Carrie Underwood Wears 12 Dresses to the CMAs! Do You Have a Favorite?

11/02/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Carrie Underwood CMAs 2012
WireImage (2); Getty (2)

Miranda Lambert promised to awe us, Kellie Pickler got our attention with her head-turning look, but it was Carrie Underwood who stole the show at Thursday’s CMA Awards, wearing 12 different dresses during her time as cohost.

Arriving in a gorgeous Reem Acra gown, Underwood went on to wear 11 more dresses by designers like Alice + Olivia, Georges Chakra, Sally LaPointe, Tony Ward and more.

Some of our favorites included (from left) a dramatic black-and-gray one-shoulder Ines Di Santo dress with a sexy slit, a strapless embellished red Chagoury Couture number (it’s a good color on her!), a frothy, floral tea-length creation and her performance ensemble, a deep-gray high-low Tsemaye Binitie dress with sheer sleeves.

Considering she also changed her shoes, jewelry and sometimes even hair without a hitch, too, we have to say we’re quite impressed. And we’re left wondering how she pulled it all off! Tell us: Did you watch the CMAs? Did you have a favorite Underwood ensemble?

–Kate Hogan


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Showing 86 comments

Sharon on

She looks amazing in every single dress.

Amy on

She’s beautiful! I just love Carrie Underwood and I think it is super cool that she is pretty much the “face” of country music right now all because of a TV show. LOVE IT!!!

Aria on

The red dress is beautiful.

Lisa on

Is it me, or does she host a country music awards show every 3 months (each time wearing 10+ dresses)??

kelly on

i think carrie is dumb and who is she to poke fun at taylor swift im sorry but taylor swift is way better than you will ever be carrie underwood..

Jennifer on

I loved the short white sequined dress, the navy blue dress, the red dress….beautiful!

Shrimperdan on

I am more concerned about what people in storm zone need. Food and water plus shelter are more important then twelve dress changes.

Cindy on

I think she looked great in all the dresses! I can’t pick a favorite! I love her and Brad hosting the CMA’s. They are a great together!

madeira on

a little full of herself I think

Kimberly Turner on

She was not poking fun of taylor swift, it was more brad than her and anyway taylor needs to grow up people would not know about if she did not talk about it on the internet, taylor cannot sing she needs to get out of country music

guest on

the only dress that was good was the red carpet dress. the rest were a disaster.

Janet on

I think Carrie drips of class. All of the dresses are beautiful on her – the red is definitely her color.
Kelly, Carrie and Taylor are good friends. The writers write the monalogue. I notice you did not mention Brad in your hatred comment. It is all part of the show and Taylor thought it was funny and she was in no way offended. I am so sorry you dislike Carrie and she is by no means dumb. Obviously, you have not seen her credentials.

kate71 on

She has the voice of an angel and she has worked very hard sacrificing many things to become a great success. Yes the storm people have their needs but we all need a break from reality……….which is why these shows are so popular. Why can’t both Taylor and Carrie be successful? Why put people down?

justathought on

I think it’s absolutely absurd that she had to wear that many dresses. All I could think of was the cost factor of it, esspecially with the damage and tragedy that Sandy brought to so many. And to listen to her talk about the victims and the love and prayers for them and giving us the Red Cross information and for us to do what we can…it just seemd like an unconscionable thing to do on her part. Maybe if she auctions them off and donates the money to the Red Cross it won’t be so hard to take. I also couldn’t help notice how the stage for the awards show was kind of subdued and I couldn’t help but wonder if that was done purposely in honor of the victims of the storm. Except of course Taylor Swift’s performance had to be over the top.

Anonymous on

Beautiful girl, beautiful voice, dress overkill. I also have had enough of the incessant, nonsensical host chatter. Let’s honor the music.

Veronica on

I love Carrie but what is the point in sooooooo many dress changes.?! I hate to say it but HOLLYWOOD has gone over her head. I like it when she seemed down to earth and not all about the glitz and glamour.

susan on

The Red was timeless

susan on

The red was stunning

Gina on

Jennifer, what are you smoking? Taylor Swift better than Carrie Underwood? Have you heard Taylor Swift sing?? She CAN’T.

