically correct.

stassia on

First off, this brand is not that great with it’s unoriginal designs, boring color scheme, and nausea inducing fragrance(the store REEKS). This company is racist, superficial, and they promote the whole “Mean girl” and “Popular kid” persona, which pretty much means they are fine with kids being bullied and excluded by those who wear their clothing. They promote hate, and insecurity, I am pretty sure they will go out of business anyways. Unfortunately I work right by them and I have never seen them busy.

Sarah on

I’m sure people commenting on here also have opinions on other issues that others will deem inapropriate. Why shouldn’t he? Don’t you have the same size problem at Zara? I don’t see anyone complaining about that? And can you please leave that Jennifer girl alone? She just gave HER opinion, get over it all.

Dee on

They say they wont sell to overweight and not-so-cool people -> more awareness of the breand -> more people buying products of that brand and giving them away as a “boycott” -> even more awareness -> even more “boycotts” -> the brand end its’ “campaign”, apologizes to the public, and starts selling in bigger sizes under the presure of the people and media -> people are now satisfied and encouraging of the new policy -> increase in sales -> profit

Barb on

I don’t shop there and my kids will never shop there. One quality not that good, notice the poor stitching, and it smells like someone put on a whole bottle of perfume. Sorry but they are not cool. watch out for karma.

Barb on

maybe ceo should take a look in mirror. not very handsome.

lk on

Certain people and images promote specific types of clothes, why are there no protests at he big men’s shops or Lane Bryant by slim people, because it’s b******t, certain clothes look best on specific sized people, why aren’t they outside Channel where the women’s clothes look best on small women. I know what looks good on me and it isn’t sold at A & F.

Imzadi on

I’m a size 4, and I will NEVER step foot in their store. The world is filled with people of every shape and size. You can discriminate against a person of bad character, but NOT because of their size!

alison on

Shopping at a thrift store seems like more fun. The sales of a&f have been down for so long and along with never seeing anyone wear the clothes…I was under the impression store product was used in mackelroys next video. .or even better a SNL skit….with senior citizens8 wearing the A,&F clothes making it…..instead of taking grandpa style he takes it young man style . You could make a funny skit based off the CEO s logic.
We need mackelroy and snl to but some humor into this topic.
Ive never shopped their. Just seemed l like you are buying little joeys jr highschool all nice and wrinkled along with paying to much.

CAA on

Unless the store is government owned, it should not be government-run. Let the lawyers task a rest and the merchant do his business.

pinkgold on

Not everyone looks like a stick. Not saying that’s bad, just saying that people are all sizes. Our family will never walk thru the door of this establishment again. Abercrombie can kiss our patooties. Hope they go out of business.

Danielle on

The Abre Combres store is trying to eliminate certain part of the population that’s not size zero…… we shouldn’t even go there to shop….let the skinny people buy those jeans that are a health hazard for the reproductive system of a woman.

Rachael on

I wonder why A & F have been singled out for their size restrictions? Nearly all designer houses do not and will not cater for larger people-plus size models don’t even share the same fashion week so they really aren’t any different from the others. As for being cool, well they have their opinion on what is cool but it doesn’t make it the only way to be cool- they want you to buy into a lifestyle not jus their apparel….a bit like Ralph Lauren, when you hear that brand it conjures up a certain image and way of life in your mind. I am a larger size and would like to wear their clothes because I like the style but its up to them who they sell it to!

Kibar2 on

The only way to make a difference, is by hitting their pocketbook! Everyone should boycott this store. Run them right out of business with their narrow minded views.

Sara on

So because someone was mean to you on the playground, they should be forced to include you? And “whom”, may I ask, will force A&F to include you? The government?

Leave this up to the economy. If enough people hate A&F, this model won’t be sustainable.

Adam Smith, the great economist, writes that “it is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.”

Companies like A&F are entitled to their belief system. If that what makes them “cool” then perhaps we should shift our priorities instead of forcing others to fit inside them.

Bettie on

I thin the CEO is far from beautiful, inside and out! BOYCOTT bigtime

Melody on

When my niece was first transitioning into Jr clothing she was wearing a size 0/1 in all the other stores in the mall, however we went to Abercrombie to see if we could find anything there. Found her size and they were giant! Tried on the 00 and they were too big. So, yeah they might only sell up to a size 10 but their clothes are vanity sized. However, they are too expensive and all their clothes look like you’ve had them 10 years!

Life goes on on

Abercrombie and Fitch makes it easy on me, not only is the material of their clothes cheap, they are cheap. Thats why their business is going down. Not another cent out of my pocket for their clothes.

sandy on

I don’t have a problem with the sizes they carry- I DO have a problem with his ego maniac attitude and rude comments- especially about the fact that he only hires really good looking people to work in his stores- and the we go for the popular kids to wear our clothes!!! That is enough right there for me to NEVER buy one item of his clothing.

Ann on

Their clothes are way to expensive and they seem to cater to only the skinny young people but heard young people say they don’t shop there anymore because the employees are not friendly at all….,,,how do they know who is cool or not?????

Dawn on

They are NOT promoting healthy lifestyles, they are promoting popularity. There is a difference, and it IS bullying! I have two children who would fit beautifully into their clothes. However, I, their overweight mother, pays for their clothes, and I can GUARANTEE they will never step through the doors of A&F. I was feel great pleasure to watch this company, and it’s overpaid CEO go down the drain! He is NOT part of the “in” crowd. He is a man-child trying to relive his youth.



sally on

FUNNY how he ASSUMES the cool kids are all small sizes!!
HA-He doesn’t know me- as I’m a plus size and very popular at my school. To bad I wouldn’t be caught DEAD in any of his poorly made clothes.

Joni Conte on

I have struggled with weight all my life and strived to fit into “cool” clothing. Won some. Lost some. Now that I am “cool” Mom of 6 and a “Nona” to 2 beautiful grandaughters I finally “get it”. I wear what LOOKS GOOD on me, is COMFY and AFFORDABLE. I will NOT EVER buy their clothing, and neither do my size 2, size 6 and size 8 daughters, or my 3 slim and very cool sons. I think they just screwed themselves….we won’t have to worry. I’ll bet after this it will be totally “UNcool” to wear their clothing. Makes me think of my favorite yoga wear that only goes up to size 12……..hmmmmm….only a matter of time. Wake up America and stop this kind of discrimination!!!

Edward Serio on

I see nothing wrong with their policies,after all,all stores can refuse service if wanted,so what’s the difference here.They don’t want to serve fat people,if they did then the complaint would be the higher cost for PLUS size’s,bigger people,more materials=more cost.

Mel J on

Google the owner Mike Jeffries and take a look at him now: He is no longer a hot young stud. He’s an old, overweight, unattractive dude who’s had so much plastic surgery he looks like a male Joan Rivers.

SA on

The bigger problem here, that no one has addressed is that this guys comments and attitude are some of the reason we have school shootings, kids getting beaten at school. It’s that kind of mentality that just fuels the behavior, “the cool” kids think it’s ok because here is an adult saying it’s ok and ere wear our clothes while you behave like a total pig, it’s all ok.

NN on

I agree with A&F. While I don’t like their clothes, they are retailers for everyone. On one side all we hear is that our nation is obese, but we don’t like to discriminate. If there are stores for obese people that exthat clearly state that, people should have no problem with A&F admitting their clothes are not not obese people. Plus that their clothes target the youth, and teens should not wear a 10+ size if they are healthy or striving to be.

nina on

I love their clothes! I’m a size 4. I will NEVER NEVER buy from them again or wear what I have!!! Ever!!

paige on

Seriously, has anyone looked at the guy making the comments? If so why would anyone listen to his opinion??? AF needs to can him stat. Boycott is def good idea to get the attention of his superiors to ditch him.

georgiaonmymind on

I think it comes down to the fact that no one wants to be judged for how they look on the outside. We all have stories, things in our lives that shaped us and made us who we are. I certainly don’t want to be judged for every little thing I have done by what people see on the outside of me. I know I have made so many mistakes and some of them show on the outside but most are on the inside. I also think it is sad for Mike Jeffries and A&F that they could do so much good with the resources they have and yet they want to project and promote nastiness! That is the real tragedy.

cole marie on

I think Abercrombies policies are fine. When are you going to stop insulting the thin/ fit people of the world. I was always a size 0/2 and it was nice to have a great trendy store where I could buy clothes that actually fit me. And, no I did not/do not have an eating disorder. Should I start insulting Lane Bryant or the Mens Big and Tall stores for not carry small sizes. A designer or retailer can design and sell whatever they like and if you don’t like it don’t shop there. Start managing your own life better and stop telling other people how to run there lives and businesses. I am so sick of this “Give me what I want or I will torture you, bully you and publically insult you until you change and agree with me” attitude. There used to be a store called 579 back in the 80’s and 90’s. No one insulted them and they only catered to single digit sizes. Of course we didn’t have the obesity issues we have to day. There is nothing wrong with having personal responsibility and being fit or just being a naturally tiny person. I have a serious illness and have to take high dose of steroids which cause weight gain and I am extra careful and am still in the single digit sizes.

patricia on

i had the same thing happrn to me in the H.M stores!! i emailed them and they won’t very nice to me they said thet are all out of size ex!! i kept going back and they don’t have that size i only wear a size 14 or 12 but i was very upset with there answer so now i don’t go in there store and i tell my friends what hjappen to me there not nice people or good PR!!!!! thank you patricia

Danielle on

They don’t want fat people in their store…..

coopster on

I am a 6’4 250 pound athlete. Every year for the past 10 I have bought a selection of A&F shirts size XL( usually about 15). This year when my order arrived the shirts are now made in Vietnam and a XL wouldn’t fit my girlfriend. I couldn’t even get them over my head. Though they did refund my money they told me over the phone that they were not making clothes for people “like me”.
Thanks a lot.a-holes. I can certainly take my business elsewhere. Shirts were over priced anyway.

Jen on

I’m 40, overweight and very NOT cool. Abercrombie & Hollister have the most comfy sweats EVER, so I just buy mine from the men’s side of the store!! Haha!

stephanie on

I am boycotting abercrombie! Yes there may be that invisible line in highschool that seperates the cool kids from the not so “cool” kids. But i thought we were supposed to be trying to help close the gap! this company of Heartless, Scovenistic, jerks is only trying to widen the seperation… which aid in bullying, eating disorders, and other negative actions in our youth… Abercrombie needs taken down!

Lia on

It just AMAZES me at the number of so called CEOs who sit in meetings, and begin marketing campaigns like this one, that serves only one purpose….To destroy the company. Incredible. Hahaha!

