Katie Holmes Shows Her Holmes & Yang Line; the Fashion World Reacts

09/12/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

Katie Holmes Kevin Mazur/WireImage

It’s over: Katie Holmes made her New York Fashion Week debut Wednesday morning, presenting 14 looks from her Holmes & Yang spring 2013 line to a select group of buyers, editors and fashionistas at the Lincoln Center tents. So … what’s the verdict?

“It all looks very much like Katie,” the New York Times‘s fashion writer Eric Wilson Tweeted (Suri’s Burn Book author Allie Hagan subsequently called this one a “burn”).

Women’s Wear Daily had kinder words, writing that the designers “are following in the footsteps of Victoria Beckham and [Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen] of The Row, fashion’s most successful celebrity crossovers above the mass level.” The Los Angeles Times referenced the clothes’ “relaxed L.A. sensibility,” and added, “There’s no reason to think that the line won’t continue to gain momentum.” Vogue U.K. had the kindest words, writing that the looks “packed a lot of punch,” had “smart details,” were “well edited [and] jovial” and that Holmes & Yang seem to be making “attire that is desirable and covetable.”

Additional Tweets were fairly sweet, with InStyle editor Ariel Foxman highlighting one clean black-and-white dress in particular, and Glamour‘s fashion director Anne Christensen calling the separates (and one specific navy moto jacket) simply “great.”

Holmes & Yang Courtesy Eric Wilson

Other standouts included a dramatic black dress, cute black and blue frocks, red shorts and a camel-colored suede capelet. Bobbi Brown — who recently signed Holmes as her first-ever celebrity spokeswoman — did makeup for the show, while OPI handled nails (using “Samoan Sand” topped with asymmetrical French tips).

Holmes arrived at the tents early, decked out in black slacks, a white blouse, leather jacket, colorful pumps and gold jewels. The designer — who created the line with her stylist, Jeanne Yang — made a couple of adjustments to the models during the presentation, and chatted with a few people in the crowd (which included Smash star Katharine McPhee).

The actress recently told WWD that she and Yang wanted to present their line at Fashion Week “because the brand is growing and expanding … we thought we would have something a little more substantial.”

Holmes & Yang Courtesy Times Fashion

Showing their clothes Wednesday as a presentation (where models stand still and guests walk around them) as opposed to a standard runway show, Holmes said the method “was more appropriate for the clothes we sell … more of a transition for us from meeting privately with buyers in a hotel room to going right to a big show.”

Regardless of the critics’ opinions, Holmes can take solace in the fact that she felt confident in her designs — and isn’t afraid to fail.

“Who cares?” she told WWD when asked about taking such leaps of faith. “At least you tried. It’s usually the people who haven’t tried who are the naysayers.” Tell us: From these shots, what do you think of the Holmes & Yang collection?

–Kate Hogan


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Showing 92 comments

Carol on

That is truly boring pieces. She should of stuck with Tom. This girl has NO talent anywhere.

Pam on

It all looks very much like Katie…calling this one a burn! Lmao that is hilarious! She doesn’t even dress like this herself though, she wears worn out pants, those tan boots, and a chambray shirt or something similar in every picture.

Unknown on

Love the line, its FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

@ Carol you have absolutely NO TASTE!!!!!!!

Sally on

Good for Katie. It’s so nice to see a wearable line. So much of fashion week is purely for that week and will never be worn except for a photo shoot in a mag (but then again that can be photoshopped). Best of luck to her and it looks great so far!

cab on

They look a lot better than some of the outfits I saw from fashion week from well established designers. Too bad she couldn’t have had them wearing different shoes though.

Kelly on

The line looks great, very wearable — love it!

Kat on

I can get similar or better stuff at Kohls for much less. Nothing outstanding/wow about the pieces.

DiDi James on

It’s nothing special…..—at all, sorry to say, not fashion, just clothes I won’t even wear!!!

Faye on

Maybe if the models had some meat on their bones and didn’t look like anorexic patients…. The clothes might not be half bad!

Boring on

Sorry Katie, better luck next time. This line is really boring. Not liking any of it at all.

Ellen on

It looks just like Katie Holmes – bland.

