Kim Kardashian Wore Three Different Outfits In Eight Hours Tuesday

03/26/2013 at 04:59 PM ET

Kim Kardashian maternity styleGetty; Splash News Online; FameFlynet

There are mornings when we feel like the effort to change from pajamas to jeans might be too much. Which is why we’re constantly in awe at the number of wardrobe changes Kim Kardashian manages to squeeze into a few hours.

For a day of shopping, strolling and promoting Tyler Perry’s Temptation on Good Morning America in N.Y.C., the expecting star dipped into her overstuffed suitcase three times.

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She arrived at the GMA studios in a blush-hued flared skirt and matching lace-accented top. To return to her hotel, Kardashian donned a rose-pink spaghetti strap minidress (of note: The average temperature in N.Y.C. today was 45°).

And finally, she hit the shops in a full leather look, including a fitted cognac sheath, shrunken moto jacket and strappy sandals. It was all we could do not to run outside and encourage her to reread our Style Rx.

We’re torn between desperately wishing she’d let herself enjoy some stretch pants and marveling at her stamina; the day she wears just one outfit, we’ll know her pregnancy is really catching up with her. So weigh in: What do you think of Kardashian’s maternity style so far? Which look was your favorite today?

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 199 comments

Lisa on

She looks great. if she likes to dress up and is comfortable wearing heels then more power to her.

Mora on

This girl needs to hire a real, representable stylist ASAP!

kaycheer on

Oh lord, I don’t have enough clothes for three outfits a day….

mrsodell on

I love the first two looks. Kim is really blooming. God bless her and her family.

rachael on

Omg. Courtney is definately the hot one!

Sue on

She appeared on Kelly & Michael in the blush colored dress.

Jane Dye on

She forgot to put her bag accessory…a paper bag to put over her noggin.

Sick on


Tres on

Kimmy I Love You!!!! But PLEASE Embrace Your Pregnancy And Wear Leggies Or Fitted Pants With A Cami And A Sweate Or Moto Jacket..And Heels And Own It!!!! It’s All About The Layering Affect!!! Hot Lik You Mama!!!!

tita on

OMG i think she is in some pregnancy denial or something! her pregnancy style is just horrible

anais on

The clothes look nice .. but not on her. She is pregnant and in denial maybe? They look either to short or you can see every line of her pregnant belly (the middle dress) . she’d look better if they were a tad longer.. the length of the dress. Just saying..

mindy on

I think she looks ridiculous. If she hates maternity clothing so much, maybe she ought to think about designing some decent maternity fashions – but they shouldn’t look anything like the clothes she has been wearing. She doesn’t look pregnant. She just looks heavy.

Colleen on

She looks like a fat cow. Are you kidding me, that tan dress makes her look like a tank. She needs lots of help with her choice of clothes………..GAG

dcer on

I’m just tired of seeing her

Anna on

The sooner everyone ignores this person the quicker she will go away….

Lizzie on

WOuld love to just see the Kardashian name JUST GO AWAY….completely!

Fan on

What’s the big deal. Lots of people have to change their clothes during the day for many reasons. If you must complain, try to make it a legitimate complaint.

msmick on

Worst dress pregnant woman in history! Only woman I ever saw how gets uglier as she advances into her pregnancy! She is a total train wreck!

cheryl on

Why on Earth is she still wearing these clothes? With all the adorable materinty fashion out today -why is she choosing to look more like a slob who doesn’t fit into her clothes?
One another note: why hasn’t the media picked up on her lips?? I didn’t realize that a womens lips get bigger when pregnant….LoL !!!

Preggers on

Can someone take this woman to a maternity store and get her some clothes that actually fit her and make her look like a pregnant woman?!

Marilyn on

I am tired of Kim in general!

Mic on

I really wish she would just relax and enjoy her pregnancy. She’s dressing to COVER her bump which makes her look fat. I don’t know how she’s handling those heels either! I just hope she doesn’t fall.

Lost in Atlanta on

Buy one less outfit and hire a stylist!!!

m.r. on

She’s definetly cares more about her body then the baby, obviously her misscariage scared, didn’t effect her. I doubt it she wants this baby, but as long as it brings money who cares about the rest..

