We Need to Talk About Justin Bieber's Pants

03/05/2013 at 04:30 PM ET

Justin Bieber Drop-Crotch pantsGetty (4)

Back when Justin Bieber first started wearing drop-crotch trousers in November, we did our best to convince him to ditch the unflattering trend with this open letter.

But we should have realized the quickest way to get a teenage boy to do something is to tell him not to do it. That’s why it doesn’t surprise us that the Biebs has been all about this look lately, wearing the questionable style nonstop over the past two weeks.

He’s strutted around in them while shopping, making appearances, out at a club — and it even appears that a pair of tight-at-the-calves, loose-at-the-crotch white pants are part of the singer’s official tour uniform. (He’s worn them to all his concerts in the U.K. so far.)

And while Bieber is loyal to this one silhouette, he’s not picky about the color, print or style, sporting a blue canvas pair one day, a purple cheetah pair the next, then continuing the streak with a leather design he’s clearly quite taken with.

The more he wears the pants, the more confused we become. Bieber can’t possibly like the way the pants look, right? So he must be putting them on for some other reason. Here are some explanations we came up with:

•One of the last outfits Selena Gomez saw him in before the two split included a pair of these perplexing pants. This is his way of reminding her that despite all the stories, he’s still the same guy she used to be in love with.

•Being the fashion-forward dude that he is, he’s noticed that a skinnier leg is en vogue with men, but the allover supertight style isn’t compatible with his dance moves. So he had to find a type of pant that combined flexibility with fashion. Et voilá: the drop-crotch pant.

•He’s trying to become a spokesperson for the Association of People With Long Torsos and Short Legs.

Tell us: What do you think of Justin Bieber’s drop-crotch pants? Can you think of any other reasons why he might be wearing them?

–Zoë Ruderman


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Sierra on

Why do any guys wear that look? To keep their saggy diapers hidden!!

Haven on

He needs to go away beats me how anyone likes him he has no talent just a skinny kid that looks like a girl

Alayna on

He may be talented but People Magazine is right – his style and especially the pants are painful to look at.

guest on

I cant stand him. Overrated

Amanda on

Its a very sloppy look.

Lyndsay on

Please make him stop! Cant believe that with all his money he cant find a decent stylist that can get him the right size pants. Pull up your damn pants Justin!

mandy tosella on

who cares? he is setting his own style, we tell kids growing up to be their own self and not to copy everyone else. I remember when we were his age the mc hammer pants were in style (not much diffrence just tighter) and old people always complain because guys boxers are hanging out, there is just no pleasing everyone. It is his style and if you dont like it you dont have to look at it. Keep being yourself Justin! dont let these fools get u down!

Marsha on


Minga272 on

Spoiled brat in a toddler romper

BentPixel on

He’s become a Tool and a “Wanna-be” Thug. Knock it off, grow up, and focus on being a great musician and singer.

Ann on

He looks just like a girl so maybe he thinks he is wearing a skirt…….

Lisa on

I think little boys do this to act cool. If only they knew what idiots they look like. The Biebs is turning into another Lindsay Lohan. Soon the money will be up his nose and he’ll be wondering what the heck happened.

Stutzman on

How else do you expect him to hide his camel toe?

veronicavox on

I find the gas mask at least as disturbing as the silly pants.

Kelly on

I think that people need to just worry about themselves. I myself do not care for the look, but you all need to do a little research on JB before you call him names and such. You need to see all the good he does. He is a good kid with great values. Don’t judge a book by the cover.

Carrie M on

How very gangsta’ of him. NOT. It is beyond my level of understanding how girls and women go gaga for someone such as he.

teddywishbringer on

Saggy diaper butt

Travis Hough on

I worked in the prison system as a guard,and I can tell you the style came from. The inmates wearing pants like that was to tell everyone he had a “boyfriend” and was “available for him.

tappy rain on

OK so I am a big fan of Justin bieber I like him for his music his voice and lets face it his body and I really don’t think it matters if. He weres his pants sagging or tight he is him let him do what he wants how would u like it if someone told u how to dress

OhMy! on

It’s getting him attention, right?

