Heidi Klum: Martin's Already Given Me a Ring

05/02/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Heidi Klum hairCelebrity Monitor/Splash News Online

Sharp-eyed Heidi Klum observers may have noticed that she’s been wearing a gold band on her right hand — and that boyfriend Martin Kirsten has a similar one.

And the supermodel put any rumors to rest (though she didn’t give many details) at an event for Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy, for which she’s the face.

“This is a ring I got from my boyfriend. It’s a present,” she told PEOPLE of the band inscribed at least partially with the word “Martin.”

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So what attracted her to her hunky former bodyguard? It could have something to do with the fact that he’s often seen in what Klum thinks is the sexiest thing a guy can wear.

“I love straightforward, ripped, washed-a-hundred-times jeans that just fit really well,” she says, “and a cool t-shirt. I don’t like a guy when he’s overdressed or over-styled. I like it better rugged.”

A far cry from what initially caught her eye about ex-husband Seal, but hey, whatever works!

Tell us: What do you think of Klum’s latest accessory?

–Alex Apatoff, reporting by Gabrielle Olya

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Nachomamma on

Barf … this from someone who felt compelled to renew her “vows” each and every year…. NEXT

Cris on

I think it’s sad that she’s a relationship jumper. What type of example is that for her children?

Jay on

She seems sweet but just another woman who can’t be without a man. She’ll marry him and be divorced a third time!!

asoldiersdream on

In with the new, out with the old

scoobe2 on

never ceases to amaze me how some women just cannot be alone. how about focusing on your children and how they are taking your divorce and not worrying about who is keeping your bed warm? sad.

Crick on

This woman just cannot be single. Focus on your kids honey. I had a mother like this, resented the heIl out of her.

Ava Hill on


Jane on

She’s such a weird woman. Focused on men, rather than her kids. Some women cannot be without a man. SAD!

Julia Emry on

are you aware that this is probly affecting your kids in a bad way emotionally? or do you not care cuz your getting laid and thats all u want right now///

Ava Hill on

The bodyguard? Then everyone is upset when people say “its been going on a while!” Just admit you feel out of love with your hubby and into the arms of another man.

Iylana on

Yes, she does appear to be one of those women who can’t be without a man for five minutes. I think even though many women can be very successful in their careers, they still suffer from insecurity or low self-esteem evidenced by the fact that they can’t put their children first for a while before jumping into another relationship.

LPW on

She seems to have a penchant for unattractive males who come to the rescue. After all, it was Seal who rescued her when she was knocked up and alone. Now, the former bodyguard seems to have rescued her from the remains of her marriage. What’s next for her, Lou Ferrigno?

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

Wow, the judgment in this comment section is much more offensive to me than anything I know or have read about Heidi Klum, for sure.

Irkedbysome on

Everyone is entitled to seek happiness. Life is to short to stay in impossible situations. I dislike that the Internet gives every judgemental idiot a voice. Keep smiling Heidi.

jones on

I can’t stand the way she (and JLo for that matter) are never without a man. They just jump from one relationship to the next to the next. It especially bugs me because they both have young daughters. It sends the message that you always have to be with a man.

bloss on

It’s a shame that people like Heidi who seems to be such a great person cannot keep her business to herself. I thought your life with Seal was excellent and now you are showing off with kids in tow? Maybe it’s your European upbringing, but before I start showing off, I would tame it down a bit. Children are your biggest asset, not a man.

A on

She was a bit of an inspiration to me as a young 20 something because she does it all… Project Runway, former VS Angel, great mom, wife, beautiful looks and personality with loving family, etc. It’s almost disappointing that one person who seems so committed to a marriage that will last just seemed to jump right into another relationship, especially with their family bodyguard. I know most of us don’t know the personal details of what made them fall apart, but in a way I almost feel bad for Seal. I don’t really look up to her anymore.

f off on

everyone is different. i am single and happy. thats why they are called hollywood harlots . .

Gina on

Life is too short to be miserable. I wish both of them luck!

gigigirl on

i think some of the mothering comments are pretty left field. she is a wonderful hands-on mother to her children. who she decides to partner with may not be what most of us seem suitable but who are we to judge, and it does not make her a bad mother. Seems the same things could have been said for madonna, and her kids have been raised completely healhy and balanced.
to each their own.

D K on

She’s just icky.



Denocat68 on

Heidi always seems so loving towards her children when they show photographs. However, She should have taken time before starting a new relationship. It just looks tacky-!