Charla on

I say boycott! Bankrupt the cold hearted SOB

Charla on

Boycott and bankrupt the SOB

Nancy on

I have 3 daughters, teenagers & up, one of whom works for A&F. The other 2 can not fit into their clothing, and it’s not tied to their self-worth whatsoever. They all have been athletes since elementary school. If you can’t fit into their clothes, don’t shop there, problem solved.
Why is there such an overwhelming need to have to include EVERYBODY in everything? Yes, their clothes run small & even the athletically fit may not be able to wear them. I have large calves from years of sports. Skinny jeans & knee-high boots will never be in my closet.
However, the truth is America is trending towards obesity, especially in children. We are a fatter nation than we were 20-30 years ago. Stop whining and skip the drive thru, get off the Xbox, computer, and smart phones & go outside for a run or walk.

greg on

It is their company. They should be able to do what they want,

roxi on

This ass was probably one of those bullies in school who picked on kids who weren’t in the ‘popular’ crowd. Just because someone is not rich or thin doesn’t make them uncool. And going by this jerk’s criteria for being cool, I’d much rather be uncool!
Yes, people should try to be healthier and fight obesity, but because it’s a health risk. It doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the quality of person they are. And you Jennifer, I’ll bet you are or were a bully judging by the fact that you take this pompous, shallow jerk’s side.

Jane Doh on

Has anyone looked up this guy’s picture. He shouldn’t judge lest he be judged. The guy looks like a cross between The Hulk and a Vulcan. Perhaps his company should create a fabric bag to put over his head.

Anna on

I am a plus size woman and quite frankly….who cares? This store is targeting a certain market and that is fine. I do not see size 0 people knocking down the door at plus size shops screaming inequality. Even if they carried a size 1x, I would not shop there. I think this boycott is ridiculous. I am sure there are ten other stores people could boycott for different reasons.

Elmer's Song...It's All About Chayanne on

A&F is not advocating a healthier lifestyle, they are advocating popularity, being “cool and popular” and above all they are adding to the “bullying” mindset that is running rampant among those so-called “cool and popular” individuals. They are portraying the wrong image to a generation that already has doubts about who they are!!!

Dawne on

This is for Jennifer. You do realize that skinny doesn’t equal healthy. Ever heard of anorexia? Maybe another thing this store promotes is eating disorders since only “cool” kids can wear their clothes (which are horrible quality and fall apart in the washer). I did find a great use for one of my daughter’s shirts from this store; our new puppy peed on it. So, it is a good housebreaking item.

AST on

I love how people are blasting this brand! Bravo! I would never spend my money here and no one I know would and most of them are tiny enough to fit into these doll clothes. This CEO is comical. For those agreeing with him, shame on you. This is why eating disorders and poor self image are on the rise and killing people. I get to see that everday and it’s so sad. I am plus size and proud. I have 3 babies that helped me get there and I feel great in my skin! Even though 2 out of 3 could eaasily fit into this garbage, I would NEVER spend one red cent in those places. I’m sure they don’t know it exists……Wake up people. Yes some of us are obese, some of us are so thin that we can fit into 0. So what? THIN does not equal healthy. Make a place for everyone and be done with it if you ask me. Great marketing plan, sir. How is that working out for you?

Dawn Veit on

It amazes me how it is still acceptable to discriminate against someone because of their weight. If they made the comment against a person color or gender there would no argument that it is discrimination and would not be tolerated by anyone. Yes there are those that could lose a few pounds but there are more that are genetically a size above what A & F choose to offer. I say shop somewhere else. Their clothes are so not worth it.

Laurie on

Abercrombie is not taking a stand against obese people – I know adults who can’t shop there simply because they’re broad shouldered or actually have muscles that increase their size. Their clothes only fit tiny little stick people – but eh, my philosophy is that there are lots of other retailers out there that actually provide higher quality garments and I’ll shop there.

tom on

A & E deserve every bit of negative press they’re getting. I for one will never walk in their doors or even buy their clothes at a Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.

katie on

I’m hearing people say “they’re just catering to healthier lifestyles”…BS!! That’s not what the CEO said. He said he’s catering to the “cool kids” and that the “non cool kids” can’t shop there. It’s 5th grade tactics in an adult world.

kitty62862 on

Do them a favor:

Spend your money somewhere else.

I was put off when they asked that guy to stop wearing their clothes. This is worse. Should re-brand their line and call it “For Snotty, Superior, Shallow types, and those who think that’s okay.”

Meg on

I am the first one to be against the whole skinny thing, but in reality, those clothes are tight and hard to get into even on skinny people. I think stores have the right to sell what they want. That is their right in this country. I don’t remember all this backlash when they had the 5-7-9 Shop which sold sizes 0-9. As the saying goes, “If you don’t like it, don’t go there.” Just like restaurants, as an adult, I should have the right not to be tortured while I am eating by other peoples children kicking the seat, standing behind me staring at me, yelling, etc. That is MY right as an American citizen.

Cilla on

Just don’t shop there. Protest with you money it works better. If they don’t want to sell to plus size people why isn’t that ok? It seems to me that so many people are so sensitive to any little thing. GROW SOME SKIN!! SUCK IT UP!! If you are REALLY being bullied go take a self defense class. Stand up to the REAL bullies and they will back down, but A&F are not bullies, they’re just retailers.

Jim on

Abercrombie doesn’t have an “Anti-Plus” size policy. This is like saying Lane Bryant has an “Anti-Skinny people” size policy. The clothes are for teenage kids. Teenagers on average are supposed to be small. You can’t make money marketing to the exception. This is an example of media spin at it’s worse.


OUTRAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BOYCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BRING THEM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PARENTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bearjolly on

Plus size or not, I never understood buying/wearing a brand label on your clothes. The companies should be paying you to wear their clothes. It is free advertising. If I have a swoosh on my shoes it is only because they were the only ones that were comfortable that day.

tillie on

This Jeffries is a real horses a-s

Erica on

This is for Jennifer:
no where does abercrombie say they are promoting a healthy lifestyle. I personally am Cuban-American and live a healthy lifestyle and i do not make the cut with in abercrombie’s size guidelines. I’m a size 10/12 becuase i was grace with hips & thighs aka CURVES. im sure if a yound girl walked into abercromie but suffered from an eating disorder but she was a size two … she would be catered to far better than an athletic, healthy size 12 girl.
This brand promotes nothing positive … and the fact that you say that there is a market for everyone … i have yet to see where the marketing strategy where discrimination is a top goal.

Kristen on

In response to Jennifer, Abercrombie is touting that they only serve the cool kids. Size has nothing to do with the cool kids. If someone doesn’t have a personality and doesn’t treat others well, no one will see him or her as cool. Sure people could be fooled initially, but in the end, everyone can tell who the jerk is. Clearly this guy is doing nothing to promote health as he tries to pretend they’re some exclusive brand everyone is clamoring for. He’s proven he’s not concerned about fitness, just how someone looks. I’m sure everyone here knows someone who’s a size 4 that isn’t necessarily healthy and a size 12 who’s in great shape.

Vicky on

Ok I have A LOT to say about this.
1. Jennifer, A&F are not promoting a healthy lifestyle. They are promoting cliques in school, inequality, discrimination and bullying.
2. Lane Bryant makes clothes for plus sized women because of the LACK of nice clothes for women who are plus sized. You can go anywhere and get a size 1.
3. A&F’s owner of whoever he is, needs to step up and be a man. Only an immature person who obviously is still stuck in HS would say stuff like that. I am assuming he was either a TOTAL JOCK Popular guy who peaked in HS and is trying to relive those days OR he was the guy who had no friends and tried so hard to be POPULAR, so now look at him. KARMA!!! I really hope everyone starts boycotting them.

annie on

Jennifer, wearing small sizes does not necessarily indicate a healthy life style. That being said, A&F can sell to whomever they want just like Lane Bryant does.

Lil' on

Jennifer, being thin doesn’t mean a person is living a healthy lifestyle. The thinnest person I know skips breakfast, chain smokes and drinks coffee all day. His health has been going downhill this past year, but he would probably look great in some threads from Abercrombie.

Shannon on

My 17 year old son is a popular, good looking kid who is also very skinny. He is 5’7″ and weighs 118 pounds. He has to wear a LARGE at Abercrombie and Hollister because a medium doesn’t fit. In what world is THAT a large???????? His grandmother on his father’s side insists on giving him gift cards to A&F and Hollister even after being asked by myself, my ex-husband, and my son himself to no longer shop for him at that store. Now, when he gets the gift cards from her my fiance gives him the cash value of the card and then we donate the card to our local homeless shelter. The only reason my ex mother in law insists on buying him stuff from that store is, she also has a 16 year old daughter (Change of life baby. And Yes we were pregnant at the same time. It was weird) who will only shop there because it’s where the “Cool People” shop. I am so glad I have raised a good person who values the right things instead of a sheep who is obsessed with “Keeping up with the Joneses”

Miriam on

This is just plain silly!!! On the flip side, should places like Lane Bryant cater to smaller sizes? The answer is NO, NO, and NO.
These people protesting need to find a more important cause, like feeding the hungry, helping homeless people, helping out at shelters for animals, or help their neighbors who may be in need.
Lastly, if you want to shop at AF——-LOOSE SOME WEIGHT!

kiki on

As an ex-obese person I have to comment. I had a major overhaul last year because sadly I was addicted to food had been all my life. The problem wasn’t with everyone else it was with me and I changed that. I was slowly dying on the inside and had been told that I would probably not be around much longer I wanted to live and be healthy. THAT being said as a child bullying was an everyday occurence that helped fuel the horrible self-esteem problem I had and this is another case of “she is just not cool enough”. I cried when I heard this statement, for all the little girls out there with their issues. You are cool enough girls whether you are large, small, or in between your special in your own way and right. Only you have the power to stop this bullying and SHAME ON YOU A&F you should be ashamed of yourselves. LOVE YOURSELF AND BE TRUE TO YOU!!!!! A&F is entitled to their opinions but were entitled to buy or not buy :)

liz on

To Jennifer I agree that a size 1 would not go into Lane Bryant. However how about the epeople who are not fat but are still a size 12 big boned or differnet built people? We are all not built with a small size body, blond haired and blue eyed individuals. Thats an unreasonable goal. What do you tell kids who are built different, that they never will be popular because of thier DNA and how they are born? Abercrombie is in the wrong a company who promotes that should not be in business

Swishy Pete on

I wouldn’t buy anything from A&C…the music is way to loud, it always smells like a desperate middle-aged man trying to keep his youth and the sales people are more air-headed than the mannequins in the store.

Debra on

We should absolutely boycott the products. You have to hit them where it hurts; in the wallet.

lmun76 on

As a person who is obese I don’t feel that Abercrombie and Fitch need to carry size 24. Most stores don’t carry those sizes. The only difference is the CEO at Abercrombie is being honest about why they don’t carry those sizes. If I really wanted to wear those cloths I would make more of a effort to lose weight.

AliGirl on

I would bet that the CEO was not a “cool kid” in school and this is just his way of seeking some sort of deranged revenge. Once again, another 50+ year old child.
And if he knew anything about marketing, he would know it is not good business to alienate your customer base with idiotic comments.

DN on

Well I just decided I am too cool to purchase anything from them, for me or anyone else. Mark that brand off the christmas lists. I refuse to support bulling with my money.

Marce on

Jennifer, you are ignorant! Size does not indicate obesity. Is a size 12 obese, does that mean if you are a 12 your fat butt only eats fast food. People should protest the company based on its mission to exclude people and publicizing it. Channel, Stella McCarthey, Burberry, etc probably don’t carry size 16 or 18 and aren’t affordable to the everyday person but they aren’t telling people that we don’t carry or make clothes because we don’t want fat, poor or uncool people! Those are the reason people of all sizes, incomes, and status are rallying to boycott his message! But people like you exist so maybe there is a chance for his company after all!