Anna on

This is wearable by normal every day working people making under 250K a year. It’s subtly chic, and this is a good showing. I like Katie’s style. It’s conservative, cute, and sophisticated. It works for a lot of situations. The rest of you soybeanpaste old lady commentators pretending to be all that living in a Gangnam style fantasy land, go hypocritically comment about it being boring somewhere else, like between your pillows which I bet is the most boring place on earth.

Amy C on

Adorable clothes. Love them!!!

gillie coscrove on

Line looks very cheap and not up to real fashion..just what we need another so called actress thinking she should produce a fashion line……

Riannia on

Not a fan of the clothes. I have liked a lot of other things this Fall though. Becoming a big fan of a couple new designers. Katie you love clothes but better to be on the buying end

AMY on

Looks like clothes that the everyday person can actually wear. I like the subtle & classy style that Katie has.

Alexandria on

Holmes “designs” and I use the word loosely, look like anything your would find in a McCall pattern book during the last 50 years. I am pretty sure my Gran sewed up those exact pieces for my Mom back in the 50s and my Mom for me in the 89s. Pretty standard pattern book looks.

That New Yorker Guy on

Congratulations on your new partnership Ms. Holmes!
It is interesting to see how it will sell throughout the world.
You are looking much more happy and very refreshed these days, even after the unfortunate divorce. I am sure Mr. Cruise wishes you success!
Good luck on your Holmes & Yang undertaking.
Ok, I am starving, off to lunch at Olive Garden!

Anon on

While I can see people wearing this stuff, I think it looks more like something a 1st year fashion student at one of the Art Institute schools would make. I don’t know, that blue dress just isn’t properly tailor or something.

GuesT on

I’ve seen better clothes in Target.

Susan on

Katie’s clothes are very classy-but very expensive. I checked out her line for Barney’s and a blouse costs $900!

chuck on

It is a little on the frumpy, boring side, much like Katie. The blue dress on bottom picture looks like dollar store stuff. Sorry for comments.. i do wish katie well,in life, great she has money!!

kiki d on

They all look pretty blah. Nothing stands out at all as a wow piece, or even a good piece. And you know everything is ridiculously overpriced. Maybe she should go on “Project Runway.” But then again most all of them have some sort of training and/or talent. Katie just has a stylist. Or maybe she could team up with Alexis Couture!!!

amy on

Mmm it’s not the ugliest line ever, but, it’s not the prettiest either… It doesn’t say much of anything

geena on

I actually like her line. I find it clean and very wearable. I think her clothes are so much better and more wearable then some of the fashion I have seen from top designers. Her clothes really appeal to the everyday woman and there is nothing wrong with that in my book, cuz we all can’t be super models and movie stars.

Liz on

The outfits are wearable and simple. Only fat people cannot wear this only for the young at hearts.

Shan on

simple and causal, like Katie. Very real.

Dannie on

It’s truly insulting having people that have never even been to design school call themselves designers. Any designer that says they don’t care about failing in fashion obviously doesn’t care about their so-called craft. She’s only in it for the money which is sad because there are so many people that are passionate about fashion and will probably never have a show at NY’s Fashion Week.


Geez, everyone’s a fashion expert, according to the comments!
Considering there are a total of 3 outfits to base judgement on, the pieces seem simple enough, feminine and very wearable. Hope the quality justifies the price tag. Good luck, Katie!

Ashley on

I personally love almost every single style. Of course it’s not going to suit every person’s taste. But this does fit her simple, classic style. A+!

Danielle on

I wish Katie the best of luck in her new venture…..but her style is boring and horrible…….I’m sorry……but not every body has what it takes to be a fashion designer……and not even an artist…….I see her a s a Kindergarten teacher or a nurse……!

Rock on

One thing for sure is you won’t see any of Tom’s Cult member’s buying any but you will see chains like Sears, K-Mart, Macy’s, etc selling the whole line..
Good luck to her…….However it goes the best and smartest thing she did, like Nicole is dump the degenerate, Tom..

tamra on

Good start!

