Kristin Cavallari Gets a Très Chic Push Present

09/21/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Kristin Cavallari Baby Photo
Jonathan Clay Harris

Kristin Cavallari may have started her career in reality TV, but the starlet has recently changed gears into family and fashion, thanks to the birth of now-6-week-old son Camden Jack and her shoe collection for Chinese Laundry.

It’s no surprise, then, that when picking a push present for his fiancée, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler went with something super-stylish.

“I got a gray [Hermès] Birkin bag,” Cavallari tells PEOPLE, flashing a grin. “I was really excited about it. [Jay] did a good job.”

Now that Cavallari has become a mom, she finds it remarkable how priorities change — and not just with her new family.

“I would love to do a nursing bra and tank top line,” she reveals, changing her tune from just weeks ago. “I can never find any cute ones!” For more from Cavallari, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now. Moms, tell us: Did you receive a push present from your partner? 

–Jennifer Garcia 


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Good Grief on

WTH is a ‘push present’? Sometimes I am so embarrassed to be an American. That is so spoiled rotten and silly.

withheld on

are “push presents” so called because the baby was “pushed”?!? if so, total face palm action. way to take something beautiful and degrade it with a crude name. can *nothing* stay classy and in good taste? did Honey Boo Boo & her family come up with this name?

Crazy on

I think its absolutely crazy to get a “push present”…….the present after birth is your child!!

Melissa on

Yeah the baby is the ultimate gift, but I think it’s nice that her husband appreciated the hard work she did to have that baby that he felt like showing his appreciation to her for it. Sometimes I feel like guys don’t understand how much wear and tear having a baby puts on your body, it’s nice to get a little appreciation for it.

Kathleen Sauer on

The idea of a present given for giving birth is so offensive to me.
It’s a miracle. And after all, once the baby is full term, it’s not like there is a choice in the matter… pushing the little one out is just about the only choice you have! What do the people do if they have to have a c-section…. do they expect larger gifts because they had surgery? The whole idea is an embarrassment and I think telling people about it is worse.

Totally Ridiculous on

My “push present” was a baby and he was perfect. And I pushed him out of a giant incision in my gut.

no name on

It always amazes me how negative the comments can be..chill out.i think its nice she received a push present

Leslie on

I love Kristin & i wish the best to her & Jay. Little Camden is so adorable!

ivy on

Seriously, a push present? Only in America where babyboomers raised children into spoiled, entitled adults and the cycle will continue. Isn’t the present the child that was birthed? Birth is truly a miracle, not an excuse for a spoiled woman to get an expensive present

tina on

There was barely any info on her in this week’s magazine but yet u all keep adding info on her

SusiQ on

what do you expect from a reality “star” and a man who plays little boy games for millions of dollars? is this tasteless & tacky? Yes. Is it to be expected in today’s conspicuous consumption? See previous answer.

bh on

Can you say bimbo?

Katie on

Why is there so much negativity? Yes the gift from the pushing is their child, Kristin has been very open with saying how amazing motherhood is. It’s nice that Jay gave her a gift after as a sort of “thank you” for carrying his child and going through the pain and hardship of labour that resulted in the miracle of their son. Now she has a bag that she will carry, knowing that it symbolizes her pregnancy, labour, and delivery of her child….

raj on

a push present has been around for almost a hundred years, believe it or not, it’s a gift you get from your babys father before or after birth for giving you there first child. I got a mercedes for mine, but it is one of the safest cars for mothers, so it’s for both me and my twins.

tracy hill on

Honestly I would like a new car after all I did clean the kitchen.
Seriously people the baby is the ultimate gift not a purse.

Sam on

wow. Hating much…I think a push present is a cute idea for a man to “thank” the woman for having his child. My sister lives in Europe and her (non-american) husband gave her a push gift. jeez, it is not meant to be taken so seriously.

sally on

a purse as a push present??? um how self-centered and materialistic! usually you get a necklace with the initial of the baby or it’s name- something sentimental. don’t any of these famous women get married first- before having kids?

Lynn on

I have five kids. After the first baby, I got a new car. The second, I got a new house. The third, I got another new vehicle, the fourth, I got a diamond necklace, diamond earrings and a brand new home, the fifth, I got a cruise for a week and another new car! He was pretty consistent! I can give him that!

sally on

in my day you’d be embarrassed to have your picture displayed with the fact that you had a baby out of wedlock. funny how the men suddenly become fiance’s when they knock up their women.

rowdygirl726 on

She may look like a dumb blonde, but she was smart enough to secure her financial future with that kid. She will always have a tie to the checkbook that way.

Melissa on

OK, I see it as a way to tell your wife, thank you for giving me the greatest gift in life. My husband surprised me with a gorgeous pair of Ugg boots. Because I’m a stay-at-home mom, it was extra nice since I would never spend that kind of money on myself. And my baby was still the best gift, but it was nice that my husband thought of something better than just flowers to say he loved me and thanks!

N on

A ‘push present’? Oh utterly ridiculous that sounds. It sounds like something this woman would come up with on her own to say. I agree with Good Grief.

Kim on

Say what? A push present? You need a present for pushing a baby out?! Seriously, what has the world come to? The baby should be enough of a present!

N on

I agree with Rowdygirl726. You are right. Such a fast woman.

Kaitlyn on

Although the greatest gift is definitely the baby, it is definitely nice when your husband presents you with something special he picked out to show you his appreciation. My husband gave me an opal ring when our first son was born and ruby earrings with our second, and I wear them almost everyday. Its just a nice gesture, not something that makes Americans “spoiled rotten” or “silly.”

Pita J. on

Amen to Totally Ridiculous! Same story here. My son was 10 weeks early and every day was and still is a present.

MH on

I have 3 wonderful children and recieved a gift from my husband with the third child. it wasn’t expected at all but it was HIS way of saying thank you.
you guys should lighten up a little bit!!! if the father wants to thank his wife or mother of his child with a gift, that’s HIS choice.

anna on

Maybe I am out of the loop but who is Kristin (cava whatever her last name is)? I think a push present is nice if it symbolic of the child. Like a ring with the birth stone of the baby or something. But honestly nothing trumps your baby so its dumb to spend all this money on a car or purse or whatever when its going to get overshadowed by the baby and not be AS appreciated. As for the lady who said she got all these cars and houses as push presents…..your full of sh*t. I call major BS on that one. That’s sounds exciting hunny. After each kid lets pack and move! Haha

Jess on

I don’t think it crazy to get a push present. My husband got me a pair of
Pearl earrings before our first child’s delivery. Now every time I wear them I remember that amazing day!!

are you kidding me!!! on

Do you people have nothing better to do than sit around all day lookin for petty jealous reasons to put somebody else down? Reading these comments make me embarrassed to be a woman and a mom. There are way bigger issues going on in the news that hou should get upset about, not a celebrities “push present”. Ridiculous, all of you, grow up!!!!

heather on

nothing wrong with a gift from dad to a new mom…I think its just the term “push present” that makes me squirm.

