Michelle Obama Stuns in Tracy Reese Dress During DNC Speech

09/05/2012 at 09:15 AM ET

Michelle Obama Dress DNC
Stan Honda/AFP/Gettyl Inset: Harry E. Walker/MCT/Getty

You may not be a fan of her politics, but it’s likely that if you watched the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night, you were a fan of Michelle Obama‘s elegant ensemble.

The First Lady stunned during her evening address, taking the stage in Charlotte, NC, in a pink and blue brocade Tracy Reese dress.

“Thanks everyone for sharing this amazing moment,” Reese Tweeted Tuesday night after news broke. “We are all so grateful and honored to have dressed Mrs. Obama for such a momentous speech!!”

Obama finished her look with complementary “Everly” suede J.Crew pumps (in rhubarb, $245), delicate Kimberly McDonald earrings, her signature side-parted hairstyle and subtle blue nail polish that set the Twitterverse abuzz. (UPDATE: A source on the First Lady’s team tells PEOPLE the hue was Artistic’s Colour Gloss gel in “Vogue”; she also says the White House was “flooded with requests” for the polish info after Obama’s speech.)

The First Lady has been a big proponent of American designers throughout her four years in the White House, and is particularly fond of Reese, choosing her designs for an international trip in 2011, a 2009 PEOPLE cover and a 2012 Ebony cover, among other occasions.

Though politics have certainly taken center stage during the Democratic and Republication conventions, fashion has found its way into the spotlight; last week, critics lauded Ann Romney’s cherry-red Oscar de la Renta dress, selected for her speech, and the $169 Talbots shift that Paul Ryan’s wife, Janna, wore during her husband’s address.

–Kate Hogan


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Mimi on

The First Lady looks very elegant. Her hair’s perfectly coifed and I love her beauty look. LOVE the blue nail polish.

Tammy on

It IS a pretty dress.

Jill on

Sorry, but to me (as a younger generation voter) her dress looked like the draperies in my grandmother’s living room. Maybe it was the shimmery aspect, more than the design. I would have liked to have seen something a bit more muted. Just my humble opinion :)

Abbie on

Regardless of your political beliefs you have to admit she is one classy looking woman!

Patti on

I think the dress was inappropriate. She does not look, nor act, like a First Lady of the U.S. No class whatsoever. You look at former First Ladies and the next First Lady (Ann Romney) and THAT’S class – sophisticated, professional and demure.

Debs on

She always looks so stunning in everything she wears.
Love this dress!!

pepper2040 on

stuns??? Really, it’s a brocade dress…..

Marie on

Wow, she honestly looks really nice. The cut fits her body. I agree that the dress could have been more muted, but she somehow pulls it off.

debbie on

As a person that has suffered from the recession, I myself could care less what she is wearing. Must be nice to afford things like that. Don’t get me wrong, I think she looks beautiful also.,

Guest on

Did you give the same coverage to Ann Romney? She looked stunning.

Rolyat on

It’s about time she pulled it together. Her first year in office she was one of the worst dressed first ladies. She wore leggins, a tee shirt and flat shoes all the time.

jazabelz on

Intelligent, articulate, young and absolutely gorgeous! WOW — best American First Lady during my 60+ years!

Nic on

Patti-you are bias. Mrs. Obama is an elegant fashion icon–she confidently expresses her taste in a manner that is fresh, sophisticated and mature. Love it. Now, haters, do what you do best….

Jenifer on

Demure? Why does she have to be? She is dynamic, professional, and obviously cares about her health and the health of the nation. A buttoned up boring suit would be better? I think not!

Brooke on

I really didn’t like the dress. I’m not a big fan of pink to begin with, but I thought it was overly girly and a bit casual for a political convention. LOVED the makeup and hair, though.

Maria Alsadun on

Classic,Chic,Elegant,Love this Dress!!!!!!

gutsygirl on

Does anyone else get tired of her exposing her arms, even in cold weather? I just think the First Lady should be more demure.

Glamslinky on

Dress looks like curtains — and the bad angle.

P Shack on

Yes, but how much did the dress cost? You give the prices for Mrs. Romney and Mrs. Ryan’s dresses, but not the first lady’s. Just curious.

mikki on

OMG…laughing my head off at Patti’s comment. Ann Romney and class in the same sentence. Priceless.

