Kim Kardashian Jokes: My Baby's Going to Be Born Wearing Leather Leggings!

03/28/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Kim Kardashian maternity style
Chris McKay/WireImage

Kim Kardashian may say that pregnancy isn’t as easy as she thought, but she certainly doesn’t show it. She’s as busy as ever, with a new high-fashion maternity outfit for every occasion –and she’s loving it.

“It’s definitely fun! I’m enjoying figuring it out,” the Temptation actress tells PEOPLE of learning to dress her new bump. “Either you go tight and you really show it off, or there’s the muumuu style that’s perfect for tall, skinny model types.”

Her personal favorite maternity wear: leather leggings. She wears them so often, she’s even commissioned a pair from her Kardashian Kollection for Sears. “I think leather leggings are super stylish but comfy,” she explains, leading to speculation her baby will be born wearing a pair. “That’s what Kourtney says all the time!” she agrees, laughing.

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And despite her tentative first foray into flats, we can expect to see more of them. “I’m loving flats and flat sandals,” she shares. “I’m just trying to find really cute ones.” Also on her maternity must list: camisoles by Parisian designer Carine Gilson and even more leggings (her favorite are Azzedine Alaïa).

So even though she swears she’s ready to take it easy, we have a feeling she’s going to be keeping up with the Kardashian fashion ethos right up until that baby is born — and that she’ll have mini leather pants all ready to go.

Tell us: Are you excited to see Kardashian’s film debut in Temptation Friday? And do you believe she’ll actually ever switch to flats?

–Alex Apatoff, reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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Showing 93 comments

um no on

What an idiot. Wait until after the baby is born airhead

Kate on

It sounds like the baby is just an accessory to her. She will return it to the nanny once she has to feed, bathe it and change it. PLASTIC MORON

um no on

Then you wont have time to think about what you are wearing. Your child becomes more important. Wait. .she will have nannies galore I am sure.

poe on


carlosavs7 on

Reblogged this on carlosavs7.

fatal on

by the looks of her weight gain and bad eating habits the baby will be malnourished and wearing an incubator for the first month or 2 just like MeMe and Jessica Simpson’s babies-huge fat mothers eating horrible diets gaining triple digits means a small malnourished premature baby-the cause?? self absorbed selfish illiterate mothers who only think about themselves and actually abuse their unborn child with horrible eating habits because they can’t be bothered to tell themselves no or be unselfish enough to do something for anyone but themselves-and they have People magazine licking their but for it

Kiks on

I’m so ready to see kimyes baby!! Its gonna be beautiful just like mommy!!! Her being preggers only makes me like her more!!! Go Kim!!

Tres on

Yaaaaay Kimmy!!! I’m Rooting For YOU!!!!!!

Angelica R Moore on

kouzes on

who gives a rip?

Jill on

Just when I did not think it was possible, she is even more annoying than before. She has not concept of what being a mother is going to be like. The doctor ordered her to “take it easy” last week and then she was photographed out shopping in NYC. Right, because shopping in NYC is not easy or dangerous. Also, is her stylist trying to make her “black” before the baby comes? She looks completely different then she did 5 months ago….

TwoCents on

People are so MEAN!! Good luck to Kim, that baby is a blessing, as babies always are.


Omg what a life! Her biggest worry is what she’s going to wear. Unbelievable!! Then she wonders why she is criticized but hows often can you hear about a persons style.

Jessica on

When I was pregnant, I was really excited about what I was wearing. What’s wrong with that? I loved every second of being pregnant, I felt great and I wanted to look great too. I don’t understand why everyone is so critical of her wanting to dress up while she’s pregnant? I also LOVE leather leggings, they’re super comfortable and look great with everything!

Dee on

Uh can’t you people read? She didn’t even say that, People just speculated she would because she was talking about maternity wear jeggings. Wow you are really cruel and you don’t even know the truth. Read the story before you start calling her a Moron

Margaret on

Please STOP with the Kim Kardashian articles, photos, and blog posts. This tells people how much People Magazine is contributing to the dumbing down of our society.

Margaret on

Please STOP with the Kim Kardashian articles, posts, photos. This tells us how much People Magazine contributes to the dumbing down of our society.