Tina on

Wow what a spoiled brat. You shouldn’t need a present to give birth. I’ve done it twice and, silly me, I thought the baby I got in the end was the real present. What was I thinking?!

Courtney on

@Good Grief a Push present is a token of appreciation a new father gives to his baby mama/ wife after the birth of a child and the tradition of giving a new mother a present after birth is nothing new. Paul Newman once admitted to giving Joanne Woodward $20,000 rose gold Sapphire earings for christmas 1961 to commemorate the birth of their middle daughter Melissa a few months earlier. lil ms Cavallari doesn’t deserve a birkin bag that’s supposed to be a status symbol for actual celebrities which she isn’t.

Heather on

I did receive a push present, a Coach purse and a diamond necklace. I didn’t see it as me being spoiled, I saw it as my husband showing his love and appreciation for me carrying our child for the last 10 months. And trust me, it was 10 months because I know the exact date I conceived due to fertility issues. I also had a number of other complications. I’m not spoiled, I worked very hard for what I was given! And I always saw my daughter as the ultimate present, but there’s nothing wrong with a bonus :)

Amanda on

Can we please stop having this woman and her baby be your top story. Enough already. Who cares?

MyTwoCents on

I think everyone here just likes saying “push present”.

sachadevbellman on

Yes, the name push present is a little offensive, but I was so happy when my husband took part of the change he had been saving as a kid and bought me a rocker-recliner 16 years ago when my oldest son was born. (before people bought you everything for showers)

Just silly on

Here’s a good idea, how about dad take those thousands he spent on that designer bag and make a “push” donation to a neo-natal ICU or charity that cares for children who have not had the good fortune to be born as entitled and healthy as his was. Get mom the bag for her birthday.

LucyMarie on

How many arms does that baby have? It looks to me like there are three hands…one on his chin, one next to Momma and one almost holding Momma’s hand. Photoshopping?

K from Canada on

Wow, a lot of jealous people out there, clearly not happy with their own life so they feel the need to b*tch about others. Not to mention others that could care less what you think!

A push gift is a wonderful idea! Yes the baby getting here is the real gift, however women go through a lot in 9+ months and I love that it shows them it was appreciated by the significant other. People give gifts for a lot of reasons.

Please please please create a nursing bra/tank line! It is impossible to find anything that doesnt look like it belongs on your 70 year old grandmother!

I think she looks stunning & her little boy is cute beyond words! I can tell you that as a mother, nothing else matters but that little bundle so keep your negative comments to yourselves! Congrats K & J!

danalovesbooks on

another spoiled celebrity who thinks she needs a gift because she had a baby. Also she drives me nuts because
a. She probably doesn’t even watch her kid–probably has a team of nannies watching it–the baby doesn’t even look comfortable in her arms.
b. And I doubt she really designs her own fashion line–probably just slaps her name on the junk. Instead of nursing bras….maybe she could design push presents–give me a BREAK!!!

JRee on

My push present was my child! Considering all the women who can’t have children, I know what a gift they are! Only spoiled little brats that don’t realize how lucky they are to have a child get expensive, ridiculous push presents!!

cait on

Relax people. It’s nice for a man to give a small token of thanks to the mother or his child. Just because you didn’t get a gift doesn’t make it wrong. Nevertheless, a Hermes bag is no a “small” token.

Lanny on

Push Present? Really? To me the present should be what you push out! So what do they call it if you have c-section? Or do you get nothing?

Wow on

Why are most of the posts on here angry and hateful, how do you feel about wedding gifts, maybe you should tell your guests “no presents please, my husband is the gift” you all sound so negative.

guest on

I’m from Canada and am really surprised and offended at a lot of the comments here. Most women receive flowers or a necklace from their husbands/fiances/boyfriends after giving birth to a child as a token of love, appreciation for what their bodies have gone through, and the journey they’re about the embark upon. They have more money so she got a bigger/ more elaborate gift.

Stephanie on

I got a present from my husband after my child was born – not called a push present though. He got me a necklace with her birthstone. I think some of these “push presents” are really excessive, but can also be a really special thing. I don’t think it means that the woman is spoiled or that it necessitates comments about how spoiled we are as Americans and other rude comments about the women receiving the gift. It’s not for everybody, and that’s fine. My daughter was the ultimate gift, and I definitely didn’t expect or need anything more. But a thoughtful gift from your husband after an experience like was really special.

TJ on

How sad that he’ll buy her an expensive bag for “pushing out” their son, but a wedding BEFORE it all happened is out of the question. Our culture is so messed up anymore. And don’t go jumping on me now for saying that marriage before children is the only way to go. Yes, I believe it is, but what I’m really pointing out here is that it’s pretty pathetic the things we celebrate and deem newsworthy. Spoiled people with a total lack of values.

Chill Peeps on

Wow people chill! People get so offended now-a-days! Stop judging and just live YOUR life! Probably jealous your hubby or baby daddy did nothing for you!!! Push present is a silly name, but it’s a sweet gesture!!!! Get over it ahhhhhh

Mar on

Am I the only one excited about her wanting to make cute nursing bras and tops! She’s not my fave but she wears cute stuff! We need cute nursing tops!

funkytown on

what’s next….a present for breathing? having a bowel movement? RIDICULOUS ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY

Amy on

Dang….all I got was a baby!

Only in America on

Isn’t the baby a ‘Push Present’? This is ridiculous!!

Sam on

All I hear is a bunch of jealousy coming from all these women who never received anything special from their husbands or boyfriends. As someone stated earlier “push presents” have been around FOREVER! I hear about it from my mom, who heard it from her mom, who probably heard it from HER mom. Calm down with all the negativity, her being excited about a nice present she received after bringing a beautiful many into the world does not mean she doesn’t love her child or think he is a miracle or a present. How many of you receive presents on your birthday??? How selfish and spoiled of all these women today who expect to get presents for just being born???? Or Christmas, or Valentine’s Day or Anniversaries? This was a momentous day for her and him and there is nothing wrong with saying you’ve been through so much and did such a good job, let me thank you for our beautiful gift. SO STOP WITH ALL THE JEALOUSY! That’s all it is, jealousy because you all have unthoughtful significant others or couldn’t afford it or are now mad that no one ever told you about a “push present.”

Dora on

A “push present” is such an absurd idea. There are woman who struggle to concieve and when they finally do, the greatest gift is the precious child. Are we really awarding ourselves for giving birth? What nosense. As a mother of a child born gravely ill, I find this offensive. To have a healthy baby is the most remarkable gift of all.

Ava on

The first time I heard this term was with Rachel Zoe’s baby. I think this is the most revolting thing I’ve ever heard of. Like your baby isn’t the most precious gift you will ever receive?!

librababe on

Lol how did I guess what the push present was before (albeit hesitantly) clicking the story?

And the ultimate push present is your child…what could be better than a healthy baby?

I think gifting her the bag was sweet and harmless, yes, but if something like this became (or is) a trend, it’d make me cringe. Baby is enough of a gift for me!

