Kendall & Kylie Jenner Show Off Their Crazy-Expensive Christmas Gifts

12/26/2012 at 05:30 PM ET

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Christmas GiftsMichael Simon/Startraks. Insets: Courtesy Kendall and Kylie Jenner

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan took to Instagram to share the goods they got on Dec. 25. And if the presents are any indication, it’s clear both sisters were nice, not naughty this year. Very, very nice actually.

Kendall, 17, received two pairs of luxe shoes — kicks that we certainly didn’t own when we were in high school. She got a pair of black Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spike heels (center), which retail for oh, just $1,195 from her older sister Khloé Kardashian Odom. (Kendall captioned the photo, “whyyy thank you @khloekardashian!!!”)

And along with the pumps, Kendall received a more casual, yet equally expensive, pair of Balenciaga boots. (Hers are the center pair in the right picture, above.)


Kylie, 15, also was gifted an accessory with a mega price tag: a black Céline luggage tote (left), which was just named the “It” bag of 2012 and starts at around $2,000. The teen didn’t mention who gave her the purse, so perhaps it was a little (okay, not so little) present for herself?

Tell us: What do you think of giving Christmas gifts this extravagant to teens?

–Jennifer Cress


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Bettie on

If they can afford to give it, well why not. Most people are out of work, and houses in foreclosure, or no house at all after Sandy. Hmmmmm let do a reality show of non reality!

Rachel on

Quite extreme but hardly surprising.

BH on

Fiscal cliff? What fiscal cliff?

Tam on

They should donate all the money to Sandy victims and Newtown families. When will they learn about charity?

Ash on

This kind of thing makes me sick. They could have stocked a food bank for people in need for Christmas for the cost of one pair of those shoes. I agree if you work hard for your $, you should spoil yourself now and then, but this is a little excessive for a teenager. Maybe teach them lessons in bettering the world and service to others rather than just self…

Sandy on

some families take the being frugal and doing acts of kindness for others to have the feel really good from within feeling- while others buy A LOT of stuff and fill their homes to the brim. Oh well lucky them- nice of them to flaunt it to the world.

Snowbird on

funny, my friends and I all gave gifts to charity and sent each other cards telling each other who we gave to in their name. We certainly are not in the income bracket as this family but I find it ironic that no such gifts seem to ever be listed by celebrities.

Cest La Vie on

OH so young and already so damaged.

jsp81355 on


Julie on

Kendall is a dead ringer for Ali McGraw – very pretty girl. Being a Kardashian with all that money & excess – must be nice to have a closet full of Louies.

Guest on

Holy over-indulged, batman!!

sparkykid on

People certainly have the right to give expensive gifts, but flaunting them when so many others around the world have so little is very tacky. What can you expect, though, from girls who have been raised by a pimp(Kris)?

Kristine on

They quite possibly could have given to charities as well as to their family members! From what I’ve seen and heard, Kendall and Kylie both work and get good grades in school so why shouldn’t their big sisters get them something REALLY nice for Christmas?! Even though we see and hear about them all over the place, doesn’t mean that they don’t, quietly, give to charities and people in need as well! Many celebrities do!

guest on

Absolutely ridiculous.

Myte on

I think if was very tacky of them to show off “things” they can afford when there are people everywhere starving. Some even without homes to live in. They were just bragging….

kw on

They look like the same generic black haired, brown eyed girls we see all over Hollywood.

Jillian on

Why is anyone surprised? We are all for our version of the “American Dream”. I’ve seen enough of the Jenner/Kardashian’s to know that their values are not mine, their hunger for fame will not be satisfied and their conduct is unbecoming. Not a hater, just my opinion.

Jill on

And why are these girls ‘celebrities’?! They are so spoiled. They could have donated as others said, and maybe they did. But there is no need to flaunt their material, expensive wastes of money. Maybe try flaunting doing some good in the world? The whole Kardashian family is boring and I’ll NEVER understand why anything they do is news. And yes, I did click on the article… Only so I could comment on how lame it is!

Diane on

It’s their money. Let them spend it how they want. Who says they don’t give to charity. The article is about their Christmas gifts. People are allowed to get Christmas gifts on Christmas, right?

enoughalready on

This family disgusts me.

Just My Opinion on

They can afford it! So why hate on them?

Teresa on

These people never give to charity.

bob on

These gifts are nothing. I heard someone bought their sister’s wedding pictures for 1.4 million. lol

Lyn on

This whole family is a joke. None of them know anything about “life.” What I could do with $1,195 instead of wasting it on a pair of shoes. Hope their $$$ makes them happy. Run, Bruce, Run!

Jill on

Because as many people stated, there are people who can’t afford their house, or have to rebuild it due to Sandy, and here they are bragging about completely ostentatious gifts. I wish covered more REAL people’s stories. These selfish, tacky girls are so tiresome and boring.

Megan on

When I was 15, I wanted a sweater and new tv. My how things have changed. If you think about it, we all paid for these items by watching their shows.

Aud on

I looove the Balenciaga boots!

Amaryllis on

I don’t think I’d want shoes with lumpy things all over them, but if they do, I don’t care. Those gifts don’t look like a drop in the bucket of what the Kardashians have. If they want to treat each other at Christmas, that’s their business.

Just My Opinion on

For the one who thinks they should be donating to food banks or some other charity, who ever said they didn’t? They don’t have to donate every dime they make. Do you donate every dime you make. People stop being so hateful! I know if I could afford it, I wold have purchased my family and friends expensive gifts. THEY CAN AFFORD IT, GET OVER YOURSELVES! YOU WOULD DO THE SAME THING FOR YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

lynn on

This isnt good to brag when some kids verily have a Christmas. bible says not to boast. This just hurts kids that are less fortunate. Keep it to yourselves.

Steph on

It’s true that they COULD have donated money to many great causes, but they didn’t. Would I have like to seen them do something great with the blessings they have that many others don’t? Of course. But your judging of them isn’t that impressive either. Stop worrying about what other people are or are not doing, and get out and do something awesome yourself.

guest123 on

I guess it must be nice to be sooo rich! On the one hand it seems a ridiculous waste of money — but on the other hand at least they are pumping LOTS of money back into the economy! And what makes me laugh is that these sisters have some huge clothing line at SEARS – a place they would NEVER EVER buy clothes, shoes, etc from!!!!!!

Gladiola on

I guess it’s necessary to flaunt the gifts with price tags; obviously not given for the true meaning but for bragging.

Julie on

They should of took that money and donated to the victims in Sandy Hook. After all Bruce Jenner resided in Newtown and attend the highschool. Donate the money to the people who need it!!! Not a pair of shoes or bag that will be out of style next season! This makes me sick.

Kate on

How about not showing all of that. There are many people out there that didn’t even have a Christmas including teenagers. Mine did have one, but didn’t post all her things on FB, because we know there are many of her friends with parents that lost their jobs and were not able to do anything for their kids. Spoiled brats.

amaebryan on

It’s okay to give these kinds of gifts. Making them public, however, just shows an insensitivity that doesn’t surprise from the Kardashians.

My Thoughts on

Oh they will give to charities organizations alright, but only when it benefits their tax perks.

Susan on

People can do whatever they want with their money…but why is this news??? Stick to covering real news, not the whims of a fame-obsessed family.

Julie on

While I don’t begrudge people having nice things. We all know they come from wealth. It is not necessary to put it all out there for the world to see. Oh, look! What I got!…Be humble ladies, have some humility please.

Julie on

While I don’t begrudge people having nice things. We all know they come from wealth. It is not necessary to put it all out there for the world to see. Oh, look what I got…Be humble ladies, have some humility please.

Maria on

These items are normal for them. Receiving something worth $40-80 like the average christmas gift would be taken as an insult or a joke by these types of people. This is the top % of the country that doesnt want to pay a few pair of shoes’ worth taxes to help relief for people living in tents and on food stamps.
Wake up and raise taxes on the top %.

Tay on

Oh come on, didn’t we ALL get this for Christmas?

This is NEWS?