Rachael on

Lane Bryant caters to “curvy” women, why can’t a company cater to thin people? I am one of those thin people but I have ALWAYS avoided A&F more because of their marketing ploy of sex towards teens.

lisaisalefty on

It’s interesting to see comments that are liking the fact that A&F is openly discriminating people, which really says a lot about us as a society. The fact that this interview is seven years old but his words are coming back to haunt him and his company is also interesting. Why it’s taken this long to create such intense backlash, I don’t know. The CEO is quite scummy and oh so much of a hypocrite considering what he looks like. I’ve never in my life shopped at A&F, although I do own one article of clothing from there, which is a shearling coat from the 1960s that was first my uncle’s, then my dad’s, and now mine. It’s from a time well before A&F current elitist policy of discrimination, so I’m cool with keeping it, like a relic from days of old… As for the boycott, you reap what you sow, and even though it may have taken a bit longer than it should have, Mr. Jeffries’ words are coming back to haunt him and the company he represents.

julia on

so if you cannot fit in ambercrombie clothing then you are not cool? i don’t think that this is a right statement of a company who is quite big in the industry, they don’t want to have sizes over L? Fine by me, there are a lot of other labels who have the exact sizes, but they should be less aggressive in specifying their target market, like clothing for athletic people smthing like this.

terivon on

This comment is for Jennifer who said, “I like the fact that Abercrombie is taking a stand to promote people with healthy lifestyles. Please tell me, where’s the healthy lifestyle promotion in the statement: ““In every school there are the cool and popular kids, and then there are the not-so-cool kids, Candidly, we go after the cool kids … A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes]”
There’s nothing healthy in the lifestyle that they’re promoting. NOTHING. It has nothing to do with promoting a healthy lifestyle. If you believe this is a positive promotion technique in this day and age of body dysmorphic issues running rampant due mainly to idiots like this and their advertisement schemes. then I feel for you. The vast majority of those who are paying for clothing for the “cool kids” are plus sized adults. It’s a given that money line has dried up.

Jan on

I shopped there years ago (pre-kids), but I will definitely not allow my children to shop from there. His attitude is digusting in this day and age.

sherry on

I think everyone should stop spending their money at their stores. Ambercrombie makes me sick! Good for the people that are boycotting!!

whatever on

they’re ridiculous and their clothes suck now but I have owned a few pairs of their pants in the past – like 2004 past

Ericka K on

Last time I checked Dior, Vuittion Chanel and the likes didnt offer plus sizes either. Never heard of a controversy their. Private companies have the right to offer their product to any demographic they choose. This is still America isn’t it?

krissy on

I think that there are many stores that have the same ethics as A&F, but are not near as blatant about it. I have big knockers, and trying to fit into a Victoria Secret bra is like trying to stuff dough into a pinhole. I personally will not buy A&F clothes anyway, because I cannot stand going into their store. It smells like a brothel in there and my ears are basically ringing from the overly loud music. If I wanted that experience, I would go to an Ozzy concert and stand next to a hooker. Personally, I think the CEO needs a PR rep because he is stereo typing his clothes more then anyone else could ever do. And he sounds like a jerk. I wouldn’t mind throat punching him.

Carrie M on

I’ll keep this in mind when my kids reach that age-group and then I will shop somewhere else….

. on


Ginger McClure on

for “Liz”: WELL SAID!!
I also have two children that are right in the perfect age group. Both are beautiful. Both are popular. The one and only T-shirt that had a & f (they do NOT deserve for me to spell out their name) on it just got given to our bullmastiff to play tug-of-war with. He is just too fat to wear it…and my son is no longer allowed. By the way: a FAT head is much more unattractive; as is a FAT mouth.

Wanda on

I am too old and big to wear A&F, and I totally agree with the view that they can choose who(what sizes) target as consumers. I agree that America has become overweight and we do need to promote healthy living within our communities. However, I see it over and over here where people are saying they are targeting people with “healthy lifestyles”. Nowhere did I see that stated. Just because one wears less than a size 10 does not mean they live a healthy lifestyle. Hence, eating disorders.

I believe the concern here is his voicing “cool people”. It insinuates that anyone over a size 10 cannot be “cool”. Shame on him for his small mind! For this, I will not shop at A&F for anybody/anything.

Guest on

The “Cool Kids” don’t wear Ambercrombie. As my Daughters say. It’s the kids who are so desperate to be cool that wear Ambercrombie.

LarkB on

The average size for women in the United States is 12, the average size for teen women is 8/9. A&F clothing runs small, so a size 9 teenager would probably have to purchase the largest size available, something that doesn’t do much for body image. When I walk past their store (and others) and see clothing displayed on mannequins, they look like they would fit 8 year old girls, certainly not a size 9, 7 or even a 5. A&F and other retailers are promoting unhealthy lifestyles, at the other end of the spectrum from obesity and McDonalds. My children are grown now, but if they were still teenagers, I wouldn’t let them purchase anything at A&F.

Heather on

Actually, Victoria Secret does carry sizes XL & 40C-DD, do your research before posting a comment. I don’t have an issue with them catering to a certain size not unlike Lane Bryant. However, to release a statement suggesting you have to be “thin to fit in” is wrong & promotes bullying. To say that you would rather burn your clothes than to let homeless get use from them is socially irresponsible.

SA on

This kind of mentality by an adult is part of the reason we have school shootings. The “cool kids” bully those who choose not to wear or can’t afford the douchy clothes and this complete idiot ADULT tells everyone it’s ok as long as you’re one of the “beautiful people”. Next time a kids gets beat up in school, blame it on this douch bag. Maybe he’ll learn to keep his mouth shut when it starts hitting him in the pocket.

Jenn on

This story makes me SICK!!! I have 3 children within this age group….2 out of the 3 “fit the bill” of what are the ideal Abercrombie standards are. It’s too bad for this company however that my children have values and feelings. They threw out the small amount of clothes they did have, not only the honour of their sister (who has a medical condition can cannot help her size) who isn’t the exclusive “cool kid club” but for every kid who doesn’t fit in according to this horrible company’s insane standards.Talk about BULLYING!!! How is the ECO going to feel when he hears it is his policy that pushed a kid over the ledge and they took their own life because once again they just didn’t fit in?!?! It’s fine to promote a healthy lifestyle but what about the kids who have medical conditions and can’t help their size? Why should those children have to pay the price?!?! SHAME ON YOU ABERCROMBIE!!!! You have not only lost my business but that of my family and friends and hopefully every person who at one time in their lives felt the sting of not fitting in!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Emoke on

I’m from Europe. Here almost all stores biggest size are L or jeans #30-31 or suits size 40( which is about M in US).
If someone is bigger size, he has to go to” oversize” stores.
Obesity is the biggest health issue today all around the world.
It is a great motivation to stay healthy size to fit in to cool cloths!!!

ggalli on

They suck! It’s bad enough that kids have their peers giving in them a hard time. For A&F to take sides in the war on self-esteem, I hope this retailer finds their products in low demand. It’s time to boot ’em off the Island.

Guest on

And here come the essay long responses!!!

SoNotHollywood on

I used to love shopping in there. I got to go on a shopping spree there for my graduation over 10 years ago. At the time, I did it because that’s what all the cool kids wear. Now after reading this, I will never go into their store on purpose ever again. (In the past, I also disregarded their brand because they touted their mail-order catalog as 21+ (because of indecent photos)). I can buy similar clothing for cheaper and up to size 18 womens at American Eagle. I agree, as a community we need to help kids not become obese, but it doesn’t happen overnight, so we still need to accept those that are on their way to health in the meantime. But it doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or curvy, by choice or by genes. We all have feelings and all deserve to be treated equally. Period.

mihunny on

I am less insulted by his lack of discretion on including sizes beyond a “L/10” than I am about his attitude towards children (i.e. his client base). It’s just cruel, heartless, exclusionary behavior….a poor example to a young generation. Exactly what society has been working AGAINST – A&E’s CEO (much like his brand I might add) is BEHIND THE TIMES. Backwards and just an archaic & out of date way of thinking. Today we are all about inclusion and encouragement to promote healthy sizes. There’s a way to encourage people to take care of their bodies in ways that don’t define them as “uncool” – that’s just callous.

jj on

Promoting a healthy lifestyle?? Huh? Maybe I’m blind but he didn’t mention lifestyle or health when he delivered his skewed take on reality. It’s about an assumption that because you look a certain way, or don’t fit a mould that you are somehow imperfect or damaged.

Julie on

I completely agree with those that want to protest against this company. It is a bonus that people are giving the clothes already bought to the homeless. At least there will be a benefit to someone. I will not let my children purchase from this store. Do not buy their/wear product its time to show the large companies they are lost without their customers no matter what their size, looks or lifestyle.

K on

I am a plus size woman and buying their clothes is not a desire or need. However, I am sick and tired of people that can’t have something they want that was not designed for them to demand that it be available. We all have rights and so do companies. If they target certain demographics that is their choice. You want to wear their clothes – lose the weight. Get real people. Blacks have black colleges, whites have other groups, the NAACP and the ACLU stir up so much trouble telling people what and how they should feel. If we as a people would just worry about ourselves and doing what is truly right we would have a lot less law suits and a happier nation. We spend so much time telling others what their feeling and opinions should be we forget what our true feelings and consciences say to us. Back off America!!!

Oneofthecoolkids on

No one even wears A&F anymore. Hollister has taken over. Creating press to get attention won’t help your sales. A&F is LAME.

Sandra on

I have no problem with stores carrying only certain sizes, but the attitude this company has is horrible. I have never been able to wear any of the clothes from there. I have 3 daughters and none of them have been able to wear A&F clothes. They are not obese, one is a size 7 and the other 2 wear a size 9, but they are all very athletic so they are very fit. All three run daily and go to the gym about 3 to 4 times a week. They are well liked in school, they play sports as well as other things. My oldest was prom queen in a class of 400 students. They are not obese unpopular girls, but they cant wear A&F clothes. At this point i will never buy them clothes from there. I have also made sure that all other parents I know are aware of this companies comments about “overweight” girls. I dont consider a size 9 to be overweight. Teenage girls have enough problems with body image that they dont need some wack job like this making them feel worse.

Wear what you want on

CEO Mike Jeffries face looks like a melted plastic bag…..I could care less what he thought of me. He is the one with self-esteem issues

Nostalgic on

Les Wexner purchased a well established, high quality outdoor outfitter (granted they were on the rocks financially) for the name. Limited destroyed the real cache of the brand and now it is a bigoted homage to the “wanna-be’s” and vapid idiots that seem to abound in a country which seems to lose dignity and style every day.

Amy on

jimi….totally agree. I couldn’t have said it better. I have three young boys who will NEVER wear or buy those clothes.

Zarah on

Ok, people. Stand at the mall entrance and look at the people for an hour. Count how many obese people you see. Count how many anorexic people you see. Get the point? We cater to the obese. Wider seats, bigger portions, fatter models, super-sized everything. It is time someone catered to normal-sized people. I’ve never bought Abercrombie & Fitch clothes, but I will consider it now.