Ladyinred on

Not that anyone who posted earlier will read this but…my husband left me when i was 5 months pregnant, i did it alone, i haf an emergency c-section and my baby was the only gift i needed…however my amazing family and friends showered me with post birth meant a lot to me, i didnt need them bc i had a beautiful baby who thankfully survived a traumatic birth with no lasting negative effects.
I think a lot of you are missing the point here…her fiance was showing his thanks to her for giving him the ultimate gift of all need to grow up and stop complaining about petty things in life. So what, he bought her a bag..big deal, get over it. I think it was very nice of him.
AND newsflash..all those flowers and ballons and little things you got after the birth of your babies..those are considered “push presents”!!!!!

sad to be american on

amen to that @Good Grief

ccs on

Young people are so materialistic. More money than brains.

Kitty on

Push present? What do you call a gift to a woman who has a C section? A cut open present?

Debi on

She doesn’t HAVE a “husband”!!! She is just another immoral woman who got knocked up to trap some man into marrying her.

Teacher Maggie on

I received a pair of diamond stud earrings from my husband for loving him, carrying our son, delivering him, and nursing him. And all you haters can hate. ;)

lyn on

OMG, this B rated actress spitting out a kid is top story two days in a row? Slow week at People Magazine.

Samantha on

A “push present”? Is that a reward for not having a C-section? Can’t anybody do anything without being rewarded for just doing their job?

Cristine on

I would rather receive hugs and kisses and a thank you from my husband and see his eyes filled with tears and love rather than some random thing.

bh on

How about a wedding ring as a gift?

lynn on

Hate that term. Did she get him a “hump present” for getting her pregnant?

bh on

I got flowers delivered to the hospital. Seems kind of lame now.


Actually a push present is just a term for a “gift from Dad/husband”. In my day we took a vase of flowers or a box of candy for Mom. It’s no different today other than someone renamed it a “push present”. And times have evolved since the old flower standby. A gft is now the norm.

Brandy on

Very sweet and what a handsome little man! Congrats to the happy family! To all the insanely negative comments it just comes off bitter and/or jealous. In my opinion you should all be ashamed of yourself. There is absolutely not one thing wrong with the father of the child showing appreciation to the mother.

JulieA on

Wow, totally tasteless, People! “Push present”??? What a tacky way of describing a gift…especially when the REAL gift is the baby itself!!

Cristina on

The name is silly, but there is nothing wrong with him buying her a little something. Yes, the baby is wonderful, but it’s still nice to give something to the woman who helped bring this little boy into the world.

DS on

So unnecessary! Only the rich…

Tara on

Push presents are more common than you think. We only hear about from celebs because they’re so extravagant a la the Hermes bag. $54,000
I’d l

traycee on

Is her team paying you to publish so much about her? Who cares about this 15 minute, reality has been?

KrisAnn on

My children were born before the advent of the proverbial “push present”… darn … all I received were two amazingly beautiful and healthy children from it. If only I would have waited I could have scored a diamond tennis bracelet! LOL…… Hoping this relationship actually survives… highly doubting they will ever tie the knot mostly due to Jay being completely immature.

guest on

Push presents are silly, the baby is the present. If he wanted to get her a push present that meant something he should have gotten her a wedding ring instead of a crazy expensive purse.

Proud Mama on

The only “push present” I wanted (and received!) was a beautiful, healthy baby, and my husband’s beaming, proud face when all was said and done.

Katherine on

Jay Cutler needs to get his head out of his ass and play some football!!!!

Tara on

I could do a lot with $54,000. I cant lie bc If I were a multi millionaire I’d probably get the Birkin. Maybe a cheaper version. Celebrities have disposable income to purchase these things. Not realistic for the average person. I agree with some people that a baby is the best push present!!

Lisa on

I cringe at the term “push present”

Amanda on

What’s the big deal about getting a push present? Are you guys jealous? I received push presents for both of my babies and didn’t even push. I had c-sections. Get over yourselves!


Where are you people coming up with this $45,000 figure? I’ve bought two different Hermes bags and the most I paid was $14,000. I have never seen one for anywhere near that price, not in NYC, LV, or London. What gives?

Rosey on

I got a present ( I had a C-section), but the name of a present after childbirth sounds very tacky because it gives visuals. Just call it a plain old PRESENT or just a GIFT! Gift giving after a baby has been done for such a long time. It is only recently that it has been named a push present to denote an extravagant gift I believe!

Maya on

There’s nothing wrong with getting a push present if you can afford it. Anyway, Kristin, I’m no fan, but if you made a cute line of nursing tank tops, I would DEFINITELY buy them!!

Really? on

@are you kidding me!!! THANK YOU! Enough said.

Lillian on

How funny that celebrities always talk about their “push presents”. It’s just expected for a celebrity to get one. Here in the real world, forget a hermes bag! The fact that my husband cleaned the house by the time I got out of the hospital was my “push present”. A healthy baby really is the best push present ever!

Amy on

Yeah, I got a push present…they’re called Maggie and Emma, my beautiful twins! Oh and my hubby ran to Babies r Us while I was in the hospital to get me a Medela breast pump…does that count? Give me a break…push present, how ridiculous! Babymoons and Push Presents…spoiled, spoiled, spoiled Americans we are!!!

Daisy on

Wow! I am shocked by all the negativity. A push present is just a way for the man to say “you are awesome, thank you for having our child”. All the negative nancies need to chill out just a little bit.

MJC on

Aren’t all these women sick of being like everyone else? Hermes Birkin bags are on the armws of all these women.

Summer on

Wonderful, fun loving article about family life. What a great idea to celebrate motherhood in such a sweet way.

Why Do You Care? on

Why would anyone be so passionate about how OTHER people live, it has no bearing on you!? Wait, let me guess – it’s only okay if you agree with it. Judgemental people are the worst, get a life.


PLEASE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ENOUGH about this non celebrity who cares!!

Who? on

Excuse me, but who is she & why does she matter?

Syd on

What a tacky term…push present. While it’s nice if the, husband/boyfriend whatever the case may be, gives a gift to the mother for her 9 months of hard work it seems a bit unnecessary and perhaps a necklace or bracelet with the baby’s birthstone or name would be more appropriate than a purse! What is the world coming to??????

Guest on

My goodness, if he wants to give her a present, and people name it a “push present”, who cares! Good for them. Lighten up people.

NBH on

I love all of these comments!

Lisa on

Enough already!!! Who cares what she got for giving birth!!

Steph on

Are you kidding me? A push present? That is so superficial. I got the best present as my push present….my CHILD!

LOL on

Wow! Too many Negative People, hating on others…

Yes her baby is the ultimate gift. But what is so wrong of him buying her gift of appreciation? She did have to carry their baby and be the one to give birth. What is the world coming to that being appreciative and generous is wrong?

How is this offensive? Nobody has really explained why, but just put her down……

Christy on

Yes, I received a “push” present…..the baby!! Best gift ever!

Kat on

I’m going to say that her priorities have not really changed as she says they have because she got a Birkin bag as a push present.

Kat on

I suppose that we also know now why her labor was “worth every minute.”