Heidi on

She is always beautiful, but she is dressing like she usually does. She has that curvy beautiful body that is way more curvier now. Her breasts have gotten so big, normal, and her bottom a bit. I feel she needs to wear a little bit more flowy dresses and clothes than skin tight dresses and short jackets that really emphasize those areas. She is gorgeous no matter what though. You can’t compare Kim to Kourtney either, Kourtney is beautiful but she is no way as curvy as Kim. Her breasts were half the size of Kim’s while pregnant. We all have different body types and need to embrace that.

Cheryl on

The way she dressing is nuts. She needs to calm it down. She is pregnant but she just looks fat cause of the style of clothes she wears.

Surfin on

She needs to start wearing a big caftan. Please cover up because you are bursting at the seams. She should really lay off the lip fillers too…that is one heck of a trout face.

NIca on

3 outfits and not one of them looks decent. The pieces aren’t bad but he is doing such a disservice to them since they weren’t meant as maternity wear. With all that money and designers throwing their stuff at her yet she chooses to look like that! Meh!

ds on

she looks like a cow in all of them

summer on

I have to agree w Colleen…..sorry…not a pretty sight…..

alex on

wait until the baby comes and she has 50 pounds to lose. She will have a fit because she has gained way way too much already. I heard her on the news say she gained 20 pounds in 5 months and doctors say 25 is a good weight… so she will tip the scales

jeanmarieok on

3 dresses, 8 hours, and none of them fit properly.

JCM on

Wow ~ And people had the nerve to talk about Jessica SImpson’s weight gain !

Wyomie on

Who cares what she wears! This is not an important issue!!

jj on

I read she is wearing spanx still, is that healthy for the baby? I remember then I was pregnant all I wanted to do was be comfortable,That was over 35 yrs ago so maybe things have changed but I would think being comfortable and fresh would be priority not trying to get on the “Best dressed List”. .

kjel on

She should have hit up Rosie Pope while in NYC! Seriously though, the sooner she accepts that her body is changing and will continue to change during the better off we will all be.

meg on

and not a single one is cute or flattering lol

Noodles on


She has virtually unlimited money to look cute pregnant and she chose that skin tlght shiny gold thing, eww!

Whatevs on

Eh..she is just trying to hard to redefine the maternity look, since she’s all about fashion. Personally, she just looks silly and uncomfortable, certainly not cutting edge.

Micki on

Three different outfits and she looks like a COW in every one.

mopps on

I seen her on TV last night complaining that the tabloids are printing her weight at over 200 pounds and she says that they are over by 60 pounds. No way in he!! that in those pictures she is only 140 pounds.

lam on

will someone please help her?

Jordyn on

I’m sorry, she just looks fat, not at all pregnant.

Smells Like Kardashian on

can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

lightblue22 on

These outfits make her look fat, not pregnant. WEAR MATERNITY CLOTHES!!

derft on

How does she ram that behind of hers into that leather dress? – Pretty amazing. seems like the baby is growing in the back not the front..

Amaryllis on

I don’t think much of the outfits, but if she had three TV spots to do, she probably didn’t want to be wearing the same thing for all of them.

KAR on

Who cares?

Pnut on

Her lack of style has been SHOCKING! All of those dresses are great, but not when pregnant! She looks RIDICULOUS!!! Especially in that last one. She’s at a point now where she can wear fitted clothes and look great. This is just horrible.

michiganfashionweek on

You guys are all HATERS!!!!!!!! Sorry you dont have millions and by the way SHES PREGO not fat jerk offs.

Emma on

I can’t wait to watch her body explode to the weight it wants to be… and she’ll never be able to work it off post-baby. She’s gonna be a cow in her third trimester and it’ll stay. She’s just not svelte nor meant to be.

Ivy on

That last outfit to the right was not her fit at all. If anyone seen her when she was interviewed in it she has 3 huge back rolls which meant not only was she wearing the wrong bra size but also the dress’ upper half was too tight. Wish Kanye didn’t have so much controll over her and what she is allowed to wear since she and her family admit he does not allow her to wear maternity cloths

guest on

I would rather stick needles in my eyes than continue to hear about this pig.