Connie on

Not a fan of her dress, I think it looks old fashioned (drapes). Loved her hair and make-up and nails, but also having been hit hard by the recession, I certainly couldn’t afford $245 shoes. Isn’t that a 1% purchase?!

jaonie on

WHAT has she done to her face lately??

janie on

No mention how much the dress was? Just saying :)

SL on

Unless it’s the angle, that dress makes her look reeeeally small on top and reeeeally big on the bottom. Very unflattering choice. Not a fan.

jones on

@Patti, really how is Mrs. Obama not professional? I don’t think she could have worked for many years in the jobs she had prior to becoming first lady without being professional. It is fine to disagree about who should be president, but I think both Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Romney are classy, just in different ways.

jones on

For the people commenting on the cost of her dress, Ann Romney wore an Oscar de la Renta dress for her speech. Did you comment on the price of it as well?

Monica05 on


You’re correct, she looks nothing like former First Ladies bc SHE’S BLACK! Are you blind & deaf??? To say she ‘has no class’ and isn’t ‘sophisticated, professional and demure’ is beyond WRONG! She is a role model & someone women of all races can look up to, unlike some other First Ladies – one who was an known alcoholic, one who killed someone, etc. First Lady Obama is a phenomenal & empowering woman. It’s sad ignorant people (like yourself) bash her bc of the color of her skin but try to do so w/o outright saying that is the reason. She is the First Lady now & will be for another eight years….get use to it!

kitty62862 on

“sophisticated, professional and demure.”


This is 2012, not 1952.

Demure my rumpus.

Ann Romney is ‘professional’? Never held a job in her life.

MBam is a first class Mom in Chief.

JS on

She looks great, but honestly, I wonder how much that dress cost the american tax-payers! Her wardrobe alone in the white house has cost us well over a million in tax-payer money. Couldn’t that be used in a more efficient way?

Shirley on

Why didn’t Ann Romney get all this ooohhh and aaawww? Oh I forgot what rag i was reading!!

TXDenise on

I notice they didn’t give the price of her dress…just her shoes. Isn’t she supposed to be so cost concious on her outfits…..?

Monica05 on

Oops….I meant another four years! But eight would be nice! :)

georgiaonmymind on

Weird dress the way it fits on her. Tiny on top but looks bigger on the bottom. I am sure it cost a pretty penny also but they do not care because the know so much about how all of us live! Yeah right!

Jay on

I think she looked gorgeous. Mrs Obama is a strong, smart woman. Who is healthy, active and fit. She is still young and obviously cares about her look but not to the point where she is trying to give an image of who she is not. I don’t think a suit would’ve complemented her or the image we have of her it would’ve looked boring and stiff on her. Im sure Mrs.Romney looked stunning as well she is also a beautiful woman. I think it just boils down to 2 beautiful supportive women being there for the person they love. Not about black or white (Patty).

soul sister on

The cost Did of her dress was how much?? boy we all know how much Ann’s was. What about her? Did our tax dollars pay for it?

Kitty on

It’s a pretty dress, but not stunning.

Denise Smith on

The only thing that ruins the whole look is the pigeon toed way she is standing.

Jennifer on

Please explain to me what moron brought race into this. Patti did not mention anything about Black or White??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? She doesn’t look like any first lady we have ever had, not because of race, but, because she dresses like a 20 something most of the time when in fact she should dress more “1st Lady” like. We look to these people for their knowledge and support not their fashion sense.

Kerri on

She looking beautiful in that colour.
When you’re shot at a low angle perspective will make your top half look smaller. Blame the photographer for making her bottom look big.

Custom Tracy Reese dresses start at $408. Much lower than Ann Romney’s silk taffeta Oscar de la Renta dress priced at over $2000.


I’m guessing many of the fashion experts posting here are basing their opinion from their personal closet of White Stag purchased at their local Wally World.

Easyup on

I’m so glad you brought this up, I’ve been wanting to know about her stunning dress. My mouth dropped open, wow, she looked smashing! She looked absolutely beautiful, she is such an attractive woman. Loved, loved, loved, her dress.

OK, pepper2040, you put it on.

masha on

She always look like she just get off the horse, her legs are sooo deformed, she should cover it

cris on

I think she looked and spoke fabulously…Patti….i think you’re inappropriate so i dont know how you feel you can judge anyone on class.

Starla on

Why didnt you guys give the same attention to Ann Romney? She also looked beautiful.

Lolo on

Mrs. Obama is the epitome of class and elegance. She carries herself with poise and confidence. That is something every woman can use a role model of.