DeVON on

Shame on them! National avarage of most women is at least a 14. It is companies like this that help promoate BULLIES! They are bullies themselves. My nieces will NEVER walk across their threshold again!

LarkB on

@K, I think you missed the point. I don’t believe anyone is “demanding” that A&F offer larger sized clothing, at least I’m not and many others here are not. It was the arrogant statement by the CEO that has everyone riled. He intimates that if people aren’t stick sized, they aren’t wanted as customers because they’re “not cool”. That’s not okay. If he had just kept his mouth shut, there would be no controversy.

Kailyn on

This company SUCKS!!! I will NO longer support them even though in their eyes I am one of the “Cool kids”!!! I am 5’9 – 107 lbs (size 3/4) but that does NOT make me any cooler than my twin sister who is a size 9/10 and BTW – Can NOT fit in their clothes. I would rather wear ANY other brand as long as they promote equality!!! I support and encourage this boycott!!!



BJS on

Shame on them. They should be boycotted and looking at the owner, he should be one to talk….

Hmmmm... on

It’s interesting to note that Mr. Jeffries is a larger man. Per his own rules, will he have to quit wearing his own brand?

Danielle on

This coming from a guy that looks like a deformed Ken doll. Kudos to those boycotting this bully and his company.

CB on

I think all abercrombie clothes should be sent to a location and we should have a huge bonfire.

Mar on

I actually think their clothes are tacky. If i’m going to spend that much money on my child’s clothing, i’d rather spend a little more on quality designer clothes that carry size 10 and above and dont require my child to become a walking billboard.

Mary on

You don’t see People Magazine putting anyone larger than a size 10 on their cover… unless it’s biggest loser. Let’s call a spade a spade her. He just said what we already knew. I suppose honesty was his biggest mistake. If we new marketing strategies for companies like Chanel, Chloe, RL, etc. I’m sure people would be in an equal uproar.

maria on

First of all, A&F is a brand for teenagers. I never go into that store. It seems a bit too teenie-boppie, cookie cutter and kind of pretentious. That being said… Now, I have been plus size and I have been a size 2. Right now, I’m a size 8/10. I don’t care what sizes a store chooses to or not to sell. There are plenty of other stores that have their clothes run small and a L and really a M. And there are stores where a S is like a L. Also, there are stores that cater to only plus size people, like Torrid and Lane Bryant. Should thinner people boycott them and demand they sell smaller size clothing? This is a free country based upon capitalism. A company should be able to sell to whatever demographic they want. This whole uproar is ridiculous. If you are a plus size and you are that terribly offended by A&F’s choices you have a couple options: Don’t shop there or lose weight until you fit into their clothes!

Leslie Eldred on

I think it is more fairly to boycott Abercrombie because, I have three daughters, and one of them couldn’t fit in Abercombie outfits unlike my 2 other daughters.. She is only 15 and is trying to diet as much as she can. I feel that is wrong not just Abercombie but media portray of models who look super skinny which is dangerously encouraging young girls to try find ways to lose weight such as doing bulimia and anorexic methods. I think Abercombie could just increase size a little bit more for mainstream that can access to same as others. I feel more bad for one of my daughters for not able to dress up stylish like her two sisters in Abercombie. So I decided to stop shopping Abercrombie alike for all of my daughters for the sake of my one daughter so they dress more into Aeropostale and American Eagle.

lola on

Abercrombie is a declining brand anyway — no one really wears those clothes any more. It’s the same T-shirt and boring stuff season after season. Nothing “cool” or innovative about it at all. This was just a publicity stunt that backfired.

wadefoundation on

I like pants.

Shelby on

This guy has a lot of gonads to talk about “unattractive” and “cool” people. Have you seen HIM? The man is very unattractive, outside AND inside. I think a worldwide boycott is a perfect idea. Now, no matter what spin this company tries to put on things, it will always be known for this. Real smart, there, Mike Jefferies. Great retail strategy. If they had done just the opposite, started making plus sized clothes, they’d be the cool kids and the popular kids. Now, they’re just bullies.

Lynn on

Cool kids don’t want A&F clothes – its only the kids who are trying to be cool and failing – overpriced junk clothes

Edie on

While I don’t like this policy, they have every right to do what they want in their stores. The best retort is to STOP shopping there. REALLY STOP SHOPPING THERE! Just don’t say it; ACT!

susan on

I don’t see any problem with this policy. It will rub people the wrong way, and they don’t have to shop there, but they are catering to a certain person and they want their own exclusive club. Hey, I work hard for this body.

Bella T on

I think a company has every right to make merchandise that targets a certain demographic, HOWEVER to be SO insulting to another demographic is totally unacceptable.

Emily on

I wear an XL or a size 14 and they don’t make my size but even if they did I wouldn’t wear it. Only preppy teens really wear A&F. Doesn’t hurt me that they don’t make stuff in my size, but to think they can tell people not to wear their stuff is just silly if they want to stay in business.

Sara on

Has the CEO looked in the mirror? Give me a break.

Sam on

I wear clothes from a&f. I am a size zero.
In defense to some of the people who shop at this store- I only shop here because its really hard to find a store with clothes that fit me. I am only 4’11 and 100 lbs (24 years old) and unfortunately its really hard to find something to fit that does not make me look sloppy (alot of pants look way to long on me). I do not wear these clothes in any way to look “cool” because not for anything.. I was not cool in high school because I wore these clothes, in fact I was never cool at all. Maybe people should start raising kids differently. and schools should crack down on people who bully other kids.

I do agree that this store needs a wake up call. Just wanted to clarify that not all people that shop at this store feel the way this pos does. We are all beautiful no matter what color or size.

CM on

I have been a non-overweight size 10 or 12 since I was in middle school (not mid-30s) and that is just the way my body is built even when having a healthy weight and fat %. To those praising them for promoting health sizes – clothing size is only one factor related to health. I know a lot of people who fit into A&F clothing who ARE NOT healthy – high cholestorals, poor diet, etc. This isn’t about health, it’s about exclusivity based one perception of attractiveness. Needless to say, they can’t exactly control what someone’s face looks like, regardless of size.

Lilli on

If this “uproar” is about cool & uncool people, then the CEO’s comment is a subject worth discussing, but if the “uproar” is about their limited clothing sizes, then this discussion should also include Lane Bryant, 5-7-9 Shop, Tall Women Clothes Shops and other specialty stores (men only/women only). I don’t think A&F owes the public an apology for their limited inventory – it is their choice and I have heard nothing about A&F forcing buyers to their stores. I find it interesting that people seem to think that their “lifestyle” decisions should be embraced by all. ( BTW, I am not a plus size and I don’t shop at A&F; however, I have found that many stores don’t carry the amount of clothing selections for the smaller sizes as they do for the larger ladies.) If A&F has control of young people’s self esteem I find that very scary. I feel sorry for these young people and their parents need to address this issue.

PurrlGurrl on

It’s all about profit. It costs more to produce larger sizes (more time and resources used), therefore the profit margin on them is smaller. Carrying only smaller sizes is an industry-wide strategy that has been going on in retailing for the past several years. When a retailer does now carry a larger size (Macy’s), it’s in a special department and is priced higher than the same article of clothing in a size 2. All A&F did was try to put a spin on it that tries to make the company seem cool rather than trying to reduce costs and raise profits.. It was a dumb PR move, and now it’s backfiring.

Jessica on

I have a preteen daughter who is beautiful and a size 0. She does not need to hear messages about anything over a 10 being Fat. This brand is irresponsible in its message to it’s target audience of teens. There is so much more I want for my children that to recognize physical beauty!

MOMof2inOklahoma on

I have 2 children. I will NOT EVER purchase another thing from Abercrombie. I don’t care how popular it is. My children are beautiful, regardless of their size…which by the way they are not even slightly fat. My son is very attractive and althletic. My Daughter is absolutely gorgeous and teeny tine. Did I say, I WILL NOT EVER PURCHASE anything from A&F…EVER, EVER, EVER!! The response from the CEO of the company is absolutely disqusting. I am appalled to think I actually spent my money in that store even one time.

Sam on

Lilli- That is not even the point here. Children are bullied every day for height, weight … etc. Then you have a “grown man” basically saying it is ok to target kids and have them think they are cooler than others simply because they are wearing clothing from his store. But don’t take your “overweight” friends with you because we don’t allow those types of people to wear our clothing. What type of message does that send to kids?

LarkB on

@Lilli, that’s exactly what is at the core of the “uproar”, the CEO intimating that if kids cannot fit into A&F clothing, they aren’t “cool”. I have news for him….A&F clothing is considered passe by many teens and the fact that the company itself is in financial trouble (stores closing now and in the future according to retail reports) would seem to bear that out.

Sara on

I am 5’6, 116 pounds, in great shape, and woudn’t wear their clothes if they begged me to because of this idiot brand’s message. I will never support them.

A on

It’s pretty shameful that a ‘CEO’ says, “A lot of people don’t belong in our clothes, and they can’t belong.” Honestly, the so-called “cool kids” need to pay $90 for jeans or $65 on a hoodie with a logo of A&F to fit in or be recognized as popular? People should realize that there is real fashion out there for everyone and anyone, and it can be both affordable (for those on a lower budget) or high end, if you look hard enough. This toolbag clearly needs to get over himself (he was probably a loser in high school looking to prove to himself he can be cool as an adult) and start making real designs and something original, not cookie cutter wannabe preppy stuff that was old news in ’99.

Mouse on

I think A&F is short sighted and rude, but let’s face it; their styles should not be worn by anybody over the age of 25, much less anyone over a size 8. I don’t go in there because I’m not a teenager, my son (24) doesn’t bother because even the men’s are all skinny style and he doesn’t want to look like a “tool” LOL But why is it o.k. for Lane Bryant to not make clothes under a size 14W if it’s not o.k. for A&F to not make clothes over a 10? There are many large women’s lines that don’t cross over to smaller women, should skinny girls boycott them? Just sayin’ BTW, I’m a 14

Mallika on

Never liked the brand then and don’t like it even more today. I can understand that not all retailers cater to different sizing and that’s fine but to actually defend it citing anything other than keeping theirs costs low is a sure way of going out of business in this economy. Maybe they are that deep in the whole that they don’t care for the negative publicity. If looking cool means wearing a label across your whole body, I rather be uncool. There are plenty of customer friendly companies that we all can take your business to.

Kanne on

Aside from the no large sizes and “only for the cool kids” approach to marketing.what gets me is that Abercrombie is the one store that comes to mind where you need a gas mask and a flashlight to go through the store! :)

liz on

I agree with this boycott Kids today already have alot of peer pressure. There is nothing wrong with being ahealthy size 14.

peggy coffey on

If they said they were not going to sell to blacks, or whites or latinos people would close them up. This is what should be done. Shut their doors.

