Jessica Simpson Glows in Exclusive Pics from Her Spring Collection Shoot

02/05/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Jessica Simpson PhotosCourtesy Jessica Simpson Collection

Jessica Simpson is no stranger to buzzworthy photoshoots, but the glamorous shots she snapped for her Spring 2013 clothing line may take the cake.

The sunlit campaign photos, shot in November on Malibu’s El Matador Beach by famed fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth, show the mom-to-be showing off her fab, Harley Pasternak-toned bod in pieces from her clothing, shoe and sunglasses collections.

“Last fall’s campaign was shot while I was pregnant [with daughter Maxwell Drew] so I worked behind the scenes on the shoot,” Simpson tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I was really excited to be back in front of the camera for this year’s campaign.”

Of the photographer, Simpson gushes: “Ellen is incredible and was able to really capture the essence of the spring collection – it’s playful, all-American, classic.” Simpson demonstrates those qualities herself as she poses in items from a tie-dye skirt to a denim romper, sky-high neutral wedges to cheetah-print sunglasses — all while rocking her signature loose blonde waves, smoky eyes and light pink lips.

And the final word on the collection, straight from the star? “I want everyone to be able to wear my designs,” she says of the pieces, which are almost entirely under $200 and are starting to ship to stores including Macy’s and Nordstrom now. “The collection is accessible — from extra-small to plus and maternity, there is something for everyone to feel great in.”

Click to see another exclusive image from the campaign, then tell us: Are you excited to try on Jessica Simpson’s spring collection?

Jessica Simpson PhotosCourtesy Jessica Simpson Collection

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 76 comments

Elizabeth on

Love that skirt

Ryry on

Is anyone else tired of huge platform stripper heels? They are so clunky looking and NOT attractive.

Crystal on

It just bugs me that she is never photographed wearing her own line! If it so wonderful than she should be wearing it herself. Ralph always wears Polo!

dawn on

she is SO PHOTOSHOPPED in these pics!

jenna on

agree, dawn. sorry, jessica, your legs do NOT look like that.

Tiffany on

Horrible Photoshop in the first one, don’t think it’s possible to have your legs angled that way without twisting your body.

Meow on

Let’s be less judgmental of other people’s weight. Lets get together as women and support each other instead of tear each other down or even talk about weight.

Penelope on

I can’t believe someone compared Ralph Lauren to Jessica Simpson. Jessica is not a true designer. She probably just says “that looks cute.” And collects checks. I mean really people. She’s not staying up all night designing.

Andrea on

Totally agree…her legs do NOT look like that and it’s so obvious pics were fixed

Missy on

She looks great!!! Proud of her for focusing on fitness after having a baby. It’s hard work but she did it!

za on

holy photoshop! ha!!

Tiffany on

The first pic, her top half doesn’t seem to match her bottom half. And I don’t think the flowy shirts make her look skinny, actually the opposite.

Brandi on

God…critique, critique, critique! Who ISN’T photoshopped in pictures nowadays…it’s pretty much the norm! Love the first outfit and could care less that Jessica’s never photographed wearing her line in everyday pictures or how her legs look! Enough with the negativity!!

authentic on

and where is Jessica Simpson?!

Paddi on

Just cant passed the fact that she doesnt brush her teeth

Guest on

You can tell photoshopping around the white areas and the shadows where the picture looks pixelated.

Khopev on

She looks beautiful!

Dina on

The PhotoShop is truly horrendous. Why would she do that to herself? I am disappointed. After being the spokeswoman for weight watchers she should embrace her body. She is a gorgeous woman. They don’t have to electronically mutilate her like this. I feel she should have known better. On the other hand… she has been ridiculed and there is a lot of pressure on her to be a certain size. Maybe we are all to blame for this vicious cycle that keeps feeding our delusion.

Nicole on

All-American and classic? Yeah, because EVERYONE wears 6 inch stripper heels on a beach and in the water. SMH

Kristinat on

Can’t believe how negative some people are. Jealous much?
She’s promoting her clothing line, not her body. All magazine prints use photo shop. Give her a break. I still think she looks beautiful.