Jasmine on

I love Carrie and I think she is beautiful, and she looks amazing in all of these dresses… but TWELVE?? Does anyone else find this to be a little bit overkill? I’m not usually one to be overly sensitive about these things, but the extravagance of 12 designer gowns in just a few hours seems to contrast starkly with the state of our country’s sluggish economy, especially when the northeast is struggling to cope with the devastation of Hurricane Sandy :( I’m a little put off by this to be honest.

nice on

Love her in the red dress! She is stunning.

Lilu on

Justathought & Jasmine – how much have YOU donated to the relief effort? I suspect Carrie underwood is more likely to stand up and do something to help than either if you two

Casey on

I think all the dresses are beautiful Carrie is beautiful, talented,smart,sexy, and that is why I voted for her 100 hundred times on American Idol because I knew she would go on to be awsome,and hugely successfull! And she’s would be the biggest Idol of them all to date! She deserves it because she is talented, and she has alway’s stayed true to herself, and is not afraid to tell people how she feels! And she wasn’t handed anything she earned it for being who she is, an dwhat she is! So best wishes Carrie, and congrats on everything, and alway’s remember that the thing’s other people say just shows their fans who they really are! And what they are about so that takes care of that! They make themselves look bad all by them selves! So ya you rock Love ya!

ChitChat on

Why would anyone need to change their outfit 12 times for one event? It’s such a waste and completely unnecessary.

J Zaro on

Why not 12 dresses!! It is fun, fantasy and a break from real life. For the sob sisters on Sandy, the world is not going to stop and Carrie wearing ONE drab dress isn’t going to help anyone.

M on

Shrimperdan– if that was true, you wouldn’t be sitting around on your *** reading and commenting on!!!

Guest on

The red one pops

Guest on

The red one POPS

Laura on

I wonder how many hungry and/or abused children the cost of these dresses could feed?! Pathetic!!

Cecy Bateman on

Really sad while within our own country (not to mention the rest of the world) there are people wondering where they’ll sleep tonight and how their families will be provided for. Do these people HAVE to be so blatantly superfluous with their funds? I can see that it may be entertaining, but really.. if you have enough money to buy ONE of those dresses comfortably, you could do so much good. Giving some isn’t enough if you have THAT much to spare. It’s just plain sad..

Halina on

Carrie looks absolutely wonderful.
Comment from Kelly – who are to judge Taylor over Carrie.

Gina on

I don’t understand why she needed to change a dozen times but that red dress is beautiful.

Mandy on

Love the red dress!!

Kimi on

She is like the Barbie Doll I never had.

D on

She’s gorgeous in everything she wears!! Though, it seems over-kill when the female hosts of these awards shows change SO many times. We get it… but let us enjoy a few gorgeous dresses for the entirety of the show :)

D on

She looks gorgeous in everything she wears!! Though, it seems overkill when the female hosts of these awards shows wear SO many dresses (12, really?) We get it…but let’s enjoy a few gorgeous dresses for the entirety of the show :)

Gennifer on


Janis on

In typical Carrie fashion she looked gorgeous in every dress but the red one was by far my favorite.

KAR on

I think Carrie Underwood looks good in anything. She has not let her fame go to her head. Most female hosts change their dresses. It’s more like a fashion show and she gets to try on all of them. What’s wrong with that? She may not have even bought all of them. They actually could have been donated or borrowed for the evening. Get a grip. She is not snooty or full of herself. She is very grounded. Love her!!

Sharon on

I love Carrie and she usually looks great in anything, but I have to say that the dark grey frock she wore during her singing performance along with the fingerless gloves and the shoes was just U G L Y! And, her hair is just way too blonde and fake looking. She used to have it highlighted and natural looking. While I am no fashion expert, I just didn’t understand the gun-metal grey dresses!

Brooklyn on

I like the red one!

Joanne on

12 dresses is overkill

Sharon on

Gennifer – She would probably say the same about you. If she is too kind to do that, I would be happy to do it for her!

justathought on

Hey Lilu…why don’t you just make your comment about the article and not what anyone else says.