T2 on

Laughable, ridiculous, so-NOT-sexy…do I need to go on?

NO ONE looks good in those pants, and the people wearing them obviously aren’t in on the joke that the “designer” is still snickering about.

Phil Esteen on

Honestly, do the old farts at People Magazine actually think Justin Bieber cares what they think about his pants? The goofy little boy makes more money walking to the bathroom than most of us do all month.

Jealousy is a petty and pathetic disease.

NadaGangsta on

The look is not attractive. It appears to be that JB thinks, or wants to think, he is a “gangsta”……..what is attractive about your underwear showing? Wrong message being sent IMO.


Prison pants, totally out of style, he’s a weirdo.

enza on

Really ?????of all the stuff thats going on in the world your worried about justin bieber pants,get real people alswo to the haters your just jealous he has talent who cares about his pants if thats how he chooses to wear his pants thats his choice it call free country maybe youve heard of it…

bdonahueweedman on

The oldest reason in the book: no weiner.

Whatever on

Why are you or anybody so worried about what he’s wearing? I don’t see you reporting on the all the charity work he does. Get over it. It’s pants.

Nannyto1 on

They look ridiculous on everyone!!! My hubby and I drove by a student with the drop-crotch trousers on trying to walk up a very steep hill one morning… we were in hysterics. He was doing a little walk, hop thing. Why?!?!?

Matt on

Maybe he is trying to convince people that there is something down there…LOL…not! Maybe he should stop dressing like a girl with leopard pants and pink tennis shoes and then he wouldn’t have to prove to people what gender he is.

ErikaMC on

Agh – I wish he would go away and that media (including People) would stop showing him everywhere! He’s a teeny-bob has-been.

GildaGirl on

Jock itch? More room to scratch?

Ruadhri on

He likes to dangle his participle

c on

everytime I see that first picture of his with the white, I swear he looks like Ellen Degeneres

kerri on

They remind me of the horrible MC Hammer pants! Ugh, throw them away.

k p on

I want to know…what’s with the high-top sneakers???

noelle on

he is an idiot and looks like one too with those pants hanging down

k p on

I’d like to know what’s up with the high-top sneakers???

C Hayes on

So what’s with the gas mask? Does he think he’s Michael Jackson?????
His style of clothes is ridiculous, but he’ll continue to wear them because it gets the press he so needs badly. He has very little talen as far as I can see, but the “kids” love him.

jononfire on

So…if you don’t like it, keep your eyes off his crotch. Or is it that you’re not seeing enough?

R Davis on

“Wanna Be” Thug! Ewwwwwwwwww

KiKi on

Sickening! Does this entitled wimp even know what wearing his pants like this means?! If he did, I don’t think he would choose to do this. And, if he does, what does that tell you?! A totally dispicable fashion DON’T!


His momma needs to change his diaper.

Sandee on

I never really cared for him and he impresses me less every time I see pictures of him! It look so dumb – I can’t believe anyone thinks it looks good or cool!! I always thought Selena Gomez could do better. She was grown up and he hasn’t yet.

Freelancer on

I’ve been reading People magazine for decades, and have never before read an article so scathingly tongue-in-cheek and sarcastically juvenile about ANY celebrity until this one. The writer, Ms. Ruderman, must either be fresh out of high school (as most young people of this age group tend to enjoy verbally bullying each other without impunity), or she is some People editor’s reletive. Either way, she’s no professional, and she’s mean to boot. While not a fan of Bieber’s music nor his wardrobe choices, I believe an article can be funny without being cruel. This one – to use Ms. Ruderman’s obvious teenage verbacular – is an “epic fail”.

Ali on

I’m appalled at how all of you are treating this little lesbian! She has the right address how she wants to! I just don’t understand why she had to wear that gas mask, it messed up her hair; didn’t she get it cut to look like Charlize Theron? ;)

rose on

I can’t think of anything kind or uninsulting to say, so I’ll just smile and nod and look away :)

kat1129 on

He thinks he’s a Wigger!