Courtney on

@Bettie that’s how it’s always been in hollywood for the most part though there are some hollywood kids that aren’t spoiled brats like for example Paul Newman’s 5 daughters aren’t and he was a legitament star based off of talent and looks unlike the Kardashian-Jenners. granted the family makes 39.6 million a year from the show alone while Newman was worth like 2 billion when he passed away from his movies & food company royalties after taxes and adminastrative costs and each of his daughters have well paying jobs with non for profit orginizations including the organic arm of Newman’s own which is run by his Daughter Nell out in California while his youngest dauughter Clea runs a horse riding school for the disabled within a 40 or so minute drive of Westport Connecticut where the family has lived since 1960 in Darien Connecticut which she has for nearly 19 years. obviously these idiots need constant press to feel important while Newman’s daughters so obviously don’t then again him and his widow weren’t extravagant far from it so much so that she even made the dress she accepted her oscar in correct the material cost .26 cents a yard and there were 384.5 yards of taffeta in the dress in part to hide the fact she’d just recently before that lost a baby. for example the Cartier watch Claire Newman wears to fundraisers originally 15,000 when it was purchased at christmas 1961 as a gift for her mom would cost nearly 5x that price now and she inherited it nearly 13 years ago on the ocassion of her wedding granted her mom isn’t a show boat and it was the sentiment behind the gift that mattered not the cost of it

Holly on

Acts of kindness has nothing to do with expensive gifts. Most of the Newtown victim’s families have money, Newtown needs support not money….Let them live people. They do red carpets, fashion shows, are on tv…their lives are nothing like the average teen now or then. A pair of $1,000 shoes is nothing when you make $50 million.

IToldYouSo on

Spoiled, attention-hungry brats just like the rest of the K’s. People are hungry and homeless and these children are wearing 2K shoes??? They need a huge dose of real reality not the fantasy land they live in.

Vee on

They don’t live in the real world and will never know what it’s like. Or care.

lulu on

This is why the Muppets hate the letter “K”.

Samantha on

why should they donate all their money? Just a because they get expensive gifts don’t mean they don’t give to charities. I’m so sick and tired of your haters. Your just mad you don’t have the money. I’m not into designer things but apparently some people are.

Donna Glaser on

Not a fan at all! These girls are spoiled and bratty. Giving them expensive presents (anyone remember one of the teens got a BM for her 16th birthday?!) continues to make them feel entitled.

Danielle on

The Kardashians-Jenner daughters know that their bodies are like cash registers, and thy are going to use it as such….

Mimi on

love that celine bag, ive been lusting over it all year! lucky kylie!

people need to calm the heck down. the bible might say not to boast, but it also says not to judge others. it’s their money, we do not know the ins and outs of their personal finances, their charitable donations etc. i guarantee you there are many non-famous families who give equally if not more extravagant gifts to each other… why isn’t everyone hating on them also?

Jessica on

In their defense (which is very hard for me to say) they are NOT the ones who posted how much these items cost. mentioned the cost so shame on them for having to say how much the items cost. Without People mentioning it I never would have known they cost THAT much. So I blame this website for feeling the need to mention how much something costs when it wasn’t necessary at all.

Janet Higgins on

They are just showing their Christmas spirit. It’s what Christmas means to them. They have enough money they could get these things any other day. They’re missing out and don’t even know it.

Ashley on

This family will never know the TRUE meaning of christmas. All they care about is money and designer items or they would have not uploaded photos and bragged about it. Not one of them has made a endearing statement about what is really going on in the world. sorry to say but they prob will grow up to be just like their sister Kim. They all make me sick.

T on

Materialistic bull$hit. Who cares.. nothing special.

I wouldn’t want it. Too much money and nobody knows what to do with it.. oh lets buy some $5, 000 shoes because those $200 ones are a different label. Rich people are funny to me, so dumb.

Monica08 on

Everyone who is saying they should have given the money to charity…or those who mentioned they could pay bills with that money…or saying they should have sent that money to the victims of Sandy or Sandy Hook should put a sock in it! How do you know they didn’t donate to charity? If you had the kind of money they have of course you’d pay your bills but you’d also splurge on yourself or on the ones you love. How do you know they didn’t donate to the Sandy or Sandy Hook victims…did you? Stop judging these people for having money and spending it! That’s what you’re suppose to do. You can’t take it with you when you die. If you had it you’d spend it or do whatever YOU want with YOUR money.

kelly on

We are in a fiscal cliff;
even if they can afford it, I think they should keep it for themself instead of showing us what they got for xmas. Is just my opinion.

wavgirl on

Just what our country needs… More entitled, talentless, spoiled brats. Thanks for condoning it by writing it up as news.

Donna on

I think its sad :( I received new tires since i needed them badly and being unemployed i was very thankful for the gift. I spent my Christmas Day passing out meals to homeless and less fortunate which was the BEST gift of giving back to others for me, Those two girls don’t need 1,ooo dollar pairs of shoes etc its sad.

Just My Opinion on

@Lynn, did you or your kids tell or show thier friends what they got for Christmas? What’s the difference? If so, you too may have hurts someones feeling.

Just My Opinion on

Some of you are giving this too much thought, they’re “GIFTS” they received.

Ashley on

It’s sad that all of these people are so jealous!!! The Kardashians give a lot of money to charity all of the time. there’s no reason they can’t enjoy their money and get presents as well.

Fran on

People are such haters. They have the money so they get to buy what they want. Get over it. So because they have money they should donate all of it to charity?? they don’t deserve to spend their money the way they want?? jeez it was christmas presents people get over it already. Haters are always gonna hate lol



Lisa on

Cracks me up…. and just want I want to read – NOT! My husband and I are just making it and I use coupons to purchase items and donate to our local food bank and I read how these spoiled little rich kids get a $2000 tote bag and $1200 pair of stilettos? Yeah, well at least I can sleep at night…..I have very little and donate, they have a lot and don’t. I know what my priorities are!

Wow on

Lets talk about how poorly this article was written. I’d expect this kind of nonsense (crazy expensive?) from a lower quality gossip rag, but I thought People was slightly higher fare. I mean, I understand that the article is about expensive Christmas gifts for teenage girls, but give me a break.

KrisAnn on

Just because you have money means should you give it all away! Trust me, I’m certain they give a great deal to charity. There financial advisors would be nuts if they didn’t require them to do so. If you’ve got the $$$ spend on what you like!

Memphis on

Well they have a right to spend their money as they chose, but I really hope their parents are at least teaching them to be grateful for their blessings and charitable towards others less fortunate… I doubt it given how they all seem to act.

Still, it’s their money so their choice… and in their circle gifts like that are probably considered “normal”.

Graec on

will 2013 be the year that we retire this garbage family from their posts once and for all? I mean, in light of everything else going on in the world, can we not once and for all discontinue giving this GARBAGE family the ratings and put them out of business?????? They are garbage. GARBAGE.

Tiffany on

I mean, their families are rich so obviously they are going to get expensive gifts.

Summer on

They work for their money and should be able to spend it on what they want. Christmas is a big deal in our family. We buy lots of gifts for each other and love seeing each other get excited over what we receive. We also find a family each year that could use a little help and buy their kids presents. The Kardashians are just people with a little more means to buy better named items. I say good for them.

maggie on

Very excessive, but we are talking about the Kardashians. In reality young girls do not need such high price tag gifts. They are old before their time.

Rachel on

Shoes and purses. Normal stuff! But the jealous will project hatred and they are on here. I actually got 2 purses and a gift card for a shoe store. Big deal. They got purses and shoes. Get over it people!

guest on

Wow, you have a lot to say for someone who is JUST expressing their opinion. Are the rest of us automatically “haters” in YOUR opinion, because we don’t agree with what this family is doing? A 17 and 15 year old who barely know the value of a dollar are being spoiled rotten, and flauting what they have! It’s wrong to do this! This family is all about money and power! They take the meaning of CHRISTmas and throw it out the window, because money is more important to them. CHRISTmas isn’t about how much money you can spend on people, it’s about celebrating the birth of CHRIST!!! Because, without HIM, none of us would be here celebrating CHRISTmas!

Do YOU donate every time you have extra money??? I donate when I can, but I don’t have millions of dollars just laying around my house either. This family could donate probably 100% of their income, and STILL be well off. Most people can’t do that! If you could afford it you would purchase your family expensive gifts??? WHY, to score brownie points with them? It appears you don’t know the value of money either with that comment. Why can’t you just give what you have and NOT worry about how expensive the gift is? There is something really wrong with you. As for your last statement, actually NO I would NOT go out and spend thousands of dollars on my family, if I had it to spend, so PLEASE do NOT speak for ME!!! I would use that money WISELY, like my children’s COLLEGE education, and NOT spend it on stuff just because I could, and that’s essentially what you’re saying. You need a reality check! Money is not the end all, be all of life, as you make it out to be. I’m not hating on anyone here, I just think this family is pathetic in the way they spend money, like it grows on trees. They are NOT teaching these girls anything, except that they can buy what they want, when they want, and they don’t care. It’s sickening!