Smells Like Kardashian on

she is still a beautiful woman

Flying Files on

So now we know after the photo shoot was when baby #2 was made.

fairywinkle on

I am SO Happy for Jessica. She is a beautiful spirit, full of love, joy and zest for life. I think she is a great example for women and girls all over the world. I want to see her keep on keepin’ on and having a successful business, life, marriage and family. She is a sweet and genuine person!

Mandy on

I think every woman needs to stop being so judgemental and understand that we need to support each other. I love her hair…so beachy!

kk on

Nice Photo Shop

Stephanie on

I give Jessica MAJOR props for creating and maintaining a clothing line that’s surprisingly successful. Her motherhood maternity line blows target’s line out of the water. She actually designs cute maternity wear, which is *much* appreciated when you’re feeling fat and bloated in your third trimester. Her regular line is super cute and who doesn’t love her cute shoes and shades? And she’s in Nordstroms! Last time I checked Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Lopez and Britney’s broke ass clothing lines are still at Kohls. She might not have had the best singing career, acting career aaaand married life but her saving grace has always been her clothing and accessories. Werk what works.

Lisa on

There is not ONE pixel of those photos that was not altered. I’m all for supporting people but this is just a flat out lie. She never looked like that after her baby, especially her legs and waist. And ENOUGH of the chunky platform heels. They don’t make you look taller or slimmer. Plus, who wears those in the sand?

fairywinkle on

I really don’t understand these women who are being cruel to Jessica. Why don’t we support each other and lift each other up? What is the point of being mean and bringing each other down? I just don’t get it. We’re all on this earth together ladies – let’s see what we can do when we band together! Send love to your sisters!

mrsmass on

Try again, this time something more realistic?

SteveRR on

Man they must have left 50 lbs on the photoshop lab floor that day.

Guest on

I don’t think people would care so much about her being photoshopped, but its the fact that its SUCH a horrible job. This is not Jessica’s fault, obviously, but the photographer.

Cindy on

She really looks like Brigitte Bardot in the first pic!

Angie on

Her legs are so ridiculously photo-shopped in the first pic.

Nick on

Jessica Simpson has much bigger legs than that.

C on

I really want those shoes she is wearing in the second pic but I can’t find them :(

sandy on

Jessica is a rock star, man! talk about good business since and its really paying off (or whoever is part of the “biz”) good for her, she looks great. Ryry, totally tired of the platform heels, Im taller then my man already! ha, like the pointy flatter shoes the stars are wearing more of now though :)

Marky on

She does NOT look like Brigette Bardot in any of the pictures. We all know what she looks like because we saw her multiple times at Christmas in snapshots which were not photoshopped, and she simply looks as if she has make-up on in these, as opposed to being on the beach in Hawaii. You people need to realize just how two-faced you are, and what a double standard you have. Jessica has a picture published and you rag like some pile of rude idiots; Vanessa has a picture published looking no better, and it’s “Ooooh, she’s so cute”. No, Vanessa doesn’t look better than Jess, and people need to get over the long ago past.

sandy on

so is what she is wearing in the pics NOT part of her line?? I thought it was??

edema d on

I like her. I think what is best for her is MUSIC. I enjoy her songs very much. But she can do what she is comfortable with.

Jojo on

I believe what people are angry about is they feel like they are being deceived. When something is photoshopped to such an extent, that basically only the face is recognizable, what is being depicted is a falsehood. And the photographer only has so much artistic license. The person being photographed does have some say as to what they want. I’m all for standing united, but there has to be truth and trust involved.

jen ski on

I see why she got pregnant so quickly again.

blah blah on

They photoshopped her Hooker shoes out of the 1st pic. Very amateur job!!

Pat on

proof that you can still look amazing after pregnancy.

mandy on

How is $200 affordable? Does she not know what the real world is like?

lara on

Beautiful girl inside and out.

Sandra on

There are so many things wrong with the second photo. First, on the beach in 9″ heels that look ridiculous?! Her skirt or shorts-can’t tell which- are actually above her b*tt cheeks- who dresses like this other than a hooker???? She’s a mother now- stop the sleezy look Jessica!

