POLL: Do You Like John Mayer's New Haircut?

08/27/2012 at 11:15 AM ET

John Mayer Short Hair
Pacific Coast News; Stefanie Keenan/WireImage

That’s one way to get someone out of your hair!

After two years of forgoing haircuts, John Mayer debuted a new, shorter ‘do in Los Angeles on Saturday. He called on celebrity hairstylist Sally Hershberger for the new look.

“I was was thinking the night before that I wanted to cut his hair off, and when John came into the salon that is exactly what he wanted to do without me saying a word,” Hershberger tells HauteLiving.com.

Mayer’s hair has seen many iterations in recent years, from long and curly and super sleek to ’80s inspired and totally buzzed.

This time around, the Grammy award-winning rocker — who has sported a similar style in the past — cut his hair days after he split from Katy Perry.

Could this have been a post-breakup chop? It’s not likely. “There isn’t any emotional baggage with them,” a source tells PEOPLE. “They may go out again, even, just as friends.” What do you think of Mayer’s new look? Vote in our poll below! 

–Maggie Coughlan


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Showing 106 comments

Becky on

I don’t think there is anything remotely attractive about him.

Stan Blue on

That was an instant facelift! And looks like he even took a shower!

Janie on

Short or long – it doesn’t matter. A haircut is not going to change the fact that he is a major D-bag.

Daria on

His hair looks better short but I don’t care for him personally anymore. Too many self-indulgent media scrums for my liking.

Emily on

I second Becky’s opinion…something very “off” about this guy.

Ivy on

What kind of question is that ? Defenitely yes !!

Kathy on

Who cares? I don’t like anything about him!

Denise on

I agree. I dont find anything attractive about him or his character.

Connie on

He is the perfect example of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, because this beholder doesn’t see anything remotely attractive about him in any look. His eyes creep me out, he looks like he is always waiting for a score of something.

Joyce on

He has a ginormous head!

Katrina on

No matter… He’s such a tool!

Nylongirl35 on

He is a dog. PERIOD.

Jacks on

@Joyce – aaaahahaha you actually made me laugh out loud at work after reading your comment and scrolling up to look at the picture again.

nicaw on

He should have gotten a shave with the haircut.

Judy on

He needs a PR makeover

Pat Yacovelli on

I don’t like John Mayer

JLnVA on

I’ sure John dose’nt care what any of us think!!

Cest La Vie on

It really doesn’t matter how short, long, bald he is…he is and will always be a D-o-U-c-H-Y Ba-s-t-a-r-d

Amy on

Short or long,he still gives me the creeps. He just looks scuzzy.

JEN on

I think the better question here is:
Do i CARE about John Mayer’s new haircut?
Answer: NO.

Mommyof4 on

Who the heck cares? Aren’t there more important things going on in the world than to have to vote on this d-bag’s haircut? Geez!

kaye on

once a predator always a predator, the guy is scum

barbarabarham on

I agree with Becky. If he wasn’t a celebrity, most women wouldn’t give him a second glance. He looks like a creeper to me.

Angie on

YES! I love him! He is so much more attractive with shorter hair.

barbarabarham on

I agree with most of them women on this post. No one would give him a second glance if he wasn’t a celebrity. He looks like he needs a blood transfusion. He’s pale and scrawny.

Amaryllis on

Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t look good either way.

annoyed on

It just doesn’t matter. He’s not a nice person.

dancer92136 on

Well if I answered that would mean there was something I liked about this sleazeball and there is NOTHING I like about him. He is the lowest form of life

Sydney Martin on

I so so agree with Janie. This pathetic excuse for a human being is a major D-bag and if you do not know what that is it is B-ouchebag without replacing the first letter with a ‘D’. I see his face in Webster’s Dictionary right next to that term period!

Mart on

I agree with Becky!!!

sonia on

Talented man

UnclePlucky on

I dont even like John Mayer. So, the hairstyle issue is a non-issue.

Mart on

I agree with Becky…

Jody on

I can’t stand this guy and I don’t find him attractive at all, so who cares what his hair looks like! He’s still a butch!

Sharon Brown on

Doesn’t matter what his hair looks like. He is still a no-class pig.

Sharon Brown on

And he must be “packin” or be very talented in the sack because I don’t see the attraction all these women have to him. Especially knowing that he can’t keep his mouth shut about the women he’s with.