Countrygal on

Does anyone realize that Carrie does not own the dresses. They are just borrowed from the designers. Any of the dresses that are worn are borrowed. It is the designers the supply them, not the stars. It is like that in all of the award shows. Yes, we were hit hard with Sandy, and I have some friends in New York that were effectred, but don’t get down on the singers. If anyone heard, they did keep mentioning about the devistation, it was not forgotten. Chill out people.

gmac on

Countrygal, I could not agree more! You beat me to it.

Linda on

I love Carrie and Brad as hosts. That is one of the main reasons I watch the show. They have such a fun chemistry. I loved all her dresses, especially the black one with the slit. She brings such class to country music.

Sue Z. Q. on

This is not a comment against the CMAs but all award shows – quit it already with all the outfit changes! The show should be about the talent being rewarded not about how many different dresses the presenter can wear. Just pick one awesome one and stick with it and let the spotlight go to the performers and award recipients!

Teknosbeka on

The dresses are beautiful and Carrie is in great shape, but her skin should not be darker than her hair! She is a classy person but that look is tacky, she should return to something more natural.

Linda on

The show was planned long before Sandy happened so the comments about the hurricane don’t really apply. The show kept urging people to donate to the Red Cross and brought up the suffering of people affected by the storm. Being one of those people, I was certainly not offended in any way by the show and the beautiful clothing people war. Each female performer changed clothing. The fashions make the show more entertaining.

Tiffany on

I like the first 2.

Gator on

Carrie looked great in all the dresses…only she can do that. She did not poke fun at Taylor…I agree that Taylor needs to grow up and take off that bright red lipstick. It looks horrible on her…she is a pretty lady .. but could dress better

Gator on

Again….Carrie looked great all night long and did a wonderful job with Brad. She did not poke fun at Taylor. She (Taylor) does need to grow up more and she needs to take off that bright red does not do her any favor and looks yuky.

Angela on

Some of you guys are very ignorant. It’s like you guys don’t realize award shows are planned months ahead of time. Carrie’s dresses are beautiful and why not wear 12 dresses? Most of the time the dresses come from designers who want exposure. So it definitely doesn’t mean she paid for all those dresses.

Why does anyone with money get so scrutinized to have to donate anything. It’s great if they do, but all of their money goes to lazy people living off the state anyway so what more do they need to do.

Rose on

Her style of dress does not fit the Country Music Awards. She acts like she is better than anyone else.

Deanna on

Who cares

Bev on

She never looks bad. Class act.

Guest on

Carrie Underwood is not in charge of what goes on for these awards. How do you know it is her idea to change so often? They do this on all the award shows. And the jokes are written for them. Brad P. was involved but all I see are people gripping about Carrie. Quite with the comparisons and the jealousy.

Jeri on

Why does Carrie, who has the greatest voice in Country Music, have to sing all that loud, obnoxious, garbage. She can’t even be heard. We don’t need to see her run around stage with the music drowning her out. C’mon Carrie, get back to your roots.
And that goes for 98% of the other artists too.

Guest on

** Quit

Elle on

I am not sure why everyone is so concerned with the cost of her dresses taking away money that could be donated to hurricane sandy relief. She most likely did not purchase the dresses. The designers give the dresses to her because it is free publicity. The dresses are photographed and their names are published. The designer lend the dresses to celebrities for no cost and then often take the dresses back. So those saying it would be okay if only she sold them for charity. She most likely does not have that option.

Darlene on

I really think she should get over herself. She is not as great as she tries to let on she is

guest on

I think Carrie looked great in all the dresses. I thought 12 was a bit to much. That said, those of you blaming Carrie should really stop. We don’t know if it was Carrie that chose to wear 12 dresses or if it was the show stylist that requested it. Just like when her and Brad are hosting the show, pretty much everything they say is scripted so it’s it a little unfair to blame them. Also, poking fun of each other is kind of expected. Watch any awards show and you will see that.

Jen on

Amen Shrimperdan I couldn’t agree with you more. Too many dresses for Carrie. It is way over the top and considering most people are so devastated by the storm and life in general nowadays it completely disgusts me and makes me not care a flick about Carrie Underwood and her self important self. When I hear of her doing some good then I will be impressed. Until then she DISGUSTS ME!

olive on

Loved the red dress!

evelyn on

This is a silly trend – just wear one outfit.

funnybangs on

She’s as cute as they come and is a dead ringer for Pat Sajack.