Ellie on

I am a fan of Jessica’s, however, that top picture is so badly Photoshopped! She does look great and I think she is very pretty. I don’t understand how professional Photoshoppers do such a poor job!

Lolly on

Photoshop is this stumpy chick’s best friend right?

Lisa on

I think she looks pretty in her skirt and top. However, I do not understand a long sleeve shirt, short shorts and heels like that. She could easily get a sprained ankle in the sand, and if it is warm enough to wear the shorts, a tank top should suffice. She has nice legs, but the outfit almost says “I am going to show my lower body to the extreme to make up for my upper body”, but she doesn’t have to make up for anything.

thebrooksfam4 on

Meow – nobody is judging her weight. Women are just tired of the media shoving photoshopped women down our throats and telling us “look how hard they work out to be Haley Pastenak toned”. Her legs are obviously photoshopped, just like they were on the cover of that magazine when she was pregnant. Maybe Jessica should take the high road and be proud of the body she has instead of having her photos altered every chance she gets.

suhon on

Barbie legs! She has bendable Barbie legs!

s on

She has great, muscular legs, and the ones in these photos are not them. It makes her look deformed the way they photoshopped it. I love her, and think she is funny, but these pics are ridiculous

harr on

jessica is totally gorgeous!!!! pregnant or not she’s always beautiful n so real!!!

alexis on

love jessica’s line of clothes shoes and maternity.. she has it all…lucky girl!

whatever on

cute pics

tori on

Photoshopped to death,the first photo is beyond words – no ones legs look like that! lol

nikki on

OMG! they gave her Heidi Klum’s legs! LOL, how funny.

sunnyd on

Cute pics, but her legs are SO photoshopped, come on now. Insult to those who’ve actually earned their figure.

starla fleer on

So many jealous girls lol…be happy for her.

dancer92136 on

Jealous people…no matter what she oversees a billion dollar clothing empire. This means many people love her clothes and she picks most of the designs. Looking good Jess and your daughter is beautiful .

Tina on

@Ryry, I’m tired of them, too. It’s like all the shoes are the same, with that platform, only different patterns. Time for a change.

anon on

she is hardly photoshopped at all.. if you took the time to go back to NOV & some personal pics from phones etc she was looking awesome. Wouldnt it be nice if people actually spent time & looked before they judge. Take a look at her in SEPT OCT.. GIve the girl a break she looks awesome.

anon on

sure wish I was able to post some personal pics from SEPT OCT to show you all without photoshop.. You would be shocked there excellent & she looks great

lavenderlady on

Is this the same twit who just a few years ago did not know if she was eating chicken our tuna out of a can. I am not jealous of her, she has not talent and we glorify he. She is not good at singing, or she would have a cd, her clothes are just mimics of what us or there today

lavenderlady on

Excuse my spelling, my phone likes to take over

Ricki on

Doesn’t brush her teeth?! Huh?!

Diana Watson on

I believe they call that airbrushing!! I wish we all had it then we would all look fabulous!!

Dace on

Has anyone noticed these photos have photo shopped to death, too bad as she is a strong woman who doesn’t need to false advertise her body.
Wouldn’t have been great to see the real photos as opposed to these ones.

kim on

i think she looks gorgeous, although i do have to say…in that 1st pic, those do NOT look like HER legs…they look more like Barbies legs.

Debra on

The peach blouse is really cute. I hate her shoes but I hate all chunky, clunky shoes now-a-days.

Rachel on

Umm I love how photoshopped she is, these pics look like the Jessica 10 years ago defiantly not now.

blair on

Just gorgeous! Love the skirt!

sole on

Pleaseeeee!!! this is SO FAKE, so obvious it was photshopped!!!

CC on

I love Jessica Simpson, she is soooooo beautiful and REAL. She is the opitomy of girly girl!!! LOVE IT :)

bob on

she has not looked like this since the nick lachey days- what a miracle photo shop can create. the irony that she usually looks like a slob yet she’s has fashion line is ridiculous.

Kate on

very much Ryry

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