Danielle on

KIM walked the streets every day up and own with no purpose , like a cheap prostitute, What is she looking for….? changing horrible clothes three times a day…….Why….? Please stay home if you don’t want to be criticize.

Karen on

None of these outfits look good on her. She needs to stop wearing tight fitting clothes, this can not be comfortable for Kim.

indianprincess on

What makes these Kardashians so special anyway they have been forced down our throats . .quick lets make our money off the public before we get old fat and gray. They are so yesterday time to reinvent theirselves.

whatever on

she needs therapy

Danielle on

Kim is setting the stage to dump Kanje, for being a bad designer….look at her now….she is horrible, thanks to him and by showing those horrible outfits, she is presenting her case..

HC on

Usually I hate it when people go on and on about how fat someone looks when they’re pregnant, but in this case… Oh Kim… I get it. I kind of hated being pregnant and I did NOT look good either. I grew everywhere and felt fat, too, but you are TRYING TOO HARD. These ridiculous outfits aren’t doing you any favors, they are not flattering to your shape AT ALL. The more you try to hide it, the more ridiculous you look. Let it go. You’re pregnant, and you’re not “cute pregnant.” It’s all temporary and making yourself uncomfortable and miserable trying to look “hot” will only make you feel worse. Put on some jeans or leggings and a cute maternity top. PLEASE!! on

She has to accept first that her body is changing everyday…pregnancy is a beautiful thing …embrace it. These outfits are beautiful but not appropriate. She will look back and say “what was I thinking”

Guest on

Ok, People Mag, really this is a news story? What next are we going to hear when she belches? Please stop

Kassy on

Kim K. is getting paid a fortune to appear in these outfits. Obviously designers going for the spring/summer customers. And just as obviously, none of the designers that have hired her have a maternity line. She is looking rather pathetic.

D.L. on

My god…please put on some maternity clothes already!

DE on

She lookslike a heffer, HORRIBLE in all outfits. Preg or not it looks BAD!

margaretames on

Why are we talking about the talentless Kardashians?

Imani on

I think she looks cute in all of them but 45degrees is cold (to me)….maybe she should have put on a coat and some pants…

emily on

I love her, but I wish she would embrace her baby bump and show it off instead of wearing stuff that just makes her look fat

Guest on

HOLY COW!!!!! The last one looks like a lampshade.

Seriously on

And in other news….I pee’d four times today.

Pamela on

Well she looks horrible in all of them. If first you don’t succeed! Try and try…..and try again.

Judi on

Kim needs to hire a person to tell her what not to wear!

Shana on

Lol!!! I can’t stop laughing at her!!! She is making herself look so fat!! Lol!! No wonder why Kanye wants to dump her fat ass!!

Linda Lang on

Oink! Oink!

Sarah on

Ok your a stunning beauty…but on the serious MAMA you need to figure it out…those outfits are NOT CUTE…Love that you still wear heels while prego but honey bunz…you gotz to get it to-geth-a! <3 you!

Linda on

She is very pretty, and obviously trying hard to find a style that works for her. I just hope though that she will give some more flowing, comfy looks at try, while enjoying flats and sandles more often, as she has done in the past.

Parker on

Being pregnant is really not that difficult physically until you’re in the home stretch…8, 9 months or unless you’re carrying twins. I don’t understand why people make such a big deal about it. Women have been dealing with it for thousands of years.

Buckeye on

I am sorry, but she looks like Snookie before she lost the weight. There are some really nice maternity clothes out there. Her proportions are all off in these clothes.

