Rihanna's River Island Collection: No 'Diamonds,' Just Rough

02/18/2013 at 11:03 AM ET

Rihanna London Fashion Week
Julian Parker/Getty(2); Dave M. Benett/Getty

Of all the adjectives we expected to hear about Rihanna‘s first-ever fashion line (for U.K. chain River Island) — “’90s-inspired” or “skin-baring” among them — we have to admit “horror show” took us by surprise. But fashion critics called it just that, savaging her debut collection for being uninspired, underwhelming and just plain unattractive.

The show, held in an abandoned central London post office, started an hour late and ran for nine minutes — including a brief appearance by the star. It wasn’t difficult to see why the show wasn’t critically beloved, but there’s no denying Rihanna’s influence was clearly visible, from the belly chains to the see-through mesh tops to the high-slit skirts. In fact, a large part of the problem may be that the only person who can pull these clothes off is Rihanna herself.

And while some onlookers (like The Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes) found the collection “porny” and “hideous,” other acknowledge that the designs are likely to sell, no matter how bad: “She’s Rihanna, after all,” shrugged New York Magazine‘s Alex Rees. If you want to judge for yourself, River Island’s Facebook page is replaying the show on loop.

Tell us: What do you think of Rihanna’s debut clothing line? Would you buy any of the pieces?

–Alex Apatoff


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Showing 77 comments

josh on

those women need to it some f’ing food

LaTanya on


ME on

seriously, the only thing i saw was those SKINNY ladies…, EEEEK they need to eat!!!!

Miriam on

I am not a huge fan of her style in the first place but this is just tacky and cheap-looking.

yep on

These “fashions” look like something less than what you would find at the 99 cent store. Lazy and garbage like.

Sarah on

Hey RiRi, Madonna wants her look back…. There is nothing new here, all of the styles have been done before. LAME.

mopps2010 on

The girl in the middle’s knees look like she has been on them too much.

lalo on

well i dont think any chain will be able to sell these kind of clothes. i mean you cant sell concert outfits to general population. are they supposed to wear it in work?

and yeah, thats not skinny, thats like aua cant find words to describe it

melody on

Don’t know what’s worse, the clothes or the sickning skinny models. Yuk

iamjustbeinghonest on

Looks like they left their boobs at home….girls this is not a good look at all. Eat healthy, exercise and have a positive body image. Its not cute to look sick.

nadine on

Ok, the model on the left needs a serious hospital stay…let’s say for about 10 years or so!

Kimkay1969 on

Rihanna should be ashamed of herself for using those models. WOW!

Peeta on

I’m not sure how the girl on the far left is still alive. That is some severe emaciation.

sharon on

How are real women, if they so choose to wear these ‘clothes’, the real women with curves and shapes supposed to wear this? Oh that’s right! It’s Rihanna!

Marsha on

These “clothes” if you want to call the whole line that, aren’t anything new or original. There are some pieces that are wearable in the collection as they are more classic in tone than others. What bothered me is the music chosen to play as the line is debuted.

Patricia on

@lalo – I agree. The only ones buying are the girls who idolize her! No grown woman – meaning women not painfully trying to “stay young & 25 forever” – would wear these thinking she’s on top of her style game. And as the writer says: “…a large part of the problem may be that the only person who can pull these clothes off is rihanna herself.”. The models make it even harder to look at…distracting.

SamanthaJones on

I am so tired of those improvised fashion designers..youa singer sings..don’t pretend to be a designer when you have a team of people creating your looks for you..stop using your name for everything and stick singing for crying out loud

Julie on

The clothing looks like puke

Kim on

Anorexia is not in!! Thos girls need alot of food – NOW!! Hook that first model up to a feeding tube!

Kim on

Anorexia is not in!! Feed those girls right now! Hook that first model up to a feeding tube – PRONTO!

Lynn C on

I couldn’t get past the malnourished women to even notice the clothes…..Yikes.!!