Lori on

As I’m sure it will be. That baby is going to be so ghetto.

Dawn on

Who is she again and what exactly does she do?

Ginger on

First Kim it’s July when baby well be born you don’t want leather cloths on baby. Second you probably won’t do the nursing thing for very long so nannies well be feeding and bonding with baby or father well adore and bonding more than you as he was raised that way. Baby well be like a pet to you to dress and show off for cameras. Just like your sister feel sorry for baby unless daddy takes control. Which I hope he does.

Lena on

For someone who said she was going to keep her baby’s life private, she certainly has been doing a heck of a lot of interviews. I really wish she would go sit down somewhere.

D K on

I’ve just gotten to the point where I feel sorry for this girl. I don’t care if she does live her life in the spotlight it must be hard to have everyone run you down all the time about everything you do and wear. I sure wouldn’t want people judging me all the time. She should wear what she likes and phooey to the rest of us.

Chloe on

Margaret it’s People, they report on celebrity gossip and whether you want to admit it or not Kim Kardashian is a celebrity. If you don’t like her, don’t read it. Also, if you are looking for something a little more important to the world try CNN not people you dumbass

NoDoubt! on

Some people shouldn’t have children…

PB&J on

What a complete bauble head!

cocolette6 on

Gosh, people are horrible on here!

tina on

moron. the baby is NOT a doll OR a showpiece to provide you with more attention. you are in for a big surprise.

whatever on

I’d rather be the child of Charles Manson

Nachomamma on

just another accessory to her. She will have nannies galore doing all the “dirty” work and she will just have the baby when it’s a photo op and convenient for her.

sally on

Poor kid. the mother is a ho and the fatha is a loser

Kat on

Why are you glorifying leather pants when it’s cruelty to animals!

sally on

Margaret…what makes me mad is they call her a celebrity, when in all reality she is NOT. The weight-loss company’s don’t want her because they said she isn’t REAL enough…that says a lot about her.

MSS on

Kim is realy sounding like an air head, and her outfits are the worst, considering she is in the fashion industry. Read on another web site that she liked the name Easton West for her baby. How about honoring Kanye’s mother Donda and Kim’s father Robert and name their daughter Rhonda. I guess thats too ordinary

Marcia on

Dear god make her go away.

pips on

Can I throw up now or should I wait till later? I wish I could throw up on Kim!! What a boob

Cynda on

The “Temptation actress”? Ha! She is obviously going to have a girl – she is giving all her beauty to the baby – judging from the picture of her.

coffeelady on

I’m not sure she realizes that a baby is actually a PERSON, not a doll.

Emily on

“Either you go tight and you really show it off, or there’s the muumuu style that’s perfect for tall, skinny model types.”

You go TIGHT and show it off? Is she nuts…wait, don’t answer that. Your unborn child is not a fashion accessory, Kim. It’s a child for God’s sake. That cannot be safe wearing some of the things she wears for her baby.

I watched KUWTK when they first started but the past couple of years I despise them. They are nothing but fame hungry hookers that just happened to be born wealthy. I do like Khloe though, she seems somewhat normal (I use that term loosely.) I feel so bad for this baby, it really isn’t going to stand a chance. 15 years from now we will be hearing about their trip to rehab. sad sad sad.

robby on

I hope that they apply a lot of oil to her cervix if the baby will have leather leggings on so that Kim does not get scratched

susan on

I think sh is a pug

Nema on

She failed to mention the Spanx she’s still wearing. I feel sorry for that baby if there are any defects or abnormalities. She’s more concerned with her looks, than a baby. Kanye and Kim are self-centered, narcissistic loons.

Kimmie on

The kid will be wearing crotchless diapers.

Jam on

This poor child will never have the chance at a normal life. From the day it’s born it will be plastered all over the media and her reality shows. How sad.

on cue on

Kiks-i agree with you. and Fatal-“self absorbed selfish illiterate mothers…” Someone needs a dictionary, as illiterate does not mean selfish or self absorbed. Illiterate is the inability to read-or in laymans terms, if you’re illiterate you cannot read. Like, as in, say, a dictionary. Oh and you don’t wear an incubator. The baby lies in one. Gosh a mighty.