PS on

Keeping 13 and 14 year olds waiting 2 hours on a school night is unforgiveable. The parents need their heads read also. Hopefully this is the demise of the Bieb! No talent anyway!

Sarah Nigeria on

Give it a rest people it is just pants u are not his mother worry about ur own kids and live him alone, he will soon grow up and grow out of it kids his age do such thing all the time.

Kristina Pauley on

I wish he would just go away! Talented? Really? SMH!

Meia on

He wants to make sure he has kids one day!

Charlotte on

Well his own mother is not much older than he is so I doubt he’s getting any good wisdom from her. I get the feeling there are no grown-ups in that family.

guest on

I’d rather see Justin Bieber dressed than actresses w/ their boobs hanging out all over the place. And thigh high slits, etc. I personally don’t care for this look, BUT I dislike the streetwalker look most actresses have adopted more.

Dave on

He’s trying way too hard to be cool and in the process he looks retarded.

Shari on

don’t wanna sound prejudice, but Michael Jackson tried too hard to be white. This kid is trying too hard to be black. no offense, just an observation!

Flip on

We should worry more about his posture than his pants. He’s always humped over when he walks.

Stephanie on

He looks ridiculous…When he grows up he’ll be embarrassed by this stage.

fedlady on

He needs to pull those pants up over his ears!! I can’t stand them!

lexi on

WHO CARES. he can dress however he wants. all of the people that had negative comments on this are obviously either deaf, in denial, or old.

Melissa on

He’s trying to put a current spin on “The MC Hammer”???? It wasn’t appealing then, and it’s still not today!

lori on

That look is so old and does not look good at all

auntyvonne on

I don’t get his look at all. Baggy pants. Oversized, ill-fitting caps. The weird face mask?! What was that all about? Anyway, he’s a child. Once he becomes an adult, he will learn how to dress himself properly.

ed on

Agree with the masses – looks like he’s pooped his pants! I’ll never understand how this is supposed to be appealing.

Karen on

I can’t stand this look on anyone. PULL YOUR PANTS UP. GEE. I just want to smack the person wearing them.

Hattie on

I think Justin Bieber looks just fine! If he wants to wear those style of pants then he can. Get over yourselves! He’s not your son and if you don’t like him Oh well. He’s just another famous teen trying to make it. Stop being childish and immature.

Kathy on

Does he even have a clue as to how ridiculous he looks?

lori on

It looks like he pooped his pants

Deni Smith on

This is a horrible look that I can’t imagine any normal person would want to emulate.

Donna Lee on

Love Justin, think he’s incredibly talented(I’m 56 yrs old and have a 15 yr old daughter). Justin, I LOVE seeing your underwear all the time, they are so pretty. Why wear pants at all, just run around in your boxers or whatever. I’m sure you enjoy grabbing your crotch to keep your pants on so they don’t puddle by your tennis shoes and trip you. I think I’ll try this style with my grannie panties in white nylon!!

bonnie on


Denise on

Meh, leave him be. Kids will be kids. At least he’s covered up!

Christina on

Um.. what’s up with the gasmask attire??

guest on

He needs a stylist – or if he has one, he needs to find a new one. Takes styling tips from Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, One Direction – they dress with class. Justin Bieber looks dreadful and YES he is making the break-up easy on Selena considering he looks and acts like a fool all the time right now. Smarten up Bieber!!! You are making it easy for ALL of us to dump you.

Julie on

The “trend” started in prison. No explaination needed. I guess he is making a statement about his sexuality.

clara treadway on

I am a senior, and know this is just a phase for him. But he would look so much better in regular fitting clothes and QUIT grabbing his crouch when he is singing. I look for him to be around for quite a while!!