Devoted Biddy on

I must comment Seal for showing dignity and grace during his divorce (although he was not an angel either, remember the yacht vacation?) and not getting involved with any of them
(unfortunately, collateral damage are his children). I do not feel Ms. Klum was cheating while married (or either after divorce filing as no mother with 4 kids would risk that – She loved Seal). I don’t know but for some reason, I don’t feel she is as “in love” with this guy as she WANTS SEAL TO THINK. Hopefully, they will get married if only to give Mr. Kristen some security as he is finished in the protective service industry.

God bless all.

Tina on

Here’s another one who can’t be single for 5 minutes. She wasn’t close with the father of her first kid. Now, she’s not with the father of the next 3 kids. Well, I guess the keep her record straight, she needs to have a baby by the bodyguard before they breakup. Clock’s-a-ticking.

Barbie on

And then after they’re married she’ll try to change him to dress nicer.

carolyn gattegno on

why not just leave her alone and let her be happy. noone knows whats in anothers heart? Her children are very well taken care of and loved.

Suzanne on

Good for her. I wish her much happiness.

Tina on

I am sure she is a great mom for her kids, still. Why do we ask women to be sacrifying everything for their children? Seal has a partner, too, and it is Heidi who lives with the kids. I feel that a lot of women give up everything for their kids, are really unhappy about it and envious of other women who allow themselves to be happy. Happy mothers are best for their children. Let Heidi be happy already!

Cris on

I don’t really care what she does and I do not feel sorry about passing judgement on her. She lives her private life in the spotlight by choice. As far as I am concerned that makes it open for public scrutiny. If she doesn’t like the comments then she should keep things private. She announced getting a ring. Wonder what her children think of this.

Tina on

Wow, American women are the worst.. Back to the 50s and in the kitchen, girls!! Hope none of you has kids, I’d hate to have such a judgmental mother. Auf Wiedersehen, ladies:-

Peaches on

They are a much better match then her and Seal. I think the part of her and seal renewing their vows everyyear is to try and convinced themselves they belong together. When you’re in true love you have nothing to prove to the world.

Lisa on

Whatever makes her happy, she should have better reasons for picking a mate, besides how they look in their jeans. Didn’t she set her sites on Seal because he looked good in his workout pants, or something like that. Attraction matters, but so does character and integrity.

Staycee on

Not one of these comments is from anyone who knows Heidi or what kind of mother or woman she really is.

Paul Severe on

Yeah, we know what you like, Heidi.

salia on

She seems the type to want what she wants when she wants it. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side honey. Marriage takes a great deal of work and toleration. Seems she just wants the honeymoon stage and when that’s over she is out of that relationship and on to a new man. It doesn’t matter who you marry there will be gaps in your marriage where you don’t feel in love it doesn’t mean you have an affair and move on to something more exciting. I think someone forgot to let her know she isn’t 20 yrs old anymore.

Manon on

It’s HER BUSINESS what occurs in her personal life-NO ONE ELSES. People need to mind their own business & keep their opinions to themselves!! Just my opinion-good grief

tigs on

At least this dude she has now is good looking

bowchicka on

Heidi here, Heidi there…Heidi, Heidi everywhere.

Heidiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ho.

Debra on

is the ink dry on her divorce papers yet? Are these people so afraid of being alone that they will be in a relationship with a serial killer if needed?

Manon on

Heidi is entitled to live & do what she PLEASES! She’s an accomplished female & deserves her privacy in the choices she makes. She’s NOT another female collecting welfare & food stamps w/ a bunch of kids. She WORKS, PROVIDES for herself & children & is very goal oriented. Others should learn from her & zip their “traps”. She doesn’t stick her nose in your business, right?

Cindy on

Heidi, be careful. It takes time to build a relationship. Just because he gave you a ring doesn’t mean the relationship is sealed(no pun intended).

Ashleigh on

Why so much hate? She is always with her kids and his job for years and still is to protect her and her family. To me that sounds pretty perfect, why wouldn’t you want to see where it goes? Her kids already know and trust him and so does he. You can’t help who you love, but it must be nice to happen upon it with a person you have been friend with already for years. Just because she is a mom doesn’t mean she has to be alone forever.