Cherie on

Some of you truly have nothing better to do but judge! Just as you have the right to wear whatever so does Kim. Whether pregnant or not its her choice. Calling her a fat cow, thunder thighs, & just FAT is peer buffoonery on your part. Not all women have the luxury of remaining skinny during pregnancy! Kim K keep doing you, enjoy the remaining months of your pregnancy, & forget about these negative buffoons

jennifer on

Why does our society have such an attachment to this woman? She looks silly in these clothes.

irena on

I was curious to see the 3 outfits just because I was bored and because I love fashion. I never watched her show and all I know her for is just the toxic news that invade the media with her name . All I can say is this: her maternity style is horrific and the 3 outfits only confirm it. Class can’t be bought no matter how much money you have and she’s the living proof of that. I understand that your body goes through changes when you’re pregnant, but there are ways make it more beautiful, not scary. The 1st outfit makes her look like an overweight golden girl, the 2nd emphasize her elephant legs and the 3rd makes her look like a pink UFO just about to take off. I gotta say that I couldn’t help smiling and struggled not to be mean. :)

jsp81355 on

Um, Kim, maybe your mother didn’t tell you, but when you’re 5 months pregnant you don’t wear dresses with belts around your non-existent waist. It looks ridiculous.

ocean on

She needs to start dressing as a pregnant woman not a hoe!

Lisa on

She couldn’t make up her mind which outfit made her arse look smaller. Finally just giving up the idea she went with the “usually large but now larger attitude”

beaelllag on

Oh Keke…I know you’re sensitive about your image which is why I don’t understand your fashion choices since you got pregnant. There are beautiful maternity clothes now, please wear them! You have made bad choices and done nothing but set yourself up to be critisized, so don’t be stunned by honest opinions, albeit, harsh. Just my opinion.

Jennifer on

is snooki prefo again??

Stylz on

Beautiful girl just the choice of clothing is not flattering.

Please Stop on

Kim needs to stop dressing like she’s not pregnant. I understand she wants to remain fashionable during this phase of her life, but the clothing choices she’s been making is an EPIC FAIL! She needs to embrace the “bump” and stop trying to maintain the look of having a tiny waste (3rd dress with belt). Her outfits make her look fat, not pregnant.

Pam on

3 outfits in 8 hours and none of them are flattering.

Janee on

Just enjoy being pregnant, its like she is trying to hide it! Wear maternity clothes, there are many options out there for you to still be trendy!! Her options make her look huge, and we know she is not.

sunnyd on

The middle dress is horrible. Hugs her in all the wrong places. It’s weird that she doesn’t have a more pronounced “bump” and is getting very lumpy all over. The dress on the right is just cartoon-ish. Leggings and amazing tunics are the key for her. The dresses just don’t work for her build right now. The white dress is not bad though.


A) She’s pregnant, why isn’t she embracing it?
B) Since Kanye became her fashion ‘designer’ her clothing choices have taken a HUGE nose dive!
C) WHY is this newsworthy?

Shanna on

You can put lipstick on a pig….but a pig is still a pig !!!!!!!

Jerz on

What a butterball.

daniela on

She looks like a hog in every one.

Kitchy on

Changed clothes three times and eight hours and still looks ridiculous in all three. Dressing up and wearing heels while pregnant doesn’t bother me at all, but the clothes she wears would look ridiculous on her even if she wasn’t pregnant. They simply don’t suit her. Some of it is even stuff that could be really cute on the right figure. But then, fashionable and classy aren’t exactly words Kim’s ever been familiar with.

Terri on

If you can see your belly button through the outside of the dress (middle, leather), it might be just a tad too tight. It’s too bad that she is so extremely superificial that she cannot let herself simply relax in comfortable clothing for fear of not looking “amazing.”

DC on

Kim needs to take a hint from Jessica Simpson. Saw a photo of her the other day and she looked very nice. Needs to de-emphasize the boobs and remember what they are there for. Not a toy for the baby daddy.

Gia on

While this is the best she looked in weeks, she really needs to get maternity clothes. The just look like designer duds but in bigger sizes. Save all the designer stuff for events. You can look just as cute in some maternity jeans,a nice blousey top, and flats.

rick on

Pregnant? Heck, I thought she was just fat.

Maria on

Why can’t this woman dress approriate for her pregnancy!!! She looks ridiculous wearing things that are obviously too small for her…

Tiffany H on

I just left NYC yesterday. It was so cold, she looks like an idiot in those clothes. When the folks around you are bundled up and you are wearing bare legs and spaghetti straps, you’re an idiot. Point. Blank.