Lest we forget that President Obama was handed the recession by Bush and that is not an easy thing to fix for a nation of millions. It started in late 2007/early 2008 and Obama didn’t get into office until early 2009. I love how people want to blame someone that really has no hand in the problem. OBAMA 2012!!!

Cooperwood on

@shirley people magazine are not rags but obviously your mouth is, why did you stop by the website, keep moving backwards!

Guest on

Stuns?…. Really?! There is nothing stunning or classy about her! I can’t believe this is new worthy! Boo!

Sue on

Great to know that First Lady looks good, seems what she looks like and what celebs he knows are top priority in this presidency…..

Marin on

The Obamas had money before they ever became America’s First Family. I would imagine that they paid for her dress and shoes, not the American taxpayers. If she can afford to buy $245 shoes, why not? It’s stimulating the economy. Both Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Romney looked classy and elegant. What they spend their own money on is not my concern.

Guest on

Good outfit or bad outfit, I still won’t vote for her husband.

Jennifer on

@Lolo, lets not forget who makes the decisions in DC. It isn’t the president. So who actually handed Obama the recession. OBAMA did because he was one of the IDIOT senators who made decisions and then blamed the president.

whatever on

Michele is a pro…beautiful, outspoken…love this lady :))

renee on

What did Julian Castro wear for his speach??? Can someone please explain to me why every time a female public figure appears on tv or in pictures, the first thing discussed is what she is WEARING? Why does it matter what she is wearing? She is an intelligent, eloquent woman. Her speech was fantastic and all anyone talks about is her outfit? And we wonder why women have such a hard time being taken seriously. P.S. Has anyone considered that maybe the designer gave her the dress to wear- at no cost?

Alex on

She looks good ..FYI brocade is in for the fall.
Ann looks sunning too in the Oscar the la Renta dress of course is $2700.00 Usd . Both are gorgeous and doing their best for their hubbies..

MarcusMACV on

A review of some of the comments concerning Mrs. Obama’s attire readily reflects the attitude of the posters. Some are without bias and see a First Lady AND Mother! Others only see a black woman (what’s she doing in the White House?) and can’t wrap their minds around the fact that THE WORLD IS CHANGING … Evolve or Die has always been mother natures way. But I guess that, along with global warming is a myth also.

Moonlighter on

J.C. Pumps are not affordable if you don’t have a job…..I have learned to wear Walmart shoes………. Blue nails….such class for an adult! And, will she ever wear normal business attire….or does she really think that bare arms are cool? All the way from visiting and “hugging” the Queen of England…….to the DNC……….she has bare arms. She needs to go back and impress the backstreets of Chicago again.

Dude on

So glad her friggn’ dress is what’s important to the masses, but please don’t mention our $16 trillion debt! Thanks Barney Frank and Bill Clinton (the true cause of most of our debt)! Thought Oblamer wasn’t going to run if our debt increased and unemployment was over 6%….

rennie on

Jennifer, time for school. He was a state senator, not US, which means he didn’t vote on US policy/issues!


Why does anyone care how much she pays for an outfit? From what I have read, they buy and pay for all their clothes not costing the taxpayers a single red cent. The way I look at it is that every penny they spend is one more to help a struggling economy. They could instead of spending it here in the USA send it to the Cayman Islands or even Switzerland and make some tax free interest on it. Personally I hope she keeps buying $2,$4 and $6 thousand dollar jackets and dresses and continue to help those garment makers who intern make more clothes for others who are able to spend during these trying times. WIN-WIN situation for all.

Jen on

The dress looks  like my grandmas basement couch.  And yes I’m sure 4 years later its Bush’s fault that the US debt has topped 16trillion and foodstamp enrollment has hit a record level. Lol. And if the Obama administration spent 1.9 billion to buy and operate limousines in 2009 alone (costing tax payers just over 4.6 million for each vehicle according to the Goverment Accountability Office) and if she can spend $10million of tax payers money for vacations within a two year span then I’m sure Mrs. Obama has no problem buying bag lady looking dresses most people can’t afford. 

Candy on

Her husband is trying to get re-elected, and this is the best she could do? “Stuns” is a good word to describe her look (just too bad it is not in a good way).

Elizabeth on

Stuns? Hardly. She looks ok for a stroll in NYC, but I do believe she would have looked more appropriate with some type of jacket. Pretty, yes. STUNNING, no.

estfar on

She is head and shoulders a true representative of this country. You cannot put the Romneys in the same universe. She is the epitome of where this country needs to go – we are all in this together and I would prefer to have her as our first lady next to her husband leading this country.