Beth on

In my life I’ve been two sizes. The one that fits in Abercrombie and the one that fit in Layne Bryant. While I like being the one that fits in Abercrombie I could not fathom a company, a society yes, but a company coming right out and stating that we don’t want the uncool kids, the one that have let themselves go. To me this just sets up more walls and barriers for kids to feel negative about themselves. I understand about branding and all that stuff, I hold a degree in Marketing but this goes beyond that. We as human beings should be banned together to stop such hate. I can see by the comments below that people belief this is wrong, that this sends the wrong message to our youth and young adults. That if you are not the perfect size you don’t belong here. Who truly has that right to make that call for others, Abercrombie and Fitch I think not. I applaud the ones that boycott these stores and other ones like this. If we stand together we can hopefully make change or at the very least have our words heard.

Dawnn on

Wow…The ceo obviously has so much money that he doesn’t care what he says or does to insult and exclude people, and promote this kind of behavior to the weak . What a sad story. Neanderthals who are evil exist in the world. smh

Sam on

I don’t think they’re trying to promote healthy lifestyles; I think he’s a bully. He said (and I’m paraphrasing) that he wants the “cool kids” wearing his clothes. If he really cared about people being healthy, he would have worded this whole thing in a completely different way.

cm2315 on

For some reason, this doesn’t surprise me they hold that stand. My cousin went in for an interview at one of the stores and was turned away. He is heavier. Personally, they should’ve been boycotted years ago for stinking up the mall with the over spraying of cologne. When it over powers the food court, there is a problem.

Ann on

I think it’s hilarious that Abercrombie considers themselves an elite brand when the majority of what they sell is a basic jean and t-shirt. The same thing can be purchased at Hollister and American Eagle, for cheaper. So their idea of selling only to cool kids actually just makes me laugh. As far as their discriminating against anyone who doesn’t fit in their mold, all I can say is that it’s ideas like that that just creates failure and exclusion. Last time I checked, it’s way more cool to come from a place of love, compassion and acceptance because that indicates that you are comfortable with who you are. So, perhaps if Abercrombie and Fitch wants to continue having a successful brand, they shouldn’t base their marketing on insecurity and fear.

Teresa on

If Lane Bryant doesn’t have to carry size 4, then why should Abercrombie & Fitch have to carry larger sizes? Why is it okay to tell a thin person that they are “so skinny” and it not be considered rude, but if you were to tell an overweight person that they are “so fat” it would be considered discrimination? unlike race, or ethnicity, fatness is something that can be changed if a person wants it bad enough.

mrischay on

I used to purchase clothing from Abercrombie for my 12YO daughter, but after an encounter in the store where a salesperson standing behind a register looked up, noted our clothing ready for purchase, merely put up his hand and pointed to a different register on the other side of the store. When I approached the manager, she said, “well, he’s training.” To which I responded, “good luck with that” and handed her our pile of clothes before we left the store for good. Store was in Beachwood, OH.

Shelby on

Abercrombie clothing is garbage, not only because of their views on what they consider to be large obese people. Professional football players or basketball players wouldnt fit in their clothes and they are not obese people. Abercrombie quality is lacking…considering its $50 for a tshirt..the quality compares to walmart clothes, seeing as they are all made overseas in poor conditions like the Bangladesh factory that killed 1,100 + people. So does Abercrombie consider the factory workers that make their clothes cool people…

Down with A&F on

Okay…here is why I find A&F vile…making a comment about how you won’t carry more than a large or 10 because you’re targeting “cool” kids is equivalent to telling every child in the world that if someone has problems with weight they aren’t cool, can’t be cool, and might as well wear a label that says ‘outcast’. It doesn’t matter if you have talent, a voice, a mind or a heart….just drop the weight and you’re in the ‘in crowd’. Is that the message we really want to send people when the young are more vulnerable and emotional and trying to find themselves. They may want to target the “cool” but what they end up doing is targeting anyone who can’t fit into a size 10. What is wrong with this world? Sure, the answer is adding to body image and self esteem issues so many people deal with. I think this is an absurd strategic and I hope it fails. Even some of the most famous successful people have struggled with weight and I hope celebrities boycott A&F. These idiots just undo the work that companies like Dove has been working so hard to push.

Is there an obesity problem in this nation? Of course! Is the answer for companies to start saying it is okay to call people out and be “mean” – absolutely not. How about A&F start being part of the solution. There are campaigns that could be much smarter and supportive…This company is chasing publicity without a doubt…I have this image of a bunch of mean teens (at least, mentally) running the company. Paying someone not to use the brand? Now this…if you don’t want to make clothes above 10 – just shut your mouth and don’t. Also, I don’t follow that show the Situation is on, but if he can fit into the clothes, isn’t he cool? Can’t they even be consistent with the message they send? Cheap marketing – cheap tactics – true turnoff.

For the record, as a woman, I have struggled with eating disorders in the past, but I am now incredibly healthy looking body and managed to overcome when I stopped listening to the ‘insanity’.

Kat on

The difference between a Large and an Extra Large is usually due to one’s shoulders, so broad shoulders are “out” at A&F and wimpy ones are in. Got it!

Kim on

I had no idea about this! I loved their clothes and bohgt them for me and my kids. I will never purchase this brand again. Not just for the fact they disregard plus sized people but really… we go after the cool kids… talk about supporting the bullies!!! I think the boycott is a perfect idea. With peoples support we can show them what we think of thier attitude!

Stacey on

Oh…I didn’t have any idea my kids were cool at school. Thanks Abercrombie, for letting me in on it. Now I’m off to find a homeless person to clothe…

Kry on

They have every right to choose not to cater to the plus sizes. Anyone opposed to their views has the opportunity to send a message with their wallets. Considering how fast our kids are getting fatter they won’t be able to sell to the cool kids much longer. Abercrombie isn’t alone in this plus size boycott either Victorias Secret are that way too.

Kim on

I am 5’9″ and wear an XL. I am not overweight, but I do have broad shoulders. In fact, I can turn heads with my curvy figure. So, to exclude me from your brand because I’m too big in your eyes? Ask me if I care. You are only losing money for your company. I will gladly spend it on another popular name brand for myself and my children. A&F should be ashamed that they are focusing on what’s on the outside instead of what really matters in a person.

Jennifer on

You know, I don’t like how things have been worded by the CEO. HOWEVER, No one is forcing the fork in anyone’s mouth. I am by no means obese or even overweight but I’m not small enough to wear that brand- well maybe large sizes. Nevertheless… A&F is reaching out to a particular kind of consumer in the same way that Big &Tall or Lane Bryant do. I can’t shop at those places either. If you want to shop at a place that is geared toward thin people- then set a goal to be thin. If not then that’s on you, but apart from that you just seem jealous and insecure and that’s more unattractive than anything. When my kids are old enough to wear A&F, I’ll happily spend my money there- the clothes are cute.

LarkB on

A&F clothing is cheaply made overseas, overpriced and tends to run smaller anyway, so a perfectly healthy and normal size 9 may not be able to find clothing that fits in their stores. And a size 9 is definitely not “obese” or “plus size”. When it comes to sizing, there are no universal standards. A woman with a traditional hourglass figure with 36-24-36 measurements can wear anything from a size zero to a size ten, depending on the brand and whether it’s sold at the designer, contemporary, junior, bridge or mass level.

Trish on

My son worked for Hollister which is owned by Amercrombie and they would not hire anyone who was not attractive or overweight which I always thought was ridiculous. They even call their sales people “models”. He did get one of his friends a job their who was just a tiny bit overweight but they stuck him in the back to do stock, he wasn’t allowed up front. I hate this store. They are so discriminating yet their employment slogan was DIVERSITY-I guess that doesn’t include people who have a normal body.

Yikesthatdress on

Who wants to wear A&F clothes anyway? It’s tacky and nothing ground breaking. You are paying big bucks with something that has a HUGE label splashed on the front of it. No thanks. That CEO can shove it.

Danielle on

No store will survive selling their stuff to only skinny people.

Joan on

In this great country we call America we have choices and rights. Abercrombie has the right to cater to a specific market and you as a consumer has the right to either shop there or not. It’s about choices. Wake up America.

Sarah on

I wore this brand when I was in high school (graduated 2002). I was a skinny kid who wore the clothes to stand out as someone affluent and cool. If there is one thing I am sure of, the clothes I wore did not make me succeed in life, make me popular or prove my family was rich. What it did do was give me superiority complex. I wish self-confidence was not based on looks but the beauty within, afterall, the beauty within is free and available to everyone.

Erica on

@Joan, you’re absolutely right of course, but deeming kids uncool who cannot wear A&F clothing just isn’t the right thing to say. Kids have enough trouble with body image without a clueless 70 year old dictating to them that they are outcasts simply because they cannot shop at a certain store. And in America, people have the right to agree to disagree with that assessment and vote with their wallets.

Dani on

Personally, I don’t care……..wear what you want, and let those who want to wear overpriced sweats with a logo on it so that they can be a walking bill-board, while trying to be cool, wear what they want. A person of size, can shop at a million places, and find things in their size. If it’s so important for them to wear that particular logo, perhaps they should work more on their self esteem, then then waste their time trying to change a company’s marketing strategy

Guest on

I disagree with Jennifer about bigger sizes being an indication of being unhealthy. I wear a bigger size pant than Abercrombie would carry. I also go to the gym two hours each and every day. My workout consists of a lot of heavy lifting that have made my legs extremely muscular. I can’t fit into a small size pant because my legs are too big to fit into them. It’s not that I’m unhealthy, clearly. So that is really an uneducated comment to make. People come in all different shapes and sizes and it’s unreasonable to think that just because someone wears a pant size bigger than an 8 that they must be obese.

Chon on

Have you looked this guy?? He is not what I would consider “cool”. He’s trying to be young and hip. He’s 68 and you can see that he’s had “help” to keep youth possible. He has a right to voice his opinion but to do it so publicly…Boycott him or whatever you want but this company will never go away. My kids won’t go to them because the store, the people that work there, and the very feeling of going into them is so snooty they won’t bother with them. My kids are not FAT but they are filled out due to regular excercise…so it’s truly moot to keep on that track.

liza on

Isn’t this a form of bullying? Saying that there are “cool kids” and “not-so-cool kids”? Isn’t this what we are trying to get away from in our society? By having this anti-plus size behavior is bullying. Some people are over-weight, but healthier than a “skinny” person. Just because people are over-weight doesn’t mean they “gorge on McDonalds” – maybe its an even bigger issue. You don’t know and you shouldn’t judge.

jeff on

Jennifer, you are only half right. Abercrombie can not be forced to sell their clothes in certain sizes, but don’t ever think that just because you fit into their jeans, you are healthy. I’ve seen crack addicts who could fit into their clothes but I wouldn’t call them healthy. If you eat a cracker for breakfast and one for lunch just to fit into some asinine retailer’s vision of “cool”, then you are not healthy physically or mentally.

Idaho on

I think this is a form of bullying. Shame on Abercrombie and Fitch. I hope you go bankrupt!!

Pepper Petersen on

How many remember Oprah kicking Tommy Hillfieger off the interview and off stage when he said he didn’t want to see his clothes on overweight people. Where do these guys get off

by the way on

For anyone who thinks Victoria’s Secret doesn’t sell L or XL…they definitely do. I’ve worn their line of panties quite frequently. It seemed early on that they didn’t carry a 38C or 40C in their stores, but I did find a 40D later on.