Gaper on

How ridiculous, who has time to think of 3 outfits to wear in one day?? But then again, she has people to do her thinking for her.

Alana on

This is certainly not a happy camper. Where is her boyfriend through all of this?

ann on

Some one PLEASE help this woman!

Whittiercatgirl on

@ivysays I agree with you about the Kanye. I think Kim K. Has just changed her whole fashion sense . especially since Kanye came along. Fashion choices may not always suit her throughout her pregnancy, for her fans , n her sleek fashion we are used to. This may have been a busy day but she seems to be keeping up. Wear what you can while you can.

me on

I think Kim is gorgeous, but the clothing choices she makes aren’t flattering imo.

How soon until we have Karadashian Maternity?

Kitty on

I love the 1st look & the 3rd one but the leather has got to go. Leather is NOT flattering on anyone pregnant!!!

Jimmy Larson on

In the first place, who really gives a flying f@#*! And secondly, now she really better stay off the beach and out of the water or she will get harpooned for sure!

Lucy on

What else does she have to do? She is a big girl.

Tamara on

Leave her alone! She’s pregnant and is still trying to find her style. She is going to get it soon. I think she just dosen’t want to looke frumpy. I think a nice wrap dress would look nice one her. Skinny pant’s a tunic and a long scarf would also work….

Guest on

She is suppose to take it easy after her pregancy scare and yet she is all over the place. She is NOT putting her baby first. Seems like she does not want to embrace her pregancy and is still dressing like she is going to a party.

Lisa on

I cannot understand why this child insists on dressing like she’s stuffing 10lbs of sausage into a 5lb skin! I’m all for being stylish while preggers, and she does have to potential to be a yummy mummy but this girl is out of control.

theyknow on

I love the last dress. She looks good preggo but I think she needs to stick to the flats. Shes gaining weight but shes pregnant so hey its gonna happen.

amanda on

Is this REALLY news? Good lord. Must be a super slow day in the land of trainwrecks and hot messes.

prustcw on

she looks like a cheap hooker

monypigg on

Too bad she couldn’t find time to wash her hair.

CC on

Enough already! The cow is pregnant and treats it like her marriage, ignore it long enough and it will go away.
Why am I even reading this?????? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

CijiDunne on

Really? Really? You’re kidding right? This is news? Who the heck cares !!!!! Sheesh….. must be a slow news day.


WHO CARES??? Stop taking pictures of her. She is such a self involved person. I feel sorry for her baby.

Mika on

I like Kim, but sadly I think she’s ashamed of being pregnant. I get the feeling she’s unhappy about gaining weight and the changes her body will continue to go through. I feel sorry for her because she clearly has self esteem and body image issues in addition to her obsession with public opinion. I saw her interviews on GMAIL and Live! yesterday and she appeared to be so uncomfortable and uneasy. Do better Kim you owe that to your child to grow up.

ann on

There is a reason that maternity clothes fit a certain way. It’s to get the best look for the rest of your body and also accommodate the bump. By wearing non-maternity clothing, she is causing herself to just look like someone who gained a lot of weight.

Kara on

Pregnancy is not suiting her well. She just looks fat, not pregnant.

rain on

I have to say her hair and make up is pretty. However she looks wider but her belly isnt sticking out forward as much just wider from the side and her lips look botox out big time. She doesnt look 140 lbs maybe like 160 lbs. I dont think she over 200 lbs though she short only 5 ‘3 so she will appear a lot heavier with weight gain. With her body type she just going to blow up like a ballon.

Me on

I think she looks good Most Days.. But i don’t understand why she’s wearing these outfits that make her look double in size. She’s So Gorgeous tho!

Ashley on

She needs to wear clothing flattering to her figure, she’s gained weight and to see Kim’s clothes stretch across her expanding belly button is NOT a good look.
I’ve also seen her in stretch pants, it really does look like cottage cheese in a garbage bag.

