Katharine McPhee Chops Off Her Hair

03/28/2013 at 11:12 AM ET

Katharine McPhee haircut
Michael Simon/Startraks; Splash News Online

Is this her way of saying sayonara to Smash?

Amid cancellation rumors, the show’s star Katharine McPhee stepped out with a dramatically different do from the long, glossy curls she wears to play Karen. She’d gone a little shorter last week, but it appears she was ready for a major chop.

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McPhee debuted a piece-y chin-length cut with ombré tips and face-framing highlights. Where her old do was very movie-star glamorous, the new look is more “L.A. hipster.”

We have to say, we’re glad the star is switching it up for spring. But tell us: Do you like McPhee’s new look?

–Alex Apatoff

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tinman on

she’s so cute–why be all glam when you’re in an airplane for 5 + hours?

She’s on Idol tonight with OneRepublic so I’m sure she will look STUNNING!

Mickeymikado on

She’s so self-destructive. I think this girl has serious issues. I think her self image is very poor I had a girlfriend in school who was gorgeous but she was never pretty enough, never thin enough, never smart enough…very self-sabotaging and deprecating. She still is majorly insecure even today. When a beautiful woman chops off beautiful hair while in the midst of a role requiring sexiness and the hair…something us definitely off. Just saying…

Sick on

She has a pretty face but I hate the hair. Why do women chop it all off?

Erin on

I love it! Kudos to her. I feel like as women we all feel we need to have long hair to be beautiful or desirable. I think Katherine looks gorgeous!

Smithy on

I just got this haircut too! It’s called ‘the chop’ and is inspired by Karlie Kloss.

Kimmie on

Short hair makes anyone look much older.

jillianblackburn on

She looks so adorable! All these celebs are chopping their hair, and it’s making me want to, too!

Gina on

She looks like a teenager with short hair..

UnKnown on

Cute hair do. Its so easy to take care of too!!!!!!!

seaghda on

If the show “required” the hair, they wouldn’t have allowed her to cut it. Period. I’m betting the hair’s not the reason she’s good in the role, nor does cutting one’s hair automatically indicate they have issues with themselves. Stop over-dramatizing a haircut.

kim on

2 words:: EWWWWW, NOOOO!!!

Jae on

Some women wear short hair really well and those that do often look younger and better with their hair kept short. Unfortunately, I don’t think McPhee is one of them. If she likes it, that’s really all that matters, but I don’t think it suits her.

Jill on

It’s cute. It is just hair and if she wants to cut it, so what. I don’t understand why everyone is always so negative over things that really shouldn’t matter.

klp on

She looks so old! Matronly.

Jessica on

Boo! Hipster hair

CC on

In a word, no. But congrats to Katherine for looking like Johnny Depp now….

amaryllis on

No. Big yuck. She needs a better haircut.

boFAn on

Gees, maybe she just took her extensions out. Regardless, it’s her head. She can wear her hair any friggin way she wants to.

Nannyto1 on

Cute. I love that women are starting to get rid of the long locks and extensions and do something different. Very refreshing!

hope on

I have had my hair that short! Never again. I prefer my long and thick hair thank you! If she likes it good for her. I just find it ages her extremely.

um no on

If it was a little longer around the chin it would be cute.

Ann on

Looks better longer……she is a pretty lady!!

tulmon on

Its not the hair… its the style. I think she will look just fine if she can fix it up.

mopps on

Guess we just have to check it on Idol tonight.

Kim on

I love short hair, but this looks like something she did herself with a pair of dull scissors. And no “Kimmie”, short hair does NOT make everyone look older. LONG hair makes ME look far older..as it does to a lot of women. It all depends on the person.


Am I crazy about the hair??? No. But Katherine is a very beautiful woman & her hair style will not diminish that fact one bit. Besides, it grows back.

ErinJ on

She looks like a lesbo librarian

poe on

Makes her neck really long

Lolo on

Look at the difference in outfits with glasses, etc. Of course, she doesn’t look as “glamorous” with short hair with the conservative dress. Unfair comparison.

Ella on

ugh–she’s really not that pretty, so she needs to have the long hair to make her look attractive.

Linda on


Linda on

I like her long hair more…not because I hate short hair..but because her short hair seems to not have any style to it..it just lays there and looks limp. Maybe if it had a shape to it I’d like it more. She is pretty though.

Lix on

I agree with Mickey…she has been trying to “breakthrough” for years now. It’s not going to happen, she doesn’t have “IT”. Sure she’s pretty & her voice is ok but no star quality.

