The Rumors Are True! Lea Michele Is the New Face of L'Oréal Paris

09/17/2012 at 02:30 PM ET

Lea Michele
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Lea Michele has a little something extra to sing about today: as earlier rumors suggested, the actress was just named the newest face of L’Oréal Paris.

“I’m overjoyed and beyond honored to be a part of the L’Oréal Paris family,” the actress tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I’m such a fan of L’Oréal Paris not just for all of their amazing products, but for what they stand for. I’m so thankful to be a part of a television show that promotes inner beauty and self-worth. Now to be a part of this amazing family that expresses the same amazing message is such an honor.”

The Glee star joins a talented roster of brand ambassadors, which includes Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani and Eva Longoria, among others. “This is such a dream come true,” Michele says.

“A beautiful woman inside and out, Lea truly exemplifies our brand philosophy, ‘Because You’re Worth It,'” L’Oréal Paris USA president Karen T. Fondu adds in a release. “We are so honored to welcome her as a member of the family.”

The starlet’s first print and television ads will break in early 2013. However, her relationship with the brand began long before this partnership.

“Growing up on stage, I was introduced to makeup at a young age and I will never forget the first time I tried on a L’Oréal Paris iconic lipstick,” Michele recalls. “It was instant glamour, and I’ve been hooked ever since.” Tell us: Do you think Michele will make a good L’Oréal Paris spokeswoman? 

–Kate Hogan


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Showing 68 comments

Jeah on

Omg, congrats Lea!!! How great.

Jo on

Yay!!! I’m so happy and excited for you! :)

Jill on

yay! lea aka perfection. :]

guest on

Its gorgeous!!! Perfection….well done Mr. Reynolds!

nel on

excellent choice! Lea is gorgeous.

Susan on

Yuck. Well I guess they really did focus on “inner beauty” because it’s certainly not on the outside. Sorry, I know many love her. I’m NOT a fan.

Laila on

Great for her! Definitely need to hear her stance on L’Oreal’s animal testing, however.

Guest 123 on

Funny how she’s a vegan and L’oreal test on animals.

Lily on

L’Oreal is making her and her nose the face of their product…I guess I am changing brands

Merry on

She is beautiful in every way possible, she is also crazy talented and a big inspiration. Perfect choice!

Ever on

That’s great! So happy for Lea! She’s a great beauty icon for every girl whose ever been told they weren’t pretty enough because they don’t look like everyone else. Truly impressed with L’Oreal for picking an unconventional beauty. I’m sure her ads will be stunning, can’t wait!

Pam on

Hmm interesting choice considering she’s a vegan and they test on animals. I wonder if she knows that. She is very pretty however.

.. on

Not a fan at all

Doug on

In real life she is an arrogant egotistical spoiled brat. I can’t believe more of her past and time on Spring Awakening hasn’t been making the rounds on the internet. She was horrible. Bad choice to represent any company.

Laura on

If I had to guess I’d say L’Oreal is coming out with a new line that is not tested on animals and that’s why they chose her to be the face.
If not, I’m sure it will be a short marriage.

danielle on

she is not pretty at all. such a downgrade from jennifer lopez and beyonce

ShyGuy on

I’m not a fan of the paps but when you see someone who doesn’t know they are being watched; you see the real person. She’s not a nice person. All we ever see is her Showface, her phony smile. When you look past it you won’t like what you see. I thought she liked animals?? All this time she’s been using this stuff?

fanofboardwalkempire on

What an honor! way to go Lea! Yeah!

Sophia on

Perfect choice!! I’ve never even seen Glee but I love Lea Michele. And I love how she looks different (face-wise) than most other women in Hollywood. (It got boring seeing the same bone structure on TV a long time ago.)

Kim on

She is pretty I don’t get how people pretend she isn’t. And as far as diva rumor they are just tat diva rumors. She probably has moments like everyone, but I have heard from many people who have said she was perfectly nice with or without camera.
If you don’t like her fine but this need to actively spread rumors and hate is odd, just ignore her.

PL on

She isn’t hasn;t bene for some time now. Anyway L’Oreal also has been taking to steps to back off the animal testing and heres hoping keep going in the right direction. Maybe their commitment to changing is a reason she was willing to work with them.

Jenna on

They test their products on ANIMALS. Way to go Miss Vegan…

LM on

L’Oreal has been focusing on backing away from animal testing – read the news. I think she’s a great choice for a spokesperson. And I agree with the poster who said no one’s perfect or on all the time. I know of people who have met Lea and said she was really nice. There are a few very vocal Lea haters out there (most of whom are J. Groff obsessed and crazy jealous of her friendship with him) who want everybody else to hate her, too. Go, Lea!

JillK on

Whoah at some of these comments. Why do the jealous fans of the other girls on Glee, or the boys from Spring Awakening, insist on following news articles about her just to be hateful? They’re all happy for one another’s successes, you should try to be too, or just say nothing at all.

Anyways, super excited for her! I know she’s not a vegan anymore, but she does work with Peta so curious about L’Oreal’s stance on animal testing.

mikki on

yikes- that nose!

drgrady on

Aw, she sounds like a perfect match for them!

Kasee on

So glad that others have pointed out L’Oreal’s practice of testing on animals, but disappointed that both she and Pink seem to throw their values out the window when offered a lucrative cosmetics contract :(

raveness16 on

congrats! :)

guest on

She has to be one of the most annoying and over rated celebs out there, but aside from that I do appreciate the fact that she is uniquely pretty and that Loreal chose someone who looks like an avergage girl not a supermodel.
Just my person opinion. Not hating on her.

Autumn on

Well, I will no longer be using L’Oreal. I thought they had better taste.

essielisa on


weezer on

She’s so annoying!! One more reason for her stare at herself in the mirror and pose.

