Exclusive First Look: What to Buy At the New VictoriaBeckham.com

03/26/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Victoria Beckham eyewearCourtesy Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham keeps getting bigger and bigger in the fashion world — and now she has a website to match.

The may-jah designer launched her first-ever e-commerce site Tuesday morning, and gave PEOPLE an exclusive look at three of her favorite sunglasses styles now for sale on her site: the $595 “Feather Butterfly” (top), $535 “Granny Cat” (middle) and an $850 “Classic Aviator” style with gold frames and 18-karat gold mirrored lenses.

“A great piece of eyewear is the perfect complement to every outfit,” Beckham tells PEOPLE exclusively in a statement. “The collection is handcrafted in Italy using the latest techniques and finest materials. Each piece is hand cut, assembled, and polished, with the same aspirational, chic and refined aesthetic that is at the heart of my creative vision.”

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Since Beckham is a noted eyewear enthusiast (seriously, you never see the star outside without a chic pair of shades), we’ll definitely take her word for it.

And ultimately, no one is more excited about Beckham’s foray into e-commerce than the designer herself. “The e-commerce site will help me to grow this category and bring even more to my customers,” she says. Great! Now that we know where to get her wardrobe, can she give us a hint about how to find a David Beckham lookalike?

Tell us: Are you excited to shop VictoriaBeckham.com?

–Alex Apatoff

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Bekleen on

Hey Victoria “stone face” beck ham!!! I know u wipe your butt with five hundred dollars …. But people in the real world think this pricepoint is rediculous! I could feed my family for 2 months with this kinda money!! Get your greedy head outta your butt!!!

Sigh on

Bekleen…there are people in this world who can afford those prices.

stacy wu on

Her clothes and accessories look simple and uninspiring. I’ve noticed they tend to wrinkle when celebrities wear them.

Angie on

There may be people in the world that can afford it..but why would they spend that kind of money on a pair of sunglasses that will be lost in no time? Even if I had the money to spend $850 on a pair of sunglasses, I wouldn’t do it. I will never understand why millionaires/billionaires spend large amounts of money on things they do! A diamond encrusted playstation controller, for example. Seriously? :)

Bekleen on

I could see it… If these were prescription sunglasses!! If she is gonna have a website it needs to cater to all tax brackettts not just her rich neighbors!!!

sl on

No thanks Vic! I’ll stick to my $20 pairs of shades. I’ll continue to shop for mine where they are affordable for us “beneath you”. Your stuff needs to stay with the stars evidently. No need to pay that much money for the kinds of things that get misplaced daily.

Angie on

Bekleen, even for prescription glasses that’s crazy! I had a pair of Gucci reading glasses and I only spent around $200..still a waste of money though. They were broken within a year! lol I think these celebrities and those in the fashion world are completely disillusioned with what the average person makes. Magazines are always saying “affordable prices” and then go on to list things like a T-shirt for $100. I just don’t get it..I wish I lived in their world!

Leah on

WOW….again, it’s all about money.

tigs on

She is right up there with Gweneth Paltrow. Never mind, I’ll buy my clothes from Kohls.

Consumer on

If you can’t afford to buy it, then there’s no need to buy it. But I personally love the Feather Butterfly one and will order a pair. She’s clearly catering to a particular consumer not the whole world.

Because you can’t afford it doesn’t mean a market doesn’t exist

rosita on

funny, in her sunglasses add, she aint wearing them lol

Karen on

I love her designs but wow, the prices are high. I have a pair of her jeans which I love from a couple seasons ago when she was selling them, but they were reasonably priced.

carlosavs7 on

Reblogged this on carlosavs7.

Bekleen on

Consumer… I see u r one of those wanna be’s!! You can’t afford these glasses and u know it!!!

Ashley on

Consumer, then answer me this..Why would you spend that amount of money on a pair of sunglasses? How about you take the money from that and pay someone’s rent of something…I understand that it’s your money and you can do what you please, but to me, that just seems greedy. Buy something substantial instead! If you’ve ever been broke, then you should understand. If not, then I pity you for not living in the real world. Life is so much better when you understand, truly understand, that you’re blessed.

guest on

Good grief! Doesn’t she have enough money already? It always amazes me that people buy garbage from these celebrities just because they have their name attached to a product.