Kari on

Omg! Seriously people!!! I’m not sure where all of you are from but where I’m from its not uncommon to get a push present. I got a beautiful necklace for my first and gorgeous diamond earrings for my second. Call it spoiled, whatever, but I work my ass off as a stay at home mom and feel I deserve it. Kristen is probably using that bag as a diaper bag!!

Ruth on

I never heard of a ‘push present’ I definitely didn’t get one..only gift I got was a long painful labor, stretchmarks and weight I now have to work off…and of course a beautiful baby that makes it all worth it. I think, for me personally, at that particular time I wouldn’t have cared what my husband handed me unless it was more drugs.

Samantha on

The term “push present” has to have been coined by the same person who coined the term “baby bump.” Both terms are equally as classy.

Brenda on

I’ve heard of mothers receiving gifts from husbands/partners to commemorate the birth of a child. That’s fairly customary. But to call it a “push present’ is unspeakably tacky.

Liz on

Isn’t a baby enough of a push present?


I don’t like her!!!!!
She is mean if you don’t agree with her!

Reality on

Who named her gift a “push present”? Was it People or her or Jay? I think it’s very thoughtful of her husband to pick out a nice gift for his wife after having a baby! Friends and family I know give gifts to both the mother and the newborn baby when the baby is born. But I have to agree I don’t like the term “push present”!

jenswan on

I did not receive a “push present” the name is crude. My husband however did purchase me a ring with our songs birth stone to show his appreciation for bringing our son into our world.

Jess on

please do a nursing top line!

Holly on

My husband got me a gift a month or so after our baby was born. It was a beautiful ceramic watch. I wasn’t expecting a gift, but after 33 hours of labor, a botched epidural, nerve damage, a spinal migraine that lasted a week, and more crazy problems, my husband wanted to show me how much he appreciated me and the life we created together. It wasn’t a gift for pushing her out.


GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! It’s nice that her man got her a gift, but a bag is not something special and meaningful to the moment. It’s just to show off if you ask me. A push present is the child and an extra token of love and appreciation should be something of lasting sentimental value. NOT A PURSE!!!!!!

Ann on

So many hateful comments here about presents. Geez…. It all seems like jealousy and entitlement is running rampant in the US. If you ladies like to receive nice presents, get a dam education and find someone equally educated that will be able to buy you a nice present. Just because she found someone with some money and is able to give her nice presents doesn’t give anyone the right to critique what she has/receives. The US is full of lazy lazy people that spit out babies from a young age, don’t get educated and then complain when jobs at Target/Walmart are hard to get (I am not saying everyone, but dam get a life people, an education)

Vivian on

Mind boggled as to why she continues to get editorial space. Push gift is tacky. Your child is the gift. If a husband wants to appreciate their wife for all the hard work of labor and delivery, I would just say do what I did when my husband gave me a push gift, “pleae take it back, as all I want in appreciation is for you to be present as a father and helpful as my husband.” I do understand that some men out there are neither. A full night of rest or a warm meal beats out a pocketbook. That’s just me, ladies.

Sue L. on

I also think that a push present is offensive. A much nicer persent would be if the husband took over all the household chores, etc. so that the new mom could rest. I know that my husband did this and it was far more appreciated than anything he could have bought for me.

Sarah on

Well, I got a way cuter baby, 20 pounds and stretch marks. SO THERE.

Brandi on

At Lucy he has two arms and a tiny bit of his tummy is showing I didn’t get a push present I got three beautiful children

Gigi on

Haters gonna hate!!

Me on

I love how says she changed her tune. If you click on the story she supposedly changed her tune from…she said no clothing line but she’d like to do maternity or baby clothes though. Nursing bras and tanks fall into the maternity part! You guys aren’t too bright at…or maybe you just don’t like kristin.

smartgirl on

Yeah it was a baby


@ Ann – What’s with the rant on education? Did Kristin even go to college? The article is about a “push present” which resulted in Kristin getting a new bag. She was “so excited” and Jay did such a “good job!” How tacky can she be? My husband and I are both educated and have lucrative careers and like nice things but the “down to earth” factor seems to be missing based on the tone of this article. Love, celebration for a new baby, and sentimental tokens are in order —— not a purse!

jamelle on

WAIT!!!!!! I thought the PUSH present was the baby?!?!?! Why the heck are these women getting push presents? Nothing says it better than a burkin bag for having a baby. Oh here you go babe you gave me a son I will give you an overly expensive purse. Way to objectify women……

nicole on

i am not a celebrity i got a PUSH PRESENT from my husband!!!! its not just a hollywood thing! sorry for you all that never recieved one!!! P.S. I GOT DIAMONDS ;-)

Kate on

I agree with Good Grief and the others…how ridiculous. Another way for us to commodify life’s major events.

Elle on

Those of you opposes to “push” presents should send back wedding gifts because your gift was the marriage or your spouse. Those of you claiming to be so noble about appreciating the right gift should decline birthday presents because life is the present you received. Those of you declaring motherhood is the prize should refuse mother’s day presents because being a mother to your lovely children means more than presents they give you to tell you they care. Whether a gift for Mother’s day is a drawing when your child is 3 or a a cheap ring he bought with his own money at the dollar store when he is 7 or a vase from an expensive store when he is 28 years old and is making more money – it’s the thought and the message the giver is sending. I hope none of you who are critizing “push” presents are refusing gifts from your child when they want to say I love you or thank you with a gift. The kind of gift people receive depends on their pocket book. Why are you mad at someone for doing something kind.

Someone said why not donate to
charity- maybe they do. Perhaps they did. I agree the name cheapens the
sentiment. But the sentiment has been
around for years. Also- it is a part of our
culture to show appreciation. I’m proud
to be an American where we love to
show our gratitude for something. I
know many of you are great mothers
and love your babies. They are blessed
you are their mommies. But Kristin is
not a horrible mommy because the father has a different pocket book than your spouse.
If you truly have a problem with giving thanks which is what people are doing when they give presents then you should stop Receiving presents yourself even if the gesture is in a small
Form ie. Flowers, a card. Also don’t give gifts and tell the person they should bs happy they are alive after another birthday year has passed. Or to your friends who are getting married- tell them they have each other so you don’t need to give then anything.
Lastly- to the person who said her husband cleaned the house and that was the gift. That was such a nice way for him to say thank you. I thought that wAs sweet. You have to remember some people have regular house keepers so if the house is already clean- people have sent her flowers, and candy. It should be alright if he says thank you with a handbag.

jnjmommy on

@ivy That is funny considering it started in other countries long before America. And other countries practice this.

Anyways even though I am all AMERICAN I fully agree that it really was not needed and the baby itself was a gift.

I did not want a push

rachd713 on

I really have no opinion on push presents, but I find it interesting that the question at the end of the article says “Did you receive a push present from your partner?” How about did you receive a push present from your HUSBAND?” I’m so sick of how People always seems to glorify the fact that at half of the babies featured are born out of wedlock (nothing against the babies, of course.) What’s wrong with doing things the old fashioned way? Get married, then have a baby? It’s sad that having a baby before marriage is becoming more of the norm.