Holly on

THANK YOU! This drives me bonkers. I just took my 12-year-old daughter to see him in January & the stress caused by me worrying that he was going to drop his pants while bouncing around up there ruined the entire night. I can’t believe that someone in his camp can’t tell him how ridiculous this looks. I won’t go to another show of his until he learns how to pull his damn pants up!

Sean on

JB is a no talent brat who will be washed up by the age of 25. He will end up on the corner of Hollywood and Vine washing windshields for quarters.

smartgirltoo on

He will be Justin WHO in 10 years . He is NOT being influenced by the right people. His parents are I am sure living off his coattails just like Lohan. Parents need to wake UP and look around this young man, and PUT a different set of people around him.

jen on

He is incontinent of stool – needs the fabric to hide the loads.

fanofboardwalkempire on

I don’t like the pants and we love this singer! Change it up Biebs!

lilly on

They are called harem pants. MC hammer used to wear some like them. They are big in the hip hop community!

Sandy Johnson on

At least his “Hammer pants” provide a lot of room for turds to accumulate! What a sick, sad look.

Sylvia Tarvers Weston on

I’m wondering why my comments are not being posted.

Sun on

Those pants that young guys or men are wearing as style is WAY out of STYLE 15 years ago! If anyone were memebers of Classes of 1998 , 1999, and 2000 remember those styles back then. Not great look at all on men or teens to this day

Guest on

He is just compensating for what he doesn’t have!

Jackie on

Wish his mother and his management team would have a serious talk with him about his pants. Great young man but cannot stand to look at how he dresses because of his pants.. It is aweful, he keep saying he wants to be a role model for youths, don’t think so, why must I be seeing his underwear. These young men and some young women also adopt the wrong habits.

Kathy B on

He looks like a “gang-banger” wannabe. Good grief boy, grow up!

Oli on

It doesn’t matter how old you are its not a good look. I’ve seen kids trying to run to catch up with their friends and they have to spread their legs so their pants don’t fall off but I have seen some drop them and they don’t seem to care they just keep running with them around their ankles. But I have one thing to say the cops love them these guys are so easy to catch because they can’t run to fast. I may be old but I still know how to dress properly and not show my underwear to every one.

Racing on

They are the LATEST fashion in Europe. Americans wouldn’t know anything about that. Only square cut dull GAP like looks are in. Real fashion comes from Europe.

lizzy on


Sophia90 on

You’re being way too harsh on him. I think he looks great in those pants!

Kelly on

you all need to go to you tube and watch Justin with the students from Whitney Elementry. Or go to Ellen’s website and watch from there. JB is an awesome kid! and there are many many more things he does for charity. Like helping with food banks and such. He is a Christian and he is not afraid to share that. I think that talking about what clothes he wears is very petty. yeah, I don’t care for the pants, but you can not judge a book by it’s cover. He is a child of God and he has no control over his body and features. That is the face that God gave him. I hope all young kids can be this giving and loving!

Kelly on

Please, i hope all the negative comments stop. He is a human being. I think the world could be a lot better if we had more JB’s out there.

Gus on

It’s a guy’s thing. We get erections more than a few times a day. You have to pick a side to put in on, left or right. If it is small and doesn’t reach a side maybe its just pokes straight out. Hence you need a little bagginess so you don’t pop the tent, as they say.

Dixie on

When I was a kid those were called “droopy-drawers”.

Alex on

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, you look like a fool with your pants on the ground

Sarah on

The pants are annoying, but what I really want to know is why he wearing a gas mask?

Lee on

Looks like an idiot.

AKrietz on

I saw a guy wearing pants like that one day recently. He had to walk with his legs far apart just to keep them from falling down! LOL!

Pelon on

is it just me or does anyone see a pattern developing with the Bieb? are we gonna be seeing a male Lindsay Lohan sooner than later? the outbursts, the irrational behaviour, the wild antics, and all the blaming of everybody else for his troubles? me thinks pot may not be the only thing going on with this young man. sad.

coffeelady on

He’s such an Usher wanna-be.