Emma on

I happen to like all of Katie’s pieces. Cool and classy. Good job, Katie.

desiree on

Very simple indeed…but nothing to do with classic.Lines, colors & tailoring quality seems to be under average.In a market in competition at extreme,this brand has no chance to survive…maybe to the name sake of Holmes,but I don’t see any future at all.!:-(

Barbara on

Feminine, understated elegance–very nice. The prices, however, are too high for most average shoppers.

Jessica199 on

It doesn’t look finished; as though something’s missing.

Connie on

Don’t know style but I like some of the looks of the outfits but why aren’t models allowed to smile? I know they are hunger and angry but geesh, I think clothes look much nicer and people look much prettier when they have a smile on their face. Just my opionion. I’d like to see a trend in these shows where the models actually have a personality and crack a smile!

guest on

Try another line of work Kate

Nina on

These pieces I would actually wear. Unlike some of the wacko designs I’ve seen from famous designers, Katie and Jeanne have their finger squarely on easy to wear, simple but cool styles, and some new ideas. Bravo, Katie and Jeanne!

Ashley on

I think they are cute pieces… they only look bad because the models are all skeletons… seriously girls, eat something!

Amber on

…shrugs my shoulders…..

gkings on

Wow. Red shorts! How nice. A blue sundress. Never heard of such. And oh my, a little black dress. These are all simplistic fashions that have been around forever. Nice try, I guess.

Al on

She has NO design sense or talent at all!! She anyway’s most of the time looks dirty and dishevelled…..

SLE on

Sophisticated and Chic

Sky987 on

The name she chose for the line will probably sink it alone :Holmes & Yang – WTF?

Samantha on

I love the clothes. The only thing I wish is, if they are to be sold in the United States, they should be shown as well on models the size of the average American woman – in the 10-12-14 range to give us a better picture of how they might look on us.

Dawn on

really bad…wow… sorry Katie but these are drab, ill-fitting and not stylish at all..

stacy grant on

Clothes the everyday women can wear, unlike fashion week with clothes just for celebrities.

peyton on

Boring and Disappointedly Expected.

kargar on

Dull and boring. Did not even fit well on the model. Just because you have a famous name, does not mean you should have a fashion line. If you are famous, you should have outstanding, innovative fashion style of your own. Not dowby, boring everyday clothing style. Therefore I can understand Victoria Beckham or even Nichole Ritchie, but Katie Holmes and the Olsen twins- I dont get it.

June on

Sorry but none of her clothes appeal to me, they are not my style or what I would wear. I am just being honest but they could easily be mistaken for clothes bought from Walmart, nothing special or outstanding about these clothes. Besides, why would I want to buy clothes from a designer that wears those old, worn out tan boots repeatedly like they are all she has? Katie needs to realize everyone is watching how she dresses out in public so if she wants to be taken seriously, she needs to start dressing smart and wear shoes that are in excellent condition.

Steve on

Didn’t see anything that stood out to me and Yelled “buy me” not impressed,..

Karolina on

I like the clothes – they seem sophisticated and classy however, the price point is way to high for the average person. I think you can easily find similiar styles for much less.

CinciTina on

Ah, another clothing line for pretty, skinny people. When will someone create a line for regular-shaped women???

Pips on

Yikes, not good. Is this line for K-mart or Sears??

Pips on

Yikes, is this line for K-mart or Sears??

Pat on


Trish on

I have seen better at Target!

rexann boyd on

I actually love her style and love what she has created! She is more than an actress, clearly!

Shauna on

They DO look like Katie, cute and comfortable, all these are something that i could or have seen on her.

K on

Looks like everything else out there…nothing special….

Lonnie on

My first thought was boring like so many others are saying. These outfits are so Plain Jane. Yawn.

Jay Kay on

What a snooze. Someone else said it first–looks like quite a few things I can pick up at Kohl’s for a fraction of the price (that is, if I would ever wear any of these pieces).

emily on

boring clothing lines

kimberly on

The best part of the article is Katie’s attitude. She might fail. The line might not be success, but what’s her response? So what. At least I tried. Those that don’t try are usually the naysayers anyway.” Love it. She’s right. At least she’s trying something new, putting herself out there for criticism, which she’s obviously getting here.