@Justmy opinion
For the one who thinks they should be donating to food banks or some other charity, who ever said they didn’t? They don’t have to donate every dime they make. Do you donate every dime you make. People stop being so hateful! I know if I could afford it, I wold have purchased my family and friends expensive gifts. THEY CAN AFFORD IT, GET OVER YOURSELVES! YOU WOULD DO THE SAME THING FOR YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!

Jenn on

Julie….Get it right they ^^ are “NOT KARDASHIANS” They are “JENNERS”!!

Kay on

The money spent on gifts like that could have been used towards people who really need assistance. So sad…………

Guest on

It wasn’t like they got a Bentley. They have millions of dollars, I’m surprised they stopped at a grand. They work, Kendall gives to charity all the time.

guest on

I spent only $300.00 on my family of 7, and we were VERY content! This is just unrealistic!

Marie on

The people who gave the gifts obviously can afford it, so if they choose to give them those types of gifts, they should go ahead. It’s none of our business. However, giving these teens in particular the gifts they got is no surprise, everything about the Kardashians is OVER rated, OVER done and I just wish they would go away and be OVER. Who are they anyway? What did they ever do to become so famous? Certainly nothing to do with the washed up, “has been” Bruce Jenner I hope.

MsThing on

If u had the money they did I can bet u wouldn’t be shopping at Walmart for Xmas presents. It makes me sick too but I can admit its just because I’m jealous.

Ms. L on

So people are getting upset because a few spoiled kids got some expensive gifts for Christmas? How many of you actually donated what you could’ve spent or what you received for Christmas to a good cause? At least their helping the economy. Sheesh, there’s a lot more to be worried or upset about than what the Kardashians got for Christmas…

BW on

A $2,000 bag for a 15 year old? My daughter is 14 and I second-guessed myself when spending $140 for an iPod for her! What child that age will take care and appreciate such an extravagant gift???

jj on

I think people that have that kind of money to waste needs to be the one’s paying higher taxes and leave the middle class and poor alone.

BBB on

It is their money and they can certainly do what they want. However, given their age and the monetary value of these gifts they should have know that posting these pictures so publicly was going to garner a lot of negative attention.

Dione on

Well put Bettie!! People out of work, no homes, tragedies….. let’s show the world how rich & spoiled we are. Why don’t people like that give?!? And if they in fact did, where is the news about that?? But I doubt they did, so sad :(

Nancy on

Granted, they are extravagant gifts – but this family rakes in millions of dollars and can certainly afford them. Also, we have no idea how much money they give to charity. For all we know, they are incredibly generous in that regard, but don’t mention it on Twitter.

Jenna on

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to get the people you love nice things for Christmas. What I do think is unfortunate is that these girls along with the rest of the Kardashian clan have no appreciation for these gifts. It’s “just another pair of shoes” to them.

Julia Emry on

not surprising for people who are literally spoiled ungrateful brats.

Sophia on

Like many have mentioned, these are children of celebrities who can afford to buy them the finer things in life. The fact that they got gifts in this price range is not surprising. They can afford it. The sad thing is that they displayed it for other kids their age to see. I look at my younger cousins and other young girls at my church (I’m Greek so it’s pretty pretentious) and can believe 16 year olds are carrying Burberry handbags. Did I want a nice bag at their age? Absolutely. But I got a Guess purse that cost no more than 50 bucks. I was happy. I know this is a different time but I’m only 30 and so much has changed. I just feel so sorry for kids of this generation. They want what they can’t afford but parents will “save the day” and buy it for them away. I know not all parents are like this and applaud them for keeping their kids grounded. Who doesn’t want nice things but we will buy them if we can.

Becky on

Obnoxious little twits………

MerNet on


guest on

And everybody needs to know what they got for Christmas for what reason exactly??? Anything to keep their name in the headlines.


Good for them! Are the gifts extreme? Yes! Can the family afford it? Yes! Is it what I can buy for my children? No way! To the people who feel they should donate to Sandy victims or stock a food bank, it’s my understanding that the Kardashians donate generously to several charities. Just because people have tons of money does not mean they are responsible to save everyone who’s in foreclosure. That’s just jealousy and displaced anger!!!!!!!

Alayna on

It’s good to be a Kardashian/Jenner this year! :)
And to all the people saying that this makes you sick…Well first of all how do you know they didn’t donate a load sum of money to a charity or food bank. If you watched the show you’d know that when Kendall’s had her Sweet 16 she opted out of gifts and had all her friends bring gifts for children with cancer. So lay off them…They are charitable and they work very hard, if the can afford it then why not?? (They’re not maxing out their credit card so leave them alone!!!) Merry Christmas girls! You’ve got good sisters, brothers and parents….lucky gals! :)

Shea on

Gee, and I was excited for my $300 laptop.

SB on

Teenagers all over the world took to posting on instagram what they got on Christmas this year (not just the rich kids). Both my daughters & all their friends included. BTW Kylie & Kendall JENNER have quite the modeling careers already so yes they do have jobs with their own income. These shoes are a drop in the bucket for Khloe & Lamar. Keep in mind they also get tons of stuff free from the designers so they will be seen in it.

brandy on

unless you life their life… stop saying what you “would” do… because you would buy expensive things if you had the money and lifestyle that they have!

Aeol on

Congratulations, you’re rich. Spiked stiletto heels are inappropriate for a teenager no matter how rich you are. There are more age-appropriate gifts even if you’re crazy rich. I grew up in a fancy neighborhood and went to a very expensive school with mostly rich families, and you were ballin’ if you had a Kate Spade purse. When girls started coming in with LV bags, even our peers thought, “that’s a bit over the top for a teenager…”

MissScarlett on

These girls are just like the rest of their slimy family. All the money in the world can’t buy class, good manners and an unselfish spirit.

Barbara on

Why not pricey gifts? They are ambitious and work towards being successful. They deserve rewards. It also will drive them towards success later in life to continue the extravaganza.

Valerie on

Amazing that everyone has an opinion about how they should spend THEIR money. THEY worked for it not you. No where is there a rule book that states they HAVE to give to charity. And I’m sure if any of us were in their shoes charities would not be the first things on our minds all the time. No one tells you to send your cash to charity, so shut up and let them enjoy the things they have.

cathe on

Why in the world would a 15 year old need shoes like this?MOM,bad parenting.Let us remind them about SANDY HOOK and the people that are still trying to recover from storm SANDY……………………………………OH but that is no concern to them.That 15 year old is growing up too fast,children learn by seeing and I am sure what they see in their family is normal to them ,just make a sex tape and you will be famous like your sister who has NO TALENT at all ,except bedding down any man that will have her no A list celebirty would touch her shes the biggest joke of them all.

brrrrr on

Would have been nice to see what they gave instead of what they got.

holly on

This family makes me sick!

gina on

I think that people like that dont have any values money dont make the world go round love does when will people learn that just cause they have money dont make them special we r all equal no amount of money or things will change that when we die there isnt a a special place in heaven for the rich if they go to heaven people forget the real meaning of life

Tracy on

I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t feel a bit of envy when I saw those shoes, considering my husband has been without a job for 9 months and we were served with foreclosure papers just a week before the holiday. However, if it’s within their means, then they can do what they want. I will gladly take the $5 bottle of perfume my 4-year old gave me and wear it with pride :-)

Karen on

Sure, they get ridiculously expensive gifts. But to show them off to everyone on social media is just tacky in a time when so, so many people are struggling.

bob on

people who flaunt their charity are attention seekers. they are hardly the average kids, playing with apps on their iphone. these kids work and earn millions on their own. had they publicized their charity work- you would consider it tacky.when you have raised 5 women who can support themselves, without a man…then talk.

guest365 on

You all get, right, that they are only famous and wealthy because we have made them that way. If we’d stop watching their lives and buying their stuff they’d be like the rest of us. We shouldn’t really criticize what we’ve done to ourselves………….. Just sayin’

Kim on

OMG, some of you people make me sick. I’m sure you didn’t donate ALL of your money to charity. I’m pretty sure YOUR kids got everything YOU could afford to get them. Why should people who can afford nice things be put under some huge guilt trip? If I could afford these sorts of gifts you better bet I’d buy them. And YES, I donate money to charities as well. Doing one doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of doing the other. Get over yourselves!

becca on

Some of these comments crack me up! People saying what they wouldnt do and they dont want/need these expensive things. Why do you think the designer knockoff industry is so huge? Because people want things that make them feel like part of the elite group. The people talking about what they got when they were kids, times have changed people. Now the average 13 year olds (even lower income) have smart phones and computers. Also, for those that say these heels are inappropriate for a 17 year old, you didnt wear heels at that age? What did you wear to prom flats? Once again time and fashion has changed.