Beth on

Those clothes are atrocious, but like the article said, they will probably sell to someone just because her name is attached to them. Being perfectly honest, people would vomit if my flabby fat butt walked down the street in one of those outfits.

tomfool on

god, those models are beyond anorexic. Get them out of that unhealthy environment and into a better place where eating isn’t a crime! :O

NanC on

Wow. This is BAD! Looks like clothes from the thrift store, actually WORSE!!! Shame on her for thinking people would call this fashion. Sorry. Take some tips from Selena Gomez, who has a Great clothing selection for young ladies.

Pam on

Looks like something that will end up on a Walmart clearance rack!

Lori on

This is fashion? I guess if you’re a street walker..
Can’t see anyone else wearing these so called “fashions”

Guest on

Nothing against Rihanna, I love when she is covered up a little more. Aside from that her clothing looks like the cheap clothing/costumes in an adult store.

ColeB on

You couldn’t even sell these at Walmart, and for the love of god, the emaciated look is not fashionable or attractive. Yuck.

Anita on

No, I would not buy any of her clothes, just like I do not buy any of her music. She is not someone I admire so I do not support her with my purchases.

bec215 on

Question is, why did anyone think this would turn out any other way than it did?

This young lady has no class and cheap style, but it’s the fact she clearly felt no sense of responsibility to the store that hired her to make something that would sell for them that reveals her true character.

Please stop telling singers they can act, design, etc., and do like perfumers and put a professional behind their name to do the real work!

bec215 on

P.S…. a friend went to Fashion Week in NYC – lunch at an all-day event? A small box of roasted almonds, a small packet of air-dried kale chips (an appetite supressant), and a bottle of “juice cleanse” (i.e., fruit juice + natural plant-derived laxatives). How twisted is that?!

Heidi on

Eeeeeeeek. Last time I checked eating was ok to do. Maybe Rihanna should put the smoke down while okaying this s***. Just a thought.

Nanna Victoria on

I would buy the middle skirt. It’s quite cute, with the knot and so. I would love to see the rest of the collection!

m on

The only item I would maybe buy is the skirt in the middle picture – to use as a cover up when I go to the beach – and only if the price is less than $10 because it certainly isn’t worth more than that. Can’t say I’m surprised though. This girl has horrible fashion sense. She should stick to singing – and personally I don’t think her music is all that great either – but it is at least better than the clothes. As for the models – they need serious medical help – particularly the one on the left.

Jas on

Its just bad. Really really bad. I don’t understand what makes celebrities think that they can be designers. They have stylists to give to a sense a style. That doesn’t translate into being a fashion designer. They should leave to people with actual talent.

Maren on

Non eating models wearing items found in the garbage dispose…fun!! Where does this idea come from

Siobhan on

It looks like Rihanna created clothing for hersef and not the public. The clothes do not, in my opinion, look to have been made with great quality. Have to agree with a previous poster, that Madonna had this look when she first entered the music scene back inthe 1980’s. And in my opinion it was more realistic and cooler and creative when Madonna had the look, because she was and is an original.

Cannot understand why some singers try are given fashion lines and are better at just wearing designs by professionals. I love Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez and Sofia Vergara clothing lines/ and accessories lines.

Betsy on

Lol at the review. And the clothing line isn’t something somebody could just wear out on a regular day. Maybe if you wanted to be a hooker, then yes.

Kat on

Ghetto Fabulous Line

Tanya on

No, I wouldn’t buy this stuff. How can you wear this without getting arrested?

Lori Anne on

Even the models look miserable…

Journey on

Like another poster wrote “where do you wear these fashions”??? The only place I can think of is at the beach.

Dawn on

Rihanna, Would you wear these? I think she has a good sense of style, but clearly didn’t use it for this clothing line.

Carolyn on


Jennifer on


D on

Really??? I personally do not know anyone that sick looking! I also know that I wouldn’t wear those clothes! Rihanna take those girls to eat!

guest on

maybe if she spent more time on the clothes and less time posting pictures of the marijuana bouquets… or smoking it… then she could have been successful…

what the heck is she doing to her life????