Guest on

I’m praying no one allows her near a maternity line.

margaretames on

More news from the talent-less Kardashians…

Amanda on

This idiot is making her baby sound like an accessory, as some of u said. And I totally agree! I don’t have kids yet, but kids are humans too! And she will have more nannies than we can imagine.

Karen on

Never see her with Kanye any more.

Cest La Vie on

So you want your baby to be a skany ho like you, huh? Family Services should remove this child after birth.

Ali on

Kimmie – Don’t be mean to the kid! Poor thing hasn’t even been born yet and you are already calling the BABY a bad name!

what a read on

She was on Leno last night and what a joke this woman really is…..still do not understand what she is famous for other than her sex tape and having a HUMUNGOUS Booty…..

Ashley on

Did you guys even read the article? SHE didn’t say that her baby will be born wearing leather leggings! She was talking about what she wears because she was ASKED. She just laughed when the reporter said the statement and said that “Kourtney says that all the time.” Sheesh! Calm down! In all of your hatred you’re all becoming incredibly ignorant!

Lindsay on

Wow,,,just when I thought she couldn’t anymore selfish. Feel sorry for this poor child.

Dina on

Whoever supports this narcissistic, arrogant dim wit is naive.
Get a life!

guest on

I find it interesting that Kanye is not pictured with her any longer.
Is he ashamed of her weight?

JoAnne on

LOVE HER!!! Super gorgeous xoxo from Canada

Nannyto1 on

Ummmm…. I don’t know what to say. I’m ashamed that I even clicked on the artcile. This woman and her family should NOT be in the news!!!!

kat1129 on

As I opened up people this morning..I thought oh wow…nothing in here about KK- low and behold she thought the same thing…just couldn’t stand it!

f off on

Her lips are HUGE. They probably flap in the wind.

Carol on

Why do you have to hear about this moron everyday, she is not the only pregnant woman out there, nor is she the first woman to have a baby, enough of the Kim

Not A K Fan on

She’s a MORON!!!!!! God help this baby!!!!

Smells Like Kardashian on

I can’t write anything that hasn’t been said.

Lulu on

Beautiful Kim…they sure cant gt enough of you….
Your baby is a blessing, Show it off the way u like.
I mean let thm talk…they have got nothin on you…

itsallgoodnroanoke on

This goes to show you that she is NOT a serious MOTHER TO BE! Everything has to BROADCAST! LOOK AT ME! Now, Baby might be born in PARIS! Again, LOOK AT ME! BROADCAST FOOL! Chris, cont. to tear her millions apart. She made a fool out of YOU! NOW, Make a fool out of her, Now BROADCAST THAT!

layedbak1 on

I understand that people in the show business industry have to manufacture things to write about sometime, but really, Kim K. ? I can not think of much that is less interesting that she or anyone associated with her thinks or has to say. Just another indication of how our society has been dumbed down by the media and the other usual suspects.

Danielle on

So, she is going to teach her daughter the ropes of how to be a porn Jr. star. just like her grandmother and mother…..the saga will continue. three generations making money on the old profession.

Theresa on

Why are some of you being so hateful. What has this women done to you. It just sounds like a bunch of jealousy to me. How many of YOU can afford to buy an $11 million mansion? How many of YOU have a successful closing line? My guess is NONE of you but you can sit behind your computers and bash someone else. Everyone has issues within thier personal lives and you are lying if you say you don’t so don’t throw stones. I wish her a very healthy baby. Congrats Kim.

oh noes on

Leather – what a fashionable surface for vomit and poo!

Cooper on

Thanks for this crucial information.

Danielle on

The baby will be biological Kanje, but legally Humphries.if she is born before they get a divorce.

liz on

a few things… i can understand the general annoyance towards kim but i don’t understand the pure hatred some people have for her. i don’t recall her doing anything so horrific as to bring on that level of contempt. second, although i don’t agree with a lot of her maternity choices, i don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing snug clothing to show your belly so long as your circulation is not being compromised. some women even opt to wear a pregnancy belt for support. lastly, i have a beautiful, smart, funny 17 month old daughter who is like a living doll to me. although i will never hold her back from getting her hands dirty and playing in the mud, i absolutely adore dressing her up like the cute little cherub she is. i don’t see what’s wrong with that?? isn’t part of the fun of having a little one (especially a girl) doting on them and having fun with them? i

Dietra on

why do people comment with such vile hatred towards her? you don’t know her, she doesn’t know you, she did nothing to you people commenters. Why are you so passionate about her? why do you care so much? Get rid of the hate!! go to the gym and use that energy on improving yourself instead of ripping a stranger


notice she uses the word “my” before baby??

maybe Kanye was simply a sperm donor.

