Jennifer Aniston's Oscars Dress is 'Easy to Pee In,' She Tells PEOPLE

02/25/2013 at 01:10 AM ET

Jennifer Aniston Oscars gownJason Merritt/Getty

Need another reason to love Jennifer Anistonand her elegant Oscars gown? Just wait until you hear why she picked it: “It fits, it’s comfortable and it’s easy to pee in,” the superstar joked to PEOPLE of her Valentino dress. “You just lift, hoist and do a couple squats!”

Can’t argue with that logic, but wait, there’s more! When fiancé Justin Theroux prompted her, “It’s Valentino red,” she agreed: “Yes, Valentino red! I just loved the color.” No wonder she loves the guy — he’s cute, funny and is well-versed in designers’ signature shades!

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That vivid hue is also the reason PEOPLE StyleWatch editors admired Aniston’s dramatic, full-skirted gown. She normally favors neutral looks, so her striking scarlet dress was even more of a standout on a night that featured a lot of subdued shades.

For much more scoop from Aniston (when is that wedding going to be, anyway?) check out this week’s issue of PEOPLE magazine.

Tell us: Did you love Aniston’s Valentino gown? Do you appreciate her favorite thing about it?

–Alex Apatoff, reporting by Aili Nahas

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Showing 113 comments

Pat on

Tacky and tasteless remark.

Sammi on

Lol that was funny and hey at least she’s honest. See stars are just like us, only richer:)

Beth on

Easy to pee IS important…when your PREGNANT! Kidding. At least if we have to imagine Jen peeing we can assume the toilets at that venue are immaculate with all that dress wadding around her. My guess is her more socially sophisticated boyfriend mentioned the colour of the dress at that time to move off the imagery JenAni created with the redneck statement. And yes, he would know his fashion well thanks to Heidi Bivens who is likely a fashion genius in that sense.

GB Buchanan on

What was she doing at the Oscars. She can’t act. She is in the headlines because of all the men in her life. I just don’t get the interest in this “not talented” individual.

Diana on

she’s gotten crude in her old age – her hair looked like bed head and the dress a 60’s prom dress

Debra on

Gorgeous! She looked amazing and I love that she was honest.

Stacia on


fanofboardwalkempire on

I love Jennifer’s candor. Comfort for all the right reason is important and she was honest- how refreshing!

Diane on

I thought it was funny. I would want a dress like that for the same reason!

LPW on

I keep pulling for her, but somehow, no matter the color, she is always beige at those events.

LA on

What a weird thing to say. She’s so uninteresting.

Meia on

LOL! She is awesome! I love her! Thank God for a celebrity that doesn’t take everything so seriously. She is hilarious, beautiful and talented!

Brooklyn on

Love her and love the dress!

Rolyat on

She looks her age. 44. When that camera was on top of her last night, she has crows feet and a forehead full of lines just like any other 44 year old. And not an ounce of acting ability.

Valentena on

She looked awesome and the color was so Beautiful on her…funny and beautiful

Minna on

In some countries you wear red when your about to get married.

madeira on

I find her very boring – never changes anything… /YAWN

Anna on

She looked beautiful! Loved her whole look, especially the dress!

Tory on

Is it because she can pee and no one will notice it?

packer on

The movie Actresses did not wear diamonds necklaceses . This was missing on some of them, it completes it and it would be Hollywood.

Nica on

LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress. Great color and style – definitely not something we see her in often. I wish she would have continued the theme with her hair. I would have loved to see it in a loose up-do with this dress. Get it off her face. In general though, her hair is due for a chop and new style.

Anna on

Jennifer is just gorgeous. She glows and looks like the picture of health. Unlike some other sickly and pale actresses like Angelina for example.

Lisa on

She looks great in the dress and she finally wore something other than black. But, for God’s sake, please find another hairstyle – at least for the red carpet. I would prefer even a ponytail. She has worn this style for like 20 years

Ivixen on

Why are celebrities so crass and tasteless these days? Did the two Jennifers really have to be so blunt? I could live without knowing what’s on their mind, apparently.

Sarah Nigeria on

She is cute and funny and people u need to get a life and live celebrrities alone espically the good ones.and o i am an Angelina’s fan.