I think the big uproar is seeing he wrote his clothes are only for cool kids in certain sizes and the country has gotten rather hypersensitive about the terms bully and bullying. Plus things pop up on social media sites even if they’re a bit of old news if his autobiography is indeed old news.

pditty on

it’s all hype, I don’t care for their clothes, their CEO should be ashamed of himself…..but good ole Karma will catch up with him in the end.

Liz on

Bullying….retail style. What a shame.

dancer92136 on

Mr. Jeffries there are kids that are thin and not cool. Do you ban them from your stores?

lisa on

You can be sure I’ll not support their bottom line or tolerate their policies ……..say goodbye to my $’s and be sure I’m not too quiet when I share my opinion

Color me one “granny” who likes to share – the good, THE VERY bad and the discremantory

Laurie on

It’s completely ignorant to say people are obese due to McDonald’s and not living healthy lifestyles. I do not eat any fried foods but due to a medical condition, I can’t eat fiber. It makes me incredibly ill for weeks. Therefore, I am not able to eat most veggies. I’m also now on steroids which make me hungry. No, McDonald’s and an unhealthy lifestyle didn’t make me overweight. Health conditions beyond my control made me overweight. Before people judge every single overweight person as an unhealthy, lazy, obese slob you should educate yourself on different medical conditions.

Amy on

Why would anyone be upset about not being able to wear their clothes. I outgrew needing to advertise the brands I’m wearing in junior high school. and there is nothing special about what they sell. All he’s trying to do is create a false sense of exclusivity and he tried to do that in the tackiest way possible. Next!

Sam on

what’s next, only white people size 10 and under. I hope this thits A&F where it counts. In the LARGE POCKET BOOK.

ejny on

In response to bg-Size 16 is indeed obese!

Erica on

Amy, we’re talking about kids here, usually those in the age range where peer pressure is the most intense. It takes a person mature beyond their years to go against the tide. And it’s an unfortunate fact of like that the kid who wears clothes from Walmart or KMart will be teased and looked down on by their counterparts. This idiot CEO’s statements tends to reinforce that misguided attitude. There are lots of thin people who simply cannot justify or afford spending A&F prices for the same quality that can be found elsewhere for a fraction of the price. That doesn’t stop the sneers and snide comments though.

cj on

I am not sure. personally, I have always said “why can’t every store NOT sell the same stuff”? so,Abercrombie is exclusive, so what,,,so are boutiques. shop elsewhere.

Erica on

*fact of life* definitely not *fact of like* Facepalm autocorrect.

Kristen on

Forgive me, maybe I’m just old (is 28 old now?) but is Abercrombie & Fitch even relevant any more? Does anyone still shop there? Because from what I can tell, they are significantly less cool than when I was in high school 10 years ago.

Andrea on

oh well, shop someplace else. There are plenty of other stores to shop at. They’re just giving their competition more business. You can’t get bent out of shape over people like this. There will always be a**holes who think they’re superior.

Jen on

I just looked at a picture of this man and I now understand why he wants to be “cool” with the “cool” people. This man looks a lot like the hunchback to notre dame. Personal cheap t-shirts and sweat pants are not my fortee and by the looks of the clothes he is trying to caiter to a much younger group who know maybe he likes them young. (by the looks of him I wouldn’t doubt that)

Jen on

Please mind my spelling I was typing fast

KAR on

I will never buy anything from that store again.

Elise on

Size 4 and STILL disgusted by A&F’s bull. And for the idiot Jennifer, whether are store carries large or small sizes, people with be as they are, and it definitely people like you that causes discrimination. You like to spout “obese and fast foodies”. What of medical conditions. What of situations out of their control. I guess they should what? Go naked? Where shower curtains? You are small, petty, and ignorant.

Gigi on

Who cares what sizes they carry. His comments are what is concerning and considered bullying behavior. A horrible example to young people everywhere – especially with teen suicide on the rise. And if he wants to take on that attitude he should beware; I’ve seen his photos and he’s no pretty boy. He’s also not very smart about his pr or he’d have addressed the matter differently. Overweight people can always lose weight if they choose to – but chances are that if they do it is highly unlikely they’ll choose to shop there in the future.
And I just have to say – aren’t they old news anyway?

Williemojorisin on

I’m curious,can I get feedback from comments here or do I have to keep coming back to check?

Rachel on

I totally agree with Abercrombie & Fitch . Maybe someone will decide to get healthier and shed some pounds just so he can wear these clothes? People need to loose weight, get healthier and think ahead- there are no fat old people, they die young!

leftorright on

Hey Jeff Jeffries, one word Maclemore.

anne on

i’m too old for abercrombie’s clothing and never in my life have i worn anything with anyone else’s initials. i think it’s poor taste, be it AF, LV, or C. but i am tired of looking at starving models and i don’t believe in the whole “plus size” thing. men’s clothes don’t even have “plus sizes”. they run from a smaller size through a bigger size without adjectives. it’s gotten so very tiresome. so many designers stop at size 10. apparently they haven’t the talent to make something larger that looks well on a client. they are sort of advertising their lack of creativity. all these are my opinions. but one thing i hate to say but have to–the abercrombie CEO or president or whatever the guy is doesn’t fall into the “beautiful” category by any definition. my partner and i had to laugh when we saw his visage. heavy people can lose weight. this poor fellow has a scary unattractive face that would challenge a competent plastic surgeon. sorry guy, but you wouldn’t be a desirable customer at your own place of business.

PKA on

I feel so sorry for this man’s definition of cool. He goes after a skinny, materialistic kind of thing. Cool is intelligence, self-esteem, rocking what you’ve got, courage in the face of bullying, achieving a personal goal, and yes, looking your best. Poor guy. I don’t buy his clothes because I am not a size 4 anywhere and I don’t want shorts riding up my a#@@. No offense.

Christine on

I have gone to their store, once. Too dark, music too loud. When you finally do find a salesperson, they are void of personality and half rude. And their clothes? Expensive and lame and absolutely not unique. Like any other flash in the pan, its just a matter of time before the company tanks.

Christine on

Its painfully obvious that Mr Jefferie was one of the ‘un-cool’ kids in high school and has never gotten over it. Loser.

jacobnews on

So what? It’s niche marketing; this is done by many companies. Their target market is skinny people just like Lane Bryant and Big & Tall target larger people. Walmart targets lower income people while other retailers target a higher income bracket. Dunkin’ Donuts has a different target group than Starbucks. I’ve never heard a short skinny person complain that Big & Tall is discriminatory…you either buy their products or you don’t; that’s called “freedom”…they are free to sell only skinny clothes and you are free to buy your clothes somewhere else! The same goes for your toilet paper and your cup or morning coffee. I am constantly reminded, in this modern time, of the Cartoonist Berkely Breathed’s pieces on “offensesensitivity”…how everyone is too easily offended by every little thing. People need to get a life so that they are too busy doing interesting and productive things to worry about what some company selling the same clothes as Walmart, but with a fancy label, does for their marketing strategy!

Erica on

Jacob there is nothing wrong with niche marketing and that is not what is upsetting people. It’s the arrogant CEO’s comments that if people don’t wear A&F clothing, they aren’t cool. Who is he to make that determination? Don’t kids have enough pressure already? His statements just reinforce the attitude that is shared by too many. Clothes do not make the person. As someone said earlier, attitude and feeling good about yourself, whether wearing overpriced A&F or Walmart duds is the message that needs to be reinforced and supported.

Blah Blah on

Who cares…if you don’t like the store or their policies, don’t shop there. I am in their target demographic and size and I have never owned a stich of clothing from there. Why…because I never cared for their clothes (or the cologne they pump through all the vents). I found Gap, Banana Republic, J Crew, etc to be far more to my liking and style. If this guy wants to come across like a tool, which he does, so be it, and if it offends you that bad, don’t shop there. But, if you like their clothes and/or don’t care about the CEO’s stance, then keep shoping there.

The4leafclover on

I’m a Plus-Size (16-18) and am not in any way offended by their policy. While I certainly like to wear trendy clothes as much as the next gal, I find I can easily get them at OTHER stores and don’t feel the need to jump on the “I hate Abercrombie & Fitch” bandwagon.

For what it’s worth, I do think they should go up to size XL but I also feel it’s THEIR choice not to, just as it’s our choice to shop there or not.

Cathy Flood on

To be honest I liked their shirts I could never find a bottom that fit right but I did purchase a few shirts. I have 2 young kids who are by no means big and do fit into the mold of clientele this company targets. I could see them wanting items from a&f. The message this company projects is not something I want my kids to endorse. It’s just not how I raise my kids. I will not use, purchase or even walk into one of these stores.

pattr on

I guess the phrase “let them eat cake” or “Wear A & F” applies here, or maybe not so much cake huh? I will never order or wear anything from their store again for myself or my family with such an elitiist attitude… Maybe they think they can survive the boycott, but I urge all consumers, especially Hollywood to bully them right back by not wearing their rags!

Sue on

A & F, Hollister, American Eagle and all the similar stores are no different….they all have small size clothes, even their large or xl will not fit someone over a size 10. My daughter is an athlete, fit and in great shape but due to her workouts/running she does have muscular thighs…she can’t wear those clothes. Apparently those stores restrict on whose funds they want to accept…plus if you look closely…they don’t hire anyone over a size 5! They are all overpriced for the cheap clothing they have…I am not sure why anyone wants to spend their hard earned money in them anyway.

cpeterson on

This is a major PR mis-step. Many brands (high-end designers, specifically) make clothes only up to a certain size. They just don’t broadcast it. If their brand strategy is to make clothes for a certain sized group, fine… but outlining this strategy as “for cool kids” seems like pretty un-saavy marketing. Keep your strategy… just learn how to present it appropriately to the public. Because right now, Abercrobmie sounds like it is being run by one of the 16 year olds they market to. Which is slightly alarming.

mrsmass on

i feel bad for the people who shopped there in the first place.

Lisa on

I will shop where I can get the best deals and the best fit. I am use to shopping in more than one place for pants, shirts, dresses, etc. I believe I bought a sweatshirt once from A&F for my best friend in high school. She wore a size 6. I bought her a large. It was too small. Other than that, I have not stepped into another store. Now, I have two daughters. They are growing up and my oldest is beginning to be interested in “fashionable” clothing. We will NOT be shopping at A&F. It’s fine that they don’t have larger sizes. What is not okay, is the CEO’s comments. Cool Kids? Not-So-Cool Kids? Don’t belong and never will? Yeah, um, no thanks. That, sir, is promoting bullying. My daughters, husband and I will continue to live life without A&F and without using a “brand” as a factor on whether or not a CHILD belongs or is “cool.”

mrsmass on

additionally, why all the big fuss over a comment that was made back in 2006?

Eric on

Abercrombie is for F A G S and mallrats.

Erica on

“The big fuss” is because this guy’s statements have just recently become public. I’m sure if they had been known back in 2006 when they were uttered, even more A&F stores would be closed or closing. There is a recent article in the LA Times where Jeffries states he regrets that his “choice of words was interpreted in a manner that has caused offense.” In other words, the only thing he regrets is that people were offended because that means some will be voting with their wallets and shopping elsewhere. He makes absolutely no apology for the statements themselves so he obviously still feels that way and manages the company with the same philosophy.

heather on

another case of slacktivism. you all will find a new “cause” next week. if you don’t agree, just move on and don’t shop there. it’s just that easy.