Sue on

There is something so sad about this young woman. I wish she could see herself the way so many other people are seeing her. This may be the ONLY time she’s ever pregnant. Life doesn’t come with guarantees that we’ll get more than one shot at carrying a new life. Embrace being pregnant, Kim!She seems like a little child in some ways, trying to look grown up and “sexy” but, instead, just looks ridiculous and somewhat miserable. Honestly, these clothes, and most of the others she’s been wearing lately, do nothing for her, and I wish someone in her world had the kindness to tell her that. I think there’s something far more beautiful and sexy with a woman who fully accepts who she is at every point in life, rather than one who always tries to be something she is not. Seriously, I wish someone in her life would back Kanye off, and tell her it’s OK to look and act PREGNANT!!!!!!

Cynda on

I wish this little piggy would go wee, wee, wee all the way home.

marie on

Every time she busts the seams of one outfit, she must change into another.

Absolutely Appauling on

Kim, please talk with Kourtney. Her maternity style was spot on. These outfits are appauling

Clare on

Lord have mercy, what is wrong with her, every piece of clothing she wears makes her look fatter and fatter, and those thighs

Cathy on

I have seen numerous photos of her in these skin tight outfits which display her ENORMOUS BELLY BUTTON!!! It’s the size of a crater, how distasteful and uttery crude. Her posterior is larger than her stomach. I really don’t believe that she’s pregnant, her face continues to get slimmer, why no weight gain there?

Stephanie on

Poor thing. She’s been criticized so much for her wardrobe lately; she’s probably hoping one of these outfits will please her critics!

Claire on

OMG! Horrible. I’m so sorry but you put it out there. There are so many better, beautiful choices to wear when pregnant and I’m sure 1/10 of the prices of these horrific frocks! Please don’t tell me those closest in her circle are letting her know how great she looks in these. :0

Guest on

Why doesn’t somebody tell her that continuing to wear these “tight” fitting non maternity clothes that she doesn’t look pregnant–she looks like she just ate too many pizzas!.

kouzes on

She looks horrible. Stop trying to be something you are not.

PurrlGurrl on

What a train wreck.

astA on

Kim looks AMAZING. The leather number is SO lovely, who does that?!!! GO KIM

Tina on

I wish she would just buy some maternity clothes because regular clothes on her, at this point, are just making her look fat not pregnant. And before anybody starts razzin’ me on calling her fat, I’m not saying she’s fat. I’m saying she’s making herself appear fat by not conforming her wardrobe to her growing pregnancy.

jerseymom09 on

I love Kim Kardashian and most times she looks marvelous. But since she’s been pregnant, I think her fashion choices have been somewhat odd. When you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t have to stuff yourself into an outfit. At some point, she needs to not worry so much what people think of her clothing and just wear comfortable items. Again, I’m a fan, and she is gorgeous all the time but she should take some time to enjoy the pregnancy and not worry so much squeezing into some of these outfits. Best of luck Kim!

frenchy on

i only like the first look—-the others doesnt look good on her

brandy ables on

I just wished she would act like a normal pregger & act like shes enjoying being pregger.

Rae on

Seriously, Kim you need to stop using Kanye’s stylist. You look horrible. Your boobs are huge and they don’t even fit in the outfits you are wearing. Dress comfy and casual and i’m sure you would still look good. These outfits are horrible!!!!

Stephanie on

I’ve read her saying that ‘I wore something tight, trying to show off the bump’… tight leather, ultra short with a balloon type skirt is SO unflattering.

Sun on

Her clothes are HORRIBLE!!! She need to wear normal and better fitting pregnant clothes that are for pregnant women to wear. Why she is dressing like she is not pregnant?? She need to go to Oh Baby stores and stores for pregnant women. Jeez

Cheryl on

Kim, quit wearing normal clothes, it makes you look just fat.
Embrace wearing Maternity clothes, you would look so much better and more feminine.

gloria mcintyre on

she looks good in all of them.

