Sofia Vergara: On Diamonds, Designers and - Yep - Her Cup Size

03/19/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Sofia Vergara curves, shape VOGUE/Mikael Jansson

Sofia Vergara is certainly not one to censor her thoughts — not even when speaking to a prestigious publication like Vogue for their April “Shape Issue.”

As a result, we now know the specifics of that exact shape, and why it’s so hard for her to get dressed. “My dresses are like a work of art inside because, you know, I am 40 years old, I had a baby, and I am a 32F boob,” she says in the interview. “And they are real still. When they are fake, you take the bra off and they are still there, perfect! Me — no, so I have to bring them up!”

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On the short list of designers that make things she can slip on without a full corset being built: Dolce & Gabbana. “If I don’t have time to alter something … you go and there is always something, it’s black and it stretches,” Vergara says. Everything else, from jeans to T-shirts, gets tailored perfectly to her figure.

And her clothing isn’t the only place she demands perfection. Her engagement ring (from love Nick Loeb) had to be exactly right as well. “I love it because it’s big enough,” she said. “If it had been bigger, I couldn’t have worn it every day. And if it had been smaller, I wouldn’t have liked it!” Makes sense to us!

Read more from Vergara in her Vogue interview, then tell us: What’s your secret to making your clothes look great?

–Alex Apatoff

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[…] Xi Jinping and Jacob Lew meet to beef up Sino-US economic ties Sofia Vergara: On Diamonds, Designers and Yep Her Cup Size […]

Tom L on

She is one fantastic woman, and it’s not her cup size etc that’s responsible. She’s smart, funny, has a great personality and her smile could melt a glacier….just like my wife!

Sammi on

I highly doubt that she has an F cup…she’s probably a D at best.

Rachie on

Very classy pic. I love this dress! She should dress like this more often instead of having her boobs hang out. I’m definitely not a prude but when you show so much cleavage it can be vulgar.

carlosavs7 on

Reblogged this on carlosavs7.

amanda on

I am a 34D and yes, she definitely looks like a 32F….there is no doubt.

Meg on

Sammi, her boobs look way larger than a D cup. She definitely looks like a 32F.

laurynlynn on

As a 32DD, yes she DOES look like a 32F. Some people forget that the first number makes a difference on how big the cup can get. There’s a big difference between a 38F and a 32F.

But…I’d like to know how in the world she manages to wear strapless gowns that hold the girls up!

Me on

This woman has NO class

Ceci on

She looks like a size 32F. No smaller.

Stackwrapandroll on

Sammi– I am a 32DD and not nearly as big as Sofia.

Stackwrapandroll on

I am a 32DD and she is much bigger!

me on

Sorry but my boobs are bigger than hers and they are dd. She is no f. I have seen an f in person. I used to work at a maternity store and we sold f sizes. She is a double d at best.

Brandi on

I definately agree with the comments about her being a true 32F. I go between a 34D and 34DD depending on the cut and brand of bra and I would look tiny standing next to her…lol ;) She is in awesome shape and I love her spicy, fun demeanor <3 I wish her all the best!

Deborah on

Totally can relate to her…I’m the same size and by looking at her, YUP, she saying the truth! 32F..Chantelle brea are the BEST at making us look smaller! that’s why some of you don’t think she is a F cup.
I too have to order dresses & houses in a size 8 or 10 and take them in from the waist down to fit a size 2! UGH…dresses/blouses cost more than they are worth but we have to do it.

Jan on

Sofia is no 32F. Maybe a DD. This woman lies about everything!! like saying she’s a natural blonde, having FF boobs, and saying in Parade magazine that “everyone” in her dirty Colombia are blondes. She is conceited, vapid, arrogant with a horrid accent!

MVP on

Who cares if her bra size is dd or ff. Anyway, why would she lie about it? Beautiful picture. Very classy.

Cails on

Her Bra size makes perfect sense because she is fit and takes care of herself. It’s the same cup size as a 36DD. Just underneath at her underbust she is petite so her band is size is smaller. I work with bras.
36DD > 34E > 32F all the same cup!

Courtney on

Sammi, there is no doubt in my mind she is a 32F.
I am sure she has been sized time and time again. I always thought I was a DDD and when I got properly sized I found out I am an F cup.

tristlea on

She didn’t specify if she is a 32F in US or UK sizes, there is a difference. To me she looks like a 30 FF or possibly a small G/UK. Bra sizes do come in more than the standard 32 that most places try to shoehorn us into, I am a 26/J and do not look bigger than she does.

Tina on

I idn’teven recognize her in this picture.

Deni Smith on

She looks great in this picture – she should dress classy like this more often. But for the life of me, I don’t understand why she feels she has to share EVERY little detail about herself. Does anybody lay awake at night wondering what size bra she wears?

Tabitha on

You are actually calling her a liar about her chest size, how petty! Why would she lie…some people really need a reason to argue about something or anything, how annoying.

Mimi on

I do believe that she is a 32F i worked in the bathing suit store and i am well aware of cup sizes. thats not the point she always capitalizes on her looks and material things. really she wouldnt wear her ring if it were smaller. thats a shame. i feel bad for her husband. her eyebrows are horrible just had to say it. two oversized caterpillars other than that she is beautiful just wish she were more grounded.

Sue on

This woman is dying for attention!! She talks about her looks & boobs constantly… how conceited and superficial.. She’s 40 years old and looking like it more and more every day. She still wants to act like like she’s 20 something.

kiss my. .toe on

She is not a lady that is for sure. Agreed. No class.

Marianne on

I guess I just don’t understand this woman. Unfortunately, she comes across as very self-centered and really quite shallow. I agree with others on this forum who say that her breasts and her dictatorial attitude about the size of her diamond engagement ring (!) are of utmost importance in her life. Cheers to all of you who find her charming, but I find her over-the-top accent and acting (?) style to be really grating. A few days ago, she was telling the world that she is freezing her eggs and bragging about having named her son after a gangster character in the movie Scarface.

Martha on

Old looking and shallow. Why talk about your boobs and natural “blonde” hair color every day? She’s scared of getting old… but she’s up there in age by Hollywood standards.

Julesy on

She has such a tiny waist that it does make her boobs look bigger. She has a beautiful hourglass figure, so perfect.

Kate on

I have the same problem as Sofia-huge boobs that nothing fits over.

Maria on

Jan, She is a natural blonde.. Way to be a hater, and there’s no need to talk about Colombia. Grow up and be mature. – A Colombian.

elizabeth crannage on

sofia’s engagement ring is bigger than jen. anisten-bigger than kim k.-it is 16 carots if it’s anything-I have designed wedding gowns for about 2000 brides and have seen every ring in the book–this ring is the most beautiful–probably due to the fact that joe loves her so much–all the luck in the world.

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