Kara on

I just clicked on all the bigger pictures and really like them. Not boring at all. Not a fan of the blue dress but the others were definitely ones I’d wear. Well done Katie. Seems like many of you just glance and comment.

Cath on

Katie is a lovely woman but she has no personal style.

Kelly on

If this sells at Kohls I would probably buy something but I don’t think it would be sold there so I’m out. Don’t love it enough to spend$900 on a shirt, thanks anyway.

Liz on

I really do like it. Good job Katie!

Gigi on

Wow! I’m shocked that you haters aren’t all at fashion week since you’re such experts and all! Newsflash – no one cares what you think. If you don’t like it, that’s the beauty of consumerism – simply don’t buy it :-) I actually like most of it – real clothes for real people!

cynthia on

Love how much these actresses/personalities turned designers charge for their ‘creations’. Many of them jack up the prices in line with their egos. Really, Katie?

Morie on

The black dress is pretty, but the blue dress and the back of the red and white dress look oddly tailored. I hate the waistline placement on the dress that Ariel Foxman highlighted- They had a piece from a prior collection that had the same odd waistline placement ‘cept with this awkward ruffle. Not flattering.

Commenter Anna says that this line is great for normal everday working people making under 250K a year… I would have to disagree, I think the tough thing about this line is figuring out what market it fits. My household makes 250K and I can’t imagine spending $900 on a blouse or hundreds of dollars on a plain cami. Also, the previous collections for this line only came in sizes like 0-4. It’s marketed as clean, simple, wearable for the normal working woman but it’s priced sky high and for the skinny.

joanne1965 on

Sad…she got this ‘job’ because of who she is, not because she has worked in the fashion industry…there are more talented and harder working designers who have been around longer and are better at what they do…this line is for a select few women with no breasts, no waists and no hips…and it is expensive…

Miss B on

She looks so much happier lately! Go Katie!

rubyz on

Doesn’t care if she fails? Why would she? She’s got nothing invested. I’m sorry for BONAFIDE and truly talented new designers who are passed over so Holmes can have an exclusive show in NY to show clothes she didn’t design.

Sarah on

Her line is cute and wearable I think but the prices are pretty ridiculous. They aren’t affordable for normal people.

samijo1972 on

Her collection is approachable, classic looking pieces. Great job! And good for her proving she can stand on her own two feet without what’s his name. Go Katie!

Jane on

Katie has a beautiful face and seems really sweet, BUT her taste in clothing is horrible, I have rarely seen her look good or put together right, she usually looks quite the mess, and if her partner is her stylist too she needs a NEW one!

Daria on


gemma on

so how much did leslie sloan pay the magazine to write this article?

s on

borring….. I could have designed this stuff… guess it is stuff I would actually wear though

KrisAnn on

Katie has style? Katie can act? Guess I missed it somewhere.

Raven on

I have to say I agree with Carol. Don’t like the clothes at all
boring boring boring

I don’t think fashion or acting is your thing Katie

You should have gone for alimony and double
the child support and just be content being a mom
I think that’s you’re best bet

JA on

One could get more exciting clothes at WalMart.

Memphis on

To expensive for the average woman and to be honest they look a bit boring…On a positive note, I think Katie looked really nice.

Just Me on

For some reason don’t have the “reply” option to comments, but Dannie’s following comment totally nails it. Dannie on September 12th, 2012
It’s truly insulting having people that have never even been to design school call themselves designers. Any designer that says they don’t care about failing in fashion obviously doesn’t care about their so-called craft. She’s only in it for the money which is sad because there are so many people that are passionate about fashion and will probably never have a show at NY’s Fashion Week.

Kk on

Hmmmm…. I feel like I have seen these pieces before… H&M perhaps! I like that she took into account of what normal people wear! But like did not fully Kate into it. She knows how to make desisions (divorce) wish she could more into it for fashion week!

cdn hockey on

Katie, if your pants are pulling like that across the front then the are TOO TIGHT!!!!! Go up a size and get them tailored.

me on

wow, I like Katie Holms, but these pieces are horrible…you can find something identical to them on a clearance rack in JCPenny’s

mary on

the models def do not have the wow factor and it looks like the inspiration is coming from the 50’s. Not worth a mention

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