Dee on

What do you mean they’re cancelling SMASH? Her hair is probably fine when it’s fixed and she has makeup on. So someone took a photo during her down time, no makeup, hair not fixed glasses…must she always be glamorous?

tillie on

No no no

mom on


carlosavs7 on

Reblogged this on carlosavs7.

poe on

She looks 40!!

Sass027 on

She’s chopped her hair shorter than that before…yawn!

Shanna on

Cutting one’s hair does not necessarily make them look older nor does it mean one has self image issues…geeze……what dumba$$ comments !!!!!!

Sandra on

It’s a haircut, people do it everyday, it’s not like she needs
permission…if she likes it that’s all that matters.
Looks good on her….nothing more to see people, move on!

JeanE on

I gave up on Smash, the irony is, it was better last season before they fired the creator…I’m not loving this cut, and I HATE ombre with a passion!! If it was straightened and all brunette, I think it would be cute.

veggie mama on


JeanE on

Just to clarify, she is a gorgeous girl, no matter the hair. I don’t think she’s a good actress, however, maybe she needs some classes. Beautiful voice, though.

Brooke on

Doesn’t look like she cut her hair. She looks like she had her extensions taken out.

revolution@rocketmail.com on

Garden shears and peroxide. Not liking it.

tinman on

she would look great if she were bald or had a mohawk, because she is a natural beauty

melody on

that cut does not look good at all

Stellabelle on

Haaaa! Its so funny to me that people say women look much older with short hair. She looks FANTASTIC regardless of her hair! She is young and gorgeous! Katherine: Do what makes you happy. You are young and beautiful. You are versatile and a chameleon. Live it up, girlie! You are gorgeous, and dont listen to the haters.

mandy warhol on

how could she do this to us? just because she has hair, doesn’t mean she can just cut it. plus everyone knows short hair is so unlong. why would anyone who has hair deny its full potential? keep it, ladies, so it can get caught on stuff, sweat up your neck, and generally keep you in the bathroom.

Sileste on

Nope, doesn’t look good on her. She looks like a school girl.

bamamama1982 on

i dont like it at all.she went from looking gorgous to a old mousy librarian eeek

nicole on

The new hair is much more chic and sophisticated. Shows confidence, style, femininity. Ultra long hair can be so…. common. Unsophisticated people tend to make generalizations about shorter hair making you look older etc.

Heather on

She went instantly from movie star glam to librarian frumpy.

Visitor on

Didn’t like it at first, but now that I’ve looked at for a minute, I think it’s very cute.

Elle on

While I think she’s gorgeous, the hair looks like an accident with scissors. Like a drunken accident.

SamboZo on

The hair doesn’t look great in these pics, but I saw her on Idol tonight and I loved it (before I saw the pics btw). She looked so beautiful. Her outfit was odd, but that’s OK, I just looked at her pretty face and cute hair the whole time. I love her voice.

Terri on

I’m sorry with that picture with the glasses and the hair,she looks like a librarian with that hair,I don’t think it suits her at all

Katherine Rogers on

I love it!!….u go Katharine, I am a Katherine and have a pixy cut and absolutely love it!!….screw everyone else!!

srotbed on

It totally makes her look like Rachel Leigh Cook!

kathleen a mchale on

3/30/2013 i’ve never seen her or heard her name before,but the new hairstyle and glasses make her look smart.too bad they don’t have allstyles,all lenghs hair cuts.

Julia Emry on

she looks sooo much better with long hair.

Ella on

This is a DUMB article. First of all, she didn’t “chop off her hair.” She simply removed the extensions she was wearing.


adeline on

Not a good look. She looks like Johnny Depp.

kelly on

She looks like Johnny Depp!

sookie on


Jennifer Anderson on

She should have left her hair longer

tguy on

She looks like a nerd now!! She was beautiful with that long hair.

carlosavs7 on

Reblogged this on carlosavs7.

linda on

first seen her on idol, good singer but not at all convincing as an actress, wouldnt watch smash after 3 episodes ,great concept for a show but big mistake for casting ms mcphee ,in a star role it fell flat right from the start,as for her hair it reeks of inner turmoil……

dumbneasy on

Hmmm… Welp! There goes Katherine’s chance to be a teen angel on Glee. :) The new style certainly makes her look older. But I’ll love her regardless. I just wish NBC had sense enough to put SMASH on earlier to boost her ratings so she could stay around awhile.

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