Terri on

Stop being such crybaby haters!! Everyone that has anything bad to say is just jealous! You all wish you could look half as good as she does! Grow up! I think her comment about peeing is funny and it shows that she is human! Have you ever read the book “Everyone poops”? Well…everyone pees!!!

sunshine on

@Pat – you really should try getting a sense of humor. It makes life so much easier when one can laugh.

Heat on

Pat you are a jealous and unhappy person, please do us all a favor and GO AWAY…. Thank you

dancer92136 on

Loved the dress..the vivid red was refreshing. I was getting sick of the metalics and skin tones.

TiGi on

she is so pretty!

and shut up@pat& lvixen…

dancer92136 on

Pat and friends…take a chill pill.

Emily on


Daria on

Gorgeous dress, but I wish she did something more special with her hair. She looks pretty much like she always does, just in a nicer dress.

sbb on

Love her, love the dress, the red looks fabulous with her complexion. The comment was meant to be funny, she is a comedic actress after all, lighten up people.

lex on

Another reason why I like her! she’s so funny and down to earth :)

Ann on

I love her

Copycat on

Easy to pee IS important…when your PREGNANT! Kidding. At least if we have to imagine Jen peeing we can assume the toilets at that venue are immaculate with all that dress wadding around her. My guess is her more socially sophisticated boyfriend mentioned the colour of the dress at that time to move off the imagery JenAni created with the redneck statement. And yes, he would know his fashion well thanks to Heidi Bivens who is likely a fashion genius in that sense.Lol that was funny and hey at least she’s honest. See stars are just like us, only richer:)

Nannyto1 on

Very funny… and so real. What girl wouldn’t want a dress that’s easy to pee in. Loved the red dress – she looked beautiful!

Stop being bullies! on

I love Jennifer Aniston! She’s being honest and funny. Some of you just want to be a**holes. Stop being a bully!

TXDenise on

GB Buchanan & Pat, at least Jennifer has appeared on the big screen! What was Brandi Glanville doing there? Talk aboug tacky and tasteless!!!

Tina on

I love the dress, but the colour does not suit her. It is a warm red, whereas she is someone who should go for cold colours (silver instead of gold etc.). There are four colour types (warm: autumn/fall and spring; cold: winter and summer) and she is a summer type: blue eyes, blond-to-brown hair, pinkish teint rather than olive etc. I wonder why Hollywood never heard of this scheme.

Guest on

WOW! A lot of jealousy here. If you don’t like her then don’t read the article. It’s as easy as that. Keep your opinion to yourself if you’re that unhappy with your life.

dixie pixie on

Agree with Pat.. I may be the only person who feels this way, but I don’t see one single thing about JA (or her boy/man) that is physically attractive.

BoFAn on

Please, please, do something with your hair for formal occasions. What a stunning difference it would have made, had your hair been up in a loose knot of some sort.

BoFAn on

And why does someone always bring up Angelina. Gees. Get over it! Natural tone is better than spray tan, any day, regardless of who it is.

Barbara on

Wait, so you people are upset because she said PEE? Are you effing kidding me?!?! You all are now sensitive about the word PEE?!?! I dont want to live in a world where someone cannot publicly say PEE anymore. I can’t.

Sylvia Tarvers Weston on

I think Jennifer Anniston’s gown was stunning!

Melissa on

LOVE HER! So Beautiful and NOT FAKE!

Tina on

I’m willing to bet that when she made the statement, she didn’t think it would be the headline of an article.

Theda on

The dress was fine but I am so over that limp, lank, hair do. It needed some styling to compliment the gown.

Tina on

P.S.- The “Tina” that mentioned Aniston not thinking this would make headlines is a different “Tina” from the one who was talking about Aniston’s color scheme. I’m the ‘headliner’.

Lily on

BEAUTIFUL! Her dress is gorgeous! I love her

Manon on

I personally thought she looked tired & very uptight,,, JUST MY OPINION

Kim on

Love her, love the color, and love how down to earth she is. Lighten up people! Geez, we all have to pee, and want an easy way to do it.

SLP on

Its nice to see her in something other than black, but the dress was WAY too young for her. (Anne Hathaway should have worn it). Jennifer’s hair always looks EXACTLY the same. Why not an updo or soft waves like the trend of the night. I think Justin has a better chance of winning an Oscar than she does.

Alexa on

Even though I don’t much like her as a person/actress, that’s a spectacular dress. She would have improved the look even more if she’d done something with her hair.