Elle on

Absolutely ridiculous! And what’s even worse is that they post pictures of the crazy expensive stuff they get. They’re all spoiled little brats who don’t know when to stop with the bragging. Try doing something good with your money rather than buying a TEENAGER a $2,000 purse & $1,200 shoes that they don’t need. I don’t care how much money they have, what is it teaching them?

Zach on

I can’t wait to sit and watch these two go down like Lindsey Lohan.

Lotus on

Whether they exchange expensive gifts and broadcast them on social media has no impact on my lifestyle. Should the rich hide their lifestyle to make the poor feel more secure? It was a Christmas gift. Isn’t this what many of you people do on this pagan holiday? Indulge in greed? Let them wear their expensive shoes and bags. They’re aren’t doing anything wealthy people haven’t done from the beginning of time. Give half of you the opportunity to walk in their shoes and I’m almost positive you wouldn’t do much better.

kat1129 on

The entire family makes me sick! exploit!! exploit! exploit!

Lori on

So sad that their so called mother can’t teach these kids the meaning of TRUE giving. Instead of making sure the cameras are in their faces all the time have them donate time, go to communities that need help, there are plenty of towns that can use volunteers not the kind that want attention. Get off the social media & get real lives that mean going to work and having to shop for groceries & clothes on a budget these kids are the reason the US of A is screwed in our future.. so happy that my girls know what it is to work and appreciate what they have..

guest on

People keep saying, that if they could afford to go out and buy expensive gifts they would. WHY????? Is the more expensive gift the better one? Yea, this family has bucks, but instead of giving 17 and 15 year old children, $2k shoes, etc. TEACH them the value of the dollar! This family is ALL about money, that’s all they care about. Be responsbile human beings and stop flauting what you’ve got! It’s the PRINCIPAL of the matter, not that they have it, so spend it. Give me a break!

princesspr64 on

I think it’s fine IF you have the money. However, this is where maturitiy comes into play. What the Sister should have done is said: “Hoping everyone’s X-Mas was good and you receive and gave to those you love!” Instead of posting photos of such expenses gifts. Because the backlash they are receiving is much deserve, especially when you have such a horrible ecomony and the jobless rate is so high. Common sense should prevail; and now they look as if they are bragging. Not judging, I am just saying!

stefanie on

Giving them back their childhood/sending them to school where they belong would have been a priceless gift.

Sharon on

This just shows you that the Kardashians are making so much money for doing nothing, it is sickening that these kids are so spoiled and they will never know the value of a dollar, and so many young adults out there are worried about where their college money will come from.

Renae on

Wonder who they will live with? Wonder if they are Bruce’s? Wonder if Kum Kum Kris even knows? lol

CanuckHadEnough on

Ok, this is BS!
people starving, loosing their homes, no jobs, some people cannot afford to get their children anything & these B*itches are bragging about what they got for Xmas! Enough already. They should be tarred & feathered along with their mother for bragging. They have no ethics or manners because no one else has any especially their monster MOTHER.Its a “give me” world in that home. Only the dumb know the dumber!

JR on

Sick. Wish they’d use their “fame” to draw attention to more causes/charities. These dogs got famous off of Bruce Jenner’s hard work and that talent-less goblin’s sex acts. Welcome to America.

Debbie on

They are not Kardashians. There is not a single Kardashian gene in those two. They are Jenners. Bruce is practically a nonentity.
Christmas presents were excessively expensive & in poor taste to be posted on Instagram considering people are without homes due to Sandy.
The whole family is due for reality to hit them.

Laura on

Why is this “news”? Why are they considered “newsworthy”? Personally, I’m sick and tired of seeing ANY and ALL things Kardashian.

Samantha on

It’s their money; they can do what they want with it. The fact that they have to brag about it makes then seem greedy and immature. What’s more important, though, is HOW they earn that money, and we have only ourselves to blame. If you don’t like how they spend their money, cut off their supply. Quit buying their stuff.

Deb on

I’m not a fan of the untalented sex tape empire fam BUT come on folks if I were worth millions my daughters wouldn’t have Target gifts BUT I would make sure they knew I donated to charities to benefit the less fortunate!!!! I don’t think Kris looks in a mirror and is proud of what she has created from a sex tape……NO real credentials like Lamar and Bruce!!!!

Amaryllis on

I don’t understand all the complaints that the Kardashians should be giving money to the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary. For the most part they don’t need financial assistance. The average housing price in Newtown, CT is in the millions. What the victims and the relatives who lost family members need is counseling, and as far as I know no one in the Kardashian/Jenner household is qualified for such a task.

big deal on

I would expect nothing less for people who have never done anything worthwhile in their lives.

Crohn's and Cupcakes on

I am not sorry whatsoever on what I am about to say. I believe that if you are fortunate to have that amount of disposable income, then you should try to keep your gifts as reasonably priced as possible. What other teenage girl received those same gifts? I highly doubt they did. It makes me sick to see what and how much money they spend on such gifts for each other.
That is not the meaning of Christmas. They should have really donated the money or just gave it without donating it, so that they can write it off on their taxes, to those affected deeply by the Sandy Hook shooting and to those deeply affected by Super Storm Sandy. It is atrocious!

lillith on

When you can afford just about anything, why not make Christmas a little more about other things. ANYTHING else but expensive gifts. It seems so redundant. Do something for other people, not in addition to the extravagant Christmas, but INSTEAD OF. It’s too late for the Kardashians to ever learn new ways though.

sookie on

Is the utter greed and selfishness of this family a surprise to anyone anymore?

Leslie on

This family could sure use a lesson from celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who give back to the community. I can’t believe that this family gets paid to air their drama on tv.

h0 on

Maybe they donated to charity but People chose to publicize this instead. A thousand or 2 is not much money to a multi-millionaire. It’s like chunk change. What a nice sister.

Just My Opinion on

@ Guest, How do you know what they know the value of. I guess you miss the part that said they were “gifts” they received. How do you know, how they view Christmas? You must be there tax account, since you think you know so much about what they do with their money?

Vicki on

How sad actually. They will never understand the true meaning of Christmas or the definition of charity. They are, and will continue to be, worthless, spoiled members of society.

Suri on

I agree with sparkykid. It is very inappropriate and tacky to flaunt what you get for Christmas.

kim on

spoiled little sh*ts. i still havent even figuredout WHAT this family even does to make that kind of dough. MY 14 year old got a pair of $45 boots from the mall, a pair of $25 boots from kmart and a $45 pair of converse. i think that is what real teenagers are SUPPOSED to get….

The truth on

Insane, I work 2 jobs and got squat. Awesome.

silky on

they never really had this kind of money. Bruce was the bread winner in the family. Now that they do they just don’t know how to act. They have a lot of rich people in the world ,the money they have is nothing compared to what others have, they choose to flaunt theirs because they never dreamed they would ever have it. ‘they are slowly coming to an end. It seems people do not like them like they use to. Never heard of them until my daughter started watching them years ago, she does not watch anymore.

Midwest Mom on

Sad, very very sad. Shoes and purses that cost as much as many people’s monthly mortgages. I am not even sure why I read this article-I normally boycott every thing Kardashian. This family is the picture of excess in America. I wish they would just fade out of the public eye.

Gcl79 on

Just what every 15 year old needs

My opinion on

My opinion- It is Christmas, just like any other person they get Christmas gifts too. Do I think they should flaunt them??? No, but the whole family flaunts everything they have and do. I am a Kardashian fan but I do think they crave the spotlight. I am sure they help charity (a little bit) however we don’t see it because they rather air drama on their show then serving at a local homeless shelter. This family just has way too much $$$ they do not know where to put it. I think if anyone received gifts like that they would gladly accept. I do understand these girls are teenagers and only work the fun jobs. I wonder if these girls know the value of a dollar or if they have ever cleaned or worked a real job in their lives. Christmas or not this family along with any other celebrity get whatever they want whenever they want, it’s the lifestyle. I may just be a little jealous because I struggle to pay my simple bills LOL

bettysher on

Obnoxious. Purely and simply obnoxious. They are spoiled.