Pam Pioro on

Why not just owe the fact you are pregnant. You are so trying
to squeeze yourself into clothes with a waist & your waist is now a baby!! you really are making yourself look very out of
shape. Are you so vain that you are unable to accept having a baby. Will you even care about this little girl when she arrives & not be jealous of her. That’s the message you are giving eveyone right now.

Guest on

The outfits aren’t that bad but the point is she changed three times in eight hours. Not to mention it appears she’s more interested in her appearance than she is in becoming a Mother. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

nice on

FINALLY! The outfit on the far right looks good.

rara on

so an noying .. we bash those that are too skinny and we bash those that have put on weight becasue of pregnancy.. ok, I agree – she does not look her best in these clothes chboices…. but before pregnancy she looked great – not fat

Cathy on

Look at her FAT belly button. If she really is pregnant, when it pops out in the late stages of her pregnancy, she’ll have quite a protrusion sticking out.

nibor on

I appreciate the fact that she is expecting, and is happy and healthy. Congrats to her. BUT……her style is making her look heavy not expecting a child. She needs to dress more appropriately so she does not look like a stuffed sausage.

Cappy84 on

Seriously… When is she going to stop trying to focus on being sexy looking 24-7? I really wish she would EMBRACE her pregnancy, she can rock a whole new look while pregnant and still look wonderful in a whole new way.

Gina on

I think she looks great for 9 months! Geez, leave her alone. Haha…

cathy a on

OMG, she is a tank. Learn to dress for your body type!

Very Sad on

I don’t care about her clothing choices now or before the pregnancy, but what I do care about is the baby’s welfare. She’s already had one pregnancy scare so I don’t understand why she’d chance taking a fall by wearing stilettos. She is not a tiny woman and the narrow heels on her shoes are subject to snap and send her tumbling to the ground.

liz on

im loving the first from the left.

Sandra on

I love those shoes in pics one and three and the legs are cute too. Not really fond of the ensamble in pic two but all in all if she is comfortable nothing else matters. I thought pregnancy style was whatever made you, meaning the pregnant person, comfortable not what others think you should be wearing?!?!?!?

Sarah on

I can’t really even explain why… But for some reason everything about her always strikes me as being so desperate. It’s actually kind of sad :( nothing ever feels effortless. Unike the late great ladies Jackie O or Brigette Bardot she seems deeply manufactured and is struggling to pull off even that. It makes me feel sorry for her. Who cares if you made money, you can’t buy what shes so desperately trying to achieve, grace or true glamour.

betty on

please dont ever wear that lampshade again

Mary Hampton on

Have you looked in a mirror before you go out, Kim?

Beck Flately on

Kim, just because the skin tight dresses zip up when you put them on, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to wear them while pregnant. You’re a beautiful girl, but I think a more flattering look would be to go with something “Flowy” like a long, flattering sundress. You could still dress it up with heels, but it’s not so tight you can see your fetus. Just sayin. :)

tommy on

Wow she is going to get sooooo big during her last two months cant wait to see it

Kat on

Such desperation to stay in the news. You know she’s doing this deliberately to keep us talking, lest Jessica S. And other preg. Celebs overshadow her, ugh!

Lynne on

Oh, the poor thing. Clearly, she doesn’t have enough money to buy herself some new comfortable, figure flattering, sensible maternity clothes and is still trying to squeeze into her pre-pregnancy outtifs! We should be taking up a collection to help her out and not criticize her!
LOL!! NOT!! . . . . and MOOOOOOOOOO!

sarah on

She needs to hire Kate Middletons stylist or do something cuz she looks HORRIBLE and just looks like a fat cow since being pregnant.

Likely on


sookie on

God, she’s enormous!

Why mean? on

Whether you like Kim or not, making derogatory comments about her weight is hurtful. People develop eating disorders because people are so mean. People who do this should be ashamed.

tasha on

she needs to hire kate middletons stylist ASAP

valerieadami on

Who are these people and why does anyone care about them

valerieadami on

Who are these people and why does anyone care about them?

Milly on

Sorry, but the pink dress looks like a lampshade…..

Sick on

She is Ridiculous.