Me on

No worries folks…they will go out of business when all the anorexic customers can no longer shop there because they died of starvation trying to fit in. I could think of other words for ‘A’ and ‘F’ but I don’t curse!!!

Mary on

I think Abercrombie should go out of business. All it is is cheaply made clothes with a label slapped onto it, and sold for way too much! Also, they must fill the store with tons of cologne. Every time I walk past their store in the mall, I get suffocated with the smell. My husband refuses to walk even on that side of the mall when we pass there because its so strong. And I bet that everyone that works for Abercrombie is no skinny Mini. You know, the world is trying to combat bullying, and eating disorders. Abercrombie seems to be promoting it.

sugar42080 on

I don’t get that some of ya’ll don’t see, this isn’t about healthy. I can understand, that, if thats what they said. They straight up say, they are being discrimatory.

So… in other words, for all you liberal people… this owner is doing exactly what chick-fil-a did. Bet your not banning their store like you did chick-fil-a.

Its complete ignorance and errogance. All they are doing is saying if your not a barbie want to be, you don’t belong. Most likely, he doesn’t even like himself. Its narcassism at its best.

sandy on

This acceptance of the – I’M better than you attitude has to stop. These snobby kids who think they rule the world in high school is a joke. A man of his age thinking like this at his age NEVER fit in and is now making up for lost time. He is a JOKE and for him to say what he did is a slap in the face to all the kids who feel they don’t fit in! Forget the size of his clothes- that’s not what this is about. It’s his arrogant attitude!

Denise on

Well, how timely. One of my daughters just interviewed at a local Abercrombie store. It was like a cattle call. Group interview. Apparently, they wanted to compare the candidates to one another to pluck out the “cool” and “uncool”. My daughter fits into their clothes, is beautiful and popular. IF she gets offered a job there, I’m not letting her take it.

S.V. on

I feel SO sorry for all the little SHEEP. There are so many young people who can’t march to their own drum beat because they just want to be popular or fit in. They say what everyone else says whether it’s appropriate or not, think about what is the “IN” thing to think- etc… Those poor popular kids just buy stuff because it’s what someone said was the it clothes to wear. SO SAD and guess who encourages it? YES the parents. I see SO many parents reliving their H.S. years thru their kids. They will spend whatever it takes to get their kids to be popular. This CEO is tapping in to that. Pathetic.

Autumn on

I just do not understand why people are so judgmental. If you want to wear the brand and are obese or a plus side, you can’t because of the way they feel about heavier individuals. It is NOT for the skinny people to judge them. People need to grow up and worry about the real world.

Leila` on

Abercrombie & Fitch, bullying of any sort is not cool and neither are you!

Marissa on

A&F has every right to not make clothes beyond a certain size. For all those posters saying that they are “athletes” and size large or can’t fit into A&F, you are defining athlete very loosely. Our society has become far too accepting of people’s choice to be obese. I am glad that A&F is making a statement and opposing these people. I hope that airlines are the next to stand up to obesity and charge double for those who to choose to weigh over a certain weight.

jeanmarieok on

I’m 5’11, 150lbs and wear a size 12. I am not obese, or even overweight, and people are genuinely shocked I wear a 12. I am in proportion for my height. Size is just a number. If A&F doesn’t want my business, I’ll take it elsewhere. Besides, only middle schoolers wear his stuff, with A&F logo splashed everywhere. Just sit back, they are already self-imploding.

Jen on

Hey Jennifer – first, they aren’t taking a stand on healthy lifestyles. They are bullying women who aren’t built like models. Second – take a look at some well known celebrities – Sofia Vergara, Beyonce etc. They are NOT obese by any means but very likely can’t wear A&F clothing. Some women have CURVES – that is not equivalent to obese.
And finally – yes, they can make whatever size clothing they want and market to a particular demographic – but the comments that were made were just as ignorant and cruel as yours. You and the CEO need to learn to stop and think things through before assaulting others with your verbal garbage.

Lisa on

I think it’s great. Lane Bryant doesn’t sell to slender people. We could say that is discrimination. I think it is great that a store takes a stance. Besides that, a store should not have to increase its inventory because people don’t refuse to stop eating chicken wings. I like it..

Debbie Duning on

Yea, the brand is SO exclusionary that they sell their clothes in EVERY shopping mall in America…..

Lynn on

I agree with Jennifer. I wear a size 0 or 1 and would not be able to buy clothes at Lane Bryant or other stores that do not carry my size. It’s just the way it is. Some stores market to thin people, some to every size, and some to only larger people. It’s their choice. Just don’t shop there if you don’t like it! Ultimately, it’s their decision.

Carol S. on

I never liked their clothes … over priced and weird. The sales people were always rather rude in the store near me. Years ago I just stopped going in!


I wear a size 18 and I have five children, I work out and am not a couch potato like alot people think if you are bigger you must just be a pig that doesnt take care of yourself, and that is just not the case, some people are just BIGGER. I wouldnt wear the A&F clothes even if they had my size I dont really dig the clothes, and to the guy that makes the comments about nice looking people shopping in his stores and wearing his clothes, Take a look in the mirror dude before you really judge anyone. SERIOUSLY!!!!!

GreekPrincess80 on

Well said!

amciver on

This CEO has the right to brand/run his company as he pleases & us Americans have the right to buy from him or not. Thats what makes this a free country!

Randi on

Everyone knows (and don’t even attempt to deny it) that there are many looks in couture that no fat person should ever wear in public.
Skinny pants will always make you look even fatter than you already are.
Don’t hate on me either. I am a fat ass myself and even I know that not everyone looks good in everything.
Fashion sense people.

Just sayin’.

Kendra Patterson on

This comment is for Jennifer, i agree with them promoting a healthy lifestyle but they also mention how they want “cool kids” to buy their clothes. Now that is not right, it should be promoted to everyone not to just a certain group

sue good on

I am overweight. I have genetic lymphedema .My lymph system doesn’t work properly so I have at least 75 pounds of extra fluid .I am not eating bon bons , McDonalds etc,but I am looked at as if I do and judged as if I do. Just because someone is thin ,does not mean they are in good health or fit.I will NEVER walk into this store EVER.

sue good on

It is not ok to bully someone on race ,sexual preference or age but in our society it is perfectly acceptable to treat a fat person like a Ni**er

Ms on

As a Mother of 2 girls 10 and 13 I don’t think there’s any thing offensive in A&F policy trying to have certain type of brand image . My 13 year old loves to shop in A&F and I always instilled in her every body type is beautiful . I have taught her importance of an healthy body image and physical activity as well. Also the importance of a healthy weight/size and having fun just dressing up . There’s nothing wrong with A&F appealing to certain section of kids etc.. while I do think it’s offensive to rant out we just appeal to “cool kids”

B on

I have never bought or will buy anything from A&F after these comments by their own CEO has made. I understand that a company always has a target audience that they want to sell to, but he shouldn’t dictate who is cool and who is uncool, who’s attractive or unattractive (I mean have you seen what he looks like?). His comments make him shallow and he’s putting that vibe out there, and that it’s ok for young people to be shallow and vapid about themselves when this young generation is already obsess with looks, beauty, fashion, how other people think of them, etc.

I think this boycott is a good thing because 1)it’s raising an awareness of people and their ignorance 2)people like Mike Jeffries and his words do affect people and 3)it’s people like him that make this world a cruel place and that is why bullying happens

sue good on

Jennifer people that are overweight “gorge on Mcdonalds “? ONLY fat people eat at McDonalds? Only skinny people eat healthy? Fat people don’t have bad thyroids ,Lymphedema that hold tremendous pounds of fluid?Skinny people don’t have health problems and ALL eat healthy? Please pursue an education and think before you speak!

sue good on

BOYCOTT !!!!!!

DC on

This is corporate bullying not to mention discriminatory.

Jessica on

I hope the boycotts cause A&F to lower their prices, that’s all I care about.

Devin on

I could not agree with you more Beautiful Gypsy. And Jennifer, I am a size 4 and cannot fit into their size 10 jeans. Even when I was a teenager (at a size 2) I could barely fit into their pants. And their shirts are just as small! They just cater to a very specific body type and are clearly being discriminatory towards anyone who doesn’t fit their ideal.

Alice on

I think we can all agree that Jennifer is retarded. I can name off PLENTY of size 0-10 people that eat junk food all day, and never go to the gym. This isn’t a campaign about being healthy and fighting obesity. The article CLEARLY states that it is a campaign about making sure that the only people that wear their clothes look like the models in their ads. I’m pretty sure Mike the “Situation” works out regularly. He was paid not to wear the clothing because he doesn’t “belong” to their branding, not because of health or weight.

Lili on

The last few times that I walked in the store, I could not find one item that had enough quality to purchase. The prices are very high for a very sheer and poorly made t-shirt. My nieces tell me that the huge logos of these brand are “out” and the advertising became embarrassing to see in the last few years, quite desperate, using older models that look young and that do not behave like normal kids do.

Mom of Teenagers on

In my opinion, this IS a form of bullying and should not be tolerated nor accepted by society… In some situations, a person’s health issues (thyroid condition, cancer treatment, etc.) can affect their weight and size… I believe that Abercrombie & Fitch’s CEO, Mike Jeffries’ comments are simply cruel, mean, and classless. And, how can A&F’s Board of Directors allow their CEO to cater to only those whom he deems to be part of the “IN” crowd? I agree that a company has the right to select a target clientele. However, in my opinion, A&F’s retail strategy promotes the wrong message to consumers. This policy appears to promote A&F’s CEO’s personal vision and/or definition. As the old saying goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I refuse to encourage a business where it appears that their CEO’s definition of a “Cool” person is law…

whitney on

This is to Jennifer:
although I agree with you about the size thing, there are just some things we should keep to ourselves. And I think that saying he didn’t want “un-cool” kids to be wearing his brand is wrong on so many levels. This is just something more that the “bully” can be hateful about.

yikes on

This so funny – apparently A&F don’t realize a lot of their “cool” kids have moms (and dads) that may not be so cool or thin and who just might decide to have their kids not have A&F get free advertising by wearing their icky clothes. Middle class and all that it means is their real bread and butter. The guy’s arrogance is amazing.

Ashley on

The guy is obviously an ass but who cares if A&F carries smaller sizes? Don’t like them or what they stand for don’t shop there. Simple as that.

Nathalie on

I’m a big size girl :) I think he’s just honest. So be it, I’m not offended, because even if I could fit in those clothes, I wouldn’t. Cheaply made and way overpriced :( Does not matter what size they come in, cheap clothing is cheap clothing. A+F is not even a “cool” brand. A wannabe brand maybe :) So he’s honest but I think it comes from him not being cool or goodlooking, I mean look at him !!!