Lorie on

For Patti – The comments were about the FIRST LADIES dress & how she looked in it. Your need to plug Ann Romney is not required. That is your opinion about a non topic. Wait until someone ask… who dresses better?… Until then KEEP IT MOVIN’….

Myownopinion on

Since when is the 1st lady required to dress like she is apart of the royal family?! I’m not crazy about he dress but WHO cares?? Shouldn’t this article be more about WHAT she said than what she wore?! She is a very well spoken and smart lady. Shame on you People.com this is part of this country’s problem…looks come before brains. Maybe next time an article on how she stunned the audience with her words.

Blissful on

I loved both Ann Romney and the First lady’s dresses. Each dress fit their personalities. As for those concerned with the cost of the dress; most Tracy Reese dresses are under $300 and on sale under $100.

Sash on

Patti please! You don’t know class! You probably don’t have it and never will. Demure? Are you 90?

Dawn on


Booka on

Who cares if she showed her arms? Everyone has them and hers are toned and perfect. Some people are weird and anal about arns being hidden.

KK on

She stands like a man.

Yadayadayada on

Really, People get a new word. You constantly use the words “srun” and “stunned” and “stunning”. She looked nice, but not stunning by any stretch of the imagination.

mrsodell on

She was stunning. God bless the Obamas!

zxtry on

You can bet she didn’t pay for it.

Sofia on

Patti you are an ignorant idiot!!

Kathy Ann Holbrook on

Am sick to death of her armpits….have always been a supporter of Mrs. Obama’s stylish fashions but this was just inappropriate for the First Lady at the DNC. We all know she has great arms but she looks like she is hailing a cab on an extremely warm day. She should have had on one of her shoulder covering shrugs that she is so fond of since we know she is not a lady who wears dress suits. Her clothing choice indicates to me that she is more concerned about showing off her well toned arms than she is about her husband’s re-election bid and the DNC.

The Visitor on

The level of incivility in this the so-called greatest country in the world is what will keep this same country BEHIND…smh. Side note Dude-Bill Clinton left office with a surplus.

sistervative on

Unfortunately, the ignorance in some of these comments is not surprising. If you don’t know what class is, don’t make comments about it. For starters, class isn’t personally attacking another poster because you disagree with his/her opinions. Here’s the deal folks, if you’re reading the comments, don’t naively think they’ll all going to be what you believe.

guest on

Beautiful first lady, very classy and elegant!

ker on

The dress was $300 – $400 (Estimated based on the cost of other dresses by the same designer – this isn’t in stores yet) since so many people are commenting about it.

Ann Romney’s Red Dress was Oscar de la Renta – Estimated at $2500.

Both women are married to Millionaires – you don’t expect them to wear potato sacks. And both have expensive clothing.

mel on

So how much did that dress cost us taxpayers?

texaschickeee on

and yet nothing about the dresses from RNC. I wish you would stick to the celebs and what they are famous for an not push your point onto these idiots who can not think for themselves.

Maureen on

Sorry but from the podium it looked like she was wearing a bathing suit for the synch swimming event!

Nancy on

I love this dress and the shoes… and frankly if I had those arms, I’d show them all the time too! HATE the blue nailpolish, but I always hate colors on nails. I am more of a “petal pink” girl ; )… As for the cost, we could have a discussion about how much money WE spent on that idiot Sarah Palin’s clothes during the last cycle, but I’d rather just be happy that she is long, long gone.

LB on

Reply to Patti – you are a snob just like the Romneys. How pathetic!

karmababe on

She is stunning and is NOT a Stepford wife

guest on

Stuns, um no, that wouldn’t be the word for it, LOL. She looks bowlegged in that pose. Surprised she doesn’t have a 5 inch wide belt with it. No bias at People.com.

KS on

This does NOT look good. Bulky and unflattering. Not a good color for her.

I'm not old on

She looked amazing as always. But her speech was the best part, what an incredible speaker she is. As First Lady she belongs in a class by herself. Not afraid to wear what she wants.

Marcia on

When she walked out on stage my daughter and I both said “Wow!”. The dress, the shoes, hair, nail polish–she looked gorgeous. She gave a magnificent speech too.

MzBiz on

Our First Lady looked absolutely stunning! She represents our country so very well. Intelligent, beautiful, graceful and so sophisticated. She has a genuine quality that others lack. Yes, FOUR MORE YEARS!!