Foxtrotter on

OMG!! You’d assume that someone whose earnings are based on her looks would do better than this. She has completely let herself go while being pregnant!

amanda on

Could someone please introduce this girl to maternity clothes???? She look horrible!!!!

sally on

Did you all know that she started searching for $$$$ to lose weight in January? Well they said NO…Jenny Craig and another one stating she wasn’t real enough! hahaha
so there is a reason behind the pregnancy…guess tubby shouldn’t have promoted the diet pills

CactusRose on

Another waste of an “article.” Some PG star changes clothes 3 times? OH……thank god I know that now. Don’t think I could have lived with that knowledge. This worthless “star” does absolutely NOTHING but drive around to be seen in places and you guys give her more press than people that deserve it – like say maybe our veterans, people who actually work to make this world a better place. Plus, while most pregnant women look all glowing and sweet, she just looks like a fat toad! She could wear her clothes a little tighter, but I doubt it. ECK!

Nadia on

Dear Kim Kardashian: The secret to looking good while pregnant is to embrace your pregnancy, not try to hide it. But at the same time, don’t wear clothes that were already super tight on you pre-pregnancy.

richard on

I mean really – who really cares about this self promoting idiot – what happened to real news

Morgan on

…. why is this news? She shouldn’t have worn any of the three. There is a way to be pregnant and look fantastic and stylish doing it. This isn’t it… Someone get her a stylist..

mom on

will somebody please buy her some pretty MATERNITY clothes.Pink dress looked nice, but the leather dress is not flattering

Ali on

Her suitcase isn’t the only thing overstuffed!! All of her outfits are! I don’t have anything against Kim at all, but she needs to realize that pregnancy does not require you to be fashion forward all the time… The are events to dress up for, but not every day!!

Ali on

Also, it is incredibly hurtful and mean to attack her weight! Even People magazine put her on the cover comparing her pregnancy to Princess Kate, holy crud! I mean Kim is 5’2″ and very curvy and Kate is 5’10” and not so curvy, pre pregnancy they were probably about the same weight… Its VERY unfair to compare them! Try not to be so mean in your comments people!!!

Ali on

Although, now I can see what I would look like in designer fashion! Stuffed! ;-)

Marlena on

So I TOTALLY get the whole trying to look chic thing while pregnant. Been there, tried it. Guess what after awhile I didn’t care. The thing is with Kim is that, these outfits wouldn’t even look chic NOT pregnant. Embrace it Kim, wear clothes that work with your pregnancy not against it.

Mary on

do you all think Kim’s people and family being honest with her … come’ on …. please don’t let her look like an elephant on NYC streets.

Mary on

I will give her credit on putting on heavy make ups and fake lashes every time stepping out … but please someone needs to tell her those dresses are not for a 5″2 and 200 lb pregnant woman.

Tracy on

She looks horrible, not pregnant but big as a house

Evian on

Oh my goodness… these are not flattering to her at all!! She is really getting big!! She needs to realize that she cannot keep wearing the things she normally wears when she is pregnant! Heck, most of the time she shouldn’t wear what she does anyways, but, that’s another story for another day ;)

HTJ on

I like the Kanye line she has on the best.. the one in the middle..

cindy on

she really needs to start wearing some fashionable maternity clothes

Robin on

Wow…Kim, get over yourself! I’m shocked at how important it is to her to have the most stylish clothes, regardless of how they look on her! Can’t she just wear a nice top and skirt/pants that aren’t tailored? Mini skirts with a big belly just makes you look like a hoochie momma rather than an expectant momma! Kim, just because you can get it made to fit you doesn’t mean it looks good on you! Stop trying to be a fashion icon for 9 months…it won’t kill you!

Hoolagan on

she looks like a tree-trunk-asaurus?

Crystal on

who really cares–her and her family are so old news. It’s time for people to move on to talented stars.

darys on

that golden dress is a horrible look for her. the pregnancy doesnt really fir her.

Bailey on

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to ‘relax’ your style (which I interpret as letting yourself go). Every women embraces their new body in their own way, and I give Kim props for showing it off fashionably.

roofingsheets on

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Roar on

Soooo dam Nice

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