TMarshall on

Ugh, exactly tmi and really?? Still trying to make her look like America’s Sweetheart?? She lost my vote after she got her current soon to b exhusband to leave his gf of many years for her. So over her already, move on!!!

Anne on

I have always loved her.She is very funny and that sounds like something she would say. She always wears beautiful dresses, however this dress was not her. She looks great in slim fitting dresses.(White or black is a great color for her)Having said that this dress would have looked better had she had her hair up I am very confident about that.She still is beautiful but I agree with the majority.

Guest on

“Crude” “Tacky and tasteless” Hahaha. People are hilarious. You must not use the bathroom? I applaud her for her honesty. Would you want to sit through a long awards program in a skin tight dress worrying about how you’re going to go to the bathroom?

Robin on

her comments are an insult to the designer

Jennie on

Jennifer Aniston is so over rated. She hasnt made a movie worthy of any oscar attention, yet there she is year after year. The dress looked like a prom gown, in fact, I ve seen better prom gowns. Get over it people.

jen on

Love it! It’s the same reason I used for the wedding gown I picked 11 years ago – I needed something that didn’t require an assistant (or two) in order for me to pee!

tina on


not so much on

Her hair and makeup do not go with the dress. It does not look like she did anything at all. We get it! You’re laid back! But you can complement a gorgeous gown like that by doing SOMETHING with the rest of yourself. It just seems lazy or uninterested on her part. I am upset because I really like her but I feel let down as a fan with this little effort. And, YES, stars are there for and because of the fans.

tina on


mrimsosure on

I wish I had a key on my keyboard just for Jennifer. It would be green, for all the jealous biddys always putting her down about her looks. (beautiful) Also green, for how much more money she has for the people putting her down for her acting ability. I have always admired her and these people make me sick,… key

akri on

funny she should say that..I always wonder how they do it when it’s’s funny people..and she’s not a redneck either..get a sense of’s too short!

JimmyJ on

I just love gorgeous Jennifer. She is so honest and happy.

ryna on

Love Jen. She’s a great actress and she looked beautiful. Cann’t wait to see her wedding dress!

Daffygrams on

Geezus, look at all the Negative Nancies posting today! I think Jen is great and looked great, too. Negative Nancies, jealous much??

1twinsfan on

That wasn’t the most eloquent way to say it. And the dress looked sloppy as did her hair. She’s done better.

MD72 on

Why was she even at the Oscars? She can’t act and she’ll never win an Oscar for all of the dumb roles that she takes.

maryann on

She is so annoying and has no taste in style whatsoever. Tacky, tastelss, plain, blah, her hair need a wash and color, blah blah blah, can’t understand her. Period.

ashlynn on

It’s just not necessary to express some details of your life to the world. Could we have just a little bit of class, good taste and basic manners back in society?

Sookie on

I don’t think there is anything wrong with what she said. Those sewn on dresses make something like using the restroom hard to do…

susan on

I loved her dress. It is so stunning on her. And the comments that say that it’s tactless and tacky…well, I suspect that you’re not even a female and would never understand.

rubblebubblecake on

What if she had to take a dump??? Is it easy to do that with the dress too?? Stay claasy, Jen!!

melissa on

right, so tacky that she admits she urinates. UGH! WHAT A DISGRACE

Laura on

As much as I like her….she is stuck, same hair, same dress although it is red this year…same same…BORING.

guest on

My fav dress of the night. She looked amazing, as did he. Fantastic couple!

Tara on

i didn’t like the way if flattened her chest out. i feel like those dresses look better on younger girls, like jennifer lawrence although i didn’t like dress either. hated the dress amy adams wore also. she’s too old for a princessy dress.

oscar on

I loved her dress-absolutely gorgeous. But I, too, wish she’d do something with her hair.
As for not being worthy of being at the Oscars-say what?? She has made more money than God from being in movies-some of you may not like her films but plenty of people do, and they helped her make that money by buying tickets. If she’s such a has-been, explain why she continues to star in movie after movie? Jen Aniston does have her fans-she may not win an Acadamy Award but she’s entertaining and her popularity doesn’t seem to be diminishing. As far as being boring-what exactly would you like her to do??? I think it’s boring to read that she’s boring over and over again…

Lnda on

I don’t care what she wears…. she’s still the most boring woman in the world!