Barbara on

Bare shoulders is considered improper for public attire. She was trying to show off her buff arms I know. The dress made her proportions look out of whack with a big bottom and smallish top. Her address was good but her husband’s lack of accomplishments for a decent record was obvious by her speech. Four more years will bankrupt this country.

Pam on

The ONLY thing that was stunning about this woman last night was all of the BOLD FACE double sided verbiage she used, and BS lies she spoke!!
Hmmm I do so wonder why nothing was made mentioned of her husband’s biological father from Kenya, or his destitute half-brother’s and sisters…that he DOES NOT HELP, NOR TRY TO MAKE EQUAL!! Not even a mere mention that obama’s plans to avenge his father’s dream of the decolonization of America!
Or why was their not a single word uttered of the man that mentored Obama closely in his youth, for eight years, “Keith”? One of his book does mention him, around 25 times, however never with his last name…as the obama’s do not want you to know his mentor’s background, nor what he truly was mentored in.

Had to chuckle at the part…they love us ALL, no matter the color our skin? Yet these hypocrites went to an all BLACK church, no whites or Hispanics welcomed for 20 years. Do yourselves a favor and READ about the preacher and listen to some of his sermons, if they are not sealed, among the rest of his secretive past …then you will begin to know just a little of what this man and woman believe in… and that my dear People …is what’s STUNNING!

Missy on

Well I hope you like it, she geta a $4,000.00 per month clothing allowance. Nice perk huh??

Yvonne on

Disagree. Looked like curtins and the A-line and hem length not flattering for her bow-leggs. Not a fan of showing the arms ALL the time either. I think if she could walk more gracefully the cloths would wear better on her. She walks like a linebacker. Da Bears!

summer on

Wonderful. She is a magnificent woman and deeply respected by many. many people.

Brooklyn on

I’m not a fan of the dress. It just doesn’t look right.

NCSouthernBelle on

Blue nail polish is only excusable for little girls unless you are a female Olympic athlete representing your country and the color is one of your nation’s colors. It’s unseemly on a woman of her age.

Laura on

I think its tacky to step in front of all of America for a speech with your armpits showing. I was always taught to be taken seriously in business, armpits are not acceptable. Then again, they are trying to win based on the color of their skin, not by any content of character.

LB on

No wonder President Obama is so in love with his wife. She is beautiful, strong and modern. Demure?? Isn’t that a word from the turn of the century??

ds on

she looked like a bowlegged easter egg

Auspicious Kitten on

I love that the dress is not a red, white or blue convention costume. It looks awesome and chic, not out of place. And folks bickering about price? I think a lawyer like Mrs. O can afford a $500 dress. If you want to argue the two dresses though…one is expensive and safe, versus (relatively) affordable and thinking outside the box. Both attractive but only one is interesting and worth discussion.

kandy on

I think that she has looked MUCH more attractive in the past. I agree with those who say the dress looked like curtains. I didn’t like the pink shoes, and didn’t care for the nail polish. That said – she rocks, whatever she’s wearing.

jeanne on

She is gorgeous but the dress was aweful—-made her look like a pear, or like she was wearing a summer dress, not a formal dress

KC Frey on

Yeah I guess the country going down the tubes was definately overshadowed by the dress……………MORONS!!

cynthia on

Classic, yet current…blue nail polish!

ginny on

I’m with Jill, this reminds me of the winter drapes that were in my grandmothers parlor. Also, with the lower hemline border on the dress it called attention to her bow legs as well. She has worn other dresses that have done the same things.

Maja on

Brocade/Summer they do not go together…

Kinser on

Oh man….all of you that are asking how much the dress cost, get over it. She didn’t pay for it as I’m sure Ann Romney didn’t pay for her’s either. The designers send the dresses and get exactly what they want….free publicity.

dedivahdeals on

Reblogged this on Fashion And Fun After Fifty and commented:
The FLOTUS looked absolutely gorgeous and flawless.

Cher on

Ovomit is an incompetent buffoon.

JA on

Where is the write-up on Ann Romney’s dress? Ya know, because PEOPLE is non-biased and all…

lynn on

Cover the arms!!!

Angie on

Lovely dress, talented designer. Just a poor choice for this event.