Diane on

Really? Just wanted to rub it in huh? Must be nice to have so much money you can pay ridiculous amounts of money for shoes and purses. What a waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gossip girl on

most of u people r super jealous! so what… they have money… why not give nice gifts!!! and about charity…. how many of u actually donated any money? get a life

Kristin on

Before everyone gets all huffy, remember – there are people in shelters who would look at that XBox or iPad you just gave your kid in the exact same way. How do you know this family didn’t give to charity? Just because they didn’t have a huge photo-op (which people would then twist around anyway and say they’re just doing it for a photo-op) doesn’t mean they didn’t give privately. Most guys spend more than those purses and shoes cost on an engagement ring. If she can afford a pair of designer shoes – good for her. That doesn’t make her evil. It’s all relative.

If you want someone to blame, blame the people who watch their shows. It’s those people who support their lifestyle. I don’t watch their shows or agree with a lot of their life choices but it seems to me they at least they stick together as a family and love each other. That’s more than you can say for a lot of families these days. As long as people watch their show, they’re going to be in our faces.

My husband and I didn’t do gifts this year for each other because we couldn’t afford it. But you can bet if I had the money they did I would be buying him something just as nice.

Derbygirl on

It’s just sad that these girls have grown up not knowing how others their age live their lives. It’s ok to have the money to buy expensive gifts but isn’t it better to show them it’s more rewarding to work hard and be able to afford to buy these things yourself.

NYCGal on

How about a book or something educational?

KiKi on

And I wonder why the youth of today are the way they are. Go figure?!

Joules on

For those who are complaining about how they should have given to charity instead, keep in mind that it is always those who have the least who give the most. These girls have never lived in the world that the rest of us live in and will never understand how great the need is.

Anonymous101 on

Of course they had to post the pictures! It wouldn’t be any fun if they couldn’t brag about what they got.

kate on

its ok, when we go over the fiscal cliff the California estate tax will be a pain for this clan. and whats sad is if these girls dont follow in their footsteps and marry so they will be set for life they are toast. i think the old reality tv related train will derail by the time these two hit their 30’s.

hazel on

it’s all relative. it’s not like the family stole the money to get those gifts.

agnes on

My family afford to give every i want to
And on my birthday too love beign rich and young

Leslye Mahoney on

You have to realize that really rich pretentious people such as the Kadashians and they don’t have the market on this, but they is no reality in what is reasonable to spend on anything. We won’t be seeing a reality show on how the people of Hurricaine Sandy couldn’t afford Christmas gifts or all the people who are out of jobs and lost homes how their Christmas was at the other spectrum of expense. But this is the world these grow up in and they have not been taught to comprehend that having is also the ability to do more things than just spending on ridiculous material “STUFF”. They will NEVER understand it… This IS their REALITY…. Sad and so superficial but again they have it they will spend it. Good for the places that they spent all this money I guess….????

mymaria714 on

How do YOU know they don’t give to charity? Have you seen their tax returns? Talked to their accountants?? And yes, it WOULD be surprising if one of these Kardashians did something outside the cameras, but you never know. So stop acting like you KNOW for sure they don’t donate.

Pedro on


Co on

To everyone who believes they have “secretly” given $$ to charity… Come on! It’s the Kardashians. If they even did an ounce of giving to charity, they would have splashed it all over the news and milked it for all it’s worth.
They still remain the most self centered family in Hollywood. Don’t think that because A NORMAL person like you and me would want to help those less fortunate that Hollywood people share that mentality. A lot of them are “charitable” for tax reasons and publicity. Sad, really.

dsgfsfg on


Haters on

So. I got an iPhone 5 which is priced around $700, an iPad 3 which is priced around $400. And a few outfits and some heels. And I’m middle class! So I say if u got it, flaunt it!

Stacey on

Who cares? If they can afford it then why not?… and please keep in mind the media doesn’t tell we don’t know what they did for charity… or not. Who says that if you have money – you have to spend wisely because others – such as myself – can’t afford it… I dont believe this is news worthy but I also dont think they did anything wrong by gift giving. People in every tax bracket ..have lost the true meaning of Xmas anyway…

KeepingItReal on

Love the shoes! Please refrain from commenting about the charities, etc…these are their Christmas gifts. Quite frankly, their family can afford them so why not spoil them?

People are so quick to judge yet if they had the money, quite possibly it would not go to charity.

Ann on

Spoiled at such a young age but thats Hollywood…….and to them its no big deal as this is just a way of life.

chica on

I agree that those are crazy expensive but do your homework before being so snide. Kendall declined birthday gifts for her birthday, she instead requested that her gifts donate to a charity to benefit those less fortunate. Unlike Kim, these two have compassion for others.

Carol on

If you can afford to give something to your child, then a really nice gift is great. But, 1) I wouldn’t flaunt these over-indulgent items at a time like this, especially because in reality, the girls who follow these girls are not in a position to afford these things, and 2) just because you can afford to go SO over the top, may not be in the best interest of the child to do so. That being said, I have no idea what transpires in their home, so I can’t judge who “deserves” something or not.

jurby on

it’s ridiculous that teens are given such expensive – and unnecessary – things.

SS on

When will this family go away?

Lisa on

Very sad that there are innumerable children who don’t even have a home to live in that can’t buy food, yet these two spoiled kids will NEVER know what it’s like to not have anything. Maybe they should be a little less selfish in flashing their goods and a lot more giving to see what the REAL world lives like.

IY on

I wished that they didn’t get gifts that expensive, given that they’re teens. To each his own, but they should have gotten something less expensive and economical, like the One Direction albums that Kendall likes and a poster magazine. Something more simple. The expensive shoes borderline on excessive. I’m sure it was either Kim or diva driven mom Kris that gave them those gifts!

guest on

They can afford it so why not?

Cindy on

What I find really sad and pathetic is their NEED to brag about their gifts, to show off instead of just being appreciative and thankful in a discreet way. It’s really NAUSEATING! I used to like and enjoy this family now I find them simply self centered beyond belief!

Rebecca on

Sickening. The obsession some people have over designer labels is just plain sickening. And at 15 and 17, those girls will never learn to appreciate the smaller things in life. Their parents should be ashamed of themselves.

black rose on

They are spoiled. Their parents let them drop out of high school and be home schooled just so they can fly around and work for a fashion magazine. what happened to letting kids be kids. its not like they needed the money. I know of people who felt they needed to leave school to work and help support the family after a parent dies or hits hard times. but their mom puts money and business before anything. not hard to get good grades when you are schooled at home with your private tutor.

Jayde on

These girls didn’t post how expensive these gifts were, People magazine did. We don’t know if they knew how much they were or not.

Cindy on

How do you know they didn’t donate money to the needy/less fortunate as well?!?! Just because she photographed the gifts she received doesn’t mean they didn’t give! You people on here are so hypocritical if you think you wouldn’t live lavishly too if you had the means.

Janet Higgins on

The sad thing is that the only way they can enjoy is spend more and more. I’m sure they donate to charity, after all they need that tax write off. I would wish for them the feeling of a family gathering, getting together to cook a big traditional meal that everyone looks forward to. Christmas Eve services. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and being so grateful for everything you have and not wanting more and more. I hope they had the feeling of really being loved when it was all over and they went to sleep Christmas night. That’s my wish for everyone

LPW on

It is obscene, but I have no doubt there are many tweens, teens, and young adults in L.A. and N.Y. (and elsewhere) who receive such lavish gifts every year.

Guest on

It’s not a matter of people being able to do whatever they want with their money. It’s the fact that people actually think it’s okay to spend over a thousand dollars on a pair of shoes for a teenage girl. Did you want thousand dollar shoes when you were her age? Did you even KNOW about thousand dollar shoes at her age? Skewed concepts of value are dragging this country into the depths of recession. People who are willing to pay outrageous prices for things are the reason retailers are able to keep demanding higher prices – because a few people are actually crazy enough to PAY those prices!!! Keeping up with the Jones’…trying to impress people who don’t really matter…these are not the values that made America great. Oh, and to top it off, all this money they’re spending is NOT supporting the American economy – Christian Louboutins are French, Balenciaga was founded by a Spainard but is now a French company, and says their bags are made in China. Go US of A!