Lisa on

LOL@ her “priorities changing” quote in an article about getting a Birkin bag for giving birth. Awesome.

I got a new baby and a dozen roses. No complaints here.

Ginna on

wow….people, jealous much? i didnt get a push present for any of my kids, but i think the idea of it is sweet! Ive heard of people getting presents from their spouses or significant others after the birth. If she was just a normal, every-day girl, i doubt half of you would be complaining.

Shannon on

My hubby gave me a gift after I had our first baby, we didn’t know about “push presents” he did it because he was so happy and after ending up needing a c-section he wanted to get me something nice so he bought me a necklace with our sons birthstone (ruby). I love it. I didn’t get anything after the next three but it was special and thoughtful to get something after our first baby.

Kaitlyn on

You all sound so pathetic and catty being mean to her about the fact she got a push present. It is a common thing and if it was say Reese Witherspoon who said this everyone would think it was the cutest thing in the world. Grow up, even though half of you are adults judging her.

Jocelyn on

That’s sad. She does not realize she got the best push present when she got her baby. sad sad sad.

Denise on

I wonder whether all you haters will suddenly love push presents if Vanessa Lachey were to announce hers :’) Just be happy for Kristin, her man’s obviously grateful for what she’s done the last year. Not all men do that.

Norah on

I love how her priorities have changed, yet an Hermes Birkin bag for a “push present”… It all sounds so silly and superficial.

Elle on

Is an expensive present for a wedding celebration superficial?

Elle on

Send back all the gifts you received at your baby shower. The cute hairband, the toys, the nice diaper bag. All too superficial for you because your baby is enough, right?

withheld on

I did not receive any gifts for birthing my kids, other than the gift that is life.
However, I think it’s kind of a cute idea. The “term push” present is what makes it sound horrible. It implies that women need gifts just for giving birth, which does seem silly and a bit bratty. But if you look at it as a bf/husband/fiancee giving his sig other a gift as a thank you for gifting him with a child, it’s not that bad. It’s more of an appreciative gesture in that sense

Guest on

I did! My husband had a stone that we bought on our honeymoon mounted and put on a chain for me. I had been meaning to do it and never got around to it. It was very sentimental for us and a fantastic gift. For our 2nd child I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy and couldn’t enjoy my favorite treats so that push present was a piece of my favorite cheesecake from the Cheescake Factory and a mocha from Starbucks!!!

Erika on

Wow! Talked about some jealous people. She never said the baby wasn’t the ultimate reward! But hey it’s nice he got her something pretty after the pregnancy and delivery. I got a pandora bracelet with a baby theme for my sons delivery. Don’t be a hater!

Fortheloveofachild on

I had our son, I was married at the time, just weeks before our son was due my husband told me he wasn’t in love with me anymore but he would always care about me and the baby, that was my present, there were no flowers, he said flowers were a waste of money because I had gotten some from my sister and a friend. Oh almost forgot to tell you, he was having an affair while I was pregnant with our planned child.

fedupinfl on

Maybe instead of an expensive purse they could have gotten married. WTH is a push present? She got pregnant to get him back, because they were broken up. They now have what used to be called a bast..d chid. I know that sounds harsh and perhaps old fashioned but lets try to bring morality back. Just Sayin…………………….

Milana on

The baby is ultimately the best present for both mom and dad but I think a gift for mom is very appreciative, generous and thoughtful. Doesn’t have to be something extravagant. It’s always the thought that counts. My darling hubby got me a gorgeous diamond encrusted Breitling watch! And of course I was surprised and so thankful. A ‘push present’ is just a thank you gift. No biggie!! Congrats to them!!

guest on

How about a “push” gift for the rest of us? Like Kristin being pushed in front of an oncoming bus?

SweetS on

Does this mean that if the baby was born via c-section the gift would be called a ‘cut present’?? #just saying =)) cute baby though

Meagan on

A grey Birkin bag as a “push present”… all I got were stretch marks, hemorrhoids and an 8 inch scar from the emergency c-section, after 4 hours of pushing… fml

mo on

My goodness. Not that I am against a mother getting gifts after she has her baby, that is fine and good, but my heck, a ‘push’ present. What is this world coming to.I had five children who are all grown into successful human beings and as a mother that is the biggest gift of all. As each one was born my gift was seeing that little one and hearing the little cry afterward. I always loved the flowers which I usually got, after I “delivered” our children, but never thought of receiving a “push present”. Just does not sound right! I am 69 and thought I had heard almost everything but find I definitely have not! I do congratulate the parents and darling baby as it is a wonderful time for them. And as I said, gifts are great, but please, again I say, “Push Presents”?

Jessica on

….another excuse for materialism and gift pressure!!!

Who cares on

Who cares about her? Is she a huge celebrity?? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pushed2 on

Where the heck is my push present? I never heard of this until now. Shoot I would have gotten a nice gift too had I known. Lol. Good for her. She has a beautiful healthy baby, nice handbag and a fiancé. Stop hating

whatever on

Did not…I do not need gift to push my baby

Ashley on

My wasn’t called a push present because I had a c-section but I still got a new car for the first one and a bigger car for the second one. I’m pregnant with my third, so I don’t know what I’ll get this time.

whatever on

YOUR NEWBORN BABY IS THE BIGGEST GIFT…what else one would want?

Carrie on

My push presents were my beautiful children. Nothing my husband bought me could have ever compared to them. But that’s me. If other women want push presents, so be it.

Tiffany on

I agree “push present” sounds kind of odd, especially when some women have a c-section. Makes them feel like they’re not as significant since they didn’t “push” their baby out, but they deserve just as much credit..if not more! I DO think men should give their wives SOMETHING for carrying a baby for 40 weeks and delivering. Even if its just flowers to say thanks!!! That’s NOT being spoiled, that’s showing appreciation!

Redhookfox on

Good grief is right! What a vulgar, and completely common expression and sentiment. If a husband/lover/man feels it necessary to reward a natural function with some material token I suppose that is his business, private business between him and his lady, not for public scrutiny and comparison. I personally find the term offensive, certainly classless.

Okay... on

I got a baby for a push present…

Dawn on

I think it’s nice that her fiance is showing his appreciation for her and the gift of their precious baby, but at the same time what a way to highlight the decadence of Hollywood juxtaposed with many of us struggling to pay for groceries or clothing for our children. No wonder so many people are offended by the idea of this…

CiberMonki on

Dear Kristin,

Your “push present” for pushing is YOUR KID. Be thankful he was healthy. Something that a lot of mothers don’t get the joy of experiencing.

A Mother who counts her blessings everyday that her daughter remains happy and healthy after experiencing the loss of a son at 20 weeks pregnant.

weezer on

She’s an idiot!

catca on

I’ve never heard of getting a push present before but I don’t see how it’s offensive. Yes, your baby is the ultimate present but there’s nothing wrong with your partner purchasing something for you to say he appreciates what you went through for the baby. Of course it’s not necessary but some of the best presents we ever get aren’t ones given to us on Valentine’s Day or birthdays but rather the “just thinking of you” sort of presents and I think this falls into that. If Hallmark comes out with a card to say “good pushing mama”, that’s where you cross the line and go from a sweet thought to an offensive commercialized expectation.

