See Amber Tamblyn's Lacy Yellow Wedding Gown

10/09/2012 at 12:30 PM ET

Amber Tamblyn Wedding DressCourtesy Questlove

Here comes the bride … in a burst of color.

When Amber Tamblyn and David Cross exchanged vows on Saturday, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants actress opted for a non-traditional wedding dress.

Instead of the customary white frock most brides wear, Tamblyn, 29, wowed guests in a lacy mustard-colored, form-fitting dress — and no shoes. She finished her look with a yellow bouquet and flowers in her hair, too.

Cross, 48, bucked tradition as well, wearing a sweater vest and white button-down for the occasion (for the ceremony, he added a jacket, bow tie and boutonnière).

As the bride walked down the aisle during her outdoor ceremony (she arrived to the nuptials in a canoe!), her dress fit right in with the changing colors of the fall foliage. Guests, including newlyweds Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, and Traveling Pants costar America Ferrera, also dressed in somewhat casual fall clothes for the autumn occasion. Tell us: What do you think of Tamblyn’s dress? Would you ever wear a wedding gown that wasn’t white, ivory or cream? 

–Maggie Coughlan


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Me on

I know there will be plenty of people saying negative things about her dress. So to those people, I say…get over yourselves!!! It works for her…and is completely her style!

jaja on

This is honestly the best she’s ever looked! Gorgeous!

Ari on

Did all of the guests arrive via canoe or just the bride?

Yep on

How annoying. Some other sites keep saying her “unusual wedding dress” like women can’t have their own style on their wedding day. She looks beautiful. And I love the outdoorsy, simple wedding. It looked like people had a blast. Looks like a party/celebration of a couple and that’s how it should be.

Jesse on

I love it. I think she looks beautiful. She was probably very comfortable and felt like herself. I wore a white strapless wedding gown (got married on a gondola on Lake Las Vegas) and while I loved it I also felt like I was going to a costume party. I wore a gorgeous slinky black dress for our wedding dinner and felt more comfortable. To each their own. :-)

Amanda on

I like it !! Nice color on her. Your wedding should be what you want not what everyone else does.

Elivia on

Gorgeous photo, the dress is beautiful on her! Very beautiful! Perfect for a Fall Wedding!

Eva on

I have absolutely no idea who she is but the dress looks pretty especially with the beauty of the natural backdrop. I have no idea who he is either but apparently she’s into older men. I mean that guy looks much older than 48

Sonia on

She looked gorgeous! Congratulations!!

Sarafina on

Yes, I would wear a color other than cream, ivory or white (even though I did get married in white). I really liked Sharon Stone’s wedding dress from years ago; it was the most beautiful shade of pale pink.

Wendie on

This dress is perfect for the location of the wedding. It matches the gorgeous fall foliage. She looks beautiful and happy!

auroramia on

I love this dress and adore this picture.

G on

I believe that is her father, actor Russ Tamblyn, in the photo above, not her husband.

theatregirl79 on

I love this dress! I like non-traditional wedding dresses. Oh, and Eva that’s not her husband she’s walking with, David Cross looks nothing like that. Probably her father.

LittleBear23 on

I think the whole idea behind this wedding is super cute. If you want to have a shoeless, fall wedding, why not do a different color dress? She looks cute and fun, which seems to be the theme here.

Kristal on

Is that her with her Grandpa or husband? BARF!!

BFD on

Love the barefoot thing. Much happiness to the both of them.

GuesT on

The trees in the background is the only beautiful scenery in this picture.

Lynn C on

I think she looks fabulous and so does her dress. In that setting especially, it looks spectacular.

Yvonne on

I love the idea, it looks so relaxed and fun-not the usual stress inducing headache that most weddings are. I think this girl has a great head on her shoulders…why go into debt and lose your mind stressing over every little detail when you could actually enjoy it and so can your guests? Lovely concept :)

Franchesca on

For those who are wondering who the older man is with her… That’s not the husband, it’s the actress’ father.

Kathleen on

gorgeous wedding dress. perfect for her!

Annabelle on

While it’s not something I would personally wear, I LOVE it when people do things at their weddings that express their individuality personalities! It’s their special day, so they should enjoy it any way they want to. Congrats to the newlyweds!

tubasteve on

David Cross is a hardcore atheist, and probably wanted nothing to do with the traditional image of a Christian marriage. This is as much a statement about politics and religion as it is fashion, probably moreso. Gotta love the oblivious media.

tubasteve on

Uh, the man she is with in the photo is not David Cross. I would assume it is her father or a similar figure.

Also, you all know that David Cross is a devout atheist right? This isn’t just some fashion statement, they probably wanted as little to do with traditional Judeo-Christian imagery as possible.

Sunnybrook on

I like this girl, she always seemed a bit unconventional and older than her years. She looks gorgeous in her wedding dress with the fall colors in the background. Good luck to both of them, hope they have many happy years thinking outside the box together :))

LuLu on

Eve – did you even read the article – it was short? David wore a WHITE shirt, etc.. This is her father, Russ (look him up -West Side Story) wearing a YELLOW shirt, etc. I am surprised they didn’t mention him by name. Probably a very young reporter who doesn’t know their Hollywood history very well.

KIM on

ok, I’ ve read both articles that are up on A.T.’s wedding, but I can’t find anywhere WHERE they got married. Somewhere on the East Coast I presume?? C’mon, PEOPLE. Get with it!