Christine on

Wonder if Lea knows she is representing a company whose products contain many cancer-causing and otherwise toxic chemicals. Check out L’Oreal on the Environmental Working Groups ( Cosmetics Safety database.

Donna on

Well, why not stroke her ginormous ego just a tad more! Maybe with all the extra cash she’ll finally get that honker bobbed.

BKF on

My personal opinion, of course. She is naturally beautiful and I’m so glad she hasn’t caved to Hollywood’s definition of “beauty.” The Hollywood actresses with nauseating amounts of plastic surgery and no talent have NOTHING on her.

Heather on

is L’Oreal completely Vegan like Lea is? I know they have some haircare products that are…hmmm! I guess cash is King!

elena on

yay, i love her! She is very beautiful. (: great choice!

vanssa on

yayyy!!! she is a beautiful human CONGRATS!!!

Guest on

Yuck…need I say more??

Chrissie on

It’s unbelievable to see some of the comments…so much hate. She is a beautiful person that I am sure, like all of us, has good days and bad. She shouldn’t be judged by some actions. If we judged some of you by the comments you posted, I am sure people’s opinion would be that you are shallow and callous.

Jess on

I love Lea, but I’m surprised. I guess because she was vegan, I assumed she was an advocate for animal rights, and L’Oreal is a company that is infamous for still testing their cosmetic products on animals. I know a lot of people won’t agree with me, but I’m a little disappointed in her :(

Torrence on

I say get it girl and I didn’t even like this chick. I don’t think Glee is still popular but she manages to snag a contract and make a bundle, more power to you. The economy sucks, even in Hollywood. Make that coin.

proveg on

So sad that she’d sell out the animals to make a buck. I hope they show her what goes on “behind the scenes” and then hopefully someone will ask her, “Are you worth it?”

Jill on

Lea is a proud Vegan and she will NOT like how L’oreal does cruel animal testing. I would never work for this company

Kristina on

Of course ignorant people are gonna make comments about the way Lea looks. Stop being so negative people. What’s wrong with Lea being used as the face of a make up brand? She may not look picture perfect compared to J.Lo, but it’s a start for girls who always felt the way Lea felt growing up.

sejuti on

SO PROUD!!! Love you lea

Miss B on


Joe on

Why don’t people read the comments. 1. Lea isn’t a vegan anymore. 2. L’Oreal has recently said they are backing away from animal testing and is working with the EPA to fine better testing methods. 3. stop believing every rumor you hear. 4. I have no idea how people say she is unattractive. If you said she wasn’t you cup of tea ok, but to claim she is unattractive just makes no sense.

whatever on


omerta138 on

Ugh why? she’s so unattractive and a mega b**ch.

lenny on

Lea Michele I love you and think u r gorgeous but why wud u sign for a company that still tests on animals, i know they make contributions financially to luk for alternatives testings but they still do test, i thought u luvd ur cats

voiceswriter on

Reblogged this on Voiceswriter and commented:
Congratulations to her but I was so sure they were going to pick Camilla Belle or Amanda Seyfried.

bella on

I cant even stand ot look at this girl… I have no idea why. Too many teeth I think?

Lipsy on

Arrrghhhhhhhhh! I cant stand her!

Michele on

I am surprised and saddened that a vegan such as Lea would work for a company that tests on animals.

Tori on

Sorry, this girl needs a nose job bad to be modeling makeup closeup in this industry. I wouldn’t be buying anything she’s selling. Jmo.

Steve on

I think Lea is one of the greatest choices for L’Oreal Paris new face !!!! Congrats LEAAAA :)

Sarah on

Great for her! So excited, i am a huge fan. Shes pretty inside and out no matter what anybody says. Congrats!!!

Nina on

I think Lea will be great! Way to go, girl!

Lynn on

I don’t really care for her over-acting or her singing voice. And if her face is plastered all over a L’Oreal display, I won’t be going anywhere near it. What an odd choice for L’Oreal Cosmetics.

Kelly on

I see nothing odd about choosing a talented unconventionally beautiful young woman as a spokesperson for any nearly any company.
Good choice L’Oreal and keep o working towards no animal testing.

dan on

I’m surprised they didn’t vet their choice looking from the public eye. Some bean counter looked at the numbers and made this decision. They made a mistake with this choice.

Madelaine Sarfati Cooper on

So proud of my cousin’s talent and beauty.
You have earned your place with hard work and belief in yourself. Ignore those who are ennvious. You go girl!!

Christa on

I think they must want to target her teen audience and those young adults under 30 (or 25 yrs). I like her singing voice and I WAS a fan but she is too much and I don’t think she fits the brand. My favorite L’Oreal spokespeople are Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani…and MAYBE Eva Longoria. I always thought L’Oreal was the more “sophisticated” of the drugstore brands, lol. Lea is more bubblegum and trendy, not a sophisticate. I don’t really think It meshes well business wise with the brand- so it’s not just because I’m not really a fan of hers.

Pat on

I’ve wondered why Lea wasn’t a spokesperson for one of the fine cosmetic companies and now she is! Congratulations, Lea! You have the glowing complexion and beautiful eyes and smile I would love to have.

Pat on

It’s time a fine cosmetic company hired Lea to represent them in ads. She has a beautiful glow along with fantastic smile and eyes. Congratulations, Lea! Well deserved:)

Ikhsal on

You could be her younger steisr! But I don’t think you look exactly a like because she is 25 years old and Im guessing you are around 15 years old And you also have longer and lighter hair

wandi on

Absolutely man!
She’s P-E-R-F-E-C-T!
can wait to see our new L’oreal ‘s NEW FACE!

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