Kat on

I like Mrs B but I’d be more excited if I could affford the stuff.

BBB on

I hate when people are relatively new to a fashion niche and they decide they’re going to go with a luxury brand. “Hi, I’ve never made this kind of product but I’m going to call it luxe and so I’m charging $500+ for each item”. Does the product have higher quality material? Maybe. Does that account for the insane price? No. Come to think of it, novice or expert charging that much for glasses is silly. But hey, they only get away with what people will pay and some people will unbelievable pay that without any justification need for the price.

healthwatch on

I want to buy a steak and potato and feed the poor lady.

Over it on

Bekleen, if they’re out of your price point, that’s fine. Might I suggest you stick to your Walmart handbags & thrift store clothes. Leave the high end goods to those of us that like it, and can afford it.

kitty62862 on

Victoria! Posture! Pull those shoulders back!

Bekleen on

So anything that is not beckham is Walmart??? Heffa please!!!

tillie on

I would buy NOTHING

Guest on

I would be more excited for her knockoffs. I love her designs but the small fortune for a dress I could do without!

Jennifer on

I adore Victoria and I’ve seen her collection and think it’s great for people who can afford her line. I wish I could but for now I don’t mind looking at great design and style!

Shannon on

WOW. At least Sarah Jessica Parker had the right idea of not charging us “normal” folks too much money. Get over yourself, VB!

me on

Good for her, she’s done a good job of carving out a respectable and lucrative career for herself post-Spice Girls and I think she and David do well with the children too.

lilkunta on

victoria, those who read people magazine dont have $850 to spend on ONE PAIR of sunglasses. More importantly, for all these high prices, are your clothes, shoes, bags being made in UK ? or are they made in china with ridiculous markup?
lastly, if you really want us to wear your clothes, YOU NEED TO WEAR YOUR CLOTHES. go a full year with just wearing VB.

amaryllis on

Doesn’t say if they are polarized. @Angie. I own many pairs of expensive sunglasses, I’ve never lost or broken a single pair. I have sunglasses that are over 10 years old. If I stop wearing them, it’s usually a style issue, not careless ownership.

Christine Falk on

Nice line, but she her customer base is the wealthy. Middle class mothers and single women with student loan payments and mortgage payments are not her target base. Would have been wise to target the middle class, I think she would have sold a lot more. Most are worried about whether we will have our jobs next week…

Sophia on

Why do some people here talk like as if it’s something to be ashamed of to be rich? There are people in the world who can afford these sunglasses, including production companies who might use them in their photo shoots/movies and future fashion designers. You do realize those people read websites too, right? Do you just go to a scientific forum and yell at people for talking with “big words”? If her website isn’t interesting for you, just don’t visit. Why the bashing and insulting?

liz on

Given that I’m not a size 00 and have to work for a living, I won’t even look

manomer on

Not like she is the only expensive designer out there….and you would be surprised at what people will pay even when they don’t have the money. People will spend thousands on a purse when they have nothing in the bank. It is ridiculous but her perogative to market to a higher end.

illy2007 on

I like her clothes, some of them I could actually dare to wear, but too expensive.
But I still like her ;-)

FashionIsFickle on

If you pay $600 for glasses you are a SUCKER! Period.

Carrow on

I hate how financially wasteful the world is….

Even if I could afford them I could never justify paying 500 dollars for sunglasses when that money could go to helping someone in need.

Akitnaya on

Just because most of you in the “real world” (me included) can’t afford these items she sells, doesn’t mean there isn’t a market cuz there’s A LOT of ppl who think $300+ is pocket change & would buy it like you & I buy milk from the grocery store. She’s an accomplished designer so at least respect her for her success, not bash her 4 not catering 2 YOU. Sheesh!

Linda on

I think it’s great she’s having success in fashion! Good for her for succeeding in the business world.

$500 sunglasses. Her products are definitely aimed at the rich.

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