VegasGirl on

Push presents are ridiculous! The birth of your healthy, beautiful baby is your ‘present.’

Phuzzie1 on

A push present? I never heard of it.

gabish90 on

Wow. She is a lucky girl. I wish my boyfriend would get me such nice presents or at least think to. I doubt he would

gabish90 on

Wow, she has a nice hubby!

jessi b on

I’m sure she realizes her baby is her real gift. Too bad the article was emphasized on an expensive purse. Now she is getting bad press for a story that was poorly focused on a topic that clearly pisses off the less fortunate and old school folks. I thought it was a sweet gesture of her fiance though, my husband gave me the best “push” gift….getting up with the baby for those late nite feedings and comfort. Now that’s appreciation! LOL, but you go Kristen, I’m not a hater, Id love to get that same bag!

Nicole on

I’ve heard of a push present but it wasn’t something I really needed or wanted. But to each their own. She obviously loves her son and really that’s what matters. People with money just get to go over the top with their presents. I’ve known people who’ve got smaller items but they have the money so they spent it. Just because half of you have never heard of it doesn’t mean you can judge her. You’re no better than anyone else. A bunch of judgemental and negative people.

Janey on

I find the term ‘Push Present’ completely offensive.

No name on

I received one (a one carat diamond solitaire ring). It was perfect, just like my daughter.

kat on

Dear ladies, the push present is the baby. END. OF. STORY.

christina on

Ive never heard of a push present. It sounds like a nice thing. We do go through a lot giving birth and yes the baby is gift enough, but its nice to get a nonliving gift too.

kate on

everyone paying attention knows that they called off their wedding, she announced she was pregnant, and he took her back. this will be over before you know it.

Lisa on

Push presents go back to medieval times. They also had bride gifts for the morning after (maybe as a thank you for last night, sorry that hurt!). I would have loved a gift, and every year after, the child gets the birthday gift.

Ella on

All these petty, jealous comments make me ashamed to be a woman!! Whatever happened to “Live and let live”? If you don’t want a “push present” –ridiculous name, I’ll give you that–don’t have one. If you want to be married before you have children, fine. But don’t for one second think that your world view should apply to how everyone else lives their lives. Not everyone believes in needing a piece of paper to legitimize a commitment to their SO. Not all males think a present for carrying and delivering their child is excessive. Stop shaming this girl for living her life on her terms. Good grief!!

Alexandra on

Well, Kristin’s PR person is working extra hard this week!

Her “push present” should be the gift of being blessed with a child. This should be called her “thank you present”. I wonder what tomorrows article will be about Kristin and her baby so her picture stays on :-/

emasmommy on

A car after giving childbirth? A house? A diamond necklace? Wow…. So what about those amazing mother’s that adopted their child? What about those amazing mother’s that had a carrier to have their child? What would you call our present? We must NEVER forget about mother’s like myself that were unable to “push” a child out. We may not go through the physical pain of giving birth, but we go through much more emotional and mental pain, which can be worse. God Bless ALL mother’s.

swack on

Ok, it is nice for the guy to give the girl a present for having a baby, but does it have to be a big deal? To me you lessen the meaning of the gift by shouting it out to the world. To me a better gift would be for the husband to do something instead of buy something, such as, have the house cleaned before she gets home, make (not buy) dinner for her for her first night home, etc. I also don’t get having baby showers for second and third babies – but I’m pretty old fashioned.

Angie on

I think that she looks beautiful, and happy! Her baby is adorable! I see nothing wrong with a “push present” which by the way was not coined by her, nor is she the first mom to get one. How is it any different then a Mother’s day gift? It is a gift meant to show appreciation for someone who has worked hard to bring you into this world! I am always so amazed at how mean people can be, why are women so quick to judge other women?

ProudAmericanWoman on

It’s not that she was given a gift that is offensive- it’s the fact that they are publicizing this ostentation when 23 million Americans are out of work and 1 in 6 Americans are living in poverty. Not very classy. Enjoy your $50,000 handbag, Kristin. But better to have kept your good fortune yours and not rubbed in people’s faces during what is almost a depression.

Virginia on

I got a new camera to take pictures of the best present I’ve ever gotten!

Chrissy on

The only gift you need is the one you just delivered. Anything else is just for silly commercialism.

Someone on

I don’t get the point of push presents because there isn’t a choice in who’s going to deliver the baby. It’s not like the woman chooses to be the one to carry and deliver the baby. Men can’t get pregnant, so it’s a pretty unfair advantage.

Cath on

Why do we celebrate mediocrity?

Cath on

I’m with you withheld.

Amy on

It’s a bit extravagant but the point is not to be selfish or that your baby isn’t a good enough gift. It’s your husband/partner recognizing all of the hard work the woman went through through pregnancy and birth. It’s not exclusive to natural birth or anything. It’s nice way of rewarding you and your hard work. It’s not such a bad thing, although not necessary.

ds on

I would like to push her off of a cliff

Booka on

This “push present” silliness seems to be something made up for rich/spoiled celebrities. I recall when Victoria Beckham had her last baby, there was much speculation what her “push present” would be.

Disgusted on

Push present?! Ugghh I am disgusted w the greed & materialism that has infested every aspect of life, including giving birth. This article is definitely a huge sign that I do not need to visit this website ever again!

Blue Angel on

Why don’t they give the baby a “push present”…. he’s the poor soul that got pushed out!

pixy14 on

isn’t the baby the push present??????

Ella on

The vitriol some of you are spewing towards this young girl is just plain ridiculous. One poster even said he/she would like to push Kristin off a cliff! That is mean and unnecessary. If you don’t like her or her choices, simply don’t read the articles about her. Here is a girl who is excited about having her first child, and you people criticize her for being spoiled and bragging. People magazine asked her what her gift from Jay was. Kristin answered and, I think, was trying to acknowledge her appreciation in saying her fiancé did a good job of picking her gift. I don’t think she was rubbing her gift in anyone’s face. If you took it that way, maybe you need to examine your own life and why you feel this girl deserves your hate.

tuck19 on

To each his own

Olivia on

push present?

DMLCHanson on

I think its crazy that some women think they deserve a present for going through childbirth… Isnt the birth of your child present enough anyway?? The only thing I wanted as a “gift” was to give birth to a healthy baby and thats exactly what happened! We welcomed our son 8 days late, in 2 hours and 2 minutes and we weighed in at 9 lbs 6 oz on 9.11.12 :-) No wonder other countries call us greedy Americans. Always need to be rewarded for everything…

Belle on

Maybe the name ‘push present’ is what is bugging everyone? I don’t see anything wrong with a gift. Yes, the baby is the real gift, but what is wrong with a husband getting his wife a gift? My husband bought me a charm bracelet with the birth of each of my girls. The bracelet, with the first charm on it…. then I have continued to add charms to them over the years and will give them to my daughters some day.

sha on

Really a Mercedes??? Can you say spoiled much. You should just be thankful you had a healthy baby. Women today are so darn spoiled.

alexgenie on

‘Push presents’ are totally unheard of where I come from. What a load of rubbish. Why should a woman be rewarded for giving birth? Isn’t the birth of a healthy baby a present in itself?

missy on

Not to be mean, but the baby looks like his dad was either a hobbit or the dude with weird ears on star-trek!