TT on

I don’t like the color at all but that’s her style and it’s her wedding. Wearing white on your wedding day meant something WAY DIFFERENT years ago that I doesn’t at all today unless you’re one of the Duggars ;) so I really don’t care what brides wear!

Chuchi on

She looks beautiful and everyone has their own individual unique style, especially for their wedding day. My dress is black and people think it’s ridiculous but it’s mine and I don’t care.

TLM on

Eva … that guy escorting her out of the canoe is her father … not her husband to be …………….

Steph on

I love that she chose something different for her wedding, whatever the reason. She looks great and I hope they are happy. I plan on wearing a color other than white when I get married as well.

i on

Not my cup of tea but not my wedding if it makes her happy than that’s what’s important

Angela on

What a lovely dress! I really like it. My opinion is that, on such a special day, the bride can wear whatever she thinks is going to make her day outstanding and wonderful and comfortable. The memories, the way the dress looks and feels, the atmosphere of the occasion…all up to the bride and groom. If she wants to wear mustard yellow, go for it. In the photo above, she did look stunning with the autumn leaves turning gold. So beautiful!

Anne on

I love her dress. I wore hot pink on my wedding day, and I’d do it again in an instant!

Hunnytree on

She can wear what she darn well pleases. It’s her wedding. As for the ? – would I? If I was getting married out in the wilderness, & it was a glorious autumn day, and I had hair the color of hers….I just might! She looks gorgeous!

Sara on

She looks gorgeous! Good for her for staying true to herself. Congratulations to the happy couple.

JennyDiesel on

I wore a blue dress and loved it. Who says you have to do what other people do?!

Sammy on

@Eva… LOL!!! That’s her father!!! She looks gorgeous!!!!

Jordan on

I didn’t wear white, ivory, or cream. I opted for a more affordable bridesmaid dress in my wedding colors of brown & raspberry. It suited the occasion and us quite well. My husband wore khakis with a soft pink button down and his brown suit jacket. Lots of people in my family have since followed in my footsteps by choosing more affordable options in non-traditional colors.

Pamela on

My dress was actually black, and no it was not on Halloween LOL It was a second wedding for both of us and I wore what I liked… not what society says I should wear.

Joyce on

A bride can wear whatever she wants to at her own wedding. It’s nobody’s business but hers. Its perfectly fine to buck tradition if it suits you.

Rose on

Eva, that was probably her father, Russ Tamblyn, who’s about to turn 78.

DebbieLG on

Good for her for doing something different than the usual – she looks beautiful and the setting looks lovely. Congrats!

irisgarden on

That’s her dad, Russ Tamblyn. He’s in his 70s.

Carrie on

She looks beautiful! I love the color of her dress! It just compliments their whole surroundings. Bet it was a beautiful wedding! Congrats!!!!

Macrina on

Eva, that is her father in the above photo.

WiddoMouse on

Is she on her Dad’s arm or is that the groom? I’m not being a smart alec. I just don’t know.

fanofboardwalkempire on

beautiful gown- beautiful bride so perfect for an outside Fall wedding!

AFwife2001 on

Beautiful setting and unique choice. She looks great! For those of you commenting on the man in the photo, that’s not David Cross next to her, probably her father. Google it if you don’t know who he is. You might know him best as the weird guy with the coke bottle glasses who lives in his mother’s attic in Men in Black 2. He was in the first one at the Morgue using the fly swatter to smoosh bugs.

JoAnne J on

Eva…..the guy in the picture is her dad escorting her down the asile. LOL! She and her groom are almost the same age.

Chrissy on

I don’t really see the big deal. People used to get married all the time in outfits that weren’t the tradional white gown. Yes, I like the white gowns, but I don’t think everyone has to wear them. Her dress is pretty and seasonal and nice. And it’s obviously what she wanted to wear and so it’s great.

sherquetta on

love her dress

Bobby on

Pretty obvious that she is not wearing underwear

mimi on

From the picture I like it. I’d love to see it in a closer shot though, to see the detail of the gown, hair, bouquet. Myself, I am looking at gowns of different colors for my upcoming day. I say to each her own. You need to feel special and gorgeous on your day, if that means wearing a non traditional gown go for it!

carey on

I love it!! I think she looks gorgeous! I love that she stayed true to herself

Jess on

JoAnne J, she and her husband are not almost the same age. She’s 29, he’s 48. Yeah not close at all.

Alexa on

I can’t really tell what her dress looks like but I LOVE the location. So tranquil and romantic. Perfect for a Fall wedding.

Rev. Elizabeth Arsenault on

My wedding dress was a fitted baby blue gown with white antique chest lacing along with the trim of the arms with the same lacing. I married 37 years ago. My daughter married in a beautiful red ball gown with silver and rhinestone trim throughout the whole dress. Her veil was antique white with red trim.

:) on

Saw the other pics on US Weekly’s site. I definitely think she’s preggo. If so, congrats. Pretty dress. Love David Cross.

me on

It is her dress, and there day let them wear celebrate however they want.
I think she looks pretty and the dress is original.
With all the fall colours I bet the wedding was beautiful.

jackie on

I wore a cobalt blue dress for my big day and I wouldn’t change a thing! It was perfect for my December wedding.

Meg on

She looks gorgeous! The yellow fits the beautiful fall surroundings so much better than white. I think people should be able to choose whatever color they want for their own wedding day.

Ava on

I absolutely love it. I think it is perfect for the setting and the color looks awesome on her.

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