Janis on

The models look like stick people and the .. “clothing” … look like rags from good will they threw on becasue some one came to the door…

Wow on

horrendous fashion from a horrendously tacky person

Sherae on

The only celeb with acceptable fashion lines are Victoria Beckham and Kimora Lee Simmons. WHO thought Rihanna would give them something Fashion-Week worthy? She can’t even give a decent live singing performance. The clothes are heinous.

alaskagirl7 on

The grey skirt is kind of cute, but the slit is a little too high. Other than that……ick! And I agree, these models are sickly thin and shot at a very unflattering angle. To appear thinnner you shoot from below. These models definitely don’t need that!

punkfunk13 on

the too skinny models and the lighting made the clothes look even worse :/
When Rihanna goes on the red carpet I see her beautiful face the most xx

LC on

These models look sick and the “fashion” looks like something I would have put together at age 7…if I were a prostitute

Nor'easter on

So so sad. It’s the direction things are going.

guest on

Those women look like they are starving! Some people are naturally super thin, but not these girls. EAT SOMETHING!

fanofboardwalkempire on

you are right- the only person who can wear those looks and pull them off nicely is RIRi herself. What is this point of this collection?

Lilly on

Why is People waisting time on Rhiana? As we all know she is not a good example to our Society, She made up her bed when she decided to take back Chris Brown.

Lilly on

I wish People would stop promoting Rhiana, she is not a good example!!! Once she decided to take Chris Brown back that should have been the end of her !!!

Lilly on

I wish People would stop promoting Rhiana, SHE IS NOT A GOOD EXAMPLE TO WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD. Once she decided to take Chris Brown back I was done with her.

lilly on

Rhiana is not a good example to our community, can People PLEASE stop doing articles on her?????? She was done when she took Chris Brown back.

lola marie on

These models are anorexic and most in the industry don’t eat , drink alcohol and do drugs. Its horrible. Most americans are overweight not good either but id rather be a size 10 and be able to eat then a size 0 and smoke cigs and do drugs to stayy thin.

Id love a line where women are sizes 8 to 12 a more modern woman who watches what she eats and exercises moderately.

Lia on

That’s a fashion line?!? For who? Street hookers?

Yuck. She needs to stick to singing and Chris Brown.

koisrgra on

I’d like to wear the third outfit my next Holiday Party at work. Who would buy these outfits?

Casey on

Her first mistake, I’d say, is using a model with rug burn on her knees.

Samantha on

Holy hooker outfits! Someone feed those women some hamburgers!

Didi on

Its her style alright maybe a bit too much and I agree only she can pull this off -most regular people would not show up dressed like that anywhere. Materials looked kind of cheap to me. Not a fan at all.

Moni on

I found the music to be offensive. The clothes featured within the first few minutes were tasteless. Towards the middle and the end, there were a few nice pieces but it was difficult to really appreciate them because the outfits were not flattering for any of the models who were too thin coupled with the lighting which highlighted the models thin frames instead of the clothing.

cynthia on

You can bet that many moms will be caving in and buying their tweens knock offs with the same ‘ho look that Rihanna likes to wear. She is such an emotionally immature little girl, no matter her chronological age. Her only worth, to her, is her sexuality and sleaze. Very sad.

Teresa on

It’s bad even for beachwear. Were her models going for the third world look?

Trish on

Holy cow!! Eat a burger!…or 2 even!

Mac on

The whole collection looks like a 9th graders school project

calvind on

I actually love the line.. Its different. Love the pants in the first pic and the top in the second. Im sure she will have a lot more designs to come!

dianasaurusrexx on

Toooooo thiiinnnnnn. Clothes and girls.

gianna on

Not surprised. How can someone who hardly wears any clothe themselves know much about fashion. But, from what she showed, the cloth look like the tacky things she wears when she has clothe on. And, where did she find these dreadful models? They look like they haven’t eaten in years! Another check as to why Rihanna is NOT A ROLE MODEL!

Lynn on

Wow, it is just all bad. Rihanna always looks so good on the red carpet, I kind of thought her fashion line would be better then this. I mean, seriously? There is not one thing new here in the way of fashion and the heroin-sheik models do not do anything to help the look. She had to be high to think this line is something to actually have a fashion show for.

marya on

Fashion for corpses…yikes!

lianna on

i think the models are gorgeous and inspirational… i don’t know why everyone had got their panties in a twist…

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