Jen on

Gorgeous! Modern with a vintage flair that really suited her figure. I am a fashion stylist and I think this dress was a lovely choice. Her hair and make-up were also beautiful. She spoke with humility and conviction and came across as genuine which I do believe she is. Ann Romney looked fine last week but it was a basic red shift. And for $1900 it was nothing particularly special . Who says a First Lady needs to look like a ‘First Lady’? History shows that what typically comes to mind is clothing that leans rather dowdy and Grandma-like (no disrespect to all the Grandma’s out there)

Debi on

“stunned”???!! Really?! You people at this magazine really need to learn the meaning of adjectives before you use them. Obama did not “stun” anyone. She looked pretty…but that’s it. She is not stunning by any stretch of that term, or classy as stated by Abbie. She is also a liar just like her husband and as fake as they come.

Just a Thought on

Oh for Heaven’s sake. It’s a sun dress People.


i’m disappointed not stunned.

Just My Opinion on

I love her dress!

JB on

Looked very red on TV. It was a nice dress, but I wouldn’t say stunning.

Just My Opinion on

@ Patti—Our Fist Lady has a Law Degree from Harvard! How much more professional can you get? Please respond.

Sharon Moore on

She may be a lovely person buy why in heaven’s name hasn’t Clooney, Pitt or Longoria offered to pay to have those teeth fixed. Really???? Beautiful????

Midwest Girl on

Good grief!! This is what matters.

Peeper on

Get real people. You can buy all the designer dresses you want with taxpayor money, but that doesn’t make you classy. That’s something you can’t buy, and she’s proved it over the last four years.

JC on

Stunning. She’s a wonderful, modern first lady. Thankfully, her husband saved us from the worst financial collapse in 90 years. Forward NOT back is the way to go.

Delta on

I think she is a horrible dresser. Does not know how to dress with class, taste or style. Her clothes always look so old (and I’m over 50). And, nothing she wears is flattering to her.

Robbin on

The dress is pretty but she stands like she just got off a long horse ride lol!

Latonya on

As we all learned during the last Presidential Race, the RNC and the DNC pay for the clothing they wear. In addition, most designers want their designs seen so they offer for free. The designer gets a ton of press. What both ladies wore is what they were most comfortable in. There is nothing more appealing and more professional then a woman wearing whatever it is she looks great and confident in. Price doesn’t matter.

SusiQ on

the Tracy Reese dress the First Lady wore cost $450. . . .as compared to the Oscar De LaRenta red dress Mrs. Romney wore at $2000. !!! and the dress didn’t cost the taxpayers one cent as have none of the First Family’s clothing since they pay for their own personal clothing. Guess haters REALLY are gonna hate but save some for the people who won’t provide their tax returns.

Lynne on

JC – Do you live under a rock? How exactly did her husband “save” us from the worst financial collapse in 90 years?? Yes, forward is the way to go – it’s time to move on from this circus and on to an administration with real leadership skills!

JC on September 5th, 2012

Thankfully, her husband saved us from the worst financial collapse in 90 years. Forward NOT back is the way to go.

Peeper on

JC – what planet do you live on? Wake up and smell the $16+ trillions of debt we are in largely due to the Obama administration. Instead of reading People Mag you need to start reading about what’s happened to our country the past four years.

Martha Bowman on

I can’t believe people liked theChristmas tree dress and blue nail polish! It was in poor taste and was totally too young, flashy and bare for the ocassion.

Mark on

I’m sorry – but the woman is not even remotely attractive and the dress looks a LOT more like a old person’s curtain fabric than ‘classy’.

that being said – there are always a few who find someone attractive even when a majority of people find the person unattractive. HOWEVER, picking out the people that the vast majority would find unattractive while some find the person attractive is not difficult.

to see the vast majority here all saying “i see the emperor’s clothes’ is sad proof that racism is abundant. the majority see her as an ‘inferior’ thus believe they have to lower their standards.

SusiQ on

for all the posters saying Mrs. Obama didn’t look “like a First Lady” (altho she is one) that criteria would require she wear a hoop skirt and powdered wif ala Martha Washington. The manner of dress for every First Lady since has been as varied as the personalities of the women. For all the people whining that she only wants to show off her toned arms, that would be wrong why? sure love to see your fat upper arms. . .NOT

NotBuyingIt on

“…..my husband is so wonderful that he spends his limited free time golfing, er, with the family.” <>

Believe in America!


God only knows what that dress cost the American Taxpayers!
If only she could stand like a lady……….all we noticed was her bowlegged stance! This woman has spent more or our money than any first lady in history, so I am underwhelmed with anything she wears! Everything she said ‘as facts’ in that speech have proven to be a lie.