Dana on

Alright STOP! Hammer Time.

samantha on

He wants to be a black rapper? ….UGH!!

Alice on

Beiber looks a fool! Wish he’d stop sagging and show some sense! I miss his old haircut, too.

LKM on

Don’t people know, this was a way of prisoners showing that they wanted sex in prison? I find it sickening.

sakoon arora on

Well justin want to make his own fashion & style, and he also want that his fans followed him with this style, may be this style will be named as justin style.

tee on

I don’t like the saggy look either but those of us , on this site , know that kids will be kids ! Our parents/elders didn’t like what we thought at tha time was “in” so relax and quit hating on tha lil boy , let him be a teenager , period ! Also , some of you need to use “spell check” and brush up on ur grammer cuz its HORRIBLE ! Correct that 1st , then give an opinion . Peace

tee on

I don’t like the baggy look either but those of us , on this site , know that kids will be kids ! Our parents/elders didn’t like what we thought at tha time was “in” so relax and quit hating on tha lil boy , let him be a teenager , period ! Also , some of you need to use “spell check” and brush up on ur grammar cuz its HORRIBLE ! Correct that 1st , then give an opinion . Peace

Megan on

This kid is a little dork.

Me on

You do realize that he is not sagging but it is just the look of the pants leave him alone I would wear those myself nobody wants to walk around with the same boring look everyday its good to be different but do want you want to do and stop focusing on other people

MJ on

He either doesn’t want anyone to know how small his we we is or he’s wearing an adult diaper

Nata on

He is trying to hide his teeny weenie. Little man syndrome.

phillip on

i think those pants are cool, i really like them! :)

RachelJL.1234 on

Honestly, sometimes I get tired of the things I wear and go into something I love but I found the perfect store that fits my kind of style. Just like he did but I kind of still think he’s showing off for his fans and possibly other girls Selena broke up with him for a reason and I don’t like that much bagging from the crotch of the pants it’s disturbing, weird, and ridiculous though Justin is not disturbing, weird or ridiculous it’s the pants not him.

zak on

He wears them to show the world his true sexuality
Oh yeah “enza” I think u may have issues with ur hearing

Ray on

He looks like a retard, but it’s not as bad as the A-holes showing most of their underwear in public.

Jay on

Very few people know this but Justin has elephantitus of the scrotum and needs the extra room for his boys. Seriously, someone should swat this bama boy.

Vince on

Anyone who has ever actually worn a pair of drop crotch pants would realise just how comfortable they actually are.. and depending on the build and height of the guy wearing them they can actually create quite a flattering silhouette if styled correctly..

asics gel cumulus 14 on

After the show I walked her to her chauffeur driven car, and, as we parted, she handed me her calling card.

stonyau on

There is only ONE, and only one only —

He is wearing shoe lift, AND he must conceal it.

I’ve noticed that quite a while ago that his calf is unreasonably longer than his thigh. So in order to hide the fact that he is wearing a 3 inches shoe lift, he has to wear drop crotch to fix the proportion.

stonyau on

There is only ONE, and only one only —

He is wearing shoe lift, AND he must conceal it.

I’ve noticed that quite a while ago that his calf is unreasonably longer than his thigh. So in order to hide the fact that he is wearing a 3 inches shoe lift, he has to wear drop crotch to fix the proportion.

Pattie mallette on

He weres them cause we went shopping one time he and wanted somthing new/old he wanted to bring them back but insted got juged for it. Its his style

Andrea on

I think he uses those pants to hide his diaper. He must be too lazy to go to the bathroom haha

Skippy on

What are those white pants called that he is wearing please help

JessaRay on

I’m thinking maybe he gets “Norbs”(no reason boner), like uncontrollably. And needs to hide it…? Lol or that Syrup he was sippin in could have made his balls grown like 5x the amount!? Or or uncontroable Bowel syndrome, and needs to hide his diapers?
All a but weird, but very friggin possible!
Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the kid… But it just doesn’t make sense why ANYONE would wear those type a pants! Lol

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