HB on

I dont like him PERIOD. He kisses and tells
A real man doesnt do that. Poor Jennifer

Kris on

Since I’ve been a John Mayer fan, for years, I’ve been touched in a positive way by him. i’ve also cringed at “some” not all of his remarks that people find so offensive. I think this is partly because I kind of understand what makes him tick a bit more than the casual observer. I do think he has a good heart, is a little messed up, and whatever else; but i like him. He’s been good to me, on more than one occasion. I hate to see him so hated and ran through the mud on these sites. Ya know, when we know better we do better folks. He’s trying. Give him a break. He’s a good guy.

julie on

Personally he is not my type (I’m sure he will be devastated to know!) but his hair looks much better short.

hmmm on

I like his haircut better than the mop he was wearing but I still think he is a major d-bag :)

victoria on


cris on

He’s just plain unattractive….and i believe thats inside as well as outside..

Billi on

You rock that hair JM. Let it grow a bit though. You’ve done so much for people that these a–holes know nothing about. You’re a good guy.

Janet on

I don’t like him, so why would I like his hair? Young women, stay away from him!!!!

peoplewatcher on

Wow…a LOT of people do not care for this guy.
Much better w/ clean-cut make-over. Maybe he’s working on cleaning up the rest of his life and will earn back some of the respect he seems to have lost. He did just return from a 2 year hiatus…surely he’s doing some soul searching.

Barbara on

How about the “I dont like HIM” option?

Peeta on

Looks Great, now if Jason Mraz would cut his hair,…

OBXChef on

who cares!!! he’s a little boy in a man’s body. based on what in the news about him, he doesn’t have a high opinion of women.

Red Skye on

Definite nicer look and took years off his handsome face,

Samantha on

He is a grungy twat regardless of his hair style

Rebecca on

I don’t like him with long hair, I don’t like him with short hair,, I really don’t like this person all that much. He’s such a male s!ut

Unknown on

Who cares, he’s a total loser!

Mary on

Nice hair, but I still don’t find him attractive. Sorry!!

pixie on

Hasn’t he had a haircut like that before? I don’t think it’s anything new. Besides, he’s an *sshole, so who cares what his hair looks like?

Belle-Sexie Canuck on

Was his hair chopped by Edward Scissorshand? Heck! He almost even looks like him..LoL

Tara on

There should be a 3rd choice of “He’s creepy either way”.

amy on

He is barf worthy no matter how his hair is cut.

Molly on

Nice to be able to see his beautiful face again!

Marcie on

Don’t care.. don’t like him…

Daisy on

He looks better but it’s all relatiive, he’s still totally overhyped and only a legend in his own mind. I’ve seen homeless people who are more atttractive.

Elizabeth on


random on

He is soooo cheesey regardless of how he wears his hair.

Melody79 on

I’m not sure why so many seem to like this a$$hole. He sucks.

Nicki on

He looks like Edward Scissor Hands now lol

Kassy on

I do not find him attractive either way, and I don’t like his music. It actually annoys me. I don’t know how he gets so many good looking girls…well actually Jen Aniston, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry aren’t all that either…

Marge on

I don’t care if he’s a jerk, I’d hit that.

Denise on

Why cut your hair? He should be castrated. Cut that thing off instead!

fanofboardwalkempire on

the short look is just great – funny how that happened at the end of summer- I am sure he will grow it out again. I think it looks better short! Way to go John!

Jodi on

Who Cares!!!

Dennis on

When will the Bart Simpson haircut get old?

June on

Looks better short, needs a tan! His P.R. person needs to see these comments. Maybe he needs new P.R. person too.

jeanne on

A better question might be – Do I like John Mayer? NOT!!

dub on

he’s a slag

Ruby on

Honestly, not great either way. He is not the best looking guy I’ve ever seen. To be perfectly honest, he’s not good look at all. I could careless how he wears his locks.

BBB on

Sorry but he’s just okay looking. He’s actually looking a bit tired/haggard these days, not at all fresh. Add the fact that his personality is very d**chebaggy and then he’s just plain unattractive.

Danielle on

Where is the “we don’t care” poll option!!!

Katy on

If you did not care or like John Mayer why did you click on the article? Someone of you are brave behind your computers but would never say have the stuff you write to the person face. Yes he gave TMI about personal matters but somehow I believe some of you have done the same. Yet he did admit to is wrongdoing unlike some of these celebrities that say their comments were taken out of context. I rather someone owns up to their mistakes than pass the buck (as some many celebrities do).

sunshine on

It doesn’t matter to me if he has it short or long, I don’t find him attractive anymore. He used to be cute, but it seems like since he has made a media mockery of himself the past few years, I just find him unappealing. When he first came out, he was cute, clean cut, then he just changed, seem like the fame got to him, and very quickly.

Henny Penny on

Not a fan of this horrible womanizer, but he does look better with a nice haircut.