At least Ann Romney PAID for her own dress! Mrs. O has spent more tax payers dollars than any first lady in history, so I am certainly underwhelmed with anything she wears! Plus, it has been reported this morning that every thing she said as factual was in fact, a lie.

meme on

i think she looks a little ridiculous with the pink shoes, pigeon-toe stance and blue nail polish.

Cathy R on

I have to agree with Jill. I thought the dress was far less than stunning.

ana on

She looks perfect! Brocade is so hot right now. She always stuns.

mikki on

Oh my goodness. Clearly can see where the repubs are hating. Bless your little hearts. Go ahead and vote for your lying, non-tax paying, 77, 000 deduction for the dancing horse, money hider with a wife that has never worked a day in her life. See what it does for you and yours. For me- I stand behind our president. He has character and intelligence. Romney- Ryan lack both. Kudos to Mrs Obama. Here’s to 4 more years!

blair on

I don’t know of many people who pay that much for shoes and especially during a recession!

Guest1276 on

So, how much was the dress?? The media is so quick to point out and sensationalize the cost of the Republican candidates wives attire, but I don’t see it mentioned here (and let’s now eve bring up the cost for the family vacations that we have had to pay for over the years). I thought that it was the media’s duty to give us all of the information, not a one sided version. Personally, while the dress is pretty, I don’t feel it was very professional. It’s more rich, 1960’s housewife in its feel. Not “First Lady-ish”. She needs a new stylist.

justanotherbloggess on

Mrs. Obama looked stunning and sounded intelligent. She’s the modern American woman and I’m so proud to have such a classy and intellectual woman with a warm heart as our First Lady. Her nail polish must be mine now. And don’t deny this woman’s right to bare arms. <3

sarah adams on

Mrs. O Bama was stunning…her dress was beautiful!

Maureen Jackson on

I am so tired of people finding fault with the First Lady (not just Mrs. Obama, but previous first ladies) for the money the “taxpayers” have to spend on their wardrobe. The taxpayers DO NOT pay for the First Family’s clothing! They pay for their own personal expenses. However, sometimes a designer will loan a first lady a dress for the obvious publicity they receive for doing so.

Nikki M on

As a purveyor of both Plenty by Tracy Reese and the eponymous line, Tracy Reese, affordability is a personal opinion. This dress, a custom piece no less, would run around $500 (depending on the material and if the style was one already in an existing or upcoming collection). So what if Mrs. O’s entire outfit is valued at less than $1000. She looked lovely, soft and demure. She looked like a woman and a mother the pink was beautiful against her coloring. Why would she show up in a black St. John suit? Which is what I wore to work…in a law firm, replete with Brian Atwood pumps and an Amrita Singh necklace. It is summertime in the south and that would look ridiculously inappropriate. Also, she isn’t a politician and neither is Ann Romney. Romney’s cherry Oscar de la Renta would be in the $2500 neighborhoo and she looked lovely, as well. The color didn’t show as well against the backdrop, but on other pictures of her behind the scene, it was flattering. This is a fashion site. I could give less than 2 damns about what the cost of the ensemble was because those of us inclined to purchase such clothing don’t care. If you want to b*tch and moan about her husband’s politics, carry it to a site where someone will give more than a tinker’s damn about your rant. Go siddown on a tack. Please and thank you.

Nikkijo on

Seriously? Classy is the last word that comes to my mind! It looks like a drag queen…the arms are masculine build and can barely stand up straight in the heels. I wish that she would wear sleeves for goodness sake. Some jerk says that her arms are amazing and off go the sleeves every chance she gets…puhhhleezzz

Nikkijo on

Get over yourself Nikki M…was it entirely necessary for you to try to sneak in what you wore to work today? Speaking of not giving more than a tinker’s damn!

Nikkijo on

Mikki…keep drinking that Kool-Aid! When did success become a crime? Why hate Romney for working hard and becoming a successful millionaire? Jealousy? not a valid reason. It’s time that America wakes up from the Kool-Aid trance and strives to work hard and be something. No more honorable mention awards for everyone. Work hard and be successful at something and you too can reap the benefits. If we allow this guy (Obama) to continue to preach mediocrity then that is what we will continue to breed.

Piper on

I thought the dress was beautiful, but way too sleeveless with armholes. Kind of tired of her flaunting her arms and she seems a bit obsessed with showing them off. Yes, they are toned, but a bit too muscular. Otherwise, loved the fabric and style.

momto3boysillbe on

@rennie wow. Time you went to back to school. Obama was a US Senator and a state senator for Illinois.