Just curious on

Why does any one card about Jennifer Anniston, she cannot act, plays the same person in everything, yet, gets paid too much and isn’t worth watching. And the hair, really same style for 30 years, couldn’t she pull it up, wear a braid, something. Much ado over nothing I say. Find some real talent, she is probably friends with Jersey shore losers

lr on

She looked fantastic. Her hair was gorgeous. She’s real and down to earth…some of the others should follow instead of looking so “fake”!!!

menders8 on

She was the most gorgeous woman there……she is a stunning woman and her fiance is a hottie too. Everyone loves Jen.

Lynn C on

I like the dress but she should have done something with her hair. The everyday look of her hair doesn’t suit the elegance of this dress. Nice colour.

sherr on

Seems very tasteless and not classy at all!! Yuck who wants to know that!!

Vee on

Love her! She is witty, gorgeous and always looks fabulous. I really don’t know why people love to hate her, unless they are Angelina fans. Jen moved on and they need to, too. She is one of the most beautiful, natural and real women in Hollywood and as she gets older she just gets better.

Mary on

Jen looks gorgeous! I especially love the color of the dress. Jen keeping it real,lol.

fashionopoly on

Jen looks radiant, classy and truly stood out in the sea of BLAH dresses. She’s happy and it shows! Although like many i would’ve liked to see her with a different hairstyle, at least a little more festive. LOVE her and her sense of humor.

Annie Mouse on

She looks like she washed the car, then threw on the dress ten minutes before she had to leave. Jennifer Aniston=most overrated actress in Hollywood.

Joanna on

awesome comments about her dress…I love it!!!! hey with a guy having it so much easier to pee than women, when a woman finds a dress that’s easy to pee in while wearing..yeah nothing wrong with that….

gigi on

The dress is pretty for 20 something year old. I think 22 year old Jlaw wore the same dress/color but with a belt at another award show. JA is too old for this type of dress. She must be the only actress in town that never changes her hair style. Not every evening gown goes with straight, limp, shoulder length hair, parted in the middle. My Gawd!! That’s why her formal dresses always look cheap. Her make-up/hair are always so wrong.

Gina on

Beautiful, would have looked even better with an updo hairstyle.

rfashion on

I agree with Jen completely! Big issue with fiance though…leaving the show walking next to Jen more like an enemy than a lover, zero emotion. Did they have a fight? Jen was cold and he didn’t even offer her his jacket, at a minimum he should have put his arm around her. What a jerk!

gyl on

Nice to see Jenn loosening up a bit. Hopefully, she gets her happily ever after, and I am one of the suckers who hopes that she is preggars hence the bathroom comment.

guest on

fantastic dress! and I love the comment.

Peggy Smith on

Not a good response for a special occasion like the Academy Awards … low class, but not surprising!

little Tx on

I just love Jennifer. She is sooo normal. That is what a normal person would say. She has a great sense of humor. I’m sure with all the fancy places they have to go and the fancy clothes they have to wear, finding something easy to go to the restroom in isssss important.

Pamela on

I think its gorgeous and only she could carry this off and as far as her remarks she is a comedian…men can say whatever and if she does its wrong..come on

Susan Smith on

That much red material overwhelms her petite frame. Her hair looks fried by bleach and sun. I’m not sure that being able to pee easily makes up for looking boring.

Justllly on

Beautifull woman in the red dress.

Joanie on

I believe Jennifer Lawrence wore something almost exactly like this already during awards season

Tillyl on

Love her dress! Now she just needs to do something fun and flirty with her hair:)

Granny on

Klassy quote!?! What a weird thing to say…

Katia on

Some of you people are stuffy and grumpy. Jen is a beautiful woman. And, yeah, she is 44 and not 20. If you are fortunate, you will all live to be 44 and then some. I hope you look like her when that day comes. That being said, her hair is pretty, the gown was fabulous, and she has a good sense of humor. I like the stars who are funny, down to earth, and not all puffed up about themselves, acting all snobbish and sophisticated. Go, Jen, and the other fun stars!

Skeeter on

Gorgeous gown, beautiful on Jennifer and my favorite of the evening. Elegant!

Tiffany on

Didn’t like her hair. She wears it like that all the time and could have at least done a low slicked back pony tail or something.

AmyRene on

Please buy this woman a hairbrush.

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Kvik on

Funny. Even funnier is that people reading The Sun could be offended by the remark.

Pam on

She’s beautiful, cute, talented, and down to earth. What’s not to love!

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