Kim on

That girl looks amazing in anything she wears, she’s beautiful. But for me, hands down the RED one… She looks AMAZING in RED…..

Toni on

Carrie is awesome and beautiful inside and out. She outdoes Taylor any day. Carrie at least does a variety of music where Taylor sounds like a broken record.

Julesy on

She looks beautiful in anything she wears. Just wish she would cut back on the black eye gunk.

Kristy on

A horrible recession. A devastating storm. Troops sacrificing overseas. Who cares about her twelve dresses? I would be more impressed to read that she wore an $80 dress from some no name designer the entire night. Everyone needs to stop buying Into Hollywood and watching these ridiculous awards shows. There are so many more important things going on in our country.

Anonymous on

You people are just jealous of Carrie Underwood!!!!

Jennifer on

I like the red dress the best but Carrie Underwood is always beautiful (:

Renee on

Wouldn’t it be nice if she would auction those dresses off to help with supplies and such for the traumatic East Coast disaster.
Those dresses would mean a lot more then!

Renee on

I think it would be even nicer if she would have the dresses auctioned off and give the proceeds to the East coast disaster area to use for supplies, clean-up and food.

Dian on

Twelve dress changes was too, too, too much! Not necessary, especially in the wake of such a national disaster. Come on Carrie/CMA’s – this many costume changes were out of line.

kristina on

I love Carrie

alley on

Kelly- Carrie Underwood sings circles around Tonedeaf Taylor and she is hardly “dumb.” She is a college graduate with high honors, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Last time I checked, Taylor Swift didn’t even go to college. :)

OhHappyDay! on

The red dress…simply gorgeous! The black dress and short white one…eh! The blue satin-looking frock…Noooooooooooooo !

justathought on

Even if it is the show that decides what she wears, it’s a live show…they can adjust and put her in something simple, not over the top…12 times. And, she could have enough compassion to say no to 12 dresses, but, she didn’t.

Ann on

You do realize that Carrie doesn’t BUY these dresses…designers offer her dresses to wear and then they are returned…the designer benefits from her wearing their dresses, just like any other actress/singer/etc. Also, another important fact that you might consider — Carrie is giving $1 for each ticket sold on her current Blown Away Tour (95 scheduled dates at this point) to the American Red Cross when she’s in the States and to the Canadian Red Cross when she’s in Canada. Most of her and her husband’s charity work is not done with a press conference and media around. However, Carrie saw a way to help the Red Cross through her tour. Anyone going to her concert should not have a problem with $1 for their ticket going to help the Red Cross.

Noni rose on

I can see wearing 2, 3, or even 4 dresses to such an event, but 12 is just excessive.

Jon on

The red dress from Chagoury Couture! WOW! What a dress!!!

Blue sky on

Yes, Carrie looks good in all sorts of gowns and she knows it too. Hence, no issues with her wearing 12 dresses. It’s funny people complain about Taylor singing the same thing, year after year, about her relationships. But you know what, at least I know Taylor is authentic, genuine and down-to-earth. Unlike Carrie, since American Idol, who’s totally changed and has gotten a huge ego and seems somewhat narcissistic. Now, she’s all Hollywood glam and turned pop way before Taylor but no uproar over that. The difference is that Taylor’s music is number 1 in iTunes and number 1 in Billboards so it is overplayed. So, people are hating on her. If Carrie’s music was as popular as Taylor’s and gotten as much music play on the radio, I’m sure the public would turn on her too.

TJ on

I loved all Carrie’s dresses!! She looked especially beautiful on the red carpet. She and Brad did an amazing job as co-hosts. Loved the show!

Olweya on

I find the negative comments about the storm and the cost of the clothes feeding children and etc interesting.. If you are so offended by things like this what are you doing on a celebrity website posting comments about it? You should be spending your time online looking for ways to help if you feel that strongly..instead you are berating people for posting opinions on a article that you say you find trivial on a site that you yourself visit and participate in. Hypocrisy is everywhere..

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