Nik on

Donate donate donate! All the rich should give everything to the less fortunate. Come on people! The “less fortunate’ might be more fortunate if they would get off th couch and stop collecting from the government (who gets money from the rich!) The girls can get whatever they want! It’s not anyone’s business!

Pam on

Spoiled Spoiled spoiled!!!!!

Sandy on

Spoiled little biatches….

Courtney on

Good for them! Who cares how much they spent or how much others spent on them, just because they don’t give every penny to charity doesn’t make them bad people! I say, if you have it, enjoy it! I love the bag!

Pam on

Spoiled brats!

jeannieO on

How come they didn’t receive the junk their sisters sell on TV?

IMG on

wooww, so people, did you donate the money of your kids christmas presents to the charity?……maybe they donate to those victims in tragedy already, the thing is they have enough money to donate and buy expensive xmas gifts for the fam…if they had the money they can buy whatever they want!!!!…..

whatever on


weezer on

Heh Mr. Obama, here’s a story “Raise the taxes for the rich”, b/c they obviously have way too much money to burn on their 15 yr old’s!!!!

stephanie on

I tell you the reality show i would love to watch… that is survivor island-kardashian style. I would love it if someone would dump all of the kardashians on a deserted island for 2 years and leave them there. and film the whole thing with out being non the wiser.. becasue i think this family needs something that big to bring them back to reality!

Jules on

If you’ve watched Kendall’s Sweet 16 birthday party she asked that all gifts from her friends be toys that could be donated to a local children’s hospital. So they got some expenses gifts. If I had the money I would spoil my family as well.

Kandee43 on

Those shoes will look great on them when they Stand Before God at the end of there life. Maybe Kim will ride up to Heaven in her Bentley/Rolls Royce too. Give that money to people who really need it. There’s so many people in need these days. Do they really need another pair of expensive shoes??? Where’s the humility in this family… my GOD!

Amber on

Okay, but why brag?

kathleen on

TOO bad these bubbleheads didn’t donate warm coats or toys to the poor people in ny or nj who are suffering without heat or some other worthwhile endeavor …. or at least have tthe brains to keep their selfishness to themselves…

Brooke on

Seeing these people who have done nothing to be famous get whatever they want all the time gets old. Especially when you have people fighting for this country or would do anything for a job. It is really sickening how the media kisses their asses and makes them into pets. Kardashians are not royalty, stop making them out to be!

wendy on

who cares what presents they get..they have the money…people who care are just jealous..get over it..I over do it for my kids b-days but its only once a year…i love planning for it and saving up the money.

Marley on

These people are useless! We really need to stop focusing on this worthless family who brings nothing to the world.

wendy on

its easy to judge others,but look at your own sure we all have had an expensive gift sometime in our life.

tara on

It is their money to do with what they wish no matter how we all have different views, standards, etc. on what we would do with this amount of money.

Jamie on

I don’t like the Kardashians that much but it is their money. No one knows if they donate to charities or not. I bet they do donate to many charities but of course the media won’t let the public know that. They are not responsible for everyone’s problems.

No no no on

If this family actually donated some of this money to people in need.. then I don’t think I’d have as much of a problem with them buying these gifts.. but they don’t… so I think it’s completely selfish ad is not teaching these younger girls how to be good people.. in general..

Jada on

So what if they got lavish gifts? They are celebrities, everything they do/get is lavish. Maybe they do give to charity. What is the big deal? Everyone wishes they had the kind of money the Kardashians have so they can buy/do what they want.

red on

Don’t kid yourselves, Kim gets this krap for free.

mel on

Well….isn’t that nice! Being homeless, I could only hope to have $1000 to get a roof over my head :/ Oh well…

Lee on

I can only hope that these 2 aren’t as morally bancrupt as the rest are. They’ll be puckering up nude soon mommy gots to make money.

isabela on

kw on December 27th, 2012
They look like the same generic black haired, brown eyed girls we see all over Hollywood

They are pretty girls. And I prefer to see the dark hair than all the generic blonde haired, blue eyed bimbos you see all over Hollywood.

dj on

when will people stop watching this show Kris is the problem.

Leanne on

For just one of those gifts I can get out of debt….but I would rather have a day to spend with them and learn more of how to grow my own business and be more successful.

Candace on

They have alot of money. If I had as much my kids would have those things as well. Its not about WHAT you give them its about how you raise them. And as far as the people saying they should donate, im pretty sure they do donate to various causes. It isnt their place however to save the world.

Jessica on

I know that they have the money but that is quite excessive for two teenage girls! A lot of kids are lucky if they got food or clothes for Christmas and these brats are flaunting thousand dollar nonsense. It makes me sad!

Erin Brower on

they are Spoiled Brats, who Cares!!

Kat on

These girls are the most spoiled brats I have ever seen in my life. sad they’re being raised in a family like this.

Lauren on

They’re spoiled brats and obsessed with fame. Just like the rest of their family. Kris and Bruce don’t care about their kids educations or teaching them how to be good people who give back. This family is disgraceful. With everything going on in the world why should I have to read how much the Jenner girls Xmas gifts cost? What a waste of a story.

CH on

Ya Rachel I have to agree on that one!!!

Bruce on

Do we REALLY need to see photos of “what the Kardashians got for Christmas”??? No wonder these women have such enormous senses of entitlement; they can’t PASS GAS in public without some nitwit papparazzi memorializing the moment and sending it off for publication! Honest to God…

Kandee43 on

In a week these girls will be bored of those shoes…

Samantha on

It is wonderful that these people can afford to give their children these expensive gifts…..but people with CLASS don’t flaunt their good fortunes. Its a shame how these girls are being raised.

Amanda on


lawdog323 on

Keep supporting everything this family does. You are the very reason they can get & afford those very expensive gifts. You bought them. Every time you turn on Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s, Khloe & Lamar, Kim & Kourtney Take Miami, NYC, and the next hot rapper or basketball player. Every time you purchase that top from sears or Kim’s perfume You are putting money in their bank. BOYCOTT Them for a change. Next year they will get COAL.

lawdog323 on

I wish Bruce Jenner (who is a good man) would make them take all of those gifts back and give the money to charity. Then they would see what the rest of the kids in the US got. Some even got DEATH in CT. Pitiful excuse of a Mother, Kris Kardashaian’s doings right here. No wonder he is seeking to divorce her.

Pam Ella on

headed for shallow lives just like the rest of the K clan

Candace on

I don’t care that they got the gifts or how expensive they were, I just want to comment that it is tacky to show them off on Twitter. Christmas is a holiday to be spent with the family and friends…not to flaunt the extravagance of the gifts you received with total strangers. IMHO

Betty on

For all those who say they probably give to charity, do you really believe that they would give one dime without the press being notified? Seriously? These people don’t go to the loo without notifying TMZ. If they ever gave anything, they would make sure to alert the media.

Ebra on

I watche an episoe where one of these girls donated gifts to a children’s hospital & no special birthday party cuz she realize how fortunate she is??? Then brag about Christmas presents??? The whole family are greedy hypocrits

guest on

what do you think the all the other celebrities give their friends and family for christmas? socks? they are rich, they can afford it, it’s their money.

Megan on

I wonder if they will ever learn that there is much more to life than a pretty face and a lot of money–character, integrity, intelligence, independence, wit, humor.

Guest on

i was always embarrassed to tell my friends what i had gotten for christmas if i felt like i had been really spoiled that year. that being said i can’t really blame their families for buying them presents and they have the money to do it.

moni on

Kylie is not that attractive.

Chris on

Was there really a need to take pictures and post them for all the world to see? Just goes to show, again, that the Kardashian’s have absolutely no class whatsoever. Do they even consider how that would make someone feel that could barely buy gifts for their kids? They should try donating that kind of money to a food bank or a family that is financially hurting. I, for one, am not impressed nor am I envious.

Adria on

I think this way too much money to spend. I know that the Kardashians/Jenners make a lot of bank but in my opinion they are showing it off too much. Its in a way waving in our faces, “Look all this money I got and look what I can get with it”. Its sad because there are plenty of people who will never have an ounce of what they have. And money doesn’t last forever..