MJ on

and be an uneducated fool like the rest….what else is new?

grammadee94 on

UGH! ENUF about the Kardashians’ and their exploits! You’d THINK she was the FIRST “woman” to have a baby. WHO CARES what she is or isn’t wearing or how much weight she has or hasn’t gained. WITH ALL OF THE REALLY TRAGIC things going on in the world, why is so much attention being given to this IDIOTS!

Lu on

Should probably have a c-section so your baby isn’t born with a yeast infection.

Debbie on

I thnk Kim will be too busy to take care of and to bond with the child. She is so self absorbed with herself not the baby and look at the Father. Poor kid.

Woody on

She’s insufferable. Kim your ratings r tanking!! Ha ha ha ha ha! Better call Paris and start kissing her butt!

Jean on

People…if you don’t want to ready about them DON’T! You DON’T know them personally and to judge just by what you “think” you know is truly ridiculous and ignorant. Let Kim – and any other celebrity for that matter – enjoy their pregnancies the way THEY want to. If you don’t want to hear about them – DON’T CLICK on the article. Some of us like to escape into a world we will never know and read about these people…and realize it’s not the norm. The materialistic hatred that is out there for some people – that I would bet 99.9% of have NEVER EVEN MET – is just insane!

Evie on

I to just like the rest of the world is tired of Kim k. I don’t have nothing against her best there’s other things that people can write about. Back in the day I loved to read my people mag. All those heart touching personal stories. And now it’s all about Kim k and her dumb family, and her clothes. Enough is enough people go back to how it was.

AnnaMaria on

This person makes me want to puke.
Always has.
Always will.

Elodie on

She’s so self absorbed. It’s quite sad. And Doesn’t she see herself in these pictures? She is clearly not picking things that are flattering on her…Get a clue, kim. She really needs to step away from the media for a while. she’s getting even more annoying, if that’s possible.

f off on

Dietra shut the HE#$ UP and take your a$$ to the gym.

Annette J May on

When she can’t bend down to slip her heels on plus be up every 15 minutes to use the restroom is when she’ll think about flats. It’s tacky to be putting her down. She and Kanye are parents-to-be and they look very happy together so save the put-downs for your mamas cuz talk is cheap!

Hoping please on

google fat version of kim a kanye, god i hope that comes true. then shed shut her mouth and wed forget about her

jojo on

Doesnt it seem she wears more leather since she has been dating Kanye? ya think he tells her what to leather lace .thats all i see her in..and him tooo..hmmmm..she always looks too hard looking

Angie on

Hey Kim, good for you!

carlosavs7 on

Reblogged this on carlosavs7.

justpeachy on

I never knew that a pregnant woman could look so trampy.

Quynh Phuong Tran on

That is SO true that her Kanye’s and Kim’s Baby is going to be born wearing leggings because Kim is a fashionsita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel on

Wait a minute, didn’t she say she was not ready for kids when she was married to Chris Humphries and now a year and a half or so later she’s so happy pregnant. Strange what stardom does to these airhead idiots!!!! Enough of what the Kardashian’s do, say, wear, eat, or drive!!!!! I don’t care!!!!! What about real people and real mothers who care bout their kids and not what you wear!!! Why promote a maternity line for skinny model types when you were not, are not, and will never be? Shows how dumb we have become, to think plastic morons are what we should look up to. No wonder teen girls have such low self esteem, look at the idiots they look to, people like the Kardashian’s who don’t care just want more money !!!!

Bailey on

Haha people are so pathetic getting upset over a magazine article. Get a life. No one forced you to read and comment on it. Jealousy isn’t cute. Go Kim!

crsis killer scam on

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