Jane on

I think a push present is not necessary, but if there’s a little sentimental token to remember the birth (e.g. a special Christmas ornament, maybe a little necklace with the baby’s name or initials on it) then that can be nice. I got a hand written note from my husband and it made me cry so much I got it framed! That’s the best push present–not to mention the baby! ;-)

amy on

gorgeous baby and mama!

negativity sucks on

Oh my goodness, I’ve never before seen such rude comments. “push presents” have been around for the longest time, although probably not always called that, they are a nice gesture that the man gives to show appreciation not to “spoil” the mother. Yes the baby us the ultimate gift but what gets me is how everyone says that the “baby” is your present…no the baby is your and the fathers child, not a gift you can’t return the baby is you don’t like it. My push present was a sweet card and a big bag of chocolates that he snuck down and bought…it was sweet and I loved it

Carla on

on’t fall for it moms! Jut another ploy invented by retailers to get us to spend money on something we don’t need. Worst of all. it puts pressure on new fathers to have to buy their wives an expensive gift, when they need to save their money for diapers and college educations.

Ladies, don’t put that guilt on your husbands – it’s not nice.

Carol on

I’m a “baby boomer” who had her child at 40…and my husband gave me a pair of diamond earrings and a spa day. That was in 1992 and he did it because he loves me!

Ryann on

I’ve decided that its the upper class that get the “push presents” that are news worthy such as a Hermes bag, Mercedes, house, diamond necklace, cruise, etc. I was very pleased with the bouquet of roses I got with the birth of my children. I even dried the roses so I can hopefully give them to my girls one day!

Denise on

I think the comment here is – Does anyone get married before having a baby? I am an extremely open minded person, but individuals in the public eye do not understand how they influence people. These two individuals are millionaires, but so many young people are not. Set an example.

Lilly Lucas on

I think a push present is a great idea. I know the baby is the best gift and blah blah blah. But come on we made up Santa to get presents, why not push presents

Clee on

You know what I got a baby for my present lol. It’s called being working class and not expecting a present every time you do something life changing. Shouldn’t you just hope for a healthy baby… We’re all about the reward system in America and it starts as soon as your in preschool.

Kristy on

I don’t understand the purpose of a “push present”. Isn’t the baby “present” enough??? Whatever.

Crick on

It’s not the push present itself (although its ludicrous to me that you need more than your baby) it’s the entire culture of consumerism and more more more. Just enjoy the birth of your child and bask in the natural glory of your expanded family.

LillyB on

Wow, why the negative comments!!! Congrats to Kristin & Jay for that handsome bundle of joy (how sweet)!!! Congratulate don’t hate:)))))))

Jenna on

You mothers are so uptight and crabby! I sincerely hope you aren’t spreading this hateful behavior on to your children! Should be ashamed of yourselves for setting such a bad example! Your children are in serious trouble, they need positive role models..wonder why bullying is on the rise among our young ones!

Karlie on

What bothers me is not the “push present” or anything about the article itself. What bothers me is how ridiculously Photoshopped this picture is. It would be cute if they didn’t look like mannequins.

Tres Stupeed on

Push present? What a utterly ridiculous concept! Before I read the article and saw the picture, I thought her “tres chic” push present was supposed to be her baby. She should be ashamed and embarrassed being featured in such a whacked out story!

Anais on

She was soo happy about her present. What ARE you all going on about is embarrassing. Let the men work for us girls-whatever they do bring it on i say. Why are some against this??? Believe it or not some men is the world don’t even appreciate women giving birth. They think it’s our “job”. get over yourselves!

Jojos Momma on

the push presant should b the baby you have pushed out.. end of..

California on


ellepop on

Why, oh, why, is just ANYONE allowed to get pregnant and raise children?

meme on

My “push” present was my beautiful daughter. Nothing compares to my sweet babe.

Oh Please on

You and me both @Totally Ridiculous!! :-) She is such a spoiled brat.

Leigh on

It is interesting to me how polarizing this subject is, even down to the name push present. It disappoints me that something so trivial has spawned such radical comments. If you received a push present how in the world does that imply your child was not enough of a gift or miracle. If you didn’t how does that imply your wiser or more evolved. Your birth story is just that, yours. There would be a huge weight lifted if the gift of comparing would stop.

Tamara on

I certainly didn’t ask for a push present, but a few days after giving birth to my daughter, my husband surprised me with some beautiful diamond stud earrings. Other than my engagement ring/wedding band set, I’ve never owned another diamond and now those earrings are a treasured gift that I wear for special occasions. My baby was a gift, but amid the soft squishy belly, the sleepeless nights and lank hair, having something from him that said he appreciated my carrying our baby was such a special sentiment. If it’s not an expectation, I don’t understand why anyone has a problem with it. Babies are incredible, but the whole process is still hard work. Why shouldn’t a partner have the right to express his loved and appreciation with a gift?

alwhite on

Yea the miracle and the greatest gift of all is that beautiful baby that you welcome in to the world… but the push gift is a gift that you get for what you have to go through while pregnant and then the actual labor. I know i saw some of the comments so spare me but when i have my first child I want a push present. women always say how hard child birth is and how it takes a lot to carry a child and then go through labor, so now you can have a present, other then the baby, for all the hard work… i totally get where some of you are coming from, but i still want my present.

Whosawhatnow on

I wouldn’t know Kristin Cavallari if I tripped over her in the street, so why is something as inane as her “push present” news in any way, shape, or form???

Ree-Dik-YOU-Less on

I got a push present… An 8lb, 13oz son that I’m absolutely in love with. Good enough for me.
What if she’d had a C-Section? Would she have still gotten a “Push Present”? Silly and spoiled, absolutely.

SLM on

I think it’s wonderful that he gave her a gift. It’s a great way to say thank you for ruining your body, eating a lot more than usual, getting stretch marks, dealing with loss of sleep during pregnancy, and all the uncomfortable gas. After all of that you NEED a present!! I also think this is a way of showing support and appreciation for the delivery it’s self. I believe most men should give women a ” push present “

Big Whoop on

You know what I got from my husband? Not a damn thing. But I got a gorgeous baby girl, twice!

BBB on

I don’t really understand Push presents. Isn’t having a new baby present enough? She’s not the first one to mention it, I just think it’s an odd concept. A sweet gesture would be a spa day or something to allow the mother to relax after all the strain but it shouldn’t be obligatory and it definitely shouldn’t be something like a purse, shoes, hat. I guess to each his own.