DashBoi on

Ok haters here is the truth of the matter-love ’em or hate ’em Kendall and Kylie work (as West coast contributors for Seventeen magazine) in addition to going to school (watch the show and u would know this!) So whether these are gifts from family members (who aren’t doing poorly either!) or gifts to themselves-they own it,so deal with it! Contributing to victims of circumstance or natural disasters shouldnt be expected just because they are in the limelight-if and when they choose to donate,the desire should be from their hearts,not yours! And again if you watched the show you would know that although Kendall,a working Wilhelmina model, got a Range Rover for her 16th bday-she did forgo gifts from friends in lieu of donations to LA Children’s Hospital! Im in South Africa and I know all that-so just kill the Kardashian Hatred, the remote or mouse is in your hand-at no point are you forced to watch this family but before you spew an opinion -get your factors straight!

christine on

Let’s just hope that the public never gets tired of them.We wouldn’t want them to go hungry or be homeless,now would we?

Shari Garcia on

JOSH duhamel said Fergie asked what he would like for Christmas and he said donate money to his FAV charity for him and they went on Christmas eve and fed the homeless people too!.and they posted that on FB instead of flaunting thousands of dollars on one gift for a child.

Whatever on

This family doesn’t have the first clue about the things that really matter in life.

Mary on

What’s scary is how many people feel they have a right to tell others what to spend their money on. Mind your own business.

J.E.B. on

Who cares about these spoiled, do-nothing, talentless, brainless, snobby, self-centered, clueless, members of a talentless, clueless, self-centered family?

brenda on

Public bragging how low class

Jan on

Wish Kardashians would fall off a any kind of cliff…just saying!

JoanRivers on

Kendall is gorgeous and Kylie turned out average, another sister who has to contend with her sister’s beauty – i.e. Khoe and Kim

geneo on

please let this be the last of the whole family for this yr . and the yrs to follow everyday there in the news people aer tired of hearing there name,how much stock do they own to be in the news ????with this paper.

roz jones on

To all of the negative people: How do you know that they didn’t fill a food pantry or donate to charity? They don’t have to give everything they own to people because they have it. If they have the money to spend, they can spend it however they choose.

Derek on

If there family wants to spoil them with way too expensive gifts that is on them. I for one will not spoil mine with $1,000 shoes or purses while definitely in high school.

Marg on

too bad all that money can’t buy class, manners and taste.

Judy on

I think that most children/teens get FAR too much for Christmas. I know the days of ONE gift and a bag of fruit are long gone. But, even my own grandchildren get 3-4 times what the average child receives and I must admit to being largely responsible for it. But, I also make sure we give to a charity each year and they understand that the money is coming out of their Christmas gift fund. They always agree. The last couple of years, we have given to Heiffer International – this year it was a goat and a flock of chickens. I explained how these gifts work to help the entire community and why animals are better gifts than simply providing a single meal on Christmas day. I want them to always understand that there are needy people in our world and how much we can help them. I want them to appreciate what they receive but also to realize that we need to help those who can’t help themselves.

Brooklyn on

Some people on here think they should do what they want with their money but thats not why were so outraged. Sure people should do what they want with what is theirs but when the majority of their fellow americans are struggling just to put food on the table, and many parts of the country are dealing with tragitys it gets people fired up when the rich “brag” about what they got during a time when so many including my kids went completly without this holiday. After all us as a society are the ones funding those gifts by supporting them by watching their show and buying into their clothing lines. These people make me sick. Not because of what they have but how they flaunt what they have.

Ashley on

Wow…must be nice. If only I had that kind of money.

Kathy on

Good for them. I am sure they give their fair share to charity. Let’s stop being so jealous…if I had their money, I would buy those fabulous items as well.

Jane on

and yet…..people keep watching their show. If I had the opportunity to make millions for being a nobody, I’d do it too.

Vanillabear001 on

This is another sign that our country is really going downhill fast

GrammyL on

To whom much is given, much is required. How many people could they have blessed with a gift of food or a warm coat? Keep lavishing yourselves and feel all kinds of special and important. They are much lesser people than those who sacrifice to give to others. I feel sorry for them. There self worth is wrapped up in their money.

Louisa Canter on

If Kylie keep spending that kind of money she’s going to end up in the same broke-boat as the rest of the celebs… doing the same thing Lindsay Lohan did – mailed her “valuable” designer handbags to Heard this myself from a company employee.

r on

THESE GIRLS ARE USELESS AND WORTHLESS !! There is nothing interesting about this story…it makes me sick to think how many starving people are out there, and these spoiled girls are bragging about their expensive Christmas presents. Ugh :(

Brittany on

They are young so they dont got to donate money for charity who cares if they got a purse that cost 2,000 dollars. Stop hattin and get a job for cryin out loud. Wtf!!

Tia on

i think this is ridiculous they should use that money to give to other famlies who need it with the money for those shoes there is people out there that can afford presents at all

Tia on

thats ridiculous with the money for the shoes they shouldve given it to other families who cant afford to give presents to there own families

mh on

They are getting ready to be porn stars .

Lisa on

Disgusted by the extravagant gifts, not only can I not afford stuff like that, but more that I see hungry cold people on the streets daily. Could they not share the wealth for the less fortunate?? How many times do we have to watch them walk around flaunting their wealth yet I sure didn’t see any of them on Skid Row serving dinner! Get real K family the world doesn’t revolve around you and your stuff.

Dee on

Their dad, Bruce Jenner did try to teach them about charity once, but it didnt sink in, because he didnt make them keep charity in their hearts by continually making them give or participate in charities. In no time at all, they will be paid for “appearances” at clubs like their half siblings. Their mom will make sure of that. Oh and Julie, they are not Kardashians, only half siblings to them, they are Jenners.

Jean Ahern on


WOW, it just doesn’t end with this group…

cay on

it so sad for how they brag about what they got for the holidays by posting what they got online. There gifts can help people who can’t even afford bread be able to feed there family for 1 year. And what i find to be the saddest is that idiots like myself will actually look at this but for me i look at it as comic relief by knowing that there is is people that are more selfless than me. all in all to show the sad.

candy garcia on

Well if they have the money to give them expensive presents go a head. They are teenagers and its christmas since when was that a crime.

emnme on

Who are we to judge others or call them names? While i only make 24,000 A YEAR that I. Work hard for seeing someone with nice expensive things will never make me sound so bitter or hateful…I’m very happy for the girls and happen to love the show and family wich is a loving family! If you don’t like what u see then don’t read the article! Happy New year to the Kardashian family!

liarlairpantsonfire on

that’s enough now. no more “stories” on this gene pool, PLEASE.

stxchic on

When I was in high school, my first car wasnt much more than those shoes. But then, I had to save and buy it myself.

Mr. G on

Just more evidence to show how unfit of a mother Kris is to even let her daughters accept a gift like that. This family is pathetic and has absolutely no values. Whether you can afford it or not has nothing to do with it. The purpose is to set an example and teach your children values and morals. Something none of them possess.

Amy on

This is the kind of thing that makes me sick. Do they have any idea how many people that they could’ve helped out? Instead they choose to spend it on stuff that no one needs. I understand that people work hard for their money and they deserve it, but these people don’t even work hard for their money. They just look at cameras and complain all day long about nothing. This is exactly what is wrong with this country.

Lucille B on

Why is everyone dogging them we are the reason they have all these lavish gifts we fuel their shows by watching them over and over and they just keep taking it to the bank and we dont know that they dont donate. So as much as I would love to have their bank accounts it is what it is

Ange on

Who cares as long as they can offer!

Tanya on

They looks very older… This is don’t right!!!!!!!!!

mschristy on

They do give time and money to charity and do so because they want to. These are Christmas gifts for rich kids. What else would you expect?

Dawne on

Whatever you get for Christmas, it is in very poor taste to flaunt and brag about it. Perhaps what they should try to get for Chrismas is a lesson in tact and humility. Happy you can afford it but when the rest of the country is in the economic state that it is, flauting this type of excess is in very poor taste. Apparently, this is a Kardashian trait. I was raised that a lady doesn’t make a sex tape and if by some strange reason she did, she would be very ashamed for her mother to find out about it. They seem quite tactless.

Christine on

That is completely sickening. That family should be embarassed flaunting their extreme wealth. While so many others cannot afford the basics in life. And the thing is, none of them work. And I mean WORK.

Maki on

Nobody cares.

FLS on

Since it’s their money I don’t see what the problem is. Yes, it would of been better to give their money to charity but you don’t know what they give. I don’t have to announce it to the world when I give money. I also don’t feel like I have the right to tell anyone how they should spend their money.