Cindy Halpern on

Be careful Heidi. It takes time to build a relationship. Just because he gave you a ring doesn’t mean the relationship is sealed( no pun intended).

ann on

I think she is over the hill as far as being a “sex symbol” is concerned and her clothes are inappropriate for her older figure. Remember that slit to the waist gown she wore with her boobs sagging to her navel. I have no respect for her at all. I agree she needs to get over herself and take care of those kids

k on


Curlylox on

honestly give yourself a ring and love yourself – lord must u always have a man????

Rachael on

Obviously marriage means nothing to her. If anyone should be barred from getting married, it’s Hollywood.

Krista on

pretty please sign a prenup……

Tuula Westra on

HK, keep it up, you soon will be in a category with the Kardigirls, may others…

launchingpad on

You took the words right out of my mouth. Such low self esteem that she can’t live without a man.

Beth on

Tramp, she’s not even divorced yet

Maddy on

Good for her! She’s happy, don’t pay attention to the miserable haters Heidi.

blair on

Yeah, and we all know the reason she fell for Seal, what was in the pants! That woman dwells on that!!!

Jill on

So, so, sick of Heidi Klum! Enough already!

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pat72209 on

She isn’t bashful about what attracts her to a man. She was attracted to Seal (his package) when he walked into a hotel at which she was staying in speedo pants…..

Lori Anne on

Who clicked on this article just to read the comments? Lol

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Mom6091 on

She is a hot mess, I use to like her and she seems more into acting like she’s a teenager versus a mom of 4. Just sit down!!!!

Kikamo on

If she were a man no one would care. Life is to short. I’m happy for her

Hank the Cowdog on

Some people just fall for the wrong guy every time! As you get older you start to appreciate yourself and not feel codependent needing a partner. As my oldest friend used to tell me, “You have to love yourself before others can love you!” I think in time women who have had several partners realize they are better than they think they are. Just because HK is awesomely beautiful, she may have some hangups like a normal person! Give her a break! She deserves it!

jaci on

good lord whats the rush?? what is it about Hollywood women that they bounce from man to man?

jaci on

good lord, whats the rush??? what is it about Hollywood women that bounce from man to man and back again??

jaci on

take a long hard look at whats missing in your life before you put another ring on it…..enjoy your kids w/out a boyfriend around every now and then…..geeeeeez.

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Kp on

Got pregnant at 18, married into a disaster! I’m 47 now and have learned people and relationships change for better or worse. When it’s for the worst or doesn’t work you move forward and go on with your life! When children are involved you coparent with respect for the the mother or father of your children! Heidi and Seal seem to be doing exactly that!!

gigi on

Could of sworn I red somewhere where she denied she was romantically involved with this guy….and now she’s with him, she’s got money & looks but no brains, geez lady have some class wait awhile.

Cris on

I don’t see what the hand slapping is about for those of us that disagree with her choices. If she didn’t want people to speculate about her life then she can stay quiet about her personal life. I wouldn’t know about a ring if she hadn’t told the world. She made it public and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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Elizabeth on

It won’t last she will marry him pop out some more babies then divorce him too.

Amanda on

These celebs are beyond ridiculous, they can’t for one minute be on their own and discover what they want, they jump from relationship to relationship! For once I’d love to see a strong Hollywood women.

gyl on

Not a hater. But I think considering what has happened in the last marriage, she should probably not shout from the rooftops about this relationship.

lorelei51h57 on

If it is an engagement ring – Congrats. If it is just a present what business is it of anyone else? All I can say he has been seen more with her children than their father. Where is Seal anyway? He has not been seen with any of his children for month. Not much of a father figure recently. Why have none of the Haters asked this?

sherry on

Wow!! What happened to all that so proclaimed love that she had with Seal and the numerous renewing of marriage vows!! Boy do some of these women move on fast!! How many times do they get married and keep proclaim how happy they are but can move on so fast?!

Tiki on

The responses are making me laugh. How do you guys know she puts her man before her kids she is always with her kids. So she is supposed to be alone because she got divorced. Let her live her life. Men divorce and have a 25 year old the next week.

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[…] Heidi Klum’s ring, a gold band recently spotted on her right hand, isn’t what we all think it is. Klum and her […]

jacon cohen on

Heidi Klum Wearing a Ring, Heidi Klum Bodyguard Boyfriend – Style News – StyleWatch – People.com Gracias por compartir con todos nosotros toda esta amena información. Con estos granitos de arena hacemos màs grande la montaña Internet. Enhorabuena por este blog.

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