Sara Nayer on

I love! He looks sooo much better! (: He’s soo hot! He has has his bad days, but I’ve been listening to him Room for Squares, he just got caught up in the fame. I truly think he has changed, but people give him crao for how he used to act. Loovvveeee you John <3

Tiffany on

he is full of himself. What is most funny to me is him getting bent out of shape about Taylor Swift’s song about him YET he was the one to talk about all of his ex’s…Funny when the shoe is on the other foot. He should just keep his trap shut.

Jan on

He still looks like a sleaze ball.

Kris on

To this day, I think he was complimenting JS. Perhaps it was too much info, but it was a back handed complement. He was just being honest. I really have no prob with his candid RS interview. . It was the thing he said he was going to do to one of his interviewers boss that sort of got to me. I get the intent. I just felt he’s crossed over at that point.

mjbluemoon on

I love john mayer.. Hes still growing up! Lol.. and hair is hair is just hair.. cut it grows back. ♥ keep it moving John.♥

siska on

Love it!, go fight for your true love

shawn on

I have never thought he was attractive so it didn’t matter either way.

siska on

John,you need to trademark. The D word. Anyway go have f

Sally on

I know this will cause an uproar, but with the long hair kinda looks like Johnny Depp.

tillie on

I already said he is a douch bag.

pitchfork on

John WHO? A haircut? bwahahahahahahahaha!

This scores a 10+ on the Journalism Dumb-O-Meter.

Who gives a flyin you know what.

And to think this was a headline on Google….sheeeeezus

Someone there needs a job reclassification.

Becky on

I don’t see why you would waste your time writing comments about someone you don’t know or like…… Grow up and spend that extra time you would have been on here, and look in a mirror…when your perfect you can come back on here and judge someone else

Becky on

All you know is what you read in the mags… What if they said u were an idiot would you want everyone to believe it…. He has a great voice.. Plays a mean guitar .. Writes beautiful music… And my personal opinion is he is very sexy… Body.. Voice.. Face and hair…… Love John mayer

Lola on

What makes him a d-bag? The fact that he said what he said or that it got printed? Ladies, ALL men do it. Sorry to the girls hurt along the way, but he paid his dues. Johnny boy could give 2 bleeps about any of this. Long as he has his watches, fresh kicks & guitar…keep being brillant John Mayer.

me2 on

his hair looks better…but he is still a rotton person….i don’t know why any female would go out with him..major d-bag…

Becky on

I think he was sexier with long hair…. It just made unwanted to run your fingers through it… Or just grab a handful…. I would like to meet the guy and decide for myself who he is and not have others opinions forced down my throat…. You will NOT tell me to believe and have me believe.. I’ll see for myself thank you

Paco T. Taco on

He still looks like Juan Mayer to me…
He got a Hair cut 400 2 day..

Becky on

What does that even mean paco …. And for the record I am not the Becky at the beginning of this comment track… Plz don’t confuse me with her

Lynn on

I think he’s a turd with or without hair. He’s not impressive.

Dreama on

Huge fan of him and his music for the past 12 years since Eddie’s Attic days..love it either way. A great person in my opinion and even greater musician.

Debbie on

John Mayer is a scum bag! That’s all he does is poink as many celebs as he can and then dumps them. If I were a Hollywood celeb I would stay far away from this jerk, you would probably get an STD! Long hair, short hair, who cares. He is a talentless mambo! ( man bimbo)

Becky on

If John Mayer continues to listen to all the idiot opinions… He is doomed to fail again…. You can’t please everyone all the time… So says the fortune cookie

carolyn on

No, and I don’t like John Mayer!

Marie on

I agree that John Mayer needs to mature and learn what it takes to be a true class act. However, I LOVE his music and feel that he is by far one of the best songwriters of our time. Those of you that are so quick to criticize would surely be ranting about people like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon, if they were still alive–ALL brilliant musicians. Let’s give the guy a break and hope that he eventually finds a non-celeb relationship. As for the hair, I kind of like it long–but then again, I sort of like the Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow look :-)

Becky on

You don’t have to like him …. That’s your right … But you don’t have to get on here and put him down… You don’t like him then don’t read stories about him… And then speak badly about him… That shows YOUR true colors

Exequiel on

Walt, no apologies nsarescey. I was pleased to see the summaries and a whole lot more people will read that than will the original.Is there no one who advocates leaving behind the chains of technology in an effort to engage humanity unemcumbered and eye-to-eye? Hmph!

Jack on

Those are the eyes of a broken hearted man. All he wants is true love, too bad he had to find it in hollywood

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