Emma on

I strongly agree with jimi and liz! I am in the “age bracket” that the A&F CEO is probably referring to; I am 17. Everytime I look at their clothes I want to just rip them to shreds because they charge $50 for a simple V-neck with their 1-inch logo. And as for Jennifer’s comment, Abercrombie isn’t “taking a stand to promote people with healthy lifestyles”, they are in my opinion,promoting what many teenagers struggle with everyday; low self esteem and bullying. The right way to promote healthy lifestyles is by teaming up with health companies such as the YMCA or local health initiative groups across the US that encourage healthy lifestyles among teens.
You have to “be cool” to wear Abercrombie clothes?Really???That CEO must have the maturity of a 7 year old. For a man to say something like that in this day in age where the teen suicide rate and drug abuse is a major problem is shameful!

Mary on

Really people…and I suppose to be pi**ed off that Lane Bryant doesn’t have my size???? If your small shop at Abercombie or Victoria’s Secret…if you’re large, go to Lane Bryant, simple as that!! We need to stop looking for problems EVERYWHERE!


Oh Jennifer – obese? Fast foodies that irresponsibly gorge on McDonalds? you clearly are uneducated. and NOWHERE is Abercrombie taking a stand to promote healthy lifestyle. They are sending the wrong message by saying only if you are a size 0-10 or Small or Medium are you cool. THIS is one of the many reasons for suicides, bullying, low self-esteem. It is attitudes like that of this company which enforce bad behavior towards double-digit people. Do you honestly believe anyone who has some extra weight on them ‘irresponsibly gorges on McDonalds”? That’s an ignorant statement and you clearly don’t have a clue. There are quite a few stores that do not cater to plus sizes or stop short of them, and less that cater to plus sizes. You assume that people who are ‘obese’ choose to be that way. You clearly need to think before you speak because Abercrombie’s message is that people a size Large or over a size 10 are NOT COOL and that is just NOT a cool message to send. I have lots of great, cool friends who wear larger than those sizes. I for one, will never purchase anything from Abercrombie nor set foot through their doors and BTW, thanks for pointing our you “are” a size 1.

AmyRene on

Abercrombie and does anyone go near that store without a gas mask?

Altered Heart on

Interesting that they equate a size L with size 10. Those of us not 25 and younger, know that a size 10 and L used to be a size 12 to 16 when we were young. Although there are anorexics of today…people who wear size 10 today and think they’re so thin, are fooling themselves. In yesteryear, they most likely would have been a 14… the dressmakers changed sizing measurements in the 80s or 90s to give the impression to women of today that they are smaller. It’s really quite funny…

karla on

I think this has gone to far !!!! I am a size 6 or less depends on the brand, so I am not fat. And personally I don’t like A&F and I fit in there cloths, the reason I don’t like them is because I am curvy (big hip and but, small waist line) so when I get in those jean I feel like my but is being squash, they are not flattering at all for my body type. And obese people are curvy and big and need other type of cloth, there are in the market cloths for ever body type and A&F isn’t a brand that fits everybody just because that the way it is and you don’t have to be a genius to figure that out. Obese people unfortunately don’t find there cloths in any store, that’s why you can see plus size stores in every mall around the country, so I think we should give that a rest and whoever wants to buy in that store will if it fits properly.

Rita Lott on

Marketing to a niche audience is not a new strategy. However, publicly demeaning vulnerable teens and people in their early 20’s who may not fall in Mike Jeffries view of the exclusive “cool, thin, beautiful” people is a form of BULLYING not marketing. BULLYING IS OUT OF STYLE and Mike Jeffries should hire a more educated PR staff who is in touch with today’s society.

DebW on

For those defending A&F by claiming that other types of stores market to only one type of customer (sports stores, dress boutiques, etc), you reasoning is flawed. These types of stores are not discriminating. As for A&F maintaining an image…their image isn’t so great, simply for their policies and narrow-minded comments. There are lots of stores that don’t carry plus-size or big & tall clothes, but they don’t publicly berate those people either. This is plain and simple small-mindedness. My daughter will never put their clothes on her body and anyone with an ounce of compassion for other human beings should re-think wearing them as well.

Lauren on

i guess i should cry because the plus size store doesn’t carry my size 1… there must be a lot of fat people commenting on this page. cry about it and shop somewhere else.

Kerri on

I am amazed at the media attention this story has gotten. People A&F has been this way since day 1. Of course they don’t want larger people (whether obese or just big boned) wearing there clothes, did they really have to say it. There sizing was the only clue I needed. I have worn pieces through out the years from there. But a lot of the times I am not small enough to look good in there clothes. They are not designed for larger people. I’m sorry but even myself my thighs are WAY to big to wear a dress that short or my belly is a little to flabby to rock that cute shirt. If you don’t like it, don’t shop there!! I don’t shop at stores for the same reason. I don’t like their clothes or they don’t fit right!!

Amber on

It’s their right as owners to sell what they wish… Do I completely agree with it, no. I am larger than a size 10 so I simply don’t shop there. I peronally also think their clothes suck as well… :)

Cat on

Unfortunately for A&F this is going to play out in their fiscal reports. I am no fortune teller but judging from the backlash and the lack of A&F clothing I have been seeing around I foresee many store closings in their future. Not only is it no longer “cool” to wear A&F clothing in Amherst Central Schools (One of the suburban hot-spots targeted by A&F) but the store has been used recently to discuss how some adults can contribute to Bullying in schools, in the Anti-Bullying Campaign. I have never shopped there and my children have no interest in shopping there. It’s not cool to call someone not “cool” anymore. Mike Jeffries I hope you think failure is “cool” because you made an EPIC FAIL, here’s to you running A&F into the ground-Good Riddance. Healthy Lifestyle is not about size, I thought this was common knowledge but maybe A&F should send their CEO and employees back to school, maybe they should apologize like JC Pennys…maybe they should just fire Jeffries, rename and move on…

Laura on

When i was a teen i was a size zero, and a one until about 25. The only clothes that fit were at 5-7-9. They did not carry over size 9 i think. The difference with A&F to 5-7-9 is the blatantly stuck up attitude at A&F. Pushing 50 and a size 8 or 10, I guess Im too old and big for their clothes :) But my daughter and granddaughter arent……but they won’t be wearing them

daniellekgruzo on

I think the fact that the article his quotation was found in was from 2006 is pretty irrelevant; whether or not it was years ago, the comments were still made. It’s also pretty impossible to argue that his wording had any other intention than discriminatory. If he would have used phrasing involving not wanting to produce clothes above a certain size because that’s who they’re marketing to, then fine–it’d be comparable to all other companies that act similarly.

I personally am smaller, so I have had no trouble fitting into their clothing. Although their regular prices are aburd; I always shopped at the end of season when everything was marked waaaay down. I do own a decent amount of A&F clothing from throughout the years, and I do enjoy the preppy, classic style of their button-up shirts, sweaters, etc. However, the unfortunate thing now is I feel extremely awkward wearing anything that shows the branding (i.e. the moose on the shirts, etc.). I still like the things I own, but feel like I’ll be thought of as snobbish & supporting of a man whose values do not reflect my own. It’s unfortunate that the words of one man have essentially ruined a brand. (Some PR probably would’ve been good during the original interview–since most CEOs, politicians, etc. don’t conduct speeches or interviews without A LOT of coaching on what to say & how to say it. Maybe all of this could have been avoided.)

Theo on

I think we should organise a flash mob of plus size people to enter A&F stores and to fill and block every aisle. Not buying anything just stampeding among the stores while the underage, undernourished assistants look on in horror!

Daisy on

I will never enter that store again ,and I will make sure my children do also . How dare they discriminate . I hate discrimination of all kinds ,especially one as low class as this !!

kc on

Honestly I have purchased abercrombie clothes in the past, but stopped around 8th grade. I always felt that the material used to make the clothes was of poor quality. It’s funny the CEO said the clothes were for “cool kids” only . Kids in high school would make fun of you if you wore abercrombie clothes. So far in college I can honestly say I have never seen anyone sporting the brand. Everyone knows that brand is a huge fashion no no. The only people that wear it outside of middle school are people like “the situation”. It’s kind of funny he would turn away the people who wear the clothes most, which would be the skinner “not so cool kids”.

G on

So what’s the big deal? Lane Bryant doesn’t sell size 2 either. I think it’s their company and they can do what they want. It’s a store for the young and the small, I don’t see a problem with that. Much ado about nothing.

Josie on

So my daughter was teased at school today because she was wearing an A&F t shirt. “Nerds can’t wear these clothes”, the Kkds told her. She’s 10, and by no means chubby or overweight. .
I don’t care about Jeffries not wanting to make bigger clothes. I don’t care. But if someone “uncool” gets verbally abused for wearing a shirt, there is something horribly wrong.

Blaze Butane on

Their clothes are for teeny boppers so who cares. The danger is other retailers trying to emulate AF. Has anyone noticed how even Tommy Bahama uses young AF type models now? Why? Has the CEO ever looked in a mirror? Yikes!

Sarah on

Oh, I didn’t know that “cool” was defined by dress size – sorry. Please tell me who died and made A & F CEO the granter of ‘cool’ ? He doesn’t own that… Believe me, my self esteem isn’t controlled by what this moron says or does. However, I think there is a category of clothiers who are catering to waifs and anorexics – Great. They have a place to go and be with their other cool friends. I spend my money elsewhere. Clothes aren’t top shelf to begin with. Hope all those out-of-touch sycophant managers and buyers and CEOs grow-up.

Preston on

Well I think it is great that they don’t allow fat kids in their clothes. Not every should wear their clothes and for them to sell to an exclusive crowd is their business. I think people need to stop being so butt hurt about it and move on. You want tto wear their clothes lose weight. Why should they change their views becuase you and your family want to chow down on large pizzas and soda. Im boycotting the boycotters

lizzy on

I was not aware “exclusionary” was an actual word. Lol like “the possimpable” (how I met your mother refernence)

Linn on

Personally I don’t mind that they don’t make their clothes larger than a 10 or L just because I’m not a big fan of their style and wouldn’t like to wear it either way. BTW I’m a size 12 or 14, not because I don’t work hard to be healthy, but because I’ve been fighting a depression for five years which has led to a lot of comfort eating. I don’t think many people understand that quite a few teens that are overweight need help getting better in other ways before they focus on their bodies.
What I do react to about this it therefore the labelling. How Jeffries talk about thin people as cool and overweight people as uncool…

amy on

In response to Jennifer, there’s a HUGE difference. This guy is by no means promoting a “healthy lifestyle”… have you seen their “workout” apparel? He doesn’t care about healthy bodies, he cares about thin bodies. Beautiful, thin bodies. Anyone promoting health would have NEVER told someone they weren’t good enough or excluded from society, and they would definitely have a decent workout line.

chelsea on

I’m 5′ 3″ and 120 lbs. I’m not anorexic. I’m healthy and in shape, also I’m a size 0. I’m 31 years old and I love A&F. Now I bet if I went into a Lane Bryant store and asked where all the size 0 jeans were, they would laugh and tell me to go elsewhere. I bet if I told them I liked their style and wanted them to consider carrying size 0 clothes they would still laugh. My opinion completely, but I say what they did is okay. Maybe he could have explained his tactics in a different way so more people weren’t offended, but that wouldn’t of been honest. Plus that’s why we have freedom of speech

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