Nydia Rodriguez on

Dress reminded me of an oriental lantern in a restaurant. Nothing elegant about this woman.

Joe Public on

This blog, that dress, and the nail polish was bought by the American public. I’m Joe Public and I support this message.

Joe Public on

This blog, that dress and the nail polish was bought by the American Public. I’m Joe Public and I support this message.

julia Hance on

The First Lady looked very beautiful,lovely, and elegant in her dress. It was perfectly made for her. She was amazing and graced the occasion excellently. She is The First Lady of the Great U.S.A. and “A MODERN DAY WOMAN”.

Norma Seefeldt on

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! The color of the dress against her skin tone was stunning. Hair and make-up were perfection. Ann Romney was also beautifully dressed with great hair and makeup. Mrs. Obama’s dress reflected her youth and athleticism; Mrs. Romney’s was a bit more matronly which was age-appropriate for her.

Get over it! on


Get over it! on

remember that CONGRESS spends the money, not the Presidents. That is, Congress appropriates (spends) Federal money – it decides the particular details as to where money is to be allocated. While any President has some persuasive effect on this spending, the truth of the matter is that Congress (not just this congress, but Congress as an institution over the last several decades) is to blame for the current debt situation of the country. Also, when accounting debt and budgets, one must look at Fiscal Years (FY), which run October to October, so a new President (who starts in January) doesn’t actually get to propose a budget until over 9 months into his term.

Christine on

The First Lady looks perfect.

Nancy on

I certainly thought that the first Lady looked nice in the very expensive dress with all the accessories.. I did not like the blue polish because I see little children (girls) with the same color on their nails.. So to see the the first lady with it just did not fit.

jelise on

Love the dress but I’m not sure it is appropriate for this event. I also think her daughters talked her into wearing the nail polish because she is to old for this. I really wish she would learn to stand with a little more grace. She looks like she just got off a horse. I think Ms Obama is an attractive and fit woman but she needs to dress age appropriate and event appropriate.

Fabiana on


Stacey on

Why is it that you make such a big deal about the designer clothing and expensive shoes, the same time as the media talks about the Obamas being more able to be in touch, and understanding the poor and middle class? I do not believe you had a story about the designer clothing on Ann Romney, yet the media portray them as being unable to understand. Seems you have the two confused.

kyna on

She usually does look very nice, and the children too…yet, this does look like drapery fabric…maybe one just had to be there! and …. where is the price mentioned? the price of Mrs. Romney’s outfits and Mrs. Ryan’s were revealed…but not Mrs. O’s? LOL…no bias there!

marcey on

Another of the gowns that we (the public) paid for. She is a clothes horse (emphasis on horse) thats for sure…but hope she knows that all of her finery belongs to the US…and she better leave all of it when SHE leaves the white house!…The dress was nice…..and emphasizedr her BIG arms and Butt!

Leeann on

Just remember folks – we the taxpayers are paying for all of her dresses, pumps, hairstyles, and nail polish.

jgw on

Politics aside, she has big hips and pigeon toed in the picture. I fail to see the hype. She really looks very average. Which is not bad

Jose on

The only thing she does with her clothes is to try to cover your fat A*s. You can put lipstick on a pig, but in the end it is still a pig!

Joan Armsworthy on

OMG, that was a horrible looking dress The First Lady
wore and all of my friends had the same opinion. Separate
and aside from that I think she is just terrific!!The red
dress that Ann Romney wore was scrumptious…..

M C on

I wonder why some are so offended by the cost of the dresses the ladies in question are wearing. At least one poster pointed out the husbands are millionaires. From personal experience, I know designers allow those who wear their clothes to do so FREE OF CHARGE. It gets their name. I’ve heard over and over again how “the more money you make, the less you have to spend”. I get it how that works even though we may not think it’s fair.

Mrs. Obama does look nice. Others comment on how they don’t think what she’s wearing is appropriate. The color scheme is fabulous. I’m glad she’s not falling into a “mold” that others “thinks” she should uphold. I like that she doesn’t wear the old matronly looks. Her sense of style is refreshing. I like that she doesn’t mind showing her arms. I don’t recall seeing that in the past. Not looking “stuffy” is all right with me. You go Mrs. Obama.

Judy Keisker on

I love her dress, and think she looks great!

H on

I think it is just great that the media picks and chooses what it will report on. Keep trying to say positive things about the president and his wife so that you can brain wash them into voting for him again. Forget it. Can’t stand the site of either one of them. And certainly don’t care about the color of her nail polish.

better golfer on

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