Virgogal on

A woman has to go thru 9 months of carrying a baby & then hours of labor to bring the child into the world. A “Push Present” is a small token of all the hard work. I will admit that I never got a “Push Present”, but I don’t think it’s degrading at all.

Summer on

Push presents have been around for hundreds of years. Of course a woman realizes the ultimate gift is her child. It’s just a nice way for the father to show his appreciation for all the mom has went through to give him the gift of a child. Why does anyone get bent out of shape over it? Sounds like jealousy. My husband got me a ring with my daughter’s birthstone. I love it and wear it nearly every day. I had a very difficult pregnancy and it was his way of showing his love and appreciation (not that he doesn’t do that on a daily basis anyway).

Katie1976 on

I hope all these people criticizing the push present idea sent back all their wedding gifts, since your husband should be the real gift… sccording to your logic anyway.

Laura on

It is a very lovely idea to receive a push present and by the way for the women who don’t know, a push present is for any delivery not just a vaginal birth. What I think is completely offensive and rude is anyone on here making it a crime to be appreiated! Its grotest that you are reading so much into anything. Men don’t have nautia and their guts ripped open or places cut or losing blood. Don’t put anything negative about a baby being born. Its not a requirement but a thank u, an I love u, a “you helped give me a family.” And just bc ur husband might not have done that, doesn’t mean others can’t. I haven’t yet had a baby but can’t wait to have the privilege to have a baby and if my husband chooses to, I will tell everyone how greatful I am that he would be so sensitive and sweet to do so. And don’t attack me bc I have an opinion. Its THE UNITED STATES FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Like we need more people to tell us what’s a crime just bc they want to feel powerful and tell them what they can’t have or shouldn’t have. Leave loving couples alone! on

For those of us young women that can’t have children a push present is just an extra slap in the face. I’d take the baby and leave the purse….

Kristine on

Oh, priorities change, eh? So, she’s donating that “push present” to charity then?

“Does this baby make me look fat?”

The kid looks embarrassed, too!

jsp8355 on

Who started the “push present” fad? It had to be some millionaire celebrity. Since when does a woman have to be rewarded for birthing her baby? I had two children who I love dearly, and their births and being able to hold them in my arms after 9 long months of waiting was the greatest gift I ever received. When did that stop being enough? The “push present” fad is just a bunch of superficial B.S.

Kristine on

“I hope all these people criticizing the push present idea sent back all their wedding gifts, since your husband should be the real gift… sccording to your logic anyway.”

@Katie1976 – The last time I checked, wedding presents were given to the two of you for your life together, as are baby shower gifts. A “push present” is just given to the attention-seeking “mother.” How about a “squirt present” for the father, according to your own logic?

Kar on

So much negativity over a nice sentiment! Sometimes it is so nice to have someone recognize the mother. During pregnancy the focus is solely on the baby, as it should be. But a push present says thank you for all that you have given; your body, your health, your dedication. My husband worked hard and bought me an iPhone as a push present so that I could take pictures, communicate and share the experience with my family, all of whom live 17 hours away and could not join me! I felt so blessed to bring my baby into this world, but after a very long and difficult pregnancy it was very nice to be thought of as well!

katmjohn1 on

I pushed my kid out and was rewarded with a lovely BBQ dinner. It was quite thoughtful and I loved it so much. I think it’s crazy to give someone a gift for pushing out a baby. So if you have a c-section you get nothing? Just wondering……

Chakita on

Jealous much… god its a sweet idea. Get overit. Stop bit**ing about it!!!

Denise on

I agree…a push present is silly and unnecessary. The “present” is the gift of a healthy child!!! Leave it to the “rich and famous” to come up with another excuse for shallow, pricey gifts, to take away from the real celebration!

Mari on

I think everyone who has posted a negative comment about a guy wanting to give his girl a gift for the birth of their child is jealous cause their partner didn’t!

Kristine on

That’s right, Mari. I only received a luxury home and a sports car from my partner, and I’m seething!

alisha on

Kristin looks so happy! congrats on the beautiful baby AND your push present!

Beth on

Amen, Totally ridiculous! I was just thrilled to not have to pay the almost $40,000 hospital bill I would have had to pay without my insurance. Push presents… Please.

Maxine on

“It is a very lovely idea to receive a push present and by the way for the women who don’t know, a push present is for any delivery not just a vaginal birth. What I think is completely offensive and rude is anyone on here making it a crime to be appreiated! Its grotest that you are reading so much into anything. Men don’t have nautia and their guts ripped open or places cut or losing blood. Don’t put anything negative about a baby being born. Its not a requirement but a thank u, an I love u, a “you helped give me a family.” And just bc ur husband might not have done that, doesn’t mean others can’t. I haven’t yet had a baby but can’t wait to have the privilege to have a baby and if my husband chooses to, I will tell everyone how greatful I am that he would be so sensitive and sweet to do so. And don’t attack me bc I have an opinion. Its THE UNITED STATES FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Like we need more people to tell us what’s a crime just bc they want to feel powerful and tell them what they can’t have or shouldn’t have. Leave loving couples alone!”

Men can’t get pregnant, it’s not a matter of them not wanting to, it’s a matter of them not being able to. Men go to war and get their arms and legs blown off. Don’t they deserve gifts from their wives? Childbirth is extremely painful I have 5 kids I know this, but you don’t die from it, and it doesn’t ruin your body if you take care of yourself.

Brandy on

Wow…. Well I would like to point out that she nor her fiance referred to the bag as a “push present” in this article and judging a woman you have never met because her fiance bought her a gift after their child was born isn’t very classy either. And I missed the part in the article where she said she had the child to receive the bag….? What lucky children you must all have…

amber on

What is all the fuss about? A push present is just a gift your husband gives you after the baby is born. After my friends have babies I bring them a gift, is that offensive? Are you embarrassed to be an American because I buy baby gifts for my friends?

guest on

Yes…it was called a baby. My sons were my “push presents”…and nothing in the world can beat that!!!

lauren on

Wow! I cannot believe how negative most of these comments are. Is it only because she is a celebrity that people like to bash her? A push gift is a nice way to show some appreciation for going through labor and delivery. If your best friend got a push present from their husband, would you be saying all these things?? Sounds like jealousy to me!

Kelly on

Show of hands from the naysayers: how many of you accept Mother’s Day gifts each May?
That’s different how?

awhitmire on

my “push present” came via c-section. why would anyone think a push present is even necessary when the best gift you could EVER get is a healthy baby?!?! this may come as a shock, but it doesnt have to be all about the mother….you know, this is the birth of your child, maybe they can have a little of the glory without stealing the mother’s thunder!

Breelee on

I got a push present… it was my healthy, beautiful baby boy! That’s priceless and he never goes out of style! Shame Shame! It’s like ” Look, I’m giving up my figure, my body to give you a baby, what are you going to give me?” Really? You should see what some of the mom’s are asking for in La Jolla!

Karen on

I got a Tiffany bracelet for my 1st push present and Pandora bracelet for my 2nd. The hubby did great picking them out!

Pele on

There’s a lot of commentary about push presents out there… check out the Juno Lucina website and the posts on Reddit!

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