BluVirgo on

These gifts were from family members, I don’t think they should give them away or donate them (they are presents after all). I don’t think they should have shared them on the internet. Maybe next year they can have family members donate money to a charity instead.

bear on

I’d like to see a show called HELP with a heart from people who have way to much and did nothing to earn it. Share your luck there are so many ways. They live like pigs with no indignation or genuine care

Li on

Boy talking about spoiled rotten but what do we expect from a bunch of rich people. They have no idea the real meaning of Christmas but I am sure they are not the only rich people to give and get very very expensive gifts.

ST on

I don’t know why everyone is so mad. You get your family gifts based on what you can afford. This family happens to be able to afford more than you. Move on. They would have had a lot of money famous or not. And to those talking about Charity, there have been multiple pictures of them snapped helping out at food banks and such. Should they donate ALL their money because you don’t have as much as them? Get over it. You’re just mad because they showed what they got for christmas.

erky on

@ Kristine these kids are failing out of school. and are spoiled brats..

Megan on

To those who seem to be confused: The problem is not with what they got for Christmas, but that they feel it is both necessary and appropriate to flaunt it to the rest of the world. They are aware that the majority of their fans/following are young, impressionable girls who will most likely never be able to afford such luxuries. It is not a crime, nor a sin, to be wealthy, and they are free and have every right to indulge—they can afford it—but these pictures portray a blatant attempt to rub wealth in the face of others and create a concrete barrier between them in their fans. It creates a tangible display of superiority to those who look up to them, and those whom they so clearly desire to look DOWN upon. These pictures were “calculated,” if you want to call it that, and were intentional, IMO.

Candace on

Wow…. are people ever overreacting here. They do work for their money. Is it okay for a non-celebrity to make a lot of money and spoil their siblings or children… yes! What do you think rich people are giving each other? Like really?

My Opinion on

Why are you worried about what these girls received for Christmas? They did exactly what other teenagers did on Christmas and posted their gifts on THEIR social network pages…that’s there right. I don’t see it as bragging but doing what everyone else does. Why are people worried about where their money goes? These are gifts from family members that are wealthy. What do you expect a gift from Walmart? Get real… Celebrities wear the exact same shoes and most girls, wealthy or not, probably want a pair. I pretty sure they give to charity for the reason other wealthy people do, a tax write off. GET OVER IT. IT’S THEIR MONEY AND THEY CAN SPEND HOW THEY WANT, RATHER IT BE TO CHARITY OR GIFTS FOR FAMILY!!

liz on

WOW those heels are hot.



Dailey on

Not surprising for them!

EG on

…and here I was trying to figure out how to pay for Xmas and my bills at the same time.

Contessa on

@Donna – I too am grateful for the new tires we got for our car this Christmas and I am humbled by your generosity to serve those who have less than you. I believe that you embraced the spirit of Christmas. May 2013 be kind to you and may we all carry a bit of your generosity throughout the New Year. The Jenner girls are lucky, but in my opinion there are many other people who are more fortunate.

Karla on

who cares, as long as they can afford the gifts!

Bob on

By the way, these girls ARENT KARDASHIANS. They are JENNERS.

lisa todd on

How nice for them. It’s one thing to spoil and overindulge, but to publicly brag about it, repulsive! Too bad no one gave them some class for christmas or any other day of the year for that matter.

effie on

New money.

jt on

Spoiled brats! This is not normal for the other 98% of people in us to buy there kids these expensive gifts.. the whole K clan is not normal!!! What are you teaching these young girls…kris! Run for the hills BRUCE! At least Bruce’s children with 1st wife seem quite normal! Oh
yeah, Kim k keep working out, don’t listen to kayne on that matter, yr ass was getting huge.

melrose don juan on

spoiled little brats! ive seen these 2 out in my neck of the woods and these girls are caddy and little brats. How about you take some of that (non-earned) money and gifts to some people who need and deserve it

jennifer on

Why does everyone think everyone should donate all of their money? Why is the wealthy (regardless of how they got it) alwas expected to ‘help’ everyone else? Whether they do or don’t doesn’t really matter, but why is it always expected that people with more should give to those who have less?

laila on

Just like some teenagers…the thing is…you don’t need to show the world everything you got…

Guest on

I had a fantastic Christmas too but I would NEVER think of posting photos of my gifts online. Very POOR taste.

Rachael on

The world of the ultra wealthy is something the “little” people will never quite comprehend. $2,000 shoes is obscene to us and quite normal to them.

Dayana on

It is very unfair to judge about their expensive gifts.. They have the money for it.
Think about how much money you make and how much you’ve spent and I am sure that ratio is higher compare to how much this people make and how much a pair of L shoes cost!!!!!!
If we had the money i am sure most of us will spend it buying great gifts as well.
A parent that makes $1000 a month spends $200 on a iphone or $400 in an xbox for their this people make thousands and thousands in a week a can afford $1000+ pair of shoes PLEASE PPL RELAX

logicc on

the upsetting part, in my opinion, is their insistance on sharing what they got with the world. They have money, it’s no secret, yet they continually use instagram as a way to show it. I sympathize with the girls who idolize them and then have to look at all the beautiful and ridiculous things they get on a daily basis. I understand from time to time to want to show off a beautiful thing but they do it every single day and never thing about how it would make their fans feel.

iceblue on

All of you people posting that they should give their money to charity – how many of you spared a dime for someone in need lately or volunteered some of your time?

Michele on

The public has created this cause they keep buying into it no one to blame but ourselves…..

Katie on

It’s like they want people to hate them…

People have the right to spend their money how they see fit (although even if I had that type of money I still think it’s absurd to gift teens that expensive_. But flaunting it is so unbelievably classless it’s unreal. I’d be mortified if I were their parens right now.

Ashley on

It’s kind of ridiculous since Kendall’s only 17 and Kylie’s only 15 (I think…). It’s fine if they get over the top presents not meant for their age….but seriously, they’re like posting it on twitter and FB and like flaunting it it becomes annoying. Kris is just a mom without rules and is like spoiling them. Just because their sisters are famous and rich, doesn’t mean that they should be spoiled. They just got the looks and the money.

Marin on

No one is complaining that a bunch of other wealthy kids probably got equally lavish gifts. Just because they have money doesn’t mean they have to donate every dime they make to a charity of some kind. It’s their money, they can spend it how they choose. I’m sure all the commenters don’t donate every extra dime they have to a charitable cause.

Mandy on

Don’t be mad at people who can afford lux gifts. No one owes anything to any one. While I would certainly do different things with my own money, I won’t begrudge them the right to do what they want.

jb on

If they can afford it………..

Kristina Agbebiyi on

Teenage girls do this on Instagram all the time. I’m sure if your older sister got you some new shoes, you would be excited too. It’s not their job to be giving money to charity. It would be nice, but it’s not something they are obligated to do.

allthingsfantasy91 on

Honestly, the fact that they gave these girls incredibly expensive, lavish gifts doesn’t bug me so much as the fact that they felt the need to flaunt it and show off. If you’re excited about one present and really want to show it off, then great, but really? Showing off every ridiculously expensive present you got is just classless. These girls aren’t even 20 and they’re already as bad as the rest of the family.

Galen on

Yuck, but what the heck does anyone expect? It is not like they know any other way to behave…they are kids!!! Am I totally boring to think that any type of spiky OR spiked heel apparel is inappropriate for a teen? My poor daughter is going to have to settle for i-pod and low heeled boots :-(

Dottie on

Why are people allowing themselves to become angry about a story like this? A teen’s older sister spent $1,200 on her Christmas present? With this family that seems about right. This year my limit on gifts for loved ones went from $25 to $20. Yes, times are tough, but if I had more I would give more. The Kardashians seem to meet the philanthropic obligations of a wealthy family under constant public scrutiny, so tell me again, why are people angry about this?

Christina on

Really people? Wow ordinary people post pics of their presents on Facebook and Instagram, why shouldn’t these girls just because they just so happen to have better gifts than others? Yes they are privilaged, but so are many other non-celebrities in the world. They do charity work but what do you expect them to give MILLIONS to others who are without?? Perhaps Oprah should give her franchise to the less fortunate? She sure has plenty to give away. Back off the teenagers and grow up yourselves.

Jackie on

These people did what each of us do….they gave their children what they could afford to give them for Christmas. To say that they are wrong and that they should give their money to a food bank or some other charity is ridiculous – I have seen where they talk about giving and they can still afford these gifts. The question at hand would be whether you and I also gave to charity as much as we could afford in addition to purchasing for our families…let us stop judging – it’s not a good look!

Mulberry Sale on

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